March 2nd, 2024
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Quirky village charm meets sinister secrets and a quest for truth.

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Summer escape turns chilling as Molly Murphy unravels a deadly countryside mystery.

Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker


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Rev It Up
Julie Ann Walker

He's the heartbreaker she left behind

Black Knights Inc. #3
Sourcebooks Casablanca
October 2012
On Sale: October 1, 2012
Featuring: Michelle Carter; Jake
352 pages
ISBN: 1402267185
EAN: 9781402267185
Kindle: B008BWAA3G
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Suspense

Jake "The Snake" Sommers has spent most of his black-ops military career fulfilling a promise he made more than a decade ago. Now he's finally free to pursue the woman he sacrificed...but hates the very ground he walks on. Michelle Carter has never forgiven Jake for being so cliché as to "love her and leave her." But when unknown enemies threaten everything she loves, she must do the unimaginable: place her life — and that of her son's — into Jake's seductive hands. Keeping her and her son safe is his final mission. Keeping her heart to herself just might prove futile...

Black Knights, Inc


51 comments posted.

Re: Rev It Up

I like to know what I'm getting into but I also don't want the book to be predictable. I like when an author can surprise me.
(Kristin Bingham 1:05am October 19, 2012)

kind of like books that break the rules, that way you never really know whats going to happen or where its headed.
Michael Cuchinelli 5:36am October 19, 2012)

Romantic suspense, Nothing better!
Marjorie Carmony 7:17am October 19, 2012)

I love the unexpected and enjoy guessing through the entire read. What's not to like. Keep on keeping on.
Beth Charette 7:58am October 19, 2012)

I like both. I have a lot of books still to read on my kindle and they cover all areas of romance, so that I can pick and choose depending on how I am feeling at the end of one book to the start of the next.
Barbara Hanson 8:27am October 19, 2012)

I like books that break long as I'm prepared for
it. Rules are made to be broken, after all.
Karin Anderson 8:47am October 19, 2012)

I like to be surprised - as long it makes sense, and isn't totally inconceivable. Romance and suspense together? A perfect combo, in my humble opinion.
Nancy Reynolds 9:49am October 19, 2012)

Thanks to Fresh Fiction for having me on today. As always,
it's a honor. Keep up the good work!
Julie Walker 10:22am October 19, 2012)

@Kristin Bingham, you've hit the nail on the head. Toeing
that line between being true to the genre and not falling into
the predictable. Good luck in the giveaway!
Julie Walker 10:24am October 19, 2012)

@Michael Cuchinelli, you and I would get along famously. I
like a book that keeps me guessing and on the edge of my seat!
Julie Walker 10:25am October 19, 2012)

@Marjorie Carmony, I agree! And I love your first name. It
was my grandmother's...
Julie Walker 10:25am October 19, 2012)

@Beth Charette, that's the plan. To just keep on keeping on.
Fingers crossed for you in the giveaway!
Julie Walker 10:26am October 19, 2012)

@Barbara Hanson, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I'm
in the mood for some gritty paranormal, and other times I
want to get lost in a bygone era, so I reach for a
historical. Which is why I LOVE romance. So many different
genres to choose from, yet I still know there's going to be
a happily-ever-after at the end. :-)
Julie Walker 10:28am October 19, 2012)

@Karin Anderson, that's how I feel EXACTLY. Rules are made to
be broken. Good luck in the giveaway!
Julie Walker 10:29am October 19, 2012)

@Nancy Reynolds, romance and suspense are the perfect combo in
my opinion, too. LOL! Thanks for writing in! Cheers!
Julie Walker 10:30am October 19, 2012)

I like to know what I'm getting into, but sometimes a surprise is a good thing.
Wilma Frana 11:13am October 19, 2012)

I think that it is good to be pleasantly suprised. Sometimes having more of the same is the idea of having pizza 3 times a day for the rest of your life. I would never have found some great authors if I didn't branch out - into other genres, into storylines that I might have walked away from. At least when someone reads your series there is an emotion - some people can't claim that.
Carla Carlson 11:25am October 19, 2012)

Well, pretty much by the cover, I know what genre I'm getting into already. I
do like it when an author stretches a genre, and gives us something outside of
the formulaic box approach that so many of the "big name" authors have
begun to use without fail. I have actually taken many of my "auto-buy"
authors off of my auto-buy list and refuse to read their work anymore, simply
because I just feel like I'm getting the same book over and over. All they seem
to do is change the character's names and the location. If I start flipping to
the back after the third chapter, it's not a good sign. That is very frustrating,
and it's the reason that I have to switch genres so often when I read.
I don't like it when an author tries to get too ambitious though. I've read a few
books where it was like the author simply couldn't decide which genre he/she
liked, so the book ended up becoming too confusing to follow.
I am very anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first book in your series, Julie.
I've heard good things about it, and I can't wait to read it for myself!
Best of luck to you.
Debbie Burdeen 12:42pm October 19, 2012)

I enjoy being surprised when I read a book and sometimes a book can fall into more than one genre. But, I don't like it when things get too crazy. I once read a western and the next thing I know the female character is living in a tree. It just didn't fit and ruined the whole story for me.
Kathleen Yohanna 12:54pm October 19, 2012)

This is a great giveaway...hope I win!!
Bonnie Capuano 12:54pm October 19, 2012)

@Debbie Burdeen, ah, the dreaded rut all genre authors tend
to fall into... It's a challenge. Because if something is
working, an author's publisher wants to keep on keeping on.
Yet, as you pointed out, the flip side of that is readers
begin to get bored with an author. Very interesting
Julie Walker 1:17pm October 19, 2012)

@Kathleen Yohanna, a tree? LOL! Now I have to run to Google
and buy this book. Color me intrigued. :-D
Julie Walker 1:18pm October 19, 2012)

@Bonnie Capuano, good luck in the drawing!
Julie Walker 1:18pm October 19, 2012)

I like to know the genre---but I do like a book to break the rules and be different.
Sue Farrell 1:51pm October 19, 2012)

I like to see books be different, but still let you know what genre you are reading... so I guess I enjoy both.
Colleen Conklin 2:36pm October 19, 2012)

I'm in agreement with just about everyone here - bend the rules as far as possible and/or as needed to make the book work!


Lynn Rettig 2:58pm October 19, 2012)

Yes, let's bend the rules and make the story more intriguing.
Anna Speed 3:37pm October 19, 2012)

I am okay with beding the rules. :) I just don't like 'false adverstising' when it comes to covers.
May Pau 5:23pm October 19, 2012)

Jennifer Beck 5:30pm October 19, 2012)

Rules are made to be broken!
Kathy Fowler 5:49pm October 19, 2012)

I love books that go beyond the rules. I like a book that keeps me guessing and keeps my interest. Your book sounds amazing and I cant wait to read it.
Emily Bowes 6:20pm October 19, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 6:22pm October 19, 2012)

I would love to win your book. It sounds great.
Linda Hall 6:34pm October 19, 2012)

Writing outside the genres leaves the readers guessing and isn't predictable. Breaking or bending the rules makes me take notice and ask the 5 reporters' questions: Why, who, what, when, where? And then the one that writers want to know: How?
Alyson Widen 7:20pm October 19, 2012)

Books that break the rules don't bother me. It depends on the mood I'm in. When I'm in the right frame of mind, I can "get down and dirty with the best of them," so to speak, so the emotions hit me the way the Author means for them to. Otherwise, the book might come off as a bit abrasive, but I would still read it and not hold it against the Author. I haven't read any of your books yet, but would love reading one. My Husband says I have an odd sense of humor, so perhaps your books wouldn't have the effect on me that you think they will. Congratulations on your book!!
Peggy Roberson 8:07pm October 19, 2012)

thanks for this chance
Debbi Shaw 8:27pm October 19, 2012)

I like books that break the rule. It makes the story more interesting.
Kai Wong 8:56pm October 19, 2012)

Breaking rules??? I love to read all kinds.
Mary Hay 9:01pm October 19, 2012)

When you stretch the bounds of a genre you risk not being shelved with that preferred genre in bookshops. Publishers don't know how to market you. They may not wish to publish you at all if you are not clearly in a genre that they want to be producing. So it can be very risky to push the boundaries.
But look at Neuromancer, the book which pushed the bounds of SF so far that it created a whole new sub-genre of cyber punk, from which we got The Matrix. Sometimes books just have to be written the way they come to you.
Clare O'Beara 8:32am October 20, 2012)

I like it when I'm surprised. Go ahead and break those rules. I've been reading a long time, and I really like it when a story can surprise me.
Please enter me in your giveaway. Your books sound interesting and I'd love to get a jump start on giving them a try.
Thank you.
Karen Prentice 4:37pm October 20, 2012)

I like books that break the rules. I love the unexpected, the not knowing what's going to happen next or where the story is headed for that element of surprise...which is so interesting, it's a real page-turner. I enjoy authors that don't go off in too many different directions that make the story get confusing, stupid, or lose my interest. Many times, I'll read the first few pages in the beginning from a book that looks good to me, if I'm captivated (no matter what the genre is), then I'll get the book that leaves me wanting to keep reading more. Love your's H-O-T!
Linda Luinstra 4:58pm October 20, 2012)

i lvoe books that break the rules a little I wanna be in suspense not knowing what to expect
Danielle McDonald 6:44pm October 20, 2012)

I love when an author breaks the rules. It usually takes stories in very interesting directions.
Larena Hubble 1:09am October 21, 2012)

Hey Julie - I'd never heard of you or your books before reading your post but I love that you've managed to put a new twist on the genre and plan to run out and search for your books! I think readers will accept something that sounds fantastical if it's well-written and well thought out.
Dana Wong 5:58am October 21, 2012)

I've read the first 3 Black Knights and look forward to the
next installment. I LOVE books that think outside the box.
Things tend to get formulaic if you don't. My only
complaint is that bookstore owners seem to need labels in
order to shelve books. I recently went to re-purchase the
feaver series by Karen Marie Moning and found 2 in romance,
2 in Scifi/fantasy and 1 in fiction. Write your stories as
they come to you and there will be an audience.
Donna Antonio 7:29am October 21, 2012)

I like books that strive to break new ground... some attempts just don't make it, but end up being really good books anyway. I do think that when it comes to certain subject lines, though, the readers need to be aware of the book's potential to be offensive to some in the realm of sexual permissiveness/deviance issues, or interms of disturbing topics like detailed incest, etc. I've read a few off-name brand publisher books that really threw me for a loop and that I know would have been extremely offensive to other book readers I know, so it is definitely an issue.

Either way, most of the well-known publishing groups have done a very good job to prevent those nasty suprises, and I seldom run into this problem.
Donna Holmberg 3:03pm October 21, 2012)

I think it's funny but some of the best books I have read are from writers
that wrote outside of their normal genre. So I think if an author can take
the chance, we as readers can be the winners in the long run!
Vicki Hancock 4:15pm October 21, 2012)

I've read all the Black Knights books so far and each one is better than the last. I love reading books that are "outside the box". (That's where I live) I've found that some series get stale and it seems the writer doesn't know where to go and what would rejuvinate the series. The great thing about your books is the fact that characters from previous books step into the new ones but don't dominate them. After all, they've had their chance. I read everything from paranormal to contemporary and I love angst in my books and the fact that the road to tha happy ever after is NEVER smoothe. After all, if it was really easy, it wouldn't be worth it now, would it?
Denise Kobylarz 6:14pm October 22, 2012)

I like most of the stuff. The only thing that would bother me is a blurb saying
this is a historical or suspense & it is really horror or fantasy. And that has
happened. I don't mind if you go out of the box just do 't let the pub or
whoever false advertise the box. 😉
Penny Mettert 12:01pm October 23, 2012)

I read SO MANY romance books that it's wonderful to be
surprised. That being said there are things that define
romance that can't be broken for me:

I MUST have my HEA at the end.
You can't kill off a key character that I've come to love
Don't abuse or kill animals

I adore plot twists, unpredictability and surprises. Humor
is always a plus and moves the author/series up to my HAVE
Lenna Hendershott 4:05pm October 24, 2012)

would LOVE to win & read
I have 1st 2 books!!
Pamela Faye Howell 4:02pm November 15, 2012)

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