January 18th, 2022
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Siren's Call by Debbie Herbert


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Siren's Call
Debbie Herbert

Dark Seas #3
June 2015
On Sale: June 1, 2015
ISBN: 1460382943
EAN: 9781460382943
Kindle: B00SFSLAA8
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Romance Paranormal

She was irresistible to every man…except one

Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren: gorgeous, aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna. All of them, that is, until Nashoba Bowman comes back to town. The Native American kid whose innocent first kiss Lily remembers fondly is now all grown-up, hot as an Alabama summer—and immune to Lily's charms. What self-respecting mermaid could resist finding out more?

But Nash has a dark history that puts any woman he loves in grave danger, and a heritage of power he isn't ready to accept. And Lily has a secret that no mortal man can ever know. When a mysterious enemy starts menacing Lily, they will both have to risk everything—and embrace their deepest destinies—if they want to survive.

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Dark Seas


87 comments posted.

Re: Siren's Call

"a piece of salmon cake" HA!
Looking forward to this book. Loved the first 2 in the
(Wendy Beck 10:58am March 19, 2015)

Thanks, Wendy! So glad you enjoyed them.
Debbie Herbert 11:00am March 19, 2015)

Looking forward to the next book.
Joseph McGarry 11:04am March 19, 2015)

I enjoyed reading your posting, and actually got a kick out
of it!! This isn't my normal genre - in fact, I've never
read a book about mermaids before. I have read a couple of
books about witches, though. One book about Sookie, which I
got a kick out of, and the other book about Oz, by Gregory
Maguire, which I enjoyed as well. He made me a fan of the
series. Anyway, I would love to read a book about mermaids,
and since I've seen other books out there on the subject,
your books called out to me (no pun intended). I love your
spunk and your spirit. I also love your sense of humor, and
know that I'll love your book!! The cover is beautiful and
so sensual!! Congratulations on your book, and I put it on
my TBR list. I'm sure it's going to make for a wonderful
read this Spring!!
Peggy Roberson 11:21am March 19, 2015)

Thanks so much Peggy!Harlequin did a marvelous job with the
covers for this series. Gregory Maguire is a fabulous
author, I enjoy his books as well. Glad my books "called"
to you and good luck in the contest!
Debbie Herbert 11:24am March 19, 2015)

Thanks for stopping in, Joseph!
Debbie Herbert 11:27am March 19, 2015)

I do love mermaids, but I have not read too many romances with them in it. I will have to look for them. Thanks for sharing!
Colleen Conklin 12:45pm March 19, 2015)

Thanks, Colleen! And best of luck in the contest.
Debbie Herbert 12:50pm March 19, 2015)

As a kid, I spent lots of time doodling mermaids on
everything. I loved the idea of a magical female creature.
G. Bisbjerg 1:56pm March 19, 2015)

That's cool G. Bisjerg. Children seem fascinated by them -
guess I never outgrew my love. :)
Debbie Herbert 2:23pm March 19, 2015)

I have read a couple of mermaid stories. Your post reminded
me of the movie, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid with Ann Blyth
and William Powell in 1948. I was 10 at the time but remember
the movie.
Leona Olson 6:27pm March 19, 2015)

I've heard of that movie, Leona, but have never seen it. Will have to one day! Thanks for stopping by.
Debbie Herbert 7:31pm March 19, 2015)

I've long been fascinated by chimeras and the mermaid is not the
least of them. Do they have cool blood or hot blood? Do they lay
eggs or carry a child in the womb? Yep, plenty to contemplate
about mermaids.
Susan Voss 9:03pm March 19, 2015)

I would love to read your book about Mermaids, I have never
read a book about them. I think it would be cool. Thank
you for allowing me to enter this contest. I do hope I win
so I get a chance to read your book. GOOD LUCK to all who
enters this contest.
Renae Kelly 9:22pm March 19, 2015)

I forgot to share the Mermaid love...I think Mermaids are
very fascinating. I would love to be one myself. They are
beautiful, they always get to swim in the ocean, and they
always have this beautiful long hair. What a life it would
be if I could actually be a real Mermaid myself!
Renae Kelly 9:25pm March 19, 2015)

I've always liked mermaids (since I read The Little Mermaid
fairy tale), but I'd want to be one that would have legs
when on land!
Janie McGaugh 10:18pm March 19, 2015)

I agree there's a lot of interesting questions about their
biology Susan. Good luck in the contest!
Debbie Herbert 11:07pm March 19, 2015)

I've always fantasized about swimming with dolphins Kelly!
We can dream. :) Best of luck in winning a book!
Debbie Herbert 11:09pm March 19, 2015)

Hi Janie! The mermaids in books are able to come and go to
the sea whenever they wish, yet keep their land legs.
Perfect, huh? The best of all worlds. Thanks so much for
stopping by!
Debbie Herbert 11:12pm March 19, 2015)

Yes, I love Mermaids I find them very lovely and at the same time a bit frightening as well.
Holly Loch 2:21am March 20, 2015)

I agree, Holly. My mermaids aren't the Disney version! Thanks for commenting.
Debbie Herbert 10:28am March 20, 2015)

What I like of mermaid stories tends to be along the lines of blurring boundaries and coming together despite the odds. I mean, consider Ariel and her desire to be with Eric. She left her people for love. And Allen ( with Madison from "Splash" - remember that movie?). He left his people for love. It's overcoming obstacles, you know? Just how far would a body go for love? That's what we all want to figure out.

And, of course, there is that clam bra. Nobody can rock a clam quite like a mermaid can.
Rebecca Diederich 10:48am March 20, 2015)

I love mermaids! My best friend and I are trying to grow our
hair out to mermaid length (long enough to cover your breasts
when pulled forward) and we have looked into mermaid school
(yes they exist). There is something about the power of
mermaids and how feminine that power is that is so appealing!
Rachel Collings 11:24am March 20, 2015)

I'l love to win a print copy of the book!
Amber Kuehn 1:51pm March 20, 2015)

I do remember Splash! Great movie. And I agree on the clam
bra, Rebecca. Good luck!
Debbie Herbert 4:51pm March 20, 2015)

I want to go to mermaid school too Rachel. :) Good luck
Amber and L Lam and Rachel in the contest!
Debbie Herbert 4:52pm March 20, 2015)

YES, I LOVE MERMAIDS!!! I have always been fascinated with
them since I started swimming at the age of 5 in the
swimming pools. I used to spend hours in the water and
always wanted to be a fantastic Mermaid too! Congratulations
on your new book: SIREN'S CALL. I would love to win and read
your new book soon. I love the book cover too! Thank You
very much. Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 7:05pm March 20, 2015)

So nice to meet a fellow mermaid lover Cecilia and best of luck in the contest!
Debbie Herbert 9:12pm March 20, 2015)

I love mermaids...because well.... they are beautiful and I
love the ocean. :) Fairies rock too! :)
Sabrina(Mippy) Templin 10:04pm March 20, 2015)

I love fairies too, Sabrina! Thanks for stopping by Elaine!
Debbie Herbert 11:42pm March 20, 2015)

Mermaids are my favorite mythical creatures. If I can have
a tail like theirs and be able to swim in the ocean all my
life, my dream will be complete!
Daiane Chen 9:20am March 21, 2015)

It would be a dream come true. Thanks, Daiane!
Debbie Herbert 7:45pm March 21, 2015)

What's not to love about mermaids? I've always been fascinated
by the possibility. I love underwater archaeology. A mermaid
could go onsite without fear.
Marcia Berbeza 12:31pm March 22, 2015)

I've loved mermaids since watching the original little
mermaid story before Disney took it over, I love the water
and used to pretend I was one as a little girl.
Melissa Ogletree 12:32pm March 22, 2015)

I enjoy reading any book about paranormal creatures and can't
say that any are a particular favorite. But I've never read
one about mermaids so that would be different...maybe they
could be a favorite? Looks to be interesting and fun read.
Glenda Hefty 12:54pm March 22, 2015)

I confess, I have never read anything about mermaids,
though the thought of being able to frolic with dolphins is
very enticing! Paranormal I like, as well as fairies,
witches, vampires, along that line.
Kathy Walsh 1:01am March 22, 2015)

I love any books with romance, add something different, a beautiful
mermaid, bit of suspense, and I can't wait to read. I've always
wished/dreamed to swim like a mermaid, so to enter comp for chance to
read is great. Though must admit I will be reading your books anyway as
am intrigued.
Tiana Cameron 6:09am March 22, 2015)

wpuld love to win
Susan Gannon 8:02am March 22, 2015)

Have not read a book with a mermaid in it. Sure sounds different. You are a new author to me, hope I win.
Judy Ferguson 10:56am March 22, 2015)

I love mermaids, Ariel is my favorite.
Catherine Maguire 11:14am March 22, 2015)

Hi Marcia, I have a friend who has worked as underwater archaeologist and is now a fabulous writer - Linsey Hall. Thanks for coming by!
Debbie Herbert 11:48am March 22, 2015)

Hi Melissa, I used to dream of being a mermaid too. I think water is a feminine element and mermaids represent feminine power - no wonder little girls are attracted by these fabulous creatures! Thanks for saying hello.
Debbie Herbert 11:50am March 22, 2015)

Hi Glenda, Glad you are willing to give mermaids a read - I hope you find they add a unique paranormal world!
Debbie Herbert 11:51am March 22, 2015)

Hi Kathy, Here's hoping you'll find a whole new breed of paranormal worlds! I so appreciate you saying hello.
Debbie Herbert 11:52am March 22, 2015)

this looks like a great read
Sherri Giambra 11:54am March 22, 2015)

Thanks so much, Tiana - you made my day! It was sun writing about strong feminine characters and their path to love fraught with suspense and danger. I hope you enjoy!
Debbie Herbert 11:54am March 22, 2015)

Good luck Judy, Sherrie, Catherine and Susan and thanks for stopping by!
Debbie Herbert 11:55am March 22, 2015)

I hope to get a chance to read your book
Jean Benedict 12:42pm March 22, 2015)

Love mermaids and loved your excerpt. Great to hear it has a connection to an Indian legend. Will be reading all your books.
Sharon Extine 12:50pm March 22, 2015)

Love the cover and the concept of this book. :-)
J.C. McKenzie 1:54pm March 22, 2015)

I'm so thrilled you took the time to read an excerpt Sharon! I love Native American mythology - I find them full of wisdom and creativity.
Debbie Herbert 1:56pm March 22, 2015)

Thanks for popping in Jean and J.C.!
Debbie Herbert 1:57pm March 22, 2015)

Most of my mermaid experience has been comics, cartoons, and movies
like Splash. I think that being a mermaid would be intriguing since there is
so much of the underwater world that man has yet to explore. It seems like
a wonderous world to live in. I would still like to be able to shift into human
form to walk on land. Your books sound wonderful and I can't wait to read
them. Thank you for the chance to win!
Meredith Hillenbrand 5:54pm March 22, 2015)

I haven't read your books yet and now I can't wait to get my hands on one of your books.
Jamie Steadman 6:09pm March 22, 2015)

This sound really good. I haven't read any of your books yet but I will be looking into them.
Melissa Crisp 6:52pm March 22, 2015)

This does sound totally awesome. I have not had a chance to read any of your books. I will hopefully win, so I can add you to my collection of books & authors. Thank you. Cindy
Cindy Davenport 6:57pm March 22, 2015)

Many thanks Meredith, Jamie, Melissa and Cindy! Best of
luck in the contest.
Debbie Herbert 6:59pm March 22, 2015)

I LOVE mermaids! They're just so majestic and beautiful, and living underwater would be so cool!! I can remember always wishing I was a mermaid as a kid, and I watched The Little Mermaid so many times it broke the tape!!
Nicole Potter 9:25pm March 22, 2015)

I have never even heard of a mermaid romance book before. The only mermaid love story I know is The Little Mermaid from Disney! Would love a chance to read your book.
Jayne Townsley 9:39pm March 22, 2015)

I love mermaids because they can find all those sunken treasure. They can breathe air and water. What better way to enjoy water and land.
Kai Wong 12:26pm March 23, 2015)

Thanks Nicole, Jayne and Kai! Best of luck, Debbie
Debbie Herbert 1:46pm March 23, 2015)

Mermaids are fascinating creatures. Living in the water and swimming with the dolphins would be so much fun.
Bonnie H 9:55pm March 24, 2015)

Celtic background here. I love all those legends of fairies and elves. Mermaids are great too, I've been a sucker for them since seeing the "little mermaid" and "splash" as a child. I even like vampires and werewolves, any kind of shapeshifters, really.
Cynthia Powers 3:09am June 3, 2015)

I am a fan of both paranormal romance and Native American characters. Your books sound interesting to me and I like the Nocturne line.
Melanie Rosen 3:20am June 3, 2015)

The legends are fascinating thank you.
Mary Preston 7:01am June 3, 2015)

I love the Celtic tales Cynthia! And I remember watching
Splash back in the -- 70s-- was it? Great movie. Thanks for
stopping by.
Debbie Herbert 9:34am June 3, 2015)

Glad to hear from a Harlequin Nocturne reader, Melanie.Godd
luck in the contest!
Debbie Herbert 9:35am June 3, 2015)

Thanks for dropping by, Mary. I'd love to see more novels
centered around Native American tales.
Debbie Herbert 9:36am June 3, 2015)

I love the mermaids. It's fascinating. In fact. I have a book
coming out about that. As an Irishman, I also like
leprechauns. Everybody's always after me Lucky Charms. Lol.
It's also the mascot of my alma mater, Notre Dame. Go Irish!
Joseph McGarry 10:01am June 3, 2015)

Your book has information that I'm sure I've never read
about before. I love to read about Native American Indian
culture. I know that some of them used to leave their
bodies out in the desert, so that nature could feast on
their bones and they could be one with the Earth!! You've
done an amazing story, and I can't wait to nestle in and be
one with your story!! I've put your book on my TBR list.
Congratulations on what I'm sure will be a definate sizzler
this Summer!!
Peggy Roberson 11:59am June 3, 2015)

I do love reading about mythical beings... some of my favs are from Celtic Lore...
Colleen Conklin 1:11pm June 3, 2015)

Hi, Joseph my fellow mermaid lover! You did know I'm a big
Alabama fan, right? ROLL TIDE! :)
Debbie Herbert 1:43pm June 3, 2015)

Thanks for putting me on your TBR list, Peggy! I didn't
know the one about the bodies in the desert, although I had
read that some consider rocks Mother Earth's bones. I'd
love to hear from you after read this. Have an awesome
Debbie Herbert 1:45pm June 3, 2015)

Another lover of Celtic tales! Their fairy tales have
always enchanted me. Thanks for coming by!
Debbie Herbert 1:46pm June 3, 2015)

Would love to read, thank you for the chance.
Sharon Sommer 6:26pm June 3, 2015)

Best of luck L Lam and Sharon. Thanks for dropping by!
Debbie Herbert 7:29pm June 3, 2015)

I did not know that about the mermaid legend. Yesterday, I
was showing someone the scarf I am crocheting and with this
bulky yarn, it has some larger holes in some places. When I
learned how to do American Native beadwork, we used to say
we have a "spirit bead" when there was a mistake because as
I understand it "man is not perfect". So my needlework
always has at least one "spirit bead". Look forward to
reading your book. I will check on it. Leona
Leona Olson 8:04pm June 3, 2015)

Wow I would love to have the opportunity read your book. Thank
you for sharing this awesome giveaway on here.
Elizabeth Stacy 10:42pm June 3, 2015)

That is so interesting, Leona -- and so wise. Why stress
over everything and trying for perfection? We should
celebrate and honor our achievements instead of striving
for an unrealistic ideal. Thanks for commenting!
Debbie Herbert 10:36am June 4, 2015)

Your welcome, Elizabeth and good luck!
Debbie Herbert 10:36am June 4, 2015)

I like dragons, they're so different from anything else.
Jen Barnard 5:55pm June 4, 2015)

Thanks for coming by, Jen!
Debbie Herbert 8:23pm June 4, 2015)

I love the Mermaids , Fairies , Elves & of course Santa Claus too. Whatever the story I can put myself in it. I can go , do and see so many things in the books I read . Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
Joan Thrasher 8:40am June 6, 2015)

happy Saturday friends
Emily Stemp 2:07pm June 6, 2015)

Mermaids, dragons, fairies. Thanks.
Jana B 9:47pm June 6, 2015)

I love the cover!
Denise Austin 9:55pm June 6, 2015)

First of all that of yours is beautiful. I have always loved
mermaids and this story fits the criteria for me with romance
involved. I very much so would love to read this book.
Sherry Cockerham 10:16am July 7, 2015)

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