June 19th, 2021
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A Rancher's Christmas by Ann Roth


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A Rancher's Christmas
Ann Roth

Saddlers Prairie
Harlequin American Romance
October 2013
On Sale: October 1, 2013
224 pages
ISBN: 0373754760
EAN: 9780373754762
Kindle: B00CFX463M
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Contemporary | Romance Series

A Holiday Change Of Heart

Gina Arnett comes home to Saddlers Prairie to say goodbye to her uncle and sell the family ranch she's just inherited. Her focus is on getting back to Chicago and her high-powered job. Two things change her plans: a sudden blizzard that causes the town to be snowed in, and Zach Horton—the ranch foreman who tries to convince her to stay.

Gina's boundless ambition is something Zach understands all too well. He's kept his past a secret, and to uncover it, she'll have to reveal her own uncomfortable truths—and her growing feelings for Zach. He's not the kind of man she dreamed of falling for. But at the Christmas season, all dreams seem possible...


66 comments posted.

Re: A Rancher's Christmas

Christmas stories are perfect for any time of year! :) My must-have for a town is
a really cute little bookstore.
(Jackie R 4:49pm August 25, 2013)

I love christmas stories mixed with romance they are my
favorite cant wait to read your new book
Denise Smith 12:09pm August 26, 2013)

I love romantic Christmas stories and this one sounds so good. Can't wait to read it Ann. Thanks!!
Bonnie Capuano 6:05am August 26, 2013)

To me, Christmas stories are great anytime of the year and I know yours will be wonderful. In my small town, I would have a general store/grocery store like they use to have back in the old west days. It would carry a bit of everything and have a quaintness about it that everyone loved.
Melanie Backus 8:32am August 26, 2013)

I don't know what's most important in a Western town, maybe a tack shop and a forge? An equine vet?
Clare O'Beara 9:27am August 26, 2013)

I think that a town should have a coffee shop, or in your case, since it's a Western town, perhaps a pub or saloon. I must confess that I haven't read your books, but do love to read Christmas books, since I live quite a distance from my family, and don't get together with them for the holidays. The Christmas books give me a feeling of family during the Holidays. I'm sure once I read it, I'll be doing some backtracking, and looking for other books of yours!! Congratulations on your book, and have a great Christmas, although early!!
Peggy Roberson 9:48am August 26, 2013)

I'm loving your wonderful suggestions for small towns. Keep them coming! :-)
Ann Roth 10:18am August 26, 2013)

Christmas should not be limited to only one time of the year.
I vote for Christmas all year long!
Mary Hay 10:50am August 26, 2013)

I'd be lost without a library.
Lynn Anderson 10:54am August 26, 2013)

I was raised in a small West Texas town and loved it. I still miss it.
For our town it was the high school football team which the whole town supported.
Leona Olson 10:56am August 26, 2013)

Definitely a coffee shop and library!
May Pau 10:58am August 26, 2013)

Will read them anytime but especially love them during Christmas.
Pat Lieberman 11:15am August 26, 2013)

I live in a small town and think good neighbors are most important.
Anna Speed 11:28am August 26, 2013)

Looks like a perfect Christmas read!
Maria Proctor 11:31am August 26, 2013)

I think a coffee shop/bookstore combination is always great to have in a town!
Juli Lear 12:02pm August 26, 2013)

I love Christmas stories, and this one sounds great.
Wilma Frana 12:26pm August 26, 2013)

I love Christmas stories. I love small town stories. I can't wait to read this. I'v loved all the others you've worte.
Shirley Thomas 12:47pm August 26, 2013)

Oh I love reading Christmas stories anytime of the year... small towns... I love those places for gatherings... whether a field for a holiday celebration, or a town hall, barn, or church.
Colleen Conklin 12:53pm August 26, 2013)

LOVE a good Christmas story!
Karen Krack 1:14pm August 26, 2013)

I think must have for a town is a Grocery store..As fate would
have my town does not have one...at least we have a gas
station :)
Thanks for the insights into A Rancher's Christmas. Christmas
books always get me so warm and fuzzy inside :)
Bj Gaskill 1:22pm August 26, 2013)

It's a huge relief to realize that no one minds about a Christmas book coming out as early as October. :-)
Ann Roth 2:37pm August 26, 2013)

I don't have "must haves", as I leave it to the writer to include whatever stores are necessary. Ranchers generally go to a "general store" or "hardware-type store". Store owners might include the store next door. Friends often work nearby. Matters not to me; I'm there for the romance, and it can be found anywhere.
Elaine Seymour 3:45pm August 26, 2013)

A library and a cupcake cafe sound pretty nice!!
Kelli Jo Calvert 4:13pm August 26, 2013)

Bookstores are a must for me. Congratulations on the book - I love
Christmas stories! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Linda Brennan 6:32pm August 26, 2013)

I think my "must haves" would be a general store, cafe, and a saloon. Love the cover for your Christmas book and sounds great. Can't wait to read it!
Linda Luinstra 6:50pm August 26, 2013)

My "must have" would be a cozy used bookstore, preferably joined to a cafe
complete with comfy chairs and hot coffee. Thanks for the giveaway!
Becca Luman 7:11pm August 26, 2013)

My "must haves" would include quaint, cozy businesses including a bookstore and cafe.
Britney Adams 8:35pm August 26, 2013)

Christmas is my favorite holiday. My 'must have' would be a gourmet coffee shop where one could drink coffee/hot chocolate and read your book on their Kindle
Timothy Younger 8:36pm August 26, 2013)

I love a sweet Christmas love story.
Lisa Hutson 9:20pm August 26, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: A RANCHER'S CHRISTMAS. I
love the book cover too with the cowboy boots. I grew up on
a large farm and small town in Kansas and Yes we get lots of
blizzards. I love our little town having a pretty park with
a pretty water fountain with different colored lights when
the water shoots up and I love our huge town swimming pool
with the 11 foot deep end. I love swimming in the deep end.
I would love to win and read your book this summer. Thank
You very much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:21pm August 26, 2013)

I love Christmas stories any time of year.
Debbie Rudder 9:22pm August 26, 2013)

A library, a coffee shop and a park.
Borrow a book, grab a coffee and sit under a tree and read,
Catrina McGregor 9:31pm August 26, 2013)

There has to be a second hand store and an animal shelter.
Renee Grandinetti 10:14pm August 26, 2013)

My "must have" would be a park with walking trails, biking trails, and big lake surrounded by benches. A mom and pop bookstore would be great too.
Amy Kincade 10:22pm August 26, 2013)

I think all small towns should have a bakery/coffee shop,
diner, library (we won the fight to save ours last year),a
flea market or farmers market and a town square or park for
community gatherings
Lisa White 11:08pm August 26, 2013)

What woman falls for the kind of man she plans for anyway?
Bonnie Gonzales 11:33pm August 26, 2013)

My ideal small town would have a historic town square
bordered by small businesses including a refurbished movie
theater, a soda fountain, a bakery and a 5 & Dime.
Catherine Barbaro 12:05pm August 27, 2013)

I want to read this so I'm hoping I can win a copy. Otherwise I don't know when I can afford it.
Cathy Thomas 12:07pm August 27, 2013)

Hi Ann. My first time visiting you. Sounds like you have some good books. Will
have to take a look. My town would need an old fashioned bookstore. A cozy
cafe, a gathering place for meetings, dances, etc, decent drygoods store, and a
bank and Post office. I would be very pleased to win one of your books. And, of
course a place to get gas unless we are using horses. Maxie Anderson
Maxie Anderson 1:06am August 27, 2013)

This is neat--Christmas is my favorite time of year. Love the
sounds of this!
Ruth Hill 1:38am August 27, 2013)

thanks for the chance to win, it sounds great
Debbi Shaw 1:53am August 27, 2013)

I love Christmas romances!
Betty Hamilton 2:13am August 27, 2013)

A must-have for me in a town is a coffee shop or old fashioned diner.
Sue Farrell 8:22am August 27, 2013)

I'd be lost without a library. Definitely a must have for me.
Michele Hayes 8:34am August 27, 2013)

:ove Christmas stories. I love to have a library, coffee shop, bakery and a nice park in a little town.
Sue Brandes 9:44am August 27, 2013)

My must have for a town is a group of interesting townspeople. But things like a nice town square, library and park are nice as well.
Pam Howell 10:05am August 27, 2013)

I don't care what time of year it is I will read Christmas stories. I especially enjoy small town Christmas stories.
Linda Henderson 10:28am August 27, 2013)

Thanks for all the super suggestions and comments. This has been great fun!
Ann Roth 10:30am August 27, 2013)

I love Christmas romances! Great for any time of the year!
Must haves for a town...friendly people is #1! preferably
friendly people that like to share books. ;)
Patricia Stowe 10:57am August 27, 2013)

Since we moved to this area we have fought to keep our library branch open
many times and succeeded. We are now in the fight again. Our
neighborhood is steadily increasing the number of children we have. It would
appear that the powers to be are not listening. Books are important to us all.

I agree. Christmas stories can be enjoyed year-round. They are a great pick-
up and also a mood changer. Thank you for getting yours out early.
Sandra Spilecki 11:23am August 27, 2013)

I can read Christmas romances any time of the year! I love them!!
Betty Hamilton 12:55pm August 27, 2013)

I love Christmas stories! The more the better and I read them any time I can get hold of one. That warmth that is in Christmas romance is always so healing.
Vennie Martinisi 1:52pm August 27, 2013)

I can read Christmas romances any time of the year! My must
have for any town is a coffee shop.
Donna Antonio 2:15pm August 27, 2013)

A good library is a must in a town. It lets you use the computer/internet when your isn't working. I can get lots of free books (in print & on-line), movies, odd items like an power check meter (to see how much energy the fridge uses), online they have lots of databases that are useful (someday I'm going to learn Norwegian) and they let you make purchase requests for new authors I want to try.
Laura Gullickson 2:28pm August 27, 2013)

Gotta have a Library - I can bake my own cupcakes! Summer is
almost over so I'll be ready to dive into a Christmas story to
get me in the mood for all the tasks ahead.
Diane Sallans 2:31pm August 27, 2013)

Would love to read this book. Haven't read any of hers before - so would like to add another author to those that I enjoy
Eleanor Jethro 3:25pm August 27, 2013)

Christmas stories can be enjoyed all year round. My must haves for a town (western town), would be a bakery, old-fashioned diner, soda fountain, town hall/dance hall, second-hand store, and a used book store and/or library. This looks like a great book!
Rich Cook 5:57pm August 27, 2013)

This is where I always get myself into trouble. I buy a lot of Holiday Romance stories during this time of the year. I love the Holidays and I always try to get into the Holidays mood by reading these stories.
Kai Wong 10:12pm August 27, 2013)

This book sounds wonderful. I am new to romance novels and have been looking for the most perfect authors for me, so would love to win your book to find out more about your writing style. Thank you for that chance.
Cynthia Blain 10:40pm August 27, 2013)

My town would need to include a nice cafe, a bookstore and a park.
Gladys Paradowski 10:52pm August 27, 2013)

a library; a grocery store; a space large enough for a town meeting/kid or adult dance/performances; fire station; swimming area - beach, pond, pool or river - anyplace with water!; post office. I'm thinking about places where people can meet and talk, even if that's waiting in line. How many times have I caught up with friends, standing in line at the post office, or bumped into someone in a grocery store aisle? and doesn't friendship make a large city a small town?
Beth Fuller 11:04pm August 27, 2013)

A small town must have a good Wal-mart, doctor, and library.
Sheila True 11:42pm August 27, 2013)

Growing up in a small town, I always wanted to go to the library where I could lose myself in all the different books. Once I grew up and relocated to different cities both small and large, the library was central for me and my family. Now we have our Kindles to read our favorite authors latest books. But, its always nice to get a "book" at Christmas no matter what format it comes in. Christmas is a favorite family holiday.
C Culp 6:23am August 28, 2013)

Christmas reads are amongst my favorites. Wonderful!!
Mary Preston 7:11am August 28, 2013)

I am so glad I'm not the only sucker who loves to read Christmas stories year round! There's just something special about that holiday that makes anything connected with it feel like magic.
Marcia Berbeza 8:33am August 28, 2013)

I love a good Christmas story. Can't wait t read yours.
Carol Woodruff 11:17am August 29, 2013)

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