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Willoughby's Return
Jane Odiwe

A Tale Of Almost Irresistible Temptation

Sourcebooks Landmark
November 2009
On Sale: November 1, 2009
352 pages
ISBN: 140222267X
EAN: 9781402222672
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A dramatic sequel to Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Three years after the conclusion of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, domestic bliss is not always easy to achieve. Colonel Brandon's responsibilities for Eliza, the daughter of his first love, regularly take him away from home, and Marianne's passionate, jealous nature threatens to rock the foundations of their marriage. Now Willoughby and his wife have returned to the West Country. When Brandon is called away, Marianne meets Willoughby at a dinner and feels herself once again succumbing to his charm. The more she sees him, the more she's in danger of giving in to her passion. Willoughby has everything to gain in driving a wedge between them. Will Brandon realize in time that his passionate young wife's feelings of neglect may drive her into scandal? Can Marianne find the courage to turn her back on her first love? Or is it too late to save themselves and their marriage?


30 comments posted.

Re: Willoughby's Return

Your book sounds great. Thanks for visiting today.
(G S Moch 1:19am November 12, 2009)

Jane Odiwe: Thank you for your article.

I too love historical fashion. I appreciate it when an author takes the trouble to describe details such as clothing and accessories, and ties them to other aspects of the book. For example, a telling detail can reveal as aspect of a character, refer to a backstory event, or reinforce a theme.

But as for answering your question, well, I can't. There are simply too many styles covering too many periods for me to list my faves.
Mary Anne Landers 1:34am November 12, 2009)

I love all things Austen!!! As for clothing it depends on my mood, I love too many periods to pick just one style. Thank you.
Debra Czarnogursky 5:36am November 12, 2009)

I would have to agree that the Regency period was so lush with attire.
Joanne Reynolds 6:34am November 12, 2009)

I love reading sequels to old
favorites! This sounds like an
interesting book.
Margay Roberge 9:46am November 12, 2009)

Great idea for a plot to have Willoughby return into Marriane's life and test her love for Colonel Brandon. Would love to read this.
Cherie Japp 11:03am November 12, 2009)

Your book "Mr. Willoughby's Return" has me hooked. I want to know the outcome. Your post gave great insite on how fashion helps define a character as well as a long ago historical period. Thank you!
Rosemary Krejsa 11:18am November 12, 2009)

If I could go back in time I would love to have a ball gown. I love to read historicals and the gowns they discribe in them are beautiful.
Gail Hurt 11:37am November 12, 2009)

I always wondered what would happen if he returned and now I can find out.
Anne Clark 11:45am November 12, 2009)

What would Jane have thought! I imagine she would have been impressed.
Marjorie Carmony 12:41pm November 12, 2009)

Yes, the clothes were great during that time, but I'm glad we don't have to wear them today! I love my sweats and tank top!
LuAnn Morgan 12:55pm November 12, 2009)

I think the long dresses, tight bodice, made women beautiful. Covering many flaws and highlighting assets. I think Scarlet O'hara gowns were beautiful, I think thats why movies about the bygone ages are so interesting.
Theresa Buckholtz 1:47pm November 12, 2009)

The book sounds sooo good. I lwould love to escape to that time period.
Linda Cacaci 1:55pm November 12, 2009)

I love Sense and Sensibility -can't wait to read this. I would want to wear a ball gown. I love the description of fabrics and colors during this time period. Although I, too, am grateful for sweatpants and jeans.
Josie Roetemeyer 2:24pm November 12, 2009)

I really don't know. I love the grace and sweep of the dresses during the mid-1800s, but the thought of the corsets and the pure weight of all that clothing in the summer is somewhat off-putting!
Carol Gowett 2:25pm November 12, 2009)

I love your books and my aunt always said I'm like her :)

Katie Smith 2:25pm November 12, 2009)

I would wear a ball gown everyday if I could.
Vikki Parman 4:12pm November 12, 2009)

Oh, I would love to read about Willoughby. I'm sure this will be a great book.

Tracey D
Tracey Dent 4:52pm November 12, 2009)

To live back in historical days and wear those gowns. Well. maybe for a night or two. I'd miss my shorts and tank tops too much, let alone run bare food on the beach. Here's another book to add to my list.
Evelyn Day 5:02pm November 12, 2009)

I always dust in my ball gown, don't you! Love this article!
Lisa Glidewell 5:09pm November 12, 2009)

Definitely a ball gown! I love the covers of novels that show a beautiful gown on the cover.
Cheryl Snyder 6:40pm November 12, 2009)

I love to ride, so my choice would be the riding outfit...but I don't think I would like riding side saddle.
Mitzi Hinkey 8:57pm November 12, 2009)

Damn, I want to read this. I could practically recite Austen by heart & as for Willoughby - the cad & bounder - yes please!! A ball gown would be heavenly - so feminine & lady-like.
Mary Preston 9:06pm November 12, 2009)

I'd really like to read this! It sounds very interesting!
Melissa Cleaver 9:08pm November 12, 2009)

I love a ball gown! And Dancing in one!!
Brenda Rupp 9:28pm November 12, 2009)

Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite Jane Austen's book. It would be great to read a book which follow the same genre and humor that is Jane Austen.
Kai Wong 10:47pm November 12, 2009)

I've always thought ball gowns look
Sue Ahn 11:08pm November 12, 2009)

You have certainly done your research
which is good for us. Such detail
makes the stories so much more real.
I think I'd like a nice day dress and
wrap. Ball gowns are lovely, but I'd
like something more practical.
Patricia Barraclough 2:16am November 13, 2009)

I love all things Jane Austen! I'm going to have to get a copy of this book!!!
Holly Kinsey 1:25pm November 13, 2009)

I love historical fiction
Allison Gardner 11:41am November 25, 2009)

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