May 22nd, 2024
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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Kai Wong

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Re: The Sweetest Burn (11:46pm July 31, 2017):

Being a Slider to go from one dimension to another alternative dimension.

Re: Christmas Tsar (12:38pm November 7, 2016):

I love the small symbol of the phoenix and the horse. Get synopsis of what the book is about. Looking forward to reading this series.

Re: The Untouchable Earl (12:35pm November 7, 2016):

Love the excerpt and the blurb. A disease that prevent physical contact and to find out if Lily and Lord Harte will be able to get past this disability is captivating in finding their HEA ending.

Re: My Wild Irish Dragon (1:54am September 6, 2016):

I have to commends you for researching on Irish dragons and firefighters. Not the easiest of topics to research due to so much information about both subjects. That is what makes me want to read your books.

Re: May the Best Man Win (11:04pm August 6, 2016):

What a wonderful summary about the characters. Each one is different and very interesting. I would read this series.

Re: Gone Too Deep (11:02pm August 6, 2016):

How can anyone not love George with those five reasons. He's the strong, silent type and he's willing to change for the right reason.

Re: The Theory of Deviance (10:59pm August 6, 2016):

It's true these days that anyone can find out about anything on FB. I do keep to the ire of caution of what I post out there.

Re: A Scandalous Adventure (10:58pm August 6, 2016):

I like to spend my Saturday catching up on sleep, going to lunch with friends, doing a bit of gardening, and catching up on my reading.

Re: Trouble Walks In (10:32pm August 6, 2016):

I have Because I'm Watching, The Hunted Assassin, Perfectly Bad Pierce, and a few other on my kindle.

Re: Lark (2:31am July 9, 2016):

My memorable "in the moment" was when I walked out of my promotional interview and knew that I nailed it. I'm not sure if I could get that feeling again in my next interview.

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (2:12am July 9, 2016):

Love the new wolf. A hero and a real estate mogul. Did I say he has protective quality that a girl can't turn down? Enough said

Re: A Gift for Guile (1:57am July 9, 2016):

Roark is my favorite good boyfriend material. He knows when to push and when to back off. I couldn't resist his Irish accent and that he could buy anything.

Re: If the Earl Only Knew (1:54am July 9, 2016):

My favorite fight kiss moment is when both character are angry and arguing with each other. Love it when the guy kissed the girl as the only way to shut her up.

Re: Always My Girl (1:36am July 9, 2016):

Marie Ferrarella's Cavanaugh Family. Everyone of the family members are cops. I've never got tired of reading about each family members. Each story is different.

Re: The Firefighter's Refrain (12:59pm June 5, 2016):

My hero is the Sergeant-Major who was my high school instructor. I am amaze of his life and what he must have went through during WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. Most of all, of what he has to tolerate being a Native American. Knowing him makes me strive to do better as a person.

Re: Sisters of Lazarus (12:55pm June 5, 2016):

My inspiration come from things that people and animals do unexpectedly. These actions give me hope that there is a reason to believe.

Re: Ring of Fire (12:47pm June 5, 2016):

All of Johnny Cash's songs are down to earth and carry a great tune and lyrics. I love learning the scene behind his songs.

Re: Devil and the Deep (12:44pm June 5, 2016):

I love all the Knight, Inc series. I'm looking forward to reading A Deep Six series.

Re: Irish Stewed (12:42pm June 5, 2016):

Great way to keep track of what types of books according to the pseudonyms.

Re: Broken Ground (3:11am May 8, 2016):

This reminds of the scene in The Grapes of Wrath where protestors are beaten and from reading Cesar Chavez's biography and his fight for the Hispanic migrant farm wokers. I'm also glad that the story of the Hispanic migrant farm workers is told. The children of these migrant workers are also separated from having an equal education.

Sometime facts are difficult to absorb and historical fiction just makes it easier to understand.

Re: Island Hope (5:15pm March 6, 2016):

My hero is Indiana Jones and Batman. Both are physically fitted and intelligent.

Re: London Tides (5:14pm March 6, 2016):

What I hope for in the book is to have a revelation about things and a HEA ending. Of course, I don't want a story when hope is an illusion.

Re: Ashes in the Sky (5:11pm March 6, 2016):

A hero have honor, courage, bravery, and willing to risk his life in his beliefs.

Re: A Father's Second Chance (5:10pm March 6, 2016):

I have read sweet romance and inspirational romance. I love the fact that the stories address real problems that we are all facing. They tell us that we are not alone in facing our problems.

Re: Her Fierce Warror (5:01pm March 6, 2016):

I would celebrate my special occasion with people who have believed and supported me in my endeavor at a very nice restaurant (Vegas style).

Re: My Tempting Highlander (4:54pm March 6, 2016):

It would be the wild West. I have to give into consideration of how race and being a female would affect my social standing.

Re: One Texas Cowboy Too Many (4:50pm March 6, 2016):

The "shit storm" is quite descriptive. I read about the rumbling effect when the oil is ready to explode from the ground below and how people get excited about it. But then again it is quite difficult from drilling or oil and having it suddenly come gushing up unexpectedly.

Re: MacLaren's Bride (4:40pm March 6, 2016):

I looking forward to your new series where the contemporary meets the past.

Re: His to Keep (4:37pm March 6, 2016):

My favorite things about Vegas is the shopping, trying new restaurants and the shows. I also love exploring all the new hotels.

Re: The End of the World (10:06pm February 20, 2016):

I often have dreams about places I have never been to until later in times, like the house I dream about that I later found and bought.

Re: To Catch a Rake (10:04pm February 20, 2016):

A rake is a handsome man who could do "bad" so well.

Re: The Bride Wore Starlight (10:02pm February 20, 2016):

Love a story where the animals have human personalities.

Re: To the Stars (10:02pm February 20, 2016):

Love is loving the person for who he/she is but that the same times, that individual is willing to change for the better.

Re: Somewhere in Time (11:35pm December 6, 2015):

The excerpt got me curious. I want to know what is the plot and conflict.

Re: Mystery Rider (8:44pm October 11, 2015):

I saw a video of a lioness protecting a fox cub with her litter from a lion who was going to make a snack out of the fox cub. Nature has a bit of a habit of showing compassion when one least expects it.

Re: Keeping Christmas (8:40pm October 11, 2015):

I like to mix it up a lot. I enjoy reading a variety of genre.

Re: Wild Sky (8:39pm October 11, 2015):

my awesome is networking with other people and getting the information to complete projects

Re: A Silver Wolf Christmas (8:30pm October 11, 2015):

Accompany to an outing that he always love doing but I have never gone with him to.

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (3:30am September 13, 2015):

My morning ritual is getting up, brush my teeth, wash my face, feed the kitties, clean the litter box, and make coffee. If I wake up early enough, I would stop by a diner on my way to work and order breakfast to go. Hopefully, no one will ask me any questions until I have a couple sips of coffee.

Re: Reservations for Two (3:27am September 13, 2015):

Foods in fictional book are fabulous. When I read what is being served, I often want to get the recipe so I can try and make it myself.

Re: Serpentine (3:23am September 13, 2015):

Most of the Asian actors and actresses are from the 70's and 80's that I knew back then. I haven't kept up with the current Asian actors and actresses so I wouldn't have a good cast for your characters.

Re: Falling for Texas (12:34pm August 10, 2015):

The suspense. Just when I want to put the book down, the suspense makes me want to know what is going to happen next.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (12:32pm August 10, 2015):

No faces. I prefer to let my imagination create the perfect man for the stories.

Re: The Rescued (5:58pm July 12, 2015):

I like my pie to be crisp (especially the crust).

Re: Change Of Heart (5:57pm July 12, 2015):

I like Amish stories because life sounds so simple and it is also about faith.

Re: Hope Harbor (5:52pm July 12, 2015):

I hate to say good-bye to characters who I started to like. Just when I start to like them, they get killed off.

Re: Death of the Mad Hatter (5:48pm July 12, 2015):

Mint chocolate cookies

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (10:17pm June 7, 2015):

I did that (stayed in the house) for about three days before I finally decided that I got to get my front yard presentable instead of showing that no one lives here.

Re: Cottonmouth and The End (8:46pm May 9, 2015):

Allowing my imagination to run away when I'm reading. I have such an active imagination that I can really scare myself late at night.

Re: Summer of the Oak Moon (8:44pm May 9, 2015):

I do like books that visit the past. I think the past appeals to me because things just seemed simpler back than then now.

Re: Greek Gods Bearing Gifts (8:43pm May 9, 2015):

Person of Interest gets better and better every season. I just can't believe how this season ended. You need to watch this from the very first episode.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (8:41pm May 9, 2015):

I have read some historical books that were just too intense due to what my parents have went through during WWII. They saw things that history books haven't recorded yet and just beginning to. The history and historical fiction books may take me awhile to finish.

Re: Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge (12:32pm March 23, 2015):

I can relate to Andrea. I have to pretend to be someone I'm not just to fit in with my classmate. I wasn't athletic or popular. I have parents who are old-fashioned and strict so I pretend to be the smart girl just to be special.

Re: Siren's Call (12:26pm March 23, 2015):

I love mermaids because they can find all those sunken treasure. They can breathe air and water. What better way to enjoy water and land.

Re: The Mulligan (11:21pm February 7, 2015):

I'm currently chasing my retirement so I can leave my job and do something else that I really enjoy.

Re: Finding Mercy (11:20pm February 7, 2015):

When inspiration takes a vacation, it just mean I have to do something else.

Re: Jesus Daily (5:07pm December 7, 2014):

I would have to believe in God and trust him that he won't lead me wrong. After all, God has a plan for each one of us.

Re: Waking Up Joy (5:06pm December 7, 2014):

I am so addicted to romance novels that I have so many romance books to read and not enough time to do it.

Re: Once Upon a Grind (5:03pm December 7, 2014):

I have two favorite fairy tales. They are Beauty and the Beast and the Ugly Duckling.

Re: Once Upon a Grind (10:38pm December 6, 2014):

My two favorite fairy tales are Beauty and the Beast and the Ugly Duckling.

Re: A Spy Unmasked (10:14pm November 16, 2014):

Spies are sophicated people. They also have all these nice gadgets and can adopted to their circumstance. They are creative.

Re: Reforming the Rock Star (4:27pm October 11, 2014):

I just have too much responsibilities and obligations to reinvent myself. Perhaps when I am done with them, I will like to do what I wanted to do in the first place.

Re: Stirring The Plot (4:22pm October 11, 2014):

What a great story for Halloween. I can't wait to read this book.

Re: Soul Painter (12:12pm October 4, 2014):

I'm glad that you stuck to the character in your head and came up with this book. Love the mystery.

Re: Bridging Two Hearts (11:57pm October 3, 2014):

What a wonderful journey that you have. I love the fact that you use real life experience for your book. Looking forward to reading it.

Re: A Winter Wedding (2:39am September 6, 2014):

Winter is what I love the most. I could wear nice clothing without feeling hot and uncomfortable in the warmer and hot weather.

Re: Driftwood Tides (2:36am September 6, 2014):

Driftwood does make a point that we do need to stop and smell the roses from time to time. We don't do this enough with our hectic schedule.

Re: Billionaire Blend (12:47pm August 29, 2014):

I always look forward to your newsletter for recipes. I just love trying the recipes.

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (11:44pm August 15, 2014):

That is one thing with villains. We also hate them but when we find out why they are villains, we realize that they are often misunderstood and that they do have redeeming qualities.

Re: Strand of Deception (7:33pm August 9, 2014):

The what if's have been driving me crazy. I have began with the what if my father wasn't release from the hospital, he would be alive, what if I told my cousin that something is telling me this trip is a bad idea, he would have been alive. OK, my life is nothing but life and death decisions.

Re: Flame (12:07pm August 2, 2014):

It's about power and sex. Everyone is trying to buy their way to Heaven. A Cult Leader gives the desperate and hopeless what they want and need to hear and it is a great factor of maintaining control over the masses.

Re: Her Secret, His Surprise (12:02pm August 2, 2014):

Congrats on the release of Her Secret, His Surprise. I love the excerpt.

Re: The Tenth Chamber (12:01pm August 2, 2014):

Thanks you for your insight of being a writer and writing. It gives me a better perspective of what goes into writing a book.

Re: Night Child (11:59pm August 1, 2014):

I'm a binge reader. I could go days without reading and all of a sudden, I'm in a reading craze.

Re: Accidentally Married on Purpose (10:23pm July 17, 2014):

It was Richard Dean Anderson. I just love him as McGwyver.

Re: Rebel (2:18am July 11, 2014):

I haven't try your paranormal series yet. I have tried your historical romance and love it.

Re: Firewall (2:17am July 11, 2014):

I just love your writing advises and strategy. As for research, that is one of the thing I always argue with my supervisor: How do you think I can write a report if I don't have any background information or have completed my research. Gets me into trouble every time.

Re: The Return of the Rebel (10:16pm July 10, 2014):

A great beach read is a book about anything except work.

Re: A Doctor for Keeps (3:51pm July 4, 2014):

I have avoided people when I don't want to waste the time or energy to deal with them. They just drain me.

Re: A Perfect Trade (3:49pm July 4, 2014):

I would love to have a second chance but it has never came. I do wonder about the what ifs.

Re: Shenandoah Dreams (3:47pm July 4, 2014):

I would go exploring. I wouldn't know which way is home unless I have done some exploring.

Re: Full Exposure (1:31am July 3, 2014):

Ethan Frost from the Ethan Frost Novel, is my current book boyfriend. When this series is done, I will be dating another book boyfriend.

Re: Crime Rib (1:28am July 3, 2014):

Cozy Mystery are the best to cuddle with a throw blanket and tea.

Re: Dream Huntress (10:00pm June 24, 2014):

My two neighbors saw and greeted my father on the day that he has passed away. They didn't have any idea that my father has died early in that morning and thought that he died after they saw him.

Re: The Midwife (1:46am June 21, 2014):

I have always wonder about people adopting children from a different background including faith. I like to read this book to learn the complicity of such adoption.

Re: Once Upon a Highland Autumn (1:44am June 20, 2014):

I have been laughing at work. I have been so stressed lately that I'm not even sleeping at night. I found that if I poke fun at my assignment, I get a little bit of sleep.

Re: Hunter By Night (11:55pm June 13, 2014):

There is a long history between humans and the creatures of the night. Somewhere along the way, we start to see humanity existing within these two races. So the question goes: Who is the monster here? Great way to have a great plot and romance.

Re: Heart of Highland Warrior (1:07am June 12, 2014):

Highlanders with immortality... oh my. Tavis' story sounds interesting but any of the Connors clan will do.

Re: Romancing the Rumrunner (1:04am June 12, 2014):

You have summarized everything about a hunky hero. Those qualities exist in cowboys, law enforcement, military and even with CEOs.

Re: Demon Creed (1:59am June 8, 2014):

I want to have a story with lovable characters and a story that I will reread very so often.

Re: Their Unexpected Love (1:58am June 8, 2014):

I love the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr.

Re: Love Potions (1:45am June 7, 2014):

Scottish and magic... great combination of physique and power. What a great combination.

Re: Wicked Temptation (1:45am June 6, 2014):

I like to fantasize where I'm a kickass heroine. I always want to be daring and dangerous. It must be my alter-ego that wants to live a bit.

Re: Tempest In A Teapot (1:44am June 6, 2014):

There are places, scents, or events that would trigger a memories from my childhood or even from my dreams. I think my long term memory is a lot better than my short term memory. It does takes me awhile just to recall what I'm thinking.

Re: Rules of Survival (1:40am June 6, 2014):

Great rules to go by. There are times when I have to think on my feet when none of the rules are applicable.

Re: Honor Reclaimed (2:29am May 29, 2014):

Another military romance story to add to my TBR books. I just love reading about the military with romance.

Re: Wild Ways (12:55pm May 13, 2014):

When I think of biker boys, I think of them as bad boys. All those leather and that powerful motorcycle. I don't think I could leave them.

Re: Playboy's Lesson (7:32pm May 9, 2014):

I love the smart dialogue and the playfulness with words. This is a series worth reading.

Re: Secrets and Sins: Raphael (9:59am May 4, 2014):

Curse words really say it all to the point. However, there are some people who are offended by certain curse words so I have to get creative by toning these down.

Re: A Beautiful Distraction (10:55pm April 30, 2014):

I love to meet a bad boy like Rafe. He is a keeper.

Re: The Miracle Thief (1:52am April 26, 2014):

Miracles are a sign of hope in a dark situation. It makes us believe the best in the worst of time.

Re: A Broken Kind Of Beautiful (1:51am April 26, 2014):

When a family adopt a disabled child and give this child every advantage a regular child would get.

Re: A Shot of Red (10:50pm April 24, 2014):

I haven't won a vacation lottery. I would to and hope it will happen someday.

Re: East of Ecstasy (10:50pm April 24, 2014):

I only read South of Surrender. I'm working my way to reading the rest of this series and I do love that perfect price that is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for the 4th book and the book set.

Re: Wild About Her Wingman (10:47pm April 24, 2014):

I have a thing for coffee and doughnut especially when they are maple doughnut.

Re: Unfixable (9:46pm April 15, 2014):

I like broody heroes. Everyone has problems and responsibilities. I wouldn't want a perfect hero. It would be so hard to measure up.

Re: Small Town Spin (1:47am April 15, 2014):

I can't think of a wacky news story and yet I know I have one.

Re: The Ace (6:54pm April 12, 2014):

The greatest play was the 1984 Olympic where the US Hockey team was going up against the Russia for the gold medal. This is hockey at its finest.

Re: Desiring Lady Caro (12:51pm April 11, 2014):

The story has humors in it. Thanks for making it fun for us to read.

Re: With a Vengeance (11:32pm April 9, 2014):

I love a kick-ass heroine who isn't afraid of taking chances.

Re: On the Surface (11:24pm April 9, 2014):

Thanks you for the free copy of On the Surface.


Re: Playing It Close (11:21pm April 9, 2014):

I have never seen a rugby match. When I do hear the work rugby I think Englishman and then add sexy, I'm thinking David Beckman (but James Bond first).

Re: A Promise In Pieces (12:18pm April 9, 2014):

There is something about a hand-made quilt. It has history with every patch and stitch sown together to form a quilted blanket. I just love stories that have a quilt in it. There is always a story with a quilt to tell.

Re: Rising Assets (11:56pm April 4, 2014):

What drive me crazy is being constantly interrupted when I working with numbers and data and there are some people that don't seemed to understand deadline and focus.

Re: The Winter Bride (11:14pm April 3, 2014):

I do enjoy the beta heroes' stories. There are not alot of books written about the beta hero.

Re: Mad About You (1:29am April 2, 2014):

I love the from friend to lover trope. I do believe that being friend with the person first would lead to a better relationship.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (2:10am March 29, 2014):

That's how I felt when I read Phantom of the Opera. Our perception is alter when we see just the surface of what the person looks like instead of who the person really is.

Re: An Accidental Life (2:08am March 29, 2014):

This is the time when we women have started to fight for our careers. We didn't want to be secretaries. We want to be doctors, judges, journalists, and CEO. I remember that period.

Re: Turned (12:23pm March 28, 2014):

It has a FBI Agent in the story. What more can I say?

Re: Bite Me (12:22pm March 28, 2014):

Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent, and Gena Showalter. I have always wonder about how the hell did they get here.

Re: Sex and the Single Vamp (12:20pm March 28, 2014):

It would make a very interesting world if vampires, weres, and other supernaturals do exist and go through life as a normal person would.

Re: Home to Stay (10:31pm March 26, 2014):

I love the scene from My Best Friend's Wedding where Michael and Kimmie's family were having a wedding luncheon and George started singing I Say a Little Prayer for You. I just love this scene.

Re: In the Dark (11:07pm March 22, 2014):

A relationship cannot survive is there is love without trust. Trust has to be there in order for love to survive.

Re: Mystery Spring Fling (10:18pm March 21, 2014):

This is a great collection of books and a great cause to support local libraries.

Re: Silence Of The Wolf (9:54pm March 20, 2014):

I'm very partial to wolves. I love reading more on wolf shifter than a panther shifter.

Re: Kissing with Fangs (9:52pm March 20, 2014):

Book sounds great. There are so many books about mermaids and not enough about merman. About time there's one.

Re: Deep in My Heart (9:47pm March 20, 2014):

I have stopped making any resolution. I realize that I can't keep them due to a family member who loves to have everything on her time.

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (11:52pm March 19, 2014):

I love books that are stand-alone and are part of the series. I do tend to revisit small town from time to time just to experience life's simplicity.

Re: The Duke's Quandary (9:32pm March 15, 2014):

My hero is Grandmother. She may be old but she did sacrifice a lot to make sure that my parents survived World War II in China.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (1:43am March 15, 2014):

My reading friends are online. We talk about the books we read and even mention which is worth reading.

Re: Dating, Dining, and Desperation (1:42am March 15, 2014):

I don't think I could live in a small town. I'm just to use to going to the theaters, concerts, museums, and going to several ethics restaurants like Thai, Korean, Mexican, Chinese, Soul Food, American, Indian, and etc..

Re: The Bride Insists (2:04am March 14, 2014):

When I saw the pictures of all those baby goats, I was thinking baa, baa, black sheep.

Re: Desperately Seeking Suzanna (2:03am March 14, 2014):

Jell-O with whipped cream. I like simple desserts.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (9:23pm March 12, 2014):

I love that swagger walk cowboys have. They always seemed to have a great physique.

Re: Darkside Sun (1:16am March 12, 2014):

There are so many events that are the turning points to my life. Some of there are a bit personal to share. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Some Like It Wild (1:10am March 12, 2014):

Love the bad boy/good girl theme in this book. I always enjoy reading this trope.

Re: Eyes Closed Tight (11:06pm March 10, 2014):

I love a good mystery book. I love to see if I could figure out who done it, how, what is the motive, and where (if that is the question).

Re: How Sweet The Sound (10:11pm March 7, 2014):

It just so hard to see spring in Los Angeles. The weather here most of the time is nice and sunny.

I would have to say the Knights of the Round Table. They uses might to right the wrong and to bring hope and justice to Camelot. They are what legends describe them to be.

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (1:19am March 7, 2014):

I have read so many books with secondary characters that I can't recall who they are. Knowing me, these characters are going to hit me when I'm not thinking too hard about them. I'm looking forward to reading Sapphire's are an Earl's Best Friend. Thanks

Re: Anointed (1:14am March 7, 2014):

Ever since I have read books King Arthur, I wanted to have powers like Merlin. I could then right the wrongs.

Re: The Mapmaker's Daughter (12:27pm March 6, 2014):

The medieval age is a very strange and difficult period. But this is the age of discovery and to challenge religion.

Re: Mustang Sassy (12:21pm March 6, 2014):

These are my go-to-songs:

Say You Say Me by Lionel Richie
Secrets by One Republic
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Re: What The Groom Wants (12:19pm March 6, 2014):

I love your trivia. I find them fun and amusing. I would love to read more. Thanks

Re: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (12:37pm March 5, 2014):

It was going to Vegas by myself. I really did enjoy exploring by myself without any worries.

Re: The Rebel Pirate (12:35pm March 5, 2014):

My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, Gena Showalter, and Christina Dodd.

Re: Searching for Beautiful (12:28pm March 5, 2014):

My beautiful image is a lot more forgiving than I am.

Re: Must Love Dukes (1:23am February 28, 2014):

I was at McDonald with my cousin and sisters and brother. We were ordering lunch there. My brother was four at the time. He has a tendency to run around whenever we were at McDonald's. I have mistaken another little boy for my brother when he came running with my cousin. That was quite embarrassing that I can't recognize my own little brother.

Re: Tempted by the Soldier (10:36pm February 27, 2014):

I'm addicted to potato chips and fries and books.

Re: The Trouble With Honor (12:41pm February 26, 2014):

I love how Honor is trying to manipulate George into saving her home and George has other plans.

Re: Hot Rock (12:38pm February 26, 2014):

It is their music and voice and then their self images.

Re: Between the Sheets (12:53pm February 25, 2014):

I always wonder how authors collaborate together to write a book or series together. Thanks for the background information of the book.

Re: Bound to be Dirty (10:27pm February 23, 2014):

BDSM is popular because it is erotic sex that women are not supposed to learn about. It is about trust and giving up control to your partner. It is taboo sex that is forbidden but it does exist in the bedroom.

Re: Full Measures (4:59pm February 22, 2014):

It's quite true that the military life is so different. I have always found that military life is just fascinating to me. I used to hand around veterans when I was a teenager just to hear the places they have been and the experience of what they went through.

Re: Mint Juleps and Justice (4:56pm February 22, 2014):

I prefer Alpha but at the same time Beta also have those qualities like the alpha. The way I look at it is that beta are like alpha's right hand man.

Re: Oath of the Brotherhood (4:48pm February 22, 2014):

I love the book cover. I also love that the story is in Ireland. Ireland has been a magical country to me but I have never been there. Love to read about their myths and legends.

Re: The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (9:01pm February 19, 2014):

I like both. It is really the story that I'm after. As long as the story makes sense, that is all I care about.

Re: Lord of the Sea (8:53pm February 19, 2014):

I love a hero with flaws from his past and that he is able to overcome them with the right heroine.

Re: Lord of Swords (3:26pm February 17, 2014):

Congrats on your characters Kara and Reed's wedding. I haven't read any of your books yet but with Kara and Reed's wedding, I want to know how they met and what happened in between to their wedding.

Re: Once Upon a Masquerade (3:23pm February 17, 2014):

I like the CEO and the Warrior types. I love your hero description list.

Re: High-Heeled Wonder (3:15pm February 17, 2014):

I would love to read High-Heel Wonder. I love that partnership between the news reporter and the vice detective. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Much Ado About Jack (12:08pm February 14, 2014):

There would some items that Shakespeare would be quite fascinated about like a pistol for one and steam engine for another. Technology has changed since the 1500's. Society will be a little loose about the woman's right and privilege in the Regency and the fashion.

Re: What The Groom Wants (12:00pm February 14, 2014):

I love your bizarre moment in each of these three books. They made the stories more interesting to read. I always love that twist of humor in the story. Thanks for the book description and the fun quiz.

Re: Deep in My Heart (9:54pm February 12, 2014):

The authors' advice are pretty good. I love the advice about hooking up with the bad boy and cowboy.

Re: Town In A Strawberry Swirl (10:55pm February 10, 2014):

I love mystery and strawberry. Every year I go up to Ventura, CA for their strawberry festival.

Re: Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction (2:42am February 8, 2014):

I love reading My Fair Lady theme. I love it when the hero falls for the heroine especially when she is not of equal status. That what makes me sigh.

Re: What The Groom Wants (2:35am February 8, 2014):

I love the pictures. I kind of chuckle at them.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (2:34am February 8, 2014):

When I think of Scotland, I kept thinking of Colin Farrell and that Irish accent of his. Weird but for some reason, my mind accepts this association.

Re: A Minute on the Lips (2:32am February 8, 2014):

Mr. Darcy is my ideal man. He has a way of being arrogant and yet I just can't hate him. He is someone that just grows on me.

Re: A Perfect Distraction (12:15pm February 6, 2014):

Lavender and lilies are my favorite flowers. I just discover the glow touch. I need to find a nursery that sells them.

Re: Breakaway Hearts (12:14pm February 6, 2014):

I love the figure ice skating in the Olympics.

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum (12:04pm February 4, 2014):

Cheri Hassan character sounds so interesting. I'm sold on her character to read this series.

Re: Risk Taker (12:55pm February 2, 2014):

I love military stories especially from the women's point of views and what are the roles that they play in protecting our freedom.

Re: The Wedding Game (12:53pm February 2, 2014):

I love weddings. I like examine the decorations, gifts, dresses and even the venues of will work.

Re: The Roses Underneath (12:49pm February 2, 2014):

Arts is worth saving. When I was in Italy, there was a bridge built by the Romans. When the Nazi Germans were losing WWII, they blew up the bridge. It would have been a site to see. That priceless architecture is forever gone. Arts reflect the era and heritage of people and culture of that time period.

Re: Control (12:26pm January 31, 2014):

That is what life is about: Control and Trust. I'm game to read this book. It is on my TBR List.

Re: Love in the Library (11:37pm January 29, 2014):

I like a hero between Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" and Roarke from the "In Death" series.

Re: Teacup Turbulence (8:56pm January 27, 2014):

Love your books especially The Pet Rescue Mystery series.

Re: Wishing On Buttercups (9:59pm January 24, 2014):

I have been ridiculed for my ideas and the way I act. It turns out the people who did this to me didn't want me to be better than they are.

Re: Poison Town (9:57pm January 24, 2014):

Poison Town makes me think of chemical company or a nuclear plant. It evens makes me think of a wastewater plant but this type of plant are usually very responsible. I can't say the same about chemical company or nuclear plant.

Re: The Splendour Falls (9:54pm January 24, 2014):

I still have those moments where I love when I make something come true for myself. I always will want to be those heroines in the books.

Re: Scent Of Butterflies (9:51pm January 24, 2014):

Story sounds wonderful. Love reading these books.

Re: Love Songs for the Road (9:15pm January 21, 2014):

I'm still not comfortable about posting certain personal information on social media. It is so difficult to figure what to post without reading too much into it. Thanks for the book description.

Re: Repossessed (12:27pm January 21, 2014):

I love your advice. It is so true that many of us that have been hurt in a relationship, kept us from having a relationship that we really deserve.

Re: More Than A Touch (9:38pm January 17, 2014):

I love the history of the historical setting and the social life during that particular time. I like to see history through the characters' eyes.

Re: Sadie's Secret (9:35pm January 17, 2014):

That is one thing I like about Pinkerton. He saw things ahead of his time and has use his resources quite well. Women were considered weak but Pinkerton saw it differently.

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (9:41pm January 16, 2014):

I vote for romantic balls and fashionable routs in the heart of London for my Regency Romance.

Re: One Rogue Too Many (9:36pm January 16, 2014):

I remember my first crush but he didn't notice me.

Re: Now or Never (8:58pm January 15, 2014):

I believe that no one is too old for love. Somehow, everything just works out.

Re: Limoncello Yellow (10:22pm January 14, 2014):

Las Vegas. The lights are always on at night.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (1:01am January 11, 2014):

My parents grew up during this era but they were living in China at the time. That is probably why the World War II era just fascinates me.

Re: Songs of Shenandoah (12:56pm January 11, 2014):

When the characters have distinguished and colorful backgrounds, I remember them so vividly. Another thing is this is one of my favorite historical era.

Re: Lord Of The Hunt (10:45pm January 9, 2014):

I love a HEA ending. When I saw Night of the Living Dead and saw how it ended, I was quite unhappy about that and ended up making my own ending to the Night of the Living Dead. It would not be in film but at least I'm happy with my ending.

Re: The Magic Between Us (10:40pm January 9, 2014):

During my era, we were cheating with Cliff Notes and any classic books made into a movie. Nowaday, kids are so into electronic and that is the only way to get them interested in reading.

Re: Compromising Willa (11:40pm January 8, 2014):

I have read any of your books. I do love Compromising Willa since the excerpt does interest me as what do Willa do to compromise herself into ruins. Thanks for the interview and excerpt.

Re: The Purchase (11:37pm January 8, 2014):

The Purchase sounds like a real intense story but someone has to tell this story. I do like the interview that you have done research so the readers can really see it through the characters' eyes.

Re: The Baby in the Window (11:26pm January 7, 2014):

Love the book descriptions for both book. The book I will read first is Married in Nick of Nine. Thanks

Re: The Groom's Gamble (2:43pm January 5, 2014):

Clarification: Hate to see the Bridal Favors series GO. I hit the send key by accident while I was having a sneezing attack (allergy).

Re: The Groom's Gamble (2:42pm January 5, 2014):

Hate to see the Bridal Favors series. This series is my favorite of your books.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

Re: What the Heart Wants (2:32pm January 5, 2014):

Forgot to give you my email address: kmccandle(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: What the Heart Wants (2:30pm January 5, 2014):

Congrats on the Holt Medallion Award. One thing I just love about my grandmother was she was never judgmental. She has always turn a negative situation into a positive situation by making me see a light in my thinking.

Re: The Temptation of Lady Serena (7:58pm January 4, 2014):

I love the book cover and the story. It looks like Serena has a godfather and a fairy godmother in her corner.

Re: Sunroper (11:30pm January 2, 2014):

I love reading anti-normal. This trilogy is going on my list of books to read. Thanks for the book description.

Re: Paws For Murder (11:25pm January 2, 2014):

The book sounds great. I haven't read any of your books yet but your books have great reviews.

Re: The Trigger (12:39pm January 2, 2014):

My Mom has been known to stockpile for everything. It has gotten so bad that she is like a hoarder. She is even storing food at my place. It must be the traumatic effects of suffering during World War II.

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (10:06pm December 31, 2013):

I would love to meet my bad boy at an Office party. Thanks and Have a Happy New Year.

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (10:04pm December 31, 2013):

Love the cover and love the excerpt of Chapter 1. I would love to read this book.

Have a Happy New Year.

Re: If Wishes Were Earls (10:19pm December 30, 2013):

What a Great Way to start this New Year (and a good way to keep me from going crazy since I have Jury Duty at the beginning of the New Year).

Re: Freezer I'll Shoot (7:28pm December 28, 2013):

My resolution is to have the house furnished and no more putting money into the saving until the house is livable.

Re: Needing Her (4:08pm December 24, 2013):

None of pranks came through. I couldn't keep a straight face.

Re: Restless Spirit (10:22pm December 22, 2013):

The one thing I do know about being in the small town was I wanted breakfast for lunch but they don't serve them after 11:00 a.m. I do love reading stories about small towns. They do make life quite simple.

Re: How Beauty Met the Beast (9:14pm December 21, 2013):

I love the sounds of this re-amp Beauty and Beast story.

Re: Take Over at Midnight (11:34pm December 20, 2013):

I love reading about military and special co-ops stories. I have seen your name but never a face to the name. I love the book description on each of your books. I will be following your books. Thank for the introduction.

Re: Welcome Back To Apple Grove (11:18pm December 20, 2013):

Just love swooning over firefighters. They are so sexy.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (11:44pm December 17, 2013):

I did read a Regencies book about vampire who wants to be human again. I can't remember what the title is. I'm going to have to go through some boxes to find this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Fighting Love (1:30am December 17, 2013):

It's was the first kiss and that awkward moment the next day. We couldn't figure out how to normal around each other and that when he admits he would like to date me.

Re: Thrown (1:27am December 17, 2013):

Horses is my first love. Horses have a good sense of judgement on people. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway.

Re: Wicked Little Secrets (8:39pm December 13, 2013):

Thanks for the interview. It shows that everybody has to begin somewhere and that it is not a given.

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief (8:38pm December 13, 2013):

I love a spunky heroine. Lily just seemed to be that. Books sounds like it is a fun read.

Re: Unclaimed (1:40am December 13, 2013):

I love visiting my friends and relatives with my family. It is the only time I make time to visit people I haven't seen for awhile.

Re: Prince Of Shadows (1:38am December 13, 2013):

This series is new to me. I love reading anything that has a myth element to it.

Re: Last Chance Proposal (12:18pm December 12, 2013):

I have never had Christmas down under. I love to see what on down under one of these days.

Re: Tangling with the CEO (12:18pm December 12, 2013):

I have my preference depending on my mood. I love them sweet and sexy and with a bit in between.

Re: Undressing Mr. Darcy (10:14pm December 9, 2013):

Hugh Jackman for the undressing of Mr. Darcy. He has sideburns.

Re: The Mountain's Shadow (4:57pm December 8, 2013):

I love reading urban fantasy. It is a mix of our world with the unbelievable merged together.

Re: The Best Game (4:56pm December 8, 2013):

I believe that everyone of us carry emotional scars from out past. It takes a different kind of hero to help us get over it. After reading your interviews, I'm interested in reading your books. Thanks.

Re: Legend Of The Highland Dragon (12:16pm December 7, 2013):

I have been a secretary for a boss who is a slave driver. Even when I'm sick, I still have to go into the office.

Re: The Blake Legacy (12:14pm December 7, 2013):

I have been hearing great reviews of the Blake Boys. I would love to read this series.

Re: Everlasting Enchantment (12:13pm December 7, 2013):

I love to be a snow leopard.

Re: Rugged Hearts (1:08am December 6, 2013):

Since my Mom fell serious ill, I have been on my best behavior in not to upset her since her illness left her with a weak heart. I value every day that she is still with my family.

Re: Stranded (1:00am December 6, 2013):

I would love to live in Alaska. I love the scenery but one of my co-worker has told me it is quite expensive to live there since more of the necessary is deliver from the mainland. That is what is brother inform him.

Re: Tempest's Course (12:42pm December 6, 2013):

I don't a genre dies. It goes through a cycle before it becomes popular again.

Re: Billionaire Blend (12:25pm December 5, 2013):

I am ready to buy your series recipe book. All your recipes look so yummy that I'm going to try them. Thanks for the recipes and your giveaway.

Re: Rugged Hearts (12:10pm December 5, 2013):

I'm grateful that my Mom is alive today. Last Christmas, she got seriously sick and the doctors in the hospital didn't expect her to make it past New Year's. She beats the odd and made it through this year's Thanksgiving and hopefully Christmas and New Year's.

Re: Hustlin' Texas (12:05pm December 5, 2013):

I love a good pool hustling story especially if it is in a small town and the heroine is the winner.

Re: Down Range (12:43pm December 2, 2013):

I love all of your books especially those about the military. For those of us who are civilian, it brings us a step closer to understanding the military ways of life from service to civilian. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Three Timeless Loves (5:13pm November 29, 2013):

I would like to go back into my past to make things right.

Re: Black Widow Demon (5:04pm November 29, 2013):

Mine are Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Sleepy Hallow, and Castle.

Re: A Change of Heart (12:22pm November 29, 2013):

There is a talent in each of us that calls to us. Some of us ignore that call and there are those of us that listen and is happy with the talent. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving.

Re: A Perfect Distraction (12:18pm November 29, 2013):

I read a similar romance book about opals. The setting was in Australia but I can't remember the title of the book. It has romance and fact about opal mining. I wonder if Rainbow Fire is the book. I only remember it was a Harlequin. I just can't if it was a Romance or Present.

Re: Parts & Wreck (12:14pm November 29, 2013):

There are alot of things that people will do to each other. After all we are our own worst enemy. Add paranormal into it, well, we are in for a roller coaster of a ride which makes the story interesting.

Re: The Pieces We Keep (12:11pm November 29, 2013):

I knew there was more to FDR and his involvement leading to World War II. Yes, I believe he did what he did to keep our country safe and knew we were heading into war even though the majority of the country was against it.

Re: Aloha Rose (12:11pm November 26, 2013):

I love to go on a Hawaiian cruise to go islands hopping. This would be the best way to see Hawaii.

Re: Otherworld (12:09pm November 26, 2013):

I'm working on my dream garden at the back of the house.

Re: Hard As It Gets (12:07pm November 26, 2013):

I love Kristen Higgins' books and Jill Shalvis' books. They have animals in the story and I also love their humor in the stories.

Re: Home for Christmas (12:03pm November 26, 2013):

It's the Christmas Lights. I just love the colors and the way they blink on and off.

Re: Reign (12:54pm November 25, 2013):

Every year at work, the supervisors get together to cook the employees a Holiday dinner. We always have calamari for an appetizer before the main turkey lunch/dinner course. So for me, it's part of my work place's Holiday celebration with squid and turkey.

Re: The Wedding Game (12:49pm November 25, 2013):

I don't think I can marry anyone for a million dollars even if it is an reality show. It would be difficult if there is no common ground for communication or interest.

Re: The Bitches of Brooklyn (11:23pm November 20, 2013):

A velvet dress that I am trying to lose weight to fit.

Re: A Song At Twilight (11:27pm November 18, 2013):

I could only think of husband and wife as spy in the historical romance. I just can't recollect what are those books.

Re: Once A Seal (10:31pm November 15, 2013):

I'm single. I would think being married would be a life full of compromises that make the marriage works. Not much experience I could rely on.

Re: Dangerous Connections (10:17pm November 15, 2013):

I have the first two books and I still haven't read them yet. I will get to them as soon as everything settle down.

Re: Texas Tango (12:07pm November 15, 2013):

It's true that encouragement is a balancing act. You don't want to destroy the teenagers' dreams but at the same time you want to encourage them and let them know that it requires hard work and what they need to do to achieve it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Shenandoah Crossings (12:03pm November 15, 2013):

It would be Ancient Greece or Egypt. It would be my place of escape until I'm ready to come home.

Re: Have You Any Rogues? (12:01pm November 15, 2013):

The sneak peek intrigues me. I'm curious about Crispin and Henrietta.

Re: Bulletproof (10:31pm November 13, 2013):

I love their physique and that code of honor they are carrying around.

Re: The Namesake (11:28pm November 12, 2013):

Quite an interesting title for the book. It makes me curious about the story and what lesson is the readers to learn about.

Congrats on your book.

Re: Bikers and Pearls (11:25pm November 12, 2013):

I love to cook and try new recipes. I'm always looking for cookbooks.

Re: Daughter Of The God-King (5:13pm November 9, 2013):

I love reading stories with the Egyptian background. Egypt is mysterious and ancient. This book is going on my TBR List.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (5:09pm November 9, 2013):

It's good to know that corsets are not as painfully as they looked in the movies. After all, none of us wear one unless it is for a costume party or Halloween.

Re: A Cadence Creek Christmas (5:06pm November 9, 2013):

I love Christmas stories and romance.

Re: Promise Me Texas (12:42pm November 7, 2013):

I have told a white lie but it hasn't really change my life for better or worse.

Re: Upon a Winter's Night (12:15pm November 7, 2013):

It's Christmas Caroling. I remember going out with my friends and we would be going from house to house caroling. I miss those days.

Re: A Cowboy for Christmas (1:31am November 5, 2013):

My cousins and uncle always has spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with my parents. We are always loud. Some of us would be watching the Macy's Parade and football. We always run down to the store to buy last minute ingredients that we forgot or decided to cook something else.

Re: Scion of the Sun (1:26am November 5, 2013):

The book sounds good. It has paranormal and cult which makes the story a bit interesting.

Re: Born Wild (11:24pm November 1, 2013):

I read the first book and I love this series.

Re: A Midsummer Bride (11:22pm November 1, 2013):

My heroine has to be able to match wits with the hero and really stands out. Otherwise she would be just another character in the book.

Re: Once a Rake (12:59pm November 1, 2013):

It's the fashion in the Regency period. There is much intrigue with the Napoleon War.

Re: The Christmas Cookie Collection (12:30pm October 30, 2013):

Thanks for the cookie recipe. I have never made thumbprint cookies before. Love to see how they will turn out before I share.

Re: Hunter's Moon (12:29pm October 30, 2013):

Great cover, title and description of the book. I'm putting this on my TBR List.

Re: The Wishing Thread (12:25pm October 30, 2013):

It was an apron I made for my Mom to use for Christmas.

Re: The Circle Of Thirteen (12:24pm October 30, 2013):

Congrats on your first novel. Circle of Thirteen has that intriguing ring to it.

Re: Norse Jewel (1:08am October 28, 2013):

I love my reads with a twist. I like to be surprise and tried to figure out how did I missed this clue.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (1:06am October 28, 2013):

I think being in the wheelchair is exhausting. You will need to ask for assistance to reach for things on the upper shelves in the stores. The wheelchair also takes up so much space especially when public places need to be ADA accessible and people tend to take pity on you.

Re: Because Of Audrey (8:56pm October 25, 2013):

I did. I went to a Halloween party dressed up as Jane from Tarzan. I did surprised quite a few people who thought I was shy.

Re: The Wicked Wallflower (8:55pm October 25, 2013):

Yes, I did. I tried every possible ways to him notice me. He just thought I was funny.

Re: Murder At Hatfield House (11:15pm October 21, 2013):

I like the Victorian's Era. So much is about to happen before the Great War.

Re: Christmas Quilt (11:13pm October 21, 2013):

A quilt has so many meaning for so many people. Its meaning is different for each person. I usually find myself at this time of the year recycling worn out denims to be made into a quilt.

Re: The Butterfly Sister (11:16pm October 19, 2013):

The story has a mystery. I would love to read this book to find out whom the luggage belongs to.

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (11:42pm October 18, 2013):

I bounced between danger and fun and witty. I like to be well-round.

Re: Behind the Shattered Glass (10:30pm October 17, 2013):

I would be trapped in a marriage wishing my life away. I would even be tempted to have an affair at this point or maybe elope to the continent with my lover to start a new life. I'll be trying to escape to a better but scandalous situation.

Re: Bare Knuckle (10:08pm October 17, 2013):

I missed the characters. It is like they are leaving on a long trip and will not keep in touch anymore. I do like to know from time to time how they are doing. Need a novella for these characters.

Re: Run The Risk (1:06am October 17, 2013):

I love reading Lori Foster's books. I find each of her books are getting better and better.

Re: Plague Ship (1:18am October 16, 2013):

This book would be a good point of view from a doctor. After all Plague Ship, one has to be able to put all medical perspective in lament terms.

Re: Her Accidental Boyfriend (5:50pm October 14, 2013):

Something did happen to me out of the blue. I entered a contest and didn't expected to win a performance and free lunch for my office. But I did. The aftermath of winning the free lunch and a performance by a band is another story which will be told another day.

Re: Death Of A Schoolgirl (5:46pm October 14, 2013):

Jane Eyre is the modern woman of her era. The main purpose of a woman's function is to be married to a well-off man or a man with a title. She struck out on her own to find her own happiness even though her idealism has been scorned and rejected. Jane held her own despite that it would have been easier if she has just giving in.

Re: The Children of the Mist (3:26pm October 13, 2013):

First I would freak and probably spent days trying to hide the changes before finally accepting the changes (as long as I don't turn into an insect and as long as I still able to maintain my human form).

Re: Lord of Swords (8:41pm October 12, 2013):

The medieval period has a lot of innovative artists like Da Vinci, Michaelanglo and even Galileo. All are persecuted for their beliefs. Risky times but they took their stands.

Re: Snowbound With The Soldier (12:41pm October 11, 2013):

Does my cat count? When I was recovering at home from a surgery, my cat stayed by me to make sure I was going to OK. I think she wanted to make sure that I'm alive and that I'm still able to feed her.

Re: Jude (9:51pm October 9, 2013):

There are times when I'm tempted to make a deal with the devil. Alright, I do think about it and my conscious won't allow me to sleep. Great story that reflects everyone's desire except we have higher standards to ourselves.

Re: Paige Rewritten (9:46pm October 9, 2013):

I love reading books about self-discovery especially when there is a lesson learned in the story. I love reading in bed or on the sofa with a throw.

Re: The Patterer (10:33pm October 7, 2013):

I love ready satire parody of popular books and love watching comical satire parody of movies. Got to laugh. Thanks for the interview.

Re: One Night in the Spa (10:22pm October 7, 2013):

Sorry about your knee and the tournament. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another will open. Things are getting brighter for you. Take care.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (2:37pm October 6, 2013):

I love watching Underworld and Resident Evil for Holloween.

Re: Love and Other Games (2:33pm October 6, 2013):

I love to take pictures of wildlife in the winter. I love to just watch them from afar.

Re: Newton Neighbors (6:34pm October 5, 2013):

It is so true about life. Like everything, it is a question of balancing everything. Can't have too much of one thing because it could cause havoc and much unhappiness.

Re: My Lady Quicksilver (10:34pm October 4, 2013):

Yes, I have told a lie and thank goodness, there was enough evidences to support the lie and it is the only one I told. I don't think I could keep track if I told multiple lies. It hasn't come back to bite me yet.

Re: Kisses On Her Christmas List (9:26pm October 3, 2013):

I always read Christmas stories just to get in the mood. Yes, I am a sad case because I keep looking the good in people and often get burned. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Re: The Training (11:34pm October 2, 2013):

I want to read this story. It's hot and steamy and so forbidden.

Re: Long Shot (11:38pm October 1, 2013):

An old flame that left and made her mark in the world returns home. Leith is trying to make his mark in the world but ends up staying for the love of his life. That' is so cool.

Re: The Outlaw Knight (8:25pm September 27, 2013):

The book makes the FitzWarin so real as they do exist. I love reading historical stories with real characters and seeing them with the fictional characters.

Re: How To Date A Dragon (8:22pm September 27, 2013):

Congrats on your book. The title of the book got me. I will be reading this book.

Re: Dirty Trick (10:57pm September 26, 2013):

It's hot apple cider with cinnamon, hot cocoa with marshmallow, soup, and pumpkin and apple pie.

Re: Gideon's Call (1:34am September 22, 2013):

I'm a book hoarder. Even though I have gotten a place of my own, I am shock that one of my room is being filled with books. Soon it will be the whole house. I have tried to cut down but I can't stop. I'm going to have to move to ebooks than printed books, no matter how much I love printed books.

Re: Dark Road Home (1:31am September 22, 2013):

I have never been to New York or Ellis Island. I would love to take trip there especially since so many immigrants have passed through there to start a new life in this country.

Re: Severed Trust (1:28am September 22, 2013):

The Texas Ranger to me are a legend. It might have to do with the Lone Ranger when I was little. I would love to read this series.

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (9:44pm September 20, 2013):

I dread taking civil service exams but it is the only way to get an interview and promotion.

Re: How To Entice An Enchantress (12:01pm September 20, 2013):

I read anything that has the Beauty and the Beast theme. This fairy tale is my favorite.

Re: The Surprising Enchantress (1:52am September 18, 2013):

I have never been to New York. I have heard from my co-worker who went there with her husband to see Wicked in New York that it was great. It sounds like a Cinderella weekend. I want to have the Cinderella experience with my special fiance.

Re: Tempted in the Tropics (2:55pm September 14, 2013):

I love the excerpt. I will definitely get a copy of this book.

Re: Everlast (2:52pm September 14, 2013):

That's the thing with fairy tales. It only show one side of the story. Like Snow White rewritten by Neil Gaiman, I will never see Snow White like I do when I was a kid. Wicked and the Stepsister by Maguire, both are another side of the stories. Ever After with Drew Berrymore as Cinderella is another side of the story from all of the characters' point of view.

They are the kind of stories, I would go back to.

Re: The Sheik Retold (12:21pm September 14, 2013):

This book is hot and sensual. I want to read this book.

Re: True Spies (12:19pm September 14, 2013):

I love reading about married couple who find that their marriage is not as passionless as they thought. Already the excerpt has me hook for True Spies.

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (12:15pm September 14, 2013):

My nickname in Chinese is Big Demon's Head. I really don't know why my mother would give me that kind of nickname.

Re: Traces Of Mercy (9:42pm September 11, 2013):

The Civil War is my favorite historical read. I just love exploring this era.

Re: Shades Of Mercy (9:40pm September 11, 2013):

I love reading the fictional history of Native Americans. It just makes it easy for me to absorb the factual events in the story.

Re: When Mountains Move (9:30pm September 11, 2013):

That what my friends and I do. We have only one copy of the book so we give the book to the next person on the post-it list. And when we are done, we talk about the book. I know we're kind of sad of having only one copy but we do share what we have.

Re: Honeymoon To Die For (1:14am September 11, 2013):

Yes, I do judge a book/movie by its cover. I have a thing about presentation. If the presentation is not attractive, I just walk right by it.

Re: The Dervish (11:22pm September 7, 2013):

I'm a history major. I do find when I'm in a foreign country, I like to go to the museum or ask a bunch of questions to the tour guide about the country's history. I only know a little bit of the Ottoman history but then again, I also like to read historical fiction just to make the textbooks easier for me to absorb the facts.

Re: Against The Ropes (10:58pm September 6, 2013):

If anyone can laugh at themselves first, you know that is a group of people who know how to live life.

Re: Bad Nights (10:35pm September 6, 2013):

I love to have hot, naked man to save, only if he save me right back. Love the excerpt. It is fill with lots of tensions and conflicts.

Re: Virtual Heaven (10:33pm September 6, 2013):

I have never play a virtual reality game. I would like to do that at least once. I have two left hands and can't remember all those remote functions so I will die under a few minutes.

Re: The Good Wife (11:00pm September 3, 2013):

Yes, it is possible to love someone so much even that person doesn't love you right back. That's probably why there are so many love songs.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (1:54am September 2, 2013):

It is Beauty and the Beast but I have to say that Snow White has been given a twist with modernization with "Once Upon A Time" and another twist written by Neil Gaiman. It really has made me think about the Snow White character far from the Brother Grimms and Disney's versions.

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (1:50am September 2, 2013):

My favorite is red velvet cookies with jasmine tea.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (4:14pm August 31, 2013):

Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite. I also love Swan Lake.

Re: The Blood Gospel (8:15pm August 30, 2013):

I love the cover of the book. I even love the title. From the title, there has to be something religious plotted in the storyline.

Re: Unforeseeable (8:13pm August 30, 2013):

I'm pretty sure I have read a few bonnet books but it has been awhile. I do love a good mystery and suspense stories.

Re: What the Bride Wore (12:57pm August 30, 2013):

I recommends reading Taming Me: A Memoir of a Clever Island Cat and Sacred Games (The Athenian Mystery). Sacred Games is about a mystery murder set in ancient Greece during the Olympic after the Greece/Persian War.

Another one is The Faceless One. It is a supernatural, horror story. I don't read too much horror stories but I like this book.

Re: The Mysterious Death Of Miss Jane Austen (12:51pm August 30, 2013):

There was always speculation that Jane Austen was murdered. Some speculated that she died of lead poisoning. I'm a big fan of mystery and crime stories. What can you expect when you do forensic for a living?

Re: Love Him or Leave Him (8:47pm August 28, 2013):

I'm always looking for HEA and romance stories have them. Life may not have a HEA for everyone but it does offer hope to have one.

Re: Written in the Stars (8:45pm August 28, 2013):

I love the the idea of Destiny. To be frank, I saw the title Written in the Star and automatically, I was thinking of Aida, the musical. Yes, there is a song written by Elton John, "Written in the Star" in the musical. It's one of my favorite song.

Re: A Rancher's Christmas (10:12pm August 27, 2013):

This is where I always get myself into trouble. I buy a lot of Holiday Romance stories during this time of the year. I love the Holidays and I always try to get into the Holidays mood by reading these stories.

Re: The Arrangement (1:04am August 25, 2013):

I love reading about wounded heroes. Going through or living through a traumatic events, can alter one's perception on life. Most of the wounded heroes go through an emotion and mental state of minds trying to understand what they have went through. For most part, it is the emotion that is catching up with them to deal with the aftermath of what they went through.

Re: Apocalyptic Moon (9:53pm August 23, 2013):

A lycan gladiator. He does sound hot. As to your questions, the shifters will help themselves first before they realize that humans also need to be aid if both are going to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Yep I love lycan shifters.

Re: Surrender To Sultry (11:33pm August 22, 2013):

That is one way of winning a lost love's heart. Leah may not know it, Colt has started courting her. Love second chances/reunion stories.

Re: Wicked Beat (11:30pm August 22, 2013):

I already like Eric without even reading the book. He is hilarious and very quick-witted with that tongue of his.

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (11:03pm August 22, 2013):

I do hate when a series end especially when I have connected with the characters. I do tend to re-read the books just to visit the characters again.

Re: Last Chance Reunion (12:02pm August 22, 2013):

I love reading suspense with romance in it. It gives that excitement of looking for the criminal. Yes, I do get my high off that.

Re: Strung Out To Die (7:24pm August 20, 2013):

I love the platonic relationships and the friendly bantering between friends while they try to solve a mystery.

Re: Beneath the Dover Sky (11:34pm August 18, 2013):

I am fascinated by World War II. I would love to learn about the political and social time during the WWII. This is something I have missed in English history.

Re: The Amish Seamstress (11:32pm August 18, 2013):

The Amish life is simple and yet harsh at the same time. Sometime creativity would show up and that is why one must follows one's talent. There is a reason why God gives us what we can handle and to find out what he has plan for us.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (5:22pm August 16, 2013):

I took the blame for something that my brother did when my father was dying. I have never spoken about it or clear myself of that incident.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (5:18pm August 16, 2013):

I wish I could write. I cringe when I try to write something creative. I just seemed to freeze. How do you get over that?

Re: Taken by the Vampire King (10:57pm August 13, 2013):

Vampires have that sex appeal. They especially have the thralling effect on female species.

Re: A Cursed Embrace (10:50pm August 13, 2013):

Congrats on braving through those rejection letters. You're right that rejection hurt but as you said nobody died.

Re: Italian Affair (7:12pm August 10, 2013):

I have read so many books that now your question has put me in the spot, I draw a blank. I have to say it's when Dougless was forced back from the Middle Age to her time and leaving Nicolas in his time, in My Knight in Shining Armor, I was crying because I believe it was the ending and that they will never be together.

Re: Pattern for Romance (12:02pm August 9, 2013):

The details in the historical background is important. It brings the readers to the era that the story is taking place. It would be odd that the characters is from the Regency era but the setting is set in modern time. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: A Little Bit of Charm (11:40pm August 8, 2013):

It would be nice to get away from cell phone and the computer for awhile. It would be nice just to go Amish for awhile.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (11:38pm August 8, 2013):

Human nature is never understood. Like for example, a fellow co-worker of mine worked in the same section where I work. A friend of her has a lower title than she does and keep believing that my co-worker could afford everything without realizing that my co-worker has a two mortgages to paid, a student loan and financing her daughter's tuition.

People just tend to judge without realizing the whole pictures.

Re: Love On A Midsummer Night (10:34pm August 8, 2013):

I have read Shakespeare and have seen some of his plays modern with today's situation. Some are hilarious and other remains a tragedy.

Re: What the Bride Wore (11:45pm August 6, 2013):

I would love to go on another road trip but this time a little more leisurely to take in the sights.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (11:41pm August 6, 2013):

Thanks for the muffin recipe. I haven't read any of your books. From the sound of it, I'm missing out. I will put this your books to my TBR List. Thanks again.

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (11:36pm August 6, 2013):

I haven't read any of the books in the Pink Carnation series. I do however love that your muse was the Scarlet Pimpernel that influence the Pink Carnation series. Thanks for interview and the introduction to the Pink Carnation series.

Re: A Father For Her Triplets (11:19pm August 5, 2013):

I'm working on my path to happiness. I plan on taking dances to learn how to dance and to lose some weight. There are some things I would love to learn like horseback riding and archery.

Re: Date with Destiny (12:45pm August 5, 2013):

It's the Knight in Shining Armor. The character Dougless resonates with me. I love how Douglass started with low self-esteemed before she was put in a position to help Nicholas Stafford. She started believing in herself. Nicholas saved her and then she saved him back.

Re: Death Al Dente (6:20pm August 2, 2013):

I have never left my hometown. In fact, I'm still living where my parents has lived.

Re: Plain Fear: Forgiven (1:05am August 2, 2013):

I love reading both good and bad boys. I need a balance from time to time. As they said, you cannot have the yin without the yang. Thanks for the giveaway. The book does sound interesting to read.

Re: Jaguar Fever (1:02am August 2, 2013):

I love your wolf series and now the jaguars series. Unfortunately, my local bookstore, Target and Walmart don't carry your books. I have to order them through the internet. I missed those days when I could easily find your books. Thanks for the excerpt.

Re: Tall, Dark, And Vampire (12:59pm August 2, 2013):

I love being forever young and never grew old if I want to be a vampire. There are several good reason of not being a vampire. I have noticed that not one book ever brought the another reason of not being a vampire. If blood (which carry oxygen) doesn't circulated through the body, shouldn't the body smells? It should smells as bad as being a zombie (except zombie are mindless, rotting creature). I do ponder in depth about things that most people don't think about.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (12:53pm August 2, 2013):

Any Southern book to read. SWEET. I didn't think I was going to read The Help but I did and I'm glad that I read the book. I expect Sweetest Hallelulah will be as enlightening as The Help.

Re: The Eskimo Hunts in Miami! (12:51pm August 2, 2013):

I love the titles. It makes me wonders what Eskimo Hunt series is about especially when they are in two different cities. I'm in for thriller and suspense stories.

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: London (2:11am July 31, 2013):

Thanks for your words of encouragement. You are right. I have spoken to some authors that are even more than happy to offer advise. I love that networking that in the world of authors, everyone is willing to share and see to each other success. All of you authors are the best.

Re: Second Ride Cowboy (12:43pm July 29, 2013):

I believe in second chance. I don't believe in giving the person any more chances after the second time. If the person still does the same thing over and over again, it's already an indication that the person (his/her behavior) won't change for the better unless he/she has a learning disability.

Re: Traveling Light (1:09am July 28, 2013):

I do that all the time at the gas station. I would stare off in the distance just to figure out some of the problems in my head. I could even be trying to organize what I need to get done at work. Thanks for the book excerpt.

Re: A Spy to Die For (12:05pm July 27, 2013):

This book sounds good to read. Two top agents with their own view of getting things done that they have forgotten about being a team or being a teamplayer. Can't wait to read it.

Re: The Outcast Prince (12:01pm July 27, 2013):

I love reading paranormal because I believe that there is a world out there that exists but we were taught not to believe in. My love for paranormal started with ghost stories and Halloween stories. Thanks for the interview.

Re: Reckless (11:39pm July 24, 2013):

I love the Fall Guy TV series. There are clips on how a stunt is done even though the stuntman that Lee Major play is a bounty hunter and he used those stunt skills when he on the job.

Re: Moonlight (11:32pm July 24, 2013):

I'm both even though my preference leans toward shifter.

Re: Rugged Hearts (11:31pm July 24, 2013):

It's my high school instructor. He encourages me when I messed up. He doesn't belate me for failing but make me try harder.

Re: Complete Me (12:48pm July 24, 2013):

The Stark Trilogy sounds so interesting. I'm going to have to read this trilogy. Thanks for the interview and book description.

Re: Raspberries and Vinegar (11:42pm July 22, 2013):

I love cooking from scratch. This is my way of thinking or problem solving over a complex problem. For some way, cooking just help me think clearer.

Re: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (11:41pm July 22, 2013):

I would love to rent your home when and if I get a chance to go to Ireland. Liz, you can rent your home in Ireland for the time being until you decide to live there. I don't know if renting your home would be appealing to you. It's just an idea.

Re: An Open Heart (1:14pm July 21, 2013):

Not many doctors write about their experience especially serving in non-profit foundations like Doctors without Borders. There are the majority of us that can't travel or have to skills to contribute. We would like to know what goes on in the background. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I do have a tendency to believe in the positive things that are going on and that is because I want and need to see that people do care.

Re: Magic Rises (12:42pm July 19, 2013):

I love the covers of every Kate Daniels series. I need to start reading this series. I just haven't got around to it yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe (12:38pm July 19, 2013):

The book has everything that can cheers me up in today's economy. So many layoffs and not enough jobs unless, one decided to be self-employed.

Re: The Officer And The Secret (12:38pm July 19, 2013):

A friend of mine once told me that to keep the relationship fresh, there has to be mystery. If you're an open book, the relationship will frizzle. A relationship is a balance of being mysterious and being truthful.

Re: Rancher to the Rescue (1:14am July 18, 2013):

I discovered that my ex say he like children, he was never comfortable around my nieces and nephews.

Re: Charm and Consequence (10:07pm July 15, 2013):

Yes, I do know someone who drove me bonkers. My Mom... My sisters and I hate it when she plays with the plastic bag especially when we are driving her. Her hands have to stay occupied so she plays and rustles with the plastic bag. My sisters and I have ofter grab the bag from her hands because we couldn't stand that rustling noise that the plastic bag makes.

Re: Emeralds of the Alhambra (1:48am July 15, 2013):

This book would be perfect for me. I don't know too much of Medieval Muslim Spain. But to incorporated historical fact with fictional characters make it easier for me to read and learn. Congrats on your book Emeralds of the Alhambra and thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Masquerade (7:05pm July 13, 2013):

I would have to say Scarlett O'Hara. With all the back stabbings she did to her siblings, she really have good intentions. She is someone that audience would love to hate but can't blame her for making the most of her situations.

Re: Merger to Marriage (6:54pm July 13, 2013):

Readers could identify with tried and true scenario. If the story cannot connect with the people, no one would want to read or pay attention to it. It would be less entertaining.

Re: Ignited (1:33am July 13, 2013):

I love the book covers and the military theme for both books. I also have been a military brat. I just love hanging around with veterans from the WWII to the Vietnam War listening to their war stories and experiences. It was more of a hobby to me. Thanks for the pricing on the ebooks.

Re: If The Shoe Fits (1:38am July 12, 2013):

It would When Harry Meet Sally. Harry and Sally just don't seemed right for each other but at the end they did ended up as a couple.

Re: Jungle Fire (1:19am July 12, 2013):

I love the jungle, a French, and Italian background settings. They bring a bit of intrigue in the story and plot.

Re: Pennsylvania Patchwork (1:16am July 12, 2013):

I don't live any where near any Amish communities. Their life style just seemed so simpler and they seemed to enjoy life better than we do our.

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (1:14am July 12, 2013):

Back then when our veterans come home, no one know the inner demons that they are trying to cope with. The worst thing is that they were not support by us or even received a warm homecoming welcome. I'm just glad that today's we try to do a little more than what we did back then. We still have a long way to go. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (11:46pm July 9, 2013):

I'm quite picky in choosing zombie movies. I love Resident Evil movies and World War Z.

Re: Breathe Again (5:11pm July 5, 2013):

Dr. Mark Sloan (Diagnosis Murder) is my TV medical doctor favorite. How many doctor can say that he has a son who is a cop and that they are a team in solving murders?

Re: Winning a Bride (4:36pm July 5, 2013):

When the novellas have a continuation which is the series, I'm all for it. Just don't be cruel by leaving the ending of the novella opened and unfinished. It just makes me want to cry when the story in the novella is not finished.

Re: Paradise Valley (2:59pm July 4, 2013):

It's sad to say, I haven't been exposed to any of your books. Congrats on your long career as a writer. I'll make sure I pick up a copy of your books.

Re: It Happened One Midnight (9:04pm July 3, 2013):

It will happen again, no matter how much they want to avoid it.

Re: Final Sentence (9:04pm July 3, 2013):

Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. and Denzel Washington.

Re: Prince of Secrets (10:59pm July 2, 2013):

I always drive myself crazy when I second guess myself or over think things.

Re: Masters of The Cats: Collaring The Saber-Tooth (10:45pm July 2, 2013):

I will be going over to my sister in Camarillo for BBQ and shopping at the outlet. Then we will head back to my place to watch the fireworks from Dodger Stadium on the 4th of July.

Re: Exposed (1:10am June 28, 2013):

Love your books. The Tracer series is one of the series I keep track off. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Luck of the Dragon (1:09am June 28, 2013):

I love the bantering dialogues. I have to chuckle a bit over them. I love reading books with dragons. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Smoking Hot (1:07am June 28, 2013):

Nephilim is a breed between angel and human. According to religious sources, they were the kind that God send the flood to destroy. Now if I had an Angel/Nephilim who save my life and really rock my world, it would be impure thoughts.

Re: Wish You Were Here (1:03am June 28, 2013):

My love of reading is visiting places that I don't have a chance to travel to and open a doorways to imaginary worlds. Most of all, reading was my solitude back when I didn't have any friends.

Re: All Out of Love (12:37pm June 26, 2013):

That is a fun quiz. My answers are all over the place. I guess I'm an avid readers of contemporary romances.

Re: Just Beyond the Garden Gate (12:12pm June 25, 2013):

In Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur, Riley Jensen met Quinn at her front door of her apartment. Quinn was naked and suffering temporary amnesia. The only thing Quinn recalled was that if he was in trouble, he was to head to Rhoan's (Riley's brother), place.

Riley and Quinn were meant to be.

Re: One Night (11:58pm June 23, 2013):

I've never had a one night stand or a night that changed my life.

Re: The Look of Love (5:04pm June 21, 2013):

I have never read any of Andre Belle's books or even an excerpt from any of her books. Now, I'm hearing more and more really good reviews about her books. I need get a few and start reading. Thanks for the interview.

Re: If The Shoe Fits (1:11am June 21, 2013):

It would be the Footloose Soundtrack with Rod Steward, Phil Colins, and One Republic. My life sounds a bit like them.

Re: The Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts With Scandal (12:59pm June 21, 2013):

Rafe is definitely a bad boy that I can love hang out to go out of my comfort zone. He does things that is beyond the rules of society. He can spice up some excitement in my life.

Re: One Night With A Rake (12:55pm June 21, 2013):

I have two cats who are currently teaching me about pose. The male cat is teaching me to walk calmly. The girl cat is teaching me be well... be feminine. How's that for having two self-image instructors.

Re: Grounded (12:48pm June 21, 2013):

Chicago did have a period of corruption. It was during Al Capone's time. Today in Chicago, probably not. But your book go me interest in reading.

Re: Widow Of Gettysburg (12:43pm June 21, 2013):

Book trailers don't influence my decision in buying a book. I like to review the blurb on the back of the book and read a few pages to make my decision.

Re: Rescuing Dawn (12:46pm June 19, 2013):

I have a few friends who would watch my back. I usually call them or they call me when either of us have to blow off steam. When push comes to shove, they are there for me as I am for them.

Re: Dark Innocence (10:58pm June 18, 2013):

My favorite heroine is Eve Dallas from the In Death series by J.D. Robb.

Re: Opposing Forces (11:45pm June 14, 2013):

I love reunion stories. It is about second chances and about the first moment being the wrong timing in meeting that right person. The relationship wouldn't have work back then and now seeing the other person again, the relationship can now develop into something more.

Re: Billion Dollar Cowboy (9:55pm June 13, 2013):

Carolyn did the right thing in picking the women for the cowboys. If the cowboys were picking their women, the story wouldn't come out right.

Re: One Day in Apple Grove (9:51pm June 13, 2013):

I went to a Neil Gaiman Reading Event. I love listening to his British accent as he reads an excerpt of the book he is promoting.

Re: The Fireman's Homecoming (12:20pm June 13, 2013):

I love quilting, collecting coins, stamps, and taking pictures with my camera. From time to time, I love to go fishing.

Re: Summer at Mustang Ridge (12:45pm June 12, 2013):

My mother's tradition recipe is the Chinese Dumpling Ball soup. The soup ingredient has napa cabbage, daikon (Chinese turnip), chopped chicken, and a secret meat ingredient (I dare not say). The problem is that everyone my family knows, loves this Chinese Dumpling Ball Soup and they rather not know about this secret meat that is the main ingredient of this soup.

Re: Flirting with Disaster (6:57pm June 9, 2013):

The fatal flaw in the hero is that he blamed himself so a mistake that impact his life and the people involved. He doesn't believe in himself and has lost his way. He avoids commitments but when it comes to doing the right thing, he can't turn his back. He has to follow through and yet he still punish himself mentally.

Re: Lord of the Hunt (5:01pm June 9, 2013):

I love sequel characters. They have a secret of their own that they have to have their own stories told. Not only do sequel characters have their own stories, they also bring back familiar characters with them.

Re: Tainted Angel (12:40pm June 7, 2013):

I have always love a man of mystery. If he is anything like James Bond, I take him any day.

Re: The Firebird (12:39pm June 7, 2013):

It is the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series where I want to be a detective. I may not be a detective but I work with forensic. It's close enough.

Re: Dream Nights with the CEO (10:52pm June 5, 2013):

I'm awake at 5:00am. I hear my sister in the bathroom getting ready. As soon as she's out, I hear my brother going in. My alarm clock goes off at 5:30a.m. I hit the snooze button to give me 8 more minutes of sleep. I let the snooze goes off two more times before I decide I better get up. I get the coffee going and head on to the bathroom to get ready for work. I checked my email on my iPod. I clean the litter box before I get dress for work. I go back to the restroom to wash my hands and then pour a cup of coffee in the travel mug. I look at the time to decide if I have time to pick up breakfast. I get dress and get my car key before I head off to work.

Heading to and being at work is another story for another time. And of course, there's the evening story before my day is finally over.

Re: It Had To Be You (10:37pm June 5, 2013):

I don't play music when I reading a book. When I play music, it is usually when I'm doing mundane chores around the house like mopping, doing laundry, cooking, and washing dishes. I sing along with the songs are played.

It's kind of hard to read and sing at the same times.

Re: Sweet Revenge (12:31pm June 4, 2013):

I like my heroes rough around the edges.

Re: Five Days in Skye (4:17pm June 2, 2013):

I have been reading inspirational romance stories a lot lately. It probably has to do with me talking to God since I have been dealing with a lot more personal and work-related stress. I love it when the story touches what I'm going through currently. It is kind of a sign from God to help me with my crisis. Thanks for writing those stories.

Re: Katie's Choice (3:27pm June 2, 2013):

It's the simplicity of their life. Everyone knows everyone and neighbors help each other. In the world outside their culture, we don't get that anymore. Courting is really about romancing and spending time to know each other.

Re: South Of Surrender (3:37pm June 1, 2013):

I like stories with characters that have physical/medical impairments. Their impairments doesn't limit them, the characters become stronger because of it. I love the journey that they goes through to discover the strength that is within each one of them.

Re: True (3:35pm June 1, 2013):

That was how I see my college years. It is transition to forge forward to see if I could make it as my own person. It was a testing period that if I failure, I know I will have to move back home with my parents. If I could survive through college, I knew I could make it anyway.

Re: Dead, White, And Blue (12:48pm June 1, 2013):

The characters have to have growth in their relationship. They have to learn a crucial lesson about themselves and that they are better people than when we are first introduced to them.

Re: Long Simmering Spring (11:48pm May 29, 2013):

I have made the mistakes of listening to my mother. My parents have taught me well but my mother has never trusted me in making my decision or be my own person. I have listened to what I should study to my career choices. I have been trying to correct some of those mistakes but it is hard to claim what happened back then. Big lesson learn, my decision would have lead me to my happiness. At least I didn't marry that person, she has choose for me.

Re: Reign (7:26pm May 27, 2013):

It depends on the challenge. I also have to access if the challenge involve with my phobias. I do have a few phobias which involved height, close spaces, and spiders. If the challenge doesn't involve my phobias, I will be my best in completing the task at hand.

Re: Paige Torn (6:44pm May 27, 2013):

That's funny and quite ironic. I have been trying to figure what I'm going to do with my backyard. I have basically pulled most of the weed out and now I'm trying to plan on where the flowers and vegetable gardens are going to be. I'm still trying to figure out what flowers and plants are drought resistance since my vegetable garden is going to consume most of the water.

Re: The Secret Life of Lady Julia (3:37pm May 26, 2013):

My secret life is that I'm working for the government either in FBI or CIA and that I can learn a language very well. Twice I have been approached by the FBI and DEA when I was working for the police department. I basically turned it down because I can't learn European language easily and that I will be booted out since their training is just hard-cored. I have never been physically coordinated in my life and at most I'm mediocre. It would be nice if I could do at least one those two things.

Re: The Begonia Bribe (1:25pm May 24, 2013):

I have never came back with a good answer until after the fact. I just hate when I can't win those kind of conversation especially when I'm arguing with my sisters.

Re: Lady Vivian Defies A Duke (12:26pm May 24, 2013):

I love Susan Mallery's Bakery Sister series and the Fools Gold series. I love when the familiar characters show up and then each of them have their stories told. Another series I love is the De Burgh series by Deborah Simmons.

Re: Kissing the Maid of Honor (11:18pm May 23, 2013):

It would be Chris Hemworth from Thor or Daniel Craig (love him as James Bond).

Re: The Sword Dancer (11:09pm May 23, 2013):

I have always love Julie Newmar as Catwoman. I am just amaze how your books teach readers like me about China. China is deeply rich in history and there is so much history to absorb. Thanks for writing all the wonderful stories of China.

Re: Yesterday's Echo (12:31pm May 23, 2013):

My family is quite demanding. They demand time and money from me because I'm the only one responsible. I would like to be irresponsible to them and be only responsible to me that I can take care of my personal needs.

Re: When The Morning Glory Blooms (12:29pm May 23, 2013):

I did lose a friend due to long distance. We drifted even further apart when she got married. A single person hanging with married couple is definitely categorized three's a crowd. We lost touch with each other when new area codes were issued. I would love to get in contact with her again.

Re: A Healing Heart (12:25pm May 23, 2013):

Even women have a longer life span than men, heart problem is more common in women than in men. Our reason is that we have been a caregiver to our family that we are in denial when a stroke or heart attack happens. We don't recognize the sign. Even if we recognize the sign, we go into self-denial. We do need to take care of ourselves first. Thanks for writing the book and making us self-aware of what heart diseases are.

Re: Flora's Wish (12:20pm May 23, 2013):

A villain who atoned for his crimes and redeemed himself is a lovable character. I don't think any one could hate him if he proves himself and sacrifice himself to save someone or a town of people. Looking forward to reading the book.

Re: Last Chance For Justice (11:55pm May 21, 2013):

When I'm having a bad days, I like to read books that keep on going. When I need to relax, I read the slower pace books.

Re: Seducing Charlotte (6:48pm May 19, 2013):

It doesn't bother me if the book opens with a hot scene. I always buy the book based on the blurb on the back of the book. This way I know it is the kind of story I would read.

Re: Past Due (10:30pm May 17, 2013):

It is always difficult to please anyone other than yourself especially when it comes to family.

Re: Undone (11:30pm May 16, 2013):

He has to be intelligent, brave, and honorable with a sense of humor.

Re: Changing Lanes (9:11pm May 15, 2013):

I would love to change lane knowing what I know now. It would alter everything I know now to a different future. It sounds so much like Sliders with Jerry O'Connor or Sliding Doors with Gwenthyn Pawtrol. I would most definitely have a different career.

Re: Cybersp@ce (1:50am May 15, 2013):

The statics shows that most of the cyber viruses are from China. It is sad that here is China loaning the U.S. so many billions of dollars and the hackers from China are disrupting that loan contract between China and U.S. I have to laugh at this because even if China calls in the notes, U.S. definitely would not be able to pay them. I find this ironic. It is also sad that the people who wants to harm the innocent, don't realize the connection that all of us have with each other.

Re: Acadian Waltz (1:32am May 15, 2013):

All of us ladies love to be woo even if we are married. This is a way that we know our significant other is as much in love with us as we are with them.

Re: Voodoo For Two (1:30am May 15, 2013):

Cities near the Bayou are just a place that is magical and mystical to me. This is where Voodoo is practiced. I am so curious about these places. New Orleans and Baton Rogue is on my bucket list to visit one of these days.

Re: Die for Me (12:41pm May 13, 2013):

When a serial killer is family, it is hard to choose: justice or family. This would be so interesting to read.

Re: Angora Alibi (4:10pm May 11, 2013):

I have always avoided people taking pictures of myself. I have never been photogenic. I still have pictures from my high school senior year pictures and I looked so terrible. It is like the DMV picture: dull and uninteresting.

Re: The Practice Proposal (4:07pm May 11, 2013):

Here are my three athletes even though I maybe old school: Steve Garvey, Jimmy Connors, Joe Montana and Eli and Peyton Manning. They have very interesting background especially the Manning brothers. How many romance stories features athletic brothers? I haven't read or locate one to date.

Re: Ours To Love (1:10am May 9, 2013):

Love the excerpt. A menage de trois with a killer on a loose is the kind of story that I know I'm going to enjoy reading. Thanks

Re: Stealing Harper (9:05pm May 7, 2013):

The excerpt has me hook. I want to know if Chase will be dating or did he learned anything about girls.

Re: What A Mother Knows (1:34am May 7, 2013):

A parents want to know what is going on with their children's lives. The children never want to know what is going on with their parents' lives especially if the parents are having sex. It is too much information (TMI). I know my sisters and I would joke about our parents' sex life and would always say they are old people. If we happen to catch them even kissing with tongue, we come to the moment of either saying to them "Get a room." or even exaggerates that we have been traumatized and blinded for life as young adults. It's not right for old people to be having sex from our point of view. We cannot accept the fact that they are having sex and yet we know where babies come from. But the reality of it is, parents are people too. They feel and do things that we young people do. It won't be long before our children will be thinking the same thing of us.

Our parents taught us the best they can and with life lessons, we know the difference between realities and fantasies and have to respect them for that.

Re: A Wedding In Springtime (1:17am May 7, 2013):

I take the rugged highlander. I just love that ruggedness about a man.

Re: Heart Of Iron (1:17am May 7, 2013):

A hero never takes credit of a good deed. He does what he needs to do and get it done. He is a man who stands up against injustice and who will right a wrong done to the victims. He is the kind that never collect an award.

Re: Fearless Heart (10:29pm May 5, 2013):

It is so true. The younger generation don't know how the Great Depression affects everyone back then. I was just talking to one of my co-workers about the Great Depression and how WWII got started. She gave me a blank look like I was talking in a foreign language. I am glad that you could tell the story of the Great Depression in your book, Fearless Heart. There were no Social Security or FDIC back then. People lost money for having money in the banks.

Re: Lord of the Mist (1:58am May 4, 2013):

I would love to time travel to see how the world was. I would love to see ancient Egypt and Greece in their height of glory. I would even love to meet FDR, George Washington, Edgar Allan Poe, and all those famous people I read and learn about. However, I would love to return to current time. I don't think I could live without plumbing and today's technologies.

What would be better is traveling into the future to see if what accomplishments have been achieved. Time traveling is definitely fun if I could travel back and forth.

Re: With a Vengeance (8:40pm May 3, 2013):

I have a loyal girlfriend. We have been best and loyal friend since we are in pre-school. Now as for loyal guy friend,...Yes I would like one of those, please.

Re: Father By Choice (11:01pm April 30, 2013):

I love stories with children. Sometimes, the story does need children to make the plot and conflict work.

Re: The Seven-Day Target (11:03pm April 29, 2013):

I am a romantic suspense junkie. Most of my books are romantic suspense. I love the mystery, the intrigue, the excitement when the villain comes so close to harming the hero and heroine.

Re: Detour to Dusk (12:11pm April 28, 2013):

This book has everything in Bram Stoker's Dracula and more. And yes, I have always been fascinated by Dracula's abilities to shift into animals or appearing in mist like form. I would love to read this book.

Re: By Hook or By Crook (3:08pm April 27, 2013):

Men are difficult. But the one that really are difficult can be keeper if you challenge him right back.

Re: The Last Telegram (10:01pm April 25, 2013):

I wrote my thesis on World War II for my Bachelor degree. I have always been fascinated of this war period.

Looking forward to reading your book.

Re: The Collector (12:14pm April 25, 2013):

The Collector and Paranormalcy sounds very interesting to read. It's difficult to figure which book to read first. Both sound just too good to decide.

Re: Temporary Roomates (7:08pm April 22, 2013):

I love reading all of the above. I don't travel much so the only way to know a place is to read about them. When I do get a chance, I could identify the landmarks mentioned in the books.

Re: Thrill Ride (12:39pm April 22, 2013):

Rock and Vanessa sounds great. I love the book cover and the description of each book. I love this secret government organization and the characters in each of the book.

Re: A Man for All Seasons (9:00pm April 19, 2013):

My superstition is those darn chain emails. If I don't forward them, bad luck will follow me. That is why I hate chain mails.

I believe in angels. I have always pray that they would watch over my Mom and sisters. My Mom survived a horrific car accident. My sister just happened to move out of the apartment before the Northridge Earthquake hit. It's the apartment that she was renting while attending Cal State Northridge, that collapsed during the earthquake. So I do believe strongly in angels.

Re: The Summer He Came Home (8:19pm April 18, 2013):

Bruce Springsten. I grew up with his music especially on MTV.

Re: Speak No Evil (12:14pm April 18, 2013):

I have never been in the South except Virginia. I would like to visit the deep South one of these days.

Re: Love, Lies, and British Spies (10:23pm April 16, 2013):

I have a thing for that British accent. When I hear British spy, the first thing that comes to mind is James Bond (Daniel Craig)....

Re: Guardian's Alliance (10:08pm April 16, 2013):

What an interesting alien world. I would love to explore this universe and world.

Re: A Method to Madness (9:49pm April 16, 2013):

Capone and Dillinger are the most infamous crime lords in the 1920's. It is a wonder how they have gotten away with so many crimes. Capone has so many syndicates working for him which history don't mentioned much about them. I would definitely love to know about these harden criminals.

Re: Abby Road (7:45pm April 14, 2013):

It would be the Big Sur Coast in Northern California. There are two beaches in that region that I love because of the scenic views. They are Heaven on Earth and the McWay Cove. One of the reason I love those two beaches is that they both have a waterfall. How romantic could I ask for about these two beaches.

Re: Night Demon (7:34pm April 14, 2013):

Brute strength is not enough. The hero needs brain otherwise rushing into a situation could get him kill.

Re: Tactical Strike (5:56pm April 12, 2013):

I don't see the difference if the women are on the sideline especially when they are in the war zone. If they are in the military, they are already putting their lives at risk. War is War. There are no difference.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (9:43pm April 11, 2013):

I think that what mothers are for: to drive us crazy. They know what button to push on us. My mother is a control freak. Mine always see the grass being green on the other side. Most of the conversations are one-sided where she does all the talking. She loves the attention and yet she is always critical about everything I do. Mothers are very manipulative when they want their ways.

We could love them and hate them but we definitely can't live without mothers.

Re: Flirting Under A Full Moon (9:17pm April 11, 2013):

I love the humor in the dialogue. This is going to be a very interesting story to read.

Re: March With Me (9:37pm April 10, 2013):

The HELP is a wonderful feel good book. I have read the book and seen the movie. The movie has all of the lines in the book but it doesn't follow in the event order but the story in the movie works. The best lines in the book are "You is kind, you is smart, you is important."

Re: Last Chance Book Club (5:57pm April 7, 2013):

It would be interesting to find out how Jane Austen would view our baseball culture. Who knew baseball would have a life of its own? That is something that the Regency era wouldn't even thought possible.

Yes, I am planning to watch 42, the Movie. What more can I asked for: Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the L.A. Dodgers).

Re: Darius (10:01pm April 4, 2013):

It depends how the difficulty of the problems. If the problem is simple, I solve it right away. If the problem is difficult, I usually sleep on it. If the problem is not so obvious, I do the pros and cons listing.,

Re: Sinner's Heart (9:22pm April 3, 2013):

I'm a bit obsessed in having all the books in the series before I could read them. I know I do missed out on what's going with the series. I just can't read the series without having all the books in the series first.

Re: Once Tempted (11:40pm April 1, 2013):

It was the trip I took with my Mom to Italy. We were at the crossroads of whether we were going to drift apart due to our different upbringing or whether we were going to compromise and be best friends. It was a trip to discover where we are at in our lives.

Re: Second Chance (4:46pm March 31, 2013):

Second chances to me are a way of redemption. If I didn't succeed the first time. I know I can the next time.

Re: Revenge On Route 66 (9:22pm March 29, 2013):

It would be Superman. Kind of make sense since his body density is heavier than ours and it would explain why he is aging slower than we are. When we're in our eighties, he will still look like he's in his late 30's or early 40's.

Re: A Shot Of Sultry (9:26pm March 28, 2013):

The most thoughtful gift that I received was hugs from my cat. My Mom was in the hospital and I was on the phone with my friend telling her what had happened to my mom. My cat heard the distress in my conversation with my friend and started meowing and then she starting hugging me and nipping me to calm me down. She is just an awesome cat. She does this every time I'm upset.

Re: Identity Crisis (9:21pm March 27, 2013):

I love the lesson about arts forgeries. It is so interesting just to learn the techniques to identify forgeries and to develop the eye to know what to look for. It would so neat just to do that.

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (9:55pm March 26, 2013):

Everyone love a bad boy. I will be reading Sins of the Ruthless Rogue. I would like to know more about these two characters in the book.

Re: The Forsaken (5:25pm March 24, 2013):

My Granddad have a similar experience. My grandmother died of cancer twenty years before he did. When he saw Grandma the first time since she passed away, he had mentioned that Grandma told him it was time to go. He was going with her but he had to sit to catch his breath. Ten years later, his conditioned has detiorated. He mentioned that Grandma came and he has to leave with her in a few days. He passed away within those few days, he mentioned. I guess Grandma was his guide to the other side.

Re: Lord of the Keep (9:49pm March 23, 2013):

I love releases. I missed out on the first release of these books. Now I have a second chance to read them. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Nickeled-And-Dimed To Death (9:48pm March 23, 2013):

I see second chances as redemption, a way to make up my failures or short-comings.

Re: Shadows And Strongholds (10:05pm March 22, 2013):

It would be the Sistine Chapel. Although it is always crowded there, I almost could feel that Michelangelo was still there. The strongest feeling was at the Vatican City where Paul was crucified upside down. It did freak me out that I felt a presence there and it was kind of weird to feel something on Holy Ground.

Re: If You Give A Rake A Ruby (9:39pm March 22, 2013):

A hero is a character who went through a tragedy and he is trying to find justice and/or right a wrong. He never takes credit for doing what is right. Of course,there is a dark secret or mystery about him that the readers want to know more.

Re: When She Was Gone (10:19pm March 20, 2013):

My home is a craftman design home. It is in a nice and quaint neighborhood.

Re: Falling Into Paradise (11:05pm March 18, 2013):

I definitely love bad boys. I'm attracted to the dangers and challenges that they bring with them. They are a challenge because we want to reform them. It takes a special woman to love them for who they are.

Re: Buried In A Bog (10:53pm March 18, 2013):

A co-worker went to Ireland. She said it is very green over there and there are a lot of sheep. I would love to go to Ireland for the myths and legend and the Book Kells.

Re: Trouble In The Tarot (12:58pm March 17, 2013):

I love the humor in the cozy mysteries. Sometime the story gets a little too serious that there has to be some humor just to break the ice. I love having animals on the covers of the cozy (especially cats). Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Her Knight's Quest (8:51pm March 15, 2013):

Constantine Xenakis show up in Hunt Her Down in the Bullet Catchers series by Roxanne St. Clarie. He was just a secondary character. I was so happy when he got his own story in Make Her Pay.

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (12:31pm March 15, 2013):

I love reading book with geeks (that because I have been a geek back in junior high and high school). I was still awkward in college but I grew out of it with some help from my college roommates. Thanks for writing books about geeks.

Re: Assaulted Pretzel (10:44pm March 13, 2013):

I have always thought the Amish community was close to simple life since the crime rate in their communities are not reported to the outside world. The book is interesting for me to read.

Re: Hunted (11:22pm March 11, 2013):

Hunted sounds like a winner. Congrats on the first book.

Re: Out Of Circulation (7:24pm March 10, 2013):

One thing about cozies is that it doesn't matter who write it (man or woman). It is the story that count (especially with a cat). Cats are smart creatures. They have a secret language. :)

Re: Stranger on Raven's Ridge (7:11pm March 10, 2013):

As much as I like to go back to what I know back then, I know I couldn't. Once I know about something, it is hard to ignore that piece of information. I would have to move on.

As for the Wizard of Oz, I can't ignore the other side of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked, the Musical). She is given a bad reputation. As the Wizard said in Wicked, it is the question which label persist to a person: traitor or liberator, a rich man, philanthropist or thief or crusader or ruthless invader.

For years, the Wicked Witch of the West is considered evil, wicked, a bad person. But after hearing her side of the story, I have to pause and think about her situation. Not everything is black and white. Her story is a shade of gray.

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (7:00pm March 10, 2013):

I like to read both. The story holds more meaning if I could relate to the people. Sometime I just need to escape from real life.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (10:55pm March 7, 2013):

I love Red's Hot Cowboy. After reading this book, I'm looking forward to reading many more of your books.

Re: The Turncoat (12:08pm March 7, 2013):

I love enemies turn to lovers storyline. Both sides learn a lot from each other that sometimes everything is not what it seems. That's when they overcome their differences.

Re: Lord Of Darkness (10:51pm March 5, 2013):

I love reading about this era. I have always love historical romance in the Regency and Victorian era. There are places that are not mentioned the history books like those dark alleys that tourists won't see on the tours.

Re: The Christie Curse (9:46pm March 3, 2013):

It is a kind of relationship that I would like to do: work with my Mom. Unfortunately, my Mom is stuck with her traditional upbringing that is in conflict with my ideology. We can't even compromise. It would be fun if we could.

Re: Into the Spotlight (10:10pm March 2, 2013):

I go to Vegas for the shows and shopping. There are so many outlets along the way to Vegas. As for the shows, Vegas is like New York City. All the shows in one place and right on the Strip. And the restaurants, they are worth experiencing for as a treat. Yes, they are pricey but to try one for the experience, it worth the price.

Re: Protector (10:06pm March 2, 2013):

I always take a book (or several if I take my e-reader) when I'm leaving the house. I read in the waiting rooms. I learn my lesson that the waiting room, there is nothing to do except to get bored and I can't watch my favorite shows if there even a television there. I always have my favorite books to read just in case I need something familiar. I never leave the house without new and old books (e-reader and smart phone, they are so awesome to have).

Re: An Encounter at the Museum (4:12pm March 1, 2013):

It was on the sailboat coasting along Marina del Rey to Point Fermin Lighthouse before turning back. I realize that I fall hard for my fiance.

Re: Wait Until Dark (11:19pm February 28, 2013):

Great interview and excerpt. Wait Until Dark sounds wonderful to read.

Re: Cowboy Tough (11:18pm February 28, 2013):

Cowboy Tough is tough. After all, cowboys have to braved the element during the cattle run, sleep out in the open, rain or shine. They have to do back-breaking works. Yes, they do need to be tough.

Re: Hot Ticket (11:15pm February 28, 2013):

I just went through a rough patch in my life. My best friend is a good friend. She was there when I called her about my Mom's medical conditions. Even though we are miles away, she was there when I called her. She has helped me deal with this crisis emotional. I would have been a mess.

Re: The Chieftain (11:13pm February 28, 2013):

This story sounds like what my parents are trying to do for me. They have been trying to hook me up with a suitable husband candidate from their community. I wonder how similar is my circumstances to Connor.

Re: Silence Of The Llamas (9:53pm February 26, 2013):

Llamas are quiet animals. I have never heard what kind of sound that they make. You perk my curiosity. Time to google for llamas and sounds.

Re: Jake (9:51pm February 26, 2013):

I love Western men especially if they are cowboys.

Re: Scorned Justice (12:55pm February 25, 2013):

The Count of Monte Cristo. I can never forget the story and the two movies made.

Another revenge story is the Eve Duncan series by Iris Johansen. Eve Duncan is still looking for the murderer of her daughter. I have been following the series if she will ever find her daughter's killer.

Re: Greta and the Goblin King (12:48pm February 25, 2013):

It would be winter. During the cooler weather, I am able to get a lot more things done. During the hot weather, I tend to drag and never finish any chores or projects that needs to be completed.

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (10:41pm February 21, 2013):

My favorite secondary character is Constantine Xenakis in the Bullet Catchers series by Roxanne St. Claire. I was estatics when he got his own story in Make Her Pay.

Re: X Marks The Scot (10:06pm February 21, 2013):

Bad boys are the kind that challenges us good girls to do things outside our comfort zone. OK, we may get into trouble but they definitely do show us how to live dangerously.

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (9:51pm February 19, 2013):

I want to travel to Alaska, Hawaii, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

Re: The Moses Quilt (1:01pm February 17, 2013):

We like to deny the dark part of our history. If we keep believe that those dark periods in our history didn't happen, we will most likely forget.

The thing about history is to learn from our past and not repeat those mistakes that have dire consequences of mankind. Some of us cannot come to terms of our past mistakes.

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (10:14pm February 13, 2013):

I would head out to the beach and grab a tropical drink on my way there. Now if there are horses near the beach, I'm going riding along the coast first.

Re: Wildcat (10:10pm February 13, 2013):

Manx sounds so much like Starman. There this innocent about Manx that I like. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (9:49pm February 12, 2013):

The books are always better than the movies. There are a few movies that stay true to the story even though there are scenes from the book missing (like The Lord of the Rings). I just don't like the movies when they deviate from the book (like Jurassic Park).

Re: Seven-Night Stand (2:56pm February 9, 2013):

It would be near the ocean. I have always love sunset near the ocean and the sound of the ocean is so relaxing.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (2:47pm February 9, 2013):

Score 1 for the Geeks. I have been a geek back in Junior High and High School. It's wonderful to have a book about Geeks.

Re: Fly Away Peta (9:56pm February 8, 2013):

It's Sherlock Holmes.

Re: Once Again A Bride (12:27pm February 8, 2013):

I have the desk that my grandfather has used when I was little. I find my grandfather's desk helps remind me of simpler time, when life wasn't so complicated.

Re: Lady Eve's Indiscretion (12:24pm February 8, 2013):

Ever since I have discovered The Soldier and The Heir, I have been following your books. Looking forward to many more and Thanks for the contest.

Re: To Brie or Not to Brie (11:25pm February 6, 2013):

When I lost my creativity, I tend to write a lot of garbage. Later on, I start to edit what I wrote. A lot of it are garbage.

Re: Soul Deep (12:46pm February 5, 2013):

The quote sounds so much like "A man and woman can never be best friends" from When Harry Meets Sally. That was one of the best movie about friends becoming lovers. I wonder where the Alpha Male falls in with friendship.

Re: Secret Santa Baby (12:44pm February 5, 2013):

I have one of your book (Secret Santa Baby)but I haven't read it yet. I grabbed it off a website since I was in a Christmas mood. I'm going to have to read A Night of Southern Comfort. The book sounds interesting.

Re: In From The Cold (12:22pm February 4, 2013):

I would love to go dog-sledding. I love the picture of the dogs. They are excited about something. I wonder if it the snow or is it that they love the great outdoor. Looking forward to reading your book.

Re: Beyond Valor (12:03pm February 3, 2013):

The last book I read in military romance is His Woman in Command. After reading this book, I got hook to the Black Jaguar Squadron series.

Re: The Billionaire's Baby SOS (1:49pm February 1, 2013):

It is Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. The family just keep expanding.

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (11:26pm January 31, 2013):

I love secondary characters. They have a life of their own and demand that their stories be told.

Re: The Autumn Bride (11:24pm January 31, 2013):

I love reading and analyzing the book. I like to know why I love the characters in the book and hate certain characters in the book. I love knowing why the characters are who they are.

I belong to a book club. My group would get into hot, heated debate of the characters, story, and plot.

Re: Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match (11:00pm January 28, 2013):

There are times I'm tempted to try online dating or personal ad. I do worry about meeting weirdos and a would-be stalker. I have to think more about this.

Re: Blue Ice (5:55pm January 27, 2013):

You got me sold on Homeland Security. I'm in on your series.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (5:53pm January 27, 2013):

I love your list of the Top 10. Some of them are hilarious but "HEY", all's fair in books and publishing.

Re: Cupid?s Shaft (2:00am January 26, 2013):

I have a few of your e-books. I enjoy everyone of your books.

Re: Falling for her Fiance (12:04pm January 24, 2013):

I tend to go with guys who are a bit nerdy. They're intelligent and when you really need them the most, they tends to be kind of the nerdy, hunky, sexy type.

Re: Real Men Don\'t Break Hearts (11:57pm January 23, 2013):

I love the title. I'm wonder if real man don't break heart. I'm going to have to find out by reading the book.

Re: Undercover Wolf (10:45pm January 22, 2013):

As much as I love to read Undercover Wolf, I also want to read the Pet Rescue Mysteries. I will be reading both books.

Re: After the Rain (7:52pm January 21, 2013):

I would defy my parents' wishes and go to veterinarian school.

Re: Fall Into You (3:08pm January 20, 2013):

I have a habit of jumping in the middle of the series. Of course, I do back track just to find out what other adventure the main character(s) are involved in.

Re: Beeline To Trouble (3:49pm January 19, 2013):

I love a very juicy romantic moments in romance, mystery, suspense, historical, and even in fantasy.

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (10:35pm January 17, 2013):

I love the book cover. Great interview. This would be my first book of your.

Re: Doomed (12:20pm January 16, 2013):

Eros and Psyche is my favorite story. It has that Beauty and the Beast theme.

Re: Thread On Arrival (11:48pm January 15, 2013):

Love your books. My mother made her living sewing. Your books offer that familiarity of simplicity.

Re: Finding Home (12:32pm January 15, 2013):

My favorite memory was going camping and learning to ride horses. It took a bit of persuading for my parents to allow me to go.

Re: Kiss Of The Betrayer (12:56pm January 13, 2013):

2013 started out bad for me. Family has a huge crisis where one is hospitalized. Emotion is going all over the place. I hope that 2013 will end up well for my family and me even though it started out bad.

Re: Birthright (12:55pm January 13, 2013):

I got as far in my family history to my great grandparents. I do suspect that I have some Portagese, Spanish, or English ancestors in the family tree. The problem is I have no idea how to access records in the foreign countries.

If I could reinvent myself, I would love to live a little bit more dangerously instead of safe.

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (4:44pm January 11, 2013):

I love the excerpt. It is so enticing. I definitely want to know what will happen between Olivia and Rhys.

Re: A SEAL's Seduction (12:20pm January 10, 2013):

I'm a keeper of books. I keep stories that are a memorable and with characters that are unforgettable. I love the feeling when the story ends that I want the characters to come back in another story or book. I love the relationship that the characters have with each other. It makes me want that kind of relationship whether it's friendship or more than friendship kind of relationship.

Re: South Of Surrender (12:11pm January 10, 2013):

This statement ""Let me heal you." Chrysander swallowed, hard." could mean two things. Chrysander is either a doctor or a healer of a sexual degree. I love the latter.

Re: The Missing Manuscript Of Jane Austen (7:40pm January 6, 2013):

Thanks for sharing your writing process. Anything Jane Austen, I will read.

Re: Seven Days Normal (7:38pm January 6, 2013):

Thanks for sharing your writing days. You bring so much encouragement because you took a chance and wrote.

Re: In His Brother's Place (7:37pm January 6, 2013):

I enjoy both historical and contemporary. There are days where one of them will fit my mood or when I have a bad day.

Re: Flirting with Disaster (7:35pm January 6, 2013):

The covers are hot and steamy. All three stories are interesting. I definitely need to read all three books.

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (9:09pm January 3, 2013):

I have been noticing the Shadowlands series. I just haven't read one yet. I love the excerpt and of course, I would like to know more about this series. (OK, I will read the books.)

Re: Prince Of Power (8:44pm January 3, 2013):

Music sets the mood and the background of the story. It brings the characters to life.

Re: A Taste Of Ice (10:13pm January 1, 2013):

I love the story settings. They introduced me to places I have never been or will not even get a chance to go to visit. It is the best way to learn about places and the social environment of these places.

Re: Gabriel's Inferno (10:10pm January 1, 2013):

This is a great excerpt. I love how the story capture my attention. It makes me want to read this book.

Re: The Ravenous Dead (12:10pm January 1, 2013):

I'm grateful that my Mom is still alive. She is up in her years and my family knows that she only have so many years for us to be with her.

Re: The Seventh Victim (7:51pm December 31, 2012):

I have never been to Austin, Texas and through the book, I will learn about the city. I love the title of the book.

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (2:23pm December 29, 2012):

My goal is to have all the Holiday dinners at my home and hopefully, I have my new home furnished at then. Yes, I recently became a home owner.

Re: Fallen Angel (2:20pm December 29, 2012):

Although my Mom could be dominating and overbear and at the same time she loves my sisters, brother, and I, I'm grateful that she is still there for my sisters, brother, and me.

Re: Live And Let Love (11:34pm December 28, 2012):

Live and Let Love title is making me hear that James Bond's song by the Beatles, Live and Let Die. The song is stuck in my head.

Re: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby (5:27pm December 27, 2012):

I'm grateful for family, friends, my health, and having a job in this economy.

Have a Happy New Year.

Re: Secret Santa Baby (5:22pm December 27, 2012):

I have this book when it came out. I just need to read it. As they say, a kiss can always tell.

Have a Happy New Year.

Re: What a Texas Girl Needs (9:20pm December 26, 2012):

Mine is baking Christmas cookies and gifting them. I just can't seemed to help myself around this time of the year. I tend to be baking a lot more during the Holiday Seasons then the rest of the year.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (9:19pm December 26, 2012):

It's waking up early and opening presents with my sisters and cousins. We would be joking and laughing with one another. Those were the good times when life was just simple. Now it just hard to make time to spend with them.

Re: Renegade (7:56pm December 24, 2012):

Every Christmas, I would watch all the cartoon from Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer to all the new animations and all the Christmas movie from Home Alone to It's a Wonderful Life. Can't miss the Sound of Music either.

Re: Deliver Me From Temptation (9:01pm December 22, 2012):

The excerpt got me hook. I'm looking forward to reading this book. Merry Christmas.

Re: Perfect Misfits (8:56pm December 22, 2012):

I love the stories with the Christmas theme especially when the meaning of Christmas comes through the story.

Merry Christmas.

Re: Waltz With A Stranger (8:54pm December 22, 2012):

I love the Little House of the Prairie. It is a simpler time where friends and family celebrates together.

Re: Captive Of The Border Lord (9:38pm December 20, 2012):

My parents don't tell much of any stories from their past. Both were in World War II and I think the war just bring bad memories for them.

Re: Against The Odds (8:56pm December 19, 2012):

Every Christmas, my family would make this Chinese Dumpling Soup. The soup is consists of turnips, napa cabbage, pork, chicken, and the rice flour dumpling. I don't believe this soup is served in Chinese Restaurants. I love making a huge 48 quarts pot every year.

Re: Betrayed by Shadows (10:57pm December 18, 2012):

A Bad Girl always get the bum rap. It doesn't matter if she turns a new leaf or happened to be very successful. For all those who grew up with her, she will always have that reputation of the Bad Girl.

Re: Deadly Patterns (9:45pm December 16, 2012):

I love anything that has caramel on it, from popcorn, nuts, and apples.

Re: Just A Cowboy And His Baby (11:07pm December 14, 2012):

I love your books. They always have the right subject and humor when my life hits a rough spot such as having lousy day at work or having a disagreement with my family. Some of the arguments in your books do put my problems in a different perspective spin on how to look at things.

Re: A Seal At Heart (11:02pm December 14, 2012):

My team would be my college roommates. I had three roommates. When we need help understanding a subject, we help each other out. Although we have graduate and went our separate way, we still stay in touch and still help each other out.

Re: Fortune's Hero (8:59pm December 13, 2012):

In the future, space travel and space colonization would be available. More food will be soy/soy bean based.

Re: Counterfeit Cowboy (8:21pm December 11, 2012):

My hero would allow me to fly and be there to catch me when I fall.

Re: Love Thy Sister (8:15pm December 11, 2012):

You sure follow your dream to be a writer. You also have great life materials to write about. Congrats and Merry Christmas.

Re: Jane's Gift (1:46pm December 9, 2012):

All I Want for Christmas, Jane's Gift and The Unexpected Gift are on my Christmas wish list. There are other books are on my Christmas wish list although they don't have the Christmas theme.

Re: Rancher's Son (1:34pm December 9, 2012):

When I was traveling with a tour group to China, I met several people in my group from Florida. We were talking about our states. One of the tourist in my group mentioned that there is a bed and breakfast placed named WildLife on Easy Street. She said it located on the outskirts of Tampa. This bed and breakfast allows you to cuddle with an endangered cat of your choice for just a $100 donation to the refuge. You can choose baby bobcats, cougars, and leopards. This place has perked my curiosity. Need to find this place when and if I'm in Tampa, Floria.

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (9:36pm December 6, 2012):

I don't know much about the Victorian Age. Hardly anything exciting happened during that period. I know that Sherlock Holmes became well known. Jack the Ripper is terrorizing during this period. OK, I just seemed to know more about the crimes that were happening during this period than the social, political, or economic issues.

Re: Too Close For Comfort (9:33pm December 6, 2012):

I have used a gun and rifle when I was in high school. I was training to compete in rifle competition. But don't let my parents know. To this day, they don't know that I had handled firearms.

Re: Holiday Buzz (12:09pm December 5, 2012):

A cozy mystery book and recipes and a NYPD Mug. I'm adding this book to my shopping list. Thanks for the contest

Re: She Can Tell (10:58pm December 3, 2012):

Old Yeller made a very big impression in my life. I cried at the end because I didn't like the ending. I also read James Herriot's books: All Creatures Great and Small.... I still loves his books. I wanted to be a veterinarian after that.

My cats Pookie, Baby, and Monkey made the biggest impression in my life. Pookie taught me to really R&R (relaxation and recreation), Baby gave me unconditional love, and Monkey taught me to listen to music. I still missed them to this day. When I looked back, they really made my sisters and I get along when they were alive.

Re: Under the Mistletoe (2:15pm December 2, 2012):

Jill, you're too funny! I have never read any of your interviews but I have read your books. I found your books hilarious which I would deduce that you have a humorous personality.

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (2:10pm December 2, 2012):

I wish that my sister and I would have a better relationship. Ever since her break-up with her ex, she has been angry and bitter. She has basically been mean to everyone in the household and has started taking things that begin to me and claiming it as her own. Our relationship is pretty much estranged and I wish that our relationship would be better.

Re: Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder (5:54pm December 1, 2012):

I'm glad that the white elephant happened to you otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed reading your mystery books so much.

Merry Christmas.

Re: Heart Of A Texan (7:56pm November 30, 2012):

I have never met a real cowboy. The only way I could met them are through cowboy movies and books. They have that code of honor that really make them so attractive.

Re: Double Time (7:51pm November 30, 2012):

The only guitarist I ever listen to is Santana. He is the only guitarist I know about.

Re: How I Came To Sparkle Again (8:51pm November 29, 2012):

It doesn't matter to me. I get lost all of the time. I have never arrived anywhere on time and usually end up back tracking because I took a right inside of left. I live in the city and I still get lost. Maybe in the rural area, at least it is scenic drive while being lost.

Re: Christmas Confidential (1:15am November 29, 2012):

Our family tradition is cooking two Chinese dishes and Chinese soup with the turkey, baked potatoes, mash potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and green bean caserole for the Holidays.

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (9:08pm November 27, 2012):

I love Christmas stories. They are the best with the feel good feeling of "Good Wills Toward Everyone".

Re: The Clue Is In The Pudding (1:48pm November 25, 2012):

It would be interesting to know how people spend their time in England. There are not much books about this topics. I hear about the Hampton and the Jerseyshore on the East Coast a lot.

This is my only way of learning the cultural and social highlights of the foreign countries.

Re: Taming the Outback (1:36pm November 25, 2012):

I love a feisty heroine. She has to be feisty against an arrogant hero, otherwise she won't be able to stand up to him.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (8:04pm November 24, 2012):

It was that one year when tragedy struck in the family during the Holiday. God has revealed himself that he exist. He kept his promise to me that my Mom will be OK. That was one Christmas that I will always remember.

Re: Unforgettable (7:11pm November 23, 2012):

I love these kind of shows during the Holidays. I see them as inspirational to deal with the bad and the good.

Re: Untamed (6:17pm November 23, 2012):

Every year, I go to the Black Friday Sales. It is a traditional trying to find all the stuff that I need for the Christmas presents.

Re: Wolfishly Yours (6:16pm November 23, 2012):

I love this series. Since Borders has closed its doors, it has been difficult locating your books. Barnes and Nobles don't offer the services that Borders gives to their customers. Boy, I do missed Borders.

Re: The Bracelet (10:23pm November 19, 2012):

I love inspirational stories. We can all relate to these stories. These stories have a way of uplifting my spirit when I'm finished reading the book.

Re: Let It Sew (10:22pm November 19, 2012):

I love these cozy mysteries. Best friends with a common hobby who solve mysteries, these books are the greatest.

Re: Playing at Love (10:19pm November 19, 2012):

I'm a basketball fan. However, Payton Manning is the hottest football player. I also think Joe Montana is still hot. Joe may be old but he still have that Hotness.

Re: Rogue Rider (10:16pm November 19, 2012):

I love all of your books. Rogue Rider is the most anticipated book and it's worth waiting for.

A character who tries to find redemption for all the wrongs he did, is the best kind of character. He is flawed so that makes him human and shows that he has a conscience.

Re: Ashes Of Twilight (5:57pm November 18, 2012):

What a wonderful thing that you did to have these coal miners to be remembered. Coal mining is a tough and dangerous job but as you mentioned sometimes it is the only job within miles of the community.

Looking forward to your books.

Re: A Wedding In Apple Grove (8:34pm November 16, 2012):

Finding love in a small town is one of my favorite topic to read. This would be a wonderful book to read just to take a break from big city life and to get back to basic.

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (8:23pm November 16, 2012):

Not everyone could find love. Some marriages are based on compatibility and mutual grounds. Finding love for love's sake is like winning the lotto.

Re: The Fangover (10:53pm November 14, 2012):

I do happened to correlate certain songs to certain beloved characters or scenes from the books. I start hearing and picturing the music when it is mentioned in an author's story.

I think Thousand Years, As Time Goes By, For the First Time (Kenny Logan), and You Have Never Knew Me (Michael Grim) are some of the most romantic songs. Sexiest songs would be Baby, I Love Your Way/Free Bird sang by Will to Power and Secrets.

Re: Texas Wide Open (9:21pm November 14, 2012):

Love the cowboy and his baggage. The hero is always trying to do the right thing but it takes someone like Kate to make him see that sometimes it takes two people to make things right especially when they work together and have that special thing that keep bringing them back together.

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (5:10pm November 11, 2012):

My favorite memory of Christmas is having a plastic Christmas tree put up by my cousin and having presents under the tree for the very first time. My parents don't celebrate Christmas because they were raised without the Christmas stories and Santa Claus. So putting up a tree and having presents under a tree, let alone understanding Christmas were just too foreign to them.

But my cousin decided to put up the Christmas tree for my four sisters and I which made it so special.

Re: Heart of Danger (1:33pm November 10, 2012):

The last apocalyse book I read is Plague Town. It sounds so much like Resident Evil that I like the story. There is also the Phoenix Chronicle by Lori Handeland. At least it is better to prepare for an apocalyse than not.

Re: What The Cat Saw (1:29pm November 10, 2012):

Cats are independent creatures. They don't care what we think of them. They know how to be lovable that we really can't get mad at them. They see things that we don't see. There are times I think they know more than we do.

Re: Enslaved (7:59pm November 9, 2012):

The character has to be flawed. The hero has to be damaged. If the hero is perfect, no one will want to love the hero. It would be hard for the heroine to live up to the hero's perfect image.

Re: The Hoard (10:30pm November 8, 2012):

I always make the horror excerpts more scary than it sounds. By the time I read and finished the book, I always wonder why do I always hype up the terror.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (10:28pm November 8, 2012):

I love reading Christmas stories. It's the best way to get ready for the Holidays.

Re: Refuge (9:59pm November 6, 2012):

Thanks for bringing the injustice that the women in third world countries go through. In some African countries, a woman has to go through a painful ritual just to protect her virginity as well as her honor.

In some countries, if a virgin is compromise, she is drown (basically put to death) to protect the family honor.

In some countries, a mistress is treated better than a wife.

I don't think anyone in the free countries ever think about this. If they do, it is only for a short moment and then forgotten.

Re: Renegade (9:42pm November 6, 2012):

I also get the anxiety attack. My nerves would be running on the first date. The thing is that I really want the guy I'm going out with really, really to like me. After all, first impression is very thing.

Re: Resurrected (8:42pm November 5, 2012):

A strong woman is needed back in the pioneer days. They are the housewives within the house and at the same time, they have to be like men to take care of the livestocks and farms. To even think that they also have to be mental strong. They are miles from their neighbors. Being on an open range could make any crazy.

I love reading historical with mystery involve. Thanks for the excerpt.

Re: The Snow White Christmas Cookie (9:36pm November 4, 2012):

I feel like that all the time when people annoy me. Make the person a character in a book and then kill them off. Add a mystery and then the hero and/or heroine and then develop a story plot, that is what I call therapy.

Re: The Warrior (9:02pm November 1, 2012):

The kind of music that inspires me are soft rock music like One Republic, Lionel Richies and so many others. I do love Gerard Bulter. He does get to the point and doesn't evade the questions. I love old castles and the legends that comes from them. It's the mystic around old castles that fascinates me.

Re: Conspiracy Of Angels (10:22pm October 31, 2012):

If the book is entertaining and has a great story line, it doesn't matter if the reader is a man or a woman. Everyone is entitled to read what they like.

I have noticed men have been reading Glamour and Cosmo. These magazines have great articles. From time to time, I end up reading Playgirl and Penhouse because they have great articles.

The main thing is that everybody is trying too hard to fix in to the definition defined by society of being a man or woman.

Re: Death In The Floating City (12:42pm October 31, 2012):

I finished Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas just a couple of days ago. I'm currently reading Soul Saver by Dineen A. Miller. It about saving souls and knowing that the devil is out there to tempt Lexi to fail.

Re: Down for the Count (9:23pm October 29, 2012):

It's all depend on the dare. If the dare is dangerous, I wouldn't do it. I look for the benefit of the dare and yes, I do have a habit of calculating the risks.

Re: Midnight Exposure (9:19pm October 29, 2012):

I have to say Eve Dallas. A survivor and still able to protect the innocents despite her being a victim when she was little.

I also love Lucy Kincaid from the Lucy Kincaid series by Allison Brennan. Strong and smart woman.

Re: One Night with a Hero (10:42pm October 28, 2012):

Military heros are so good-looking. They are fit and damn they look so yummy in uniforms.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (10:38pm October 28, 2012):

It would be so wonderful to win those earlier books of The Calling. Book #1 -6 are so difficult to find in print form. I love the series.

Re: Iced Chiffon (10:35pm October 28, 2012):

I love Castle and the new Sherlock Holmes. Castle is entertaining and fun to watch. Sherlock Holmes, well, what can I say, I have always been a big Sherlock Holmes fan. After all Sherlock Holmes is quite brillant detective.

The last cozy mystery I read is the Tea Ladies Mystery series. Five best friends solving crimes together. They are quite a team and wonderful characters to get to know.

Re: Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight (6:29pm October 26, 2012):

I read Christmas stories because they bring the magic of the season, the peacefulness of being with family, and because they put me in a good mood and help me get through all the family drama of the Holiday Seasons.

Re: Mistletoe Cowboy (6:23pm October 26, 2012):

The characters do become real people to me when I'm reading the story. I would hate to see a book or a series come to an end when they become part of my life I definitely would like to see a cameo appearance of old characters in new editions. This way they will never go away.

Re: Tempting the Best Man (9:55pm October 25, 2012):

Alpha males have that confidence and take-charge attitude that makes us female swoon. They are protective and know know to take care of their women. We, women, really want to be that woman.

Re: Night Thief (9:49pm October 25, 2012):

I'm that someone who believe in ghosts and everything supernaturals. So when paranormal intertwine with historical romance, I love it. There are things that goes bump in the night and they have been from the beginning of the world. We just turned a blind eye to it because we grew up in the world that "there is no such thing as ghosts" belief.

Re: Losing Control (9:05pm October 25, 2012):

Royal House of Shadows series was pretty good considering that there are 4 different authors writing this particular Nocturne Book series. They have their own style of writing and yet somehow they mush the story together.

Re: Blood Therapy (9:02pm October 23, 2012):

One of the reason why vampires go into a feeding frenzy. There is no shrink to talk to. We have so many problems just in our regular, average life. And some of us are going to a shrink to manage our personal issues. Shouldn't there be a vampire shrink to make the transition from being human to a vampire. Great story concept. Just wonder why no one wrote a story about it. Glad you did.

Re: Abigail And Mistletoe (8:56pm October 22, 2012):

I'm definitely reading this book. I love any stories that is Christmas. I need to get in the Christmas mood.

Re: Escape (4:23pm October 21, 2012):

Ancestry is what make us who we are. We cannot hide from it. Sooner or later, it catches up to each one of us. I love reading story about unknown past or the main character struggling to keep their past a secret.

The trilogy is a must read.

Re: Sultry With A Twist (8:57pm October 19, 2012):

Everyone likes to know what everybody's private life. The fact of the matter is our private life is not much different from anyone.

Re: Rev It Up (8:56pm October 19, 2012):

I like books that break the rule. It makes the story more interesting.

Re: Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie (9:13pm October 18, 2012):

I rely on first impression but I'm also the kind that want to believe not all people are bad. I do admit that I am a glutton for punishment since the instinct about the person is always right.

Re: Return Of The Border Warrior (10:01pm October 17, 2012):

My secret is I love comic books and know most of those characters quite very well.

Re: Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch (11:09pm October 16, 2012):

My sister and her boyfriend have broken up at least three times. I finally got tired of her asking me if that was him calling the first two times they broke up. The third time, she told me that they broke up because he was seeing another woman and plus I received information that my sister was a stand-in until he found somebody better than my sister.

The fourth time, they broke up, I had enough. I basically confronted him and told him that he was never serious about my sister and never to call the house again or show his face here. I also had some friends who are former gangbangers and who still live in my neighborhood.

Let say without going into details, I had them intimidated him when he stopped by to plea with my sister (I knew he was going to do that by week 5). I also made sure that my sister was not home when this happened.

I have to admit, I'm quite devious when I really put my mind to it, plus the fact that he was unfaithful to my sister. Each time they broke up, he was always with a different woman.

Re: Born To Be Wild (10:52pm October 16, 2012):

I had a near drowning experience that made me never to go into the pool. It got to the point where I'm watching everybody having fun swimming in the pool (good grief, some of my friends are scuba-diving), that I decided I was going to learn how to swim and scuba-dive.

I wasn't in the best shape since I messed-up my knees, running on pavement instead of asphalt. I had to learn how to breathe the way swimmers do instead the way runners do.

I did learn to swim, however, I need to learn how to dive and I need to get over my fear of heights.

OK, I do have to admit, I have phobias coming from childhood traumas that I have incurred. But I am trying to get over them.

Re: Tall, Dark, and Divine (10:32pm October 16, 2012):

Isn't that the way most Greek/Roman myths start? The gods and goddesses are attracted to us, mere mortals. I'm glad that these stories haven't change. The immortals are still attracted to us. We definitely give them a run for their sweet immortal lives.

Re: Shattered Silence (2:38pm October 14, 2012):

I have been fascinated by the allure of the Texas Rangers. They're law enforcements yet they are not not local police. They have a legend that falls behind them: The Lone Ranger. That legend adds the mystique to them.

Re: The Shadowy Horses (9:24pm October 12, 2012):

I love books with foreign language in them. It's my way of learning a few phrases here and there. I love Archeology storylines. For me, it's Indiana Jones all over again.

Re: In The Barrister's Bed (9:11pm October 10, 2012):

Lawyer are definitely sexy. The Prosecutor and I scheduled to meet just an half an hour early to go over my testimony as an expert witness.

He and I have never met in person but we have spoken over the phone regarding a case. Me being me, I was outside of the courtroom early. When he said my name, I looked up and I went gaga over him. I was speechless for a minute or two before I gathered myself together and reminded myself that he needed my expertise in court.

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (11:03pm October 8, 2012):

Yes, I have hidden them especially if they are erotic romances. I have a prude of a sister who basically advertise that I'm reading porn to the whole world if she catches me reading them. The next thing I know is my parents are on my case that I'm a "bad girl".

Re: Wild Encounter (2:49pm October 7, 2012):

I would do anything to survive. My self-preservation come first even though I hate to hurt people. But the bad guys wouldn't hesitate to kill. In this situation of life and death, it would be all or nothing for me to survive. I intend to make it out.

Re: The Hallowed Ones (2:38pm October 7, 2012):

The storyline sounds intriguing. From the exception, it sounds that there is an epidemic going on in the outside world and the Amish world is soon to be impacted. After all, is life about making decisions and hoping that the decision is made with few consequences? I would love to read this book.

Re: Run The Risk (6:32pm October 6, 2012):

In Christina Dodd's Into the Shadow, Adrik thought he was above everything. He kidnapped Karen, held her captive, used her as a sex slave, then lied to her of who he is when he found her again. But somewhere, he did learn a lesson. Although he was arrogant, he did learn about humility. That's probably why I like him.

Re: The Ruins Of Lace (8:33pm October 5, 2012):

I just can't understand why would anyone abuse and torture dogs and other animals. They are our companions.

Your book peek my curiousity. I need to know what the story is about.

Re: Savage Hunger (11:52pm October 4, 2012):

I would go on that Amazon Adventure just to meet tall dark and dangerous...hmmm handsome man. What an adventure it would be.

Re: Contract For Marriage (11:49pm October 4, 2012):

I had those fight or flight feelings. I have experimented with it and realize that if I just listen to those feelings, I'll be able to make it through. I realize that those feelings are always right and never wrong after a few experimentation. Now I just listen to them if I should fight or run away. So far they have save me from a few unfortunate incidents.

Re: Dark Light Of Day (9:37pm October 2, 2012):

I had also wanted to be a mutant after reading the first copy of the X-Men. They are born with powers...the power of telekinesis, power to control the elements, telepathy, and so many other powers. That is main reason I'm so draw to paranormal world.

Re: The Christmas Star (10:45pm October 1, 2012):

It sounds like Captain America. He was frozen from the WWII era before he is awaken. It is always interesting just to see the world through their eyes of how much changes have happened since then.

Love your except.

Re: Until My Soul Gets It Right (7:59pm September 30, 2012):

I belong to a book club. The worst thing is when you borrow a book from one of the members, you have to read the book otherwise, it is quite embarrassing not to know what you are talking about when asked.

I also found that it's fun to have a book discussion if I'm really into the book and also the hoopla and hype about a bestseller.

Re: Construction Beauty Queen (7:54pm September 30, 2012):

I have never been to a small town with a decent good memory. The first and last small town I have been in, shown me how much prejudice does exist. I have never considered or given any thought of prejudice until I stopped by this particular small town for lunch. I wasn't allowed to eat in there. It really did opened my eyes.

Re: Renegade (12:54pm September 28, 2012):

Nancy, I'm like that in the morning. I'm on automatic mode which is basically get ready to go to work, drive to work and than get that java. I don't response to anyone until I take that first sip of coffee. What can I say...I'm not a morning person.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (12:51pm September 28, 2012):

This would be a very good book of the battle of the sexes. Devon and Whitney trying to get an upper hand on each other.

Re: Diary of a Vampire Stripper (8:26pm September 26, 2012):

I'm also a bad fan of Vincent Price. He just have that voice that is so great for telling scary stories. I usually spend my Halloween time just watching his classic movies like the Raven.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (9:01pm September 25, 2012):

I have been to some homes where I feel I was safe whereas my home wasn't safe when I was a kid. Those homes I have been in, have loving families. People who respects each other. It was something I always wanted but I was looking in from the outside.

Re: Boyfriend From Hell (6:27pm September 24, 2012):

I love the title. I believe we all have a boyfriend from Hell that we yearn for and then try to get rid of.

Re: Seduction's Shift (4:04pm September 23, 2012):

I has been always enthrall by panthers. I even love the other term to describe them jaguars. I love saying jaguar. Of course, jaguar sounds better then typing or writing it.

I just love their sleekness and smoothness of their movements: Calm, seductive, calculating, and deadly, all rolled up into one beautiful yet deadly beast. They are quite an entrancing creature.

Re: Got Game? (1:48pm September 22, 2012):

My athletic abilities is a few years behind my age. I couldn't play or coordinated in sports. When I watch woman athletes complete, I'm in awe of them. Nice to know that there are stories where the woman challenge the man in his domains.

Re: Charming Blue (1:09pm September 21, 2012):

I always want to see if the fairy tales could be told in a different way. I love reading them.

Re: Where There's A Will (1:06pm September 21, 2012):

I like reading romance, historical, suspense, mystery, fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi. I'm pretty much open to any storyline as long as the books is written well.

Re: Enemies at the Altar (1:51pm September 20, 2012):

Yes, Love and hate are related. I have several of those kind of relationships. Sometime it just better to cut all communication especially if the person won't change or meet neutral grounds. Sometime you can love and hate the person at the same time and loving the person wins out. You just tolerate their small faults because loving them makes you happy.

Re: Resurrection Express (6:43pm September 19, 2012):

Wow. It took a lot of time invested to writing this book but congratulation on getting it done. I didn't know that a writer goes through all that. Seeing how a book gets written and publish from your experience says alot.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (6:39pm September 19, 2012):

There are two books I also go back to. They are The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Jenny and the Cat Club. From time to time I would go back to them. It like visiting old friends.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (10:24pm September 18, 2012):

I read Lord of the Flies. I still remember how that book left me feeling yucky from the inside out.

Two of the memorable books I love are The Count of Monte Cristo and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Re: Three River Ranch (8:05pm September 17, 2012):

I haven't posted anything embarrassing on the facebook but I have done something embarrassing. I send a email to the wrong person that it got a bit controversal. The opposite party and I had no idea what was being said until I finally asked them "What project are we talking about?" We were talking about the same project site location but a different project.

Re: Blaze of Winter (6:41pm September 17, 2012):

It has always been hard for me to ask for help. My parents are so traditional that if you ask them for help, they own you with all these terms and conditions that you lose your identity. That kind of agreement has pre-procussion that could really messes you up especially when you just a kid.

Re: The Curse (2:18pm September 16, 2012):

I have been reading on an e-reader but I still prefer to read print books. I have a keeper shelf at home. My keeper shelf are books that I really, really like and are memorable. I do have some autographed books.

Re: Finding Sarah (1:00pm September 15, 2012):

I like both. I like seeing what the bad guys are thinking and following the protagonists and trying to solve the mystery. It makes life interesting.

Re: A Lady And Her Magic (3:34pm September 14, 2012):

My first love was my cat Ariri when I was little. We were inseparable. She was my shadow. Wherever I went, she followed. We would be talking meow with each other that drove my parents crazy. When she passed away, I went looking for another cat like her. I don't think there is another cat that is her.

Re: Kiss Of Steel (3:27pm September 14, 2012):

My all time favorite vampire is Dracula. He is a legend and how he came to be a vampire. Whether he become a vampire to find his lost love or to strike fear to the Turkish invader, there are so many stories that sprung from this infamous character.

Re: Chasing a Dream (9:42pm September 12, 2012):

I lived under a controlling parent due to my Chinese culture. It was a slap in the face when my cousin who happens to be 6 years older than I am, told me I am unable to live independently and cannot survive if I leave home.

That got me very angry that the first thing I did when I graduated from college was to move out. I then started wondering what other things my parents and relatives have said to me to discourage me from finding out what I can really do.

I have a bucket list just to find out what if I'm able or not able to do certain things.

Re: Pitch Perfect (8:57pm September 12, 2012):

I'm one those people who love listening to someone's else conversation. If they don't want other people to listen in, they shouldn't be talking about it in public.

Re: One Wrong Move (8:52pm September 12, 2012):

OMG...Very Hot excerpt. Looking forward to read this book.

Re: Temptation In A Kilt (10:20pm September 10, 2012):

I think having a bad boy in my life is a way of rebelling against my parents and friends that I can be independent. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to take that first step.

Re: In Rides Trouble (10:17pm September 10, 2012):

I loved the cover of Hell on Wheels. I'm already in. Can't wait to read the book.

Re: A Cup Full Of Midnight (8:36pm September 6, 2012):

Just reading the excerpt from the book, Jared McKean sounds like a modern day Job (from the Bible) where everything is against him. La Hacienda could be the turning point of his life. I will have to read the book just to find the similarity from Job and Jared characters.

Re: Treacherous Toys (8:58pm September 5, 2012):

"What if" brings so many possibilities. Sometimes, it helps me prepare for the worst possibilities. Sometimes, it just drives me crazy. Other times, that is why I'm a dreamer.

Re: Every Breath She Takes (2:01pm September 3, 2012):

Serve and Protect series would be my choice. Just love stories about law enforcement and military.

Re: Death on a Longship (1:58pm September 3, 2012):

I haven't been on a cruise but I have done sailing just a little bit of the coast of California.

Re: Lucky Break (5:26pm September 1, 2012):

I love reading from friends to lovers stories. They are the best to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (5:24pm September 1, 2012):

What you said is true. I have worked as a civilian employee for the police department for awhile. Everything is about people whether they are the victims of crimes or the perpetrators. When I read crime stories, I could pick up whether the authors have done their homework or they making up stuff just to make the stories work.

Looking forward to reading your books.

Re: Magic Gone Wild (11:59am August 31, 2012):

I read I Dream of Genies. That book was fun to read. I'm looking forward to to reading the series as it grows.

Re: Plain Fear: Forbidden (11:55am August 31, 2012):

I'm the same way. Like yesterday, the weather was hot and humid in L.A. I don't venture out of the office and usually stay in for lunch. But I went since I had to incentives that are influencing me to do my walking exercise during lunch. I went to McDonald's for a Mango-Pineapple smoothies. When I got back to the office, I was filling the empty space with crushed ice in my smoothie and my co-workers just told me to give it up.

I was hot and thirty. I wanted my smoothie to be as cold as possible. I told them I was going to make the ice fit into the cup no matter what.

Yeah, they got a good laugh at me.

Re: Immortally Yours (8:23pm August 27, 2012):

Love the concept of PNN. Whenever I see the word MASH, I kept hearing the song Suicide is Painless from MASH the TV series. No more MASH reruns for me.

Re: In the Line of Duty (12:45pm August 26, 2012):

I love Jake. He would be somebody I would like to share with when I have a tough day. He's definitely all man. He is comfortable if a woman has a job where once a man is dominant in.

I enjoyed reading the The First Responders series and looking forward to many books in this series.

Re: Blame It On Texas (12:35pm August 26, 2012):

I love books that have humor in them. Having a sense of humor that help with the healing process or just put life into better perspective.

Re: Relentless Pursuit (12:35pm August 20, 2012):

I love the excerpt. I definitely want to read to read this book. I find
Bullying very interesting character.

Re: Allergic To Death (7:07pm August 18, 2012):

I read any that have mysteries. I like to figure out who done it and why.

Re: Hearse And Buggy (1:14pm August 17, 2012):

I read the whole entire Little House series back in Middle School. I just want to see how much variance between the book and the TV series. They both reminded me when life was simpler.

Re: Deep Blue (12:38pm August 14, 2012):

I used to stay out of the water because I couldn't swim. I forced myself to face my fear of water (near drowning experience). After learning to swim, I would chose cruising especially island hopping (Hawaiian Islands, Bahamas, Caribbean, Greek Isles and so many more).

Now I need to learn is scuba diving.

Re: Hell On Wheels (8:45pm August 10, 2012):

This series sounds so hot. They're on my list to buy. Thanks for the excerpt.

Re: The Last Victim (6:17pm August 5, 2012):

I love the suspense and the intrigue in all of your books.

Re: Going To The Bad (6:16pm August 5, 2012):

I cried buckets when the mentor of the main character is killed off. As you said, sometimes,when a close friend/mentor of the main character is killed off, the main character shows more strength and gain wisdom from it.

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (4:12pm July 14, 2012):

These women must be amazing to be queens of different countries and still maintain a good sisterly relationship with each other. I would love to read more about them.

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (8:53pm July 3, 2012):

I love reading historical. Not too many heroines are presented as the scientific types. Love that your heroine is a scientific person.

Re: My Lady Mage (8:49pm July 3, 2012):

The summary of the book sounds terrific. I love the book cover. Looking forward to reading it.

Re: The Princess and the Outlaw (1:48am July 1, 2012):

To make life fun, I like to not act my age. Doing the simplest thing is more fun than being serious all the time. Peter Pan definitely has a point about not growing up. It's more fun being a child.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (8:48pm June 26, 2012):

Bronwen, I was laughing at your question. When I don't feel like being me after a hard day, I would asked my cat if she and I can switch places just for a day (yeah, I'm thinking Freaky Friday). I would be able to explore places where I can't go unless I'm the same size of my cat. See things from her point of view.

My cat's life just seems so simple from my point of view.

Re: Honorable Rancher (9:07pm June 20, 2012):

I became a reader because everybody could read and I couldn't when I was little. I have always been the last one to pick up on anything like reading, sports, and operating electronic devices.

Re: No Ordinary Sheriff (7:48pm June 17, 2012):

I love small town stories. Everybody knows each other. They make me feel like I live there.

Re: Tangle Of Need (3:37am May 29, 2012):

I love following the main characters in the series. There is growth
development of the characters as in the In Death series by J. D. Robb. I
also like the secondary and third main characters as in the Francesca
Cahill series by Brenda Joyce. I also follow others series such as the
Pys/Changeling series, Iron Fey series and etc... These are memorable
characters that I grew to love and to cheer on.

Re: Finding Her Son (7:38pm May 27, 2012):

I love your list especially Number One. No is perfect. It would drive us crazy especially the heroine. There won't be any HEA.

Re: Finding Her Son (7:36pm May 27, 2012):

I love the list especially Number 1. No one is perfect. It would draw the anyone crazy and destroy the HEA.

Re: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies (11:23pm May 18, 2012):

Tony Stark is my hero. Smart, rich and good looking. What more can any girl wants. I also love David Banner. When he said that he is always angry, that flaw made me so loveable.

Re: Darkest Caress (11:16pm May 4, 2012):

I don't I think I have a surreal moment. It is more like a deja vu moment. I was just having this weird moment where I was just restless and edgy. Anyway, I finally decided to tell a friend of mine not to go on the helicopter tour in Hawaii. My friend didn't believe me and thought I was trying to ruin his trip. He didn't bother to say bye to me when he left on his trip. So I thought our friendship was over.

A few days later, he called me and asked how did I know that the helicopter was going to crash. I told him I don't know and it was just a hunch. It turned out on the day he called me, he cancelled at the last minute to go on the helicopter tour of Hawaii. The helicopter he was supposed to be on crashed and there was no survivors.

I was hoping I was wrong. It was just a one time fluke.

Re: Tempting the Best Man (10:55pm May 4, 2012):

I love reading YA books. This book is definitely hot and I wouldn't mind reading it.

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (10:47pm May 4, 2012):

I did take the option of taking the blame of not being there when my father was rushed to the hospital. My brother caused our delay of being home within 15 minutes. He was trying to trade some video games and the cashier missed up the transaction. We had to wait for an whole hour and a half just to get my brother's account corrected. Since my brother was the only son in the household, I held my tongue and took the blame which should have been him.

Re: The Proposal (10:34pm May 4, 2012):

Finally, Gwen's story at last. She has been a character that keep popping from one book to another. It would be very interesting to find out more about her.

Re: No Dress Required (6:58pm April 21, 2012):

I like connected books that can be a stand-alone stories without getting lost. Most of the time I discover connected books and it would be right in the middle of the series. I would not be able to understand the characters without reading the first books. Another thing is the first book of the series is usually difficult to locate in the store when they are out of print. I usually find them in the public library.

Re: A Plain Death (10:03pm April 14, 2012):

Thank You, Amanda for sharing your journey in getting published. I would love to write a book but not knowing what to do or how it is done, is a scary step for me. I'm always at what do I do next or what if I can't do it. By sharing your journey, it is good to know that I'm not the only one that feel that way.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Re: Trouble Me (8:57pm April 9, 2012):

The book sounds good to read. Rob who lost his wife, is trying to get over her without feeling guilty. Life sometime could surprise you like giving you another chance at love.

Re: Lessons After Dark (9:58pm April 6, 2012):

When things just go wrong, I just used the phrase "Bad Day, Bad Day." knowing there's a gremlin or imp hanging around me.

Re: Hellsbane (11:03pm March 15, 2012):

I usually have the radio on while I'm at work and in the car. When I'm dealing with details, I have the radio off just to focus. When I'm not concentrating on a detailed information, I could do several things at once.

Re: Donovan's Bed (7:25pm February 26, 2012):

I definitely need to say Jack is in for a big surprise. Come on, women has been balancing between family and career since we have join the work force. We still do today. There is still hope for Jack. After all, we did challenge men to wear high heels to know what it's like. Unfortunately, we can't make them have children and have them experience labor pains.

Re: Clobbered By Camembert (9:19pm February 25, 2012):

I have always love cheese. My critical mom who always decided that I should be on a diet. It has gotten so bad that I have been sneaking in cheese to my room.

Re: The Last Beginning (8:26pm February 19, 2012):

Worst Valentine Day is bumping into my ex unexpectedly and I was still single at the time while he has moved on.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (9:22pm February 12, 2012):

I have to chose Regency. Since I was introduced to that period through Jane Austein's Pride and Prejudice, it is just too hard for me to considered anything else. You can say I'm tied up with Mr. Darcy.

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (12:55pm January 19, 2012):

My favorite fictional spy is Jason Bourne. He's an alpha and very resourceful.

Re: The King's Mistress (10:08pm December 17, 2011):

That's a great information about the mistletoe. I love your books.

Merry Christmas.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (6:05pm December 4, 2011):

Buying a house is a life changing experience. I'm looking forward to have a place of my own to call home.

Re: Hushed (6:00pm December 4, 2011):

I'm a Happily Ever After Romantic.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (8:32pm December 2, 2011):

My "WHOA" moment in Unbreakable was Mr Glassman, the villain in the movie, played by Samuel Jackson who was mentoring Bruce Willis' character to be a hero.

Re: Waking Up Dead (10:20pm November 26, 2011):

I'm glad you regain the use of your right arm otherwise we would have missed most of your books.

Waking Up The Dead has a eye-catching bookcover. I wouldn't be able to miss the book in the bookstore.

Happy Thanksgiving

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (12:46pm November 25, 2011):

I'm having Thanksgiving with family. Not sure, why especially when my Mom is the drama queen on every holidays. If she doesn't do the cook, she somehow wiggle her way into the kitchen. If she does the cooking, she spent the majority of the time of how much work it is. Maybe she doesn't like turkey for dinner. Right after Thanksgiving, my sisters and I will be Black Friday shopping.

AHHH... Being with family. It's never boring in our household.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (12:29pm November 22, 2011):

My favorite tormented hero is Wolverine from the X-Men. A past that comes back to haunt him even though he would be 100 years old but his healing factor slows down his aging.

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (4:49pm November 20, 2011):

I read Wuthering Heights awhile back.. Romantic and vengeful story about Heathcliff and Catherine. Their relationship was a love/hate and yet they really love each others. They were borne together and died together. It would be fun to read your parody of Wuthering Heights.

Re: North of Need (4:35pm November 6, 2011):

I love the bookcover and especially if there is a Greek god involved, I'm sold.

Re: Engaged in Sin (3:25pm November 5, 2011):

I love the story of a torture hero and the heroine who makes him see the light (hope). I'm going to have to find this book in the store. Story is interesting and intriguing.

Re: Liver Let Die (3:22pm November 5, 2011):

Names are very important. The names of the characters or the title of the book. If the name of the characters are wrong, the story won't click. This also go for the book as well.

Now as the name of the person, it has to match what our expectations of the individual are. If the name is all wrong, the individual is most likely would want to change their name.

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (1:53pm October 30, 2011):

I have been having issues with my sister lately. I have been talking to my best friend to find out what I can do rebuild my relationship with my sister. My sister is arrogant, judgmental and so full of herself that she will not accept responsibilities for her actions.

My best friend has been helping me to try to rebuild my relationship with my sister.

Re: Radiant Desire (1:48pm October 30, 2011):

I agree with you. Some men are jerks but they are competence to get things done. When I think of it, not all alpha are as good looking as Brad Pitt. That's probably why they are competence with the charisma to attract us female. Brad Pitt may not be alpha but his good looks make up for it.

Re: Dire Threads (10:36pm October 23, 2011):

I can't sew to make clothing or quilt. I can only sew just to repair the damage or doing helming on pants. My parents were more for academic than for creativity.

Re: Haunting Embrace (6:34pm October 22, 2011):

What I love about the dark tortured heroes is that they are looking for redemption for their mistakes or sins. They may be strong, protective, and arrogant but they have a soft spot which make them human.

Re: Unleashed (7:27pm October 10, 2011):

I would love to be able to shape shifter to a snow owl. Against the winter/misty background, it gives a ethereal and mysterious illusion. Beside, the owl is supposed to be a wise animal. Goddess Athena has a snow owl and Harry Potter has a snow owl. So I can't go wrong with being a snow owl.

Re: Chaos Tryst (5:26pm October 2, 2011):

My bad date was finding out that he was still married during the first date, when an acquaintance of his stopped by the table in a classy restaurant and asked him how his wife is doing. AUGHHHHH!!!!

I just got up and left.

Re: Jennifer's Garden (10:57pm September 25, 2011):

Your trilogy of books sound interesting. I would love to read this trilogy as soon as they are out.

Re: Tempted (11:30pm September 15, 2011):

My non-traditional heroine is Riley Jensen from Riley Jensen, Guardian series by Keri Arthur. Riley is a were. All she wanted was a normal life with children, house, and a white picket fence. Instead, she ended up becoming a Guardian against her will and has to stop supernatural and god-like bad guys.

Re: Stone Cold Seduction (2:21am September 11, 2011):

I was a worry wort throughout my whole entire life until I got to the point of stressing. After that episode in college, I started to make changes in my life when I will enjoy life more than trying to keep things under control. Whenever I start to feel like I have to rush through life, I keep telling myself that I have time and not to panic.

Re: Deep Disclosure (2:15am September 7, 2011):

I think I live in a little of all three. My past is what shape me to who I'm now. If I let go of my past, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I live in the now because there is no guarantee of what the future hold for me. My life could end tomorrow so I need to live every moment of it so I won't have any regrets. I look toward the future because I believe I could be a better person or make a difference in someone's life.

Re: Bel Air (2:35am September 4, 2011):

This quote is from Harry Potter and it's stuck in my head: "Lord Voldemort showed me how wrong I was. There is no good or evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it." Professor Quirrell, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Re: Ward Against Death (11:39pm August 27, 2011):

My dream job when I was in fourth grade was to be a veterinarian. Back then, I had a dream that I would save all the endangered species from being extinct. I wasn't going into my dream due to the money. I have a higher cause to save the animals no matter what it was going to cost me. Unfortunately, my parents didn't see being a veterinarian as a job security and prevented me from going to UC Davis (I was seventeen at the time)which I got accepted and is my still my dream university. I was seventeen at the time.)

Since I didn't become a veterinarian, I volunteered my time at the animal shelter and at the zoo. At least I can say, I'm not getting pay for doing something that I have always wanted to do.

Re: The Edge Of Grace (1:52pm August 21, 2011):

I'm glad you kept at it. Writing sounds so easy and simple but the muses have to be at work in order to inspire one.

Re: Desire and Deception (9:05pm August 19, 2011):

It is about not losing face in public. We are taught not to embarrass our families from the moment we are borne. If we as kids do not behave, then our parents are bad parents. So everyone of us keeps secretly on what our family really is like. No one wants to say that we have a dysfunctional family. So we make up lies and lies have a way of trapping us into more lies.

The problem is that we are worried about what people think about us and at the same time looking for approval of ourselves' worth.

Re: Love Me Twice (5:33pm August 18, 2011):

I'm quite uncoordinated. I can't dance. I have no rhythm. I have taken music classes and I have no beat.

Re: The Orphan Sister (6:28pm August 17, 2011):

This summer, I had to paint the exterior part of the house. I just couldn't look at the chipped paint chips anymore and it was becoming a sore eye in the neighbor. Of course, my Mom is the drama queen. She kept telling me to be careful. After 100 times of "Please be careful ..", I felt a premonition that an accident is waiting to happened.

I had to have my sister take my Mom shopping so I won't be distracted.

Re: Fezariu's Epiphany (12:41pm August 14, 2011):

History has always been a wonderful subject to study. Add the folklore, myths, and legends to it, the mixture brings a wonderful world with magic in it. David Brown's world would be a great addition to Tolkien and even some of today's authors like David Eddings' Belgariad and the Malleraen worlds, Anne McAffrey's Dragon of Pern world.

Re: Spycatcher (9:44pm August 11, 2011):

I would say the man's experience is important. This way he has stories to write.

Re: The Full Moon Bride (10:52pm August 1, 2011):

The book sounds interesting. What a great way to learn about another culture. I have seen movies regarding India culture but a book gives a better explanation than the movies especially if it is told in a story.

Re: The Marked Son (12:44pm July 31, 2011):

The book sound intriguing. The excerpt got me curious about the story. OK, I want to read more of the story. The excerpt got me hook.

Re: Runestone (10:35pm July 10, 2011):

Sexy to me is a man with a great bod and a great accent when he speaks perfect english. (OK so I'm more of a visual person.)

Re: Wild and Unruly (1:01am June 30, 2011):

Time travel is possible but if we tamper with the past to change the future, the question would be: Would we have a better future or make the future worse than we left it? My favorite book is A Knight in Shining Armor and my favorite time-traveling TV series is Quantum Leap.

Re: Night Veil (1:00am June 28, 2011):

I prefer Batman over Superman. Batman uses his wits to solve crime. He doesn't use brute force. He is a lot more intelligent than Superman. Superman to me is that he uses brute force and he doesn't think through of what is nemesis is planning. He rushes into things because of his invincible (with the exception of kytonite). It's also funny how all his nemesises know that kytonite is his weakness.

Re: The Dark Enquiry (12:54pm June 28, 2011):

I got that feeling from most of the Regency books I have read. The key word is "discreet". That how married couple have affairs without anyone knowing except the servants. Keep in mind servants were not considered equal. I figure that if anyone of them speaks, they are most likely to lose their job.

I love Brisbane... how only if he was real.

Re: Dying For Justice (12:47pm June 28, 2011):

My greatest fear is being angry at someone and not able to say "I'm sorry" or be able to make things right between that person and me before something bad happens.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (8:28pm June 19, 2011):

Happily Ever After means that after the trials of finding true love, the hero and the heroine know that their is true and whatever happens after the trials, they will never be a part again.

Re: Cover of Darkness (2:09pm June 5, 2011):

I love reading military stories. I spent most of my time in high school gathering war stories from WWII to the Vietnam War. It started as a school assignment but now if I know anyone as a veteran, I get into my interview mode to find out information of what really happens over there.

Re: Forced to Kill (2:04pm June 5, 2011):

This would be perfect to listen to while driving from and to work. I spend so much time in traffic that it takes my reading time away in order to get my errands done.

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (10:18pm May 18, 2011):

I do believe that the fictional characters are part of the author. It could be in the image of their significant other or their best friends. It could be based on the qualities of the perfect hero or heroine (like the shopping list for the ideal husband) or imagined if the characters do not exist. It is the people that the author associated or interact on the daily basis that creates her characters.

Re: Ashes Of The Earth (10:05pm May 17, 2011):

The thought of the post-apocalypse is scary. It's sad and depressing. We as a human races always look for fault of each other. Looking for the best in mankind is fleeting. But then again, what is hope if we can not change the future for the best.

Re: Deadly Promises (9:26pm May 13, 2011):

The stuff that the military need especially those who have been injured are books, magazines, video games, sandals, and clean towels and coffee wouldn't hurt either.

Those are the things that my co-worker has asked for when he received his 2nd deployment going back to the Middle East.

Re: Cowboy Fever (10:44pm April 13, 2011):

My favorite romance characters is Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. The heroine I would like to be is Eve Dallas and the hero I would like to have for my own is Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

Re: Deadly Ties (3:09pm April 10, 2011):

I have been torn between Mom, sisters, brother, friends and even work. I tried to be there for everyone else but myself. I spread myself too thin and then get burned no matter what I do. I stressed over it and then I remember a quote from the movie "Dangerous Liaisons" that something are beyond my control.

So I do what I can control and for better or worse, I have to live with my consequences.

Re: The Shadow Guard (11:42pm April 5, 2011):

I would love to meet Ash, Prince of the Unseelie Court from the Iron Fey series. Strong, man of a few words, and a hunk.

Re: Play Me (9:56pm March 29, 2011):

Profanity turns me off and if the love/sex scenes are the majority of the book, it will turns me off if the story and the plot stop moving.

Re: Hummingbird Lake (9:14pm March 22, 2011):

I usually buy the book based on the cover, then the blurb, and flipping through the book to see if the story catches my attention. If the book is really good, I usually come back to any books by author.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (7:53pm March 19, 2011):

I don't think Prudence is a snob. How does one adapt to their circumstances? My younger sister has never lifted a finger in her whole entire life before college. All of sudden, she entered into college life. She couldn't even figure out how to boil water or do laundry. I had to explained and show her what to do.

She was close to commuting to and from college but she tough it out. That's who Prudence reminds of.

Re: Angel Sister (12:48pm March 18, 2011):

As my Mom gets older (she's over 70), she has been reminiscing in the past about her childhood during WWII and lot of other past memories. From time to time, she almost connected back to the present but then revert back to the past. I can't blame her since being in Japanese's occupied territories can be a traumatic experience for a child.

I can't complain either. I'm getting some background stories that people don't hear of what had happens during the War from a direct source.

Re: A Taste of Seduction (10:54pm March 11, 2011):

What a great way to come up with Anthony Weston character. As they say, when it raining lemons, make lemonade. This book is a great read.

Re: Taste Me (9:35pm March 9, 2011):

Christina Dodd has always been my favorite author in historical, contemporary, and paranormal.

Nora Roberts (aka J.D. Robbs) becomes my favorite with the Death In series. There are so much developments of her two main character Eve Dallas and Roark. The more you read about them, the more you want to know about them.

There is another author who is fairly new. It's Lydia Dare and she writes about werewolves in the Regency era. Her characters are colorful and I don't seemed to get bored with the stories. She just captured my attention from the first chapter.

There are so many authors that I love and I could possibly writes a novel on why I loves these authors.

Re: Seducing The Governess (9:09pm March 9, 2011):

The What Ifs are what always bother me. I started taking risks instead of having regrets later on. That would be my life disappointment if I let the what ifs stop me.

As for historical events that changed the world to what we have now, I wouldn't change a things because what if we lost the American Revolution, would our lives be better? or what if the end of the world happens a million years from now? Why worry about the future, when we should be living in the now and making a difference for the better of mankind.

Re: Treasure Me (9:46pm March 3, 2011):

Robyn, I am a reader. I also wonder where the writer gets his/her inspiration for a story. You would think that writing is an easy job to come up with the story. It's great to know that through the peek in the writer's life, the writers are just like us but only they took the time to write and share their stories.

Re: Against the Law (12:00pm March 2, 2011):

I have always read your books. This time I believe the Raines Brothers Trilogy is by far the best.

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (12:14pm February 18, 2011):

My first love was someone I loved from afar. We ran into each other while we were both in high school. We interacted on a daily basis but I couldn't tell him love him. I was with him when he was dating several girls but he has never thought of me anymore than a friend.

If I have my happily ever after, it would be meeting him again and that he would noticed me in a different light than being just a friend back then.

Re: True Colors (2:18pm February 13, 2011):

I do love Castle and Buffy. There is another scene in "Bones" with FBI Special Agent Seely Booth and Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brendon (aka Bones). Booth and Bones were confronting a federal judge on a murder of the singer. The judge insulted Bone's intelligence and Booth couldn't do anything to defend Bones without being suspended. Bones went ahead and punched the judge twice and he fell down the stairs. Booth commented to Bones, "You are so hot. I have been meaning to do that."

It definitely takes a girl to take charge of the situation.

Re: Breaking the Rules (3:30pm February 12, 2011):

I enjoy drinking Sex on the Beach, Screaming Organism, and Virgin Margaritas. My favorite drink is Mai Tai (I don't even know what it means.)

Re: Everyone Loves A Hero (10:33pm February 2, 2011):

I have never had the opportunity to be a hero but if given the chance I hope I do what is right (hopefully my Mom is not there with me when I have to step up). Not to be disrespectfully, my Mom has a habit of telling everyone in the family it is too dangerous to take that risk. I'm just a rebel. What is life if it doesn't have a bit of excitement and adventure.

Re: At Hidden Falls (9:45pm January 25, 2011):

My very first book was the Dick and Jane series. I could still remembered some of the earliest sentences I read: "See Dick run. See Jane run. Run, Dick, Run. Run, Jane, Run."

As I grew older, I was reading Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, the Black Stallion series and several others books such as the biography of famous people (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and so on and so forth) and then into science-fiction.

I just find anything I read fascinating especially in the world of make-believes.

Re: Yours For The Taking (9:08pm January 19, 2011):

My dream workday would be where everything falls into place, no problems occurring, people returning my phone calls and say that all of my 49 projects are completed and that my workday is only 4 hours with the full day pay.

Re: Mercy Kill (7:59pm January 9, 2011):

Life is not about rainbows and unicorns. Wished life is easy but it's not. The dark side just define who we are and shape us of what we will become.

Your book sound interesting especially when I love reading mystery and suspense. Hope your book has a twisted ending that will surprise the readers.

Re: Fatal Justice (10:04pm January 6, 2011):

I love a good suspense and mystery series. I always want to figure out who dunnit and why behind the crime.

Re: Real Vampires Have More To Love (11:59pm January 4, 2011):

If I could live forever, I would eternally play the field to find the right man or until he comes along and then tie myself to him eternally.

Re: Against The Wind (10:12pm January 3, 2011):

I love reading trilogy. I love revisiting the main characters and with the expansion of new characters coming in and a new story for the new characters.

The Raines Brothers already sound like a winning trilogy.

Re: Deadly Identity (6:52pm December 30, 2010):

I used to love writing until someone told me I was a bad writer. Now whenever I write a report or even an email, I cringe to hear that negative voice taunting me that I cannot write well. I'm starting to write again just to face my demons and that person who gave me that negative influence.

Re: Red Ink (9:10pm December 29, 2010):

There are so many legendary stories about love conquering all. When I was in China, I discovered two famous legendary love stories similar to Romeo and Juliet. The first story title is translated as the "Butterfly Lovers." The other famous story in China is called "The Legend of the White Snake."

I wondered what other famous stories in the other countries do have that are similar to Romeo and Juliet. It is quite interesting to find out.

Re: Cowboys Never Cry (9:00pm December 29, 2010):

The title Cowboy Never Cry? reminds me of Tom Hanks in The League of Their Own movie saying "There is no crying in baseball." The book sound hilarious. Hope the book is funny.

Re: Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate (3:42pm December 26, 2010):

For born-again readers, start with Gena Showalter's "Lord of the Underworld" series. For anyone who is a fan of Greek/Roman mythology, this would be the perfect place to start.

For anyone who love paranormal, go with the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione or Christina Dodd's The Chosen Ones/Darkness Chosen.

For contemporary, go with Susan Mallery's The Lone Star Sisters series. Also Go with Carly Phillips for the humor.

For Historical, read Tessa Dare and Amanda McCabe. There are a few more authors I would like to mentioned but I just can't think of them at this moment.


Re: Pay Up (12:53pm December 23, 2010):

I like my heroine sassy, fun, and willful.

Re: The Irish Warrior (11:41pm December 21, 2010):

This is my favorite quote. It is from "Dracula" by Bram Stoker and was used in "The Dead Travel Fast" by Deanna Raybourn.

"As he spoke, he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. One of my companions whispered to the other... "Denn Die Todten reiten schnell" ("For the dead travel fast.")

The quote gives a very good pictorial imagery and a very strong line "The dead travel fast."

Re: Murder In Plain Sight (3:15pm December 18, 2010):

I love books when two different worlds collide. Each parties discover that they have same values but just a different way of obtaining them. It gives ground of a good stories when misunderstandings begin but at the end of the stories, the characters discover they are not too different from each others.

Re: Precious and Fragile Things (3:10pm December 18, 2010):

I usually read these life-changing stories. They are inspirational and full of hope. It is also about self-discoveries to be a better person.

Re: The Heir (10:16pm December 16, 2010):

I think the worst thing my sisters and I did was when we were little, we started a game of make-believe that the people in the pictures were watching us. Sometime later, we have spooked ourselves into staying in the bathroom (that is the only room beside the kitchen that have no pictures hanging on the walls) until our parents came home. We have scared ourselves so badly, that we wouldn't venture out of the bathroom until our parents were in the house.

Re: The Ghost Hunter (3:00pm December 10, 2010):

I would say China. So much history existed and so many changes have happened to China.

After being at the Great Wall of China, I have never realize that the climb up to each of the watch towers are steep and they do get steeper. The stairs are very narrow and they are also steep. I don't know how the guards patrolled Ancient China back then. When it snow, the paths that connect each of the towers are slippery. Without traction, one could so easily slips.

After being in Beijing, Shanghai and several other cities, it is a wonder how much modernizations have happened to China.

I don't think I can ever get tired of China.

Re: Honky Tonk Christmas (2:28pm November 20, 2010):

Ever since Carrie Underwood won American Idol, I became a huge country music fan thru her.

Re: The Christmas Clock (2:47am November 16, 2010):

Christmas to me is always about hope and miracles. That probably why I love to read Christmas stories around this time of the year. During the rest of the year, I usually re-read any Christmas stories to keep hope alive.

Re: The Forever Queen (12:01pm November 11, 2010):

I love reading historical especially during the medieval period where history seems to be a bit obscure unless there happens to be significant historical event. Love learning about this period.

Re: Deadly Intent (7:09pm November 10, 2010):

Buck from Call of the Wild. He may not be human but Jack London told the story from a dog's point of view.

Another memorable character is Polgara from the Belgariad series by David Eddings. His character was a strong woman with a no-nonsense attitude.

I have read so many books and so many characters that I remember, I could take forever to list them.

Re: Casting About (9:05pm November 8, 2010):

Reader: It's depends on how the truth is written. There are fiction that are based on something that really have happened like the Titantic but reading it as a factual makes most of us wants to fall asleep. We only processed so much information.

Having a fictional story based on truth makes the story easier to read and enjoy.

Re: The Devil She Knows (2:26pm November 6, 2010):

My fond memories is spending the Holidays with my godparents. My parents have immigrated to the United States. Everything was foreign to them. There was no such thing as Thanksgiving or Christmas back in their country so my godparents had my family spend every holiday with them. I remembered the love and the joy and just spending family time with each others.

Re: Holiday Grind (8:00pm November 5, 2010):

Every holiday, I always look forward to candy cane. Since Coffee Beans & Teas has create the Winter Dreams Latte, I look forward to it for every Christmas season.

Re: Marked By The Moon (10:38pm November 4, 2010):

I love Gargoyles. I read some folklores and legends that are protectors of humankind and some stories say that they are human cursed to be monsters at night and stone by day and the only way to become human again is to right a great wrong. (I'm translating the stories from some Asian folklores).

Re: The Snow Globe (10:24pm November 3, 2010):

I have always love snow globes. I have round globes, square globes, bottle-shaped globes. Snow globe with Thomas Kinkaide's art would be a great addition to my collection.

Re: Holiday Affair (9:37pm November 1, 2010):

Every Christmas, I tried to keep things simple but it's never as it seems. Wrapping presents never get wrapped until Christmas morning. Christmas dinner is never without the drama. What can I say, the Holiday seasons are always chaotic.

Re: Simply Irresistible (11:45am October 29, 2010):

I love stories where a good-looking man with a mysterious past shows up and the heroine knows there is more to him than meets the eye. I will definitely pick up my copy of the book.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (10:25pm October 28, 2010):

My intellectual hero is Sherlock Holmes. He is very observant and smart to solve the crime mysteries.

He is why I went into forensic science.

Re: Mr. Darcy's Obsession (9:32pm October 27, 2010):

Pride and Prejudice with a twist. But I love Mr Bennett. He was Elizabeth's confidental when she is trouble. It's the perfect father and daughter.

Re: Pinned for Murder (9:14pm October 26, 2010):

I love books where the cast of characters continue to grow. It makes them like you have befriend them and going through a journey with each new mystery.

Re: A Darcy Christmas (11:56pm October 22, 2010):

I have always love Mr Darcy's character. It's also good to know that Mr Darcy's character is in tact. Not too authors will keep Mr Darcy just the way Jane Austin has him.

Re: Twilight Hunger (11:49pm October 22, 2010):

I read every one of your Twilight series. I love them. It is good to know that there are two more books coming soon.

Re: Captive Spirit (9:19pm October 20, 2010):

I always love legends and myths of ancient races. The mystery of their disappearance intrigue me. The Bermunda Triangle fascinates me. They are mysteries, I would love to solved as a hobby.

Re: The Making of a Gentleman (9:15pm October 20, 2010):

I do enjoy reading books that have topics that I'm familiar with. I also like reading books that I can learn something from like history, myths, legends, and so on and so forth.

Re: Pursuit of Justice (11:31pm October 18, 2010):

I usually stay awake all night just trying to figure how a crime is committed and who do it. From time to time, I could be a bulldog that wouldn't let go until I solved the mystery.

Re: Grave Witch (11:26pm October 18, 2010):

I have also been fascinated with Death. Little is known about him except that he is there when it's time for him/her to escort the dearly departed to the next dimensions.

Who's to say that Death can't be a female?

Re: Highland Hellcat (6:18pm October 15, 2010):

I always have apple juice, orange juice, and peach tea available. Whenever my sisters and brother stop by, the refreshments are always gone. The peach tea is for my Mom. It is her favorite drink whenever she stops by unexpectedly.

Re: Backstage Pass (9:35pm October 13, 2010):

At one point, I had 7 cats. I have been herding them for years. I guess I'm the cat lady if they understand what I'm saying to them.

Re: Sazerac Seduction (4:53pm October 10, 2010):

My dream man has greenish-blue eyes and the kind that makes me so frustrated with him and yet he understands me so well. OK, so I'm dating him...Hope there will be a marriage proposal by next year.

Re: Seducing The Duchess (11:19pm October 6, 2010):

The title Seducing the Duchess got me. The book cover looks great.

Congrats on your book.

Re: Friday Mornings At Nine (11:10pm October 6, 2010):

The Living Years sung by Mike and the Mechanics. The song speaks to me. It's reminds me the good times that my dad, my two uncles and cousin are gone since they past away. Since that moment, there are times that my two nephews do certain things and say certain things that reminds of them.

It just proves that even though my dad, my two uncles and cousin are gone, they are still with me in spirits.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (11:02pm October 4, 2010):

I have done stamp collecting, coin collecting, comic books collecting, reading, gardening,cooking, crocheting...hmmmm. I need to try knitting as a hobby. I haven't done that yet.

Love your books.

Re: Building Magic (10:53pm October 4, 2010):

Civil war between shape shifting dragons, a damsel in distress, magic, and hot desert sands, what more can I ask for. The book have everything even an hero.

Re: Sinful in Satin (12:34pm October 1, 2010):

There time when I dream, I dream that I either myself or seeing things through other people's eyes.

Some of my dreams keep repeating itself. They only stop if I realize I am having a deja vu when something just happens.

I do have dreams that I love and I really didn't want to wake up because they were that good.

I don't know what climbing many ladders dream mean. Now because my curiousity got the better of me, I'm going end up in the psychology section of the library looking for books referencing "the meaning of dreams" to find out what the climbing the ladders dream mean.

Re: The Spurned Viscountess (1:35pm September 30, 2010):

I have gothic romance before. I would recommend The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn and the Draycott series by Christina Skye. A old ancient castle, a haunted house with a dark legacy and things that go bumped in the night, what's better setting for a gothic tales. I love have both a good mystery and paranormal elements in my historical. It makes the story more interesting.

Re: When Wicked Craves (12:37pm September 29, 2010):

There was one night when there was an agrument going on. The next thing I heard was two gunshots and screaming. It was one night that was filled with attempted murder and a love triangle.

And I thought my neighborhood was a quaint and quiet neighborhood where nothing ever happens.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (12:35pm September 26, 2010):

I reward myself if I complete enough things on my to do list like books and ice-blended vanilla latte.

My cat like to get into trouble like sneaking out of the house when the door is open or sleeping on the sewing machine. If he behaves, I let him go outside to play.

Re: Love Me (12:03pm September 25, 2010):

I do buy the book by the cover. I don't based the cover if it has a hunky guy or two almost naked couple. I buy the book because the arts appeal to me.

Re: For the King's Favor (8:44pm September 22, 2010):

I just happened to be one of these people who would read a historical romances and look it up to see if the history of events and the real famous people are accurate. Whenever I read a fiction book, I expected to learn something from it.

Looking forward in reading your book.

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (11:00pm September 21, 2010):

My favorite setting to read is in a wooded environmental like a park. I like the relaxing environment enjoy my books or to do some writing where I'm not interrupted.

Re: Petals From The Sky (12:24pm September 21, 2010):

I haven't read too many fictional books regarding the Silk Road except in non-fictional. It's good to have an entertaining story in that background.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (1:16pm September 18, 2010):

I finally have the completed Necklace's Trilogy. I spent the last five years looking for the Bride's Necklace to complete the collection. I'm glad the covers haven't changed. Otherwise the reprint of the Bride's Necklace cover would not match the Devil's Necklace and the Handmaiden's Necklace.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Raine's Brothers Trilogy. I love the covers better than the Necklace Trilogy. The Raine's Brothers Trilogy covers have an edge to it.

Re: Feline Fatale (11:24pm September 16, 2010):

Through out my life, I have so many pets. First it was a cat, then I have the rabbit, guinea pigs, a dog, and then a cat. Now I have four cats. They are my companions and best friends.

Re: Wicked Highlander (9:48pm September 15, 2010):

Myths about the dragons and unicorns have always kept me searching and wondering if they do exist. Did someone stumble on some fossils or bones and decide to define the that these mythical creatures exist? Did someone misinterpret a cave painting and that how dragons and unicorns were created? I did figure out that it was the bone of the elephant's head is where the stories of the cyclops originated from. It's quite hard to think what the first homosapein's impression was.

Re: Burning Up (9:32pm September 14, 2010):

I was reading mystery and young adult books back in public school. I started reading romance when my local library was having a summer reading contest. I have been a romance reader since.

Re: Rebel (10:27pm September 13, 2010):

Claire, it doesn't matter what genre or timeline you write about. I will read anything that you write. I have read your historical romance, futuristic romance, and even the shapeshifters romance(which I refer to as "Dragon series"). I love your books!!!

Re: Just One Taste (2:44pm September 12, 2010):

I'm thinking of attending the RT in Los Angeles. Don't know when it's going to be since this is my first conference. I'm looking forward to it.

Re: Desperate Deeds (9:02pm September 8, 2010):

I love suspense with a the who dunnit theme, a story that start with a conflict and get resolve (a happy ever after ending) toward the end of the book with romance.

Re: Warrior (1:45pm September 6, 2010):

Zoe, Blades of the Roses is so original. This series has everything from history to magic to heroines who can kick ass. I can't wait to get started in this series' adventures.

Re: Royal Blood (1:39pm September 4, 2010):

Ever since I have read Dracula by Bram Stoker, Transylvania has always been holding this allure over me. I can't but be attracted to the darkness.

Re: Dark Deception (11:51pm September 2, 2010):

Suzanne, I know how you feel. I remembered when my fifth grade teacher gave the class an assignment to write our autobiography. One would think this would be an easy assignment. Instead I ended up re-writing my autobiography ten times before my fifth grade teacher accepted the final draft. I did learned one thing and that is writing is such hard work.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (9:28pm August 31, 2010):

I usually listen to music from my CD collections from soft rocks to loud music (depending on my mood) or from my favorite radio station. Music has a way of de-stressing one's mind of all the worries.

Re: Dark Warrior Untamed (11:03pm August 27, 2010):

I started reading Nancy Gideon's new Charlotte Caissie and Max Savoie series. I am loving Max who is a shapeshifter and the right hand to the New Orleans Crime Lord Jimmy Legere. His loyalty lies Jimmy who has raised him after his mother was killed.

He is torn between his loyalty and his love for Charlotte Caissie who is a New Orleans Detective. This is what makes Max so lovable to me... a bad boy from the wrong side of the law and Charlotte who is a cop. Both have to cross the line in their belief of right and wrong in order to meet in the middle.

Re: Deadly Fear (10:59pm August 26, 2010):

Cynthia, you're right that the monsters have humanistic traits. I would even say that the monsters are our twisted desire or cravings of our dark nature. Most of us follow a strong code of ethics but from time to time, we do cave in, in our moment of weakness.

Getting into the killer's mind, it's like facing the worst of man. Just when you think that you see the worst in the mind of a killer, they will surprise you and go even darker. It's scary but we all do need to face our "monsters" from time to time.

Re: Assassin's Heart (10:18pm August 24, 2010):

I believe in past lives. There has been times that I get a deja vu from time to time and get dreams of places that I have never been to. When they first come true, it freaks me out. Now, I wonder if there is a message that is being deliver to me but I'm not understanding it.

Re: Whisper Kiss (11:29am August 20, 2010):

I have always have a fondness for dragons. I'm going to have to go check out and buy your Dragonfire series (okay, it's the dragon shifting heroes that I'm interest in).

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (11:40pm August 19, 2010):

I have read everyone of your books. I even bought three copies of "Heart of the Wolf" and gave the extra two copies to my sisters so I could have someone to discuss about the books and the series.

I'm looking forward to more of the Wolf series.

Re: Hero (9:24pm August 18, 2010):

I personally don't really pay attention whether the story is written from the third person or first person. My main concern: is the story well developed from the beginning, middle, and to the end.

Re: Roast Mortem (12:30pm August 14, 2010):

I haven't read any of your book yet but your coffee books has intrigue me to read it. I love your recipe. Would you publish a recipe book based on your coffee book series?

Re: The Quick and the Thread (12:01pm August 6, 2010):

Thanks for that advise. I get uncomfortable that I don't have one of the their book for you to sign or that I have to buy one of their book especially when I'm particular on what I like to read.

Re: The Smuggler And The Society Bride (10:10pm August 5, 2010):

It's all about memorable characters, chemistry, and passion. Of course, it also good to learn things from the books.

Re: The Ark (12:18pm July 28, 2010):

I love stories about ancient artifacts and the religious, myths,legends, and stories that surround them. This book is definitely up my alley.

Re: Knight Of Passion (9:29pm July 23, 2010):

How can I resist the knight? Knights and medieval times are one of my favorite stories.

Re: Love and Scandal (10:36pm July 22, 2010):

A scandal in the past was a way to outcast someone. It is more difficult for women to regain their reputations. A man gets more of a compliments name calling (stud, gigalow, rake, rogue) and woman get hurtful name calling (slut, whore). The way society dictates.

Re: The Tutor (10:01pm July 21, 2010):

Oh boy,7 nights and Karma Sutra. I'm getting hot and bothered (in a good way). Love your book.

Re: Moonshine (10:20pm July 20, 2010):

It is always good to have a sidekick. They are the ones who always know how to make you laugh. They basically your best friends.

Re: Tomb With A View (8:55pm July 19, 2010):

Not only do I believe in ghosts, I live with them. Since my family have moved to my current home when I was four, strange and unexplained things happened in the house.

What else can you expect when the house was built back in 1885?

Re: Revenge for Old Times' Sake (12:37pm July 17, 2010):

I don't you are noisy. Sometimes I find myself watching people. As for people talking on cell phones, yep... they are definitely loud. I think they believe that if they whisper, the other party can't hear them.

Re: Murder in the Abstract (9:27pm July 14, 2010):

I have always love the Bad Boy type. I can't resist them.

Re: Ice Cold (10:53pm July 13, 2010):

Spiders. That fear was developed after I watch the movie "Arachaniphobia".

Re: To Conquer a Highlander (9:30pm July 12, 2010):

My enjoyment is quilting by hand. I have been quilting since public school. Quilting has always been relaxing hobby for me. It also allows me to think clearly and it has help me solve problems at home and at works. Whenever life gets to hectic for me, quilting has a way of calming me down.

Re: The Wild Irish Sea (12:12pm July 9, 2010):

I love the cover. Even if I don't have information regarding the book, I would have bought the book for the cover and the burp summary on the back of the book. I always did have a thing for the sea.

Re: Money, Honey (10:26pm July 7, 2010):

A Knight in Shining Armour by Jude Deveraux is one of my favorite book. You have a main character who meets a knight from the past and then travel to the past to solve his murder. Once she solved the knight's murder, she get thrust back to her present time. She is separated from her knight by time and then find him again in her time. I still love this book.

Re: Crush On You (10:03pm July 7, 2010):

I have a friend who met this guy. They were best friends and then became husband and wife. They are so cute together. Now they worry about me because I'm still single. They want me to have what they have in a relationship.

Re: Unchained (11:35pm July 5, 2010):

My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. My family goes through the Buddest offering ceremony at dusk to offer the spirits BBQ pork, fish, chicken and wine for a prosperous year of good fortune and health. We then offer a burnt offering of items resembling money and materials objects. These items are to go into the spirit's world so my family's ancestors have some comfort in the spirit's world.

Then the fireworks starts. This is to scare the evil spirits away. Whenever there the fireworks, the dragon dance always occupying the the fireworks.

Chinese New Year has so much ceremoninal traditions going on. That's is why I love this holiday.

Re: Rapture Untamed (9:46pm June 29, 2010):

I love series that can be a stand-alone like the "In Death" series by J.D. Robb. I don't really need to start at the beginning or miss anything in between (especially the trying to find out bits and pieces of the characters Eve Dallas's and Roark's past.)

I also love series that are like the Harry Potter series. There are several books within this series but it comes with a great ending.

Re: The Master & the Muses (9:31pm June 28, 2010):

Heroes/Heroines have flaws. It is the question if they could overcome their flaws which makes them memorables.

Re: Sworn To Protect (12:27pm June 25, 2010):

Women who take charge. Are they unconventional? Nahhhhh. Women who take charge just know what they wnats.

The Call of Duty Series rocks!!!

Re: Fatal Affair (11:34pm June 24, 2010):

A hero is a hero who don't want to be a hero but steps up to the job of doing what's right.

Re: The Lies We Told (2:29pm June 18, 2010):

The trailer likes very interesting. I like the narration because it sums up what the book is about.

Re: Dragon Unmasked (3:24pm June 16, 2010):

I had a reading drought. I was so busy at work and always come home mentally tired. I was also dealing with my Mom (she's a Debbie Downer) and my brother. I was mentally gone. I was so tired I couldn't stay up and watch TV.

My life was going downhill fast and then I remember the joy reading as a form of escape. I made myself to commit to reading five pages a day. I knew it was slow going in finishing the book. I started to read again for the enjoyment.

Re: Royal Captive (9:41pm June 15, 2010):

Circumstances always altered one's goals in life. It is the question of balance the good and the bad and making the right decision with no regrets.

Re: Death Threads (11:23pm June 14, 2010):

I love mystery. Can't wait to read your first book.

Re: Hidden Wives (1:38pm June 12, 2010):

Cake is always good. It goes with every occassion. Love your books!!!

Re: Crush On You (10:45pm June 10, 2010):

I was in college and had an all nighter study for the first mid-term of the semester. I got dressed in the dark and didn't know I was wearing my blouse inside out until my boyfriend (he was my classmate at the time)got close to me and whispered "Nice blouse". That was when I realized I was wearing it inside out.

Re: Night Myst (7:19pm June 4, 2010):

I diverified when I'm reading. After awhile reading one genre, I get burnt out and need to read something different. As much as I like paranomoral and series, a humorous contempary will do or a romance mystery will be right up my alley. After reading the same genre and series, the mind tends to get bored. The mind needs a challenge of something different.

Re: I Love This Bar (10:33pm June 3, 2010):

Love cowboy stories. Gonna to on my buy list.

Re: The Making Of A Duchess (8:40pm June 2, 2010):

I love stories where one pretends to be someone's else. A person could also pretend that they're someone they're not but the person's personality never changes. That's where the the revelation if the relationship can really survive.

Re: Strange Neighbors (9:10pm June 1, 2010):

The main reason for success is the supports from people.

Re: Ancient Whispers (9:30pm May 31, 2010):

Congrats, Marie-claude. Look forward to reading your book.

I have never like confrontation. When ever confronted, I have always back down or run the other direction.

I have taken an office clerk position in public services after I have graduated from college. When I was offered a management assistant position, I took it. I didn't realize that the position was dealing in the public (and I didn't really want to go back to my old position). I can barely hold my own in public speaking, let alone supervise. But I had a supervisor that really didn't know what was going on and promising that upper management of things that our section couldn't deliver.

Since I was out of option, I was forced out of my comfort zone to keep the office running. I was holding meetings, dealing with vendors, and department staffs. In a way, I do thank her for forcing me out of my comfort zone otherwise I would have people to continue stepping all over me.

Re: Dead in the Family (4:25pm May 29, 2010):

I have a list of books that I trying to get to. I have the genre all over the place... paranomoral, mystery, historical, urban fantasy, western... so many books and so little time to read them.

Re: The White Shadow Saga (7:59pm May 21, 2010):

Thanks for the insight into the publishing world. Not much information are given. Too bad the information is not share as often.

Re: Sex And The Single Earl (11:08pm May 19, 2010):

Small town romance give us a simplier life. It makes us slow down and smells the rose. However most of us lives in the big city. Big City romance is more realistic with the hustle and bustle of life.

Re: On Folly Beach (9:22pm May 18, 2010):

Pictures is what I would take if there is an evacutation. They are memories of the good and bad times but mostly of families and friends.

Re: Web Of Lies (8:39pm May 17, 2010):

I have always love sci-fi fantasy. You are in another world where their realty reacts differently from our and magic exists.

Re: Live To Tell (1:04pm May 15, 2010):

My friend's father past away. I thought I would be able to make it to her father's memorial service since I didn't have any meetings scheduled. Of course, things do happen at work. My supervisor decided that I have to attend an very important meeting because I control the fundings to these three projects.

I had to call my friend and let her know that I couldn't make it. I felt so terrible because when my father passed away, she was there for me and I couldn't returned the favor.

I had to mailed a "Symphathy" card instead. Just wished I have been there in person for her.

Re: Haunting Warrior (9:58pm May 12, 2010):

I would travel back to King Arthur's time. The person I would really, really want to meet is Merlin. He is the catalyst that set everything in motion. That era is the most romantic and "magical" time.

Re: Sex Drive (8:55pm May 10, 2010):

Congrat Susan on being a Hot Read in Cosmo. I have been reading the Hot Read in Cosmo for quite awhile. They're hot, sexy, and short. Best way to get the audience to want more.

Re: A Thread So Thin (2:25pm May 8, 2010):

I have been reading YA books lately. Some of the plots and storylines are outdoing the adult books (not to mentioned that they are cleaner).

I remember when I was in public schools that there were not a lot of YA books. They are alot more interesting.

Re: The Jaguar Prince (11:19am May 7, 2010):

The bird, the cat, and then the dog. Who chasing who? And then the hot sexy men came along. HUBBA HUBBA WOW.

Re: Rumor Has It (8:51pm May 6, 2010):

The book sounds like fun. It is intriguing and has humor. Just the kind of story to forget you have a bad day.

Re: Touching Darkness (10:49pm May 5, 2010):

Best thing about my job is knowing where to find information. Worst thing about my job is inheriting problem projects from people who don't know what they are doing and because my supervisor thinks I'm a miracle worker (Ms. Fix-It).

Re: In Shelter Cove (9:23pm May 4, 2010):

I love the average guy who never wanted to be the hero, has a bad reputation but definitely steps up.

Re: His Border Bride (9:12pm May 3, 2010):

I like the bad boy type of hero. They always have a past and trying to redeem themselves.

Re: Think Twice (2:07pm May 2, 2010):

Jessica Andersen's Demonkeeper and Roxanne St. Claire's Make Her Pay are action pack and do not slow down.

Re: Rule's Bride (3:01pm April 23, 2010):

I'm always addicted to triology series. They are shorter than the series and easier to complete for my book collection whereas series just keep going and going. But I still love your books.

Re: In For A Penny (9:03pm April 22, 2010):

There is no one as the toughest critic than my Mom. It is no way anyone in household that can please her. I came to the fact that the more I try to please her, the more miserable I become. That's is the best way is to know that no matter how well you do, you can only be happy with yourself.

Re: Beautiful People (8:27pm April 21, 2010):

I have always enjoy book with humor in them. I definitely picking up a copy of this book.

Re: Silent Truth (9:39pm April 19, 2010):

My passion is cooking and decorating the house. Cooking because it is a way I think through in solving a problem. Decorating is one way I can get some creativity going.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (7:36pm April 17, 2010):

I have always read just to wind down or to take a mental break from work. My main problem is finding a place nice and quiet to read for relaxation.

As to finishing a book, I learned back in grammar school when I picked a book for a book report assignment, if I don't enjoyed the book, chose another. I couldn't get past the first five pages and cringed when I have to give a review for my book report.

I had to speak to my teacher to chose another book since I was having a miserable time.

Now, if I was paid to give a review, I am obligated to finish the book. The other option is to tell the person who is paying me for the review that I cannot read the book and returned the payment.

Re: The Firefighter's Secret Baby (11:47am April 16, 2010):

Everyone needs a hero in their life especially those who are never recognize for their heroic deeds.

Re: Shadow Games (10:03pm April 15, 2010):

Shadow Games sounds like the Profiler TV series. Your villian sounds like the "Jack of All Trade" in the Profiler. Loves those crime TV series and books.

Re: Demonkeepers (10:16pm April 14, 2010):

It was Strike at first. But now, Michael is my favorite hero in this series so far. I know my favorite hero may or may not change as the series continue.

Re: Dead Head (9:07pm April 13, 2010):

It is hard to disappear these days unless you have alot of cash stash at several locations. Even lying is hard. You have to keep track of what lies you have told to different people and make sure the lies are consistent.

Re: Big Bad Wolf (12:43pm April 10, 2010):

Maggie Shayne wrote a book out of timeline in her Twilight Series. She went into the future and then back into the present.

I have her books in the order of events that happened with one book out of place (publishing date).

Re: Reunion (1:09pm April 9, 2010):

Thanks for sharing the emerald necklace picture. This is indeed a beautiful necklace. I also love your series and had wondered what has happened to the Warrior for the Light. Hopefully everything is well in your family.

Re: My Own Personal Soap Opera (9:11pm April 7, 2010):

I have always love a book with humor. After reading serious books, I would always go find a humorous book to wind down.

Re: On Shadow Beach (9:18pm April 6, 2010):

The book cover is always important. That's how I find new authors. The cover attracts attention.

Re: The Darcy Cousins (9:27pm April 5, 2010):

Mr. Darcy is the idealistic man. Still in love with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. It's too bad he a fictional character.

Re: Just Fooling Around (3:51pm April 3, 2010):

It has been awhile since I even pulled an April's Fool prank. Maybe it is a good thing that I don't remember as in incriminate myself.

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (9:20pm April 1, 2010):

Shape Shifter... I have been reading alot of these books lately.

Re: The Highest Stakes (9:16pm April 1, 2010): books with animals in them. And to learn about horse racing in that era, another bonus.

Re: An Earl to Enchant (9:27pm March 30, 2010):

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears..." Julius Ceasar

Re: Aries Rising (11:01pm March 26, 2010):

Thanks for the information on how to find an editor. I didn't know that book convention existed and that editors go to them.

Re: On The Steamy Side (10:19pm March 24, 2010):

There is a lot of us out there as Moms and Aunties. It's good that children is consider in the books. Some days, historians will look back in our period of time to see how family interacts with children.

Re: Something About You (1:04pm March 19, 2010):

I have always been an Alfred Hitchcock and Jason Bourne fan. Your formula of putting the two together with romance rocks. I really going love reading this book.

Re: The Highlander's Sword (10:12pm March 17, 2010):

I always like historical objects with significance. The Book of Kells definitely got me sold to the Highlander's Sword.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Re: The Stolen Crown (1:46pm March 15, 2010):

I have always been a history buff. This book sounds interesting enough.

Re: Take Me If You Dare (2:26pm March 14, 2010):

I just saw Inglourious Basterds last night on DVD. I loved the irony and the smart conversations that go into the movie.

I already seen UP in the theater. The animation gives a very good theme and plot in the storyline that is so very true to our reality that we always forget that living life is the greatest journey into itself. We often think that taking a trip is the adventure, we are looking for and forget about the people we meet and the simplicity of things.

I'm looking forward in seeing the Blide Side and Avator on DVD.

Re: The Scarlet Lion (12:59pm March 11, 2010):

Soundtrack to a book. That's a great idea. I always have soft music playing in the background when I read.

Re: Take Me If You Dare (1:32pm March 6, 2010):

I love Inglourious Bastards. It's funny that it is based a a true story. I wouldn't have thought it was on factual information.

UP is another of my favorite movie. A few of my friends just didn't understand the movie that life is the greatest journey and not the trips that we wanted to take.

Re: SEALed with a Ring (1:02pm March 5, 2010):

All those years my parents and relatives kept telling me to stop slouching when taking dancing lessons solved my posture problem.

Re: Lake Magic (10:10pm March 3, 2010):

I remembered my first romance. It was a Harlequin Romance, "Where the Wolf Leads," by Jane Arbor. I was supposely be studying but I got bored (information overload) and took a break.

Re: Cowboy Trouble (6:03pm February 26, 2010):

I love cowboys stories. I love when an unknown cowboy rides into town to save the day and the rides off into the sunset.

Re: Accidentally Demonic (8:30pm February 16, 2010):

Love your series. Read the first book and got hook.

Re: Ordinary World (12:51pm February 15, 2010):

I have always wanted a twin. We could cover for each other and get into twice as much trouble. I know it won't ever happen but then again there might be someone who looks like me if not by related by blood.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (2:35pm February 13, 2010):

I have not read any book written by you. I will definitely stop by the bookstore and take a look at your book.

Re: Fantasy in Death (2:33pm February 13, 2010):

Love Eve Dallas and Roarke. Their mysterious past kept reeling me in. Can't wait to read the next In Death series.

Re: Island Of The Swans (9:03pm February 9, 2010):

Book sounds interesting. Will need to stop by the bookstore to check it out.

Re: Island Of The Swans (8:47pm February 8, 2010):

This reminds me of high school. Whenever a book report was assigned, one of the item is what is the theme. To understand the book and the story, you really need to know what is the theme.

Re: Legend Of The White Wolf (12:32pm February 5, 2010):

I have been for waiting for this book. It might even answer the question from the "Heart of the Wolf", which did come first: white wolf, grey wolf, or red wolf. Got to have that question answered.

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (9:11pm February 3, 2010):

Looking forward in reading the second book of the series.

Re: Drive Time (9:31pm February 1, 2010):

I definitely could keep a secret. It is just easier for me to get things taken care of when people don't know what I know especially in my family where secrets are really non-existent.

Re: Hasta La Vista, Lola! (7:15pm January 29, 2010):

I could relate to the book. I have to balance my family culture as a Chinese and be a Westerner at the same time. It's not easy. When East meets West, I have to choose what is important.

Re: Forbidden Heat (9:42pm January 28, 2010):

Could hardly wait to get to the bookstore. Sounds HOT!!!

Re: Getting Lucky (1:51pm January 18, 2010):

I love reading series. Series give me an opportunity to revisit the characters especially what happen after the happily after ending.

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (4:35pm January 15, 2010):

The title of the book has to incite curiosity. The names of the characters have to be unique in order to be memorable.

Re: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (8:37pm January 11, 2010):

I so loved the Mr. Darcy character.

Re: My Dearest Mr. Darcy (7:38pm January 7, 2010):

I had always love the characters Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (9:58pm January 6, 2010):

Worst mistake was when I noticed that someone was breaking into house when there are people there and have my sister to call 911. She couldn't get the 911 operator to send the police. But because she and I were arguing so loud, the intruder basically took off.

Re: Fugitive (9:36pm January 6, 2010):

I have been reading books that are just a little too serious. Good to take a break with some laugh.

Re: Dangerous Highlander (10:25pm January 4, 2010):

It's sad that the writer has no say to the cover. The cover is the eye-catching element to a book before the summary of the story is explore by the reader.

Re: Paraworld Zero (2:25am December 22, 2009):

Book sound interesting. Will give it a try.

Re: The Beautiful Being (7:03pm December 17, 2009):

Most mornings, I need to have my coffee before I do any mental problem solving at the office. I don't even meet with my boss unless I have a sip or two of coffee.

When I know I have a major project(s) that really need my full attention, I need another 16oz of coffee.

Re: Love in Translation (11:31pm December 10, 2009):

I went to live my relative in Hong Kong. Even though I speak and read the Chinese, it is still a different culture between Hong Kong and Los Angeles. I could live in Hong Kong but it won't be for a permanent base.

Re: The Gift (9:58pm December 8, 2009):

I lost a family member to cancer two years ago. I don't talk too much about it. For me, the lost is still painful. The only thing I can say is that she was my light when I stumbled in the darkness.

Re: My Unfair Lady (9:38pm December 4, 2009):

Thanks for the tips on writing. I always seemed to have a problem in having a mental block since I get intimidated in writing.

Re: Scorched (11:28pm December 1, 2009):

I'm new to the series. Looking forward to reading Scorched. I might have to backtrack to the first book to get the whole series universe.

Re: Take Me For A Ride (2:34am November 29, 2009):

Usually every Thanksgiving, I would be buying all the groceries to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner from scratch. My sister decided one year to do the cooking and since our Mom is not particular about turkey, she did not buy the turkey. Well, my other three sisters heard about it the day before Thanksgiving and decided Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without the turkey. We ended up having too many different conversation on who will buy the turkey and ended up a Thanksgiving without the turkey.

Re: Stolen Heat (9:43pm November 19, 2009):

I love secondary romance. The last book I read was Italian Groom Princess Bride. The original book The Royal Marriage Arrangement started it and I had to find out what happens to the other two characters.

I love it when the story interlink instead of leaving me stranded and wondering what will happened to these two character.

Re: Dark Legacy (9:10pm November 18, 2009):

Love to read this book. I might even add this to my book collection.

Re: Over My Dead Body (1:47am November 17, 2009):

I was too young to remember if my grandmother cook Thanksgiving dinner. I always remember that my cousin's grandmother (which I called Yin-yin)had always cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year until she got sick. It was a mixed American/Chinese Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Yin-yin.

Re: Willoughby's Return (10:47pm November 12, 2009):

Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite Jane Austen's book. It would be great to read a book which follow the same genre and humor that is Jane Austen.

Re: Wild Blue Under (8:54pm November 9, 2009):

Book sounds it has a great storyline. Will have to stop by the bookstore and check this book out.

Re: Rainwater (5:48pm November 6, 2009):

I usually ignore book trailers. Since some of the bestselling books have been made for cinema, I have been watching them lately.

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