December 7th, 2023
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Reporter Emma Cross confronts high society and murder at a 1900s Newport yacht gathering.

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Unraveling a secret aboard the missing Goliath, where history collides with present danger.

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Undercover agents at a holiday party face unexpected danger and a budding romance.

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Lord Julian unravels a dangerous mystery to reveal a child's heritage as well as his own birthright.

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Uncovering the truth: A determined mother, a torn DA, and a dark mystery.

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A Ukrainian medic and a Marine sniper's perilous mission ignites unexpected passion amid danger.

Billionaire Blend by Cleo Coyle


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Billionaire Blend
Cleo Coyle

Coffeehouse Mystery #13
December 2013
On Sale: December 3, 2013
Featuring: Clare Cosi; Eric Thorner; Mike Quinn
401 pages
ISBN: 0425252914
EAN: 9780425252918
Kindle: B009VMCDV2
Hardcover / e-Book
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Other Editions
Mass Market Paperback (reprint - August 2014)

Mystery Cozy

Landmark coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi has served her share of New York's rich and famous, but even she is surprised by her explosive introduction to a mysterious Internet billionaire...

When a car bomb nearly kills the charming young tech whiz Eric Thorner, Clare comes to his aid and receives a priceless thank you. Not only does the billionaire buy her a barista's dream espresso machine, he hires her for an extraordinary project: creating the world's most expensive coffee blend. The police arrest Eric's alleged attacker, yet death continues to surround the unlucky mogul, leading Clare to question whether the lethal events are premeditated or merely freak accidents.

Clare's boyfriend, NYPD detective Mike Quinn, has a theory of his own--one Clare refuses to believe. Meanwhile, Eric jets Clare around the world on a head-spinning search for the very best coffee, and Clare gets to know his world--a mesmerizing circle of money with rivalries that could easily have turned deadly. But is this mysterious young CEO truly marked for termination? Or is he the one making a killing?

Read An Excerpt


Coffeehouse Mystery


116 comments posted.

Re: Billionaire Blend

Loved the excerpt for "Billionaire Blend" and you get recipes with the book,too. Can't beat that. Wrote to Santa and told him I wanted an ebook of "Billionaire Blend." Merry Christmas!!
(Sharon Extine 2:03am December 3, 2013)

love the recipes the billionaire blend sounds so good i
really would love this for christmas this year so i told my
husband about it
Denise Smith 4:45am December 3, 2013)

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee, with a sweet treat to have while reading a good book....Billionaire Blend sounds just about right. Thank you
C Culp 6:02am December 3, 2013)

Cleo - your series is at the top of my list of favorites. The last two years your new
release has come out either on my birthday or the day before. It's a great
birthday treat for me. I can't wait for the new book to arrive. Billionaire Blend
will be my first holiday read for this year. As crazy as my schedule is, it really is a
gift to myself to sit down with Clare and her friends.
Beverly Archer 7:26am December 3, 2013)

This si one of my favorite series.
Sandy Giden 7:28am December 3, 2013)

Every time I read another blurb about one of your books, I fall more in love with you!! The only thing I need to do is find the time to sit down and actually read your book!! The recipes in your book sound really yummy, as do your lime cookies. Knowing that you can freeze the lime ones, are an added plus!! My New Year's resolution will have to be to read your book, along with a couple that I may have missed!! Have a wonderful Christmas, and all the best in the coming year!!
Peggy Roberson 8:23am December 3, 2013)

Thanks for the post and giveaway. Looking forward to the newest book!
G S Moch 8:41am December 3, 2013)

I can't wait. I love all of your recipes I have tried. I love
your series.
Sue Foster 8:43am December 3, 2013)

I love recipes, suspense and great chemistry. I think this book has it all and
I would love to read it.
Melanie Backus 10:25am December 3, 2013)

Lucky 13! Sounds awesome!
Jaime Geraldi 11:07am December 3, 2013)

The recipes have my mouth watering. Can't wait to read the book.
Pam Howell 11:19am December 3, 2013)

I enjoyed A Brew to Kill, so excited to read this one.
Barbara Wells 11:31am December 3, 2013)

I am a fan of your books and enjoy the recipes you include.
G. Bisbjerg 11:38am December 3, 2013)

I think I put on pounds just reading your posts. I must buy
the book for those recipes---and a good mystery, too.
Sue Farrell 1:44pm December 3, 2013)

Just me (Cleo Coyle) dropping in to say thank you to
everyone for the kind comments. I'm excited about this new
entry in my series, and I'm so happy to see longtime readers
chiming in.

If you're new to the series, welcome! I hope you enjoy the
books, the recipes, and the Coffeehouse community we have
online. At my website -, you will
find many more recipes, fun video links, a reader message
board, a coffee giveaway every week, and a periodic
newsletter. I hope you'll join us!

Good luck in my drawing, everyone. The contest will remain
open all week. Like the Terminator, I'll be back... :)
Cleo Coyle 1:48pm December 3, 2013)

Yay, it's here, it's here! :) Christmas, NYC, a cuppa and Claire Cosi :)
Maureen Machado 2:19pm December 3, 2013)

Eek! I mean Clare, of course. :lol:
Maureen Machado 2:20pm December 3, 2013)

Love that you have recipes in the book!
Michelle Schafer 2:45pm December 3, 2013)

I love the recipes you include in your books.
Sharon Strickland 3:30pm December 3, 2013)

I love it when authors intersperse recipes with a novel.
Susan Coster 3:52pm December 3, 2013)

The first chapter has certainly whetted my appetite. I must read this book (and catch up on the earlier ones, too). The recipes will be an added bonus! The Pumpkin Spice Muffins would go really well with a good 'cuppa joe'. And that Skillet Lasagna looked awfully good in the pic on Mystery Lovers' Kitchen page.
Donna Durnell 4:31pm December 3, 2013)

Fantastic coffee, fantastic recipes, and most important - fantastic books! Thank you so much for all 3.
Karen Barnett 4:33pm December 3, 2013)

Loved the excerpt! Want the recipe! gotta get this book, and I
love Laughing Man Kenya!
Michelle Kobus 5:01pm December 3, 2013)

Love your coffee books--these bars remind me of the yummy Ninamo Bars
that I had in Alaska and Canada!! Thanks for all your treats!!
Ronna Lord 5:19pm December 3, 2013)

I'm so excited that you have so many great recipes in your new book, and that you're giving us many other good ones too! I love recipes and have two recipe boxes and quite a large cookbook collection. I love baking and cooking since I was a young girl. I really want this book.
Linda Luinstra 5:24pm December 3, 2013)

I would love to get hold of those recipes and, of course, read
the book. It sounds terrific. The coffee would be a great
Linda Kish 5:55pm December 3, 2013)

You had me before the recipes. One reason I like this site is
because I find new authors for me to read.
Leona Olson 6:02pm December 3, 2013)

I've been following your Coffeehouse Mystery series for some time now. Looking forward to BILLIONAIRE BLEND! Thanks for the recipes ....
Christine LaRue 6:05pm December 3, 2013)

It looks like an exciting story.
Maureen Emmons 6:29pm December 3, 2013)

Love the Coffeehouse Mysteries!! Looking forward to this one :)
Penny Mettert 6:34pm December 3, 2013)

I love a book that includes bonus recipes.
Marcy Shuler 7:04pm December 3, 2013)

Well, this blog was a win for me! I loved the excerpt, the recipes, the
chance to win, and Hugh Jackman! Thanks! Congratulations on the book -
it sounds wonderful!
Linda Brennan 7:41pm December 3, 2013)

Can't wait to get a copy of Billionaire Blend, sit back with a
hot cup of java, and sink into the adventures of Claire and
gang! And the recipes...oh my!
Heather Sell 7:54pm December 3, 2013)

Sounds like another winning book from Cleo Coyle that I can't wait to read. I love this series, I love coffee and those recipes all look delicious!
Robyn Konopka 8:50pm December 3, 2013)

I am really looking forward to reading Billionaire Blend. I
have loved all the Coffeehouse Mysteries - they just keep
getting better and better!
Janet Morrissey 8:56pm December 3, 2013)

As usual, you and Marc have outdone yourselves! Can't wait to read the whole thing! Thinking of both of you during your trials this year.
Tonya Hundley 9:03pm December 3, 2013)

Two things I love to do is read mysteries and cook, this is what lead me to
read my first Coffeehouse Mystery, and just like coffee I've been addicted ever
since. Not only am I challenged to figure "who dunnit" I learn something new
about coffee with each new volume. I so look for to the newest edition that I
pre-order as soon as I can on Amazon. When a coffee loving co-worker
retired I gave her every edition that was in print at that time and she's now
addicted, too. Cleo please keep writing these wonderful books! Maybe
someday Hugh Jackman will agree to play Mateo when the rights are
purchased to put them on the "big screen". I'll be in line at the open show for
Terri Palmer 9:05pm December 3, 2013)

Oh wow this sounds like a very exciting book in the series with the most mouth watering recipes. I can't wait to see what is going to happen with Claire and all the gang down at the Village Blend !!!Crossing chilly fingers and toes that all my favourite characters will be okay
Edel Waugh 9:06pm December 3, 2013)

Dear Cleo: Billionaire Blend is my neighborhood book club's book for the month of January (yeah) and I would love to win a copy of it for my daughter who normally buys the audio books as she works and has three children, so "reads" her books while driving to and from work on her CD player. But since I could not find this out in CD format yet, I would love to win a copy of the book to give to her. I love the fact that you give enough background in each book to make them stand alone books. I have loved each and every one of them, and can hardly stand to finish one knowing it will be awhile before the next one becomes available. I love the Wolverine's coffee information too.

Thank you.

Cynthia Blain
Cynthia Blain 9:14pm December 3, 2013)

I LOVE the Coffeehouse Mysteries...and since I was introduced to them, I can't get enough. What's better than a cup of coffee, a Coffeehouse Mystery and a sweet treat from the recipes that are included with the books!
Kathi Dugas 9:16pm December 3, 2013)

Just in time for reading by the Christmas tree. What a great present for ME! Love these mysteries.
Cynthia Smith 9:25pm December 3, 2013)

Love the series
Read them all
Pam Magnus 9:34pm December 3, 2013)

Can't wait to read it! I don't even want to read the first
chapter since it will make me want it even more badly. I'm
making the Oatmeal Cookie Brittle for a cookie exchange on
Saturday! Thanks for the giveaway~
Jennifer Chambers 9:48pm December 3, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: BILLIONAIRE BLEND. I love
the book cover too! Your new book sounds so fantastic and
the recipes sound so yummy too! I would truly love to win
and read your new book with amazing recipes and goodies as a
Christmas present. Thank You so much. Happy Holidays!
Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:49pm December 3, 2013)

I have bought all the books in this series. Also, bought copies for my sister.
Pre-ordered Billionaire Blend. Can't wait to get it! Love all the recipes you
include in the books and on your facebook page and website. I keep
commenting on facebook that you should publish a cookbook of all those
great recipes. I would be happy to buy it for myself and as gifts!!! Hope
you'll do that soon. You are so talented:a great writer and baker/cook.
Shari Santella 9:52pm December 3, 2013)

Cleo, I can't wait to read this one. And I have to try the Crunchy Almond Biscotti. The book is definitely on my Christmas list. Would love to try Woverine's coffee. Too bad he can't come over and make it for me. Hope Marc is well. Please keep the books coming.
Antonette Nyman 10:11pm December 3, 2013)

Looking forward to purchasing Billionaire Blend for my birthday tomorrow! I will
draw a hot bath and read the next installment of one of my all-time favorite
series!! Thanks for the birthday gift! :-)
Theresa Koob 10:12pm December 3, 2013)

can't wait to read the book and try the yummy recipes.
Melissa O'Neil 10:30pm December 3, 2013)

Love love love Cleo, her books, and her newsletter!
Gina Borkowski 10:40pm December 3, 2013)

So hope to get the 13th book for Christmas. I was hooked after the first one
and read them all in a very short time
Sara Ford 10:40pm December 3, 2013)

Cleo, I look forward to each of your novels for the exciting story AND the
wonderfully delectable recipes! I would love a copy of Billionaire Blend!
Mary Mattioda 10:48pm December 3, 2013)

I haven't read any of your books, but looking forward too reading them. Thanks for the giveaway.
Yaritza Santana 11:17pm December 3, 2013)

The recipes and the mystery are great but I really can't wait to catch up with Claire and Mike! I love this series and I am planning on rereading it after the new year in order Book 1 to 13. I can't wait.
Susan Roberts 11:22pm December 3, 2013)

Coffee + a good book = heaven. Looking forward to Billionaire Blend.
Dorothy Kelley 11:22pm December 3, 2013)

This is one of my most favorite series and I am very excited
to read Billionaire Blend! As a coffee lover I would also
love to try Laughing Man Coffee...what a great
combination...a great book and a wonderful cup of coffee!
Thanks for the contest!
Cynthia Hogue 11:25pm December 3, 2013)

Love the Coffeehouse Mystery series - can't wait to read
Billionaire Blend! Thnks for the yummy recipes too!
Mary C 11:47pm December 3, 2013)

Love a good coffee and your books. Can't wait for this one.
Thanks for the give-away!
Kate Hall 11:48pm December 3, 2013)

Thank you for this Holiday Gift! I look forward to reading
"Billionaire Blend!" (On My XMAS Wish List). I also look
forward to trying some of your wonderful recipes during this
holiday season.
Christine Drummond 12:11pm December 4, 2013)

Love a great book! Can't live without coffee! The Laughing Man
Coffee sounds like a great way to help others. :-)
Glenda Martillotti 12:16pm December 4, 2013)

I'm excited about reading your books. Coffee and a book are right down my alley!
Barbara Wells 7:50am December 4, 2013)

It's hard to say who loves you and your books most around
here. My kid have been thrilled with the gift ideas. Last
year it was a new coffee grinder, coffee beans and the 2
books I was missing. My co-workers who have read your books
at my not so subtle urging. Again my kids for the recipes I
have tried out on them. My mother, who turned me into a
mystery lover way too many years ago, who loves the books.
Of course, I would have to say me, since I made them all try
. I'm looking forward to the big 3 M's: murder, mayhem and
Mike. Happy holidays to you and yours
Laura Smith 7:54am December 4, 2013)

I was so excited when I received the email from Barnes and
Noble stating that the book has arrived. I'm already on
chapter 5! I'm loving it as expected!
Mel We 7:57am December 4, 2013)

Hooray - another Coffeehouse Mystery. Love the series.
Robyn Roberts 8:29am December 4, 2013)

Love your books, Cleo, and can't wait to read Billionaire Blend, and try out the receipe for the Pumpkin Spice Muffins!!! Maureen Marcotte - 9:06am
Maureen Marcotte 9:07am December 4, 2013)

Billionaire Blend is on my to read list.
Wendy Jensen 10:35am December 4, 2013)

I'm not sure what I like about your books the most---the recipes or the mystery. Billionaire Blend is on my TBR list.
Sue Farrell 11:08am December 4, 2013)

The book sounds like a fun read.
Marguerite Guinn 11:36am December 4, 2013)

Love the Hugh Jackman meme. Looking forward to the new book.
Gayle Cochrane 12:07pm December 4, 2013)

Thank you for the recipes! Can't wait to try them and I can't wait to read your new book!!
Tonya Coley 2:19pm December 4, 2013)

I had no idea that Hugh Jackman has a coffee company. We love coffee at our house. And, thanks for the recipes! Coffee and sweets... can't beat that combination! OR coffee, sweets and Hugh Jackman! That would definitely be a winning combo!
Sandy Fielder 3:38pm December 4, 2013)

sound like a great book to read
Ann Unger 3:39pm December 4, 2013)

Captivating and wonderful. Love this book and post.
Sharon Berger 3:42pm December 4, 2013)

I can't wait to read the next book in this coffee house series.
Janet Robel 4:47pm December 4, 2013)

just finished Billionaire Blend, cannot wait to try the recipes. Great Book.
Dawn Luedtke 7:12pm December 4, 2013)

love to read and i love that man!!!
Jennifer Beck 8:56pm December 4, 2013)

Nothing is better than a good cup of coffee. Love your books. Thanks for a chance to win .
Linda Hall 9:56pm December 4, 2013)

I love to read a good mystery & one of my favorite things to do is try out new recipes. Your book sounds like it will satisfy all my needs.
Christine Schultz 12:04pm December 5, 2013)

I am ready to buy your series recipe book. All your recipes look so yummy that I'm going to try them. Thanks for the recipes and your giveaway.
Kai Wong 12:25pm December 5, 2013)

I can't wait to read the next book in this coffee house
series,plus I love the recipes that you include in the books.
Thank you for this great giveaway!!!
Gail Fuhlman 1:09am December 5, 2013)

Books, coffee & Hugh Jackman - you've got it all covered.
Mary Preston 4:22am December 5, 2013)

The Recipes look good, I will have to try some out
Lynne Pearson 10:52am December 5, 2013)

Those Key Lime Coolers sounds awesome!
Deidre Durance 2:53pm December 5, 2013)

LOL I love books with recipes that go along. I have to ask, how do you know what is Wolverine's Favorite coffee???? hehe
Lisa Hutson 7:47pm December 5, 2013)

This book/coffee sounds cool. I haven't read the series, but
I'd love to try it out.
Karin Anderson 10:40am December 6, 2013)

I have read two of your books from the series and loved them.
Now I have read the 1st book in the series.
Mary Brandis 4:20pm December 6, 2013)

Congrats on the great reviews. :) Would love a chance to get
to reading you're books, sound great and love when recipes are
included. Happy holidays.
Leslie Davis 4:26pm December 6, 2013)

nothing better than a good cup of coffee while reading a book
- this sounds like the perfect pairing!
Diane Sallans 5:00pm December 6, 2013)

looks like a great book
Janet Gould 6:37pm December 6, 2013)

a definite add to my Wish List!!
thank you for the giveaway!!
Cynthia Wong 7:52pm December 6, 2013)

I need to read this!!
Mari Kenobi 9:43pm December 6, 2013)

I love coffee. Your mysteries have everything I love a great story, coffee and food. Love the recipes.
Phyllis Lamken 3:56pm December 7, 2013)

Love this series! Thanks for the interestin guest blog & giveaway!
Linda Rima 11:23pm December 7, 2013)

Coffee, a sweet treat and a great mystery book sounds like paradise to me.
Ginger Hinson 1:57am December 8, 2013)

love coffe..also jackman...and although have never read your writings..from reading regarding it-- am sure i would.
Mal Kaplan 11:53am December 8, 2013)

Love books with recipies
Patricia Wagner 12:07pm December 8, 2013)

You are a new Author to me. I loved reading the blurb and can't wait to get my hot little hands on this book! Thanks so much for the intro into your books.
Sandie White 10:25pm December 8, 2013)

The recipes sound wonderful, I always like to try new dishes. I, also, but your book on my Christmas list!!!!
Bonnie Capuano 7:53am December 9, 2013)

I'm new to this series. Can't wait to read it!
Abby Thorne 11:51am December 9, 2013)

This sounds like a good read.
Anna Speed 12:06pm December 9, 2013)

The book sounds great and BONUS - recipes that sound really
LaRonda Atchison 12:20pm December 9, 2013)

I am new to your books, and incredibily curious. One of my favorites jobs was during my teenage years in a cafe, baking and creating new soups and coffee drinks. Looking forward to trying the Oatmeal Cookie Brittle. Making it for my coworkers tomorrow.
Anna Mekus 2:25pm December 9, 2013)

the books sound very interesting and the recipes are a real
bonus! Can't wait to try them. Thanks.
Dianne McVetty 2:37pm December 9, 2013)

I love cozy mysteries and coffee. I'd love to win. The coffee will keep me awake and reading longer. I think I have two or three of the books in this series.
Michelle Fidler 2:49pm December 9, 2013)

I have to buy your book now that you've listed the recipes! I definitely want some Bailey's Irish Cream Fudge! That sounds amazing! We love coffee and sweet treats at our house.
Sandy Fielder 3:05pm December 9, 2013)

wow thank you for the chance! :)
Vickie Schultz 3:52pm December 9, 2013)

I love to read your books, all the recipes are fantastic and the info about coffee is great. Thanks for sharing about your newest book; I will have to check it out. Coffee is a must have in our house as well as treats. Thank you for such a delightful series.
Nancy Wolfe 4:52pm December 9, 2013)

This book sounds great! I love books with recipes, not that I cook or bake mind you, just enjoy reading recipes and cookbooks. Strange, isn't it? :) Looking forward to reading the actual story of the book as well.
Vennie Martinisi 5:19pm December 9, 2013)

Those pics made me so hungry! :)
Jackie R 5:46pm December 9, 2013)

Fudge ang Hugh that's a match made in heaven if I ever seen one love it
Michelle Dodd 6:32pm December 9, 2013)

I love how recipes are in the book!
Teresa Kieu 7:09pm December 9, 2013)

Really enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a delicious read.
Sheila True 10:01pm December 9, 2013)

This is lovely, but where do we find the poster of Wolverine? Like other readers, I love the recipes as well!
Marcia Berbeza 10:27pm December 9, 2013)

I have a feeling that that most expensive blend has to involve
Mary Ann Dimand 10:46pm December 9, 2013)

I will have to save this for next year. No eggnog at the
store now. I may try something else instead. Thanks for the
Leona Olson 6:06pm January 19, 2014)

delicious recipe.
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Brian Perry 1:48am January 29, 2014)

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