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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

Secrets Of  A Wedding Night by Valerie Bowman


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Secrets Of A Wedding Night
Valerie Bowman

First comes love, then comes scandal

Secret Brides #1
St. Martin's Press
October 2012
On Sale: September 25, 2012
Featuring: Lily Andrews; Devon Morgan
352 pages
ISBN: 1250008956
EAN: 9781250008954
Kindle: B007TJ52N0
Paperback / e-Book
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Other Editions
Paperback (September 2012)

Romance Historical


Young, widowed, and penniless, Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill, has strong opinions on marriage. When she spots a certain engagement announcement in The Times, she decides to take action. She will not allow another hapless girl to fall prey to a man—particularly the scoundrel who broke her heart five years ago. Anonymously she writes and distributes a pamphlet entitled “Secrets of a Wedding Night,” knowing it will find its way into his intended’s innocent hands…


Devon Morgan, the Marquis of Colton, desires a good wife and mother to his son—someone completely unlike Lily Andrews, the heartless beauty who led him on a merry chase five years ago only to reject him. When Devon’s new fiancée cries off after reading a certain scandalous pamphlet, he vows to track down the author and make her pay. But when he learns it’s his former fiancée Lily, he issues a challenge: write a retraction or prepare to be seduced—to find out how wonderful a wedding night can be…

Secret Brides


72 comments posted.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night

Congrats on your debut release, Valerie. Smart is sexy. I don't know anything about faro. I would like to learn more about whist, too.
(Jane Cheung 1:12am September 28, 2012)

I love Regency Romances! Smart hero's are really cool & interesting. I do not know anything about faro. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you have a great day.
Chelsea Knestrick 2:14am September 28, 2012)

I haven't read your line yet but love so many writers on this site, it is fantastic that you are offering a read as a prize to introduce people to your characters!
Darci Paice 2:23am September 28, 2012)

I know very little about faro, but I do love a smart man.
there's something very sexy about a man who can think quickly and be able to carry on a conversation on many subjects.
Sharon Mitchell 2:25am September 28, 2012)

Smart hero's are always interesting and sexy. Don't know a thing about Faro.
Sharon Extine 2:47am September 28, 2012)

Smart math guy... yup, super sexy. Okay, I admit it I adore
Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. I have been wondering for a
while just what Faro is... google search time!! Thanks for
the giveaway!
Vanessa Primer 2:53am September 28, 2012)

Since I don't know anything about Faro, I am glad that you did your research. I love smart men since I have one of my own. Congrats on the new book.
Kathleen Yohanna 5:12am September 28, 2012)

I think that it is fascinating that you had the title first.
Marjorie Carmony 6:27am September 28, 2012)

I must admit I don't know a thing about Faro but would love to read the book and learn!!
Bonnie Capuano 8:37am September 28, 2012)

I know absolutely nothing about faro, but I do love a smart hero! I like reading about a hero and heroine who are evenly matched.
Karin Anderson 8:39am September 28, 2012)

Debbi Shaw 9:15am September 28, 2012)

I know nothing about Faro but I do like smart heroes. They look at things so logically until the heroine forces them to feel things.
Maureen Emmons 9:45am September 28, 2012)

Your book sounds fabulous. I would love to win - but now you've got me totally intrigued, so I HAVE to get the book to read no matter what. Best of luck with it!
Nancy Reynolds 9:55am September 28, 2012)

I love reading regency romances, it is fun to escape to a
world I know nothing about - so I do not know anything about
Faro. I enjoy a smart (even nerdy) hero as well as those
that are smart and alpha. Your book sound wonderful and I
am putting it at the top of my reading list.

Thanks for the chance
Pam Brewer 10:22am September 28, 2012)

This looks like a great contest.
Kent Cook 11:34am September 28, 2012)

Smart is a challenge, intriguing. Know nothing of faro.
Beth Elder 11:46am September 28, 2012)

Hi Valerie! You are a new author for me. Secrets of A Wedding Night sounds really good. I love smart heroes. They make things more interesting since they always have a plan and are thinking ahead. There's no way for you to keep up with them. Lol! I don't know anything about faro.
Cathy Phillips 12:34pm September 28, 2012)

I know Faro is some kind of game of cards. I love card games and I would love to learn it. Your character sounds wonderful, I love intelligent men. I also love Judith McNaught's "Whitney, My Love" hooked me on romances. Your book has made my must read list.
Carla Carlson 12:39pm September 28, 2012)

I love regency romances! I enjoy reading about heroes that are smart and are a bit of a mystery. I know nothing of Faro...thanks for another great read
Julie Parrish 12:48pm September 28, 2012)

This would be a very good book of the battle of the sexes. Devon and Whitney trying to get an upper hand on each other.
Kai Wong 12:51pm September 28, 2012)

Thanks for the contest. Secrets of A Wedding Night sounds like a winner. "What a tangled web we weave" kept going through my mind as I read the description of the book.
Anna Speed 1:12pm September 28, 2012)

I do not know anything about faro but smart is sexy as long as it's not arrogant. I love the regency romances! Good luck and thanks!
Teresa Sullivan 1:40pm September 28, 2012)

I, too, know nothing about faro but the book sounds
Mary Hay 2:47pm September 28, 2012)

Congrats on your debut! I don't know anything about faro, but I do know that smart is sexy. Thanks for the chance to win your book!
Jennifer Langford 3:08pm September 28, 2012)

Do not know much about Faro... Love a smart guy... thanks for sharing!
Colleen Conklin 3:11pm September 28, 2012)

Love the title sounds like a great read.....
Shelly Itkin 3:12pm September 28, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 3:16pm September 28, 2012)

Enjoyed reading the comments. I am always looking for new authors to read.
Your book sounds really good.JWIsley(at)aol(dot)com
Joy Isley 3:20pm September 28, 2012)

I love regency romance novels. Thank you.
Cynthia St. Germain 4:19pm September 28, 2012)

I love to read regency romances and this one sounds great !
Susan Atkins 4:56pm September 28, 2012)

Sounds like a great read, thank you for the chance to win this...
Holly Vanderhule 5:06pm September 28, 2012)

Sounds like a great read!
Patricia Mellert 5:15pm September 28, 2012)

I am always looking for new authors, definitely look forward to reading your
Ann Sheiring 6:00pm September 28, 2012)

i would love to win this giveaway and thanks so much for the chance for a fan to win
Kimberly Hoefs 6:46pm September 28, 2012)

Enjoyed reading your blog. Book sounds like a great read. Have never heard of faro.
Sheila True 7:20pm September 28, 2012)

This sounds like my kind of book, I'd love to win it.
Wilma Frana 7:36pm September 28, 2012)

We readers appreciate how much you authors make to get things
accurate in your stories - I don't know how to play faro
either - I'll have to look into it.
Diane Sallans 7:44pm September 28, 2012)

I've never even heard of faro! Is it still played today?? I do like a smart hero. While I often joke about liking "big and stupid," I couldn't have my HEA with someone who wasn't smart in at least some way.
Catherine Lee 7:52pm September 28, 2012)

I know nothing about faro, I hadn't even heard of it until your post! I love a smart hero with a plan up his sleeve! Your book sounds fascinating, I will be picking up a copy asap!
Christine Mead 8:14pm September 28, 2012)

I don't know anything about Faro. A smart her is always
interesting. Sounds like a fun read. :)
Leslie Davis 8:46pm September 28, 2012)

I know nothing about Faro. I always enjoy the hero who has the
knowledge and a special talent
Pam Alderson 9:10pm September 28, 2012)

I can't say anything about math geniuses, per se, but I would have to say that I think that I admire anyone who is smart enough to outsmart anyone who deserves it. By that I mean the person who is outright smart, and uses that intelligence to get the better of a person who has been deliberately cheating him in some way, but does it legally. I hope that sentence makes sense. I know what I'm trying to say, but I'm having a hard time trying to put into words. Any time the bad guy can be left with egg on his face, it's a good day!! As for Faro, I've heard of the game, but I'm really not familiar with it. All I know is that it's a card game. Your book sounds really juicy, and being a Pinochle player, as well as a player of other card games, I would love to read your book!! This would be the best reading to start out my Fall with!!
Peggy Roberson 9:14pm September 28, 2012)

Faro? Never heard of it until your blog. Can't recall reading a book where hero is math smart either. You've sparked my interest!
Joanne Hicks 9:28pm September 28, 2012)

Wow, sounds like a great book and one I would love to read. I love h&h who do all for family and are rewarded themselves. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.
Brenda Hill 9:41pm September 28, 2012)

Valerie, it sounds like you created this book with high levels
of enjoyment and I know that puts extra shine factor to
attract readers. Good job!
Susan Jeffers 9:46pm September 28, 2012)

Love a smart hero. :) Don't know anything about Faro though.
May Pau 9:53pm September 28, 2012)

Faro ,I Know Nothing!
A smart hero, can be sexy, if he isn't a snob about it.
Deb Pelletier 9:57pm September 28, 2012)

This piqued my interest after the first couple of sentences. Promises to be a good read. I would definitely buy this one to see where the plot leads.
Angelina Daniels-Shaw 10:00pm September 28, 2012)

I love authors that do research. So then I get to learn something new. I know nothing about faro, except hearing the name in books.
Kathleen Bianchi 10:20pm September 28, 2012)

All I know about faro is that it's a card game. Smart is sexy as other have stated.
Mary C 10:23pm September 28, 2012)

Book sounds great. Would love to win it.
Linda Hall 11:01pm September 28, 2012)

Smart and sexy heroes are always good fun. Faro is a complete mystery to me.
Sue Farrell 11:39pm September 28, 2012)

Hi Valerie!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not stalking you but I am having a lot of fun reading all your posts about Secrets of a Wedding Night!

Each post I've read I've loved finding out more about you and in every post learning more about Devon and Winfrey!

I really don't know very much about faro but even though there are casinos in the state where I live have never been to one. The main reason is that my husband can still remember going to the horse races with his father and watching dinner run around the track!

I love ahero who a cahllenge and outwardly is a "man in control" while on the inside has a secret self that he hides from all but that one special woman who will be his true "mate" in life.

I love a hero who may be intelligent and wise to the ways of the world but is still "incomplete" until he opens up his soul and mind to the wonders of the world that only come when he makes himself volnerable to placing his faith in the woman he never dreamed he would find.
Jeanne Miro 11:48pm September 28, 2012)

Would love to read the book. Thanks for a chance.
Amy Milne 11:54pm September 28, 2012)

Smart is sexy, especially when the guy has a sense of humor, too. Most of the references I can remember to Faro were in Georgette Heyer's Regencies. About all I picked up is that it is definitely a gambling game.
Janie McGaugh 12:04pm September 29, 2012)

don't know the card game but do love a smart hero as long as they don't look down on the not as smart people.hate that in a
smart person.
Stacey Smith 1:06am September 29, 2012)

I know nothing about faro, but I do know that brainy is the new sexy.
Mary Preston 8:30am September 29, 2012)

Faro was and is a card game, one of the gambling games played by the better-off in Regency times.
I don't know much more as gambling bores me silly, I'm afraid. Went to Las Vegas and never gambled. When I read or watched Casino Royale I switched off every time a deck of cards was produced.
Clare O'Beara 8:31am September 29, 2012)

Thanks for informing us about faro and I do enjoy a smart hero who is soft around the edges.
Alyson Widen 1:36pm September 29, 2012)

i want to win!! PICK ME!!
Pamela Faye Howell 2:08pm September 29, 2012)

This book looks really interesting & I look forward to reading it & learning about faro in the process.
Chelsea Knestrick 2:15pm September 29, 2012)

Brain power is always sexy. I tutor high school and college
math include finite, calc, and Stat so a hero who is a math
genius sounds like a real turn on. Put him in a battle of
wits and wills against a heroine that can more than hold her
own, I can't wait to read about the inevitable sparks that
bound to fly in this one. And he's a card shark too,,
bonus!! I have friends and family that hang out and pull
all-nighter card games; Spades, Rummy 500, and Bid Whist. I
hadn't heard of a two player whist game before. The one we
play is a four player game played by partners. I've never
heard of faro, though. I'll have to look it up. Maybe we
can add it to our game night.
Kamla Layne 3:16pm September 29, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 3:18pm September 29, 2012)

I'm a sucker for a heroes with brains and brawn. I know absolutely nothing about faro so anything about it impresses me!
Good luck and happy writing!
Tracie Travis 3:54pm September 29, 2012)

I know nothing of faro but I do think that a smart hero is a definite plus.
Pam Howell 4:06pm September 29, 2012)

I like my hero to be intelligent. Packed full of with also. Witty banter whether it's in your face or dry humor grabs me. I'm like you, in that card games go over my head a lot of times. Gin is about the width of my card gaming. Faro has always interested me though. You always see it being played in the old westerns. I would love to learn but fear my brain wouldn't handle it, LOL! Thank you for the chance in the giveaway. :)
Leah Weller 4:16pm September 29, 2012)

I love a smart man. My husband has a very big...brain and I love it. It's the first thing I look for in a man.
Jennifer Beyer 9:09pm September 29, 2012)

i would love to win this book..love title and cover
Kimberly Hoefs 10:23pm September 29, 2012)

I do not know about Faro. Thanks for a chance to win.
Amy Milne 10:46pm September 29, 2012)

I certainly don't know much about faro. I can remember reading Georgette Heyer's FARO'S DAUGHTER many moons ago, but can't remember too much of the plot or about the rules of the game anymore. Your book certainly sounds enticing. I'll try to find it. Sometimes we have trouble getting all the titles that come out in the States. I'm hoping it will be out as an e-book soon. And you can definitely make your own rules about how to master a game. Maybe Faro's daughter was also such a player. Sounds very likely to me.
Sigrun Schulz 3:22am September 30, 2012)

I know nothing about Faro.
Rita Wray 10:14am September 30, 2012)

Hi Valerie -

When I posted before I didn't get to mention that when I had read the excerpt that spoke of hosw Devon was still affected by his father was inept at gambling and drew Devon into the clubs with him how much it reminded me of how my husband first explained me to his hatred of gambling. When he was a child his father used to take him with him to the horse racing track and he used to think of it as his supper running around the track! If his father lost he knew that the family would only be having beans for dinner!

By the way I met my husband in Jacksonville, FL when he was in the Navy durning Vietnam and stationed at Cecil Field! I grew up in up-state New York, went to college in Arizona before moving to Florida which I now think was the best decision I ever made! We celebrated our 42nd anniversary this year!
Jeanne Miro 1:00pm September 30, 2012)

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