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My Unfair Lady by Kathryne Kennedy


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My Unfair Lady
Kathryne Kennedy

Sourcebooks Casablanca
December 2009
On Sale: December 1, 2009
384 pages
ISBN: 1402229909
EAN: 9781402229909
Mass Market Paperback
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Romance Historical

A wild west heiress, Summer Wine Lee knows that she's not an acceptable bride for her fiance's knickerbocker family. She grew up in an Arizona mining town, cares more for critters than people, carries a knife under her skirts, and, worst of all, she has a highly improper secret from her past. But she also has high hopes that a real English Duke can teach her how to be a lady...

Were it not for his father's gambling debts, the Duke of Monchester would never have stooped to civilize Summer. But the more time he spends with her, and the more social scrapes he has to rescue her from, the more he finds it impossible to change her into a proper lady. How could he, when he's falling in love with her just the way she is?


67 comments posted.

Re: My Unfair Lady

Love the letter. The books sounds like a wonderfully funny story, and I am looking forward to its release.
(Armenia Fox 10:32am October 26, 2009)

I love it! Sounds so good and funny I can't wait to read it, thanks for being here today Kathryne I've enjoyed reading about your new book and congratulations!
Penney Wilfort 10:38am October 26, 2009)

beautiful letter, since I came home from seeing my Dad after 6 months away,it was great
Diane Sadler 10:45am October 26, 2009)

Hi Armenia! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It is a fun story, which I hope brightens your day!
Kathryne Kennedy 12:10pm October 26, 2009)

It's a great pleasure to be here, Penney! Thank you for the kind words.
Kathryne Kennedy 12:11pm October 26, 2009)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Diane. Welcome home. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 12:12pm October 26, 2009)

This sounds like a fun book!
Kelli Jo Calvert 12:14pm October 26, 2009)

Thanks, Kelli Jo!
Kathryne Kennedy 12:43pm October 26, 2009)

This book sounds very up-lifting. I love books like that.
Patsy Hagen 1:13pm October 26, 2009)

I loved the letter. This sounds like a fun book!
Brenda Rupp 1:14pm October 26, 2009)

Great to hear, Patsy. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 1:21pm October 26, 2009)

I was hoping that readers would enjoy the letter, Brenda. Thx so much for letting me know!
Kathryne Kennedy 1:22pm October 26, 2009)

I love the letter also. I can't wait to read the book.
Theresa Buckholtz 2:12pm October 26, 2009)

Thank you so very much, Theresa! I hope you enjoy reading it.
Kathryne Kennedy 2:52pm October 26, 2009)

LOL! This sounds great! I can't wait to read more about Summer and "His Grace" It sounds like a "can't put it down" book! I will be marking my calendar for the release!
Stefanie Finn 3:59pm October 26, 2009)

Wow! Thanks so much Stefanie...and I do hope you have a hard time putting it down. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 4:13pm October 26, 2009)

Thank you for the teaser, Kathryne Kennedy. Can't wait till your novel comes out. Just the musical that inspired it, this romantic comedy sounds "loverly"!
Mary Anne Landers 5:25pm October 26, 2009)

I love 'loverly', Mary Anne. Thanks so much for commenting.
Kathryne Kennedy 5:43pm October 26, 2009)

What a fun way to introduce Summer Wine Lee. This book should be a fun read. I can't wait for it to come out in December. Definitely a must read.
Rosemary Krejsa 9:50pm October 26, 2009)

I'm glad you enjoyed the letter, Rosemary. Thank you for the kind words. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 10:14pm October 26, 2009)

What a lovely letter! Any Papa would love to receive it!
Lisa Glidewell 10:30pm October 26, 2009)

Beautiful letter! Thanks for sharing!
Sue Ahn 11:47pm October 26, 2009)

Summer is that kind of gal, Lisa. Thx for visiting!
Kathryne Kennedy 11:57pm October 26, 2009)

Whoops! I missed ya, Sue. Thix so much for reading. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 11:58pm October 26, 2009)

Nice letter. Will be looking for your
books. Love finding new authors.
Patricia Barraclough 1:59am October 27, 2009)

Kathryne, What a great letter. I've read your story, and it's wonderful. I hightly recommend it!!
Donna MacQuigg 12:48pm October 27, 2009)

I love the idea and the letter. Her love and devotion for her Papa and home is evident in her letter. Thanks for sharing with us. :)
Carol Luciano 8:04am October 28, 2009)

What a kind, sweet letter. I absolutely love the name Summer! So beautiful!
Rebecca Niehaus 1:46pm October 28, 2009)

Kathryne, I love how you get your story ideas! I am an aspiring writer and I got a story idea from a post card my great grandfather sent! What fun! congrats on your release!
Jane Lange 3:12pm December 2, 2009)

I'm not a writer, just an enjoyer (did I coin a new word there?) of "stories". I too, love to observe people, old young, & everyone in between. Sometimes you can imagine what they are like from their facial expressions & sometimes their actions speak louder than words! Will look for your sounds like a good read.
Jill Merriott 12:49pm December 4, 2009)

OOps! My daughter's name keeps coming up instead of mine! Jean Merriott
Jill Merriott 12:51pm December 4, 2009)

I am just an avid reader and I loved your interview. I can't wait to pick up My Unfair Lady.
Gayle Oreluk 1:37am December 4, 2009)

as a reader it's awesome learning how authors get their ideas. while i'm reading i get totally involved in a story and i don't think about anything else but the characters and such, but afterward I'd be like "wow where did she/he get that?"
Michelle Santiago 1:42am December 4, 2009)

Kathryne: Thank you for your post.

I think writers should use as their inspiration any method that works for them. What works for one writer might not work for another.

That's why I'm very leery of so-called authorities who tell writers what to write and what not to write. I'm grateful that instead of taking that approach, you offer several suggestions.

In my case, I'm already using some of them. I would use the rest if I could.

For example, your suggestion to interact with other writers isn't feasible for many of us, including me. All the writers I know are busy with their own work. And how can I blame them? They simply can't spare the time to work with unpublished writers.

Even other unpublished writers aren't of much help. I've been trying for months to find a critique partner. It's just not going to happen.

It seems that only after a writer has published a book, and it performs well in the marketplace, can she get help from other writers. And by then, she doesn't need it, at least not as much as she did when she was unpublished. Sort of a Catch-22 situation.

In short, if a unpublished writer wants to get published, she must do it on her own. However, that's not stopping me, or even frightening me.

Keep up the good work!
Mary Anne Landers 2:03am December 4, 2009)

Your book sound great.I wish I could wright but as it is my spelling is so bad some days that the spell checker does even know what I'm trying to spell.and that is just one of my problems.But I love reading i'm glad i have know problem reading like i do spelling.I just love books sence I was a little girl.
Stacey Smith 2:34am December 4, 2009)

Great post, Kathryne, can't wait to read this newest of yours.

Inspirations can come from so many things, sometimes I think the author has an unconscious idea from a number of things she's seen or read, and then that one finally sparks the idea.
Pamela Pellini 5:37am December 4, 2009)

Loved the blog post. It had lots of good
ideas and information about writing.
Jo Jones 8:02am December 4, 2009)

I think one of my favorite steps
is number 5 - research. I love
to research! Perhaps too much...
Margay Roberge 8:32am December 4, 2009)

Thanks for the interesting post. "My Unfair Lady" sounds great.
G S Moch 8:44am December 4, 2009)

Mary Anne, I hope you come back to read this post, I am curious what you write? Do you attend the rt convention? I have found several very willing published authors to help out aspiring writers there! Also two mentors , who have been above and beyond accomadating, I also had never been able to find a critique partner and found three there! I was having a horrible time finding critique partners! I write historicals but both my partners write paranormal and contemporary. Also RWA has several on line chapters that have tons of help!
Jane Lange 9:40am December 4, 2009)

I like that your steps focus on positive thoughts and actions and your book looks like a good one.
Maureen Emmons 10:25am December 4, 2009)

That's alot of steps! I would spend half my day trying to figure out what step I'm on lol
Willard Wheeler 10:58am December 4, 2009)

Jane: What a great way to get a story idea! Thanks for sharing. :}

Jill: Great new word. An 'enjoyer' of books, it is!

Gayle: Thank you for the lovely comment. I adore readers, myself. :}

Michelle: So glad you found my post interesting.

Mary Anne: Are you a member of Romance Writers of America? If not, I strongly urge you to join, including a local chapter. My group has a chairperson specifically to match up critique partners in our group. There are also on-line critque groups, where you post your work, and the members critique it. I wrote my first book without even knowing about RWA, so it's certainly possible, but, life is so much easier/more fullfilling now that I can share with other writers. I wish you the very best with your career!

Stacey: Again, I adore readers. :} Thank you for the kind post.

Pamela: I absolutely agree! Thx so much for your interest in my books.

Thanks, Jo!

Margay: Err, yes. I have to be careful with the time I spend in hunting for treasure sometimes!

Thanks, GS!

Ah, Jane, we have the same advice, I see. :}

Thank you for the kind comment, Maureen.
Kathryne Kennedy 11:11am December 4, 2009)

Woops. I must have missed you, Willard. No worries, as these are only suggestions, and what I do. You can use one or all, or add your own. I don't think there's any right or wrong way to create something, it's all within the writer's own vision. Thanks much for the comment!
Kathryne Kennedy 11:15am December 4, 2009)

Kathryne...I commented the other day about how much I like independent heroine so I'm back today for my chance at winning a copy of My Unfair Lady. The more I read the excerpt, the more it appeals to me. Thanks for the contest.

nbristow at
Nancy Bristow 11:20am December 4, 2009)

Loved the blog interview, can't wait to reat my unfair lady.
Barbara Hanson 11:55am December 4, 2009)

Wow thanks for sharing this with us.
I'm a novice writer, I write mainly for
myself bit it's great to get such
constructive advice from a pro. I'm
taking notes in my journal so that the
next block I hit, your advice might
just help me break through.
Catherine Russell 12:55pm December 4, 2009)

I too am not a writer, but I love how authors get their ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)
Colleen Conklin 1:05pm December 4, 2009)

Very interesting blog, helpful ideas. Thanks
Theresa Buckholtz 1:30pm December 4, 2009)

Thanks for the great interview. Unfair lady sounds like a great book.
Rebekah Elrod 1:44pm December 4, 2009)

Thanks for sharing what inspires you to write. It is amazing what would inspire me when I used to write poetry. I got to the point that I started bringing a small notebook everywhere I would go just in case I would get sudden inspiration.
Cherie Japp 5:23pm December 4, 2009)

Nancy: Very cool! I wish you luck!

Barbara: Thx much!

Catherine: So great to hear that I could be helpful. Best wishes with your writing!

Colleen: My pleasure!

Theresa: Thx for commenting. :}

Rebekah: Thank you for the lovely comment.

Cherie: I keep several notebooks scattered around the house, so I know exactly what you mean. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 5:28pm December 4, 2009)

If I think about something else, usually a good thought appears that works when I write it down.
Marjorie Carmony 5:47pm December 4, 2009)

Good idea, Marjorie! Sometimes it helps to rest the muse.
Kathryne Kennedy 6:03pm December 4, 2009)

Kathryne Kennedy and Jane Lange: Thank you for your advice. No, I don't belong to the RWA; but based on what you wrote, I'm considering joining.

In response to Jane's question, I already have quite a few short works published in various fields of fiction and nonfiction. But all that really counts is getting a novel published. I'm writing a futuristic romance novel, and have projects planned in other genres.

Once I write "The End", my priority will be finding an agent. Few publishers are interested in unagented submissions from unpublished writers. Except for that big company that just started a vanity press. And I have no intention of taking that route!
Mary Anne Landers 7:49pm December 4, 2009)

This looks like my kind of read. Thanks for the contest.
Sherry Russell 8:01pm December 4, 2009)

Mary Anne: I think you'll find a lot of good friends in RWA.

Sherry: My most amazing pusblisher sponsored the contest, so I'll pass on your thanks. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 8:45pm December 4, 2009)

Thanks for the tips on writing. I always seemed to have a problem in having a mental block since I get intimidated in writing.
Kai Wong 9:38pm December 4, 2009)

I think that might happen to every writer, Kai. Even multi-published ones. :}
Kathryne Kennedy 10:07pm December 4, 2009)

Kathryne, I've read all 3 of your "Enchanting" books and they were really good reads. I was wondering when you were going to come out with another one in the same line as those? Look forward to reading My Unfair Lady as well. Keep the romantic, "enchanting" and amusing stories coming!
Linda Paradis 11:14pm December 4, 2009)

I love Kathryne's Books - keep up the great writing
Audra Holtwick 10:15am December 5, 2009)

Linda: I've started a new Georgian Fantasy romance series titled THE ELVEN LORDS. The first book, THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER is releasing July 2010 (already on pre-order on Amazon). You can read the history of the world on my website. This series is a bit more dangerous than the RELICS series...just the way my muse was going. :} Thanks so much for your interest in my books!
Debra & Audra: Wow! You ladies rock! Thanks so some for your very kind comments.
Kathryne Kennedy 12:09pm December 5, 2009)

Thanks so much for sharing these tips with us. I love to get new ways of doing things.
Leni Kaye 5:51pm December 5, 2009)

I love the title! Great post, I can see ways
to apply your suggestions to other areas
outside of writing.
Sue Ahn 2:13pm December 6, 2009)

I enjoyed your post. Sometimes for me its going to the movies and the trailers before the movie, besides being so over-whelming, is filled with visual enticements.
Armenia Fox 2:40pm December 6, 2009)

That's an awesome list of how you get your ideas! Very cool and creative!

Monica Schroeder 7:11am December 7, 2009)

I was one of the winners! Thank you so much! I look forward to reading your book!
Happy Holidays!
Jane Lange 2:28pm December 7, 2009)

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