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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

Construction Beauty Queen by Sara Daniel


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Construction Beauty Queen
Sara Daniel

She's on the job...and out of his league

Entangled Bliss
September 2012
On Sale: September 25, 2012
Featuring: Veronica Jamison; Matt Shaw
ISBN: 1622669886
EAN: 2940015608038
Kindle: B009GALS2Y
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Romance Contemporary

Chicago socialite Veronica Jamison is determined to shake off her sheltered lifestyle and overbearing parents. She heads to her grandfather's small town of Kortville, ready to roll up her sleeves and work for the family construction business. She'll prove her worth, even if it means answering to the company's ruggedly handsome co–owner, Matt.

Matt Shaw just wants to run his business, spend time with the niece he's raising on his own, and give back to the townspeople who have stood by him. Managing a spoiled–rotten princess he knows he'll never be good enough for? Not part of his plan. But as he gets to know Veronica, he learns there's more to her than her beautiful looks and designer clothes. She's got a heart as rich as her background.

With the quirky townspeople rallying against Veronica inheriting her grandfather's business, it's up to Matt to try to drive her out of town. But how can he, when instead she's driving her way into his heart?


52 comments posted.

Re: Construction Beauty Queen

I always wished I had grown up in a small town... I have read so many great books with small towns and such wonderful and interesting characters.
(Colleen Conklin 3:16pm September 29, 2012)

I don't have any small town memories, living there. I have always lived in medium to large cities. Like NYC and Las Vegas. I also lived in the largest city in NH whiched I loved. I used to travel up north to repair computers in small towns and the people were so friendly.
Kathleen Bianchi 3:22pm September 29, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 3:29pm September 29, 2012)

I grew up in a large town but always thought I would love to live in a small town. There would always be someone to help you if you needed help and to boost you when you were low.
Love this story line and can't wait to read.
Brenda Hill 4:02pm September 29, 2012)

Small town people know each other better than people in large towns.
Wilma Frana 4:18pm September 29, 2012)

I loved growing up in a small town in southeastern Minnesota. It was so safe and it seemed like you knew just about everone--or they knew your parents or siblings, when you ran into them and started talking with them. I especially like that in the winter, I could walk four blocks to the ice skating rink, stay late and walk home alone or with my sister and feel safe. We rode our bikes everywhere, too, and never ran into any problems. In my late 20's I moved with my husband and two children for his new job to a larger city in Wisconsin and haven't felt the same since. Small towns are so much nicer and family-oriented and people have more time for one another. I can't wait to read this new book which I can relate to!
Linda Luinstra 5:03pm September 29, 2012)

My small town memories are really the parades and football games. Those were the best.
Pam Howell 5:10pm September 29, 2012)

I was born and bred in a small town where everyone knows everyone else,
pretty much. Usually this is a blessing as we all look out for each other.
However, there are downsides as we tend to know each others business as
well. Wouldn't change it for the world though.
Liesl Lane 5:13pm September 29, 2012)

I just love the cover.
Shelly Itkin 5:21pm September 29, 2012)

My favorite small town memory is about the town I read about where there were a few small shops that were side by side. One was a candy shop, one was a quilting shop, one was a clothing shop, one was a grocer, and so on. Each owner was a woman, and they were all friends. Since it was a tiny town, they all had the time to visit each other during the day. Whenever a newcomer or a passerby entered one of their shops, they were sure to get together to hear about it. The book was charming, as was the setting of the story.
Peggy Roberson 8:31pm September 29, 2012)

Like this plot summary. As a woman in the construction business, it is particularly appealing to me.
Shari Santella 9:57pm September 29, 2012)

i would love to win this book and you did a great job on your cover...
Kimberly Hoefs 10:22pm September 29, 2012)

:) Would love to win. I ended up moving back to the small town
I spent some of my childhood last year.
Leslie Davis 10:45pm September 29, 2012)

I would have loved to have grown up in a small town. Would love to win.
Amy Milne 10:49pm September 29, 2012)

This looks great. Small towns can be charming.Spent my childhood in a few in a few. Living in the city now, and would like to go back to a small town,maybe some day. Thank you for this opportunity :).
Holly Vanderhule 1:50am September 30, 2012)

I've never really lived in a small town--at least not after I was a little over 2 years old. There was a small one later in my life but I rarely went into town because I was employed as an English teacher at a boarding school in Germany, located about 2 miles outside of the nearest town. But I think the nicest thing would be to know the rest of the inhabitants as friends, to be less lonely if you happened to be alone. On the other hand, it might be somewhat dismaying to have everybody know what was going on in one's life. However, I had some of those experiences at the boarding school. That was my "small-town environment."
Sigrun Schulz 2:54am September 30, 2012)

Summertime during the 60's on Friday nights, my small town in
Iowa had a pot-luck supper in the park an hour before the town
band preformed. We kids ran all around on the swings and
slides. It was wonderful.
Susan Jeffers 3:28am September 30, 2012)

Love small towns . added to my reading list
Debbi Shaw 8:29am September 30, 2012)

My best small town memory - 4th of July - parade starts @ 10 then the picnic. Very nice and familiar.
Beth Elder 8:49am September 30, 2012)

Small towns are great and wonderful settings for books.
Pamela Fox 10:29am September 30, 2012)

would love to read - PICK ME!!
Pamela Faye Howell 11:09am September 30, 2012)


My best small town memory was when I use to walk to the
corner store with my friends and we would pick out our
favorite candy from the counter to buy.

I love reading romances that are set in small towns.

Pam Brewer 12:28pm September 30, 2012)

My small town memory is when I was growing up my Mom and Aunt would drop me and my cousins off at one end of town for us to do our Trick or Treating. They would pick us up at the other end of town. So much fun and safer back then.
Kathy Fowler 12:38pm September 30, 2012)

I grew up in a very small town. Loved the drug store after school & the ice house ice cream. The only bad thing was everyone new everyones business.
Pat Wilson 12:49pm September 30, 2012)

My loved living in Newberg, Oregon. When we first moved
there, we were checking out the downtown area, and wandered
into a bike store, where the owner welcomed us, inquired as
to our new place, then talked to us about chickens for half
an hour. Farther down the block, the local candy maker
greeted us and sampled out some of her chocolates. While we
no longer live there and have moved across the country, the
owner still remembers me and sends friendly emails from time
to time.
Amy Rogers 1:22pm September 30, 2012)

Yes, small towns are great but I agree everyone new & old is everyone's business!
P Noda 2:41pm September 30, 2012)

I love our towns annual Christmas Eve Carol sing around the
green and then we go into church for a candlelight service.
Diane Sallans 3:17pm September 30, 2012)

Yes Sara, I also grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania.
Summers were great, my friends and I would gather at the school grounds and ride our bikes all over town. Main roads were paved but most were dusty dirt roads. We would ride to the top of the highest hill and see who could ride down the fastest. We carried a stop watch for that occassion. We stayed out of the way of cars and they respected us right back. Winter time those hills were used for sledding. Outside playing was a wonderful way of life.
Jd Simm 4:29pm September 30, 2012)

I grew up in a small rural town. It wasn't perfect, but there were lots of outdoor adventures. Swimming in creeks was my favorite!
Jen C 4:47pm September 30, 2012)

Small towns - sans cell phones... still an awesome mom phone circuit.
Cate Sparks 5:14pm September 30, 2012)

I remember as a preteen sitting on the steps of the Odd Fellows Hall in the late summer evenings trying to get the big city radio stations on our little portable radio. Our parents didn't have to worry about us even when it was getting late and dark.
Sue Farrell 5:16pm September 30, 2012)

I live in a small town, in Alabama. Thinking of one great memory , turned
into many!! We have traditional falls with football games and tailgating
on Saturday (we are currently #1in nation :)) and church on Sunday
morning. Everyone seems to know someone you know and raising kids
here is amazing.
Jill Oswalt 5:37pm September 30, 2012)

I would love to live in a really small town like the ones I sometimes read about in books or see on t.v. This sounds like an interesting book that I plan to read. Thanks for the giveaway & I hope you have a great day.
Chelsea Knestrick 6:13pm September 30, 2012)

I have recently relocated to a small town from a large city and I love the fact
that the worst traffic jam is when you get stuck behind a tractor.
Shannon Scott 6:20pm September 30, 2012)

My fave small town memory, seeing my husband sandblast down the cutbanks in the yearly competition. Sandblasting is skiing down sand vs snow :)
Darci Paice 6:55pm September 30, 2012)

This sounds like a wonderful book. The only small town memories I have are of visiting the town where my father grew up. They had a population of 400+ and over 200 were in the over 50 age range. It was a nice place and they only had 1 stop light, one grocery, 1 small diner and a place called the Spider Webb (the town was Webb, IA) it is a gift/ information shop about the town and it's history.
Deborah Fitsimmons 7:25pm September 30, 2012)

I have never been to a small town with a decent good memory. The first and last small town I have been in, shown me how much prejudice does exist. I have never considered or given any thought of prejudice until I stopped by this particular small town for lunch. I wasn't allowed to eat in there. It really did opened my eyes.
Kai Wong 7:54pm September 30, 2012)

Every summer I would go and visit my grandparents who lived
in a very small town in south central Texas. I loved that
where ever I went the town knew me a Ferd and Agnes'
granddaughter. My cousins and I could ride our bikes all
over the town. We would drop by someone sitting on their
porch and get a glass of lemonade and cookies. There was
the feeling of "home" and welcome by everyone.
Carrie Prudhomme 7:58pm September 30, 2012)

I grew up in a small town in Australia and I loved it. Small towns have a lot of things going on. I live in one today, it's great.
Rita Wray 8:22pm September 30, 2012)

I have never lived in a small town, so I am not familiar with actual small
town life. My impressions are from mostly books and they make small
towns seem like the ideal place to be. I love how everyone seems to know
each other ans the annoyances that come with that.
Ann Sheiring 8:37pm September 30, 2012)

The Fourth of July parade in the small Illinois town where we lived for a few
years. So many groups dressed up and marched that I was amazed that anyone
was left on the sidewalks to watch!
Mary McCoy 8:38pm September 30, 2012)

In the summers before I became a teenager, I would spend a week with my Grandparents in their small town with a population of 3,000 people. We'd walk to the shopping district to pick-up groceries or to the post office. I learned to weed their vegetable garden, to collect fresh eggs from the chickens & play board games. At age 7 I discovered a true friend/buddy Larry that lived across the dirt road from my Grandparents. Years later I discovered that Larry enjoyed all the visiting grandchildren who spent a week with their Grandparents.
Joanne Hicks 8:58pm September 30, 2012)

Except for a short period of time, I have always lived in a
small town and raised my twins in a small town. The sense of
belonging you get in a small town cannot be found in a city.
Though knowing the sidewalks are rolled up at dark and driving
quite a distance for anything is well worth the frustration.
Pennie Morgan 9:10pm September 30, 2012)

I loved the Fall Festivals we used to have...cake walks,
haunted houses, carnival games, etc. Those were good memories.
Deidre Durance 9:59pm September 30, 2012)

I have only lived in cities. I would love to experience life
in a small town.
Sharon Berger 10:04pm September 30, 2012)

Small towns meant smallish schools for me. That's a plus.
Mary Preston 10:14pm September 30, 2012)

Yes, I grew up in Larned KS population 5,000 people with
lots of farmers and my dad was a farmer for 55 years. I
loved the country and small town life. We have a city/town
swimming pool with deep end 11 foot deep and high dives and
I love going there and seeing everyone and the football
games and knowing most of the people there and we were
treated like the Cartwright family on Bonanza tv show. I
miss that so much and am not happy here in the big city
Austin, TX. Thanks, Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 10:22pm September 30, 2012)

Would love to win this book
Nancy Gallagher 10:50pm September 30, 2012)

I was raised in a very small town and what I remember is the freedom we had growing up. Today that small town is only a post office.
Sheila True 10:56pm September 30, 2012)

When I lived in a small town, I enjoyed watching the mischievous squirrels as they took socks from my neighbors’ clotheslines and scampered up a tree.
Andrea Montgomery 2:36am October 1, 2012)

I live in a city but always have been in suburban areas, not the city centre which is more impersonal. I have read a lot of books about small towns in various countries, they appear to have a cohesion which aids everyone. I think this goes back to how people grew up living in small bands or tribes before developing villages - small was a good community.
Clare O'Beara 4:57am October 1, 2012)

Thank you for your post and giveaway, Sara. I swear this is the first time I've seen a romance novel with "Construction" in the title!

I've spent most of my life in the small town of Russellville, Arkansas. I have too many memories to list in a Fresh Fiction comment, and I can't choose which one is my favorite. Suffice to say that I have no plans to move away from here, and I hope my best memories will be the ones I make in the future.

Your new novel sounds like a fun read, especially to readers who dig small-town romances. Certainly I'm one of them. Good luck with the release of "Construction Beauty Queen".
Mary Anne Landers 10:36am October 1, 2012)

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