January 22nd, 2022
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Hot Rock by Annie Seaton


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Hot Rock
Annie Seaton

Whenever you are, love will find a way...

Entangled Covet
March 2014
On Sale: February 24, 2014
Featuring: Megan Miller; Davy Morgan
ISBN: 1622664833
EAN: 9781622664832
Kindle: B00I6ZS6IE
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Romance | Romance Time Travel | Romance Paranormal

Megan Miller is on a dream trip to research her doctoral thesis at a rock festival in England. When she arrives in town she’s stunned that her temporary neighbor is the spitting image of her 70’s rock idol, too bad he’s also a world-class jerk. So why can't she stop thinking about him?

Seventies rock star Davy Morgan is a man with a secret: rockin’ in one time and living in another. He holds his privacy close to his heart, so when a beautiful girl who not only loves but truly understands his music moves in next door, he works overtime to keep her at a distance. Easier said than done.

Megan follows Davy to the rock festival, but it’s not what or when it seems. The lure of the music draws them closer, but can their newfound love span across the decades, or will it get lost in time?


67 comments posted.

Re: Hot Rock

The call of their music to me is sexy... some just grab you...
(Colleen Conklin 12:10pm February 25, 2014)

Great book, really takes me back to that 70's rock.
Shari Eggleston 12:26pm February 25, 2014)

Rock stars are appealing & charismatic because of the music they play & their
"bad boy" lifestyle is so different from the "family man" image of men we are
supposed to date & ultimately, marry. There is something about a scruffy haired
teenager holding a guitar that makes teenage girls swoon!
Rachel Kerrinski 1:25pm February 25, 2014)

This is a great book the story transcends time and love knows no bounds.
Have you on the radio and thought it was meant for you maybe it was.
If you love Music, and have always had a crush on a musician and hoped
he would see you in the crowd this is the story for you.
Hillary Kaltenbach 3:13pm February 25, 2014)

It is totally the bad boy image they present. It's a walk on the wild side, that most girls would go crazy over because they are have such an outrageous lifestyle.
Anita H 3:41pm February 25, 2014)

I think its the bad boy image, we all want a bad boy but know
they are not the best choice for us.
Gail Hurt 3:51pm February 25, 2014)

Bad boy, glam and being tough on the outside, but having a
touch of softness and tenderness at times is my idea of a
Alyson Widen 5:14pm February 25, 2014)

I think its because it is so much easier for them to be in
our lives now smaller venues, social media, television.
Denise Austin 5:54pm February 25, 2014)

I think it's the combo of music and bad boy that makes us
love them.
Sue Farrell 5:55pm February 25, 2014)

The (hopefully) edgier music, leather or well-fitting jeans, the potential for
ink ... It's all so tempting!! :-)
Jenn McElroy 6:45pm February 25, 2014)

I think it's a lot of different things bad boys, memories, music that I could
understand the words to and sing along
Chris Lewis 7:00pm February 25, 2014)

The bad boy image and the music makes them very appealing
Winnie Lim 7:12pm February 25, 2014)

Girls just fall in love with the boys in the band...doesn't matter how old the boys and girls are....it's eternal love! I still crush on Alabama...mainly Randy Owen and have since 1980 the first time I saw them in concert. Anyone who loves country music knows who he is! That country boy is HOT!
Karen Haas 7:16pm February 25, 2014)

Gotta agree with the bad boy image and their hair. Most rockers have longer hair that adds to their appeal. How well they play their instruments is another ;-)
Christine Arcidiacono 7:25pm February 25, 2014)

It's the whole music scene that draws girls in...as young
girls most of us were fangirls of singers, musicians and boy
bands. And when we grow up, it just translates into liking
the edgier, bad boys of the music world.
Ada H. 7:26pm February 25, 2014)

It has to be the creative, bad boy vibe they have.
Lisa Guertin 7:41pm February 25, 2014)

They have such over the top personalities.
Terri Quick 8:30pm February 25, 2014)

Hi Annie! Hot Rock was fantastic - love that is timeless...
sigh. That is part of the appeal; the music is timeless!
To a certain degree so are the rockers... think Rod
Stewart... or what about Bob from DEVO? Did you feel
surprise that he died, like me? It seems like they would
live forever if they don't flame out young... And Bowie...
oh yumyumyum. Labyrinth? Ziggy Stardust? OH MY!
Vanessa Primer 9:33pm February 25, 2014)

I think it's because they sing to us and their lyrics touch us in some way. It's very appealing to feel that someone understands us.
Marcy Shuler 9:56pm February 25, 2014)

To me, it's like the grass not always being greener on the other side: we want what we do not know. We think we know what it'd be like, but it isn't always so. It's like trying to keep up with the Smiths.
I hope this makes sense....
Elaine Seymour 10:14pm February 25, 2014)

I enjoyed it very much.
Judy Ferguson 10:20pm February 25, 2014)

I think deep down bad boys excite good girls.
Sharon DiPrima 10:45pm February 25, 2014)

Maybe there is something to all the seniors
saying rock and roll would lead to the ruin of a
generation by tempting them to live beyond the
edge. ;-) There's jist something about a man
who can move to the beat of a variety of
Glenda Martillotti 11:14pm February 25, 2014)

a combo of bad boy image/sex appeal, good music & and that as fans we like to believe that we're all still young, hip & sexy ;)
d Kenney 11:21pm February 25, 2014)

They seem so unattainable!
Melanie Backus 11:34pm February 25, 2014)

I think they keep the appeal because we don't want to give up
on our daydreams! C'mon the ones that are still around from
our childhood are the ones that we were in love with :)
April Epley 11:38pm February 25, 2014)

the bad boy image and the love of music that thay just show
when they sing.
Stacey Smith 11:41pm February 25, 2014)

I think they keep the appeal because it is a bad boy imagine.
Jane Squires 11:58pm February 25, 2014)

I think it's because they are gorgeous! Who doesn't think Steven Tyler is a hunk? Come on!
Wanda Barefoot 12:25pm February 26, 2014)

I think it's the combination of all the factors mentioned,
plus anyone successful has that certain aura that makes them
Anne Muller 12:29pm February 26, 2014)

It is their music and voice and then their self images.
Kai Wong 12:38pm February 26, 2014)

For me it's the voice - oh and it's a bonus if they play guitar as well. :-) I'm
somewhat partial to a 'bad boy rocker' and I'm looking forward to getting to
know your man, Annie ;-)
Toni Kenyon 4:27am February 26, 2014)

I think everyone has some fascination with fame. It is
attractive and that fame brings the stars attention.
Karin Anderson 9:26am February 26, 2014)

I think it's because music conjures up our sensory memories
of good times, or sad ones too. Like the scent of cookies
baking, music pulls up our memories and feelings. And for
the good memories awesome music pulls up - who wouldn't like
the fantasy of feeling at our best and being with a sexy
musician and no worries? :)
Patrice Tinsley 9:31am February 26, 2014)

I think their bad boy image and their devil may care attitude is a big draw.
Pam Howell 9:32am February 26, 2014)

i love the bad boy image also i think that is it
Denise Smith 9:41am February 26, 2014)

When they have that bad boy imagine but their voice is sooo sultry and sexy!!!
Bonnie Capuano 9:47am February 26, 2014)

I like country music best and a bad boy image.
Wilma Frana 10:34am February 26, 2014)

Bad boy image!
LeeAnne Hardin 10:38am February 26, 2014)

I think their songs hold messages that make you remember a certain event or time in your life. I hear songs from 1982 when I first met my husband and they bring me back to that time!
Sue Galuska 10:48am February 26, 2014)

It's the attitude, they do what they want.
Rita Wray 10:59am February 26, 2014)

I think it's the bad boy image plus the music.
Carol Woodruff 11:04am February 26, 2014)

Most Bad Boys of Music drink hard, play even harder, and
when they realize what they have done hide from the world..
they go into their music and lose themselves. As to why we
still love them.. it is the fantasy that we love since we
will never know the real person. But to know the real
person would be a dream..
Tina Ullrich 12:23pm February 26, 2014)

Musician's always have some appeal to people.
Melissa Maringer 1:01pm February 26, 2014)

for some reason each connect in someway to the audience.
Mal Kaplan 1:36pm February 26, 2014)

I could easily fall in love with a sexy and soft voice, so music is one aspect I love, but, the bad boy image is very hot, too. A bad boy leaves you thinking that he's sexy, even if he isn't. :)
Vennie Martinisi 1:42pm February 26, 2014)

We love bad boys,even if we no their not a good choice for us. Thanks for a chance to win.
Linda Hall 2:57pm February 26, 2014)

Dunno. Nor do I know when it comes to the classical and
romantic musicians who made folks juicy. Maybe it's just that
music, uh, unseals our secret springs.
Mary Ann Dimand 3:32pm February 26, 2014)

They like the attention.
Kent Cook 5:07pm February 26, 2014)

I think they love what they do and it comes across.
Theresa Norris 6:04pm February 26, 2014)

When you love their music there's a bit of a sexual attraction to certain ones in a rock group and they don't have to be bad boys. When I was a teenager, I was in love with Paul McCartney in the Beatles. I wanted to pull him through the TV set and give him a big kiss (he was such a dreamboat). I love looking a Steven Tyler too; his rocker image with his long hair, cool clothing, way he jokes around. I couldn't get enough of watching him as a judge on American Idol last season! I was in love with that bad boy!
Linda Luinstra 7:09pm February 26, 2014)

I've read Hot Rock and thought it was a very good,
captivating read! Thanks for the contest!
Linda Townsend 7:23pm February 26, 2014)

I think you may be referring to Rod Stewart!!!!! He's hot as hell!
Susan Coster 7:38pm February 26, 2014)

The music, good looks and sexy.
Deb Pelletier 8:05pm February 26, 2014)

I definitely think it's the bad boy image.
Bette Hansen 8:26pm February 26, 2014)

It's the memory the music brings and their attitude.
Laura Gullickson 9:14pm February 26, 2014)

The confident attitude and a great voice certainly is
appealing but also the fantasy of what life would be like
with a rockstar.
G. Bisbjerg 10:12pm February 26, 2014)

It's the idea of being sung to, they reach into your heart and soul and know just what you are missing in your life...romance, hot sex... :)
Kirsten Kimball 10:28pm February 26, 2014)

It's the idea of being sung to and how the way they sing, the lyrics and music
moves you. It's like feeling everything in the heart and having it reached down
your soul. I always feel that there is another side to a rocker. A gentler and
sweeter side which they do not show the world and only to the one they love.
Jeannie Lim 11:19pm February 26, 2014)

I just think it's the amazing music they're still capable of
putting out there for us fans. Plus, even older, they're
still kind of sexy ;)
Cheryl Sanders 2:01am February 27, 2014)

Bad boys & their guitars.
Mary Preston 4:51am February 27, 2014)

I love many types of music (lite rock and country). Thanks for the giveaway.
Kathleen Beale 9:18pm February 27, 2014)

well they come from a time when music was about music not
about having a sexy singer to get fans, and they made us
fall in love with them with their music and their music
showed their soul and made them also look perfect to our
eyes. I love David Bowie to, he is a genius and his voice is
so sensual, he is sexy because he is unperfectly perfect
Sarah Hansrote 4:51am February 28, 2014)

I think talent itself can be incredibly attractive. I was
watching a concert on film recently and found one of the
musicians totally enthralling--wasn't particularly good
looking and way too young, but his abilities alone were
enough to capture me. That old Pied Piper of Hamlin thing, I
Janet Martin 8:30am February 28, 2014)

I love rocker romances! Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the gracious
Kalynn Dresser 4:20pm March 1, 2014)

Hot Rock was great!
Kelly Powell 5:19pm March 2, 2014)

thank you for the great books
Brenda Hook 8:30pm March 3, 2014)

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