April 14th, 2024
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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long


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It Happened One Midnight
Julie Anne Long

A lady with a shocking pedigree, and a few too many secrets, discovers how hot passion can burn in the arms of a rake in this new romance from Julie Anne Long's much beloved Pennyroyal Green series.

Pennyroyal Green #8
July 2013
On Sale: June 25, 2013
Featuring: Jonathan Redmond; Thomasina "Tommy" de Ballesteros
384 pages
ISBN: 0062118072
EAN: 9780062118073
Kindle: B009NF69SK
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Historical

Thomasina "Tommy" de Ballesteros, the bastard daughter of a duke, has the men of London at her feet. But with a secret mission to save the children of London from the fate she suffered as an illegitimate child, she has nothing but scorn for men—especially those like playboy Jonathan Redmond. But when Redmond himself discovers her in a compromising nocturnal position, she's left with a far more challenging task: controlling her heart and refusing her desires.

Jonathan Redmond is well on his way to becoming a first-class rake. With his devastatingly good looks, the Redmond family fortune, and an effortless charm with the ladies, he's got the world at his fingertips. There's just one catch: Fortold by a gypsy woman that he'll sire ten children, Redmond isn't letting women anywhere near his heart. That is, until an unforgettable midnight encounter with the alarmingly willful, self-possessed Tommy makes him rethink everything, even the possibility of succumbing to prophesy—and love.

Pennyroyal Green


57 comments posted.

Re: It Happened One Midnight

Hi Julie Anne! Thanks for the excerpt, now I really want to find out what happens next!! I'm hoping of course, that it WILL happen again!!! ;) Just wondering with some many endless possibilities for heroes and heroines for future books, how many Pennyroyal books do you have in mind for the series? And thanks for the chance to win!
(Anita H 2:29am July 3, 2013)

I think it's inevitable that it happens again!!! Thanks for the excerpt and the
Linda Brennan 3:08am July 3, 2013)

I got hooked on your books at the local library. Of course it will happen
again. Once is never enough.
Laura Gullickson 3:44am July 3, 2013)

I would hope that it happens again!! I love the way he came so close to her, barely touching her, and said "Boom" in her ear!! What expressive writing!! After reading that excerpt, I can't wait to get my hands on your book, to find out how the story unfolds!! Now I can see why you got such accolades for your book!! I'm in love with the cover as well!! This is definately a book that is on my TBR list for the Summer!! Congratulations on your book!! I'm sure it's going to make a lot of women happy this Summer!!
Peggy Roberson 7:57am July 3, 2013)

Of course it will happen again... and again... and again!! AND, won't it be fun to read all about it!
Betty Hamilton 8:42am July 3, 2013)

Loved the excerpt. I have not read your books yet but; I am going to go with it will happen again. Pretty book covers on your books.
Sue Brandes 8:42am July 3, 2013)

I love historical Romances and this looks like one I would really enjoy. Love the cover too. Thanks so much!!
Bonnie Capuano 9:01am July 3, 2013)

I admit up front that I've not read any of your books - but I love the covers and love the excerpt so now I feel like I'm a winner already because I have 8 in a row I can read one after the other. What fun. And as for the question, my answer is It's inevitable it will happen again. Yippee. Thanks for a chance to win. Best of luck with the newest book - and all to come in the future.
Nancy Reynolds 9:22am July 3, 2013)

Looks like a good curl up book.
Jess Nekoranec 9:26am July 3, 2013)

Of course it would happen again. I ordered it through the book depository and it's supposed to today! Can't wait to read it! :)

Btw, my favorite book is What I did for a duke. I think I relate to heroine because I am a bit shy too. :) Although Like No other lover is another favorite because I cried so much in the end. :)
May Pau 9:34am July 3, 2013)

it will happen again and the excerpt makes me want to read it and then again
Debbi Shaw 9:43am July 3, 2013)

wow looks like a incredible read looks really good love to
win this
Denise Smith 9:50am July 3, 2013)

I think it will most definitely happen again. I love how you built up the intensity - with the pupils especially - I find that to be true in real life.
Carla Carlson 10:35am July 3, 2013)

Oh, what a great tease!
Cheryl Castings 10:50am July 3, 2013)

Of course it happens again! I love this series and can't wait to read the newest. Thanks for visiting, Julie Anne.
G S Moch 11:03am July 3, 2013)

Here comes the boom!
It better happen again or they will regret it for the rest of their days. When you meet someone that sparks your ignition you just have to explore the possibilities.

Good luck and happy writing!
Tracie Travis 11:30am July 3, 2013)

I hope it happens again of course! Thanks!
Dianne McVetty 12:05pm July 3, 2013)

Oh my gosh, my heart is beating so fast. I want to read this
so bad!!!! Best series ever. and of course it happens
Jessica Huff 12:10pm July 3, 2013)

Great snippet.
Cathy Hurley 12:13pm July 3, 2013)

Oh it has to happen again! How could it now? I can't wait to
read this one. When you started writing this series, did you
envision it would go on for this long? This is quickly
becoming one of those series I hope will never end :)
Ada H. 12:18pm July 3, 2013)

I love this series! So stinking much but I especially loved It Happened One Midnight. I think it's my new favorite of the series.
Megan Burliname 12:21pm July 3, 2013)

I've been enjoying this series and am almost finished with this book. The initial scene between Tommy and the duke was heartbreaking. Also, the scenes with little Sara and Charles were sweet and really showed another side of Jonathan.

I have two questions: Will Lyon somehow get word that Olivia is moving on? Something will eventually bring him home. Secondly, I think it was in I Kissed an Earl that you gave us a glimpse of how Isaiah Redmond made his money. Also, there is the matter of his refusal to allow Cynthia into his home. So as you planned out this series, did you envision him as a complete villain or just a very flawed man?
Kim C 12:23pm July 3, 2013)

Oh of course they kiss again, how could they not. I am so
looking forward to getting to Jonathan's story. I just started
"What I Did For a Duke" so I have a little ways to go, but I
already have a soft spot for Jonathan and can't wait to see if
his gypsy fortune comes true.
Sarah Rosenbarker 12:28pm July 3, 2013)

that was a great little taste of the book, of course I now
want to know if it happens again and again.
Tina Gilligan 12:32pm July 3, 2013)

Why of course it will happen again. I'm a big fan of this series, thanks for writing it and offering this giveaway!
Jamie Fortney 12:34pm July 3, 2013)

Ah the excerpt is such a tease! I'm truly excited to get
started on the series which I will start after the wedding I
have to attend this weekend. thanks for the giveaway
Sandy Xiong 1:10pm July 3, 2013)

Of course it will! Your books are luscious! Just finished
"The Perills of Pleasure" and I was entranced.
Maryjane Turbett 1:20pm July 3, 2013)

:) of course it will happen again!
Colleen Conklin 1:53pm July 3, 2013)

Good morning girls!! It took me a while to be able to log in (more
technical snafus!)-- sorry about that -- but thank you all so much for
stopping by! :) I'm so thrilled you're enjoying the series and I hope you
enjoy Jonathan and Tommy's book as much as the others, if you haven't
yet had a chance to read it! To answer a few specific questions: I can't
tell you about Lyon yet, Kim!! :) Or rather, I *can*, but I really don't want
to give anything away just yet! BUT...what do YOU think? And as for
Isaiah...no one in the series is all good, or all a vilain -- he's a very
flawed man, and driven by power and wealth, but he does love his
family. In trying to control them he thinks he's doing what's best for
them. Fortunately, love always wins in the end! ;) Good questions!!
Thank you!

Ada, I did envision a long series! I wanted it to be like, oh, a long-
running soap opera, where you're invested in the lives of the characters,
and come to know the families, their friends, and so forth. It gave me
much more latitude as a writer to come up with interesting stories!! I'm
so delighted you've enjoying the books!

And yay, Maryjane, I'm so glad you were entranced by The Perils of
Pleasure! Hope you enjoy the rest of the books in the series, too! :)
Julie Long 1:55pm July 3, 2013)

the beautiful covers on your books have draw me in and I must say I've not been
disappointed in the stories inside. Love reading your books.
Jackie Wisherd 2:25pm July 3, 2013)

Sounds fab! I cannot wait to read it!
Annie Tegelan 3:22pm July 3, 2013)

It will definitely happen again! :)
Sue Galuska 4:27pm July 3, 2013)

Love this series. Great excerpt!!!
Vicki Hancock 4:33pm July 3, 2013)

But of course it does!! Thanks for the excerpt!!!
Cate Sparks 4:46pm July 3, 2013)

Yes, I believe that it does happen again and no matter what
anyone says: it can always happen again. Thank You for the
fantastic contest and congrats on your new book: IT HAPPENED
ONE MIDNIGHT. Wow, it sounds like a great romance book to win
and read for sure this summer. Thank You. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 5:02pm July 3, 2013)

Boom! Yes, it happens again.
Lisa Elwood 5:05pm July 3, 2013)

I just have to read IT HAPPENED ONE MIDNIGHT! Yes, yes, will definitely happen again. Keep writing
Shirley Younger 6:01pm July 3, 2013)

Hi Julie Ann:
I love the series. My Favorite is What I Did For A Duke! I just bought It Happened One Midnight and will get to read it this long 4th of July weekend. Can't Wait! Love the excerpt!
Thank You!
Donna Calandriello 6:07pm July 3, 2013)

Loved your excerpt and yes, I thin it will happen again. Thanks for the chance to win a couple of your books.
Carol Woodruff 6:40pm July 3, 2013)

Great excerpt! Oh, yeah, it'll happen again.
Janie McGaugh 7:41pm July 3, 2013)

I would say yes it should definitely happen again!
Darci Paice 8:05pm July 3, 2013)

It will happen again, no matter how much they want to avoid it.
Kai Wong 9:04pm July 3, 2013)

Of course it will happen again! What fun would it be if it didn't?
Jennifer Beyer 9:40pm July 3, 2013)

Love this series--of course it will happen again!
Emily McNee 10:29pm July 3, 2013)

I've read, "What I Did For A Duke" and I thought it was an
awesome read. Got me interested in the series as a whole. The
excerpt is intriguing! - Doesn't it always happen again
though? Hahah Thank you for stopping by FF w/a cool giveaway!
Lazydrag0n Puff 12:04pm July 4, 2013)

Great excerpt, thank you. Yes, it will happen again.
Rita Wray 9:45am July 4, 2013)

Congrats! What a great series!
May Pau 9:46am July 4, 2013)

It'll happen again.
Cheryl McEwen 10:55am July 4, 2013)

Hi, Julie Anne! Congrats on your new book. I loved the excerpt, and yes, it does happen again. One big, big BOOM.
Cathy Phillips 11:20am July 4, 2013)

I do not go - it might. I would love to win this book and get to know you as an author.
Jane Squires 2:52pm July 4, 2013)

I bet it will happen again!
Diane Sallans 6:01pm July 4, 2013)

It will most definitely happen again. I loved this thank you.
Mary Preston 5:56am July 5, 2013)

Very romantic covers, what gorgeous dresses! I am sure the writing is just as elegant.
Clare O'Beara 9:42am July 5, 2013)

Bit by bit by bit it will have to happen. I love that "bit." :)
Penny Mettert 3:32pm July 5, 2013)

You are leading us on and we readers know to not be fooled
with ultimatums and that famous word, "Not." Of course, he'll
pursue her, and we'll hear a whole lot more squeaks, maybe
even louder.
Alyson Widen 5:30pm July 5, 2013)

What can I possibly add to the concensus--of course, again!
Janet Martin 4:43pm July 6, 2013)

It will happen again. ;-)
Marcy Shuler 6:56pm July 7, 2013)

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