May 25th, 2024
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Everlasting Enchantment by Kathryne Kennedy


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Everlasting Enchantment
Kathryne Kennedy

Magic is Forever

Relics of Merlin #4
Sourcebooks Casablanca
December 2013
On Sale: December 3, 2013
Featuring: Sir Gareth Solimere; Millicent Pantere
384 pages
ISBN: 1402269919
EAN: 9781402269912
Kindle: B00ENQEM92
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Paranormal | Romance Historical

Power Magic is Afoot ...

Millicent Pantere has lived her entire life in the notorious London Underground. She cares nothing for the problems of the crown or the intrigues of society. But the ladies of the realm are acting strangely, and Millicent is coerced into tracking down the rumors of a mysterious man—a magic man who comes in the night and disappears at dawn.

And So the Hunt Begins...

Millicent's search leads her to one of Merlin's legendary relics and the seductive knight whose fate is bound up with it. Centuries ago, Sir Gareth Solimere made the mistake of seducing the wrong woman, and he has been trapped ever since by a diabolical curse. He's looking for the one who can break the enchantment—but in this world, there is no love without betrayal...

Relics of Merlin


43 comments posted.

Re: Everlasting Enchantment

Wow, Congrats on your new book: EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT. I
love the book cover too! The type of shapeshifter I would go
for would probably be werewolf type person or a spotted
leopard would be cool too. We have 4 little dogs;
Chihuahua/Dachsunds; Chawinnies and they are a lot of fun. I
would love to win and read your new book this Christmas.
Happy Holidays and Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 12:31pm December 6, 2013)

I am not sure I think my hubby might be more like the cartoon goofy but to choose a shapeshifter type I think I would go for a cheetah type!
Darci Paice 1:22am December 6, 2013)

I would like a werewolf type Shape shifter as they are
faithful for life to their life mate. If, they are gorgeous
to boot, I would most definitely, be a VERY HAPPY CAMPER.!!!!!
Funny thing, I don't like camping.
Wilma Salas 3:52am December 6, 2013)

I think that I could fall in love with a shape shifter unicorn. I love to ride horses and the unicorn is just so magical. Your new book sounds great by the way. Congratulations!
Kathleen Yohanna 4:48am December 6, 2013)

I think I'd go for a wolf.
Sandy Giden 6:22am December 6, 2013)

i would go for a wolf also
Denise Smith 8:42am December 6, 2013)

Love the cover...yes, I'd go for the wolf!!! Can' wait to read this book!!!!
Bonnie Capuano 8:45am December 6, 2013)

My Husband loves wolves, so that would be what he would probably pick. I would probably pick something more like Merlin, because there have been days where things have been a bit rough for us, and he's managed to come through somehow - almost like pulling something magical out of his hat!! It's like he's a magician!! He also does other things on a daily basis, which remind me of Merlin, so I would have to make him a cross between the two, if it could be possible. Your book sounds interesting, and I love reading about England, so that's an added plus. Congratulations on your book, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and thank you for the great posting!!
Peggy Roberson 9:30am December 6, 2013)

I think a phoenix. They have a fiery personality and many
second chances.
Karin Anderson 10:23am December 6, 2013)

I would love a were bear - big, cuddly, strong and protective.
Barbara Hanson 10:34am December 6, 2013)

It definitely would have to be anything in the cat family :)
Really looking forward to your newest!!
Jeanne Sheats 11:57am December 6, 2013)

I would have to say Wolf as I know that is what my husband
would be if he was a shifter... Also Wolves mate for life and
I am blessed to have my soul mate and best friend as my
Jeannie Platt 12:15pm December 6, 2013)

Love love love shifters! The kinda of shifter I would love would be either a wolf or a dragon. Thanks for sharing!
Colleen Conklin 12:40pm December 6, 2013)

LOVE your work!
my first choice would be wolf
but if actively pursued i COULD change my mind :)
Pamela Faye Howell 1:42pm December 6, 2013)

Hmm....I believe I would be a wolf, If I had to choose what type of shifter I would be....
C Culp 2:07pm December 6, 2013)

I would love to be a shifter...big cat (but also able to shift into a house cat) ...
Kimberley Coover 3:07pm December 6, 2013)

I would pick a wolf since they are protective.
Maureen Emmons 3:31pm December 6, 2013)

I think a panther is a beautiful animal! I think I could be attracted to a sleek, black panther shape shifter!
Sandy Fielder 4:32pm December 6, 2013)

I think it'd be a wolf. Congratulations on the new book. :)
Leslie Davis 4:32pm December 6, 2013)

I think I, too, would have to go for the wolf. But, I do love Kimberly Cooper's suggestion!
Vennie Martinisi 5:17pm December 6, 2013)

I don't know what kind of were animal he would be but I'm guessing he would be a morning person who couldn't sit still and liked going camping. All of those are the exact opposite of me.
Laura Gullickson 5:30pm December 6, 2013)

I would be a wolf for sure. I love shapeshifter stories. I've always thought they were unique!!
Linda Luinstra 5:55pm December 6, 2013)

your books are great
Janet Gould 6:31pm December 6, 2013)

I would like to be a dragon. That would be awesome.
Wanda Craighead 6:42pm December 6, 2013)

I'll take the wolf. The cover is very nice!
Barbara Wells 6:46pm December 6, 2013)

I'm always calling my husband Tony the Tiger, but he doesn't much look like
one. :)
MaryAnne Banks 7:12pm December 6, 2013)

I would pick a dragon shifter. I love your books and this book cover looks awesome.
Lena Lee 8:06pm December 6, 2013)

my husband would be a bear. He is already alot like
Debby Creager 8:49pm December 6, 2013)

sorcery and seduction are a perfect combo for me and then she is also a shapeshifter. A panther no less. So sleek and beautiful. Want to win this book so I can jump into the read. Hope to WIN this book so badly. Thanks for the giveaway. Keep on with these unique reads. :}
Shirley Sego 9:03pm December 6, 2013)

I would pick a wolf. Your book sounds great. Thanks for a chance to win.
Linda Hall 9:14pm December 6, 2013)

i have never read your books but it sounds like a great series. i would fall for a wolf or a bear. love the cover!!!!
Jennifer Beck 9:19pm December 6, 2013)

I'd want to be a black panther.
Janie McGaugh 9:56pm December 6, 2013)

I love to be a snow leopard.
Kai Wong 12:13pm December 7, 2013)

Definitely wolf.
Angela Daffern 12:47pm December 7, 2013)

I'd like to think I'd fall for a were-lynx ~ they are just so beautiful and awesome,
but my husband is more of a were-fox. He's small, agile and very wily. He's a
plotter and all is not as it seems. He is a looker though hence the fox with it's
gorgeous pelt.
Lenna Hendershott 1:17am December 7, 2013)

I'm partial to wolves and dragons.
Mary C 1:37am December 7, 2013)

It would have to be a hawk. They soar high, have a keen eye and seldom miss their prey. Makes my mind wander about the kind of person that would make. Congrats on your book.
Rosemary Simm 2:22pm December 7, 2013)

I'd like to be a black panther or a dragon shape-shifter. Both are awesome. I like your book cover and your book title. Would love to read this book!
Rich Cook 5:09pm December 7, 2013)

Hi Cecilia! I have a Chi/Dachshund mix as well. Her name is Pikachu and she’s adorable! Happy Holidays to you too, and thank you for the kind wishes.

Hi Darci! LOL on the cartoon goofy…great to hear from you!

Hi Wilma! Lol on the camping too! Love the loyal for life, too bad ALL male humans aren’t that way. :}

Hi Kathleen! I never thought of a unicorn, although one of the books in my Relics series does have a shape-shifting stallion. ;}

Hi Sandy! A wolf is good.

Hi Denise! Ditto.

Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much!

Hi Peggy! With magic, anything is possible. And it sounds like you’ve married a magical man. Happy Holidays to you as well, and thank you much for all the kind comments!

Hi Karin! I love the phoenix! And you will love this book as well, if that is the case (hint to a character just for you). Thank you for commenting!

Hi Barbara! That’s my man…a big cuddly (well, you know what I mean) bear!

Hi Jeanne! So wonderful to see you here! I love recognizing one of my most loyal reader’s names. Cheers!

Hi Jeannie! You’re a very lucky woman, what a lovely comment.

Hi Colleen! Great suggestions…and my pleasure!

Hi Pamela! Awesome comment! And so glad you love my work!

Hi Carletta! Great choice!

Hi Kimberley! Both would be cool…I’d have to work on how those magical rules work, though.

Hi L! Great!

Hi Maureen! Protective is a wonderful virtue.

Hi Sandy! That’s the reason I had to make my heroine a panther.

Hi Leslie! Thanks much for the congrats!

Hi Vennie! The wolf seems to be quite popular. One of my Relics books does have a wolf shape-shifting hero! I have to say I had a great time writing about him.

Hi Laura! Hmm, don’t know what kind of animal those traits would make him. Maybe someone else has an idea.

Hi Linda! So glad to hear from another fan of the genre!

Hi Janet! Thank you so much for the kind compliment. Glad to meet you!

Hi Wanda! I agree, although I think flying on the back of a dragon would
Kathryne Kennedy 6:19pm December 7, 2013)

be great too. :}

Hi Barbara! Good choice…and thank you!

Hi MaryAnne! LOL for Tony. :}

Hi Lena! Another good choice…and another thank you!

Hi Debby! Just like my hubby!

Hi Shirley! I don’t pick the winner, but wish you luck in the drawing!

Hi Linda! A popular choice. And my pleasure!

Hi Jennifer! Always great to meet a new reader!

Hi Janie! Then you will love reading about Millicent!

Hi Elaine! A great choice!

Hi Kai! Wow! Another fabulous unique, choice!

Hi Angela! Definitely good. :}

Hi Lenna! What a lovely way to describe your DH. He’s a lucky man!

Hi Mary! Seems many here today are partial to those two as well.

Hi Rosemary! Another unique choice! Flying would definitely be amazing!

Hi Rich! Both great choices…and thank you for the kind comment!
Kathryne Kennedy 6:21pm December 7, 2013)

While almost all shapeshifters are sexy, I love those big cats. There's just something about the walk, all hypnotic and smooth, that just spells sexy to me.
Michelle Willms 9:58pm December 7, 2013)

Big cats, wolves & dragons are favorites.
Mary Preston 1:07am December 9, 2013)

I'd want a cat shapeshifter, something sleek and sexy. Maybe a panther?
Make Kay 9:26am December 11, 2013)

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