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A Wedding In Apple Grove by C.H. Admirand


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A Wedding In Apple Grove
C.H. Admirand

Small Town USA #1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
November 2012
On Sale: November 1, 2012
Featuring: Megan Mulcahy; Daniel Eagan
352 pages
ISBN: 1402268998
EAN: 9781402268991
Kindle: B008NC9CVK
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Contemporary

He's not so sure about small town life.

She can't imagine living anywhere else.

Welcome to Apple Grove, Ohio (population 597), where everyone has your best interests at heart, even if they can't agree on the best way to meddle. When the townsfolk of Apple Grove need handiwork done, there's no job too small for the Mulcahy sisters: Megan, Caitlin, and Grace.

Specializing in hard work and family loyalty, tomboy Meg Mulcahy has left behind any girlhood dreams of romance. Enter newcomer Daniel Eagan, looking to bury his own broken heart and make a new start. He's surprised–and delighted–by the winsome girl with the mighty tool belt who shows up to fix his wiring.

But Dan's got a lot to learn about life in a small town, and when Meg's past collides with her future, it may take all 595 other residents of Apple Grove to keep this romance from short–circuiting.

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Small Town USA


61 comments posted.

Re: A Wedding In Apple Grove

This story sounds very good. Have it on my wish list.
(Helen Livermore 10:30am November 16, 2012)

I really enjoy small-town settings. Your book sounds delightful. Thanks.
G S Moch 10:46am November 16, 2012)

can't wait to read this book!!!!!
Ashley C 11:04am November 16, 2012)

Sounds like my kind of book. I definitely want to read it.
Wilma Frana 11:10am November 16, 2012)

I enjoy the small town atmosphere. I didn't grow up in a community like that so find these particularly lovely!

Please enter me in your contest - thanks :)
Susan Davco 11:19am November 16, 2012)

Oh I am adding this one to my want list! :) Enjoy your books!
Colleen Conklin 11:45am November 16, 2012)

This sounds really cute!
Lisa Elwood 12:03pm November 16, 2012)

Thanks so much for inviting me to guest blog, Sara, I always enjoy visiting everyone here at Fresh Fiction :)
C.H. Admirand 12:28pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Helen - I'm delighted that you've added A Wedding in Apple Grove to your wish list. Thank you :)

Hi GS - There is something about small-town settings that remind me of a *hug*. Thank you for the lovely compliment. :)

Hi Ashley - I actually can't wait for reader-feedback. Thanks so much :)

Hi Wilma - Thank you, I'm glad you think so. :)

Hi Susan - there is just something about the small town atmosphere...for me it's the sense of community and busybodies. LOL! Thanks:)

Hi Colleen - I'm so glad you enjoy reading about the characters that keep me up nights. Thanks! :)

Hi Lisa - Thanks for making me smile. :)
C.H. Admirand 12:34pm November 16, 2012)

This charming story warms my heart. I grew up in large cities
but this sounds so special. best wishes.
Sharon Berger 12:57pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Sharon - thank you so much for the warm wishes. I am hoping that people who visit the fictional town of Apple Grove will all feel welcome there. :)
C.H. Admirand 1:03pm November 16, 2012)

I come from a small town that sound just like this! Thanks for sharing your book!
Stephanie Strausberger 1:16pm November 16, 2012)

I too grew up in a small town. We went back to visit last month and it hasn't changed much in the twenty years that I have been away. Sadly I didn't meet even one person that I knew, so in that way it is changed.
Kathleen Yohanna 1:30pm November 16, 2012)

Rewind: Your editor asks, you produce. Easy peasy. Geesh, CH, modest much? Not everybody can switch gears that easily, much less that successfully. Looking forward to the new series, though I wouldn't object if the occasional cowboy rode into Apple Grove, either.
Grace Burrowes 1:34pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Stephanie - you live near Purity, Ohio? That's the town I built my fictional Apple Grove around.Thanks for posting :)
C.H. Admirand 1:45pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Kathleen - it's hard to go back, isn't it? I went back to our neighborhood on Cedar Hill and was heartbroken because the person who bought my grandparents home subdivided the lot and built a house right next to my grandparents! There was so much property, they could have built it down the hill...really sad. But at least your home town looked the same...I'm wondering if maybe we only get to have one or the other. Thanks for commenting :)
C.H. Admirand 1:48pm November 16, 2012)

OMGoodness, thanks for making me laugh out loud today, Grace. Seriously, I didn't think of it that way and I'm not really sure how successful it is...yet...but am crossing everything hoping it doesn't flop. Funny you should mention a cowboy riding into Apple Grove because one of the NYC Firefighting Garahan brothers is the hero in book 3 (which on deadline with) and he just has to have the Texas branch of the Garahan family come to Apple Grove for the wedding...there will be a trail of broken hearts once the single ladies of Apple Grove find out the Texas Garahans are all happily married. :) Thanks for stopping to chat! :)
C.H. Admirand 1:52pm November 16, 2012)

Your book sounds like a great read. I was raised in a county of only small towns, in fact the town I am from is only a post office now.
Sheila True 1:52pm November 16, 2012)

thanks for the chance to read thid .sounds like a great tale
Debbi Shaw 2:15pm November 16, 2012)

I love small towns, have lived in or near small towns all of
my life. big towns are for visiting only.
Mary Hay 2:22pm November 16, 2012)

Small towns are so great! I love passing through them. They
have such a sweet, peaceful vibe. ^_^
Samantha King 2:32pm November 16, 2012)

I am married to a farmer with calluses on his hands and live near a small town. I look forward to your series.
Marjorie Carmony 2:51pm November 16, 2012)

I have your cowboy books on my tbr list ... will add apple grove to that.
Shelby S 2:58pm November 16, 2012)

I love books about small towns, I can't wait to read your book.
Rita Wray 3:05pm November 16, 2012)

I've read almost everything C.H. Admirand has written and loved every word.
She's made me cry, laugh and cheer for her characters. The plots are amazing
and well crafted. I believe the jump from hot cowboy life in Texas to steamy
couples living the small town life is a viable story line that someone as talented
as C.H. Admirand has the ability to achieve and create one unforgettable story.
Tara Haff 3:12pm November 16, 2012)

This looks like it will be a good one.
Shannon Scott 3:34pm November 16, 2012)

`great contest
Kent Cook 3:55pm November 16, 2012)

Fantastic. Glad you took the chance.
Holly Vanderhule 4:01pm November 16, 2012)

would love to win & read!
Pamela Faye Howell 4:01pm November 16, 2012)

Thanks, Shelia - I'd love to visit where you live. Parts of northern NJ have little hamlets and lake communities that are small and we love it...but other parts are waaaay too 'citified' for me. :)
C.H. Admirand 4:28pm November 16, 2012)

Thanks for stopping by, Debbie :)
C.H. Admirand 4:29pm November 16, 2012)

LOL reading your comment, Mary Hay because that is how I feel about big towns. :)
C.H. Admirand 4:30pm November 16, 2012)

Hmmm...I can totally agree with you Samantha about the "peaceful vibe". Thanks :)
C.H. Admirand 4:31pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Marjorie - you are soooo lucky to be married to a man who uses his hands.:) Farming is not for the faint of heart and I think people really underestimate what it takes to be a farmer in this day and age. There's just something about a man who calluses on his hands that gets my heart pumping. Thanks :)
C.H. Admirand 4:33pm November 16, 2012)

Hey Shelby - well that definitely just put a smile on my face...I really love being on a reader's TBR pile :) THANKS!
C.H. Admirand 4:34pm November 16, 2012)

Hey there, Rita...there's just something about a small towns. Thanks for stopping by :)
C.H. Admirand 4:35pm November 16, 2012)

OMGoodness...and I truly did NOT pay Tara Nina to say all of those nice things about me. LOL! Thank you my dear for visiting me today. :)
C.H. Admirand 4:36pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Shannon - thanks...fingers crossed reader's think so. :)

Hey Kent - good luck :)

Hi Holly - thanks. I was very fortunate that my editor believed in me enough to even ask me to take a detour from writing contemporary cowboys--which I LOVE doing :)

Hey Pamela - good luck to you, as well :)
C.H. Admirand 4:38pm November 16, 2012)

A great story is a great story no matter where it is set!
Diana Corlett 4:40pm November 16, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 4:58pm November 16, 2012)

Definitely a book I am going to read; my mother was born in Aiken, S.C. and I have fond memories of Aiken when I was small and visited my grandparents.
Shirley Younger 5:00pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Diana - you are soooo right. The focus should always be on the heart of the story...the hero and the heroine and their journey toward their HEA :)

OMGoodness, Shelly, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. :)

Hi Shirley - thanks :) Wow...small world, isn't it? Most people have no idea where Aiken, SC is LOL!
C.H. Admirand 6:47pm November 16, 2012)

I cam from an Italian family both sides,my dad's mom we called grandma, she had friends that would know everything. Nonnie(my mom's mom)didn't like to gossip for it hurt people, and half the time it wasn't true...our family was talked about alot for we owned a deli..had my share of gossip when my parents were getting a divorce...but loved living in my hometown of Highwood...near chicago, everyone knew everyone of course its changed thru the years. I live now in a small country town in north fla. I'm looking foward in reading this book-hope I win!
Carole Fiore 7:23pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Carole! thank you for sharing a little bit about your grandmothers. Isn't it funny how different they can be? As the owners of a deli, I'll just bet your family was at the hub of what was going on in town. It's so lovely to have memories of our roots, isn't it? Thanks :)
C.H. Admirand 7:47pm November 16, 2012)

Thanks for the preview! This sounds like something I would like to read, so I am putting it on my list. So glad there are websites like Fresh Fiction to introduce new authors & books.Have a great week-end!
Sharlene Wegner 7:50pm November 16, 2012)

Hi Sharlene - I'm delighted to be on your list. Thanks :) Fresh Fiction is a FABULOUS site and do so much for romance authors. They are THE BEST!
C.H. Admirand 8:05pm November 16, 2012)

Finding love in a small town is one of my favorite topic to read. This would be a wonderful book to read just to take a break from big city life and to get back to basic.
Kai Wong 8:34pm November 16, 2012)

i love the cover and cant wait to read!!
Jennifer Beck 8:56pm November 16, 2012)

I had to laugh when I saw your photo. That was exactly the way I was sitting when I started to read your post!! Just moving to a small town recently, I'm slowly getting the flavor of what you're talking about, although I'm just slowly getting my feet wet! I've met a fair share of people now, but still love my home life. Your book would probably ring a few bells for me, and I would love to read it. I put it on my TBR list, if I'm not fortunate enough to win it. I totatlly adore the cover, and I'm sure it's going to take off like wildfire!! Congratulations!!
Peggy Roberson 9:39pm November 16, 2012)

I am so excited about this new series. I just loved The Secret Lives of Cowboys. Those brothers made for some fun reading!
Jennifer Beyer 9:55pm November 16, 2012)

i would love to win this book...i really love the cover and it just makes me feel so comfy...great job...
Kimberly Hoefs 9:55pm November 16, 2012)

I'm a city slicker that truly appreciates reading about small town life. Continued success!
Joanne Hicks 10:46pm November 16, 2012)

My husbands job transferred him from our, I guess you would say medium town, to a very small town where we lived for four years. It was really hard to adjust, mostly just for me. I told myself I hated it and had dreams of moving. He just recently was transferred again and now we live in a really big city and I surprise myself by actually missing the small town feel. It really sneaks up on you and brings you right in :)
Jolene Allcock 11:58pm November 16, 2012)

What a fabulous post. Small towns have pros & cons, just as any place does.
Mary Preston 4:56am November 17, 2012)

I have never lived in a small town but I've read plenty of books set in such places. I think the good part would be knowing that people cared about neighbours and would help if needed. Bad part of course is that everyone would know your business and gossip!
It's great to take a break from your usual style of writing, your ususal characters. It gets the creativity woken up again. Good luck with the books.
Clare O'Beara 7:21am November 17, 2012)

Hi Kai - Yay! another vote for reading small town as a break from city living. Thanks :)

Thanks, Jennifer - the cover gods have smiled upon me again:) SB does amazing covers:)

LOL,Peggy...that photo pose hides alot :) I'm so glad you're enjoying your new home and know you will settle in just fine. I really like going over town and knowing that I'll run into people that know me and that I've known for years. THANKS for putting me on your TBR list :)

Hey Jennifer - OMGoodness I'm soooo glad you enjoyed reading about the Garahan brothers, they were such fun to write about Thanks :)
C.H. Admirand 4:31pm November 17, 2012)

Hi Kimberly - I'm so glad you like the cover, I've had some really positive feedback about it that I've passed on to the SB Art Dept. They do amazing covers Thanks :)

Hi Joanne - LOL at your city slicker comment. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Hi Jolene - moving is always hard. My mom hated that my dad got transferred so often when he was working for DuPont...they moved 10 times in those first 9 years...which is why my older brother and I were born in Aiken, SC. I've always wanted to move to a big old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere...but so far that's not in the cards for us...we're still living in our little lakestyle cottage in the woods, but it's so homey, I can't imagine leaving now! LOL! Thanks :)

Hey Mary, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. You're right pros and cons for small towns and big ones. Thanks!

Hi Clare - absolutely! The pros IMHO are the sense of community and caring neighbors and the cons are the nosy neighbors. LOL! You're right it is nice to take a break from one genre, not all publishers encourage their authors to do so...fingers crossed they let me write more cowboys for them, too. Thanks!
C.H. Admirand 4:37pm November 17, 2012)

Many years ago I grew up in a small town and loved it! When I married, we built a home in a brand new subdivision which once housed the outdoor drive-in movie theatre. We were one of the first people to build there. In no time, we discovered that four couples we knew and graduated with were also building homes there. Three of those lived on our block. It was nice and we loved it! After 6 yrs. we had to move to relocate for my hubby's job and so did our good friends and next door neighbors. We all ended up divorcing, after moving to bigger cities. I guess, something can be said for the cozy, quaint, laid-back life of small town living. I think people that all know each others business tend to stay together and are happier.
I sure love small town setting romance books, and I think your cover is more than cute! I can't wait to read this sounds so good!
Linda Luinstra 4:58pm November 17, 2012)

Your book sounds really good, I've been wanting to read it every since I first saw it! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
Christine Mead 10:32pm November 17, 2012)

I chuckled at your comments about those who keep the story going. Gossips can make life interesting.
Gladys Paradowski 3:59am November 18, 2012)

Your story sounds cozy, comfy and sweet and I want to curl up in a loveseat and page through to find all the good stuff. I like the idea of a know-it-all who keeps track of everyone in town since this is what happens in small towns.
Alyson Widen 5:32pm November 18, 2012)

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