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April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

Blame It On Texas by Christie Craig


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Blame It On Texas
Christie Craig

September 2012
On Sale: August 28, 2012
Featuring: Zoe Adams; Tyler Lopez
400 pages
ISBN: 0446582832
EAN: 9780446582834
Kindle: B0076DD0L0
Paperback / e-Book
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Women's Fiction Contemporary

Zoe Adams has always been content with her quiet nights at home, watching TV alone-until her life turns into a real-life episode of Unsolved Mystery Hunters. The story of a kidnapped girl triggers unexplained memories, and Zoe is dead-set on figuring out why. Her search leads her to one of the Lone Star State's richest families-and to sexy PI Tyler Lopez. Tyler has sworn off women, especially redheads with killer curves who poke their noses into his clients' private lives. Still, he can't deny the attraction any more than he can deny that some of Zoe's crazy story makes sense. But when she becomes a hit man's target, this cold case starts heating up. Suddenly, Tyler will do anything to protect Zoe-even risk his heart.


80 comments posted.

Re: Blame It On Texas

I have had a lot of friends and family ill or dying lately and
it seems to me that I have lost myself in books to escape . .
.and it is a nice escape if I do say so myself.
(Emily Neilsen 8:15pm August 25, 2012)

What a wonderful quote from your grandmother. I love books (and lives) that are blessed with much laughter. Thanks for the post and giveaway.
G S Moch 8:29pm August 25, 2012)

I love all your books and I can't wait to read the next Texas book! Thanks for sharing with us!
Johanna Jochum 8:36pm August 25, 2012)

A do so enjoy a bit of humor in the stories I read,
especially at some stressful moments. And I truly believe
that humor is much harder than drama, both in writing and in
acting. If it's not done right, it falls flat and is
uncomfortable. That's true for the humor we have in our
lives too, so if it's accurate & said with love it can
really lift our spirits.
Diane Sallans 8:57pm August 25, 2012)

I enjoy a good banter between h/h - humor is such a plus in a story.
Pat Lieberman 9:05pm August 25, 2012)

I always enjoy humour in my stories. :)

Love your grandma's quote and your aunt/uncle's story. :)
May Pau 9:09pm August 25, 2012)

Without humor there is no life!
Lm Williams 9:21pm August 25, 2012)

How true it is that life is so "dry" without humor. Your grandmother must have
been one of those treasures that "made life livable". To be able to see the
glass half full instead of half empty, to be able to remember the "funny"
things that made you smile about a person who is no longer with them even
though inside the tears are falling...I've experienced that at funerals or rather
at the dinners after a funeral. To be able to sit back & share the stories, some
not as amazing as your aunt & uncle's, but upliftingly funny, is wonderful. I
've seen people able to cope much better afterward. Your writing makes me
think that you might take after your very wise grandmother. You make us
smile! :)
Jean Merriott 10:07pm August 25, 2012)

I love love your books!
Nicole Chaluisan 10:17pm August 25, 2012)

Southerners are a different breed of human in my book. They are down to earth, friendlier and not pretentious. They laugh loudly and cry behind closed doors. If my name is pulled, I would *love* an Amazon gift card for my son!
Susan Coster 10:20pm August 25, 2012)

Love the book excerpt. Can't wait to read this! I read to escape, most definately, and I am drawn to romance novels with humor. You get laughs and a HEA! What more could you ask for?
Sharlene Wegner 11:11pm August 25, 2012)

I love humor too. Great story about your family. Thanks for
the contest/giveaways.
Lea-Ellen Borg 11:15pm August 25, 2012)

I soooo loved the excerpt and can't wait to read this. LOL Strip scrabble, I'm in :)
Jolene Allcock 11:26pm August 25, 2012)

I love books that make laugh. Sounds like a great book.
Amy Milne 11:42pm August 25, 2012)

I love humor to. Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
Linda Hall 11:53pm August 25, 2012)

I just finished Blame it on Texas and really enjoyed it.
Cathy Thomas 12:01pm August 26, 2012)

I love books that have humor in them. Having a sense of humor that help with the healing process or just put life into better perspective.
Kai Wong 12:35pm August 26, 2012)

I am not a very humorous person by nature so it takes quite a lot to make me
laugh. So far your books have made me laugh... a lot so thanks for bringing so
much humor into my life.
Winnie Lim 4:10am August 26, 2012)

Being a clown, I enjoy making others laugh. I love a story that makes me laugh and keeps me intrigued.
Pat Freely 7:32am August 26, 2012)

reading books has always been my getaway from sorrow, from sadness. I must have devoured so many books when my Mom pased away, I can't even remember...but there is light afterwards and joy, even though I wish every day she were here.
Diane Sadler 7:55am August 26, 2012)

Laughter is the best medicine for your soul. I read to escape
and laughter makes the journey that much more enjoyable.
Donna Antonio 8:08am August 26, 2012)

I love a book that's fun to read and makes me laugh out loud!
Dianne McVetty 8:13am August 26, 2012)

Humor is so important life. My husband and I still make each other laugh
after 16 years together. It's my favorite moments when our 2 kids laugh
with us. I can't wait to read Tyler and Zoe's story! Hurry up Tuesday!
MeLissa Becker 8:20am August 26, 2012)

I missed the sense of humor gene. I try to take things less seriously but unfortunately I'm a worrier. I did take up my middle son's belief in YOLO You Only Live Once. We went on a hiking trip out West to Arizona and Utah. We had a fantastic time. I'm going to try and live each day to the fullest extent. I do love books with humor Jill Shalvis is so funny! Rachel Gibson. I do SEP too. Christie you are a new author for me. I hope to bring humor and laughter into my life. Help me!
Laurie Gommermann 8:52am August 26, 2012)

I want to win! PICK ME! PICK ME!!
Pamela Faye Howell 9:04am August 26, 2012)

Strip Scrabble? That sounds like my kind of game. How have I never thought of that? Break out the letters!
Catherine Lee 9:42am August 26, 2012)

I think humor can work well in lightening some tough moments in the books. And I love the lightening story.
Pam Howell 9:47am August 26, 2012)

This sounds like a really good plot even without humor, but with humor makes me even more interested to read it. For me, a sense of humor makes the characters more relatable and makes me care about what happens to them more than if they're all serious and distant.
Michelle Donaldson 10:12am August 26, 2012)

Thanks for the giveaway! Cant wait to read this one
Julie Parrish 10:52am August 26, 2012)

Sounds fantastic! Thanks for a fun post!
Erin Fender 11:24am August 26, 2012)

Thanks Christie, That really brought back memories.
Faye Moore 11:45am August 26, 2012)

Thanks everyone for stopping in. I love writing and adding humor to my books. It reminds us that life is is worth living, even during the difficult times.

Christie Craig 11:53am August 26, 2012)

My very favorite books always have humor in them. I think it must be hard to write, because I'm always surprised how tricky it can be to find. I'm glad to have found you!
Kathleen Conner 11:57am August 26, 2012)

Your book looks great! I love humor included in the story, it makes it more enjoyable and memorable.
Robin Daily 12:44pm August 26, 2012)

Love your grandmother's quote! I really enjoy your books they
bring me laughter. I think I have read most of them so I can't
wait to get your new one.
Gail Hurt 12:48pm August 26, 2012)

like the sounds of your book, putting it on my list to read
Debbi Shaw 1:03pm August 26, 2012)

The plot thickens and now I want to read Blame It On Texas. Also, I like the idea of humor. I don't know if I've read any of your books, but I'll be sure to add you to my list for future ones.
Anna Speed 1:18pm August 26, 2012)

It's nice that you are able to take slices of your real life and incorporate them into your novels. Love the comment that "Mom and Dad must be together again". You must have a wonder family.
Charles Swartz 1:19pm August 26, 2012)

I loved your grandmothers quote! Laughter is very important & I feel it is important for books to have at least some humor throughout them.
Chelsea Knestrick 1:33pm August 26, 2012)

Love humor in books... laughter is great and something we need to do more often.
Colleen Conklin 1:39pm August 26, 2012)

Laughter truly is good medicine. It is a balm for your spirit, and it bonds people together.
Cheryl Castings 1:44pm August 26, 2012)

Your book sounds wonderful, Christie! And as a huge fan, I know they always are!
I adore your grandma's quote!
Chelsea Brooks 1:49pm August 26, 2012)

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer in late February. Since then, several friends have also been diagnosed. Laugthter and reading books is what is keeping me sane.
Cathy Phillips 1:58pm August 26, 2012)

I like funny books
Sandy Giden 2:38pm August 26, 2012)

A fun spin on a classic game, I enjoy the mash up!
Darci Paice 3:13pm August 26, 2012)

Shelly Caggiano 3:43pm August 26, 2012)

sounds like a good read--adding to my tbr list!!
Barbara Studer 3:52pm August 26, 2012)

Would like to start reading your books, Hope I win!
Pamela Fox 4:15pm August 26, 2012)

Loved the comment your cousin made, "Mom and Dad must be back together again" at the funeral! Perfect timing for that humorous comment! Can never have enough humor and laughter in everyday life or in books! BLAME IT ON TEXAS sounds like a fun read! I must read this one!!
Linda Luinstra 4:36pm August 26, 2012)

Guys...thank you, everyone, for stopping in and taking the time to comment. I love knowing that humor is still important to the readers in their fiction--because it's important to me in my fiction and in my life. You all put a big smile on my face.

Christie Craig 4:53pm August 26, 2012)

Humor lifts a persons spirit, and it's always enjoyable to read a book that brings a smile or laughter, which makes the author truly unforgettable!
Rich Cook 5:05pm August 26, 2012)

thanks for the chance to win!!! i can't wait to read!!!
Jennifer Beck 5:43pm August 26, 2012)

After having 3 bouts of cancer, what can a person do but laugh.....or cry? Would love to win y'all!
Susan Coster 6:02pm August 26, 2012)

Married four time and divorced three, with the same person, may be a record. And is that an extreme form of negotiation? Sounds like a fun and gallant aunt. :)
Mary Ann Dimand 6:03pm August 26, 2012)

This is exactly the kind of book I'd love to read...thanks so much for the chance!!!!
Bonnie Capuano 7:04pm August 26, 2012)

Super trick book, I cant wait to get my hands on a copy. It
looks fun and sassy! I can't wait to read this!
Candice Duffey 8:23pm August 26, 2012)

What a great quote; I say something along those lines pretty much every day at work where it's laugh or cry. Thanks for the contest!
Samantha Devine 8:56pm August 26, 2012)

Sounds like a great story, got to love some Texas!! :)
Jill Oswalt 9:03pm August 26, 2012)

Great interview, and Quote.
Deb Pelletier 9:40pm August 26, 2012)

Looking forward to reading this book....
William Festa 9:49pm August 26, 2012)

I should try that strip scrabble.
Jan D 10:19pm August 26, 2012)

Love Texas Stories, The book looks great
Kim Atchue-Cusella 10:22pm August 26, 2012)

Laughter really is the best medicine. My mom would make us laugh all the time, sometimes at the wrong time, like in church. My sisters and I would burst out laughing at her facial expressions. Then she would act like she didn't do anything when my dad gave us a dirty look.
Rita Wray 10:44pm August 26, 2012)

Who doesn't love humour, it heals the sick, the sad and the
sour. What would we do without a good laugh!
Rachael Whitzman 10:44pm August 26, 2012)

There are times when that old southern saying is all too true: "Honey, effen I don' laugh, I sure as Hell am gonna cry!"

And what about "Laughter is the best medicine"?

All too often in the last couple of years have I felt like crying more than laughing, but happily for everyone in the area (I look absolutely terrible when I cry), I managed to laugh instead.

Books that have laughter in them are high on my list of favourites, and this one sounds like one I would truly enjoy, just from the excerpt!


Lynn Rettig 10:47pm August 26, 2012)

I love the quote from your Grandmother, it's a great motto to live by. Life can be way to serious and stressfull at times and laughter makes it easier to get through the day.
Lisa White 10:47pm August 26, 2012)

I KNOW that this is going to be a good read!! I've had a good sense of humor all of my life, and have used laughter in many a situation. After reading this passage, you left me wanting more!! Thank you for sharing with us, and for making me one of your new fans!!
Peggy Roberson 10:53pm August 26, 2012)

This book sounds great. I love any book with humor in it.
Carol Woodruff 11:01pm August 26, 2012)

A wonderful anecdote thank you. Laughter and a sense of humor is terribly important.
Mary Preston 11:04pm August 26, 2012)

Thanks for your stories. They made me smile. Good luck with your books-
they look great.
Debbie Burdeen 11:17pm August 26, 2012)

The quote from your grandmother is just plain wonderful---I must remember it.
Sue Farrell 11:23pm August 26, 2012)

Great excerpt. I really love when humor is involved in the books I read. It not only makes them enjoyable but it helps me relax and not worry about RL troubles for a while.
Donna Simmonds 11:26pm August 26, 2012)

Laughter has always been a big part of my life. It's the only
thing that helps me cope with the things life throws at me.
Narda Young
Narda Young 2:15am August 27, 2012)

Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win! Sounds really good!
Natasha Donohoo 3:11am August 27, 2012)

That was a great story about the funeral and it reminded me of a similar event I hadn't thought about in years. Aged eleven I was new in secondary school, a convent school in Ireland, and in the middle of the day a storm closed in and thunder rolled directly overhead. It was scary for us. Nobody said anything unti after one very loud crash, a girl said "That's Sister Carmel falling downstairs!" Then we all laughed and nobody was scared anymore.
Clare O'Beara 4:58am August 27, 2012)

I loved your story about your aunt. Humor is so important to get you through life.
Debbie Penny 5:54am August 27, 2012)

Laughter is definitely the best medicine!
Melissa Maringer 9:21am August 27, 2012)

My family have all been in the forces and we have what we
call black humour to most bad situations. It's a great way
of coping with anything that would otherwise break us.

I think your cousin was probably right about his parents too
Ilona Fenton 12:31pm August 27, 2012)

I'm loving reading these comments. Thank you guys!!!!

I hope you all get lots of laughter from Blame it on Texas.

Christie Craig 12:59pm August 27, 2012)

Laughter can add so much to any book.
Shirley Nienkark 4:22pm August 30, 2012)

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