February 26th, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson


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Also by Maeve Greyson:

A Midnight Requiem, November 2022
A Scot of Her Own, April 2022
Winning Her Highland Warrior, April 2022
Paperback / e-Book
My Tempting Highlander, March 2016
My Highland Bride, September 2015
My Highland Lover, March 2015

My Tempting Highlander
Maeve Greyson

Highland Hearts #3
March 2016
On Sale: February 23, 2016
Featuring: Ronan Sutherland; Mairi Sinclair
ISBN: 110196815X
EAN: 9781101968154
Kindle: B00Y6QF1PI
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Romance Time Travel | Romance Paranormal

Cursed to live forever with neither wife nor child, Ronan Sutherland has watched all he cherishes turn to dust—more than once. For hundreds of years, he’s been trapped behind the mists of Loch Ness, hoping to identify the one woman who is prophesied to break the spell. Now, at last, the fates have aligned, and he’s being sent into the future to fetch her. After a single glimpse, Ronan knows he’s been waiting all his life for this passionate woman.

Unlike her time-traveling sisters, Mairi Sinclair is perfectly content to remain in the present. As a hospital nurse in Edinburgh, she cherishes the opportunity to put her gift of healing powers to good use. But everything changes the morning a mysterious wolf darts in front of her car. Touching the wounded creature’s tawny coat, a tingle surges through her. Yet when she returns with aid, Mairi is shocked to find instead a man with broad shoulders and fire in his eyes—a man who tempts her to unleash the animal within.

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Highland Hearts - Greyson


31 comments posted.

Re: My Tempting Highlander

Oh I LOVE this cover and can't wait to read this book!!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:36am March 3, 2016)

Matchmaking granny caught my eye! Looking forward to this book!
Laurie Bergh 9:41am March 3, 2016)

wow. haven't read any of these yet -- nor, as a librarian,
have i ever gotten those questions! -- but really really
want to!!
Sandy Haber 11:19am March 3, 2016)

I am afraid that I would not want to travel back in time, I
am too comfortable in the current time for that. However,
reading about someone else's time travel experience gives
all of the excitement with none of the discomfort.
G. Bisbjerg 11:56am March 3, 2016)

Hmmm, maybe see what a Regency ball looked like, the Wild West... so many interesting times and places one could experience...
Colleen Conklin 12:14pm March 3, 2016)

Soo many to choose from - I think I would start with
Ancient Egypt then move onto Ancient Rome. Could you
imagine visiting the library of Alexandria.
Janis Milford 4:03pm March 3, 2016)

This sounds so good! I would love to read it!
Kay Salbador 4:13pm March 3, 2016)

I would love to time jump to 12th or 13th century Scotland,
then depending on how things went I am not sure if I would
go forward or back a little further. I would make sure to
carry just a few items with me.
Angela Covarrubias 2:06am March 4, 2016)

The Meiji era in Japan or maybe the 18th century in Europe
(age of enlightenment).
Vanessa Hinman 9:42am March 4, 2016)

I would visit the Regency era in England.
Cheryl Castings 2:57pm March 4, 2016)

I thought Salem but I would be hanging or burning for something. So I better stay where I am at. I love the cover and can't wait to read.
Jennifer Beck 4:42pm March 4, 2016)

I think I would love to visit ancient Egypt, and see the building of the
pyramids! I would even love to see the pyramids today as they are, but
watching something so massive and beautiful being built back then without
the technologies we have today would be really cool to see.
Lily Shah 4:44pm March 4, 2016)

love your books .
Shanan Moening 2:31am March 5, 2016)

I would go back to the wild wild west . I can see me working in a saloon . Remember Miss Kitty in Gun Smoke ? That would be me .LOL
Joan Thrasher 10:59am March 5, 2016)

I'd love to check out my ancestors, so I'd start with the
early 20th century to check out my grandparents as young
Diane Sallans 7:39pm March 5, 2016)

This sounds like a series that I would enjoy reading. I love time travel
Quynh Schooter 5:10am March 6, 2016)

I would like to go back to the 18th century in Europe! I love your teaser!!!
Bonnie Capuano 10:01am March 6, 2016)

Love the Highland stories!
Gwenn Ostman 1:37pm March 6, 2016)

It would be the wild West. I have to give into consideration of how race and being a female would affect my social standing.
Kai Wong 4:54pm March 6, 2016)

Not sure I would want to travel back in time. My health has
always been precarious and I probably would be first to die!
On the other hand, I dearly love reading about the past.
Particularly Revolutionary War era.
Marcia Berbeza 10:56pm March 6, 2016)

Oh gosh. I've always been fascinated by the English Civil
War. Other people find it incredibly boring, but I find it
fascinating. It was when the change from the Rennaissance
to the modern world was happening.
Deb Philippon 2:32pm March 7, 2016)

This looks like it will be a great book. I love to find new-to-
me authors
Sharon Shearouse 2:57pm March 7, 2016)

I think the 1920's
Chris Roberts 6:34pm March 7, 2016)

I think the Revolutionary War was a period I would want to
LaRonda Atchison 2:53am March 8, 2016)

Probably the 1500s to Italy so I can find out more about my
ancestor, Titian Vecellio and his family.
Leona Olson 3:21pm March 8, 2016)

Loved the matchmaking granny!!!! Can't wait to read this book!!!
Bonnie Capuano 10:11am March 9, 2016)

1774-1776 America to meet Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson etc.
Sandra Spilecki 12:11pm March 9, 2016)

I enjoy reading about the past, but am thankful I live in the present.
Anna Speed 12:20pm March 9, 2016)

I would travel to 19th century Europe.
Rebekah Elrod 2:37pm March 9, 2016)

Medieval Scotland
Men in kilts drives me nuts
Natasha Persaud 2:53pm March 9, 2016)

So not interested in visiting a time before air conditioning but the 1920s
might be interesting if you had money.
Laura Gullickson 10:08pm March 9, 2016)

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