November 28th, 2023
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Coffee and murder
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Estranged friends reunite only to realize they�re something more

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A house party goes awry when a guest is poisoned by berries from the host's poison garden, and Lady Georgie Rannoch must race to find the culprit before her bundle of joy arrives.

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Lola's back in town, and she's in danger. Webster's sworn to protect her, but can he trust her?

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Will the determined bachelors find love, or will their captivating matches prove their undoing?

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Haunted by his last case, Detective Levi Griggs reteams with his first love to solve a copycat crime.

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A single mom and a down-on-his-luck sports anchor find a holiday miracle in each other.

Christmas On Mimosa Lane by Anna DeStefano


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Christmas On Mimosa Lane
Anna DeStefano

Seasons of the Heart #1
Montlake Romance
November 2012
On Sale: October 23, 2012
ISBN: 1612185878
EAN: 9781612185873
Kindle: B0085MNR0U
Trade Size / e-Book
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Holiday | Romance

Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing—and the joys of coming home.

A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a perfect Christmas. Now an elementary school nurse in Chandlerville, Georgia, Mallory's dream to blend into the picturesque community isn't working out. She's once more living a loner's existence. Then an emotionally fragile seven–year–old appears in her living room in the middle of the night, and Mallory's isolated world is turned upside down.

This is Polly Lombard's first Christmas without her mother, and she won't utter a word to anyone—except Mallory. She believes Mallory holds the key to helping her father overcome his sadness. Despite Pete Lombard's lingering grief over his wife's death and concern for his daughter, his resistance to their mysterious neighbor crumbles as he spends more time with Mallory and falls for her amazing heart. But when her past returns haunt her, is Mallory strong enough to keep the Lombard family in her life? And can the spirit of Christmas heal these broken souls and bring them all the joyous, loving holiday they deserve?

Read An Excerpt


128 comments posted.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane

I would love to read this book...Thanks so much for the chance!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 4:23am November 8, 2012)

She's wearing Tinker Bell on her robe, if that is the same as pyjamas, which I don't see specifically mentioned.
Sounds like a good way to start Christmas, helping others.
Clare O'Beara 5:22am November 8, 2012)

This book sounds wonderful. Christmas is a magical time of the year and we get our family together to make special memories.
Connie Rowe 5:49am November 8, 2012)

Your book sounds just right for Christmas.
Marjorie Carmony 6:16am November 8, 2012)

I love the cover on your book. Sounds like it will be a very
good book. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.
Mary Christian 7:26am November 8, 2012)

Sounds like a good book to snuggle up in front of warm fireplace while the
snow is falling!
Mary Ellen Trella 7:34am November 8, 2012)

Thanks for the contest. I love holiday books. Look forward to reading this one.
Pat Lieberman 7:45am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell

My ideal Christmas would see my loved ones sitting around a dinner table full of delicious Christmas fare, happy and relaxed with no thoughts of the problems that plague the rest of the year.
Michelle Donaldson 8:10am November 8, 2012)

All your stories are wonderful, ladies! I'm writing Book 2 for
the Seasons of the Heart series (Sweet Summer Sunrise), curled
up in front of a fireplace at the beach!

Anna Destefano 8:33am November 8, 2012)

This story sounds like a perfect inspirational read, which is such a treat especially during the holidays. Thanks for sharing.
Stephanie Strausberger 9:04am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell.

My idead Christmas is with my family. And my favorite part is that for the two nephews we have a scavanger hunt for them with clues to lead to the next clue and eventually some presents. We do this for the big ticket presents. They love it and insist we do this every year now.
Pam Howell 9:23am November 8, 2012)

Hi Anna! She is wearing an ancient robe with Tinker Bell on
it. :) Hope you are doing well. One of my favorite
memories of Christmas as a child.... My mom has 9 children,
so there were a bunch of us. One Christmas there was not
many presents, and they were all wrapped in brown paper
bags. But my oldest brother made sure we each had something
under the tree, and I will always remember that.
Billie Deese 9:39am November 8, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 9:41am November 8, 2012)

"ancient tinkerbell robe" as stated on page 4 about 1/2 way down the page! love love love anything to do with Christmas so can't wait to read the whole book! Thanks for the chance to win!
Angie Lilly 9:44am November 8, 2012)

Would love to win this. Love a good holiday read. sounds great!
Nicole Davis 9:52am November 8, 2012)


Tinker Bell (so cute)

I read the first chapter on your site and loved it. I am
definitely reading this!

Pam Brewer 10:03am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell. The book sounds like a great read.
Rita Wray 10:24am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell robe. Growing up we didn't have many gifts under our tree, but
to make the holiday special no decorations were put up and the tree
decorated until after we were in bed. In the morning we rush down stairs to
see that Santa had indeed come to our home. Even as teenagers when
asked to put the tree up and decorate we resisted by saying Santa would
do it when he came.
Beth Charette 10:53am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell.
My best memories come from childhood. I come from a large Sicilian family. We would crowd into my great grandmother's house filled with family, friends, and food. During the evening Santa would knock on the door (my grandfather) with red bags filled with gifts. Each kid would be on his lap and go through their list and then as if magic a (large) gift would come out of the bag to be opened. When Santa left, we would all head to the local church and have Midnight Mass. I often was amazed at how we filled a whole church up. My family would then go to my grandparents where Santa made another appearance and handed out more presents and I would be allowed to open a few.
I loved those days and thankfully sokme of them were caught on camera, last year I transferred those memories to DVD and handed them out. Memories of good times, of all those people that are no longer with us, the joy - I am blessed to have shared it with so many.
Carla Carlson 10:58am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell is on her robe (not PJs)- according to the excerpt. One of my fondest memories of Christmas is Christmas morning when all 5 kids had to be up and at the top of the stairs together - before my parents would let us come running downstairs to see what Santa had left. It was extra hard to get my two older brothers up to participate with the younger three, but once it was done, we'd be able to go down to discover all the treats Christmas had for us. What fun. Your book sounds delightful - and the excerpt was great. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays (it's never too early to share that sentiment!)
Nancy Reynolds 11:22am November 8, 2012)


Thanks for the fun post and congrats on the newest release :)
Erin Fender 11:23am November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell on her robe. When I was young and the family was
together the time spent was memorable and special. Nothing can
replicate that for me.
Sharon Berger 11:50am November 8, 2012)

This is a heart warming story. It's just right for any time of the year, but especially for Christmas.
Anna Speed 11:52am November 8, 2012)

She is wearing Tinkerbell. I love the feeling I get when reading holiday stories. Fav holiday memories... the ones with my grandmother.
Colleen Conklin 12:16pm November 8, 2012)

would love to win & read!
Pamela Faye Howell 12:39pm November 8, 2012)

beautiful cover thanks for the chance
Debbi Shaw 2:06pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell.

Oddly, one of my favourite Christmas memories is of something that happened with my first husband at a time when I was moving toward a very happy divorce from him. I had been making beef stock over Christmas Eve, leaving the kettle overnight on a stove I didn't know well enough, and we woke to the appalling smoke of burned beef bone and cartilage. I put the kettle outside in the snow and opened some windows. And while the bullk of the snoke left the house, we went for a walk in the slow-falling snow that was so light we barely felt it. We could see it under street lights, though-- the flakes were the big, broad, shiny sort, and twinkled as they spiraled down. It was cold but beautiful.
Mary Ann Dimand 2:17pm November 8, 2012)

What an engaging, TinkerBell-clad heroine you've given us! I hope little Polly and her Dad recover enough to enjoy their own Christmas memories.

I have lots of wonderful Christmas memories from childhood on. One Christmas was especially memorable because I was 9-months pregnant and had my daughter a few days later.
G S Moch 2:45pm November 8, 2012)

This looks great! keep them coming!
Candice Duffey 2:47pm November 8, 2012)

aa great contest
Kent Cook 3:17pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell was always my favorite! I really enjoyed the excerpt..and know that there's a HEA in the end.
Cate Sparks 3:32pm November 8, 2012)

Sounds great!
She's wearing Tinker Bell.
Cheryl McEwen 4:07pm November 8, 2012)

She was wearing Tinker Bell on her robe. My best Christmas memory was the year my father played Santa Claus---I knew it was him but I didn't let on---we both really enjoyed it.
Sue Farrell 4:11pm November 8, 2012)

She has a Tinker Bell robe, I love Tinker Bell & have seen all the movies so far. I celebrate both Christmas & Hanukkah and love getting together with my family & exchanging gifts with one another.
Chelsea Knestrick 4:19pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell

I love the colors on the cover. I had a good Christmas when I was ten years old and got lots of Smurf and Garfield stuff.
Michelle Fidler 4:43pm November 8, 2012)

Tinkerbell. My ideal Christmas would see my loved ones healthy
and with jobs, and a peaceful year.
Kathy Fowler 4:48pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell.
Not great memories growing up, but lots of great ones with my own family. Can't really identify what makes one better than the other, as all have involved lots of love, laughter, and companionship. Bottom line is that we enjoy being with each other! Who could ask for anything more?
Elaine Seymour 4:50pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell My favorite memories of the kids singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blowing out the candles on the cake that we bake in celebration of Christmas.
Wendy Hulbert 4:53pm November 8, 2012)

I surely could use a mimosa right about now.......
Susan Coster 5:16pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker bell robe. Can't wait to read book!
Mary Smith 5:24pm November 8, 2012)

Christmas is my favorite Holiday...At the beginning of November I start requesting all the Christmas romance novels I can get my hands on from the library...I have even bought a few...and this books sound like it would be just the thing...

The thing for Christmas that I like to do that is to me,special, is to get everyone is to give everyone on my present list a new ornament for their tree...then I have given someone else a memorable Christmas(Well I like to think it's memorable...)
Sharon Gage 5:27pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell on her robe. I cannot wait to read this book! Sounds amazing!
Anne Martel 5:32pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell on her robe. All of my favorite Christmas stories revolve around the time my children were young. The Christmas cookies, the neighbors coming in , the caroling. d
Jo Jones 5:35pm November 8, 2012)

Can't wait to read Christmas on Mimosa Lane!
Linda Shaffer 5:39pm November 8, 2012)

The cover attracted me and would love to read this book.
Thanks for giving me a chance
Shelly Itkin 5:42pm November 8, 2012)

I like that - beautiful and flawed. That is what we all are in our way.
Debra Guyette 5:43pm November 8, 2012)

She had Tinker Bell on her clothing. Would love to read your book. Thanks
for the info.
Jackie Wisherd 5:48pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell embroidered on the top of her plaid Disney pajamas.
My favorite holiday memories are from my childhood. Mom always saved her S&H Green Stamps from all her trips to get gasoline for her car in a kitchen drawer. When it was about a week before Christmas, she'd have the two oldest kids of eight children, (my sister and I), glue all the pages of stamps into books. Each filled book had a value of $2.50. This took us several hours. By the time we finished we had 16 to 22 books filled each year. The following day, I got to be the one to go to the large store to help pick out the gifts for my sisters and brothers. It was so much fun, since they had a huge assortment of toys and games. I remember all the stuff we'd come home with and my mother being so pleased she didn't have to spend any money to get it all! Back then, those items were so inexpensive so we really made a haul! We had fantastic Christmases as a result, we wouldn't have had otherwise. Can't wait to read your first book in this series. The cover is beautiful!
Linda Luinstra 5:50pm November 8, 2012)

It's Tinker Bell. Every year, we hunt for a Tinker Bell decoration to put on the christmas tree. It's a bit crowded now, but still brings lots of smiles. Would love to read your newest book.
Jd Simm 6:06pm November 8, 2012)

I would love to read this book. It sounds awesome and its the
type of book I like to read,.
Gail Hurt 6:06pm November 8, 2012)

I'd love to read this book! My mom loved christmas but after she died in 1992,I losted my christmas spirit even though I had a 2yr'old son to think about, anyways a friend of mine decided to take it in her hands to make the holiday special for my son and I/Tina was my 2nd mom, and christmas Eve was so magical and I'll always remeber her making the day so special!
Carole Fiore 6:18pm November 8, 2012)

I just go this and it's next on my list to read.
Cathy Thomas 6:19pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell is the little one on her pj's. After reading the chapter of this novel, I would love to read more.
Marjorie, November 8th.
Marjorie Roy 6:20pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker sweet!

My favorite part about Christmas is decorating the tree with the family. We have collected ornaments over the years that commemorate family milestones, vacations, etc. Every year we get to relive our family history and cherished memories as we decorate!
Cheryl Castings 6:32pm November 8, 2012)

Joyce Mandle 6:44pm November 8, 2012)

My favorite thing about Christmas is to watch my 6 year old dog (Schatzie) open all of her Christmas presents. She uses her paws and mouth to open them. We tell her the Santa Beagle is coming and she is just like a little kid, waiting for Santa's arrival. She is my four legged fur kid enjoying Christmas and is also being included in our family traditional Celebration. It doesn't get any better than that.
Cheryl English 7:41pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell
It's a combination of listening to Christmas songs, decorating the tree, waiting to open presents and eating dessert. Every activity leading up to the day is a celebration and always an event.
Leni Kaye 7:43pm November 8, 2012)

The book sounds very good, I'd love to win it.
Wilma Frana 7:48pm November 8, 2012)

thank you for the chance. sounds great.
Holly Vanderhule 7:49pm November 8, 2012)

I would love to win this book thank you for the chance
Beth Reimer 8:13pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker bell (& other fairies) =)
I liked what I read, thanks.
Kathleen Conner 8:30pm November 8, 2012)

Great gifts.
Barbara Miller 8:53pm November 8, 2012)

Thank you for the wonderful contest.
Gayle Oreluk 8:56pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell - I have a tree full of Memory Ornaments. So every year I think of the person who gave me the ornament.
Enter me please.
Jane Squires 9:08pm November 8, 2012)

Tinkerbell on her robe.

My best Christmas momories are when my children were small, and all family members were still with us.
Sheila True 9:13pm November 8, 2012)

I really enjoyed the excerpt and her Tinkerbell jammies. I look forward to
hearing my Dad sing on Christmas Eve. The whole family goes to church to
see him and now that he is in his eighties it makes it even more special.
Ann Sheiring 9:21pm November 8, 2012)

Mallory is wearing Tinker Bell on her pajamas. As far as Christmas memories go, I remember helping my Mother make her homemade bread and special Christmas cookies that she was known for. She's been gone 10 years now, and I miss her deeply, but every Christmas I keep her memory alive by making her special cookies. When they're done baking, I share them with friends in the area, since I live too far away from my family to be with them. My perfect Christmas would be to be together with my Father at least, who was put in a nursing home by my sister, and my Father isn't happy with the situation. If my apartment was large enough, I would have him here in a heartbeat, and take care of him the way he should be looked after. My Husband and I barely have room for ourselves, and this situation breaks my heart daily. I would love to read your book, and at least have a bit of sunshine come into my life, when this gloomy time enters the year. It gets dark so early, and it's always so depressing. Even the cover brings a smile to my face. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Peggy Roberson 9:34pm November 8, 2012)

sounds great read
Kimberly Hoefs 10:05pm November 8, 2012)

One of my favorie memories is attending Midnight Mass held in a small chapel. Everyone then stayed for hot chocolate and cookies before heading home.
Mary C 10:13pm November 8, 2012)

I love reading Christmas stories. It's the best way to get ready for the Holidays.
Kai Wong 10:28pm November 8, 2012)

Tinker Bell
My family sings carols after Christmas Eve supper and before Midnight Mass. The youngest child chooses the first song and sings the first verse. Everyone joins in for the other verses. We progress to the oldest person. We sing for at least a couple of hours. It's so much fun. :-)
Elaine Carlini-Davis 10:35pm November 8, 2012)

I love the Christmas smells,fireplace,the Xmas tree ,hot coco,and homemade cookies around the Holidays.
Deb Pelletier 10:37pm November 8, 2012)

I would love to win this book. Thanks for a Chance to win.
Linda Hall 12:10pm November 9, 2012)


I love Christmas reads.
Mary Preston 7:28am November 9, 2012)

Tinker Bell.
My best Christmas memories are those from my childhood.
And I love so much Christmas stories.
Roxana Perez 9:36am November 9, 2012)

Sounds like a great Christmas story.
Michelle Bauer 11:51am November 9, 2012)

Tinkerbell is on her jammies. :) I couldn't stop reading the excerpt. Love it.
Have a great upcoming Holiday season. thanksgiving & my all time fav, Christmas. ;)
Gail Siuba 1:12pm November 9, 2012)

I like reading holiday stories and this one sounds great to include in my list. Thanks.
Bonnie DeRosa 3:27pm November 9, 2012)

Sounds like a great holiday book to read !! Thanks for the contest
Danielle McDonald 3:36pm November 9, 2012)

Have this on my TBR list -- would love to have my very own
Sandy Haber 4:57pm November 9, 2012)

One of my twins had a Tinker Bell Wand and she thought it gave her extra special powers. Thanks for writing a delightful holiday story infused with light and hope.
Alyson Widen 5:55pm November 18, 2012)

My husband and I move around a lot, so every year we tend to happily think of some of the wonderful places that we've lived and celebrated Christmas.

We also talk about how each year seems to keep getting better and better, and it makes us wonder where we will be and what we will be doing in a few years! =)
Kathleen Conner 2:30pm December 26, 2012)

This year i got to spend Christmas with my grand daughter i
didnt see her last year cause of personal problems with her
mother an my son so this year was the best
Debbie Lord 2:44pm December 26, 2012)

We had a good Christmas Eve and Christmas with the kids and grandkids, but it was in separate groups over the two days. We are really hoping everyone's schedule works out for one big gathering next year. Merry Christmas.
G S Moch 2:55pm December 26, 2012)

Christmas was great this year with having our Son Daughter-n-law and three grandchildren and our Daughter son-n-law and our Granddaughter under 1 roof this year..We ate,talked,and opened presents..Love watching the Grandchildren when they open a present and there eyes get so big and they are so excited. Loved it..
Tina Myers 3:06pm December 26, 2012)

Every year we get together at my older brothers house for breakfast Christmas morning and then we exchange gifts.
Chelsea Knestrick 3:23pm December 26, 2012)

This year we got together with aall of our kids (adults, now)
and most grandkids on Dec. 23 because our daughter-in-law had
to work Christmas eve and day. Love having all the family
Mary Hay 4:02pm December 26, 2012)

Getting up Christmas day and running to the tree to see what Santa had left.
Jean Mitchell 4:16pm December 26, 2012)

Every year my best friend and I would take our sleds and go to the woods to get our fresh fir branches to make our own wreaths for our front doors.
Jean Benedict 4:19pm December 26, 2012)

Merry Christmas belated and New Year.
Kent Cook 4:38pm December 26, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 4:40pm December 26, 2012)

We get together and have dinner and open presents and run wild ;-)
Chelsea Brooks 4:59pm December 26, 2012)

Would love this fantastic Christmas book to read and I love the cover so much! Need a good story to relax with.
Linda Luinstra 5:05pm December 26, 2012)

One good Christmas I had was when I was ten years old and got some Garfield and Smurf stuff. This year my mother ordered some books for us and she didn't think they'd arrive but they did on Christmas Eve, so we were very happy.
Michelle Fidler 5:13pm December 26, 2012)

I was blessed with parents who (I know now) worked really
hard to make Christmas morning magical for me when I was
young. I worked just as hard to make Christmas special for
my kids, and now I see my children doing the same thing for
their children...

I've read a lot of the excerpts from Christmas on Mimosa
Lane and it sounds like a fantastic read!

Happy Holidays & thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
Elizabeth Hyatt 6:12pm December 26, 2012)

Debbi Shaw 6:17pm December 26, 2012)

My favorite Christmas memories are of my daughter's joy on Christmas mornings when she was a little girl. Now that she is grown and married, hopefully we will soon have little ones around the Christmas tree again.

Merry Christmas and thanks for the contest!
Monica Vargo 6:43pm December 26, 2012)

My favourite Christmas memories have to do with visiting and baking.
Cheryl McEwen 7:09pm December 26, 2012)

Fav Christmas memories... all of the ones spent with my grandmother... she always made everything feel so festive!
Colleen Conklin 7:18pm December 26, 2012)

This year alot of friends called me ,to wish me a merry christmas, that was nice.
Deb Pelletier 7:43pm December 26, 2012)

My favorite memory is when my mother married my da ( step - da , but he's my da)when I was five and we went up to his parents, my new grannie and pop's for Christmas. It was like walking into a child fantasy of Christmas. They had a beautiful tree all decorated next to the fire place and all the presents under made my eyes go big. They loved us as soon as they saw us, and grannie let me help her bake. There were pies and cakes and bowls of Christmas candy. And lots of new family to meet.
Zina Lynch 8:06pm December 26, 2012)

My favorite memories are the first Christmas that my kids
had. They are the cutest when they get to rip open their
presents. Then of course every year after that how they are
grateful for what they receive when it really isn't all that
much. My favorite memory from when I was younger was with
my mom and grandma when my grandma was still alive. I
cherish those!
Nicole Caroen 8:35pm December 26, 2012)

Spending a nice quiet day. Thank you have a great week.
Holly Vanderhule 8:43pm December 26, 2012)

It's waking up early and opening presents with my sisters and cousins. We would be joking and laughing with one another. Those were the good times when life was just simple. Now it just hard to make time to spend with them.
Kai Wong 9:19pm December 26, 2012)

Spending time with family this Christmas felt happier and more profound. It's the time spent with those you love that's ultimately important-- the moment is and will never be the same as any other moment and I can reflect on that quietly and feel truly lucky that I got to experience it. Hope everyone has moments to experience and cherish close to their heart!
p c 9:19pm December 26, 2012)

I was seven years old and had just in September gotten a bedroom of my
own for the first time - which had meant new furniture. For Christmas, my
family managed to sneak past my bedroom window (right by where I slept)
and into the house the matching desk. What surprise I felt Christmas
morning!! I kept trying to sit in "my spot", and my family kept trying to get
me to turn around. My mom was waiting with her was
Kelli Jo Calvert 9:24pm December 26, 2012)

Most of my best memories are when my children were young. I miss the
excitement from that time.
Jo Jones 9:41pm December 26, 2012)

A new memory this year, a video of my 2.5 yr old gson waking up to
Christmas. He just walked around looking and then said "This is going to be
a nice day." :)
Penny Mettert 9:44pm December 26, 2012)

My favorite is a cliche... my daughter's first christmas smile when she sees the chritmas tree!
May Pau 9:46pm December 26, 2012)

When I was 8 years old my dad died on Christmas morning so I didn't have many good memories of Christmas as a child. When I got married and had children of my own I vowed that my children would always have a happy Christmas and I'd like to think that they have. We didn't always have a lot of money but they always knew that I loved them. Now that they are older with families of their own they are carrying on my tradition of a meaningful Christmas with their children. They have learned to share with those less fortunate and I think that is a very important thing for children to learn. My 7 year old granddaughter actually rang the Salvation Army bell representing her Daisy Girl Scout troop. She really enjoyed it. So Christmas to me being proud of how my daughter's turned out, and how they are teaching their children about what is important.
Linda Henderson 10:20pm December 26, 2012)

The Christmas, when I was about 10, that my brother had to work all day. We waited for him to come home so we could celebrate together with dinner and opening presents. My mother must have felt sorry for me so she let me open one present, knowing it was a puzzle, and would keep me busy the rest of the day.
Karen Blossom 10:28pm December 26, 2012)

I had a GREAT Christmas! In our family, everyone comes over
to our parents house and we start by opening are stocking
presents then our presents presents. This was probably the
first year Santa didn't through up with excessive
materialism with the amount of gifts. Definitely quality
over quantity this year.
Summer Sharp 10:30pm December 26, 2012)

Decorating the tree when all of our family was together.
Kimberly Beauchamp 10:34pm December 26, 2012)

My always made Christmas so special,when I was a kid. Sure do miss her. Thanks for a chance to win.
Linda Hall 10:39pm December 26, 2012)

agree with you that christmas is what we make it -- let the sad memories slip through & reach for the happy ones, which luckily far outway the sad
d Kenney 11:20pm December 26, 2012)

Sounds intriguing!
Cindy Rader 11:54pm December 26, 2012)

For me it's all the traditions that create the memories. I
hope they create memories for my children too.
Mary Preston 2:22am December 27, 2012)

Ours has changed due to deaths in the now we celebrate their love with donations to food pantries or other local needs.. I most enjoy remembering the circumstances of our tree ornaments as we decorate it.
Cate Sparks 5:22am December 27, 2012)

wasn't in the mood to celebrate christmas for my husband and I are seperated, but thats not fair for my 2 college age kids, so I decided just to spend Christmas Eve with them, making homemade pasta with my daughter, my son and his girlfriend had dinner with us, even though the time with him wasn't very long but spent it talking about school and other things-off he went to his girlfriends house and his dad'slearning how to share shouldn't of been hard for me for I had to do the same when I was their age for my parents divorced,too..I made the day special and kept my promised about beginning nice, even though my son's attitude towards me wasn't very nice until I decided to brush it off-then he said he was sorry! On christmas day I decided to serve a meal at this place that servesd a meal for people who are alone or homeless,name annie's place, met some nice people and had alot of fun! My daughter and I came home feeling so good helping others and a good meal to boot!
Carole Fiore 7:16am December 27, 2012)

I used to like hunting out books for my mother - she was collecting a few of the fifties schoolgirl series by English authors and during the year I'd happen upon one in the secondhand shops and sneak it into my room to wrap for Christmas! Now she has all the series so I collect books for my husband instead.
Clare O'Beara 7:41am December 27, 2012)

Thanks for the great giveaway.

I just started Mimosa Lane last nite.

Holidays change with life getting in the way - family moving and passing on. It is sad but we do some things differently and remember the good times/memories - it keeps those times alive.
Pat Lieberman 8:10am December 27, 2012)

Getting dressed up for dinner. My mom had special Poinsettia table cloth
and cloth napkins (anybody out there from the '50s and'60s) I still think of
those times when I see those at garage sales.
Susan Falkler 11:44am December 27, 2012)

I became engaged on Christmas Eve, 1972. It was truly magicalime. We had an engagement party with family and friends. We were married for 23 years when he died 16 years ago. The memories are beautiful.
Linda Cacaci
[email protected]
Linda Cacaci 7:15pm December 27, 2012)

This year is hard since I lost my mom last year, then my grandmother this year. But we had a great Christmas this year anyway. Everyone got the gifts they wanted, and much of the family was able to get together. The really great thing for me was sitting down and helping my (fav) niece set-up her new kindle and show her the great (free) classics my mom (her grandma) introduced to me at her age! The reading bug has been past down through each generation. We even have my grandma's Girl Scout book the girls inherited (4th or 5th gen now). Showing my niece all the things she can get on her kindle that her grandma and I use to read is a memory I will always treasure! And I love that she reads like I do, instead of wanting movies or games like her brothers do ;)

[email protected]
Victoria Colyer-Kerr 9:06pm December 27, 2012)

My favorite memories are of when my kids were little - the excitement,the staying up all night wrapping presents, the decorating, cooking, all of it!
Nancy Bird 10:14pm December 27, 2012)

Watching my grandsons open gifts brings back memories of when my two children were little and all the excitement of Christmas. It is a wonderful time of the year.
Rita Wray 11:00am December 28, 2012)

love xmas having family together singing, baking and opening gifts is a great time
Danielle McDonald 1:05pm December 28, 2012)

I didn't have much of a present Holiday so far, but thinking back on past Holidays, especially those parts that I shared with my family, my Mother in particular, I think about a lot this time of year. Every year when I trim my tree, I put the ornaments that we made together in a prominent place so others notice when they stop by. I also bake her cookies that she was known for. They're a lot of work, but a labor of love, and I share them with my friends, and 2nd family, since I live a distance away from the rest of my family now. As for the future, I don't think that far ahead, because there are many factors going on in my life which make the future a bit depressing. My Father was put in a nursing home by my Sister, which is something I wouldn't have done, for example. This is eating at my heart. Therefore, I refuse to think about the future, and cherish the present that I have, as well as the past memories. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
Peggy Roberson 10:47pm December 30, 2012)

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