December 7th, 2023
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December's Must-Reads: Top Books to Close Out the Year with a Bang

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Reporter Emma Cross confronts high society and murder at a 1900s Newport yacht gathering.

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Unraveling a secret aboard the missing Goliath, where history collides with present danger.

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Undercover agents at a holiday party face unexpected danger and a budding romance.

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Lord Julian unravels a dangerous mystery to reveal a child's heritage as well as his own birthright.

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Uncovering the truth: A determined mother, a torn DA, and a dark mystery.

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A Ukrainian medic and a Marine sniper's perilous mission ignites unexpected passion amid danger.

The Ravenous Dead by Natasha Hoar


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Also by Natasha Hoar:

The Ravenous Dead, July 2012
The Stubborn Dead, January 2012

The Ravenous Dead
Natasha Hoar

Carina Press
July 2012
On Sale: July 16, 2012
Featuring: Rachel Miller; Kit Elkeles
ISBN: 1426894082
EAN: 9781426894084
Kindle: B00814JT1I
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Rachel Miller doesn't just see dead people, she rescues them. As a member of The Order of Rescue Mediums, she spends most of her time helping stubborn spirits move on from the world. But after she learns the details of three brutal murders, she knows the culprit can only be a reaper, an undead monster that relentlessly stalks its victims to feed on their souls.

A reaper once consumed the soul of Rachel's mentor as she watched frozen in fear. Now, Rachel is in the role of teacher to Kit Elkeles, a rodach just learning to control his wraithlike powers. After Kit and Rachel rescue a half- vampire, they work to protect him while searching for a way to stop the reaper. But when Rachel realizes who the monster is really after—and just what kind of dark magic she'll need to stop it—will she be able to do what is necessary before it devours one of her friends…or even herself?

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47 comments posted.

Re: The Ravenous Dead

I'm thankful for my family and friends.
(Janie McGaugh 12:28pm December 31, 2012)

I'm thank for family and friends and those who help others and that I can do a small part.
p c 2:47am December 31, 2012)

I am thankful that the trolls that you talked about usually hurt only themselves. They exist in the real word too.
Kathleen Yohanna 3:11am December 31, 2012)

If you live in Canada I can understand why you're pleased not to have a white Christmas!
I'm thankful that we made it through 2012 and are in a slightly better position than when we started. The news is so continually depressing that it is good to value little victories.
Clare O'Beara 6:56am December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for my family and friends. Great contest.
Wilma Frana 10:06am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for my family's health. If you have your health you can overcome most anything.
I'm unfamiliar with your series but I am definitely going to check it out.
Monica Vargo 10:08am December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for my family and friends who have helped me deal with the loss of my Mom in October.
Pamela McPherson 10:13am December 31, 2012)

My beautiful family.
Liesl Lane 10:42am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for my family
I've had a rough year - hospital - had to make serious changes to my life - I lost my 16 yr old poodle - that was the HARDEST thing I'v had to do in my 51 years
Best wishes for 2013!
Pamela Faye Howell 10:49am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful to have a roof over my head. A couple of years ago, I lost the place that I called home for 13 years, after my Husband lost his job, and we were living in our pop-up camper, moving to different campgrounds. I'm thankful to be living in an area of the state that I've always wanted to live, even if it's just a tiny apartment. I'm thankful for the things we have. We lost everything when we had to move, and put what we could in our tiny pick-up and camper. Basically, we started from scratch. I'm thankful for the 2 kittens who came into our lives this year. We needed some life in our apartment after our dog passed away, and they certainly foot the bill!! We've had them since the day they were born, and now they're 8 months old. The bond we have, along with the love and laughter, is priceless. We've had our share of setbacks, sure, but I'm looking forward to the coming year, because in my heart I know it's going to be a good one for a change. Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!
Peggy Roberson 10:56am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for family, friends and health. All the rest
pales after these.
Mary Hay 11:06am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for my boyfriend and my family
Sandy Giden 11:58am December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for family & friends. Especially thankful to God for allowing me to be out of a wheelchair, off the walker and able to walk in the house without cane. Its been over 3 yrs since my car wreck and after numerous surgeries I'm able to do more things. I crushed my foot & ankle in the wreck. All praise & thanks go to God.
Pat Moore 12:40pm December 31, 2012)

well i m thank full for that the cancer is not come back and then i am thankfull that i do not have to go back in the hospital and that my family is over 100 plus and the kids are starting to talk to all in the family
Desiree Reilly 1:44pm December 31, 2012)

I'm always thankful for my family and their good health. God has been so good to us this!!
Bonnie Capuano 1:44pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for a supportive family that always there for me, and being blessed with good health so I'm not yet a burden for anyone.
Sheila True 3:04pm December 31, 2012)

family and friends help! thanks
Debbi Shaw 3:25pm December 31, 2012)

Thankful for family and friends.
Mary C 3:30pm December 31, 2012)

Im thankful that the good Lord has taken care of me and mine. Thankful that all the bad times I've had this last year will be a memories I can learn from.
Suzy F. 3:47pm December 31, 2012)

I am Thankful that we survived 2012 and certainly look forward to 2013!
Marjorie Carmony 4:02pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for all my family and good friends. I think the most thankful of all is for the most wonderful husband a wife could ask for.
Diane Castiglione 4:38pm December 31, 2012)

I am very thankful for wonderful neighbors & friends...
Nancy Ludvik 4:54pm December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for my family and their health. Most grateful for my awesome husband of over 30 years!
Cate Sparks 4:54pm December 31, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 4:58pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for my family and friends,also all the author,s at Fresh fiction for giving us a chance at some really awesome books.
Richard Randazzo 5:25pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for my family.
Maureen Emmons 5:35pm December 31, 2012)

Thankful for:
Family & friends (including my "invisible" Internet friends)
Finally getting to meet my two year old grandson in person
Lots of books to read/re-read
Having a fairly warm place to hang my hat
Having a vehicle that goes when I want & stops when I need to :)
Well you get the idea...thankful for all the basics and some just a bit beyond
Penny Mettert 5:39pm December 31, 2012)

Oh, also thankful the Mayan calendar was not prophetic!!!! ;)
Penny Mettert 5:42pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful that my family made it safely through 2012 and looking forward to a productive 2013.
Tracie Travis 5:47pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful to have a wonderful family and beable to finish
college this upcoming year and hopefully get a good paying job
to supply me with enough extra money to feed my book habit.
Jeannie Platt 5:52pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for a wonderful husband, good health and good friends and family
Shirley Younger 6:10pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for so many things I could write a book. Angel wings wrapped around me in 2003, grandchildren, children, kids I've taught, and so much more.
Jane Squires 6:27pm December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for an awful lot of things. Too many things to
name, but if I had to pick one thing out of the whole year to
be truly thankful for it would my husband. He's the Miracle
Whip to my bland sandwhich of a life :)
Xhanthi Black 6:40pm December 31, 2012)

im thankful for my family and friends especially my love of my life
Danielle McDonald 8:18pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful that my children have had a great year. I am also grateful that
my husband and I are employed. The best gift this year was the news that
after removal my rumors we not cancerous. I hope 2013 is just as great.
Ann Sheiring 8:32pm December 31, 2012)

i am thankful for my family and friends.i am also thanksful for authors because if you all didn't write i wOULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO READ!!
Jennifer Beck 8:56pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful that my husband (and true love of my life) and I were able to make our cruise plans even though I am no longer employed. That is a blessing too!
Angee Bartlett 9:03pm December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful for my husband, our two dogs, and the fact that we are all in pretty good health.
Kelli Rolvaag 9:23pm December 31, 2012)

I'm thankful that my sister, Rhonda, has so far survived double mastectomy and her first complete set of chemo treatments. Now she gets a few weeks to recover before they do the HRT treatment and then the reconstruction. I love her so much!
Donna Holmberg 10:40pm December 31, 2012)

I am thankful for GOD loving us all so much that he gave his
only Son Jesus Christ to die for all of our Sins in the
World. I am also thankful for family and friends and our 4
Dogs too. Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks, Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:50pm December 31, 2012)

I'm grateful that my Mom is still alive. She is up in her years and my family knows that she only have so many years for us to be with her.
Kai Wong 12:10pm January 1, 2013)

I'm thankful of having my 2 sons and their wives giving me 5 beautiful grandchildren.

And I'm thankful for every toop over seas in our military that is not killed or wounded.

I'm thankful for all the many friends I've made through the year and the fun times we've had, may they continue.

Also, thankful that I've become a book reviewer for Fresh Fiction. Met so many good people hear and I am so addicted to reading and to give others joy from my reivews.......

Good health to all and happiness abundance!!!!!!!!!
Joanne Bozik 6:43pm January 1, 2013)

I'm thankful for my family, friends, health, and being employed.
Linda Skillen 9:53pm January 1, 2013)

I'm thankful for all my family, and the wonderful guy I met this year, and the good health of all my grandchildren and family.
Frances Namuth 8:28am January 2, 2013)

I am thankful for my family, my co-workers and the writers who take us away from the things that could beat us down with their realistic and not so realistic stories.
Annetta Sweetko 4:59pm January 2, 2013)

im thankful to be here on this planet with my family and friends and most importantly my love of my life
Danielle McDonald 10:45am January 3, 2013)

I'm grateful for another chance to try walking in a group in a marathon coming up in May. Mostly, I'm thankful for friends and family who stick by me in my endeavers and love me even when I'm not perfect.
Alyson Widen 2:05pm January 24, 2013)

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