May 29th, 2024
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With a Vengeance by Jacqui Jacoby


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Also by Jacqui Jacoby:

Magic Man, October 2015
Dead Men Play The Game, July 2015
With a Vengeance, April 2014
Paperback / e-Book
With a Vengeance, April 2013
Paperback / e-Book

With a Vengeance
Jacqui Jacoby

The more she wanted out, the more they dragged her back in!

Samhain Publishing
April 2013
On Sale: April 19, 2013
Featuring: Jaime Walsh; Stephen Reid
266 pages
ISBN: 1619215756
EAN: 9781619217171
Kindle: B00B18C30U
Paperback / e-Book
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Other Editions
Paperback (April 2014)

Mystery | Romance Suspense

Daughter to murdered CIA officers, niece to a deputy director, Jaime Walsh has never known life outside the world of espionage. Until a high–action case in Buenos Aires leaves her gutted. Physically, emotionally...and professionally.

She'd planned for her long–overdue vacation to be a time to rest and reassess. With her longtime partner Stephen not far behind, it's a tropical paradise away from work. A paradise where boundaries will be tested.

From their training days, Stephen Reid has watched Jaime kick ass while performing what has become his second job—watching her back. But now his feelings have grown.

As best friends look at each other in a new light, they like what they see. And Jaime dreams of a new life outside "the company".

Except someone from their past won't be satisfied until Jaime and the man she loves are hunted to the brink of death. Now Jaime must find the strength to trust her heart and let go of her fear. Before she loses everything...

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45 comments posted.

Re: With a Vengeance

Oh my goodness...these sounds like a book I'd love to read. Thanks Jacqui
(Bonnie Capuano 10:52am May 3, 2013)

This sounds like an awesome book that I would be interested in reading :) Will have to get my hands on a copy.
Aimee Robison 11:02am May 3, 2013)

I am so grateful to have many loyal friends, including my husband of 50 years.
Marjorie Carmony 11:14am May 3, 2013)

My loyal friens is my husband and im sure he would do anything
for me so i am lucky
Denise Smith 11:30am May 3, 2013)

This book sounds great. Hope I win this one. Congrats to Marjorie Carmony on 50 yrs of marriage. My husband & I will bemarried 46 yrs in July. He's my best friend too.
Pat Moore 11:49am May 3, 2013)

yes and yes
Kent Cook 1:09pm May 3, 2013)

My best friend is my husband, we have been married for 35 years. Thanks for a chance to win your book.
Linda Hall 1:32pm May 3, 2013)

I do have a loyal friend but when I moved away we became separated. I miss her. Some of my new friends are not so loyal.
Kathleen Yohanna 2:26pm May 3, 2013)

My best friend and I bonded in a breast cancer support group. She would drop everything if I needed her and vice versa.
Joanne Hicks 2:43pm May 3, 2013)

Enjoyed your blog. Loyal friends are hard to find unless you are married to one. Like I am.
Sheila True 2:59pm May 3, 2013)

yes, yes thanks
Debbi Shaw 4:08pm May 3, 2013)

I have not had a friend that turned into more, but have seen it happen to others..
Colleen Conklin 5:01pm May 3, 2013)

I've had friends in the past I wouldn't have minded becoming more...right now, there is one who I will always have special feelings for - don't know if we'll ever go there thought. And that's okay. :)
Kelli Jo Calvert 5:34pm May 3, 2013)

I met best my best friend in church many, many years ago. She has since moved to the other coast but we are together via e-mail often. It is so pleasing that our e-mails have passed in space showing we are thinking of each other at the same moment. We are truly blessed.
Patricia Pascale
Patricia (Pat) Pascale 5:35pm May 3, 2013)

As to a man and woman friendship, I do believe it could development into more, and the same with women friends; they could become a true and loyal friend forever. I am lucky to have a number of women friends in my life that I know that I can count on for anything, and I have a daughter who would do anything she could for me, and on top of that I have a husband of 50 years as of November who is my rock and is always by my side for whatever it takes. I feel so lucky to have all of these special people in my life and wish everyone could have the same.
Cynthia Blain 8:24pm May 3, 2013)

I have a loyal girlfriend. We have been best and loyal friend since we are in pre-school. Now as for loyal guy friend,...Yes I would like one of those, please.
Kai Wong 8:40pm May 3, 2013)

Yes, my loyal friend would be my husband Jesus of 25 years
of marriage. We also are like your characters Jaime Walsh
and Stephen Reid living on the edge and going through a wild
ride of Life with all the ups and downs. Never a dull moment
for sure. Look out Twilight Zone; Hee Hee. Thanks for the
fantastic book: WITH A VENGEANCE and would love to read it
and win it too. Thank You. Cecilia and Jesus CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 10:23pm May 3, 2013)

hello..your books sounds like a good match for me..would surely love to win...thanks
Kimberly Hoefs 10:49pm May 3, 2013)

Bonnie and Aimee -- I hope that when you find it, you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 10:53pm May 3, 2013)

Marjorie and Denise -- having your husband as your best freind ... you can't get much better than that!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 10:55pm May 3, 2013)

Pat - forty six years is amazing!! Maybe Jaime and Stephen will get there, too. ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 10:59pm May 3, 2013)

Linda - Good luck with the win!!
Jacqui Jacoby 11:00pm May 3, 2013)

Kathleen -- I am sorry to hear you got seperated from your freind. Maybe the fates will bring you back together again. Here is hoping!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:01pm May 3, 2013)

Joanne -- what an amazing way to make a freind. And to be there to help each other along the way ... beautiful story!!
Jacqui Jacoby 11:01pm May 3, 2013)

Shelia -- thanks for stopping by. I"m glad you enjoyed it!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:03pm May 3, 2013)

Colleen -- True love ... who knows where it's going to show up!! Sur worked for Jaime and Stephen. ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:38pm May 3, 2013)

Kelli -- I had a special freind in high school who should have been more, but we never got our timing right. Always distractions that got in the way. He will alwys hold a special place in my heart. ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:39pm May 3, 2013)

Patricia -- very cool!! Facebook and email and texting sure does make that other coast seem closer!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:40pm May 3, 2013)

Cynthia -- Yes, you surely are blessed with all those people so close in your life!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:42pm May 3, 2013)

Kai ... LOL ... I will get right on ordering the guy friend!! LOL ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:42pm May 3, 2013)

Cecilia - What an exciting way to live!! Enjoy!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:44pm May 3, 2013)

Kimberly -- Good luck at winning!! If you get a chance to read it I hope it is all you expected!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 11:45pm May 3, 2013)

My husband of 38 years is my best friend. We only dated 6 months before we were married, but even then I could go to him with anything and he the same. I really enjoy reading about couples who go from friends to lovers and more. With a Vengeance sounds fantastic.
Annetta Sweetko 9:50am May 4, 2013)

I've had several wonderful guy friends, mostly work buddies, but also men who could have been more had we been at different places in our lives. The "what if" aspects are always fascinating.
Janet Martin 10:55am May 4, 2013)

Yes of course I have loyal friends who mean a lot to me! Male and female friends who have seen good and bad times with me. But they have partners, I have a husband, so nothing will develop, no. My husband has to be my most loyal friend though!
Clare O'Beara 11:19am May 4, 2013)

Annetta -- I'm glad you like the concept of best freinds to lovers. Always seemed to me to be a natural step. Hope you enjoy the book!
Jacqui Jacoby 12:20pm May 4, 2013)

Janet-- What if's drive the story forward!! Both in fiction and real life. You are lucky to have had such good freinds!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 12:22pm May 4, 2013)

Clare -- As I said above, having a husband as a best friend makes you a very lucky person. Congrats!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 12:23pm May 4, 2013)

Shelley Summers 7:57pm May 5, 2013)

I met my best friend at church. We bore the ups and downs with raising our children, now it's grandchildren for her but great ones for me. Six weeks ago my third great- granddaughter was born after eight years waiting. Last week news came that the other grandson will begin their family with his wife of 11 years. Through all the waiting my best friend and I prayed. God said He would give us the desires of our heart. We stood a long time and encouraged my kids with Gods word. Sometimes when He says for us to "Wait upon the Lord" we don't think it will be that long but He always answers. With my friend beside me we have more highs than lows, God really blesses us.Besses us.
Yvonne Butler 7:47am May 6, 2013)

Shelly -- For now does offer its promise!! Good luck!! ~Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 6:59pm May 6, 2013)

Yvonne- Congrats and the long frendship and the great big family!! Jacqui
Jacqui Jacoby 7:00pm May 6, 2013)

Thank you so much for the chance to win WITH A VENGENCE. I love a good murder mystery. I've never read your books, however, I'm looking forward to the one I just one. From the reviews I've seen on your book it will probably put you on my "favorite author's" list at my local bookstore. They have a list of my favorites and order the books by author's name when they see new ones coming out. Then I get a call to come pick it up. Thank you again for the book I won at FRESH PICK. Have a wonderful and blessed day. I will leave reviews on it as soon as I read it, ie: Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc. Thanks again
Pat Moore 7:18pm June 9, 2013)

I won WITH A VENGENCE in May. Do you know how long it takes to receive it? I understand that it comes from the publisher - however, I haven't receive it and today is 6JUL2013. When I win a book I always stop what I'm reading, read the book and then leave reviews. If you have somewhere special you want it left then let me know. Thanks for this opportunity. [email protected] Acct is updated correctly.
Pat Moore 3:29pm July 6, 2013)

Hey everybody!! My apologies on a late sign in. My
computer and I are in negotiations as to whether it remains
my computer or I toss it's sorry, malfunctioning ass in the
garbage!! I'm leaning toward the later!! But hey,
**wonderful** comments!! I just loved them all. And yes, I
do think Stephen and Jaime will hit the forty-six year mark
as they are both too stubborn to ever give up!! I'm having
a kick ass launch party with tons of free goodies on Tuesday
at FB Jacqui Jacoby. Please come join us and just help us
have a great time!
Jacqui Wilson 4:55pm March 28, 2014)

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