April 20th, 2024
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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

Honorable Rancher by Barbara White Daille


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Honorable Rancher
Barbara White Daille

Flagman's Folly #3
Harlequin American Romance
August 2012
On Sale: August 7, 2012
220 pages
ISBN: 0373754205
EAN: 9780373754205
Kindle: B00835RNFE
Paperback / e-Book
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The hero of Flagman's Folly has been gone more than a year. But he still stands between Ben Sawyer and what he desires most—Dana Wright, the love of Ben's life.

When soldier Paul Wright left for the last time, he made his best friend promise to look after his wife and kids. Ben—good, steady Ben—is honoring that promise. And it's burning him up inside.

Because Dana is shutting Ben out. She wants him—so much—but she can't afford to give in. If she does, she'll spill her secret, and the betrayal will hurt everyone she cares about—her children, who loved their daddy; her town, which loves its hero; and Ben, who loved his friend. She'll do anything to protect her secret—even give up her second chance at happiness.

Flagman's Folly


171 comments posted.

Re: Honorable Rancher

My older sister and brother were both heavy readers and I grew up reading their books. We were also fortunate to have a wonderful children's librarian who was always ready with suggestions about books she thought we would enjoy.
(Mary C 12:58pm June 20, 2012)

I loved to read as soon as I learned how to read. I got my books from the library. I got started on romance when I was in my late teens. I started reading Barbara Cartland books and moved on to Kathleen Woodiwess and other great writers.
Cathy Phillips 1:11am June 20, 2012)

I always thought it was so exciting to go to the library and take out books. The books that I read took me to another world, a world different from my own. I love to read historicals and books that include adventures.
Kathleen Yohanna 2:15am June 20, 2012)

Both my parents were readers.. After my mom passed away last year, we donated over 300 books to the Red Cross Book Sale.. I always wondered if the library being only a block away, influenced the their purchase of their home.
Cate Sparks 4:47am June 20, 2012)

I also learned to print my name very early so that I could have my own library card. My Dad took me to the library every other Saturday for many years. Reading is my salvation.
Marjorie Carmony 5:03am June 20, 2012)

I LOVE to read. When I was growing up we lived out in the country--nothing else to do. Now I read for enjoyment, relaxation, knowledge and just plain fun. Thanks for the contest. Love to win.
Sharon Extine 5:17am June 20, 2012)

I learned to read aged two. My older broher had started school and was learing to read, and I was determined to keep up with him. So my dad sat me on his lap and taught me - from Ladybird early readers, Peter and Jane have a dog. Not long before I moved on to Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews, as soon as my parents figured out that if they surrounded me with books I'd be happy. I also loved animals so books about animals were just perfect.
Clare O'Beara 6:02am June 20, 2012)

I grew up in a family that inhales books. The house was full of bookcases & books. I don't think we were ever taught to read, we just did it.
Mary Preston 7:50am June 20, 2012)

I love to read...being retired has given me so much freedom. The only problem I have is my favorite authors don't write fast enough!!! HA
Bonnie Capuano 9:50am June 20, 2012)

I love to read but just can't put together my own stories so i
have to read the ones others write. I also love to win so
thanks for the chance.
Mary Hay 10:04am June 20, 2012)

It was such a long time ago I don't really remember, but I
know my Mom used to read to us & my first school experience
(before kindergarten) was in 'Library School' - I'm sure that
had a lot to do with my love of reading.
Diane Sallans 10:16am June 20, 2012)

Hi, Fresh Fiction readers!

A big thanks to you for stopping by this blog post and to all the folks at Fresh Fiction for inviting me here to chat.

I'll be following up to check for messages for the next few days, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or question, even if it's after the blog day.

Off to read....
Barbara White Daille 10:28am June 20, 2012)

My mother used to read to me when I was young. Even after I learn to read, I would go in and listen to her read to my younger sisters. Today, even though I read books, I like to listen to books on CDs.
Lori Yost 10:29am June 20, 2012)

Mary - that's fabulous that your own siblings were readers, too. I wish all my sisters had picked up a love of reading from me (and my mom). They do read now, but a couple of them weren't as into when they were younger, and I know they missed so many wonderful kids' books.
Barbara White Daille 10:32am June 20, 2012)

Ever since I was a little girl I loved reading. My mom and her
family loved to read so i guess "it's in my blood" as people
say. It all stated with my GOLDEN BOOK collection!
Diane Brixius 10:32am June 20, 2012)

Cathy - I started young with reading romance, too. Now, I mostly love to read (and write) the sweeter books. But they make great escapes, don't they? ;)
Barbara White Daille 10:34am June 20, 2012)

Hi, Kathleen - you're so right--they take you to another world! And to me, offer another way to make friends that I could go back and visit again and again. And I do that, for sure.
Barbara White Daille 10:36am June 20, 2012)

I love to read and am therefore, always reading every chance I get. It is amazing what you can learn even from romances, besides the enjoyment of traveling to different worlds and learning of different times, places and people.
Barbara Hanson 10:38am June 20, 2012)

Cate - that was awesome of you to donate all those books, both for the great cause and for the chance to give so many others the opportunity to enjoy the stories.

And if we ever have to move again, I plan to be close to a library, too.
Barbara White Daille 10:39am June 20, 2012)

Marjorie - didn't it make you so proud to be able to print your name and get that library card? It's a feeling and experience I've never forgotten.

And what a great dad to take you to the library! He was helping you set some wonderful habits, wasn't he?
Barbara White Daille 10:41am June 20, 2012)

Hi, Sharon - we used to spend a month in the country every summer, and once a week my grandfather would take me to town to the library. The problem was, I always had the books finished by the next day! LOL
Barbara White Daille 10:44am June 20, 2012)

I love to read, have so many books, it was a job to move them when I moved to a smaller place. This book sounds like one of my favorites, I'd love to win it.
Wilma Frana 10:45am June 20, 2012)

Clare - I always wished I'd been reading at that age, too. Think of how many more kids' books I'd have been exposed to! LOL

And I LOVED Nancy Drew!
Barbara White Daille 10:46am June 20, 2012)

Mary - that's the way to do it!

My dad was not a reader, but he built some huge bookcases for all of our books. When I got my first apartment, bookshelves were VERY high on my must-have list.
Barbara White Daille 10:49am June 20, 2012)

Oh I love to read. And yes, one of my first jobs as a teenager was a library clerk. I loved it cuz I get to see all the new boks coming in!
May Pau 10:57am June 20, 2012)

Bonnie - LOL I know what you mean! That's why I'm SO glad that I learned to become a "re-reader" of my favorite authors.

FYI - if you win the book in the drawing--or pick up one of my books--and enjoy it, I *do* have a few in backlist. ;)
Barbara White Daille 10:59am June 20, 2012)

Hey, folks, I just realized I should be using last names or initials, since we've got a few people with the same first names. Will try to remember to do so from here on. ;)
Barbara White Daille 11:05am June 20, 2012)

Diane S - reading to kids is a great way to get them interested in books, isn't it--even those who might not have become readers otherwise.

Your "Library School" sounds like a great experience!
Barbara White Daille 11:08am June 20, 2012)

Lori Y - the audio books definitely help foster the love of being read to.

I think it's wonderful that you had the opportunity to listen to your mom read aloud even when you got a little older, too. Some kids don't ever have the chance at all.
Barbara White Daille 11:12am June 20, 2012)

Diane B - thanks for the memory! I remember those Golden Books and loved them.

And yes, reading's "in my blood" too.
Barbara White Daille 11:14am June 20, 2012)

Barbara H - romances are amazing, aren't they?

You can learn about people, too. I even learn a lot about myself while writing about my characters and their stories, and I hope my readers feel that way, also.
Barbara White Daille 11:16am June 20, 2012)

Debbi Shaw 11:17am June 20, 2012)

Wilma F - thanks so much for the compliment! If you do win the book (or pick up one of my other books), I very much hope you enjoy it.

And you're right, moving books can be a real chore. And they take up a lot of space, but as much as my friends rave about their e-readers (and I'll probably get one, too), I know I'll always have to have a book to hold in my hand. Especially all my keepers!
Barbara White Daille 11:21am June 20, 2012)

Mary Pau - oh, thanks for that great memory! I worked in the department where the new books were catalogued and got to see them, too. It was better than Christmas--and arrived much more often. LOL
Barbara White Daille 11:23am June 20, 2012)

Debbi S - well, that's good to know!
Barbara White Daille 11:24am June 20, 2012)

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by, and best of luck in the drawing!

I believe I'm caught up on messages for now, but as I said earlier, I'll be checking in for a few days. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

And I hope y'all will drop by and visit my online home, too:


See you later!
Barbara White Daille 11:27am June 20, 2012)

I was intimidated by bigger books when I was younger but then I found one that really sparked my interest and after that I became a better reader and started to read all the time (not that I did not read a lot before that, I had just only read smaller chapter books that were slightly below my grade level.)
Chelsea Knestrick 11:52am June 20, 2012)

Your book looks great and would LOVE to win a copy. Best of luck with it!
Nancy Reynolds 11:57am June 20, 2012)

i love to read myself when i was little and even today i still
love to read. i read to my kids everyday i want them to
enjoy it as much as i do
Denise Smith 12:06pm June 20, 2012)

I haven't always been a reader but the older I get the more enjoyment I recieve from books.
Sheila True 12:49pm June 20, 2012)

I became an avid reader at age 11 when we moved and I hadn't made any new friends so I spent a lot of time at the library.
Sue Farrell 1:17pm June 20, 2012)

I'm sure my parents influenced me because of their love of reading, but I really fell in love with reading in the first grade, the day I read a book and could visualize what was happening. I was in the classroom and tried to keep from giggling our loud at the amusing parts.
Anna Speed 1:26pm June 20, 2012)

I'm jealous you got to work in a library - I always thought
that would be a great place to work. I cannot remember a
time when I didn't love reading. My mom would let me get one
new book every Wednesday after I went to violin lessons, and
I always looked forward to Wednesdays for that reason!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Laura Garofalo 1:42pm June 20, 2012)

I'm so lucky to live within walking distance of our library - I volunteer at the twice-yearly book sales, work on the Community Read committee and rack up large fines otherwise (sadly, fines go to the city's coffers, not to the library). Love my library!
Beth Fuller 2:25pm June 20, 2012)

Both of my parents are readers. But mostly, my mom had bowling night and dad took us to the library on that night. And our library also required that you had to be 5 before you could get your own library card. I remember making my dad take me there on my birthday.
Pam Howell 3:54pm June 20, 2012)

Hi, Barbara! You pose a wonderful question today! I remember learning to
read. I felt as if I had the key to the world. My grandmother was bed-ridden
and I used to curl up next to her and read to her. She was so patient with
helping me sound out the words. As I got a little older, my summers
consisted of books! I would take a bus into town to the library and check out
as many books as I could carry home. Then, up into the tree in my front yard
and I would sit there happily all day reading. I loved Nancy Drew and
biographies. Thus began my life long love of books. This love only increases
every day!
Connie Fischer 4:55pm June 20, 2012)

As a kid, I hated to read... found no enjoyment in books knowing I had to read them for book reports... then in high school I got my hands on some romance novels and was hooked... it is rare to see me without something to read... enjoy it so so much!
Colleen Conklin 4:59pm June 20, 2012)

I started reading True Romance magazines when I was 13 (long time ago) and graduated to romantic books. I can get lost and go on an amazing journey while reading the stories. What fun!
Mary Tharp 5:11pm June 20, 2012)

Chelsea K - my trouble is I love to read a book from cover to cover or at least in just a couple of sittings, and there's not usually time for me to do that any more with bigger books. When I do find time, it's a real treat.
Barbara White Daille 5:34pm June 20, 2012)

Nancy R - thanks so much!
Barbara White Daille 5:34pm June 20, 2012)

Denise S - that is awesome! Keep it up--it will open up whole new worlds to your kids.
Barbara White Daille 5:35pm June 20, 2012)

Sheila T - I know this is such a cliche, but good things DO come to those who wait! ;) Glad you're one of the bunch now.
Barbara White Daille 5:36pm June 20, 2012)

Sue F - the library has always been one of my favorite places...obviously. ;) I have "real" friends, too, but I love the ones I go back to visit in books.
Barbara White Daille 5:38pm June 20, 2012)

Anna S - how cool is that, that you found something you enjoyed so much! That's what I love about books--there's something for everyone, for every mood.
Barbara White Daille 5:39pm June 20, 2012)

Laura G - what a smart mom you have! I'm wondering if the treat made you want to go to your violin lessons, too. ;)

Yes, libraries are great places to work. I'd imagine bookstores are, too.
Barbara White Daille 5:41pm June 20, 2012)

Beth F - I'm with you! Being able to walk to a library is fantastic.

A bummer that those fines don't go to support of the library.
Barbara White Daille 5:45pm June 20, 2012)

Hi, Connie F - thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoyed the post.

What a wonderful double benefit for you and your grandmother.

And when I was a kid, my first "big, brave, challenge" was getting up the nerve for my first solo ride on the bus--to go to the main library. Thanks for the reminder of that memory.
Barbara White Daille 5:49pm June 20, 2012)

Pam H - sounds like a good chance for your dad to have alone time with you and your brother/sister(s).

I'll bet that was one special birthday!
Barbara White Daille 5:52pm June 20, 2012)

Colleen C - romance novels have a reputation for getting people started reading! I'm glad you've joined the book-loving bunch, too. ;)
Barbara White Daille 5:54pm June 20, 2012)

Mary T - it IS such fun!

Honestly, reading really is up there as one of my favorite things to do.
Barbara White Daille 5:56pm June 20, 2012)

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far. If I've missed responding to any comments, please know it was unintentional--and give me a holler! ;)

See you later.
Barbara White Daille 5:58pm June 20, 2012)

There just may be something better than reading a book but I have not found out what it is yet
Shirley Younger 6:11pm June 20, 2012)

My mother used to read to my two sisters and myself (we were all under the age of 5), every night, because my Dad was working as a semi-truck driver hauling fuel oil throughout MN and WI. I memorized all the nursery rhymes and stories she read to us and would then read to my sisters, before I actually learned to read. This helped me learn words before I actually learned to read in school, and I was the best reader in my first grade class. I remember my Dad reading a lot of westerns and the summer I read every comic book that my girlfriend and her brother owned (they lived across the street from me), over 200 from their collection of Archie and Richie Rich. In Junior High, I worked in my school library daily after school for 2 hrs. at a time, for 3 years and did various jobs, and my love of reading grew and grew. Today, I have huge bookshelves of books on each side of my fireplace, and I've run out of space to put more. I still love reading and read every day! It's relaxing and enjoyable fun! Love romance books best and have a deep love of cowboy books (guess my Dad's genre love rubbed on me for some reason)!
Linda Luinstra 7:40pm June 20, 2012)

Shirley Y - I like that!
Barbara White Daille 8:02pm June 20, 2012)

Linda L - you definitely had enough positive reinforcement about the value of reading!

And your dad sounds like a great role model. My dad was not a big reader at all, although he did like his Westerns, too.
Barbara White Daille 8:06pm June 20, 2012)

I became a reader because everybody could read and I couldn't when I was little. I have always been the last one to pick up on anything like reading, sports, and operating electronic devices.
Kai Wong 9:07pm June 20, 2012)

I was the only girl in the low reading group with five boys. Though I was read to daily by my mother, phonics baffled me in first grade until almost Halloween. After my "light bulb" moment, I devoured books like candy. Summer afternoons you could find me sitting at home reading or at the library.
Joanne Hicks 9:45pm June 20, 2012)

My mom didn't read much and my dad read Reader's Digest and newspapers. My neighbour, on the other hand, read romances, and HE introduced me to them when I was going into high school. I read plenty of other books from Kindergarten onwards, mind you, and even made up assignments during the summers so I could read the encyclopedias at the big tables. I worked in the school library in Grade 8, and my favorite job was putting the non-fiction books in order. To this day, I go to my hometown public library and two other libraries and put books in order whenever I get a chance.
Elaine Seymour 9:56pm June 20, 2012)

My problem is I read so much and I read very fast, that the books in a series do not come out fast enough for me. When I was little, my mother took me to the Public Library. I read through the children's library so fast that my mother moved me to the adult section when I was 10 years old. People always comment on how fast I read and question me about the books, just to see if I actually read the book. My son has watched me and told me that my eyes go so fast back and forth. I did not know that my eyes did that at all. I would rather read than do anything else. This may be due to being an only child. Sometimes I hide from my kids so I can read. I now go to the same library I did as a kid and the librarian is in awe of how many books I have read. I need Books Addiction Anonymous so much that I have to make myself stop reading so I can clean the house, cook dinner, to get paperwork done, or sleep. I still love that Public Library.
Shonda Abercrombie 10:17pm June 20, 2012)

Kai W - I can so relate! Not to the reading, since I did start that early on, but definitely to being a late bloomer with the other things--if I even bloomed at all.
Barbara White Daille 10:49pm June 20, 2012)

Joanne H - sometimes those "light bulb" moments take a while. As I just said to Kai, I *still* haven't bloomed (or lit up) on some things. LOL

And, oh, do I miss those summers when I had the time to read for days on end!
Barbara White Daille 10:51pm June 20, 2012)

As the oldest of 6 children born rather close together, books were the one
thing I could escape to. II made up and told bedtime stories to my siblings.
For myself, I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys for starters. On Saturdays,
I would go to the library and spend most of the day. Most of the books I read
there were nonfiction - science, history, archeology, etc. I have always like
suspense and historical fiction. I discovered romances in my 50's. I still read
the others, but the historical romances and romantic suspense are my
favorites. Books can take me anywhere and give me experiences vicariously
that I would never have the opportunity to have. I always have at least one
book going and am lost if I don't have anything to read.
Patricia Barraclough 10:52pm June 20, 2012)

Hi, Elaine! Great story about your male neighbor introducing you to romance novels. He did you a great service. ;)

I love that you help out the overworked library clerks by putting the books in order!
Barbara White Daille 10:55pm June 20, 2012)

Umm...Shonda...? As mentioned, my three books above are ready and waiting for your reading pleasure. LOL

Seriously, I do know how hard it is to wait for books to come out!

I so wish I had your ability to speed-read. My TBR pile is HUMONGOUS and I just will never get to all of those books.

I can be like you about not wanting to put a book down, though. I've lost a lot of sleep that way.
Barbara White Daille 11:00pm June 20, 2012)

Patricia B - me, too!

A day without at least SOME time immersed in a book just leaves me so dissatisfied. If not downright cranky. LOL

I've always been more into fiction than nonfiction. Even as a kid, I lived variously through the characters. And I'm so with you on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. LOVED those books. Wasn't it awesome that there were so many of them?
Barbara White Daille 11:04pm June 20, 2012)

When I was 3 years old, my Sister taught me how to read, and my Father would have me read a Physics book that he had to any relative who came over for a visit!! From there, I would go to the library, and bring home as many books as I could carry. The walk was a couple of miles, but I didn't care!! I took out every book from stories, to books on insects, birds, and the planets. I wanted to learn about everything!! In school, English was my favorite subject, and I got A's throughout those years. Then I hit a dead-end. When it was time to go to college, I wanted to be an English major, and my Mother made a remark which totally discouraged me, so I decided not to forward my schooling. I always had that book burning deep inside of me. The teachers in High School loved my writings, and always encouraged me as well. My question to you is - Would it be foolish or even worth it for a middle-aged person to even start the process of getting into the world of writing, or should she just remain on the sidelines and enjoy what is out there? I'm looking forward to reading your books, and wish you the best in the future.
Peggy Roberson 11:15pm June 20, 2012)

My family is full of readers and I am the youngest of four kids and my parents loved to read. They never went out much so that is how they spent lots of their time. I have always loved to read and I have passed that on to my children and now my grandchildren. I think one of my favorite things is snuggling up with a book. If I spent half as much time cleaning as I did reading, my entire house would sparkle! LOL
Patti Paonessa 12:50pm June 21, 2012)

Peggy R - when it comes to writing, sometimes the older a person is and the more life they've experienced, the better. And many people don't begin to focus on writing until they've retired from another job.

There are so many helpful websites and articles and groups on the Internet, plus resources available at the local library, too, for almost any type of writing a person might want to do. Your town's school district or a nearby community college might offer adult education classes, also. They're often not for college credit but are classes you can take to improve different skills.

Do some Internet searching. And don't forget to check with your local librarian. He or she can point you in the right direction.

Best of luck to you!
Barbara White Daille 1:06am June 21, 2012)

Patti P - LOL - I certainly agree with you there! But who wants to clean house when there's the choice of diving into a book? ;)

That's fabulous to know you've passed your love of reading down to your kids and grandkids. As far as I'm concerned, everyone needs books in their lives!
Barbara White Daille 1:10am June 21, 2012)

Barbara, you said in reply to my post you would have been exposed to more kids' books if you had started reading earlier. Trouble with that is, we did not have that many books so we read the same ones over and over. Fewer books for kids were around, some were far too basic, just about no fantasy was being published (apart from Narnia) and bookstores would not take a chance on something they might not move. We also did not have a lot of money, and when I went to spend a birthday book token on Nancy Drews, there was even VAT on the price of the book, raising the cost by ten percent. The local library had a good stock... but it was seldom replenished and boy, did I read the best ones over and over!
Nice chatting to so many avid readers.
Clare O'Beara 9:13am June 21, 2012)

Barbara, you said, "Great story about your male neighbor introducing you to romance novels. He did you a great service. ;)"
There's way more to that story. I learned when I was 39 that that male neighbor was actually my biological father - and my brother's bio father too (but not our elder two sisters')! Seems that everyone knew but me, but by then, all three parties were long gone. I can see the similarities in mannerisms, stances, etc. with my own son now, though!
Elaine Seymour 9:24am June 21, 2012)

Everyone read to me - but in my mom's words, I have always been a "do it myself" kinda gal. So, by age 3, I was reading - and memorizing - my own books!! Still read voraciously today!!
Kelli Jo Calvert 12:12pm June 21, 2012)

As soon as I was able to read I would take a book and a flashlight under the covers at night. Now I'm still losing sleep because I must finish that book!
Shirley Nienkark 1:41pm June 21, 2012)

Kellie Jo C - wow - that's an accomplishment! Glad to hear you're still into it. ;)
Barbara White Daille 3:57pm June 21, 2012)

Shirley N - LOL on the flashlight. I used to do that, too. And I mentioned above about losing out on sleep. But so many times, it's worth it!
Barbara White Daille 3:59pm June 21, 2012)

Clare O - yes, it's been wonderful to hear everyone's stories!

It's sad that you and your friends didn't have more access to fresh books. Kids today are *so* lucky and don't even know it. (I'm starting to sound like my grandmother! LOL)

As for reading books again and again, you know, when I'm overworked, my old favorites are great stress-relievers.
Barbara White Daille 4:07pm June 21, 2012)

Elaine - what a story.

You know, my author bio shares my feeling about storytelling...which is included at the top of this page.

With the way reading brought you two together, it just seems to prove my point about the magic of storytelling.
Barbara White Daille 4:19pm June 21, 2012)

I got my first library card when I was 7. My dad went down to the library and I tagged along. I asked him if I could get a library card and he said yes. That made me feel like a big kid! I think one of the first books I checked out was a Basil of Baker Street mystery. Later on I read the Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. I progressed to Agatha Christie when I was about 13.
Michelle Fidler 4:31pm June 21, 2012)

Books are a form of escape that the reader "buys" into. As an avid reader, I always have a book or two with me in case there's spare time.
Alyson Widen 6:10pm June 21, 2012)

I can remember my Mom reading when I was very young. I was sick often and unable to keep up with the other kids so I began reading at an early age when I could not play outside. Books have always offered me a way to get out of my world and into another with adventure, romance, historical, suspense, mystery,and thrillers. I am 69 now and I have read 1000's of books and given over 1800 to local Friends of the Library. I am sure I have read over 1,000 from the Library and others I bought, traded, won, or had given to me.
Would love to read your books.
Brenda Hill 6:50pm June 21, 2012)

No, there's not much better than reading. I love reading books of almost any kind, though I've pared down the types of books I read. In my case it was my father and his mother who must have supplied the reading gene. Not that my mother never read, but she was much more likely to read "factual" books than fiction. My father read both and certainly, as a child, I read much more fiction than non-fiction. I've evened that out a little more in the last few years. Most of the non-fiction is history or books by people whose cultures are different from my mine. I throw in the odd book of science, politics, geography, etc. as well. Like others here, I almost always have a book with me; only when I know exactly what I'll be doing, will I dispense with one. I didn't get a city library card until I was older. First I had to learn English, and my schools had only limited numbers of books in their libraries (in the 50s). By high school time my father had started buying the Book-of-Month Club offerings, and he allowed me to read those as well as books I traded with my friends.
Sigrun Schulz 6:51pm June 21, 2012)

I have loved to read every since I was young. My Mother was a reader and I got my love of reading from her. Bet there aren't many who did a book report in High School on Jane Eyre using one of the original books.
Please enter me to win
Jane Squires 7:05pm June 21, 2012)

Reading can be wonderful - it can take you away to new places
& I often learn a lot while reading.
Diane Sallans 7:27pm June 21, 2012)

Michelle - wasn't that just the best feeling!

I don't recall the Basil books but definitely remember all the others, and I've still got a copy of almost every book Agatha Christie wrote (under her own name).
Barbara White Daille 7:55pm June 21, 2012)

Alyson W - me, too. I don't like to get too far away from a book.

Love your play on words. ;)
Barbara White Daille 7:57pm June 21, 2012)

I got my library card very early in life and I cannot think of anything any better than a good book and a hot cup of tea to take all your cares away! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest, I hope I win!
Ann Thaxton 7:59pm June 21, 2012)

Brenda H - that love of books really does last a lifetime, doesn't it?

And I know the Friends of the Library must really love you!

May you read many, many more books.
Barbara White Daille 8:00pm June 21, 2012)

Sigrun S - the good news is, you got the gene from one of your parents, and that's enough to make for an avid reader. ;)

As I've mentioned somewhere up above, I'm really more of a fiction reader, but I do dip into non-fiction from time to time. That's what's so great about reading--there's something out there for every reader for every taste for every mood.
Barbara White Daille 8:05pm June 21, 2012)

Hi, Jane! We sound alike in where we found our interest in reading.

Awesome about the original Jane Eyre...a book lover's dream.
Barbara White Daille 8:07pm June 21, 2012)

Diane S - you're so right. There's a lot to be learned from books, fiction or non!
Barbara White Daille 8:09pm June 21, 2012)

Ann T - I'm a tea drinker, too, so I understand that completely.

Now, if I could just stay away from the cookies... ;)
Barbara White Daille 8:11pm June 21, 2012)

My dad and mom were both avid readers and it just was expected in my family that we would read a lot. There were books all over the place and the same is true here at my home.
Gladys Paradowski 11:26pm June 21, 2012)

Reading is my passion. In high school I worked in a large library after school in the Children's Room because I got to tell stories to them on Saturday mornings. Now I am a Snow Bird in FL and the first thing I do when I get unpacked in go and join the library there. It is the best money I spend! Keep writing!
Pat Pascale
Patricia (Pat) Pascale 10:04am June 22, 2012)

Gladys - same at my house. Probably too many books, in my husband's opinion. LOL

If you have kids and grandkids, what a good example you're setting. As I'd said to Patti P above, it's wonderful when people pass down their love of reading.
Barbara White Daille 10:51am June 22, 2012)

Patricia P - me, too--I haven't lived in too many different places, but wherever I am, I must have a library card.

Thanks for your encouragement on the writing! That and reading will always be part of my life, for sure.
Barbara White Daille 10:56am June 22, 2012)

I love to read and so do my two adult children. My children always saw me reading so I guess it runs in families.
Rita Wray 10:58am June 22, 2012)

Rita - it sure does! We were just talking about that about.

I hope your children also pass it along to theirs.
Barbara White Daille 12:10pm June 22, 2012)

I started reading when I was about 12 and I never seemed to have enough time to do it so I would sit in bed with a flashlight and read for hours. I still read a lot now it is more to escape reality and not worry about anything for a little while.
Jane Thompson 7:59pm June 23, 2012)

Jane - reading is definitely a great escape. Actually (as I may even have said above), it's my #1 stress reliever!
Barbara White Daille 4:46pm June 24, 2012)

I too as a little would go with my
grandmother to the library. It was one
small building, all white inside/outside.
Had my card my granny kept. I can't
read enough now. I do such for a living:
court reporter/scopist/proofreader.
Would love to be an editor!!!! Love your
Amy Baldwin 10:25am June 25, 2012)

I too as a little girl....my note above messed up...sorry
Amy Baldwin 10:27am June 25, 2012)

Hi, Amy - isn't it amazing how even small libraries can hold so many good books inside?

No worries on the keyboard. My computer's always giving me grief, too.

Thanks so much for the compliment! You made my day. I'm thrilled that you enjoy the books.
Barbara White Daille 4:02pm June 25, 2012)

I like both storylines. Variety is the spice of life (or something like that, LOL)!
I married a man I\'d known for years. As soon as I broke up with my boyfriend of almost two years, my husband stepped right up and \"won my affections\". He knew I was the one much sooner than I did (probably because he\'s 10 years my senior, and I was only 21 at the time).
It\'ll be 32 years this summer that we\'ve been wed, and I look forward to the next 32 years. (Yes, we have arguments/frustrations from time to time, but those feelings translate into love; people don\'t argue unless they care....)
Elaine Seymour 2:28pm April 26, 2013)

Hello, everyone! I\'m looking forward to chatting, so please feel free to jump in and leave a comment.
Barbara White Daille 3:03pm April 26, 2013)

Elaine - what a great story and wonderful real-life hero you have!

You\'re so right--every relationship has ups and downs but the love is still there.

And I definitely agree, variety is the spice of life. We\'re so lucky to be able to have the best of all types of heroes in romance novels.

Thanks for dropping in!
Barbara White Daille 3:07pm April 26, 2013)

Oh I love the variety of heroes out there... have had a crush on a few boy next doors along with bad boys... Still keeping my eye out for the right guy for me... ;)
Colleen Conklin 3:25pm April 26, 2013)

Colleen - we can\'t forget the bad boys. ;)

The search is half the fun! Enjoy looking for that guy of yours, and good luck finding him.
Barbara White Daille 3:33pm April 26, 2013)

Would love to win and review
Jane Squires 5:09pm April 26, 2013)

love to win this sounds like a great book
Denise Smith 5:34pm April 26, 2013)

Jane - thanks so much. Good luck!
Barbara White Daille 6:13pm April 26, 2013)

Denise - thanks--I appreciate it! Good luck to you, also.
Barbara White Daille 6:14pm April 26, 2013)

This promises to be a good read. I plan on reading it either
Angelina Daniels-Shaw 7:17pm April 26, 2013)

Men of honor and dedication have always drawn me - in books and in life. I thought I had found just the right one for me but he couldn't measure up to his one standards.
Janis Milford 7:40pm April 26, 2013)

Sounds like a wonderful book. I look forward to reading it.
Deb Diem 8:43pm April 26, 2013)

I think that I prefer a character who is somewhere in between. If they're all beta, they tend to be too boring, although the one that I knew in real life turned out to be a cheater!! If they're an alpha, they're usually too strong for my taste, and don't have a heart. They're not tender. So, I like a hero who knows when to be like the guy-next-door, when to be strong, and when to be tender. He also needs a good sense of humor!! It sounds like a pretty big package, but it does exist.
Peggy Roberson 8:45pm April 26, 2013)

I enjoy all types of heroes. I like to visit with alphas and betas and those that cross the line between the two. It just depends on my mood and what I need a dose of that moment.
Tracie Travis 9:33pm April 26, 2013)

Angelina - thank you so much! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the story.
Barbara White Daille 10:23pm April 26, 2013)

Janis - I agree. That type of man makes a wonderful hero.

Hugs to you about the real-life situation.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Barbara White Daille 10:27pm April 26, 2013)

Thanks, Deb. I appreciate the comment!
Barbara White Daille 10:27pm April 26, 2013)

Peggy - luckily, it does exist, and in romance novels we call the man in that package a theta hero--a mixture of both.

Alphas and betas aren't all one or the other, either. An alpha can be tender--and don't we love it when he is! And a beta can be strong, tough, and protective when the situation calls for it. That's why I like to say, for example, a beta man like Ben is definitely not vanilla. ;)

A sense of humor is a great aspect of a hero, too.

Thanks a bunch for the comments!
Barbara White Daille 10:42pm April 26, 2013)

Tracie - that's true for me, too. Like Peggy, I don't really care for the extremes but I always like heroes that show more than one side.

Good point about going by how we feel, also. There are times I love to curl up with a beta and other times I've just got to have an alpha. ;)
Barbara White Daille 10:46pm April 26, 2013)


I'll be back to chat over the weekend and then some, so please feel free to leave comments.


Barbara White Daille 10:50pm April 26, 2013)

Men of service are the best! Would love to win and review!!
Fingers crossed!
Brittany Savage 8:40am April 27, 2013)

somewhere in between...you get the best of both worlds that way.
Lisa Fitzgibbons 10:51am April 27, 2013)

I like a hero somewhere in between, but my priority is a good story. So, if the hero is a beta, but the story is interesting that's great with me
Carol Woodruff 11:32am April 27, 2013)

Have never given alph or beta much thought, just enjoy a good story that makes me go ahhh at the end.
Sheila True 11:48am April 27, 2013)

I like both betas and alpha men, depending on the story.
Pam Howell 11:52am April 27, 2013)

It doesn't matter to me if the hero is a beta or an alpha as long as the story is interesting.
Anna Speed 12:01pm April 27, 2013)

Somewhere in-between works for me!
Marjorie Carmony 12:38pm April 27, 2013)

I loved the blog and just know that I would love the book!! There is partial deafness in my family so I know how losing even part of your hearing can change your life!
Betty Hamilton 1:26pm April 27, 2013)

Your abook sounds wonderful and I look forward to reading it. My hero's are all men of service---they give up so much to keep us safe
Shirley Younger 1:38pm April 27, 2013)

Brittany - you're so right. Plus, they look awesome in uniform! (I'm a romance writer, It's part of my job description to notice these things. )

Good luck to you!
Barbara White Daille 2:46pm April 27, 2013)

Lisa - it is nice to have it all, isn't it? I don't even care if it has to be in fiction. ;)
Barbara White Daille 2:47pm April 27, 2013)

Carol - excellent point. A good story--to me, one that's believeable--can make us care about characters we might not like at first sight.
Barbara White Daille 2:52pm April 27, 2013)

Sheila - absolutely. A great ending is a must and so worth the wait.
Barbara White Daille 2:55pm April 27, 2013)

Pam - you're in the right place. ;) I think that's the majority of us here.
Barbara White Daille 2:56pm April 27, 2013)

Anna - score another point for a good story. Thanks!
Barbara White Daille 3:00pm April 27, 2013)

Marjorie - I doubt there's a problem for anyone looking for that middle ground. So many great books out there to choose from!
Barbara White Daille 3:03pm April 27, 2013)

Hi, Betty - thank you so much! My mom became very hard of hearing in her later years, so I understand about that in a family.

All my books are special to me, but A Rancher's Pride is special special. ;) And, except for one little oops I caught myself, I'm thrilled to have gotten lots of positive reader mail about little Becky and how sign language is woven into the story.

If you win or pick up a copy of A Rancher's Pride, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
Barbara White Daille 3:08pm April 27, 2013)

Shirley - thank you so much--I hope you enjoy the book.

I did tease above about heroes in uniform--and I do mean it. They look good!

But on the more serious note, my dad and other family members have been in different branches of armed services. It's humbling to think of the sacrifices made by all men and women who serve.
Barbara White Daille 3:15pm April 27, 2013)

Thanks to everyone who has stopped in to chat so far, and if you haven't left a comment yet--or you have and want to chat some more, don't be shy.

While I have you, I just want to say thanks for the kind comments about my books. As I say above, A Rancher's Pride is special special to me. ;)

So is Honorable Rancher. I knowingly took a bit of a risk with this one, since Ben is such a thoroughly good guy. But he is who he is. And Dana loves him for it. Eventually. ;)

Will be back later!
Barbara White Daille 3:20pm April 27, 2013)

Kent Cook 4:11pm April 27, 2013)

I do enjoy the boy next door - the one that all the sudden has a different glow to him that you didn't quite notice before. Maybe because I had a lot of guy friends growing up and the occasional thought of them at one point had me blushing and wondering if I had lost my mind.
Carla Carlson 4:38pm April 27, 2013)

Kent - good one! ;)
Barbara White Daille 5:33pm April 27, 2013)

Carla - many great relationships are based on pure friendship first.

And, oh! - you would love Ben. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.
Barbara White Daille 5:35pm April 27, 2013)

sounds like a good read. putting it on my TBR list!!
Barbara Studer 7:09pm April 27, 2013)

great cover can't wait to read it
Alisha Woods 7:29pm April 27, 2013)

At one time, I would have liked the alpha boy, now it's the
boy next door.
Charlene Fraley 8:46pm April 27, 2013)

Barbara - nice to meet another Barbara!

And thanks for the support - I hope you enjoy the story.
Barbara White Daille 9:06pm April 27, 2013)

Alisha - thanks! Hope you like it.
Barbara White Daille 9:08pm April 27, 2013)

Charlene - isn't ti great we can choose from so many types of heroes (and characters)?
Barbara White Daille 9:10pm April 27, 2013)

Would love a chance to win your book. Thanks!
Linda Hall 10:37pm April 27, 2013)

thanks for this one day chance
Debbi Shaw 10:44pm April 27, 2013)

Well, being raised on a farm in Kansas we did not have a
beta hero boy next door type around. That is usually when
you live in Town close by other people. I did go to school
in a small farming town and there were nice guys and yes I
would have loved to marry a Farmer/Rancher type man but that
did not happen so I moved to Austin, TX and married to a
city boy for 25 years now. Life can give us lots of twists
and turns if we do not watch out. Hee Hee! Thanks for the
great contest and I would love to win and read your book
too. Thank You, Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:09pm April 27, 2013)

Linda - you're welcome, and thanks for stopping in.
Barbara White Daille 11:16pm April 27, 2013)

Debbi - my pleasure!
Barbara White Daille 11:17pm April 27, 2013)

Hi, Cece - I'm sorry you didn't have a boy next door near you, but I hope those farm & ranch boys helped to make up for it, at least when you were growing up. :)

Sounds like your city boy was worth the wait, and I wish you many more years of twists and turns.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!
Barbara White Daille 11:22pm April 27, 2013)

Sure would have loved to have that beta boy hero living next door to me as a kid, unfortunately, the three homes we lived in while I was growing up had elderly people next door every time! The most exciting thing to ever happen was when four college boys rented the house across the street from us for about 3 months. My mother banned my sister and I from going over there and talking to them, and you may have guessed how long that lasted! Our girlfriend talked us into going over there for a few minutes and they invited us all in (all a bunch of alphas)! They all turned us off. Mom was right...for once (LOL). I like beta and somewhere in between (no alphas for me). Your book sounds good. I enjoy books about ranchers, cowboys, etc. very much!
Linda Luinstra 3:22pm April 28, 2013)

Hi, Linda - thanks for sharing that fun story. I love that Mom was right!

If you enjoy Western heroes such as ranchers, cowboys, and sheriffs, then I hope you'll take a look at Ben and the rest of my heroes. ;)

They all fit the description, except for one lawyer in the bunch. And if you think fondly of the elderly people who lived near you, you might try out his book (Family Matters). It includes a bunch of senior citizens most people thought were a real hoot. LOL

Thanks again for stopping in, and three cheers for Mom!
Barbara White Daille 6:04pm April 28, 2013)

Love the comments! Please keep 'em coming.

I'll be back.
Barbara White Daille 6:05pm April 28, 2013)

Hi, everyone - just wanted to wrap up and say thanks again to Fresh Fiction for inviting me to chat and a big "thank you!" to those of you who stopped by and commented.

I hope you'll look for me out and about on Facebook, Twitter, and at my website.

All my best,
Barbara White Daille 8:15pm April 29, 2013)

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