February 29th, 2024
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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

One Touch of Scandal by Liz Carlyle


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One Touch of Scandal
Liz Carlyle

Guardian #1
October 2010
On Sale: September 28, 2010
Featuring: Adrian Forsythe, Lord Ruthveyn; Grace Gauthier
384 pages
ISBN: 0061965758
EAN: 9780061965753
Mass Market Paperback
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Romance Historical

Grace Gauthier had taken a position as governess hoping to find security and peace in a life that had very little of either. She’s always yearned for a good marriage, a family, and a home, but it was not to be. And when the brutal murder of her employer leaves her unprotected and alone—as Scotland Yard’s prime suspect—she has no one to turn to except the mysterious and reclusive Lord Ruthveyn.

A dark-eyed Lucifer, Ruthveyn guards his secrets carefully. His shadowed past as the Queen’s most trusted agent in India is the stuff of whispered rumor, as is his mixed ancestry. Deeply moved by her plight—and haunted by her beauty—Ruthveyn is determined to save Grace by unmasking a killer. But his growing passion for her soon places his own heart at risk and threatens to expose his dark gifts—and his dark society—to the world . . .



184 comments posted.

Re: One Touch of Scandal

Here are the items on my Goodie List - book buying, clothes shopping, junk food eating, and movie watching.
(Rosie Nguy 5:37pm September 25, 2010)

I reward myself if I complete enough things on my to do list like books and ice-blended vanilla latte.

My cat like to get into trouble like sneaking out of the house when the door is open or sleeping on the sewing machine. If he behaves, I let him go outside to play.
Kai Wong 12:35pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself by treating myself to a lazy day. No cats but I do have 4 dogs to enjoy the day with.
Sheila True 12:47pm September 26, 2010)

Liz, The cookies sounded like they were
yummy regardless of how they looked!
Glad you had a great day (and hope
Stuart survived the oatmeal!)
Colleen Poor 1:42am September 26, 2010)

Well, I am glad to see that someone else admits to being a less than perfect baker! I avidly watch the ballet of preparation on the food channel and dream of preparing dishes that look like works of art...but then I start reading something and forget I am supposed to pay attention to the timer or stir the pot...and most of the time it is still somewhat edible but it is a good thing that my husband is not terribly critical!
E Felder 1:44am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with false eyelashes :)
Dakota Cassidy 1:51am September 26, 2010)

My rewards are books and chocolate. My pets rewards are a nice big rawhide bone. I wish I could take my dogs with me, but they are too big and rowdy to take into public.
Sara Edmonds 1:59am September 26, 2010)

My rewards are books, of course. It doesn't matter that I have hundreds of books on my to-be-read list, I still want the newest and latest books.

When I'm rewarding my dogs, nothing can beat moist dog food for them. They get it very rarely, so both dogs are most appreciative when they get this treat.

I'm happy to support such a good cause. I do love fur-critters. :)
Denise Powers 2:12am September 26, 2010)

My reward is shopping... which I do often. :) Because, I deserve it! LOL
Lynn McCormack 2:31am September 26, 2010)

Congrats on your release! Can't wait to read One Touch of Scandal.

I reward myself with girly stuff. You know, scented candles, bubble bath, nail polish, or the latest hair product. Nothing better than smelling pretty and looking cute (:
Jocelyn Modo 2:35am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with books and time to read. Yes cats are involved because I end up with at least 2 out of 3 cats laying with me while I'm reading.
Carmen Rexford 3:07am September 26, 2010)

I don't have any pets (unless
kids count ;D), but I like to
reward myself with chocolate
and good books! On extremely
well-deserved reward days I
will eat my chocolates and
read my book in anice warm
bath! :)
Sara Negrete 4:00am September 26, 2010)

The probably sounds strange,
but when I finish publishing a
new knitting or crochet
pattern, I allow myself to
knit something with little or
no pattern at all.
Yeah, I reward myself for
knitting, by knitting.
For BIG rewards though, a meal
at our local Japanese
restaurant works great too.
Diana Troldahl 5:08am September 26, 2010)

A trip to the bookstore is a reward for many things. A reward that involves my cats is taking a few minutes to pet them. They have to be in the mood, of course.
Maureen Emmons 6:25am September 26, 2010)

Oh my gosh I cannot bake a cookie either. They rarely turn out. LOL. And my cats help me too. I like to reward myself with shopping and buying books or something else that I might get a great deal on. I love thrift shops.
Sue Brandes 6:49am September 26, 2010)

My goodie list is the purchase of a new cologne. Have such a thing for scents. And I would go for baking the cookies also, by the way.
Joanne Reynolds 7:23am September 26, 2010)

Sue Charnley 7:41am September 26, 2010)

I heard about this contest over on Dakota Cassidy's FB page. I have two 'pound' kitties and wish I could do more to help their brothers and sisters. When I've finished a task my reward usually involves reading a good book or traveling to some exotic place, even if my mode of travel is surfing the internet. Thanks for helping the cats.
Sue Charnley 7:44am September 26, 2010)

This is a really great thing that Avon is doing for cats. Wouldn't this be a lovely world if all the feral animals were neutered, and they all found good, loving homes? Thank you Liz Carlyle, and many thanks to Avon.
Betty Cox 7:50am September 26, 2010)

What an awesome thing to do :) I love charities and giving back! Good luck with your release on the 28th and CONGRATS!
Felicia Sparks 7:57am September 26, 2010)

Love cats--think this is great!!! Saw this on Dakota Cassidy's Facebook page--thank you!!!
Julie Gagne 8:04am September 26, 2010)

Loved your blog, was laughing as I mentally pictured the scenario!
I treat myself by going to the bookstore, buying a few new ones, and relax in my recliner, a ice cold glass of pepsi next to me and instructions to be left alone til I decide I am ready to deal with people again..
Christine Milone 8:08am September 26, 2010)

I make the oatmeal cookies and promise myself I'll buy the bike tomorrow.
Maria Munoz 8:10am September 26, 2010)

So I bought fruit (it's healthy) and then turned it into peach cobbler and apple crisp. (it's still fruit right?)
Ria Frazier 8:29am September 26, 2010)

I miss my pound kitty...lost him a year
ago, he was the best cat I ever had!
Kimberly Burton 8:38am September 26, 2010)

I have five inside cats and to numerous to count outside cats. They love to help in kitchen (get in my way - way to nosy). I bake bread - love it when 1 loaf rises beautiful and the other looks like and feels like a brick.
Gayle Riley 8:39am September 26, 2010)

I have 3 inside shelter cats and did my first 5k walk yesterday to enlarge a local no kill shelter. I think what you are doing is terrific. I read to reward myself of course the kitties have to share. Sometimes they turn the pages faster than I can read. Hmmm
Donna Antonio 8:48am September 26, 2010)

Oh, I would definitly go for the oatmeal cookies. I've got noe animals, but a slew of kids ready to wolf down anything I bake...hehe!!!!

And as for rewards? Well, the best thing is time for me...time to be able to really get into a book and not only have a quick hour...or less. Time to dig into my cross stitch and stitch up a few card motifs for Christmas.

And the best thing is to go to amazon.de (that's Germany, folks) and SHOP!!!!!

in Germany
[email protected]
Valerie Bongards 8:50am September 26, 2010)

Chocolate cooks from Central Market. Just thinking of them puts pounds on the hips but so worth it.
Susie Adair 9:00am September 26, 2010)

Let's see: update website, actually READ some books, make sure I have clothes suitable for going out in public (for a conference). And while my rescue critters include a dog and an iguana rather than cats, YAY for doing this!
Cindy Spencer Pape 9:10am September 26, 2010)

What a fun read! My rewards usually include a Dr. Pepper and chocolate!
Paula Myers 9:25am September 26, 2010)

I don't have that much of a sweet tooth so I am not a baker. If I deserve a reward it involves books, either buying or taking time to read without interruption.
My cats aren't involved in that reward unless they choose to use my lap as a napping spot.
Dianna Rowley 9:30am September 26, 2010)

If I WAS going to get a bike, it would be the kind that actually takes me somewhere, so definitely, I would bake the cookies. My treats would be: making a pot of tea and reading; a walk in the woods or by the ocean; calling one of my best friends long distance and having a long chat; or visiting the bookstore. In fact I am hoping against hope that Borders will accidentally put One Touch of Scandal on their shelves a day early, because I have a coupon that expires tomorrow.
Karin Ahmed 9:38am September 26, 2010)

Book buying is up there for
Plus buying cute clothes for
the kids.
Aubrey MacDougall 9:43am September 26, 2010)

My pets are a wonderful healing source! My cats seem to always be able to tell when I was sick and would comfort me.
Candy White 9:47am September 26, 2010)

I treat myself with books, clothes, days spent cooking and calling friends on the phone.
Teia Collier 9:53am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with ice cream - Ben & Jerry's. Or Ghiradelli brownies. The mix is really easy to make and just be sure to take them out a little earlier than the box says and they continue to cook, so they are perfect but still moist.
Pam Howell 9:55am September 26, 2010)

A book, a cup of tea, a quilt and Paisley Popoki (Hawaiian for Kitty) on my lap. When the family's away, Mommy can play!
Beth Sanders 10:08am September 26, 2010)

At the moment my treat to myself is making bread in my new breadmaker. The smell wafting through the house is incredible. Then I get to eat the bread, of course!
Christine Fox 10:31am September 26, 2010)

Firstly, it would have to start with no kids
around, then I'd unwind with a cup of hot
tea and a good book.
Linda Lambertus 10:34am September 26, 2010)

My treat is another good book!
I love chocolate...way to much
to have it in the house on a
regular basis. I just can't
stop with only one
serving...LOL...do you know
how SMALL one serving of a
chocolate bar really is?

Still waiting impatiently for
your latest book to hit my
Karen Haas 10:45am September 26, 2010)

Love the story since I just had
the same problem with my lemon
blueberry bread last night.
Leanne Davis 10:55am September 26, 2010)

No cats here; however, I do have 3 dogs. 6 cows, 11 goats (that this week - never know from one week to the next) I reward myself by going to the movies once a week.
Linda Calvert 10:55am September 26, 2010)

If I clean something at home I might reward myself with a chapter or two of a book.

Unfortuantely I don't bake!

Hmmm...maybe a nap is a good reward curled up with a dog. Now you've really got me thinking!
Sandi Shilhanek 10:55am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with a good book and some chocolate and, of course, my cats usually curl up with me.
Marlene Breakfield 10:56am September 26, 2010)

I love cats and am happy to leave a comment to give a dollar towards a rescue mission. I also love your books!! :)
Vicky Stow 11:14am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with new books although I have a huge stack awaiting reading, visiting in person with local friends, extra time on Facebook, and a great meal! My beautiful pom Hallie gets a usually forbidden treat!
Patricia Stinson-Switzer 11:22am September 26, 2010)

Great minds think alike: a good
book, cookies, chocolate, our
affection for cats and dogs and other

BTW: Stuart peering down from the
top of the cabinets looks very much
like my Cleo. She never got into the
cookie dough... The lasagna, yes..
Deborah Fox 11:24am September 26, 2010)

My favorite way to reward myself is trip to the mall. I always have to checkout the sales racks at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft. I also will treat myself to a new audio book since I listen to them at work.
M Reed 11:31am September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with a trip to the bookstore.
Lorene Tolleson 11:38am September 26, 2010)

Books! Chocolate! A walk with the dogs
is good, too.
Misa Ramirez 11:41am September 26, 2010)

Sounds like you and Stuart had a great time together :0)
My rewards are mainly books and chocolate, but I also enjoy watching TV series I am adicted to.
Julia Blanco 11:52am September 26, 2010)

My reward was chocolate until I got put on a low-cholesterol diet. Now it's a trip to a local candy shop for something sugary and nonfat!
Lenore Howard 12:07pm September 26, 2010)

Liz--You need a different recipe! Most would be fine without requiring parchment paper and I'm bummed that Stuart didn"t get the pretty cookie he deserved. Loved your column! I'd reward myself with extra reading time.
G S Moch 12:19pm September 26, 2010)

I love what you're doing!! I currently have 4 indoor cats and 5 outdoor cats that adopted us. It's so awesome to know that there are others that care so much about the world's feline babies.
Lynn Cunningham 12:19pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself by:
Reading a good book
Buying more books
Having a tiny cup of ice cream
Having Emerald's Cocoa Roast Almonds
My cat doesn't participate in any of these activities except to hover around waiting for ear scratches.
Barbara Elness 12:42pm September 26, 2010)

My treat is something for myself, no kids, hubby or pets. Just me not having to worry about anyone else for a bit...
Ivy Truitt 12:44pm September 26, 2010)

I love your books!

I don't actually do the reward thing. I don't know if it's because I'm older but I know myself well enough that I just have to decide to DO IT! Rewards don't really make me do it so I don't bother. I gave up New Year's resolutions, too, because that just depressed me. That said, although reading is almost as important as breathing, I still realize it's a treat to do so, so I get "rewarded" quite a bit. But I try to live a good life so hopefully I deserve a treat.
Karen Hillis 12:56pm September 26, 2010)

My me me me list
buying books and reading
starbucks White Chocolate Mocha (non-fat,no whip of course)
best free reward: having my 3 kitties cuddle up while I read!

Thanks so much for donating to such a wonderful cause :)
Kimberley Coover 12:59pm September 26, 2010)

Our pets are spoiled... they are always showered with treats...
My rewards are books, fav candy and ice cream!
Colleen Conklin 1:30pm September 26, 2010)

I treat myself to books and a few books and then a few more books. Then I curl up on my couch with a cup of tea and read totally ignoring the rest of the world.
Laurie Peterson 1:31pm September 26, 2010)

My good life rewards list has recently been revised: no longer do I buy myself a beautiful book or coveted music, I now do girlie things like mani, pedi or facial. Sometimes all three if I feel I've earned a huge reward.
Barbara Colvin 1:37pm September 26, 2010)

Books, sun (LOTS of sun) and chai tea top my goody list. Followed by lots of dinners with friends. Yep, I would picked the cookies over the bike!
Ramona Richards 1:37pm September 26, 2010)

When I treat myself I have to treat my
kitties too. Sierra is a chicken-a-holic
and Mickey loves anything made of
milk. Curl up with a good book,
chicken nuggets and some ice cream
and we are all set!!
Linda Bolton 1:40pm September 26, 2010)

At the risk of sounding like everyone else, I do treat myself to quite a few books, much easier now that I've found a job, and sometimes it's just a nice long run with my yellow lab.
Katherine Petersen 1:47pm September 26, 2010)

I would definitely choose the
cookies, and books, and you can
bet my little cat would be right
there wondering why I'm not
petting her. She's not much for
people food, but people petting, a
whole other story. Looking forward
to your new book.
Lil Gluckstern 1:49pm September 26, 2010)

I treat myself by reading while my cat naps on my lap.
Areta Nadozirny 2:05pm September 26, 2010)

I'm not as domestic as you. When I finish writing a book, my Goody List is to read a few books - including Liz Carlyle books, of course! The worst part about writing is it leaves less time to read.

I never turn away strays, which is why I have 8 cats in my house and 3 in the barn (and one very tolerant dog.) Thanks for suporting such a wonderful charity!
Starr Ambrose 2:09pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with a good
book. And my kitties are
involved in my life in many ways
- they are attention seekers!
Margay Roberge 2:09pm September 26, 2010)

Chocolate is an all-time reward for myself. After having kids, just giving myself time to read became a reward
Betty Dennis 2:11pm September 26, 2010)

I actually rewarded myself
with a Nordic Track exercise
bike yesterday....and then I
came home and made Heath with
extra toffee bits cookies. =P
But in my defense, my hubby
wanted me to make the cookies,
and I made them with soy flour
and Splenda. LOL
Tera Kleinfelter 2:12pm September 26, 2010)

Stuart fell on your HEAD?! Egads - that would have given me a heart attack! Cleo landed in the lasagna I was assembling! I was finding tomato sauce pawprints in places all over the house for a very long time...
Deborah Fox 2:27pm September 26, 2010)

I don't have a pet, but I reward myself sometimes with a little pampering, a massage or mani/pedi.
Jane Cheung 2:35pm September 26, 2010)

I think I've used that recipe...for lots of cookies. Trust me, parchment paper is your friend. Meanwhile, your tale of feline assisted baking woes had me LOLWTIME. There's a reason my goodie list involves *buying* the some sweet, decadent pastry, not baking it.
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie Ward 2:40pm September 26, 2010)

Chocolate! Any rewards must have chocolate, which, of course, must be kept from pets.

Loved the cover of "One Touch of Scandal"!
S Tieh 2:44pm September 26, 2010)

Buy books and chocolate.
Annetta Stolpmann 2:44pm September 26, 2010)

My rewards are going to the movies, getting a new book, or there's always chocolate.
Lena Lee 2:45pm September 26, 2010)

Chocolate always works for me and I always have some in the pantry. I look for the dessert menu first when going out to eat.
Alyson Widen 2:47pm September 26, 2010)

Books for me! Thanks for doing this - great cause :)
Amber Leigh Williams 2:51pm September 26, 2010)

Wow, first time my comment has been
worth a dollar for kitties!
Unfortunately, I do not have a pet at
present, but I reward myself with
reading, shopping online and going
out to pick apples.

BTW Liz, the more modern substitute
for using parchment paper to line
cookie sheets is a silicon pan liner
such as Silpat. Cookies never stick and
the Silpat is washable and reuseable.

I read about this donation/contest
opportunity on Dakota Cassidy's
Facebook page and got an email from
Fresh Fiction about it.
Mary McCoy 2:59pm September 26, 2010)

I love a nice walk around the lake.
It's always wonderful to wake up to my son's cat Zelda purring and snuggling. A great way to start the day. Right now she's hunting birds in the window.
Jodi Langston 3:01pm September 26, 2010)

At the moment, my goodie list involves books (of course!) and clothes shopping as I've managed to drop 35 pounds in 18 months. (g)
Robin Greene 3:05pm September 26, 2010)

Often reward myself by reading, and often do that outside on my deck, which generally involves the dog or the cats or all three critters hanging out with me. Blissful!
Jesi O'Connell 3:07pm September 26, 2010)

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I love boots! So a new pair of boots is always a great reward.

All of my cats have been rescues, including my late, beloved orange marmie who makes a cameo in all my books.
Zoe Archer 3:14pm September 26, 2010)

My rewards are books and coffee. For the dogs, it's a trip to the dog park instead of just playing with them around the house. We don't have any cats right now, just dogs.
Dea Lea Herrington 3:15pm September 26, 2010)

Oatmeal cookies are my faves!
Linda Smith 3:16pm September 26, 2010)

You crack me up. My lists after a deadline usually involve sleeping, eating something besides candy corn and seeing my friends I've ignored for the last three months. Oh, and watching copious amounts of television and movies.
Candy Havens 3:17pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is reading or time on my computer. Nice that you are giving money to benefit cats.
Brenda Rupp 3:19pm September 26, 2010)

My goodie list includes lazing in bed with a book to read, a mug of tea to sip and cookies to nibble.
G. Bisbjerg 3:22pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is reading--outside if possible--with an iced coffee and Toby my orange kitty lounging nearby.
Katherine Van Leeuwen 3:22pm September 26, 2010)

Reading is my reward as well and spending time with the foster kittens I raise for the local humane society.

pennyt at hotmail com
Penny Tuttle 3:38pm September 26, 2010)

My list includes things like a new bottle of nail polish, tube of lipstick, pens, books. If the weather's nice, I take that book outside and read with my Sheltie while he herds birds.
Donna Cruze 3:39pm September 26, 2010)

We have two feral kittens we have adopted inside and feed 15 others outside daily. It takes 60 cans of cat food and 1 50 lb bag of dry per week.Am I the cat lady??
Kay Quintin 3:53pm September 26, 2010)

I am commenting because my favorite cousin also rescues cats of "Personality". Rewards on my list always seem to begin with creature comforts like snuggling on a comfy couch with a new book and a cup of hot tea--very sweet and creamy!
Dolores Feagin 3:54pm September 26, 2010)

I volenteer at a cat and dag rescue 3 days a week and I love it! That take great care of the critters and find good homes for them.
Vickie Hightower 3:54pm September 26, 2010)

OK, I'll admit I read the title of this blog as "Can I Borrow Your Crisis?" in the FF box at the bottom of the page it was on. Then I couldn't figure out what baking and Stuart had to do with crises, or the borrowing of them thereof. Finally, I read the blog. Ah! Enlightenment is a wonderful thing!!

So for me, my reward list includes books (either reading new ones, or acquiring new ones), chocolate, baking for friends (and yes, I DO love parchment paper - I buy it multiple boxes at a time!), and pedicures. The last is for those super-special rewards, of course.

I am currently not cat-owned (not necessarily by choice, my lease doesn't allow them), but as soon as I'm somewhere I can have them, I will get two rescue darlings and be utterly content. As long as I have my books, chocolate, parchment paper, pedicures, etc., etc., etc.....


Lynn Rettig 4:02pm September 26, 2010)

Hahaha, Liz...enjoyed your funny post! :) As for me, I don't consider baking a reward. I don't actually have a reward list but I am addicted to chocolate...does that count? And no, my cats don't get to share that. Nobody touches my chocolate! ;)
Sara Denluck 4:07pm September 26, 2010)

Reading rewards are the only way I get my housework done. After each chore I read a little!
Bridget Werbin 4:07pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself by reading a good book and having chocolate!
Faith V. Smith 4:12pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with books and reading. Or once in a blue moon a pedicure (yeah don't be looking at my feet right now.. I am due to reward myself)

I do curl up on the coach and read with my bischon in my lap.
Mindy Holt 4:19pm September 26, 2010)

A Krispy Kreme doughnut...200 calories, with no guilt!
Tracy Shinall 4:22pm September 26, 2010)

Being a lousy self-task
master, I don't wait to reward
myself; doing what I want when
I want is a reward (and it
doesn't include baking-LOL
funny, Liz). But I get to
reward myself daily by the
entertainment my two young
sibling cats provide-fun,
funny, and cuddly. Cats, what
would we do without them?
Joyce McLaughlin 4:27pm September 26, 2010)

Hi Liz...I made cookies today too...Chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies. Most of mine are heading out to be with my son at college..
My rewards are readingtime and facebook! gotta have the goodstuff! :-D
Hollie Rieth 4:27pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with a book.
Jill Merriott 4:28pm September 26, 2010)

That is so Purr-fect of Avon to make a donation!
I can appreciate your lemma (slightly less critical than a dilemma) as to what to do! It is up to you but remember a cookie in each hand is a balanced diet!

All teh best with your new book and Avon's kindness!
Audrey Lawrence 4:39pm September 26, 2010)

I reward myself with a bubble bath and a good book. My favorite time of the day..
Danielle Pontow 4:41pm September 26, 2010)

Between a bike and cookies there's no choice at all :D
And my reward is a long walk with my dog...
Maggie C. 4:42pm September 26, 2010)

I love pets even more so cats and kittens so here's my comment.
Diane Sadler 4:44pm September 26, 2010)

I treat myself with a good book (usually a cozy mystery with pets involved) and curling up in my big chair with one or more of my pets to read it.
Sue Farrell 5:05pm September 26, 2010)

This one's for the purr-boxes!
Gin Price 5:18pm September 26, 2010)

I give myself a couple hours with the book I'm reading at the time, Twizzler's black licorice sticks, and my cat Molly on my lap. My kitty I got from the Humane Society when no one else wanted her because she was so skinny and tiny, 8mths they figured, she fit in the palm of my hand. I had to have her because she wasn't evenly and prettily striped like the other cats. My baby was all green eyes and ears with half her nose orange to her forehead and the other half black. As she grew into her face more I think she's beautiful. She is now 7 1/2 lbs and 4 yrs almost 2 months old. I am single and have had no children, but Molly is my baby and she keeps me warm and I love her to pieces--yes! she is spoiled.
Laurie Murray 5:35pm September 26, 2010)

I like playing the hidden puzzle games on Big Fish. Thanks for supporting our feline friends!
Heidi Berthiaume 5:36pm September 26, 2010)

i love reading curled up with my 2 cats. Thanks for supporting such a good cause.
Kathleen Howard 5:39pm September 26, 2010)

I don't treatmyself often but I'm trying
to do better.
Vikki Parman 5:39pm September 26, 2010)

Oh, and by the way - if peach cobbler and apple pie count as fruit, than vanilla ice cream is an herb!!


Lynn Rettig 5:52pm September 26, 2010)

me i get a teddy bear and then i get king his goodie for hime all the time
Desiree Reilly 5:54pm September 26, 2010)

I love to treat myself with baking (especially zucchini bread or chocolate chip cookies) and then reading and eating after the baked product is done. And Merlin is always underfoot, though he doesn't like baked goods as much as shrimp or fish or poultry.
Jessica C. Williams 5:59pm September 26, 2010)

Me reward...books!!! Pet reward...I get down on the floor with them to play!
Denise Elrod 6:05pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is time. Time for myself to indulge.
Mary Preston 6:21pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is buying new make-up and catching up on my must read list. I reward my cats with toys and treats.
Cheryl Lynne 6:35pm September 26, 2010)

I love to curl up in bed with a Quilt,a good book,and a hot chocolate.Wonderful!
Linda Hall 6:36pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is usually food-oriented, since I'm a food junkie. Get myself some pizza or some other junk-food treat. Not exactly the healthiest motivator! Another option is a pedicure. :)
V5 Wp0 6:40pm September 26, 2010)

If we're talking cookie rewards, I've gotta go with frosted sugar. Oatmeal is too healthy to be considered a treat--come to think of it the sugar cookie is just a delivery system for the frosting, so my ultimate reward it FROSTING for me and fresh crushed catnip leaves for my tabby Halley. She approves of the donation idea by the way
Mindy Ewing 6:58pm September 26, 2010)

Everyone should reward themselves at least a little every day - I love books, dark chocolate, asiago cheese, Pear Port from Hortons Vineyard in Virgainia, and I also love a Talbot's sale!
Diane Sallans 7:42pm September 26, 2010)

Books. To be a real reward, it must
be books!
Kelly Barnes 7:43pm September 26, 2010)

I am a sucker for ICEEs! I try not to spoil myself though, so when I do something good I'll get one. Only then :) I'm good often! HAHA
Becky Pena 7:54pm September 26, 2010)

I hate exercise bikes, so the baking would win out. However, I would bake the TollHouse refrigerator cookies. I never have enough time to make from scratch unless I plan ahead. My cats won't supervisor (they only do that when I am writing), but the dogs will.
Loa Ledbetter 8:07pm September 26, 2010)

My reward is being able to kick back with a good book.
My knees are allergic to exercise bikes!
Faye McMichael 8:37pm September 26, 2010)

Ditto on thinking about cookies now. I reward myself with books, manicure, and general shopping. I treat my dogs with Frosty Paws & Nylabones.
Summer Sharp 8:50pm September 26, 2010)

My hubby and I are on vacation and we are worrying about our animals at home, even though they are in the best care with my daughter. She just emailed me a pic of the cat so my hubby would feel better about it.
Patti Shenberger 8:54pm September 26, 2010)

My cats get a nice long pampered
brushing. I read and/or buy a
book or two.
Cathie Veres 9:11pm September 26, 2010)

My crew [2 dogs,5 cats]are involved in everything every day.. so a reward for me is a book.. just me time. Ususally late at night, so they just sigh and go on to bed :)
Thank you so much for having this as a fund raiser for rescue.. added your book to the wishlist.
Rescues Rock!!
Jo Ann Jansing 9:16pm September 26, 2010)

How do I reward myself, I have a pajama day!!! My pets love it, because it means I'm staying home lounging around reading. It doesn't get much better than that, unless my husband all of a sudden was able to cook.
Sharon Knight 9:16pm September 26, 2010)

I reward my self by buying a book or 5 depending on the budget. my cat enjoys the sunshine and a little bird action outside.
Ghada Daoud 10:19pm September 26, 2010)

Goodie List? Hmm.... Mine would have to include splurging at Borders and going to Souplantation for lunch. Stuart sounds like on smart kitty!!
Jenn Reveles 10:22pm September 26, 2010)

Oh! And all of our cats/dogs have been indirect shelter pets. Either they came to us BEFORE they went to a shelter or they just adopted us out of nowhere! (mostly the cats have done that)
"- )
Jenn Reveles 10:24pm September 26, 2010)

Chocolate and a pepsi, or Cold Stone Ice Cream....mmm. I'm so happy to help w/a kitty rescue. I got my Acheron from a rescue place, he's my best buddy!
Lisa Fenton 10:36pm September 26, 2010)

Cat rescue and adoption is a great thing!
Alan Ewing 11:15pm September 26, 2010)

What a great charity!
Donna Simmonds 11:25pm September 26, 2010)

My Goodie List is a lot shorter than my
To Do List. I think anything is shorter
than my To Do List. My first treat
would be to just goof off for the day,
hop in the car with my DH and take a
drive in the country somewhere we
haven't been before.
Another treat would be to go tho the
book store. I should really just browse
though since a major part of my To Do
List is sorting through all the books in
my house. (I'm finding books I never
even heard of let alone remember

Great cause to support. We have two
rescue cats.
Patricia Barraclough 11:58pm September 26, 2010)

On my goodie list, I always make sure that I have a day put aside for "me!!" I'll either catch up with friends by phone, or do some knitting which relaxes me, or just take a nice nap in the afternoon without distractions. As for my cat, Bailey, he always has his goodie list. I try to give him a slice of cheese or an extra pouch of his favorite food when my husband isn't watching. We must spoil our babies, you know!!
Peggy Roberson 12:02pm September 27, 2010)

I have an excercise bike whose primary purpose right now is as a clothes hanger. My goodie list consists of buying a new book and having a big plate of extra salty fries. Fresh pears and dried mangoes top my critters' goodie lists and they get those more often than I get my fries.
Jennifer Frost 12:53pm September 27, 2010)

My goodie list consists mostly of new books, LUSH bath bombs, new shoes & time spent doing nothing. My cats however prefer Purina soft chew treats, fuzzy/fluffy mice toys and a window to sleep in front of. :D
Shirley Taylor 2:22am September 27, 2010)

My cat'Jinx' would shred me if I tried to put her in a kitty harness - she broke the lampshade the vet puts on them when they have stitches and has managed to 'lose' 5 collars with magnets.
My treat is cakes all round!
Barbara Hanson 9:56am September 27, 2010)

Everyone here is truly a Cat Angel. Thank you all for coming out fur a good cause. Your friedns at Avon - and all our beloved rescue pets -- thank you!
Pam Jaffee 1:03pm September 27, 2010)

My favorite site (other than Fresh Fiction) is the Cheezburger page. I'm allergic to cats, but I love them anyhow. I make do with feeding the neighborhood kitties.
Frances May 4:47pm September 27, 2010)

Time spent stroking, grooming or
snuggling with one of my kitties is a
favorite reward!
Kandy Shepherd 5:47pm September 27, 2010)

What a great way to promote a book and benefit a great cause!
Keith Tuggle 5:57pm September 27, 2010)

Cat Rescue is a wonderful thing and so is rewarding yourself with cookies. My fave is anything with chocolate
Lori Reeder 6:20pm September 27, 2010)

Chocolate and a good book snuggled up under a blanket with a kitteh or goggie beside me.
Lynn Recktenwald 6:47pm September 27, 2010)

Sitting in my house enjoying no one around to annoy me
Coy Wayman 7:09pm September 27, 2010)

My Goodie is buying a book -- which at this rate will get me featured on "Hoarders--Buried Alive" one of these days!
Anne Fescharek 8:07pm September 27, 2010)

Not a romance reader but Mindy asked me to comment to help!
Nick Baustert 10:06pm September 27, 2010)

My Goodie is enjoying a great cup of
coffee and reading.
Mary Lynn Kramer 10:07pm September 27, 2010)

Our cats lower my blood pressure after a day full of conference calls.
Nadir Zein 10:09pm September 27, 2010)

Happy to comment for a good cause.
Sarah Zein 10:11pm September 27, 2010)

I love our cats. Thank you for donating
Meiho Zein 10:13pm September 27, 2010)

There should be more cat shelters. This is very good
Hala Zein 10:15pm September 27, 2010)

I really liked this author's older books and am looking forward to this one. The donation is a great idea!
Karen Czor 10:18pm September 27, 2010)

I wouldn't have had my wonderful Maine Coon cat, Ghenro, without my local cat rescue
Christine Bertz 10:22pm September 27, 2010)

Ms. Carlyle writes wonderful historicals and nice to know she supports wonderful causes
Becky E 10:26pm September 27, 2010)

Baking is its own reward. Too bad your cookies didn't turn out
Denise French 10:29pm September 27, 2010)

My granddaughter loves cats and I love to bake bread. Getting to do that with my granddaughter is my reward
Wilma Gilbert 10:34pm September 27, 2010)

Knitting and reading
Cheryl G 10:37pm September 27, 2010)

A brave woman to attempt a pedicure on a kitty. I have to tranq my persian to give him a trim.
Chris Miller 10:40pm September 27, 2010)

Love this author
Emily Gillum 10:41pm September 27, 2010)

Animal shelters are the best places to get pets
Lisa S. 10:46pm September 27, 2010)

Used to reward myself with cupcakes but books add fewer pounds to my hips
Eve Osborne 10:47pm September 27, 2010)

We have have 4 cats and they were all rescues. Thanks so much for getting the word out to so many people
Cindy Osman 10:50pm September 27, 2010)

I play the piano and read books from wonderful authors like this one
Liz Brown 10:52pm September 27, 2010)

I take my kayak out for a trip with my dog. The cats stay home since they don't like water so much
Martha Q. 10:53pm September 27, 2010)

Such a good thing your doing with this blog
S Rowe 10:55pm September 27, 2010)

Take a long drive with no kids, cellphones or pets.
D Whalen 10:58pm September 27, 2010)

Not a romance reader but want to support the cause and Fresh Fiction
Ed Pichon 11:00pm September 27, 2010)

This is fantastic - I commented @ the Season Blog [yesterday?] and am now making the rounds.
Kudos to Avon, and the various blogs for hosting this! Hopefully the overall total of 3K across the board is met!
Elle C 11:38pm September 27, 2010)

You do realize that an exercise bike takes up LOTS of space while oatmeal cookies are not only healthy, but bio-degradable (sp?)
Karin Tillotson 10:13am September 28, 2010)

Awesome thing to do for the kitties!! Great story, lol.
Melissa Bradley 10:32am September 28, 2010)

Since God has a sense of humor he decided when I was 18 that I should be a Type I diabetic. Oh by the way my favorite thing to do (after reading romance novels) is to bake! To this day my husband sons and gransons think this is amusing and have no problem eating all the cookies, pies, cheesecake, etc. I bake for them. Did I mention that if there is a family get together I get voted to do all the baking?

Charlie is the only one who doesn't find it amusing because he knows I'll be cranky and won't have a lot of time to pet and play with him. He has been known to get back at my family for me by snaging stockings of those mean aunties and sister-in-laws who think it's amusing to have me do all the baking. Don't worry he doesn't leave out the men and has been known to jump up on their laps and eat have of their pumpkin pie!

Revenge - your name is Charlie!
Jeanne Miro 11:28am September 28, 2010)

I always reward myself with books or

Thanks for doing this, Liz and Avon!
Larissa Ione 11:34am September 28, 2010)

This is an amazing idea thank you liz and avon i have 8 cat all abandoned and abused rescues so this warms my heart thanks for the smile
April Strength 8:15am September 29, 2010)

It depends on the season... maybe a trip to the Garden Center at Lowe's for some new plants or a trip to the bookstore for a new release! Oh, and a stop by Sonic for a Route 44 diet coke!
Marguerite Guinn 12:20pm September 29, 2010)

a great cause
Peggy Quidor 3:27pm September 29, 2010)

Support the cats!
Evangeline Holland 10:36pm October 1, 2010)

Commenting again in support of the charity.
Evangeline Holland 10:16pm October 2, 2010)

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