September 29th, 2023
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A tragic accident or something more sinister? A woman�s buried memories put her life at risk in a novel of shattering psychological suspense.

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Secrets Unraveled, Nations Entwined: The Cold War's Hidden Chronicles

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Love and Danger Collide: A Heart-Pounding Race Against Time to Save a Woman from the Shadows of the Past.

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Would you risk nature's wrath to save a friend's life?

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Duty to his country keeps him from the arms of the woman he craves with every breath�his bride.

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Honeymoon To Die For by Dianna Love


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Honeymoon To Die For
Dianna Love

Slye Temp #3
Silver Hawk Press
July 2013
On Sale: July 1, 2013
407 pages
ISBN: 0988607964
EAN: 9780988607965
Kindle: B00DONTHWM
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Romance Suspense

She's convinced he's guilty. He knows he's not.
Can they survive long enough to prove who's right?

Former Slye agent RYDER VAN DYKE is facing conviction for a murder he didn't commit. When his last hope for freedom disintegrates, the FBI offers a deal – a commuted sentence if Ryder helps them nail a deadly criminal ... his father.

FBI analyst BIANCA BRADY wants justice for the death of her best friend. Now all she needs is proof that the Van Dyke patriarch is guilty of funding terrorist operations. She's willing to do whatever it takes to make Van Dyke criminals pay, or so she thinks. But there's a catch.

The only way to get an FBI agent inside the family compound and Van Dyke Enterprises is as Ryder's legal wife. Ryder has his own plan – to prove his innocence or use his Special Forces skills to disappear. But deadly secrets, an international security threat and a killer with a vendetta force Ryder to make the ultimate choice – give up his freedom or risk the life of the woman who's stolen his heart.

Media Buzz

Good Morning Texas - Buy The Book - July 23, 2013

Slye Temp


52 comments posted.

Re: Honeymoon To Die For

(Jean Mess 4:07pm July 9, 2013)

Also - I'm giving away 2 signed copies of Slye Temp books (one each to two
winners) - your choice. We'll pull names from those who post. :)
Dianna Love 10:46am September 10, 2013)

Have I judged books and movies by their covers... yes, I have done the same thing... something I see has me questioning whether it is worth my time and money... doubting it... a few times I have given in and was surprised at why I waited so long...
Colleen Conklin 12:53pm September 10, 2013)

I hear you, Colleen. That's what got me about the Lars movie - I expect movie
companies to have great marketing groups, but they missed it with promoting
that movie. That's why I took it to my readers to get feedback on my covers and
- bless them - they were spot on! :)
Dianna Love 12:58pm September 10, 2013)

I do although it's not always correct. It gets my interest...
May Pau 2:42pm September 10, 2013)

Hi May - A cover can get my interest too. I love a visual that draws my attention.
:) thanks for visiting today!
Dianna Love 3:21pm September 10, 2013)

A lot of the time what will grab my attention is the cover of a book and then I will see what it is about especially if it is a new to me author. Will completely sell me on a book? Not necessarily but it is usually the first thing that gets my attention.
Larena Hubble 3:34pm September 10, 2013)

Thanks for your feedback, Larena. I've never bought a book solely on the cover,
either, but I have found a new author based on the cover alone. :) thanks for
Dianna Love 4:04pm September 10, 2013)

I found one author I can think of off the top of my head because her cover caught my attention and wouldn't let go so I got the book after reading what it was about and thought it was interesting. So by that way I found an author whose books I love but it was the cover that first caught my attention. Which is one reason I love to walk around a book store because you can find some amazing authors that way.
Larena Hubble 4:28pm September 10, 2013)

That's great to hear, Larena. I do love perusing books. :)
Dianna Love 5:09pm September 10, 2013)

I think a person gravitates towards covers on books and movies that are colorful and eye-catching, because they stand out. Yours definitely do just that! If they're written by an author I'm familiar with and enjoy, then the cover art doesn't matter as much to me, because I know I want to read it. The same holds true for movies. If it has actors I like, I will get the movie to watch. Authors I'm unfamiliar with, I will read the brief storyline on the back cover to see if it's something I'd enjoy reading or a movie that sounds worth watching. Attractive covers do make a difference as to what stands out on the shelves. I don't judge a book or movie by its cover in my selections.
Linda Luinstra 6:41pm September 10, 2013)

i know for me the cover is the first thing that catches my
attention and sometimes i even decide to buy the book
because of the cover second thing i look at when i am
deciding to buy the book is what the book is about. there
are many books that i have found that i love and many great
authors also. sometimes i find myself i will read about a
book without seeing the cover first then after i see it, it
might not catch my attention but i have read what it is
about first and the book sounds good so i will give it a try
(if you know what i mean)
Denise Smith 6:45pm September 10, 2013)

the one thing that i always want to do is give a book a chance
i do not want to miss out on a good book
Denise Smith 6:49pm September 10, 2013)

I guess the cover of a book or movie is what initially catches my interest. If I
don't like what I read in the synopsis, though, the cover is a moot. Your new
covers are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Linda Brennan 7:00pm September 10, 2013)

How cool - I LOVE the covers - they catch my eye for sure - and thank you so much for the chance to win!
Felicia Ciaudelli 8:47pm September 10, 2013)

I sometimes do judge a book/movie by it's cover because the
cover is what is suppose to attract our eyes first. But if I
read the title and it sounds interesting, then I read the
synopsis of it. If I like it then yes I give it a shot.
Sandy Xiong 8:59pm September 10, 2013)

A cover is so important in my opinion. A cover is the first thing you see so naturally a great cover will pull a reader straight to that book. The the eye candy of the cover is absorbed, then it is on to the fun part, the reading!!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win.
Melanie Backus 9:26pm September 10, 2013)

A cover usually is the first thing to catch my attention, also. I'll read what the story is about on the back, browse a few pages inside & then decide. I usually take the book & read it. What I don't like about covers is that sometimes the cover has absolutely nothing in common with the story & I'm left wondering how that happened....did they pick the cover then chop the story? Anyway, thanks for the eye-catching covers on your Slye Temp books. I can't wait to read them all.
Kathleen Giannone 9:35pm September 10, 2013)

I felt the same way you did about Lars and the Real Girl when I saw the preview on TV, then I saw a different one on-line. I kept an eye on the movie until Hollywood Video reduced the price and I bought it. What a great movie. But I still can't get my husband to watch it no matter what I say. Sometimes I judge a book or movie by its cover at first, but I always read the back cover and now with computers I can check on reviews on-line. Thank you for this chance to win one of your books as I would love to win and read one. The Best To You Always.
Esther Somorai 11:56pm September 10, 2013)

Yes, I do judge a book/movie by its cover. I have a thing about presentation. If the presentation is not attractive, I just walk right by it.
Kai Wong 1:14am September 11, 2013)

Hi Linda - I find that I'm the same way about not paying as much notice to the
cover or movie if it's an author or actor that I know I like. Great point. Thanks
for visiting and glad you like my new covers.
Dianna Love 7:56am September 11, 2013)

That's a great attitude, Denise, to want to give a book a chance and not miss out
on a potential new author or series for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Dianna Love 7:58am September 11, 2013)

Glad you like my new covers, Linda B. I agree about the cover catching your eye,
sort of like having a window display pull me into the store. I'm inside so I might
buy, but only if the store has what I want. :) Thanks for your insight.
Dianna Love 8:00am September 11, 2013)

Thanks for stopping by, Felicia, and glad you like the new covers. :)
Dianna Love 8:00am September 11, 2013)

Yep, you sound like many of us, Sandy, when it comes to the blurb pushing our
decision on the book. Thanks for your feedback!
Dianna Love 8:02am September 11, 2013)

I love calling the cover "eye candy," Melanie. :) If I like the cover, it just adds to
the read to have entertaining art, too. :) Thanks for your comment!
Dianna Love 8:03am September 11, 2013)

A cover that has little connection to the story drives many of us nuts, too,
Kathleen. I can't tell you how many author friends moan when a publisher gives
them a cover that makes no sense. I loved having all the control over these
covers and appreciate the compliment. Thanks for visiting!
Dianna Love 8:05am September 11, 2013)

It made me sad when i realized how I avoided that movie, Esther. It goes to
show that marketing makes or breaks a movie. Look at the big budget ones with
amazing trailers that ended up being stinkers. Then this one was lost in the
shuffle of movies and turned out to be so good. Thanks for the good wishes!
Dianna Love 8:07am September 11, 2013)

That's a good point, Kai - presentation. It does matter and that was a big part of
my decision to change covers. I wanted a better presentation of what I was
writing. Thank you for your comment.
Dianna Love 8:09am September 11, 2013)

I absolutely choose books by their covers, which is why I love
browsing in bookstores. Sometimes, I choose a book I never
would have read if it wasn't for the cover catching my eye.
Lynn Anderson 8:32am September 11, 2013)

The cover attracts me ,especially to a new author I have not read. However, my interest is in the reviews about the story.
Barbara Wells 9:08am September 11, 2013)

I'll glance at the cover, but it's the synopsis that I base my final opinion by. There are also certain Authors that I'll glance at as well, regardless of the cover. I know what to expect between the cover of the book, so the cover could resemble a brown paper bag, and I would still purchase it, if it was written by the right person!!
Peggy Roberson 9:10am September 11, 2013)

I know judging books by their covers is not traditionally advised, but, the cover artists of today do such wonderful work who can resist? And, yes, I have found many wonderful authors because the covers are eye grabbing. But, this book sounds like it will stand on it's own merit and I hope I win it! Thanks for such great writing.
Ann Martinisi 9:18am September 11, 2013)

I admit that a cover for a book or movie does catch my eye - but then I read the description. If the description doesn't grab me, then I don't get it. However, I haven't seen "Lars" - so you've got me sold to search it out and watch it. Your covers look great! Love the colors. And thanks for the chance to win.
Nancy Reynolds 9:20am September 11, 2013)

I know that covers aren't always reflective of what a book is about but I'm more likely to pick up a book if the cover or title catches my eye.
Sandy Giden 10:17am September 11, 2013)

A dramatic cover is eye catching but I do read the blurb as
well and base my decision upon that.
Sharon Berger 10:19am September 11, 2013)

Unless I'm very familiar with the author the cover is important in getting my attention. After I'm attracted to the cover, my next step is reading the "blurb" to see if I might want to read it.
Sue Farrell 10:24am September 11, 2013)

First off, it's the title, then I check the front cover,
followed by reading the blurb and what's on the back cover.
Then, I open the book to the middle and read at random and see
if it holds my interest and if so, put the book in my cart and
have a run off comparing the books I found that day.
Alyson Widen 12:38pm September 11, 2013)

Yes, always by the cover and reviews.
Sheila True 1:21pm September 11, 2013)

I really do. The cover has to appeal to me in some fashion or I won't likely purchase the book or movie.
Cherie Durbin 1:36pm September 11, 2013)

Enjoyed reading the comments. Sometimes I pick up a book based on what is
on the cover. I check it out to see if I want to purchase it. I think covers help
draw attention to the book
Joy Isley 2:03pm September 11, 2013)

A great cover will pull a reader straight to that book. Then I will glance thru a few pages to get how the book reads. Some will pull you in page by page. Like bread crumbs to perk your interest so to speak. Thanks for you wonderful giveaway. Looking forward to this read.
Shirley Sego 2:19pm September 11, 2013)

I quite often pick up a book based on the cover, then I read the blurb and decide from there.
Jean Patton 3:53pm September 11, 2013)

The cover leads me to pick up the book and read the blurb so
it does influence me. If the cover looks "cheap" like a
cartoon illustration verses life like covers, I'm definitely
more negative.
Anne Muller 4:01pm September 11, 2013)

Sometimes its the cover that catches my attention but I read
the back cover to see if it's something I would be interested
in. With a Kindle it's harder to tell :) Thanks.
Dianne McVetty 4:20pm September 11, 2013)

I think the cover is a portion of what I use to determine what I'm going to
read. But it definitely has an impact. I also read the synopsis and
reviews, ignoring only starred reviews without comments.
Tamara Peterson 5:58pm September 11, 2013)

The books yes. If it has a very sexy attractive cover and
than ends up being a dud unfortunately the author goes on my
"do not buy list".
Tawnya Bentley 7:56pm September 11, 2013)

i love the covers to start telling the story before i even read a word. So the better the cover the better the story!!!!!
Lisa Fitzgibbons 8:11pm September 11, 2013)

I'm a visual person so graphics and design send an immediate message. I do also read the blurb on the back of books and movies but, unfortunately, they often don't give enough detail to really 'make the sale'.
Karen Blossom 8:57pm September 11, 2013)

I do judge by the cover & my daughter keeps telling me off
about it. I follow through then by reading the blurb.
Mary Preston 9:55pm September 11, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR. No, I
do not judge a book or movie by the cover because it is
truly the story inside that makes or breaks a best selling
book or movie. I would love to win and read your book this
Fall. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:42pm September 11, 2013)

I absolutely judge a book by it's cover. I am a cover snob for sure. I know I need to utilize the back blurb more, but I don't even pick a book up unless I like the cover. I definitely have not watched this movie and it was the cover and the way they marketed this movie that has kept me from watching it. I will check it out now. Thanks for a great blog Dianna!
Kathy Crouch 3:44pm September 14, 2013)

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