August 18th, 2022
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The Magic Between Us by Tammy Falkner


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Also by Tammy Falkner:

The Perfect Date, November 2014
The Magic Between Us, February 2014
Paperback / e-Book
Tall, Tatted and Tempting, June 2013
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The Magic Between Us
Tammy Falkner

Sourcebooks Casablanca
February 2014
On Sale: January 27, 2014
Featuring: Marcus Thorne; Cecilia Hewitt
320 pages
ISBN: 1402268181
EAN: 9781402268182
Kindle: B00F3D8KM4
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Paranormal

Love triumphs over all differences...even those of wings and magic

Marcus Thorne was groomed to be one of the Trusted Few in the land of the fae, but now he must step into his father's title in the British ton. Cecelia Hewitt, a half fae/half human, has always lived in the human world and is not accustomed to wings and magic. Completely unprepared for their new positions, Marcus and Cecelia strike up a partnership to teach each other about their respective worlds. In the process, they discover they have more in common than they ever expected-including a burning mutual attraction.


32 comments posted.

Re: The Magic Between Us

The story about your son is amazing. I'm glad you found a way to help him discover a love for reading. As for your new book, I am looking forward to reading it.

[email protected]
(Amy Kincade 12:44pm January 9, 2014)

Your post made me smile. It is an amazing feeling to watch a
child discover the love of reading.
G. Bisbjerg 1:10am January 9, 2014)

Congrats on finding the key to getting your son to love
reading! I was lucky that my kids have always been voracious
readers. Percy Jackson is a wonderful series. Rick Riordan is
amazing. You may want to try out the Artemis Fowl series by
Eion Colfer as well. My kids both loved them. They are a
sophomore in college and a senior in high school and they
still read the latest in the Percy Jackson books.
Glenda Martillotti 1:18am January 9, 2014)

There's all this debate these days among readers about physical books vs. ebooks. Regardless of anyone's opinion as an adult, whatever format gets a child to read is the perfect format for a book. Growing up I loved watching Reading Rainbow, and now it's an app for young children. It's amazing the way the world changes but at the end of the day reading is still reading - and that's awesome.
Jamie Fortney 1:20am January 9, 2014)

There is nothing like it than to see your children follow in your footsteps and learn to love to read. Can't wait to read this book!!!
Bonnie Capuano 4:32am January 9, 2014)

When I was a kid, I hated reading too. At least, until my
fourth grade teacher handed me a Nancy Drew book and told me
to try it. I've never gone back! My mom says I just didn't
care that, "The duck is in the pond." I wanted a real story.
Now, I have a book with me at all times.
Karin Anderson 9:28am January 9, 2014)

I'm thrilled for your son!! Not only is this opening up a new world for him, but it's going to help him with his schoolwork in general. As for your book, it's a genre that I haven't read yet, because I haven't found a story line that really peaked my interest - until now. Your book sounds like a real page-turner, and I love the way you've involved both worlds in the story line. I can't wait to read it. The cover is really beautifully done, too!! Congratulations with your Son, and on what I'm sure is going to be a hit with the readers!!
Peggy Roberson 9:37am January 9, 2014)

Congrats on being able to help your son! I love the cover of
this book... Wow!
Linda Townsend 10:29am January 9, 2014)

Love this story. I think there is a book for everyone, it is
just trying to make that match. Beautiful cover on The Magic
Between Us.
Gayle Cochrane 11:50am January 9, 2014)

Wow... I really am liking the blurb for this book. So wonderful on finding the key to your son's enjoyment of books. I really hated reading as a kid because of being told to read for book reports... later when I was older, I found the love of books when I picked up my first historical romance...
Colleen Conklin 11:58am January 9, 2014)

That's wonderful that he learned to enjoy books:) My 16 year
old daughter is very sociable but she never leaves the house
without a book---just like her momma, lol. It's great when we
can help them open the door to fantasy and imagination.
Cindi Clubbs 12:49pm January 9, 2014)

I've always loved reading and have trouble comprehending
people who say they don't like to read. The other day I ran
into an older neighbor at the grocery store. She told me
she was retiring and I asked what she would be doing to fill
her extra time. She said she didn't know - that she didn't
read much, but knew I had read so much as a child (I still
do read a lot). I had two thoughts - I couldn't understand
why she didn't read much and that boy I must have read a lot
if even she remembered that I read a lot! So happy for your
son that he has found his reading bliss - I wonder if he
will feel differently about reading print books now?
Diane Sallans 1:49pm January 9, 2014)

thank you for sharing your story i love teaching my kids the
love of reading and seeing their faces light up when they
discover a new book where they can have their own fantasies
come true and be so in the book that it makes them happy to
tell us the story i always smile when my kids do that
Denise Smith 2:06pm January 9, 2014)

Even at 4 my grand-daughter loves to be read to and before long she will be reading to me!
Denise Austin 2:58pm January 9, 2014)

I love the cover of this book. The story sounds terrific and I do think two people from different worlds can find a world of their own, so to speak. Thanks for the contest.
Vennie Martinisi 4:05pm January 9, 2014)

I loved the story about your son and your book sounds wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Marcy Shuler 4:24pm January 9, 2014)

Part of the problem so many kids do not want to read books is they feel like it's associated with school. They don't mind watching TV or playing video & electronic games, and that's part of the problem with how they use their spare time. So a Kindle is an electronic device which intrigued your son to try it...then, he discovered reading a book on it was pretty cool. My youngest son didn't have a big interest in reading, until he discovered he could stay up later when he was supposed to be in bed sleeping on a school night, if he had a book and a flashlight! I caught him and he confessed he'd been doing this for some time, and liked reading now in this sneaky manner!
Linda Luinstra 7:07pm January 9, 2014)

Thank you for sharing the story of your son. Your book sounds fantastic. Thanks for the chance.
Jean Patton 8:00pm January 9, 2014)

I loved to read when I was a kid and I still so.
Wilma Frana 8:22pm January 9, 2014)

I love the story of your son. Thanks for a chance to win your book.
Linda Hall 8:43pm January 9, 2014)

Once my husband got his nook, no more physical books for him!
Marjorie Morris 9:51pm January 9, 2014)

I'm so happy for you that you found the key to getting your son to read. My son (now grown) never did get to where he enjoyed reading (although he did like to be read to when he was young). You should try him on Harry Potter, too, if he hasn't read them, yet. I know my grandson was reading them by the time he was in 4th grade.
Janie McGaugh 9:57pm January 9, 2014)

I guess these days using tech will work much better than paper and ink. I'm glad you found a way to get him to read.
Tamara Burks 10:07pm January 9, 2014)

During my era, we were cheating with Cliff Notes and any classic books made into a movie. Nowaday, kids are so into electronic and that is the only way to get them interested in reading.
Kai Wong 10:40pm January 9, 2014)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: THE MAGIC BETWEEN US. I love
the book cover too! Yes, my name is Cecilia like in your book
but I spell my name different. Your new book sounds magical
and fascinating and I would love to win and read it this New
Year in 2014. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:49pm January 9, 2014)

I am so happy for your son! I love reading and I cannot imagine a world without books! Your book looks amazing!
Elena k 3:57am January 10, 2014)

Love the book cover and sounds like a book that everyone would enjoy. Thanks for the giveaway.
Kathleen Beale 9:07am January 10, 2014)

My 8 yr grandson also loves reading on my Kindle--sometimes
reading is all about timing and different children are ready
at different times. The other hurdle is building their
skills to a point where instead of reading words, they are
able to discover the story. For an older grandson,
audiobooks were a key to helping him to that level--you
didn't mention the age of your son, but my older grandson
didn't leap that bar until he was 12. He could word call
just fine before that, but comprehension was a problem for a
long time. He, too, is now a committed reader, but it took
time and patience on the part of his parents, me (a
librarian and former reading teacher), and his teachers.
Janet Martin 9:54am January 10, 2014)

My son, also 9, is having a heck of a time with reading. I sometimes think it's because his sister reads so well. I have tried everything, too. Except letting him read on my precious Kindle Fire. Maybe I should try to find him one. He doesn't take care of things, but the way you're talking about could work. Also, I could start by letting him use mine while sitting beside me. I have a Kindle Paperwhite he could use, but I know he'd want the color photos. My mind is whirling with the possibilities. Thank you so much for sharing.
Michelle Willms 9:56am January 10, 2014)

I never thought about how a different format for reading could make such a difference in how someone treated reading.
Carol Woodruff 4:19pm January 10, 2014)

My children took to reading like ducks to water. They both
still read voraciously.
Mary Preston 3:17am January 11, 2014)

What a wonderful story about your son! I love to see children discover the magical joy of reading. Also congratulations on the publication of The Magic Between Us. The combination of Regency and paranormal sounds fascinating.
Bonnie H 9:24pm January 25, 2014)

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