July 16th, 2024
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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

In General:



In General

How can I ask the staff at Fresh Fiction a question?

Whether you want to know about an obscure series or particular character you read about years ago or how to contact your favorite author, we'll do our best to get you an answer.

Please send your questions to: Ask Fresh Fiction

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Where can I buy the books I see on the Fresh Fiction web site?

Each book page has a link under the book's cover image for online purchasing from either Amazon, Book Sense or some cases the individual publisher.

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How do I subscribe to the newsletters mentioned on this site?

Subscribing is easy at Fresh Fiction. Simply select the link "Newsletters". You'll go to our Newsletter subscription page where all our newsletters are listed. You can choose to subscribe in plain text (no images) or HTML, the pretty version with lovely book covers, author photos and more.

What is Fresh Press?

A daily newsletter listing books and authors who appear on nationally broadcast television and radio programs. It's a handy way to get more information on books you may have missed. These are usually the top "buzzed" books of the week. The programs we track include: Good Morning America, Today Show, Early Show, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, PBS Newshour, Charlie Rose, The O'Reilly Factor, 20/20, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Late Show, Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, plus NPR and Public Radio programs including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Diane Rehm.

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What is a Fresh Pick?

A committee of readers selects books from every genre that are the best reads for a theme. Sometimes the theme is a current event, a holiday, sometimes the time of year, and sometimes just the whim of the readers. Sounds like what real readers do when they choose their own reading, whatever catches their fancy. You can visit the Fresh Pick for the day, or see the past week by clicking on the book at the top of very page. Or, if you prefer you can get a copy of today's Fresh Pick in your mail box -- simply subscribe to our Fresh Pick newsletter.

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What is the Fresh Fiction Box?

Each month we curate a box of books (paper and e-Books), along with special author keepsakes and ship them to our Fresh Fiction Box subscribers. You won't know what you get until the box arrives in your mail. It's like getting a present each month to unwrap! Sign up here.

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Readers Ask:

How do I become a reviewer?

Please be aware that at this time we do NOT pay reviewers. You do, however, get the books free and have the advantage of reading them before they are published. If you are still interested in reviewing for Fresh Fiction, we will need to see a sample of your writing. Please compose a review of a book you’ve read recently, whether you liked it or not, and send it to: Review Editor. Once you’ve submitted your review sample, we’ll contact you to let you know how we’ll proceed.

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Where can I find a list of contest winners?

The link to the past contest winners are listed on the contests page. We show the last three months of winners. If the winner is listed as UNCONFIMED, it means we've sent an email to the winner to confirm a mailing address and we have NOT received a reply confirmation. Please be sure to list contests at freshfiction dot com in your White List or Allow address book on your email program so our emails get to you!

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Where do you get your books for review and contests?

Ah, the FTC question, well, most of our review books are sent to us by the author or publisher, a few we buy. Almost all the books we give away in our contests directly from Fresh Fiction are PURCHASED at book signings across the country. Author and publisher giveaways come from either the author or the publisher. Our advertisements are the banner ads running on the pages, all the information within articles or on pages about books are our opinions and no one has bought the space, told us what to say, etc. We put up information on all the books we know about being published without regard if we have the book or not. We scour the publisher catalogs, author websites so you don't have to! Our reviews are written by reviewers without connection to any purchased advertisements.

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Authors Ask:

How do I submit my book for review?

Many of the books for FreshFiction's reviews are unsolicited. We can't guarantee that a particular book will be reviewed (since we receive many more books than we can review), but review / advance copies are always welcome to:

Fresh Fiction
Attn: Reviews Editor
5960 West Parker Rd., Suite 278, #119
Plano, TX 75093

We are registered on NetGalley and Edelweiss as reviewers ([email protected]). Just send us a link to your ARC page along with a short description or press release on your book.

Please inquire before sending if your book is already published. We prefer to receive the review copy at least 60 days prior to publication / street date to give our reviewers time to read, write the review and have it copy-edited.

We can accept Advance Reading Copies, galleys, and finished works. To expedite inclusion in the database, please send us your bio, a photo and the basic book information (including cover image) or use the on-line forms for adding author information and book information.

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When should I submit my book for reviewing?

Ideally we'd like to get your book for review three months prior to publication date to give our reviewers plenty of time to read it and not feel rushed to write their review. All our reviews are copyedited, so time is added for it. Our goal is to publish the review two weeks prior to the street date for readers.

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How long will it take for my book to be reviewed?

Our deadline for posting reviews is the publication date. Depending on when we get it, your book will be reviewed within 8 weeks.

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Who do I contact for advertising or author services?

Sara Reyes, Marketing Director is our primary contact for advertising and promotional services. Or send an email to sales to contact someone on the salles team. You can call us at 972.335.6520 during business hours.

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How do I sign up for a personalized author mailing or newsletter?

Contact our marketing department or visit the Services page for more information.

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How do I get listed as an author and my backlist published?

Contact us or click here to provide the information we need for your book You'll need to fill out a form for EACH book. There is no charge for listing books at FreshFiction.com

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How do I update my bio or backlist?

If you'd like to freshen the information we have on your page, add a different publicity photo, or add a book, send us a note with the information you'd like replaced or click here for the form.

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Will we sell your book on our site?

Sorry, but no. We are not booksellers. We do post links for readers to buy your book from multiple sources. (See: Where Can I buy the books...?)

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How do I link my site to Fresh Fiction?

We'd love to have you link to Fresh Fiction. You can either do a straight link to our main page or to your personal page if you're an author, or you can use a banner. Ask Sara for the banner link package.

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Can I list my contest on Fresh Fiction?

A publisher, author, or group can run a contest for a month (or longer) at Fresh Fiction. Details on our contest management service is listed on the Contest Management page. Contact us for requirements and pricing if you have questions.

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How do I create or run a banner?

Our advertising banner prices and requirements are listed on the banners page. We run four sizes of banners, so make sure yours is one of them. If you'd like us to create a banner package for you, we have creative and talented graphic designer on staff who can handle most creatives including Flash.

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Where do I send news and announcements?

As an author or publisher, you can send your announcements to us with the contact form.

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How can I get my book as Fresh Pick?

Our Fresh Pick is chosen by a committee of readers who select the best books for a theme. If you'd like to have your book considered, please send a copy to our office to the attention of FRESH PICK.

Fresh Fiction
Attn: Fresh Picks
5960 West Parker Rd., Suite 278, #119
Plano, TX 75093

A Fresh Pick may be any book already in print, we cannot return book copies sent to us.

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