June 3rd, 2023
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What if her perfect life wasn't so perfect after all?

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"Brims with vivid imagery."�Jen Turano, bestselling author

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The marriage is fake, but the passion is real.

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A charity collection of 22, never-before-published, brand-new stories featuring and benefiting love and Happily Ever Afters across the gender and sexual identity spectrums.

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A husband-and-wife disguise�His only hope for survival.

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Who knew patrolling a National Park could be this hazardous?

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Brave heroes who rise up to take down a treacherous gang bent on robbery and destruction, to keep their homes, and the women they love safe�

Hearse And Buggy by Laura Bradford


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Hearse And Buggy
Laura Bradford

Amish Mystery #1
Berkley Prime Crime
June 2012
On Sale: June 5, 2012
Featuring: Claire Weatherly
288 pages
ISBN: 0425251314
EAN: 9780425251317
Kindle: B0072NWIP8
Paperback / e-Book
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Mystery Cozy | Mystery

Claire Weatherly never intended her visit to Amish country's Heavenly, Pennsylvania to be anything other than that—a visit. But when she begins to feel the healing power of the town's simple life, she decides to stay and open an Amish specialty shop of her own. So when the former owner of the store is murdered, Claire can't help but get involved. Especially when dealing with the new detective is out of the question...

Amish Mystery


54 comments posted.

Re: Hearse And Buggy

I didn't read the Little House books but I did enjoy the T.V.show. If I recall there was always something going wrong. But, it was still a simplier time and we can go back to those times in books.
(Kathleen Yohanna 12:47pm August 17, 2012)

thanks for taking us to that simplier time
Dianne McVetty 1:38am August 17, 2012)

I love the simply times but even in the simply times things happen....
Deborah Garcia 2:09am August 17, 2012)

I love simplicity. It's the little things that make life great...and
most little things are so simple ^_^
Samantha King 2:38am August 17, 2012)

The title has caught my eye.. The excerpt draws you in. I will be putting this book on top of my to be read (short stack. Not often do you find a good feel book to read.. Thank you..
Holly Vanderhule 2:53am August 17, 2012)

Thank you for sharing the good lifestyle of so many people.
Marjorie Carmony 6:43am August 17, 2012)

Love the story, wish we were in simpler times
Paula Guthertz 6:43am August 17, 2012)

Loved Laura Ingalls books and show. However am so absolutely
fascinated with Amish people and their way of life. I sometimes think I
was born in the wrong century or religion, whichever!
Vicki Hancock 8:04am August 17, 2012)

Being from Pennsylvania and often visiting the lancaster area, I have always had an interest in the amish/mennonite simple life. Enjoy reading books related to that area and also a mystery fan. Can't wait to read this book!!!
Stephanie Strausberger 8:11am August 17, 2012)

My mother was a huge fan of the Little House books, and was disappointed I didn't get into them. Read a couple though, never watched the show.

I have read a couple of mystery series which have an Amish backdrop and have enjoyed them, not sure about the accuracy of the portrayal though.
Anne Muller 9:05am August 17, 2012)

I love mysteries. Your book sounds wonderful!
MaryAnne Banks 9:08am August 17, 2012)

Sounds like a great series. Can't wait to read it.
Bertha Hammond 9:31am August 17, 2012)

ooh - I LOVE Linda Castillo Kate/Amish series - would love to read & compare. PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!
Pamela Faye Howell 9:34am August 17, 2012)

I enjoy Amish-themed books. A mystery series is even nicer!
Shari Santella 9:38am August 17, 2012)

Sounds like a great story - and I always love "in" on a new series. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. And best of luck with this new series.
Nancy Reynolds 9:43am August 17, 2012)

I loved the simpler life that was portrayed of the prairie days. It was also a lot of hard work but people were use to working hard to survive and enjoyed the simple pleasures life gave them. Combine this with a good mystery and I won't put the book down till I'm done. (drives my husband crazy!)Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book. I'll look for your Southern Sewing Circle series too, sounds very interesting!
Teresa Sullivan 10:00am August 17, 2012)

My mother used to read the "The Little House" books to my two younger sisters and sometimes (I was teenager then) I would go in and listem to her read them to my sisters.

I would love to read an Amish-theme mystery. I lived not too far from a couple of Amish communities.
Lori Yost 10:19am August 17, 2012)

I find the Amish community very interesting, yet I've never read any Amish-themed books. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but your cover of 'Hearse and Buggy' makes me want to start reading right away. I'm guessing even the seemingly simplest of communities will be full of complications.
p.s. Isn't walking barefoot the greatest?
Michelle Donaldson 11:20am August 17, 2012)

I read some of the Little House books when I was a kid - introduced to them through the television show - and also learned a bit more about the Amish through Nancy Drew's The Witch Tree Symbol - and PBS's Frontier House series was fascinating - the simple life definitely is a compelling one!

This book sounds great, and thank you for the opportunity to win!
Felicia Ciaudelli 12:20pm August 17, 2012)

I like the title.
Sandy Giden 12:52pm August 17, 2012)

Sounds like a great book. I watched Little House every week, I loved the show. Still catch it on reruns. The books were wonderful.
Rita Wray 1:00pm August 17, 2012)

Congrats on the release Laura! This book sounds great. I enjoy stories of small towns, you feel like you actually live there with the characters. TGIF!
Christine Arcidiacono 1:04pm August 17, 2012)

Amish mystery series, that is intriguing. I also loved the Little House books and they were well worn with re-reading.
G. Bisbjerg 1:05pm August 17, 2012)

I read the whole entire Little House series back in Middle School. I just want to see how much variance between the book and the TV series. They both reminded me when life was simpler.
Kai Wong 1:14pm August 17, 2012)

I've not read you books before but my mom and I both agree
this looks good! Glad I found you lol we have been having
trouble finding a good read! thanks for the contest!
Candice Duffey 1:21pm August 17, 2012)

I adore reading Amish novels because it gives me a chance to transport myself
back to a simpler time in life. As when I was a child, there were essentially no
worries and life was fun every day. I bought my granddaughter the entire set
of Laura Ingalls Wilder books because I want her to know what life was like for
young girls in the past. She loves reading and discussing them with me.

So looking forward to reading "Hearse and Buggy" and, hopefully, one day
soon I'll be sharing my Amish novels with my granddaughter!
Connie Fischer 1:31pm August 17, 2012)

I have always enjoyed an Amish series. :)
Patti Blount 1:51pm August 17, 2012)

I loved the Little House books too. The series sounds like an interesting one.
Maureen Emmons 2:36pm August 17, 2012)

My all time favorite was Little
Women. The Amish are fascinating but I really do enjoy electricity!!
MaryEllen Hanneman 2:38pm August 17, 2012)

Really enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read.
Sheila True 2:59pm August 17, 2012)

I never read the "Little House" books. Never watched the TV series, either. Never felt interested in them enough to do so.

Reading about the Amish? Now that's another matter altogether. I find the Amish much more interesting than Laura Ingalls Wilder.

And since Wisconsin has the second or third largest group of Amish and Mennonite communities in North America, it's even more interesting to me.

Thanks for the contest!


Lynn Rettig 3:25pm August 17, 2012)

the title is interesting. simple people draw me in. thanks
for the chance to win this one.
Mary Hay 3:45pm August 17, 2012)

I also loved the "Little House" books. The first book was read to my 3rd grade class. I went on the read the other books myself. The series was good, I also watched it as a child, but was not the same as the books Laura Ingalls experiences. Your book sounds very interesting. With danger and suspense, A Charles Ingalls type hero, woo-hoo!
Cheryl Marusiak 4:08pm August 17, 2012)

I like your Southern Sewing Circle mysteries and want to read Hearse and Buggy. The old days weren't always so simple because you had to wash laundry by hand and things like that, but otherwise I like to live simply.
Michelle Fidler 4:10pm August 17, 2012)

I read and loved all the little House books. I enjoy reading about simpler times. This book sounds very good! Thanks for the chance to win it!
Cheryl Lynne 5:17pm August 17, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 6:02pm August 17, 2012)

I love the LITTLE HOUSE books. I read all of them in the 3rd grade. I read somewhere, not sure if its true or not, that Emilie Loriing was Laura Ingles Wilder's daughter. Does anyone else know if this is true. Your book sound great. Have a great & blessed day.
Pat Moore 6:14pm August 17, 2012)

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for taking us back to simpler time.
Amy Milne 6:40pm August 17, 2012)

Sounds like a great read!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
Natasha Donohoo 7:00pm August 17, 2012)

i would love to read this book..the cover is the prettiest thing i have seen in a long time
Kimberly Hoefs 7:09pm August 17, 2012)

I wanna win this contest!
Gina Freire 8:18pm August 17, 2012)

I grew up watching the Little House Books. I would love to win this one and review it. So please enter me.
Jane Squires 8:35pm August 17, 2012)

more good work
Debbi Shaw 8:42pm August 17, 2012)

I wanted to thank you for bringing some sanity and balance back to an otherwise hectic day!! Reading your posting tonight reminded me of how fortunate I am to having the Amish living not that far away from me, although I've never ventured to their territory. I have met a couple of their people through a mutual acquaintance, though, and found them to be quite charming and reserved. I, too, have loved that simplistic lifestyle, so when my lot in life changed, I had the opportunity to move to the country, and learn how to live simply. I have never looked back, but have taken a peek now and then, and would never go back to the city. I would love to read your book. It sounds like you mastered the story for this wonderful book. The artwork is quaint and colorful - just what you would expect for a book such as this. Congratulations, and I'm sure there will be many more stories to come!!
Peggy Roberson 8:57pm August 17, 2012)

Jessica Peters 10:10 p.m.
Sounds like a great read:)
Jessica Peters 10:10pm August 17, 2012)

I loved the Little House Books.
Shannon Scott 10:21pm August 17, 2012)

I love your mysteries!
Nancy Gallagher 10:55pm August 17, 2012)

sounds interesting - would love to read
Pamela Faye Howell 10:52am August 18, 2012)

I'm currently reading Dark Crossings - three Amish-set novels in one. Fascinating way of life and attitudes. The mysteries are a great idea.
Clare O'Beara 1:35pm August 18, 2012)

Pat Moore:
In answer to your question--Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter's name was Rose Wilder Lane.
Linda Luinstra 4:03pm August 18, 2012)

Loved the "Little House" books and the TV series and enjoy Amish-themed books. I will have to check out your Southern Sewing Circle series. They all sound good! Looking forward to reading these mysteries which appeal to me! Thanks!
Linda Luinstra 4:10pm August 18, 2012)

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE is a favorite, as are books featuring the Amish.
Mary Preston 10:50pm August 18, 2012)

Pat Moore asked about Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter. This lady was named Rose Wilder and married a Lane. There was also a son but he died early. Rose Wilder Lane wrote a couple of books of her own, On The Way Home was her autobiography; and she wrote a nice tale of a young couple who married and lived on the prairie, I have it but can't recall the title. It has all the flavour of Laura's books.
Clare O'Beara 6:49am August 19, 2012)

I enjoy reading about the Amish and know in Ohio, a large number reside. My Uncle used to go to auctions where the Amish got their merchandise a little cheaper since the neighbors were fair for such hard workers.
Alyson Widen 4:52pm August 19, 2012)

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