June 25th, 2022
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The Chieftain by Margaret Mallory


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Also by Margaret Mallory:

The Chieftain, March 2013
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The Sinner, November 2011
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The Chieftain
Margaret Mallory

Return of the Highlanders #4
Grand Central Publishing
March 2013
On Sale: February 26, 2013
Featuring: Ilysa; Connor
448 pages
ISBN: 0446583111
EAN: 9780446583114
Kindle: B009GAITTE
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Historical

Connor, chieftain of the MacDonalds of Sleat, holds the fate of his people in his hands. Rival clans are plotting to take over his lands, and duty determines whom he will fight, trust . . . even marry. Seeking guidance, Connor turns to Ilysa, a young lass with the gift of foresight, who reveals an approaching danger-and a passion that burns only for him. But the warrior must make a powerful marriage alliance, and Ilysa's bloodline is far too humble.

With her powers to heal and see evil where others cannot, beautiful Ilysa dresses plainly, speaks softly, and loves her chieftain from afar. Yet when Connor finally stokes the embers of desire that have so long burned within her, Ilysa feels bliss unlike any she's ever known. Now as he is forced to place duty before happiness, Ilysa senses Connor is in grave peril. Can she find a way to prove she is the woman he needs by his side?

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Return of the Highlanders


62 comments posted.

Re: The Chieftain

I love the storyline - and what a cover ;) A definite must read.
(Carla Carlson 10:07am February 27, 2013)

I do love reunion romances,it's always interesting to see how the hero and heroine's relationship progress from where they left off. And dealing with family is never easy! Thanks Margaret for the contest! I can't wait to read this.
Anita H 10:59am February 27, 2013)

I love Highland Romances and Margaret Mallory's are among my
favorites! I also love hearing about the process of writing
these wonderful heroes/heroines.
Karin Anderson 11:09am February 27, 2013)

I've really enjoyed reading this series. You are on my list of TBR authors...have been for several years. As long as there is some type of obstacle it makes for a more interesting love story, esp if the hero take a while to notice the heroine.
Margaret Murray-Evans 11:24am February 27, 2013)

nice storyline.
Lisa Fitzgibbons 11:52am February 27, 2013)

I enjoy reunion stories... have also read a few books where siblings caused trouble in a relationship that I liked... no matter the obstacle... I truly enjoy seeing how the characters get past things and find their HEA!
Colleen Conklin 12:06pm February 27, 2013)

I do enjoy reading about heroes and heroines who have a past relationship. Siblings can be great supporting characters. I look forward to reading The Chieftan.
G S Moch 12:38pm February 27, 2013)

Love highlander stories. :) Sounds like another great story!
May Pau 12:43pm February 27, 2013)

Shelly Caggiano 12:44pm February 27, 2013)

Amazing author! Looking forward to reading The Chieftain!!!
Ntzee Thao 12:47pm February 27, 2013)

I LOVE these books and hope that you continue on with this series!!
Betty Hamilton 12:54pm February 27, 2013)

I'm loving the comments, thanks! And a special thank you to those who said nice things about my books. :)
I like connected stories, so I really enjoyed bringing cousins, siblings, & best friends into each others' books in this series.

Margaret Mallory 12:58pm February 27, 2013)

Love her and her Hot Scots!!!
Sheila Mulholland 1:00pm February 27, 2013)

I am looking forward to reading some of your books. This sounds like an exciting time in history.
Kathleen Yohanna 1:49pm February 27, 2013)

Love, love, love your books. Can't wait to read this new one. Hope to see you in Atlanta (I'll bet we could find a party or two to crash!)
Tamra Baumann 2:07pm February 27, 2013)

I absolutely love it when the hero and heroine are connected
when they were younger. Those are my favorite type of
series, when all the major characters have histories tied to
each other beit siblings or childhood friendships. It adds
so much more depth to the chracters, IMO. I love your
series, Mallory, I can't wait to read The Cheiftain!
Ada H. 2:34pm February 27, 2013)

Your books are so exciting. Can't wait to read them.
Mary Hay 2:34pm February 27, 2013)

OMG! I never related my small town to historical clans, but
they ARE so similar when you think on it! It is a love/hate
relationship with many knowing your youth and history.

Loving Mallory and her wonderful books!
Theresa Newbury 3:10pm February 27, 2013)

Aww, thanks again for the lovely comments about my books! Tamra, I will be at the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in Atlanta this summer & can't wait to crash your party. Theresa & Ada, I'm glad you enjoy the intertwined relationships and histories of characters in small communities. :)

Margaret Mallory 3:32pm February 27, 2013)

I am anxiously waiting to read the last book in this series. It's been a great series. I like the strong bonds of friendship between the heroes of the 4 books.
Cheryl Castings 5:15pm February 27, 2013)

i sure love the story and can't wait to read it ..nice job on the cover too...
Kimberly Hoefs 7:11pm February 27, 2013)

I like your analogy and thinge the book sounds great!
Darci Paice 7:15pm February 27, 2013)

Love when lovers were friends when younger and family allways get in the
way but then everything works out in the end so we can have a happy
ending in the end
Ava Curtis 7:27pm February 27, 2013)

cool concept
Debbi Shaw 7:43pm February 27, 2013)

Can't wait to read this book! I enjoyed the others!
Cheryl McEwen 7:51pm February 27, 2013)

Congratulations on your new book! Love historical romance and love your book covers. Return of the Highlanders series will definitely be going on my reading list.
Bonnie H 8:39pm February 27, 2013)

Yes, I actually do like books where the hero and heroine are
childhood friends. Its a more deeper relationship between the
Lazydrag0n Puff 9:44pm February 27, 2013)

my sister use to say that living in a small town, mom found out what happened on the front porch before you got in the door without having to look outside ;) love that countyside pic :)
d Kenney 10:29pm February 27, 2013)

Your highlanders are soooo sexy!!
Susan Dyer 10:29pm February 27, 2013)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books can't wait to read the Chieftain. I'm hoping to see you in Olympia.
Angila Davis-Smith 10:42pm February 27, 2013)

I should tell you that the photo is of a faery glen on the Isle of Skye that I visited on my trip to Scotland with my daughter. It was such an amazing, magical place that I used it for a couple of key scenes in THE CHIEFTAIN. If you want to see more pictures, I made a book photo album for each of THE RETURN OF THE HIGHLANDER books & posted them on my website, www.MargaretMallory.com, on the Videos & Such page.

Thanks for all the comments! D Kenney, I can definitely relate to mom finding out what happened before you walk in the door. :)

Margaret Mallory 10:47pm February 27, 2013)

Love the premise of this book and cannot wait to read it. I think you have captured quite an interesting twist with the characters.
Pennie Morgan 11:08pm February 27, 2013)

Who doesn't love a man in a kilt? I've always loved any romance set in Scotland and can't believe I've never read any of yours. I will quickly have to remedy that, of course :)
Rosie Bindra 11:27pm February 27, 2013)

I appreciate all the comments. :)

Angila, it would be wonderful to meet you at my signing this weekend!

Margaret Mallory 11:35pm February 27, 2013)

I enjoy reunion romances also. Especially if there is some friction to overcome. And its so true about finding that special someone just when you least expect it.
April Harvey 5:42am February 28, 2013)

I love 'she's my best mate's little sister' and the conflicts that occur bringing
these 2 protagonists together. It makes for a great story.
Chris Coulson 6:32am February 28, 2013)

Now this is a story I'd love to read...can't wait!!! Thanks
Bonnie Capuano 7:38am February 28, 2013)

What a beautiful photo of the ash trees and foxgloves!

My husband is Scottish so I am looking forward to this book.
Clare O'Beara 8:32am February 28, 2013)

Love Highlander stories and so in love with these covers!
Jolene Allcock 10:08am February 28, 2013)

Siblings can be a royal pain in the but and even more problems if love is
involved in a relationship
Ava Curtis 10:53am February 28, 2013)

I love me a highlander!
Melissa Roma 11:20am February 28, 2013)

Sounds great!
Vicki Hancock 11:57am February 28, 2013)

This sounds like a great story. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Anna Speed 12:22pm February 28, 2013)

I adore highlanders and interconnected character romance
Lenna Hendershott 12:50pm February 28, 2013)

I'm loving all these comments!!

Clare, thanks for identify the trees as ash. I didn't know what they were.

Margaret Mallory 4:21pm February 28, 2013)

love the cover!
Michelle Schafer 5:48pm February 28, 2013)

What a great photo of the faery glen (like something out of a movie). I'm sure Scotland was amazing, and helps incorporate new ideas for your books. A lot of history and lore can be learned traveling. I'm going to check out your website.
Rich Cook 5:49pm February 28, 2013)

I love books where the hero and heroine have know each other since they were children. I think it gives great background to their romance, especially if they were friends when they were younger, or even if they didn't like one another when they were younger and grow up to love one another. Just love it :)
Aimee Robison 6:29pm February 28, 2013)

I can't wait to read this one!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Natasha Donohoo 6:30pm February 28, 2013)

Love all your covers for your books! I also enjoy books where the characters have known each other since childhood and as they grow up, what evolves throughout their lives (staying friends or becoming enemies, etc.). I haven't read any of your books, but hope to soon! Love your photos!
Linda Luinstra 6:52pm February 28, 2013)

Yes, I love to read about reunion romance stories and I love
the picture and cover too. Thanks for the great contest. God
Bless Everyone! Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 7:41pm February 28, 2013)

I love this series and hope you build a story and who dosen't love a HOT Scot.
Vickie Hightower 8:15pm February 28, 2013)

I love highlanders and I really am looking forward to reading this series.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful characters and talent.
Patti Paonessa 9:13pm February 28, 2013)

I like that your hero and heroine knew each other in the past since they know more about how each other ticks and what tics each off. Expect more buttons to be pushed in relationships that go way back.
Alyson Widen 9:46pm February 28, 2013)

love highlanders.
Deb Pelletier 10:18pm February 28, 2013)

I absolutely LOVE this series!
Elizabeth Hyatt 10:52pm February 28, 2013)

This story sounds like what my parents are trying to do for me. They have been trying to hook me up with a suitable husband candidate from their community. I wonder how similar is my circumstances to Connor.
Kai Wong 11:13pm February 28, 2013)

Can't wait to read this one...I've been looking forward to it the past 2 books in the series. (sigh) I do love a Scotsman :)
Kathy Kelly 12:10pm March 1, 2013)

Thanks again for so many great comments! Kai Wong, I enjoyed your comment about your parents trying to set you up with a husband from your community. Some aspects of family relationships transcend time & cross cultures, for sure.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to add here that I love Fresh Fiction. And not JUST because they've given me wonderful reviews. ;) Really, Fresh Fiction is a great group, & this site is well done.

Margaret Mallory 1:10am March 1, 2013)

It's fabulous when the characters knew each other before,
especially as children. The history is there to begin with.
Mary Preston 7:26pm March 1, 2013)

Love the series- so glad to have historicals not set in
traditional London. The characters are great and so well
developed. I have become obsessed now with looking up old
castles and landscapes in Scotland.
Sara Edmonds 1:19pm March 9, 2013)

I love the story and the cover is great, can't wait to read all of your book.
Jane Thompson 7:38pm March 9, 2013)

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