January 26th, 2022
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Cowboys Never Cry
Tina Welling

New American Library
October 2010
On Sale: October 5, 2010
Featuring: Robbin McKeag; Cassie Danner
384 pages
ISBN: 045123121X
EAN: 9780451231215
Trade Size
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Romance Contemporary

Cowboys are NOT her weakness-until she meets the right one-in this funny, wise, romantic novel about women and cowboys, both real and imagined.

Cassie Danner doesn't swoon over cowboys. A young widow with a still- mending heart, she seeks solace in her new summer job as cook on a Wyoming dude ranch. How ironic that she ends up tussling with Robbin McKeag, the ranch owner's son and a superstar celebrity for having played iconic cowboys on the big screen.

Disillusioned with fame, Robbin has retreated to his dad's ranch to reconnect with the land. But there's something about Cassie that gets his goat. And Cassie can't help but be drawn to Robbin as he struggles to become a better man. Are they about to play out a classic romance, or will the cowboy mystique and charm wear off?


43 comments posted.

Re: Cowboys Never Cry

Making the characters a bit of a mystery to friends and
family can be fun and frustrating. Especially, as you
noted, bits and pieces of life as you've experienced it are
all you use in any given character. Its interesting how
many authors have mentioned their book characters 'showed
up' one day and insisted their story be written.

I'm looking forward to a Wyoming story - Lived in Jackson
Hole and still miss it. Revisiting through stories is a
warm fuzzy.

Happy New Year!
(Lori Howe 7:40pm December 28, 2010)

I can't wait to read Cowboys Never Cry because my husband's sister and her family live in Baggs, Wyoming. My brother-in-law grew up on a ranch that was on the border of Wyoming and Colorado and had land in both states and his father was even featured in a TV special about the "last cowboys".

When I'm reading a book a often find circumstances that I can relate thru either from circumstances that happened to acquaintances or myself and often find that even if the time periods are different and the geological area the "aha" moment is always there at some point during the book.

Just like when we are reading a book we connect with certain characters for many reason I think that an author must also draw from that deep well of sometimes unrecognized connection to people, events and feeling that surround us all daily but are often missed. Maybe that ability to "sense" and understand are what translates so well into making a story great.
Jeanne Miro 8:54am December 29, 2010)

Sometimes it's easy to see yourself or someone you know in a character but I guess they are all an amalgamation of differing personalities and traits. I think your hubby should tell "Deb" he's the sexiest, strongest most loveable one of your characters of course. How could she not know? Lol!
Karen Gervasi 10:40am December 29, 2010)

When book characters are so believable, it's natural for us to feel like we know them. It must be something of a compliment for you that the people who know you identify so closely with your characters that they look for them in real life!
G S Moch 10:51am December 29, 2010)

I believe that we are inspired by events and people in our lives or what is seen or read in the news. Something may jump out at you and it can be used in your art.
Leni Kaye 11:28am December 29, 2010)

all of the pieces that make up a character, no matter where they come from create the characters that we the readers enjoy getting to know and visit along on their journeys...
Colleen Conklin 12:48pm December 29, 2010)

I enjoy reading about great characters...and I don't usually worry or wonder who they could really be.

in Germany
Valerie Bongards 2:26pm December 29, 2010)

What fun your friends must have looking to see if they are in your books.
Marjorie Carmony 2:43pm December 29, 2010)

I would like to read this book sounds funny and romantic and to use people tales that have been told makes it more real
Cj Swier 2:54pm December 29, 2010)

As a reader, I often find that some actions or words may remind me of someone I know, but most of the time it'sas if a whole person is presented like Athena out of the forehead of Zeus. I love that writers can do that.
Norma Storms 3:07pm December 29, 2010)

We will see ourselves in the characters in some form since we all want to feel understood and affirmed. Bits and pieces. It's what makes us keep reading sometimes. Those bits and pieces we can relate too.
Happy Holidays!!
Michele Powell 3:24pm December 29, 2010)

I think if the book is good the characters become so real to us that we associate them with someone we know to give them a face.
Sue Farrell 3:34pm December 29, 2010)

Taking characteristics from real flesh & blood people make characters in story more well-rounded.
Mary Preston 4:18pm December 29, 2010)

I don't write but I do have to somehow identify or connect w/ the characters. I like to think there's some truth to the characters & story, somewhere....even in fiction, esp if authors write what they know, I would think there would be..Hope I've made sense..*S*
Ivy Truitt 5:00pm December 29, 2010)

This sounds like a real good book. I'd love to read it.
Wilma Frana 5:26pm December 29, 2010)

Can't wait to read Cowboys Never Cry, Tina. As to characterization, I think that who we know, meet and observe are all part of who we become, so they are present as pieces of the big picture we tell. In short, fiction is fiction but what we identify with -- in well-written fiction -- are the characteristics, which are as real as we are.
Diane Henderson 5:33pm December 29, 2010)

Wow Diane!! You just took what I wanted to say out of the air & put it in the comment! All I can add is DITTO!! Happy New Year & good luck on a great sounding read!
Jean Merriott 5:50pm December 29, 2010)

I love books with cowboys! Please enter me!
Brenda Rupp 6:34pm December 29, 2010)

Love cowboy books. I think it's great you can pull things from your life like what your brother has said to you and incorporate it into a book. Most of us don't have that exciting of a life to have it portrayed in a book. It think it's great authors can come up these great stories to entertain us. Tell your hubby to tell the clerk that hey yeah i'm the cowboy. lol Maybe she'll quit asking then.

Lisa B
Lisa Boggs 6:46pm December 29, 2010)

I have found that wonderful books start with what's familiar in our everyday lives in order to give us that sense of truth or reality. What makes each book special is that creative energy applied by the author.
Tabitha Monroe 7:11pm December 29, 2010)

I love cowboy/cowgirl stories, they really pull me in. As for the thin line between fact/imagination and fiction, I think that we take inspiration from life- whether it is our own lives or the lives of others- that we know or read about, so I like a realistic yet hopeful, romantic book/story cause let's face, life as it is can be pretty dark and gloomy. Tks.
Maria Antunes 7:47pm December 29, 2010)

I love your books, have them all...as for fiction vs reality- an embellished reality is always better than pure reality or pure fantasy....LOL
Clio Teixeira 7:55pm December 29, 2010)

While we may not 'connect' with each setting in books we read (Medieval, anyone?); the personality traits that make the characters real to each of us are present in almost all humans to varying degrees. Of course it is every author's professional duty to create a mix of traits that will appeal to the readers, even as they build 'worlds' whether hospital/doctor, cowboy/ranch, or SF/Trek. Even when Star
Trek was new, it was the characters we watched, not the sets. I think you do a terrific job of 'letting your imagination out to play'. Thank you for the good reads.
Susan Driskill 8:01pm December 29, 2010)

Mix of both - reality and fiction- is always good, as long as I get my HEA.LOL
Clicia Tremblay 8:30pm December 29, 2010)

When I read a book and really like the characters ... then the book ends. I want to know what happens next. Epilogues help and I also like series that bring in the characters from early books into the later books. Also if I like the characters, I probably just like the writers style & want to find more by that author.
Diane Sallans 8:33pm December 29, 2010)

The title Cowboy Never Cry? reminds me of Tom Hanks in The League of Their Own movie saying "There is no crying in baseball." The book sound hilarious. Hope the book is funny.
Kai Wong 9:00pm December 29, 2010)

I love hearing what all of you have to say. Writers and readers form their own community, upholding each other. And to answer your response, Kai, the book made me laugh hard all throughout writing it. Cry, too, a bit.
Tina Welling 9:49pm December 29, 2010)

When I read a book, a lot of times I find myself putting myself in the place of the main character, if she's a woman. I should say if it's a romance novel, or a book to that effect. lol As far as writing goes, I feel that any author starts with a cast of characters and a rough draft of a story line. As they begin to write the book, I believe the characters take on a life of their own. That life comes from the imagination of the author, and perhaps some life experience could creep in there, but trying to keep to the story line would be more important than trying to write about someone you know and fitting them into the book. I hope that made sense. Your book sounds like it will be excellent reading, and I will definately have to put it on my TBR list. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
Peggy Roberson 10:43pm December 29, 2010)

Sounds like a fun book to read.
Ginger Hinson 11:40pm December 29, 2010)

Cowboys have always been among my heroes. Could it be due
to the fact that Westerns were among my first "grown-up"
books? The book sounds great & I look forward to getting
my hot little hands on a copy!
Patricia Cochran 12:13pm December 30, 2010)

thank you your books are good
Debbi Shaw 12:30pm December 30, 2010)

Happy New Year!!! And keep the books coming!!!
Joanne Bozik 3:45pm December 30, 2010)

ready for 2011 and more great reads!
Steph Teague 5:11pm December 30, 2010)

Thank Your for the chance to win what looks like a really "good read". Happy New Year !!
Mildred Mayo 7:07pm December 30, 2010)

I love discovering the characters way of thinking or acting and the interaction among the characters. That is what makes a book a great book. The author has to pull it all together and make a great story. I can understand why authors do pull in some characteristics familiar to them into their characters as they are what they know about. I love cowboys and HEA.
Brenda Hill 7:09pm December 30, 2010)

Thanks for helping me see more blurry. When a character acts out of expectations, everybody notices and react to the not towing the line drawn already in the circles around him. I like a cowboy to be manly yet have sensitivity and to surprise me with the soft and subtle ways he has deep down.
Alyson Widen 7:31pm December 30, 2010)

I find it interesting that no one person is a single person in your life, but is made up of the different facets of different people. Interesting!
Leanna Morris 8:38pm December 30, 2010)

I've always heard "Write what you know", so maybe that's why
readers assume the characters are based on real people.
Lisa Richards 9:20pm December 30, 2010)

I love books with cowboys in them. Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book. Happy New Year !!!
Linda Hall 9:24pm December 30, 2010)

I don't want the people in books to be anything like the people in my real life. I don't have images of friends who look like characters I read about. If I did that then there would be no escape in the story and that's why I read. I want to avoid my own life. If I ever found a book that reminded me in any way of myself I'd never finish it. I read and watch tv with the purpose of suspension of disbelief so whatever happens feels true at the moment.
Christina Harrison 9:26pm December 30, 2010)

I always assume I'm the sexy, intelligent and witty sister of the main character either referenced somewhere briefly or in my own imagination. Love the book!
Gayle Caston 1:11pm December 31, 2010)

Gayle truly is the sexy, intelligent and witty sister in all my books. And my real life sister as well, lucky me.
Tina Welling 1:54pm December 31, 2010)

Do you know that expression, "She was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye?" That's how my characters start, with just a twinkle of an idea and they just grow from there.
Kym Lucas 3:15pm January 5, 2011)

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