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Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long


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Changing Lanes
Kathleen Long

Amazon Publishing
May 2013
On Sale: May 14, 2013
Featuring: Abby Halladay
260 pages
ISBN: 1611099455
EAN: 9781611099454
Kindle: B00A0OHRAC
Paperback / e-Book
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Women's Fiction Contemporary

Abby Halladay has the perfect life. Or, rather, she long as everything goes exactly according to plan. Abby never leaves anything to chance—not her job as a syndicated columnist, not her engagement to her fiancé, Fred, and certainly not her impending wedding in Paris (New Jersey, that is).

Unfortunately for Abby, even the best-laid plans often go awry—like when Fred runs away to Paris (France, that is), her column is canned, and her dream home is diagnosed with termites. Forced to move back in with her parents and drive her dad's cab, Abby's perfect life has now officially become the perfect disaster.

Then a funny thing happens. Slowly but surely, Abby begins letting go of her dreams of perfection. As she does, the messy, imperfect life she thought she never wanted starts to feel exactly like the one she needs.

Poignant and heartfelt, Changing Lanes celebrates the unexpected joys of everyday life—and the enduring promise of second chances.


39 comments posted.

Re: Changing Lanes

i wanna read changing lanes
(Debbi Shaw 5:10pm May 15, 2013)

I would not change much in my life; I have been fortunate to have wonderful parents and husband of 46 years. I would change beinging an only child if anything, would be nice to have a sister/brother
Shirley Younger 5:11pm May 15, 2013)

I'd like to change my butt to that of the one on your damn thats a nice butt!!!!
Lisa Fitzgibbons 5:52pm May 15, 2013)

I wouldn't change anything major. A few little things that don't really matter ... probably have gone to college and really followed my dream career but I wouldn't change the happy life I have. A fabulous husband of 38 years and together we raised two great children. Those are things that matter.
Annetta Sweetko 5:56pm May 15, 2013)

I'd try to be better at thinking things out before acting on
Theresa Norris 5:58pm May 15, 2013)

I have changed Lanes - I left my well paying engineering job to go back to school and do something I feel benefits my community and the environment. Here it is 3 years later and I'm much happier, very proud of what I do, I travel a great deal which has put a bit of a strain on my marriage but we are working on it. Sometimes its not lanes that need changing but a full on U-turn that needed!
Janis Milford 6:03pm May 15, 2013)

There's alot I would change, big things,
Susan Falkler 6:33pm May 15, 2013)

I would have liked to have changed lanes earlier in my life. I would have stayed in the state my family all lived in, rather than move to another for my husband's (now ex) new job, and stuck with my career choice. Little did I know, he'd change lanes and move on with a co-worker and get remarried! This looks like a must read book for me!
Linda Luinstra 6:53pm May 15, 2013)

I would change having people manipulate me.
Robyn Konopka 7:08pm May 15, 2013)

I am disabled by rheumatoid arthritis. If it were possible, I would not have that.
Carol Woodruff 7:15pm May 15, 2013)

I wish I knew more about my grandparents.
Mary C 7:22pm May 15, 2013)

sounds like a good book love to read this
Denise Smith 8:07pm May 15, 2013)

there are alot of things i would like to change. i would like
to be able for my husband and i to spend more time together.
also i to spend more time with my mother who now is very sick
with Dementia
Denise Smith 8:11pm May 15, 2013)

I went back to school at forty years old, and had a 22 year career as a legal assistant. Now I have arthritis, which I wish I could get rid of.
Wilma Frana 8:36pm May 15, 2013)

I would love to change lane knowing what I know now. It would alter everything I know now to a different future. It sounds so much like Sliders with Jerry O'Connor or Sliding Doors with Gwenthyn Pawtrol. I would most definitely have a different career.
Kai Wong 9:11pm May 15, 2013)

After having been laid off from two separate jobs after 15 years each time, I think I should have gone into a service career instead of programming. Service careers are always hiring. But no I didn't change 'lanes' although I had thought about after the first layoff.
Joanne Schultz 9:29pm May 15, 2013)

Not a thing! I'm really happy the way my life is!!
Martha Lawson 11:01pm May 15, 2013)

I guess I wouldn't change anything in my life because I was meant to learn
something from every situation I was in. I think I would change my
procrastination problem, which I still have. So my answer to your question is ....
yes ... no .... maybe! lol I hope you have many sales with Changing Lanes, I
can't wait to read it.
Val Pearson 11:35pm May 15, 2013)

I would change a lot of small things but I stand by my major decisions. One thing I would have done is move to Virginia. It is beautiful there.
Kathleen Yohanna 1:33am May 16, 2013)

Right now I would not change anything in my life but if I could live it all again I sure as heck would. HA
Bonnie Capuano 5:30am May 16, 2013)

I wouldn't want to change anything. I'm a few years away from 50 and I love where I am right now. In 2 years all 3 will be in college and I am looking forward to being empty nesters. I like our "just us" time. Our lives are so hectic with everything our 3 girls do it will be nice to slow down.
Sue Galuska 9:19am May 16, 2013)

After experiencing breast cancer last year, I would like to
travel and spend time with my husband since life is precious.
Sharon Berger 9:38am May 16, 2013)

I wouldn't change anything. Yes I made mistakes along the way but I learned from them. And am better for them.
Pam Howell 10:05am May 16, 2013)

I don't know if I would change anything... Yes, I made a lot of mistakes but it led me to where I am today and I am not unhappy.
May Pau 10:07am May 16, 2013)

There are a couple of tweaks that I would make in my life, after making a 20/20 hindsight. I would have ignored comments that my Mom had made to me, and gone to College, taking the Major that I wanted, instead of not going at all. I would have dated my Husband sooner, and probably married him sooner, instead of waiting and wasting all of those years. We probably would have had a more settled life than we have now. Other than that, I don't see anything else I would have changed. Your book sounds like it will be a good book, and one for thought. I'll have to be sure to pick it up, and be sure to read it. Congratulations!!
Peggy Roberson 10:08am May 16, 2013)

Having been married to the same guy for 47 years, raised 5
wonderful children and now have 6 grandchildren, I wouldn't
want to change much. I never want to not have these years and
family. Career paths can be changed but I think I did very
well with the ones I chose.
Mary Hay 10:20am May 16, 2013)

I think there is a part of me that would change everything. What I should have done, what I could have done, what I never tried. A life filled with the fear of trying/failing/even achieving leaves you with an imagination of what ifs. I would choose to be free - free from my own criticism and others, free to be who I am and I was meant to be, free to travel. I would not compromise my beliefs or values, I would keep my boundaries and not let them be crossed, I would not excuse the inexcuseable or make excuses, I would grow into me and fall in love with me. I would never change for someone, I would never put my life on hold for another, I wouldn't allow the value of me to be determined by others.
There is a big difference between what you want and what you need and sometimes that takes years. I love the premise of this book, thank you for sharing.
Carla Carlson 10:42am May 16, 2013)

Well, I am humbled and touched by all of your responses! This theme is central to most everything I write, and with good reason, it seems. We can all relate somehow. Warmest thanks for stopping by and sharing, and safe travels on all of the lanes you're traveling!
Kathleen Long 11:17am May 16, 2013)

Mal Kaplan 12:24pm May 16, 2013)

I think I would have changed the fact that I didn't go on and get a Master's degree right after getting my Bachelor's (which only took me 25 years to get!). I might have had a job that I enjoy, with all that implies, instead of being unemployed and looking now.


Lynn Rettig 4:57pm May 16, 2013)

Spend more time doing what I love.
Shannon Scott 6:29pm May 16, 2013)

I would have spent more time with my mom and dad before they passed away.
Rita Wray 7:54pm May 16, 2013)

I would love to be able to spend more tome with my parents, who died real young. They were wonderful. Thanks for a chance to win your book.
Linda Hall 8:18pm May 16, 2013)

Hold off a few years before marriage, been more serious when it came to education and have a career to always fall back on.
Sheila True 8:39pm May 16, 2013)

WOW, Changing Lanes really sounds like my Life and Yes if I
knew back then in my past what I know now; yes I would take
back a bunch of mistakes I have made in my past because I
always feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone for sure.
I would love to win and read your new book. Thank You,
Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:12pm May 16, 2013)

There are a few things I have said that I can never take back and times I really should have said things and I never did...I wish I could say those things that I should have and shut my mouth when I didn't!
Darci Paice 9:14pm May 16, 2013)

i have many health problems with arthritis and wish it would all go to win also and get my life back
Kimberly Hoefs 11:58pm May 16, 2013)

I would be kinder and more patient with my children when they were younger; I would not have done family day care (too hard on my family!); I would have treasured our time together - less yelling and hurry up, more time spent going for walks and stopping and smelling every single rose. I would have had more faith in their futures and not worried over the silliest littlest things.
Beth Fuller 12:01pm May 17, 2013)

I made some poor choices along the way. I'd like to change
Mary Preston 7:21am May 17, 2013)

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