October 26th, 2021
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October ushers in great books with holiday themes!

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You never get a second chance at a first kiss…

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Fake Homecoming. Fake Boyfriend. Real feels.

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She's come to Captivity to go wild…

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A terrific, twisting romantic thriller that will keep you guessing.

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Tis the season … for unexpected love.

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Blessings, Georgia series, where the glow of a small-town Christmas and excitement of a winter love story will warm your heart!

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Secrets are every where

The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement by Maya Rodale


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The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement
Maya Rodale

Bad Boy Billionaire #1
Avon Impulse
January 2014
On Sale: December 31, 2013
100 pages
ISBN: 9780062230
EAN: 9789780062231
Kindle: B009NF6WJQ
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Romance | Romance Historical

The first installment of a sexy series about a modern-day heroine writing historical novels based on her romantic misadventures with the Bad Boy Billionaire.

Jane Sparks has accidentally announced her engagement on Facebook—to the infamous Bad Boy Billionaire, Duke Austen. As soon as it's discovered that Jane and Duke barely know each other (one hot kiss at a party does not a relationship make), she'll be completely humiliated. And then Duke does something Jane never expected: He plays along with her charade.

With his hard-partying playboy reputation jeopardizing a 150-million-dollar investment deal, Duke realizes an engagement with the sexy but oh-so-proper librarian could be just the thing to repair his reputation. This good girl tempts him to be very wicked … but only with her. It's unprecedented. Inconceivable. Totally alluring.

As the unlikely match of librarian and tech entrepreneur set out to convince the world—and the internet—that their love is real, something unexpected happens: They start falling for each other. But Jane is secretly writing a historical romance novel that could expose their carefully constructed romance … unless two perfect strangers are content to be perfectly scandalous together.

Bad Boy Billionaire


92 comments posted.

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement

Fabulous excerpt, can't wait to read this! And for the record, I'd like to meet a bad boy billionaire at a fancy ball in a swanky hotel! :-)
(Anita H 4:03am December 31, 2013)

I'd love it if someone could list all the places where one
might find a billionaire bad boy because they certainly don't
grow on trees! I'd like to meet one in a coffee shop
somewhere, over a latte with whipped cream!
Ada H. 4:34am December 31, 2013)

Can't wait to read this book....thank you!
Bonnie Capuano 7:35am December 31, 2013)

Sounds like an interesting read is in store with this one.
Melanie Backus 8:57am December 31, 2013)

Interesting...I'm thinking somewhere totally off
guard...maybe he ran in to a book store for a gift or
something...and we happened to "bump" into to each
other....or since I can be kinda a klutz sometimes...maybe I
knock him over as he is trying to pass me as he is entering
a building as I'm leaving...ahhhh the chance
Gosh darn it now I have to go reel in my evil little mind...
Bj Gaskill 9:29am December 31, 2013)

I would assume that any Billionaires would be hard to find, because they aren't the type to really want to spend any money, so they would be a bit of a recluse. Why do I say this?? Any of my acquaintances that I know who have money, are the least likely to want to part with it. If they go out, it's to places that don't charge admission, because they don't want to part with their money. Therefore, I think I'd like to meet my Billionaire along the beach somewhere, where I'm shell and beach glass hunting, so that I could break the ice, so to speak. Then I'd be able to talk about the wonderful items that could be made from these gifts from the sea. Your book sounds intriguing, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
Peggy Roberson 10:49am December 31, 2013)

If I were a woman, I'd want to meet him at a swanky party!
Richard Proctor 10:51am December 31, 2013)

Actually the library is not a bad place. Or a swimming pool irks as well.
Janet Saunders 11:20am December 31, 2013)

Sounds like an interesting story, I'd love to read it.
Wilma Frana 11:29am December 31, 2013)

I would like to meet a billionaire on one of the Greek Isles.
Cheryl Castings 11:41am December 31, 2013)

I would love to win this book!
Denise Austin 12:08pm December 31, 2013)

I'm like Jane in that I'm not big on breaking rules. I'm not a
total goody two shoes but I'm also not good at following any
plans I make. I'm definitely someone for whom everything goes
Chanpreet Singh 12:38pm December 31, 2013)

In a candlelit restaurant!
Maria Proctor 1:05pm December 31, 2013)

I would want to meet him at a New Year's Eve party! Happy New Year!
Maureen Emmons 1:23pm December 31, 2013)

Thank you for the excerpt. Is it difficult going from historicals to contemporaries?
Kim C 1:37pm December 31, 2013)

I'm looking forward to reading this and have added it to my
tbr stack. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.
Happy New Years Eve
Lori Harvey 1:43pm December 31, 2013)

I'd put on my mask and follow him too. Can't wait to read the
rest of it. Happy New Year!
Lisa White 2:40pm December 31, 2013)

Where would I want to meet... oh anywhere! Where I least expect it!
Colleen Conklin 3:30pm December 31, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: THE BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE'S
WICKED ARRANGEMENT. I love the hot and sexy book cover too!
Well, I would love to meet a Billionaire on a Love Boat
Cruise Ship that was sailing all over the world. That way I
would have lots of time to really get to know him better. I
would love to win and read your Hot new book in the New Year
2014. Happy New Year to You and everyone. Thank You very
much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 5:04pm December 31, 2013)

Shelly Caggiano 5:11pm December 31, 2013)

I'd want to meet him on the beach. Then we could go for a romantic walk together. And after that I can only hope.
Rita Wray 5:14pm December 31, 2013)

I'd want to meet him on the golf course--then we'd have something in common.
Sue Farrell 5:29pm December 31, 2013)

Oh my, I loved that excerpt! I'd love to meet a bad boy billionaire on a cruise ship. That way he's trapped unless he's an exceptionally good swimmer. LOL
Marcy Shuler 6:01pm December 31, 2013)

Loved your excerpt. If I were to meet a bad boy billionaire I think I would like to meet him on vacation--I'll be in Las Vegas later in the year so I'll be looking for him. Happy New Year Everyone!
Sharon Extine 6:32pm December 31, 2013)

Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the opportunity!
Marcia Berbeza 6:52pm December 31, 2013)

I would like to meet a bad boy millionaire at the beach!!
Betty Hamilton 7:02pm December 31, 2013)

I don't know!! I've been looking for a bad boy billionaire for
a long time and have never found even one. If you know where
they are hiding PLEASE, PLEASE tell me!!!!!
QuenKne M 7:50pm December 31, 2013)

I think the bad boy billionaires are out there, but hard to find. Happy New Year to all!
Barbara Wells 8:18pm December 31, 2013)

I'd like to meet him at my office (I work for my state's Legislature). Best wishes for continued success and happy new year!
Christine LaRue 8:20pm December 31, 2013)

Happy New Year & thanks for the amazing excerpt & giveaway!
Elizabeth Hyatt 8:39pm December 31, 2013)

Hope you have a wonderful New Year and I just wanted to thank you for the chance to win a great sounding book.
Jeanne Agee 9:39pm December 31, 2013)

I've never managed to run into one while doing errands - or at
least I didn't know it! How about at the vet? Mobile pet
Calien Laure 9:52pm December 31, 2013)

I would love to meet my bad boy at an Office party. Thanks and Have a Happy New Year.
Kai Wong 10:06pm December 31, 2013)

I'd love to meet him at the supermarket! We can talk over produce and then,
maybe, he'll offer to pay for my groceries and I'll offer to make dinner.

Happy New Year, Maya!
Khristine C Chua 10:22pm December 31, 2013)

I'd like to meet him on vacation. Maybe at a beach or Las Vegas. Haven't
met one yet but you never know.
Stephanie Fredrick 10:36pm December 31, 2013)

The grocery store or a restauraunt is where I'd probably meet my famous man. Maya, your book sounds good.
Cathy Phillips 10:41pm December 31, 2013)

The library or a book store - at least I'd know we had something important in common!
Janie McGaugh 10:55pm December 31, 2013)

Happy New Year!
Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win!
Natasha Donohoo 10:56pm December 31, 2013)

sounds really good i love books about billionaire`s romance
`s thanks so much
Denise Smith 11:40pm December 31, 2013)

I would love to win your book. Thanks for a chance to win it.
Linda Hall 12:19pm January 1, 2014)

These billionaire books have been so much fun!!
Cate Sparks 7:00am January 1, 2014)

Awesome excerpt cant wait to read
Carolyn Johnson 7:36am January 1, 2014)

Great sounding book. I would love to meet a bad boy by accident somewhere unusual for a bad boy.
Debra Guyette 7:53am January 1, 2014)

Love bad boy books they are so much fun to read, thanks for the giveaway
Bertie Welck 9:24am January 1, 2014)

I would love to find my very own bad boy billionaire ♥ great
Mary Mooney 10:12am January 1, 2014)

I would love to meet a bad boy at some type of gathering, maybe a wedding or graduation party.
Colleen Schindler 11:24am January 1, 2014)

Thanks for excerpt. I can't wait to read it.
Amy Kincade 1:03pm January 1, 2014)

I would love to meet a bad boy billionaire anywhere that is
nice and quiet. But, I am not willing to give up my fabulous
Julie Cole 2:07pm January 1, 2014)

Anywhere!!!! My luck it would be a grocery store though.
Tawnya Bentley 2:45pm January 1, 2014)

then he could buy me a book store hehe
Leanne Jacobson 4:37pm January 1, 2014)

I married my bad boy but millionaires we are not… although our happiness
makes up for it!
Cahm Merritt 5:42pm January 1, 2014)

Love bad boy books. Just wish I had one.
Kimberly Lane 1:08am January 2, 2014)

Cate Sparks 5:44am January 2, 2014)

Denise Holcomb 6:23am January 2, 2014)

I would meet him anywhere, location does not matte
Tina McClay 7:32am January 2, 2014)

I love your style of books. I have read several and plan on
getting more. Thanks for writing. Now where would I like to
meet a billionaire? Walking on a lonely beach.
Debra Ashwood 8:57am January 2, 2014)

On a nice secluded island somewhere. Where we could spend a lot of
alone time together. 😉
Lori Meehan 9:10am January 2, 2014)

Some unexpected place like a book store. Really liked the except and want to know what happens, excellent teaser.
Amy Rickman 11:18am January 2, 2014)

Happy new year! And thanks for the chance to win.
Kantu Malhotra 11:19am January 2, 2014)

Can't wait to read the book. I become an instant fan after reading it's
historical counterpart. ;-) hmm where would one meet a billionaire? I'd love
to meet one in an unlikely place. Maybe a volunteer event where the
volunteers have to get down and dirty to actually help (not just donate
money and go to a party) maybe feeding homeless or painting a home or
cleaning up a beach. It'd be awesome for them to do that even though they
could pay their way through charity.
Nathanie Serrano 12:53pm January 2, 2014)

I'd want to meet my bad boy billionaire in my favorite city, San Francisco, at the Top of the Mark Bar & Restaurant, where we could listen to piano music, sip a glass or two of bubbly and chat for hours. :-) jdh2690@gmail.com
Janice Hougland 1:24pm January 2, 2014)

I loved the Wicked Wallflower book but I am totally bummed that I have to wait till February to read the rest of Jane's story.. :( Whyyyyy???
Angeles Narvaez 3:21pm January 2, 2014)

looks entertaining - I hope I win
Dj Sakata 3:38pm January 2, 2014)

Since I've been married 40 years, not much chance of it happening
Nancy Luebke 4:28pm January 2, 2014)

I would love to meet him anywhere! Bad boys are hot!!
Cindy Hamilton 4:49pm January 2, 2014)

Shay Alford 6:24pm January 2, 2014)

If I were younger, and more importantly - single, I'd like to
meet him at a New Year's Eve party and be with him at the
stroke of midnight! :-)
Glenda Martillotti 9:27pm January 2, 2014)

I wouldn't mind meeting a bad boy billionaire. Now, if he
also secretly was a member of a MC and moonlighted as a
singer, that would be the icing on the cake.
Janice Unger 9:35pm January 2, 2014)

I may have to start reading again.
Nikki Chaffin 10:19pm January 2, 2014)

Out for BBQ, you're more your self when you have to get messy,
no pretences.
Christine Kochanowski 10:22pm January 2, 2014)

Well I want a bad boy, that he has money is all to the good. He can treat me the way I want to be come accostomed to. LOL
Sounds like a good story, my poor TBR pile just keeps growing and growing.
Earlene Gillespie 5:06pm January 3, 2014)

I really wouldn't be picky as to where I could meet a billionaire bad boy
as long as I could meet one :) I've had a weakness for bad boys since my
first boyfriend at 14 and the billions would be a very nice extra...lol
Kim Holliday 3:22am January 4, 2014)

Who doesn't want a bad boy billionaire? Can't wait to read
this, like all of Maya's books. It's already pre-ordered on
Amazon. :-)
Michele Friedman 10:18am January 4, 2014)

Actually, your setting sounds perfect! In a library & in disguise!
Sharlene Wegner 10:46am January 4, 2014)

I love to read books like this. I know that I am going to enjoy reading this book because who does not want their own billionaire bad boy. I know I do!!
Felicia Sidoma 6:00pm January 5, 2014)

Love the sound of this book!
Timitra Cozier-Bobb EHL- 1196 1:57pm January 6, 2014)

I would love to meet a Billionaire bad boy and the library
would be a great place for me to meet him ....or in a locally
owned bookstore I frequent ...
Maria Durst 2:42pm January 6, 2014)

Thanks for the excerpt, I enjoyed it and definitely want to read the whole thing! =D
Karen Gagnon 10:01am January 8, 2014)

I would love to meet a Billionaire anywhere!! I am not picky :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
Rachael Sauve-Cumle 2:00pm January 8, 2014)

Maybe somewhere cold so he can cuddle up next to me or somewhere hot so we can cool off in the ocean ? Im not picky.
Leslie Rodriguez 6:55pm January 8, 2014)

Great excerpt! This book is definitely going on my wishlist. I would love to meet a billionaire on a romantic beach in the Caribbean.
Bonnie H 8:12pm January 8, 2014)

Wow I must say the excerpt was not enough. I'm hooked already
and craving for more! I can't wait to read the book!
Michelle Lee 8:25pm January 8, 2014)

Awesome giveaway! Hope to win
Liza Dequilla 6:03am January 9, 2014)

More for the TBR pile! Thanks and Happy 2014!
Eva Minaskanian 12:30pm January 10, 2014)

I would love to meet him at a Harley Davison/Ducati
showroom, while I was looking for a new motorcycle to
buy! That would mean we already have something in
common and something exciting to talk about.
Kimberly Mayberry 5:00pm January 11, 2014)

Added to my TBRs. I'm looking forward to reading it after reading this excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway.
Jessie Llewellyn 8:52am January 19, 2014)

Cover is great and the synopsis is awesome so most certainly
adding to my TBR list. Thank you for the chance to win :-)
Ella Goodsell 9:56am January 19, 2014)

Thanks for the giveaway added to my TBR!
Jessie Miller 10:27am January 19, 2014)

I think meet a bad boy billionaire at a masquerade ball
sounds perfect!
Theresa Fischer 11:23am January 19, 2014)

This sounds like a great read! Adding it to my TBR list! Thanks!!
Angie Dubisher 12:37pm January 19, 2014)

Looking forward to reading this new series!! Thanks for the
opportunity to win!!
Kris Seek 7:47pm January 19, 2014)

I want to meet Duke Austen!
Staci Pope 12:33pm January 21, 2014)

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