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Neighborly Secrets. Deadly Desires.

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A summer of friendship, forgiveness, and fresh starts.

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Can a desire for revenge lead to redemption? Free!

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Danger, wealth, revenge, power, and fear were all a part of his life.

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How can they stay rivals when they're falling in love?

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Wedding season includes searching for a missing bride�and a killer . . .

Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle


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Roast Mortem
Cleo Coyle

Arson leads to murder in this hot new mystery that pays tribute to firefighters...

Coffeehouse Mystery #9
August 2010
On Sale: August 3, 2010
Featuring: Mike Quinn; Clare Cosi
384 pages
ISBN: 0425234592
EAN: 9780425234594
Kindle: B003QHZMAC
Hardcover / e-Book
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Other Editions
Paperback (reprint - August 2011)

Mystery Woman Sleuth

The national bestselling author brews up a hot new mystery.

Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse, has perfected the pulling of steaming hot espressos. But can she keep New York’s Bravest from getting burned?

After local firefighters pull Clare’s friends out of a blazing café, she saves them from some seriously bad coffee by teaching them the finer points of operating their newly donated espresso machine. But matters really heat up when somebody begins torching more cafés around the city and firefighters begin to die in suspicious ways.

Believing the two events are related, Clare investigates, staking out a five-borough bake sale and sniffing out clues in the pizza ovens of Brooklyn. Soon she's facing off with a strapping, hardheaded FDNY fire captain, who insists that none of his men aided this firebug in his or her crime. Clare isn't so sure. Then her police detective boyfriend, Mike Quinn, is pulled into the fire of a false accusation, and Clare is desperate to put out the flames. But will she be able to come to Mike’s rescue before someone tries to extinguish her?


Coffeehouse Mystery


70 comments posted.

Re: Roast Mortem

How could you not love pancakes and firefighters!
(Joanne Reynolds 7:01am August 14, 2010)

God Bless the firefighters!!
Mary Preston 7:43am August 14, 2010)

They look so good! And blueberries are so good for you also!
Diane Pollock 8:13am August 14, 2010)

Love my pancakes. And firefighters aren't so bad either.
Vicki Hancock 8:18am August 14, 2010)

I am from NY and I have seen first hand how the FDNY work and they are great. Coffee can just be my middle name. I was bless to have grandparents that owned a coffee field in PR and expierance first hand true coffee. I must be honest to say I have never read your books, but I am interested and will be adding on my list to read. Thank you for the chance to win.

P.S. Pancakes look great too.
Cynthia Plaza-Harney 8:33am August 14, 2010)

Our daughter just moved to work in NYC and I am SLOWLY becoming aware of the various areas there. Now I can enjoy books taking place in NYC because I can remember what the area looks like.
Karin Tillotson 8:42am August 14, 2010)

Ah pancakes. Where I come from we eat them with a coating of suger and a sprinkle of lemon juice....yummy!!!!

[email protected]
in Germany
Valerie Bongards 8:59am August 14, 2010)

I love pancakes and also remember the pancake breakfast fundraisers, although I've never had blueberry pancakes. I think I will give them a try! By the way I loved the trailer. I have read all of the coffee house mysteries and am looking forward to Roast Mortem.
Kelly Letourneau 9:03am August 14, 2010)

Pancakes and sausage at the firehouse. Wow that is a treasured memory! My BFF's dad was a fireman, and we would always be there serving up plates for the people who arrived to help out our local fire fighters.
Mary Shipman 9:04am August 14, 2010)

I read your series, and enjoy them, being a coffee lover. Pancakes, I love them, but can't have them. Makes me want them even more, especially with blueberries..
I have gone to pancake fundraisers, best pancakes ever, and so much fun!
Anne Harris 9:10am August 14, 2010)

I'm fortunate enough to live in a small town where, especially during the summer, you can't drive anywhere without seeing a sign for a fireman's pancake breakfast fundraser on the side of the road!! They are an all-volunteer group, but their job is very important, all the same. Your recipe sounds so good, and I'll be looking at it as soon as I get done here, as well as the rest of your links. I must say that your book sounds as interesting as your recipe!! The research that went into it must have been a rewarding experience for you.
Peggy Roberson 9:32am August 14, 2010)

I will check out some of your recipes. I do like pancakes and have been experimenting with different types lately.
Maureen Emmons 10:08am August 14, 2010)

Ihop chocolate chip pancakes were what I recall most about special breakfasts growing up. Yum.
Pam Howell 10:10am August 14, 2010)

Pancakes with strawberries and
Joy Botkin 10:18am August 14, 2010)

Pancakes with strawberries and
whipped cream.
Joy Botkin 10:20am August 14, 2010)

I just went to your website. Why did I do that on an empty stomach? I was already interested in reading this series, but seeing those recipes really has sealed the deal.
Leni Kaye 10:57am August 14, 2010)

We love the firehouse pancake breakfasts. I am also from a small town and there is always a pancake breakfast somewhere around here. And always raising money for a good cause, too.
Can't wait to read this latest book!! It's always a race to see who buys it and reads it first - me...or my sister. LOL keep up the good work!
Lori Myers 11:28am August 14, 2010)

Sounds like a fun read. Always injoy recipes.
Sheila True 11:55am August 14, 2010)

Love pancakes and blueberries. I love pancakes with blueberry syrup.
And I live in a small town in ohio and we have volunteer firemen too.
Enjoy your books a lot.
Keep up the good work
Mary Branham 12:09pm August 14, 2010)

Thanks for the recipe! I love anything with blueberries and have lemon blueberry bread in the oven right now! I also have great memories of pancake breakfast fundraisers; in particular, my then-four-year-old eating six pancakes (and not throwing up!)
Marilyn Schoberg 12:24pm August 14, 2010)

I haven't read any of your book yet but your coffee books has intrigue me to read it. I love your recipe. Would you publish a recipe book based on your coffee book series?
Kai Wong 12:30pm August 14, 2010)

Your book sounds unique and delightful. I enjoyed yur delectable recipe which I would love to try. Thanks for this interesting post. wishing you all the best.
Sharon Berger 12:46pm August 14, 2010)

so I don't love pancakes on fact I can't stand them but I do love firefighter so I can stay right lol
Jennifer Mathis 1:14pm August 14, 2010)

I haven't read your books yet but this book caught my attention! I love coffee and books not pancakes so much but I do like your recipes.
Dee Walls 1:26pm August 14, 2010)

Now I'm hungry for pancakes.
Catherine Myers 1:31pm August 14, 2010)

Oh my grandmother used to always make pancakes for dinner on Fridays... it was a fun tradition!
Colleen Conklin 1:57pm August 14, 2010)

Cleo, I tried that blueberry syrup, cut the recipe in half and it was great. Love all of your books.
Nancy Bradford 2:02pm August 14, 2010)

Watched the video - nice job or should I say "tastefully" done.
Linda Kuzminczuk 2:09pm August 14, 2010)

Sounds good to me. I love lattes and I would love to get to know a new author to review her books. This past year I have found so many authors I never heard of and enjoyed some great books.
God Bless.
Jane Squires 2:13pm August 14, 2010)

Tell me someone who doesn't love pancakes and firemen. I love anything with blueberries!
Gail Hurt 2:38pm August 14, 2010)

Those pancakes look and sound yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. The video is great, too!
Darcy Odden 2:45pm August 14, 2010)

Just dropping in to check out all of your comments. Love them! Will reply to more tonight and Sunday. Just wanted to say to Sara R.: Lancaster County is truly beautiful country. So glad to hear about your memories of firehouse pancakes -- and everyone's memories posted below yours, too. Also glad to know that there is so much shared love for our knights in bunker gear.
Alice Alfonsi 2:51pm August 14, 2010)

Cleo Coyle here - Just dropping in to check out all of your comments. Love them! Will reply to more tonight and Sunday. Just wanted to say to Sara R.: Lancaster County is truly beautiful country. So glad to hear about your memories of firehouse pancakes -- and everyone's memories posted below yours, too. Also glad to know that there is so much shared love for our knights in bunker gear.

~ Cleo
Cleo Coyle 2:56pm August 14, 2010)

Thank you Cleo for the opportunity.
Those pancakes look yummy.
We love blueberries.
You would love my grandpa's
pancake recipe.
They melt in your mouth.
Have a great weekend. ;-D
Tiffney Pedersen 3:41pm August 14, 2010)

hey i like the name give me
you can give it to me i love to read and have read most books
and would love to read yours
Desiree Reilly 3:53pm August 14, 2010)

Last year I went to our local fire department and was served pancakes by the firemen.Can't get much better than that.
Linda Hall 4:28pm August 14, 2010)

Great post! I was born and raised in NYC and now live in Florida so your post brought back some memories. I love books with recipes in them so I definitely have to try yours out. I went to your website and checked out some of your awesome recipes and signed up for your newsletter. Enjoyed the trailer as well. Thanks for guestblogging!
Cherie Japp 4:31pm August 14, 2010)

Blueberries, Pancakes, drenched in Real Maple Syrup.....Put it all together and it is yummy moment that I dream about.
Barbara Ryan 4:33pm August 14, 2010)

Sounds like some pretty tasty
Darci Paice 4:37pm August 14, 2010)

Just love pancakes...I always add vanilla as well...really adds to the flavour.
Kathryn Poulin 6:03pm August 14, 2010)

Our volenteer fire dept. has one each year and I love going to it, It raises money for the Dept. and you get to meet the people who are there for all of us.
Vickie Hightower 6:19pm August 14, 2010)

In our small town the volunteer fire fighters are held in HIGH esteem. Their pancake breakfasts are very popular. Hmm! Just thinking about them makes me hungry.
Mildred Mayo 6:43pm August 14, 2010)

I love blueberry pancakes. Thanks for the recipe!
Cheryl Lynne 7:02pm August 14, 2010)

Ah, your recipe is just in time for the harvest from my blueberry bushes.
G. Bisbjerg 8:44pm August 14, 2010)

I was intrigued by the title of your book and I also love blueberry pancakes. So thanks for the recipe and the giveaway.
Takyra Morgan 9:12pm August 14, 2010)

I go to a breakfast restaurant with a good friend about once every two weeks and I see pancakes of all kinds on their menu; so far I've only tried one kind, I'll try being more adventurous now.
Diane Sadler 9:27pm August 14, 2010)

I love blueberry pancakes but am allergic to buttermilk. They looked so good too! I'm married but that doesn't mean I can't look at, admire and read about firemen either!
Brenda Rupp 9:32pm August 14, 2010)

I love pancakes, blueberry buckwheat pancakes are awesome.
Vikki Parman 10:32pm August 14, 2010)

With firefighters, you can't miss. They
have always been everyone's hero.
Patricia Barraclough 10:37pm August 14, 2010)

Firefighters are everyone's heroes.
Where I grew up they did pancake
breakfasts with fresh maple syrup to
raise money. Pancake breakfasts at
home are always special. Now that the
kids are grown and gone, we don't
have them very often. May have to
whip up a batch tomorrow.
Patricia Barraclough 10:44pm August 14, 2010)

Oooh how I love blueberry pancakes!
Jessica Badeaux 10:48pm August 14, 2010)

Pancakes for Sunday breakfast
especially blueberry pancakes
are a summer tradition. And
on the deepest, darkest,
snowiest winter day,
blueberries well hidden in the
back of the freezer, brought
out and made into pancakes,
bring the warmth of summer
back into your heart.
Janet Morrissey 8:40am August 15, 2010)

My wish today is that I had those pancakes and a new coffee cup to drink my vanilla latte! Everyone have a great reading day!
Kathy Alexander 9:33am August 15, 2010)

These sound and look amazing! We are heading out to get some blueberries...
Sabrina Even 11:07am August 15, 2010)

I love pancakes. And my Granny
always made the best. When she came
to stay with me for my wedding, I was
up making breakfast for everyone and
I remember her pushing me away from
the stove so she could show me how
to do the pancakes right. I think of her
every time I have pancakes.
Beverly Archer 11:18am August 15, 2010)

Aah Blueberry pancakes, love them. Having a coffee with Clare and NY firefighters even better.
Gabi Eagon 11:29am August 15, 2010)

Pancake breakfast at the local stations is always a highlight. Men cooking serving and looking hot!
MaryEllen Hanneman 12:58pm August 15, 2010)

Blueberry pancakes are a favorite at our house--even after I switched to making them whole-grain.
Sue Farrell 1:00pm August 15, 2010)

I love pancakes soaked in syrup and a real American hero's the Fireman.
I like plain ole buttermilk pancakes with maple flavored syrup. Yum.
I have never ventured into trying all the flavored and toppings for pancakes. I think if I did I wouldn't be able to stop and I would put on weight.
Gigi Hicks 1:21pm August 15, 2010)

You've given me a craving for pancakes
as well as for the other ... LOL
Sue Ahn 1:32pm August 15, 2010)

Cleo Coyle here – checking in again to say these comments are so much fun. A few shout-out replies…

Sara Reyes – just love that your son has those memories of going to the firehouse for pancakes. And thank you again for giving up your Sat. spot for me!

Cynthia P-H – Awesome that your grandparents owned a coffee field – I’m betting you’ll like my Coffeehouse series. Clare’s hunky ex-husband, Matt, who is still her business partner is a “coffee hunter” who treks all over the globe in search of beans so the books often touch on coffee farming. Matt’s also a real ladies’ man who tends to charm the pants off every woman he meets, much to Clare’s dismay, but then that’s why they’re divorced and she now has a new boyfriend, one of her most loyal coffeehouse customers - NYPD detective Mike Quinn. Suffice it to say Clare’s complicated love life keeps her as wired as the joe she sells. :)

Kelly – I’m so glad you like the trailer. It’s good to know longtime readers are pleased with it – and I hope you remain a “customer” of Clare’s Village Blend for years to come. :)

Anne – I’m so glad you are enjoying my Coffeehouse books. I hope you like the new one. My husband and I had a great time writing Roast Mortem. The research into how NY firefighters live and work was absolutely fascinating. Those guys are as cranky and crazy as the rest of us, yet they’re real heroes, too, literally willing to lay down their lives to rescue victims. It was pleasure and an honor to dedicate this book to them.

Loving all of your comments. More shout-outs to come!

~ Cleo
Cleo Coyle 3:03pm August 15, 2010)

I have a pint of blueberries begging to be put into a stack of pancakes. I used to call it travelling food because of ordering it as a prep for a trip at the first restaurant stop of the day. Great website and trailers.
Alyson Widen 4:07pm August 15, 2010)

Hello Cleo, Please enter me in your great contest on freshfiction.com and please let me know when I am a winner too!
GOD Bless Everyone, CECILIA
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 4:23pm August 15, 2010)

I'm from Eastern PA and we have the vol. firefighters too. Would love to read a mystery with firefighters! Much more original than cops! Fun trailer
Jodi Webb 5:04pm August 15, 2010)

Cleo Coyle here again – Love ALL of these comments. A few more
Shout-out replies to…

@Peggy R. – Thank you for the very thoughtful comment. Yes, the research was interesting and enlightening. Even in NYC, firefighters have lost their lives over very small things – like lacking a decent piece of escape rope. My heart goes out to the families of these brave people (men and women) who risk their lives to save lives. Of course, they’re only human, too, and not perfect – but their dedication truly is inspiring.

@Leni K – OMG – so glad you hopped over to www.CoffeehouseMystery.com (site plug, site plug!!) Glad you found my other recipes. You are too funny with the “empty stomach” joke. Like my amateur sleuth main character, Clare, I have a lot of fun cooking, baking, and inventing – the whole process calms me down and takes me to a very happy place -- and I can only hope my readers and site visitors cook (and eat) with joy, right along with me.

@Mary – Helloooo, Ohio! Glad to know you are enjoying my coffeehouse books. TY for dropping by to comment. :)

@Marilyn – Your lemon-blueberry bread sounds heavenly. I’ll bet it’s all eaten by now, lol! Love the memory of your 6-year-old NOT throwing up. :)

More shout-outs to come…
Cleo Coyle 10:18pm August 15, 2010)

Love ALL of these comments – a few more shout-out replies to…

@Kai – great idea to publish a recipe book based on the Coffeehouse series. Many readers have suggested this and I think it would be a lot of fun -- but not for a few more years. In the meantime, I’ll keep publishing new recipes in my Coffeehouse Mysteries and bonus recipes on my website - www.CoffeehouseMystery.com Thank you for the suggestion!

@Sharon and Dee – thank you for the very kind comments.

@Colleen – love the memory of your grandmother making pancakes. :)

@Nancy – I’m so glad you dropped by to testify that my blueberry syrup recipe is indeed delish. Simple but oh-so good, especially on flapjacks. And thank you for the nice words about my books.

@Jane – I’m so happy to know that you discovered me here at Fresh Fiction! This is my first time blogging, but I’ll be back again, fo’ sure.

@Cherie – Helloooo Florida! Nice to know my post brought back some Big Apple memories. Really glad to hear that you dropped by my www.CoffeehouseMystery.com website and signed up for my newsletter. Every week I give away a free pound of my latest coffee pick and I pick the winner at random from my newsletter subscriber list – so good luck winning that drawing, too! :)

More shout-out replies to come...
Cleo Coyle 10:29pm August 15, 2010)

Cleo Coyle here again. I am having so much fun reading these great comments – thank you to EVERYONE who left one. A few more shout-out replies to…

@G. Bisbjer – Oh, I WISH I had blueberry bushes. You are so LUCKY!

@Takyra – Glad you like the title! Roast Mortem is the 9th and we’ve had a lot of great ones in the series so far – On What Grounds, Through the Grinder, Latte Trouble, Murder Most Frothy, Decaffeinated Corpse, French Pressed, Espresso Shot, and…Holiday Grind! As you can see, we love punny titles. The mysteries have plenty of humor (along with action, romance, and recipes) so the lighter titles fit the series well.

@Beverly A – that memory of your grandmother coming for your wedding, showing you how to do pancakes “right” – priceless. Thank you for sharing that.

@Gabi – Oh, you made my day with that one! “Having coffee with Clare and NY firefighters…” Sweet!

@MaryEllen – “Men cooking, serving, and looking hot!” – Yep, I’ll bet if the FDNY took photos of their firefighters cooking, serving, and doing the dishes, it would go over even better than the annual hunks in hardhats calendar. (Nothing like showing the hubsters how very sexy they can look when doing the dishes – at least mine does!)
Cleo Coyle 10:41pm August 15, 2010)

@Alyson – TY for the nice words -- and I hope my recipe helps put that pint of blueberries to good use!

@Jodi – Helloooo to another PA homegirl! And very glad to hear that you’re intrigued to read a mystery about firefighters.

Everyone, thanks again for all of your wonderful comments. Good luck in the drawing. And stay tuned for another "ROAST MORTEM Release Celebration" contest starting September 1.

Read with joy,
~ Cleo
Cleo Coyle 11:09pm August 15, 2010)

April Strength 11:33am August 16, 2010)

I've worked a few of those pancake breakfasts/spaghetti dinners/haunted houses/etc for our local volunteer fire department and ambulance department. This sounds like a fun read!
Kelli Jo Calvert 3:32pm August 16, 2010)

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