February 27th, 2024
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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Lord of Swords by Ann Lawrence


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Lord of Swords
Ann Lawrence

He is the lord of swords...she is the lady of his heart
Author Self-Published
October 2013
On Sale: September 15, 2013
Featuring: Lady Joia; Guy de Maci
340 pages
ISBN: 098983851X
EAN: 2940045287814
Kindle: B00F8I4YLA
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Romance Historical

Guy de Maci's son disappears during England's bloody civil war. Guy follows his son’s trail to Stonewold Castle, becoming the bodyguard of Stonewold’s heir. Guy uses the child as a cover to search for his missing son, but guarding the boy hampers rather than helps Guy's efforts. He is soon entangled in not only the boy’s life but also that of the child's sister, the rebellious and utterly captivating Lady Joia.

Lady Joia, betrothed to a man she despises, tries to enlist Guy in her plots to free herself from marriage. All of Guy’s warrior skills are useless when it comes to resisting Lady Joia. But should he? Or should he succumb to the passion shimmering between them and learn the true meaning of love before they are separated forever?

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51 comments posted.

Re: Lord of Swords

I LOVE historical stories AND art - started out as an art major in college and would love to go back to it - it has always been an inspiration to me!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 8:52am October 12, 2013)

I like tranquil scenes of mountain streams or oceansides - also geometrics. Not really inspirational but calming.
Beth Elder 11:09am October 12, 2013)

I've always loved medieval romances but haven't read many lately. Learning
about your books makes me want to get back to those days of knights and
Barbara Elness 12:19pm October 12, 2013)

i have always enjoyed the medieval romance book i like seeing
how they lived back then their beliefs and i always loved the
heros in the book also
Denise Smith 1:15pm October 12, 2013)

Art in its many forms can be so beautiful... love historicals... love your book's cover!
Colleen Conklin 1:49pm October 12, 2013)

Love reading historicals, I am always drawn to pictures of nature.
Jean Patton 4:05pm October 12, 2013)

I am so glad that you were inspired to write Lord of Swords and reseaching fighting techniques must of been very very interesting
Timothy Younger 5:11pm October 12, 2013)

I love the picture with the kneeling knight above. I love a beautiful book cover and step-back print. I really wish e-books would also include step-backs as sometimes those are even prettier than the cover. Looking forward to reading your books!
Marcy Shuler 5:58pm October 12, 2013)

I enjoy art in general but don't have a favorite that sparks
my imagination. But when I need to relax, wandering through
an art gallery, museum, etc is wonderful.
G. Bisbjerg 6:50pm October 12, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: LORD OF SWORDS. I love the
book cover too! The artwork is beautiful too! Your book
seems so fascinating and I would love to win and read it
this Fall. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 7:49pm October 12, 2013)

The medieval period has a lot of innovative artists like Da Vinci, Michaelanglo and even Galileo. All are persecuted for their beliefs. Risky times but they took their stands.
Kai Wong 8:41pm October 12, 2013)

Thank you to all of you who commented so far! I'm so glad others find art
inspiring. And thank you for the kind words on my books and cover art!
Ann Lawrence 9:33pm October 12, 2013)

I'm so excited you have a new book. Lord of the Keep is one of my favorite books. I had to look pretty hard for a paperback copy before I got into Amazon online. I'm a fan of Van Gogh's Starry Night. The blues are so interesting.
Laura Gullickson 9:38pm October 12, 2013)

I am inspired by art. My ancestor is Titian. I love historical and medieval books. Appreciate the giveaway.
Leona Olson 9:46pm October 12, 2013)

I'm actually not a huge art fan, but there are two paintings I really love. Starry Night by Van Gogh and Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory.
Jamie Fortney 10:20pm October 12, 2013)

I find myself inspired by mountainous landscapes.
Janie McGaugh 10:33pm October 12, 2013)

Thanks for all the comments! I have to say that my daughter is also a huge fan
of Starry Night! And again, thank you for reading and the kind words on my
Ann Lawrence 10:08pm October 13, 2013)

I love art and i love to read historcal books
Felicia Sidoma 11:50pm October 13, 2013)

I love all the old Dutch Masters.
Mary Preston 2:59am October 14, 2013)

I love reading historical romance with my light on...and not having to worry
about burning something down!
Kathie English 9:56pm October 14, 2013)

Swords in Medieval times kept the peace and were a symbol of
honor and strength. Being knighted by royalty is pretty
special and one of my distant relatives received that touch.
I like historical fiction and the "Knight Room" at the
Cleveland Museum of Art where there are shields, swords and
armoured knights on armoured horses is filled with scenes
and the sense of the past come to life. The tapestries on
the wall also look elegant and portray clashes between
enemies and also idyllic scenes.
Alyson Widen 6:27pm October 31, 2013)

Happy Donor Day! Much better than Valentine's Day, which has gotten so commercial.
Pam Howell 8:06am February 17, 2014)

I love reading books with Happily Ever Afters! Thank you for
spreading some love book-wise via this giveaway.
Linda Townsend 9:00am February 17, 2014)

i love the happily ever after stories i dont like reading sad
or they never see them again stories. i love historical books
they are my favorite ones to read
Denise Smith 9:16am February 17, 2014)

Hi, Ann!! I really enjoyed reading your posting, and was all set to make my comment, when the last paragraph stopped me in my tracks!! How am I able to spread the love, when you are giving an e-book?? I don't own an e-reader, and am sure that I'm not alone. How I wish the Authors would give us a choice of e-book or print copy, which would make it easier, all the way around. Nonetheless, I'll make my comment. I am thrilled for you that you gained a Daughter-in-Law, and am happy for your Son. This is definately the month for Love, since I've just celebrated my 31st Wedding Anniversary on the 12th!! I wasn't aware of Love your Pet Day, so that means my kitties will get extra loving that day (as if they're not spoiled enough)!! I also wasn't aware of Love your Library Month, and since I'm down there enough doing work for them, I'll have to ask the Librarians if they were aware of that fact. I'll also have to make time to read your latest book, when I'm not busy spreading all this Love!! Enjoy the rest of your month!!
Peggy Roberson 9:18am February 17, 2014)

I would love to read this book! Historical romances are m favorite because they all have a wonderful storyline and a happy ending!! Love the cover too!!!
Bonnie Capuano 9:27am February 17, 2014)

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day as today is my Anniversary,
21 years, but I like Donors Day. I have been a donor in the
past but it's been awhile. Thanks for the reminder that there
re many who need that life saving gift. I love my library,
however small and most assuredly share the love there. No pets
but if I did, they would know their mommy loved them.
Suzy F. 10:32am February 17, 2014)

Oh I love the idea of Love Your Pet Day! Love historicals and always want to see a HEA after everything the characters go through!
Colleen Conklin 11:35am February 17, 2014)

I did not know about Love Your Pet Day, course my pet is spoiled and loved every day. Love reading historicals and look forward to the HEA.
Jean Patton 1:21pm February 17, 2014)

I think a Love Your Pet Day would be just perfect. With 2 dogs and 2 cats, I'd have to do a lot of loving.
Sue Farrell 1:47pm February 17, 2014)

Congrats on the wedding!
Denise Austin 2:44pm February 17, 2014)

Book sounds fabulous-can't wait to read it!
Amber Kuehn 3:10pm February 17, 2014)

We need more days dedicated to giving to others, not gifts of presents but of donations, volunteer time, blood and other gifts from the heart.
Nancy Krueger 3:17pm February 17, 2014)

Congrats on your characters Kara and Reed's wedding. I haven't read any of your books yet but with Kara and Reed's wedding, I want to know how they met and what happened in between to their wedding.
Kai Wong 3:26pm February 17, 2014)

We love pets & have 4 cats. The last 2 were abandoned newborns & had to be
bottle fed. We try to make a donation to our local humane society at least
twice a year to help with expenses.

Keep those happily-ever-after stories coming! I love both hard copies but my
Kindle has totally spoiled me!
Rachel Kerrinski 3:28pm February 17, 2014)

Would love to read this book
Tina Lechuga 5:36pm February 17, 2014)

I did not know that February is Natl Wedding Month!! Husband and I celebrated our 34th anniversary on Ground Hogs Day. :-)
Lisa Hutson 5:47pm February 17, 2014)

I celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary Feb. 16th. The book sounds great as I love happily ever after stories. Thanks for the giveaway.
Kathleen Beale 6:51pm February 17, 2014)

Your books sounds wonderful. I'm celebrating 22 years with my dear old hubby
next month.
MaryAnne Banks 7:45pm February 17, 2014)

Thanks for the giveaway. This book sounds perfect for me. I love medieval Knights.
Marcy Shuler 7:52pm February 17, 2014)

Wow I had no idea so many celebrations were happening. I'll have to give my dog some extra love the 20th.
Jamie Fortney 8:36pm February 17, 2014)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: LORD OF SWORDS. I love the
book cover too! Your grand-kitty writing assistant Tiger
Lily is very pretty too. Yes, Feb. 12th was my Birthday and
is a great Wedding month for many people. We have been
married 25 years too! I love your books and I would love to
win and read more this New Year 2014. Thank You very much.
Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 8:40pm February 17, 2014)

Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law. My they have many happy years together.
Janie McGaugh 8:56pm February 17, 2014)

Thank you, Ann. So February 20 is "Love Your Pet Day"? Around
here that's every day! Keep up the good work!
Mary Anne Landers 10:08pm February 17, 2014)

Happy Donor Day - I always check it on my drivers license. My mom has been an unpaid library board member for at least 20 years. She says it's for the free books but she "volunteers" very hard for all those meetings and fund raisers.
Beth Elder 10:20pm February 17, 2014)

I would love to read your book. Thanks for a chance to win.
Linda Hall 11:53pm February 17, 2014)

That is cool, I had no idea that Valentine's was also Donor
day. Yes, I'd love to be entered to win.
Vanessa Primer 4:13am February 18, 2014)

I must say that the happy couple do look happy. Donor Day is
such a fantastic idea.
Mary Preston 6:19am February 18, 2014)

Thank you everyone for the great comments! I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts. I'll have to refer you, Peggy, to my website where I am giving away print copies this month. Thank you, too, for the comments on my happy couple who returned from their honeymoon yesterday to start their new life. Give all your pets a hug and don't forget to donate!
Ann Lawrence 10:12pm February 18, 2014)

Love weddings and love happy ever after endings! Thanks for sharing. Your new book sounds fantastic and I have added it to my TBR list.
Bonnie H 11:54pm February 22, 2014)

HEA (Happily Ever After) books have a broad appeal to romance
readers just starting out. It gets them ready to broaden
their views and try other genres if only to compare, contrast
and admire the HEA's. I support the library with it's
continuous Friend's book sale.
Alyson Widen 5:54pm February 25, 2014)

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