April 23rd, 2024
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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

A Brew to a Kill by Cleo Coyle


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A Brew to a Kill
Cleo Coyle

Coffeehouse Mystery #11
August 2013
On Sale: August 6, 2013
384 pages
ISBN: 0425255506
EAN: 9780425255506
Kindle: B008EXK5YQ
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book (reprint)
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Other Editions
Hardcover (August 2012)

Mystery Cozy

Coffee. It can get a girl killed. A shocking hit-and-run in front of her Village Blend coffeehouse spurs Clare Cosi into action. A divorced, single mom in her forties, Clare is also a dedicated sleuth, and she's determined to track down this ruthless driver who ran down an innocent friend and customer. In the meantime, her ex-husband Matt, the shop's globetrotting coffee buyer, sources some amazing new beans from Brazil. But he soon discovers that he's importing more than coffee, and Clare may have been the real target of that deadly driver. Can ex-husband and wife work together to solve this mystery--or will their newest brew lead to murder? Includes recipes.


150 comments posted.

Re: A Brew to a Kill

Would love to win this book and cup.. The book sounds real good and I am
sure coffee would taste better in this cup.
(Charlotte Wills 10:16am August 6, 2013)

Wow - just finished Holiday Buzz, and it seems that working for Clare is dangerous! Love coffee, love culinary mysteries (especially with recipes!), and would love to win this book and cup!
Deb Freels 10:22am August 6, 2013)

I love your books, and Own several on audio!
Kathy Gonzales 10:24am August 6, 2013)

I enjoy the coffee house mysteries and am looking forward to the next one.
Sandy Giden 10:40am August 6, 2013)

I enjoy this series. Thanks for the contest.
G S Moch 11:17am August 6, 2013)

I haven't read any of your mysteries but I would love to win and I will start reading them right now, I am glad I don't have to read them in order. I am a fanatic about reading series in order...thanks for the giveaway...
Linda Scarchuk 11:18am August 6, 2013)

Hi, Cleo Great to see you here. I would, of course, love a signed copy.
Elizabeth Dodd 11:40am August 6, 2013)

Love all your coffee books and recipes. Hope to win Brew To Kill and great
Joy Taylor 11:46am August 6, 2013)

I would love to win A Brew to a Kill and the coffee mug. This sounds like all the ingredients I need to relax and enjoy life.
Anna Speed 12:23pm August 6, 2013)

I would love to win a copy of the book and the mug. Sounds very intriguing. Thanks for the chance...God Luck everyone!
Gail Demaree 12:32pm August 6, 2013)

I love this type of book. Siting down with a cup of coffee and a good mystery story makes my day.
Gloria Muniz 12:56pm August 6, 2013)

Yout coffeehouse mysteries are a treat to read! The accolades
for your stories are well deserved.
G. Bisbjerg 1:09pm August 6, 2013)

Coffee and a mystery sound like a perfect combination and
right up my alley!
Diane Sallans 1:13pm August 6, 2013)

The coffee house mysteries sound amazing. I love mysteries that also include food.
Pam Howell 1:26pm August 6, 2013)

What a warm and homey site you have. It is fun to visit and you are very creative!
Your books have creative ingredients too. Keep writing!
Patricia (Pat) Pascale 1:26pm August 6, 2013)

I love a good mystery and this one sounds like a killer that I would really love to win and read, and a gimme! coffee cup to go with it. Thank you for this chance to win. Wishing You The Best.
Esther Somorai 1:43pm August 6, 2013)

This is me (Cleo Coyle) dropping in to send you all my happy
greetings and thanks for your kind comments! I wish I could
pass you each a warm, chocolate muffin and pour you a fresh,
hot cup of coffee. If only the internet had a transporter

In the meantime, I do sincerely thank my readers for their
continued support of my series. This December the Penguin
Group will be publishing #13 in the series BILLIONAIRE
BLEND. It was a great deal of fun to write, and I'll be
posting more about it soon.

Good luck to all of you in today's contest, and (to quote
the Terminator...) I'll be back...

Cleo Coyle 1:43pm August 6, 2013)

Two addictions: Books and coffee. Mystery - so kill me now! Great contest. Thanks
Marguerite Beal 1:55pm August 6, 2013)

I love a good strong cup of coffee---then I can sit down and sip it while reading a good book.
Sue Farrell 2:02pm August 6, 2013)

Love to read would love to win my two favorite things to do is read and my
grand kids Thank you
Ava Curtis 2:05pm August 6, 2013)

My Nook has been busting at the seams with new cozy mysteries. The main characters who are divorced and recovering are my favorite heroines. I haven't read any in this series, but there is always a first time. Thanks for the generous contest.
Sandy Smith 2:17pm August 6, 2013)

Being a coffee addict, with no regrets this would be great to win and read and drink.
MaryEllen Hanneman 2:24pm August 6, 2013)

yay love coffee and your book sounds good 2
Debbi Shaw 2:48pm August 6, 2013)

I would love to win this book and have a cup of coffee in that
adorable latte cup while reading it! I collect all of your
books! I love them!
Christine Aiello 3:09pm August 6, 2013)

This book sounds fantastic and I'm sure my morning coffee would taste so much better in the cup. Thanks for the giveaway!
Joanne Balinski 3:14pm August 6, 2013)

Coffee and books... my 2 favorites!
May Pau 3:43pm August 6, 2013)

This book sounds wonderful! Congratulations and thanks for the
Linda Brennan 3:48pm August 6, 2013)

COFFEE - I love me my coffee and now I am hooked on your books, as well - thank you so much for this great giveaway.
Felicia Ciaudelli 4:25pm August 6, 2013)

What an adorable cup! Hooked on coffee & books!
Susan Coster 4:48pm August 6, 2013)

I LOVE this series! I even have my husband and daughter
hooked on it so much that we listen to them in the car while
we're travelling!
Kim Mattox 5:00pm August 6, 2013)

Coffee with a Coffeehouse mystery...what could be better! Sounds like a wonderful book and a great giveaway!
Rich Cook 5:06pm August 6, 2013)

I treat myself well by enjoying good coffee in the morning and reading a good book. I'd love to win this and just start your good book while the kids start school. How quiet my days are going to be!
Stephanie Bonck 5:10pm August 6, 2013)

I am 40 and i have 2 kids that is still kind of young 10 and
14 but im heading towards where clare is in life the book
sounds great
Denise Smith 5:22pm August 6, 2013)

I love your books and your recipes. I wish your characters were real because I would love to hang out with them. You're awesome! :)
Robyn Konopka 5:23pm August 6, 2013)

Those chocolate muffins look killer. Wish I had one right now.
Susan Falkler 6:01pm August 6, 2013)

I really love cozy mysteries. Thanks for the post!!
MaryAnne Banks 6:30pm August 6, 2013)

Love this series and this book sounds really great.
Nancy Bradford 6:35pm August 6, 2013)

The coffee and muffins are enticing and look delectable and
special. Your mysteries are unique and captivating. What a
great series.
Sharon Berger 6:37pm August 6, 2013)

I'm anxious to read this book and check out the recipes. I will be checking out your Weekly Reading Round-Up which sounds fun, since I'm an avid reader! The chocolate muffin is making me hungry--looks so-o good (I can't locate the transporter button) lol!!
Linda Luinstra 6:38pm August 6, 2013)

I have enjoyed reading several of your Coffeehouse mysteries and look forward to reading more!
Mary Perry 6:57pm August 6, 2013)

I just finished reading the 8th book I was able to find locally...a glorious summer so far, filled with wonderful reading ! I love your style, "Cleo", I love your mysteries, and I LOVE coffee.
Nora Habkirk 7:41pm August 6, 2013)

Love your books. Also love coffee.
Kiki Winn 8:06pm August 6, 2013)

Love this series, although I have to catch up, I'm behind on a couple.
Debbie Steele 8:29pm August 6, 2013)

Enjoyed reading your blog. Got to read the great recipies on your website and learn about your books which really sound like a fun read.
Sheila True 8:46pm August 6, 2013)

Love the series - looking forward to reading the next Coffeehouse mystery,
Mary C 9:05pm August 6, 2013)

I love your books! Started with Holiday Grind and been working
on the rest of the series. Love a little mystery with my
coffee! Thanks for the contest!
Teresa Ward 9:12pm August 6, 2013)

I love the series and the recipes included! And oh how I'd
love to win this contest! :)
Elizabeth Adams 9:40pm August 6, 2013)

I'd love to win. I love your books
Jodi Schulman 9:42pm August 6, 2013)

Love your books! I would LOVE to win (hope I do)
Tonya Hundley 9:45pm August 6, 2013)

Seriously, what's not to love about your books? I started reading them years ago and look forward to the next one the minute I finish one. Our book club will be discussing "Holiday Buzz" in December. It's become a tradition so you must always have a holiday book! Next week is "The Ghost and Mrs. McClure. That cup looks perfect!
Antonette Nyman 9:46pm August 6, 2013)

Thank you for each escape you give me with your cozies! Hope i
win another escape!
Zaida Alfaro 9:48pm August 6, 2013)

Yay! So exciting! Love your books!
Genita Dunn 9:48pm August 6, 2013)

I love the fact the stories are set in NYC
Risa Rispoli 9:53pm August 6, 2013)

Your books are so much fun!
Vicki Bacon-Thomas 9:55pm August 6, 2013)

Can't wait to read this one
Jim Roberts 9:56pm August 6, 2013)

I would love to win this book as I think it is a fun series.
Angela Holland 9:57pm August 6, 2013)

Congratulations on your bestseller, you deserve it. Claire and Cleo
have helped me invaluably, helped me to relax and enjoy, enjoy my
coffee the past couple years. Thank you! I would love to read and enjoy
a signed copy from my favorite series.
Jessie Lewis 9:59pm August 6, 2013)

This is one of my favorite series ever....I love a good book and a good cup
a Joe!!!
Heather Ulilang 10:00pm August 6, 2013)

I love this series and I am hooked on Pepsi.
Deborah Dingledy 10:02pm August 6, 2013)

Love all of your books. I have read all the coffeehouse and the haunted
bookstore and recommend them to everyone I know.
Beth Edgar 10:03pm August 6, 2013)

I am a HUGE fan of Cleo Coyle's series. The characters are wonderful and the coffee recipes are FABULOUS. I am also a coffee lover so I feel we are kindred spirits! I hope I win this.....I am eager to sit in the coffee shop again!
Jane Lathem 10:04pm August 6, 2013)

I have loved this series from the very first book to the very latest book in her series. I love mysteries, but what I love about this series is that it is light, at times funny, interesting, and the recipes are to "Die For". She is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to her next book. She deserves all the accolades that come her direction.
Suzanne Bayes 10:05pm August 6, 2013)

I love the coffee books..great story's with characters you get attached
to...always anticipating the next in the series.
Colleen Blackburn 10:07pm August 6, 2013)

It has been too long since I curled up to read a coffee house mystery!
Lori Morton 10:09pm August 6, 2013)

i read them the minute they come out!!! would love to be a
Nan Millen 10:10pm August 6, 2013)

Love the muffin recipe. I love to bake. Coffee and a murder mystery sounds perfect.
Phyllis Lamken 10:11pm August 6, 2013)

I love your books !!!!
Dawn Miller 10:11pm August 6, 2013)

Cozies are the best - and centered around coffee is even
better! Keep up the great work Cleo and thanks for the great
contest. I'm sure the lucky winner will enjoy their new read
with coffee in their cool cup!
Theresa Dunlap 10:11pm August 6, 2013)

I read the hardcover version of a Brew To Kill and it was another great book in your series. I have loved every one of them and can't wait for the next one. I would love to win the paperback version to have as a gift for my daughter as she is just beginning to get involved with cozies and I know one of your books will convert her to this genre for sure. Keep up the great work. We all love our coffee in our family and love the recipes in your novels so much.
Thank you for doing such a great job with writing. (thank your husband too). Sincerely, Cynthia
Cynthia Blain 10:13pm August 6, 2013)

Would love to win an autographed copy of your book and that great looking
mug. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm so glad my best friend told me
about your books years ago :-). Great series.
Lori Passaro 10:13pm August 6, 2013)

Love the recipe for chocolate ricotta muffins. I love a good cozy mystery with a hot cup of latte.
Phyllis Lamken 10:13pm August 6, 2013)

I absolutely love the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I have already read them twice. The characters have become like old friends. I have tried several of the receipes already. I'm so looking forward to the next installment.
Mary Kennedy 10:16pm August 6, 2013)

So can not wait for the next book :D I read them all in a
very short time :D
Sara Ford 10:18pm August 6, 2013)

This is a great series! When you share recipe on your blogs you do it with such a
spirit of grace and generosity. It's much appreciated. With joy! That's my favorite
comment that you always close with. Thanks!
Nancy Roessner 10:22pm August 6, 2013)

I'm as hooked on the Coffeehouse Mysteries as I am on a good cup of coffee! Love 'em all!!
Colleen Kent 10:24pm August 6, 2013)

Would love to win - love the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I enjoy a Peppermint Mocha when I read. I also enjoy the recipes. I really enjoy reading your books - makes me want to stop in the coffee shop and enjoy a cup with Claire. Thanks for writing such a wonderful series. You can't go wrong with coffee.
Betsy Lewerenz 10:24pm August 6, 2013)

These have been awesome reads when on annual road trips. I
enjoy the suspense and using some of the coffee recipes. Keep
it up Cleo!
Naomi Campbell 10:25pm August 6, 2013)

Will there be a recipe/cook book coming out with all of the recipes in your Coffee House series and more of your won recipes coming anytime soon?? That would be a great gift to give some friends of mine if so.
Thank you.
Cynthia Blain 10:30pm August 6, 2013)

I love the blend of the characters and how everything works so well together. And the food is a big plus, too.
Leni Kaye 10:34pm August 6, 2013)

Love, Love, Love this series Cleo! Congrats on all the success you, Marc and Clare have received on a job well done.
Christine Arcidiacono 10:35pm August 6, 2013)

One of my favorite series
Melissa O'Neil 10:46pm August 6, 2013)

This has become my favorite series of books! I eagerly anticipate every new entry. I would love to win an autographed copy from my favorite author!
Peggy Wright 10:46pm August 6, 2013)

As with all your other books, once I started this book I had a hard time putting it down. It had many twists and turns and every time one thought they knew who the culprit could be, it wasn't. It was interesting and fun to read and I would recommend this book to anyone who would enjoys mysteries. If I ever make it to New York I will be very disappointed if I don't find a coffeehouse like The Village Blend. Congrats on your awards!!!!!
Rita Pierrottie 10:47pm August 6, 2013)

I picked up an audio copy in the library of Holiday Grind and I was hooked!
I had to read everyone they had and listened to the audio books also even
though I had read some of them first! Can't wait for the next one!
Greta Hays 10:48pm August 6, 2013)

I love this series! I feel like I could just live at Clare's
coffee house and be perfectly fine there! Thanks for the
Carolyn Hutson 10:50pm August 6, 2013)

I love this series! Thanks for the giveaway chance.
Linda Kuzminczuk 10:56pm August 6, 2013)

i love this series also! I would love to win this book!
Cheryl Reader 10:58pm August 6, 2013)

I love this series. I have read them all and can't wait for Billionaire Blend to come out to find out how Claire and Mike are doing!
Susan Roberts 10:59pm August 6, 2013)

love her books and giveaways
Catherine Myers 11:09pm August 6, 2013)

Received my copy from Amazon Prime today but would love a
signed copy. Can't get enough of this series and love the
Haunted Bookshop series too.
Kathi Morrison 11:09pm August 6, 2013)

I've been addicted to this series almost as addicted as I am to my coffee. Its written so well, the characters are amazing and I love how she always gets into hot water! Keep up the great work!
Krista Vendetti 11:12pm August 6, 2013)

Would love to win this book and coffee cup, but will get the book even if I
don't win because I love this series.
Darlene Coover 11:20pm August 6, 2013)

Thanks for the muffin recipe. I haven't read any of your books. From the sound of it, I'm missing out. I will put this your books to my TBR List. Thanks again.
Kai Wong 11:41pm August 6, 2013)

Your book sounds like a great read to wind up the Summer with!! The recipes are an added plus!! I just realized that the winner won't be getting their book until September, and that will be a great time to sit there with a cup of coffee in one hand, and your book in the other!! The muffin will have to sit on the table, I suppose. It does look yummy!! The cover is very inviting, too!! It's colorful, and the artist did a great job on it!! I have it on my TBR list.
Peggy Roberson 11:41pm August 6, 2013)

i love these books! i always look forward to the newest
release, so i can catch up with some of my familiar new york
city characters!
Cindy Lichtenstein 12:11pm August 7, 2013)

I need your new book as much as I need a really good cup or three in the morning. Congrats and hopes for continued success!
Diane Snow 12:11pm August 7, 2013)

I've already pre-ordered the Billionaire Blend! I can't wait.
I love how these books take me away from my day-to-day life
and into a different world.
Mel We 12:17pm August 7, 2013)

Your book sounds terrific. Would love to win. Thanks for the
opportunity to enter in this giveaway.
Barbara Thompson 12:20pm August 7, 2013)

Love your books; would love to win
Areta Nadozirny 12:24pm August 7, 2013)

Two of my favourite things to do are reading and baking and
I love it when authors combine the two. Every so often an
author will describe a food item that sounds absolutely
amazing and it makes you want to try it but you don't know
how to make it. I'm glad us readers don't have that problem
with your books. :-)
Lisa White 12:29pm August 7, 2013)

Love your books. Emailed brother to have him pass along your series to his
daughter. He said he wanted to read them too. He loves coffee and had
lived in NYC.
Barbara Tobey 12:47pm August 7, 2013)

Can't wait to get my hands on this one!!! Coffee cup would be
AWESOME too!!! Also LOVE the Muffin recipe!
Kim Yates 2:05am August 7, 2013)

Always excited to read the next installment in the series. The
books are amazing and the recipes are nummy!!
Dott Campo 2:27am August 7, 2013)

Coffeehouse Mysteries are the best, so enjoyable and fun, and the recipes are yummy! Thanks for the contest!
Kathi Dugas 4:44am August 7, 2013)

I love the coffee house mysteries. The books are wonderfully written and lots of fun to read. I also love the recipes and coffee. I have made a few of the recipes and they are a big hit. Thanks for the contest.
Jacqueline Knighten 6:58am August 7, 2013)

Looking for to something new for the fall. The plan is to dive in and enjoy the fresh roast mysteries!
Celia Croteau 7:03am August 7, 2013)

I love this series and the recipes are the best!
Kim Waterfield 7:39am August 7, 2013)

Love the series. I just finished Roast Mortem and am looking forward to
trying the recipes!!
Shelbie Davis 7:51am August 7, 2013)

I've been following this series foever. Love Clare
and Matt's relationship. It's an important part of
the series even if they aren't together. Would love
to win! Thank you for the chance!
Teresa Cotto 8:25am August 7, 2013)

Love all of the books in this series! I would love to win this book/cup combo!
Joanne Goodman 8:27am August 7, 2013)

Love your books since coffee is my favorite drink. Your
characters are wonderful and the recipes, too!
Linda Kleback 8:29am August 7, 2013)

I absolutely adore your coffeehouse series. The characters and setting are just right, not over the top. I also adore coffee, and I collect autographed books and have a collection of mugs that I started in the early 70's. This would make a great addition!
Jenni Oglesby 8:45am August 7, 2013)

I love the coffeehouse series! I love coffee and I love
reading and they go so well together. Your'e books are the
best!The coffee cup would be great for my collection!
Rene Szklenski 9:03am August 7, 2013)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series! Have read all of them and cannot wait for the next book in December.
Pam Dodd 9:14am August 7, 2013)

Ok I got here, lol. This book sounds great I'd LOVE to win it
Debbie Carney 9:36am August 7, 2013)

I love the Coffeehouse Mysteries and have not read A Brew to a Kill yet!! Woohoo!! One more to add to my collection!!
Janet McCormick 9:40am August 7, 2013)

Love you, Cleo!
Janet Boyer 9:45am August 7, 2013)

I LOVE the coffeehouse mysteries!! I would very much love to go to
Greenwich Village and meet Clare at the Village Blend, if only it physically
existed! LOL! :)
Laurie Lupkas 9:58am August 7, 2013)

Have all your books! Love them, love coffee, love the recipes!
Candice Chaloupka 9:59am August 7, 2013)

My mother would simply adore these books! Then we can discuss them over
coffee! :)
Jackie R 10:57am August 7, 2013)

Love Cleo Coyle and the coffeehouse mysteries. Two of my favorite things. Want to share the book and have coffee with friends out of these cute cups. Cannot wait for the new book to catch up with my friends from Village Blend.
Donna Dunbar 11:24am August 7, 2013)

I'd love to visit the Village Blend and meet Clare Cosi in
person. The smells alone in that shop would spur my coffee
Awaiting the newest eagerly!
Marsha Campbell 12:02pm August 7, 2013)

I could really use a chocolate ricotta muffin and some coffee right about now. Can't wait to read this next book!!
Michelle Larsen 12:09pm August 7, 2013)

Would love to win this set...can't wait to
dive into more culinary mysteries!!
Cynthia Prasse 12:10pm August 7, 2013)

I would love to win your book...I read most anything
but love books with recipes in them. I have found
many good recipes that have been shared with many...
As for coffee. ..what better drink to have with your
books....my family (all grown) think I read too much,
but I don't think that is possible. Keep writing...
Sandra Dunn 12:16pm August 7, 2013)

I absolutely love your series and I'm working through all of them! Love the
mystery and recipes. When will you do a stand alone cookbook as other
authors of long series have? I would snatch that one up, too.
Karen Carter 12:30pm August 7, 2013)

I love these books!! I haven't read this one yet. :)
Penny Mettert 1:25pm August 7, 2013)

I do love a good mystery and am new to this series, I
also visit my favorite coffee house every
morning....so this would be a match made in heaven!
Great idea!
Cindy Stock 2:01pm August 7, 2013)

Each mystery is more engaging than the previous one. This series is addictive. I eagerly await the next in the series.
Phyllis Cotton 2:18pm August 7, 2013)

I'd love to win this book, tight after I make myself a cup of coffee. Dee
Deanna Stillings 2:45pm August 7, 2013)

I love books with coffee in it, especially murder mysteries, I
work in the homicide section
Charlotte Peterson 4:37pm August 7, 2013)

Started out with Agatha 1962 and still reading mysteries. I
meet up with my book group at a coffee house to share and have
fun. Reading till the wee hours of the summer nights/mornings.
A nice wood stove in the middle of the night is good also.
Marata Randi 5:16pm August 7, 2013)

Just got the book in the mail yesterday. I have read them all and LOVE them. Recipes too. Go get 'em Clare!
Barbara Patrick 6:48pm August 7, 2013)

I have read all your Coffee House mysteries and can't wait to see what Clare gets up to next.
Lynda Washbrook 9:00pm August 7, 2013)

Coffee, cake & a great read. Yes please!!
Mary Preston 10:01pm August 7, 2013)

Love this series! Can't wait to read this one!
Darcy Odden 10:56pm August 7, 2013)

Shelley Summers 11:56pm August 7, 2013)

I would love to read this book!
Ann Garczynski 8:29pm August 11, 2013)

Love the book! and the cup is great as well... Hope I win!!!!
Tonya Hundley 8:38pm August 11, 2013)

I adore your books. I have read everyone that has been released and can not wait to read the next one. You have amazing talent. Wishing you the best.
Jean Johnson 8:51pm August 11, 2013)

I am so looking forward to Billionaire Blend! Today is my birthday and this
news totally made my day!!!
Barbara Swantak 9:18pm August 11, 2013)

So confused...thought I had read all your books....missed this in hardcover I
guess. I would love to win an autographed copy!
Lori Gersonde 11:28pm August 11, 2013)

Your books rock! Can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.
Suzan Sander 11:43pm August 11, 2013)

One of my favorite cozy series. Keep up the great writing you two!
Barbara Tobey 12:03pm August 12, 2013)

I love your books and I love coffee! Thanks for the great
series. :)
Catherine Lame' 12:30pm August 12, 2013)

This is one of my first and favorite cozy series. And they
just keep getting better! I hope the series continues for at
least another 12.
Janet Morrissey 8:23am August 12, 2013)

Utterly addicted to coffee and Clare Cosi! I have read
everything and of course tried out some of the
recipes..jelly donut muffins are fab!
Can't wait to get my hands on the latest book...may there be
many more...if only the Village Blend was here I adore all
the characters!
Liz Wright 1:47pm August 12, 2013)

Delighted to hear that you've written a new book. I am looking forward to
reading it!
Jennifer Cardillo 9:11pm August 14, 2013)

great review, will have to look for this book, has two of my
favorite things, food, mystery and of course a little romance
Sharon Salituro 10:18am August 29, 2013)

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