December 8th, 2023
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December's Must-Reads: Top Books to Close Out the Year with a Bang

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Reporter Emma Cross confronts high society and murder at a 1900s Newport yacht gathering.

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Unraveling a secret aboard the missing Goliath, where history collides with present danger.

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Undercover agents at a holiday party face unexpected danger and a budding romance.

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Lord Julian unravels a dangerous mystery to reveal a child's heritage as well as his own birthright.

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Uncovering the truth: A determined mother, a torn DA, and a dark mystery.

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A Ukrainian medic and a Marine sniper's perilous mission ignites unexpected passion amid danger.

Agent N6: Dylan by Joni Hahn


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Agent N6: Dylan
Joni Hahn

DIRE Agency #6
Self Published
August 2015
On Sale: July 31, 2015
Featuring: Dylan McCall; Tegue Hamilton
168 pages
ISBN: 1310509344
EAN: 2940151883344
Kindle: B00ZSC94QQ
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Romance Time Travel

Agent N6: Dylan McCall

- Third generation Marine
- Mongolian prison survivor

- Nanorobotics

Third generation Marine Dylan McCall has only one goal in mind: revenge. Armed with a new, scientific enhancement, he won’t rest until he destroys Cyrus Matheson’s plans.

Geneticist Teague Hamilton wants nothing more than a healthy baby of her own. Raised in a girls’ home, she knows Cyrus’s genetic engineering technology is her only chance at gaining the family she wants.

Dylan can’t get enough of D.I.R.E.’s confident, sexy-as- hell geneticist, even though his gut tells him she’s hiding something. He won’t rest until he tames her and brings her deception to light.

When Cyrus draws Teague out of D.I.R.E.’s protective custody and takes her to the past, she uncovers lies that prove she’s never controlled her own destiny, while Dylan travels back in time to save her before its too late.

Can Dylan rescue Teague in time, or will he lose the woman he loves forever?

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DIRE Agency


31 comments posted.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan

My super power would rid this world of pollution!
(Tracy Simms 10:52pm July 20, 2015)

I, too, prefer no faces on book covers because imagination definitely comes up with a better fitting visual than a model selected for the cover. (No offense to the models.) Though I guess even half a face (side profile) in shadow would be ok, but a full shot just makes me put the book back down without reading the blurb (yes, I judge a book by its cover *sigh*).
Lisa L. 10:39am August 4, 2015)

It depends honestly. Most of the time I like a hidden face because we all
have our own interpretation of what the characters look like.
Ashley Martinez 1:59pm August 5, 2015)

It really kind of depends. There are a lot of writers out there, and only so
many cover models, so many times you will see the same guy on the
covers for several different authors. That really bugs me. At the same time,
some of those guys are really pretty and I like to look at them.
Erin McRae 2:03pm August 5, 2015)

Hmm....this is a hard one! Sometimes the face on a cover can draw me into
picking up the book, but then I also like to use my imagination too! I guess
since it is just the cover of the book, and only 1 face, I wouldn't be too
bothered. However, I NEVER watch book turned into movies first! It always
ruins my reading and imagination process. I prefer to read the book first,
even if I have to stay up all night before the movie premieres!
Lily Shah 1:02am August 6, 2015)

Faces on the cover certainly adds to the appeal of a book,
but then if they don't match up with the description of the
characters then it throws me off! That's just a pet peeve
for me! :D
Ada H. 5:07am August 6, 2015)

It depends on the book. Usually I like a cover that captures my attention and imagination.
Pam Howell 8:21am August 6, 2015)

I think it depends, too. Sometimes I really enjoy them and other times I like
to use my imagination.
Jennifer Clayton 9:02am August 6, 2015)

I don't mind faces as long as they match the character in the
book. When they don't it really bothers me.
Maria Smith 10:05am August 6, 2015)

It is sad to say that I do, indeed, judge books by their covers. Sometimes faces on
book covers kind of spoil the image in my head, but I don't really mind them that
much. After all, it is what's on the inside that counts.
Alice Hunter 10:53am August 6, 2015)

I like my own picture in my mind, but I like when the
author's vision is close to my own.
Deb Philippon 12:59pm August 6, 2015)

I tend to prefer to not have the face shown or only a portion of it.
Janie McGaugh 1:07pm August 6, 2015)

I prefer to use my imagination.
G. Bisbjerg 2:02pm August 6, 2015)

I like faces if it is reflecting the book.
Sharon Berger 5:03pm August 6, 2015)

I enjoy the faces on the cover but I tend to imagine the
characters with featues I find attractive, Thank you for
the generous contest.
Sharon Martinez 7:09pm August 6, 2015)

I prefer to have my own picture of images of the characters so no faces on the cover.
Melinda Marks 10:53pm August 6, 2015)

no picture using my imagination is sooo much better
Tammy Thayer 3:59am August 7, 2015)

I like to create my own picture in my mind
Donna Antonio 8:31am August 7, 2015)

I have bought and read a lot of books from looking at the front cover only and the author .It doesn't matter to me if it is faces or scenes on the cover as long as it gets my attention . Thanks for this giveaway .
Joan Thrasher 11:06am August 7, 2015)

A photo is nice to show the intent. One can always imagine otherwise.
Trish Fesmir 12:57pm August 7, 2015)

I do not mind faces on the cover. Either way is fine with me.
Marilyn Collins 5:16pm August 7, 2015)

Sometimes I enjoy seeing the faces on the cover while other times I like to use my imagination to picture the characters. As long as the models aren't in a cheesy pose, I don't mind seeing faces at all. Thanks for the giveaway!
Anita H 3:48am August 8, 2015)

I find that a lot of the models they use on the covers
don’t totally match up with the characters described in the
book. I am always picturing the characters in my head as I
am reading…so I prefer the character in my head to the
model on the cover.
Vanessa Hinman 3:56am August 8, 2015)

Depends on the storyline
Marissa Yip-Young 11:40am August 9, 2015)

I like the authors idea of the character on the cover!
Denise Austin 1:25pm August 9, 2015)

I prefer to use my own imagination.
Anna Speed 2:26pm August 9, 2015)

I like to see the authors pictures to see if they are like
what I am feeling, I do love the Dire Agency Series!!
Sharon Sommer 6:51pm August 9, 2015)

I like the faces to be on the cover of the book. With
that being said, the faces have to match the authors
description. The reason I have decided I like the faces
on the cover, is because a few weeks ago I was reading a
book and half-way through the author gave a description
that totally blew what I had been picturing for the
previous 150 pages! I was annoyed for the entirety of the
remaining pages!
LaCinda Jameson 9:24pm August 9, 2015)

I like faces , sometimes I have a hard time picturing the person in my mind. So a face on the cover helps.
Deb Pelletier 9:29pm August 9, 2015)

I prefer no faces on the cover, mainly because I don't like eyes staring at
Laura Gullickson 10:58pm August 9, 2015)

No faces. I prefer to let my imagination create the perfect man for the stories.
Kai Wong 12:32pm August 10, 2015)

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