February 26th, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Pam Howell

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Spring Fling
May 7, 2012

718 comments posted.

Re: Secret Mountain Hideout (7:12am January 27, 2020):

I love plot first and foremost, but some series I love the characters so much that I will read plots that are standard just to get more about the characters.

Re: Capturing the Heart of a Rock Star (6:16am September 10, 2019):

I think we would make a great reader-author match.

Re: Unbreak Me (7:00am August 20, 2019):

A man who cooks, gets along with animals and plays a musical instrument. Be still my heart.

Re: The Sweetest Things (8:19am July 30, 2019):

Starlight Harbor sounds fabulous.

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (7:23am June 11, 2019):

The book sounds great. Thanks.

Re: Love Under Construction (6:44am May 21, 2019):

Looking forward to reading and I love adorkable scenes.

Re: Apparent Power (7:04am May 14, 2019):

Sounds great. Looking forward to reading this.

Re: Chocolate a la Murder (7:43am March 12, 2019):

You had me at chocolate.

Re: Feels Like Falling (7:01am November 20, 2018):

Your book sounds great.

Re: Summoner (6:58am September 14, 2017):

I love Peeves the poltergeist in the Harry Potter series best. He is just such fun.

Re: Elliott Redeemed (8:14am August 30, 2017):

I have not read much rock star romance but I will check out some of the top 5 recommendations. And I love the quote you live by. We should all hope to live a life less ordinary.

Re: Freedom's Ring (8:18am August 15, 2017):

I didn't know they are called time-slip novels. I have read a few and loved them. I especially love how the stories can intertwine with the places or events past and present.

Re: Chime and Punishment (7:29am August 8, 2017):

This sounds like a great read. Thanks for the contest.

Re: On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service (7:19am August 8, 2017):

I love this series. Thanks.

Re: Her Outback Cowboy (7:51am July 11, 2017):

I haven't been there yet but somday.

Re: Brazilian Capture (5:51am May 23, 2017):

To Kill a Mockingbird is the only movie I consider as good as the book.

Re: The Attraction of Adeline (7:48am April 16, 2017):

Chris Pratt would totally work. But Nathan Filion would be a good second choice too.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (5:44am March 1, 2017):

I love a lot of series. Harry Potter is probably my favorite.

Re: Snowbound with Mr. Wrong (7:06am November 20, 2016):

I just remember spending time with family.

Re: Christmas Tsar (9:08am November 4, 2016):

Congrats on the 51st book.

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (6:35am October 29, 2016):

My holiday food memories are gingerbread and my mom making candies for our family and friends - peanut butter cups, chocolate turtles, santa peppermint bark, chocolate covered cherries, mints, and spiced nuts. We had this big tin they were stored in and I loved them.

Re: Miriam (6:59am March 20, 2016):

The condo I live in has a lot of retirees and they are all inspiring and show me that age is just a number and they are always living life to its fullest.

Also wanted let you know that Prince of Egypt was not Disney, it was DreamWorks animation.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (5:26am March 18, 2016):

I listen to music almost the entire time I am working, unless something is really complex and needs my full attention. It keeps me on track and happier.

Re: Island Hope (7:02am March 8, 2016):

My favorite heroes are the quiet ones that just get things done and have a quiet strength to them.

Re: The End of the World (6:55am February 20, 2016):

I do sometimes wonder about all the life stories that might have played out in the beach house we rent.

Re: Forever Dusk (9:11am February 12, 2016):

Anger. Definitely the best weapon but also tough to control.

Re: For Cheddar or Worse (7:12am February 10, 2016):

Hilton Head Island. It is always relaxing and is lovely.

Re: Hannah's Choice (6:43am January 28, 2016):

Where I grew up in KY we had an Amish and Mennonite community. We often went there for veggies in the summer.

Re: Montana Wild (6:30am January 20, 2016):

It would take a lot. Not sure what but something dramatic.

Re: Pouncing on Murder (9:12am December 16, 2015):

Sometimes I just wonder at some outlandish event and think maybe that was from some real life event. It seems too outlandish to be made up.

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (9:07am December 16, 2015):

This sounds so interesting. And I agree I am not a fan of audiobooks. I have trouble focusing the few times I have tried them.

Re: Somewhere in Time (11:18am December 4, 2015):

I haven't discovered this series yet. It sounds interesting.

Re: One Rogue at a Time (11:31am December 3, 2015):

Probably D but wouldn't they have written marriages in the church registers? I think that is used today for ancestry records.

Re: In Search of Scandal (11:29am December 3, 2015):

I like a good hero but one with flaws. Not perfect.

Re: How To Seduce A Scot (11:25am December 3, 2015):

No favorite but I love any one in a kilt.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (11:25am December 3, 2015):

This sounds like a great read. Thanks.

Re: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (12:18pm November 27, 2015):

WE haven't really named any of our recipes after someone but dad always makes the Chex mix. That is his job for the holidays.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (12:18pm November 27, 2015):

I find lots of books at goodwill or other thrift stores. I feel like I can take more risks with trying books I might not like if I am not spending much.

Re: Deep Down (12:11pm November 27, 2015):

never tried it and not sure I will.

Re: Lucky Shot (9:51am November 24, 2015):

Turkey sandwiches and turkey noodle soup.

Re: What Lies Behind (9:50am November 24, 2015):

John Grisham was the first author I discovered through paperbacks. I take more risks with paperbacks. Books that I might not like.

Re: With Every Breath (9:46am November 24, 2015):

Hawaii is my dream getaway.

Re: Soul's Prisoner (5:22pm November 20, 2015):

Sweet potato casserole. And my honey yeast rolls.

Re: Katie in Waiting (5:21pm November 20, 2015):

We make gingerbread reindeer using a cookie cutter and then put red frosting on the nose for Rudolph.

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (9:50am November 19, 2015):

I don't really have a bucket list but I do want to take a road trip out west during a summer to see all the natural wonders there.

Re: My Soul to Keep (9:48am November 19, 2015):

The Harry Potter books.

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (9:48am November 19, 2015):

I am not a huge fan of sports heroes but occasionally they are nice.

Re: Easton's Everything (9:46am November 19, 2015):

If I really like the characters then a series but only if there is new material yet to be explored.

Re: Murder Under the Mistletoe (9:46am November 19, 2015):

a hot bubble bath and a good book are my favorite stress busters.

Re: Resist (9:42am November 19, 2015):

A cure for cancer.

Re: Dark Turns (9:25am November 19, 2015):

Yes. I took a ballroom dancing class in college with a friend and afraid because I am not graceful but it was fun.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (1:00pm November 14, 2015):

I love a lot of genres but mysteries are my favorite.

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (12:57pm November 14, 2015):

I just love the manners and the time period.

Re: Forever And Always (11:07am November 6, 2015):

It sounds like a great book. Thanks.

Re: When Fall Fades (11:05am November 6, 2015):

I do think of the worst case scenario and prepare and then I remain optimistic.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (11:04am November 6, 2015):

Home. But we also go to the Opryland Hotel which is completely over the top with decorations and is beautiful.

Re: Hidden Impact (11:03am November 6, 2015):

Fried chicken and dumplings.

Re: Stop at Nothing (11:14am November 4, 2015):

I think second chances are great.

Re: Recipes For Love And Murder (11:14am November 4, 2015):

I have lots of favorites but the dessert I get asked for the recipe the most is the gooey peanut butter cake.

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (11:13am November 4, 2015):

Viking history and mythology is very interesting. Sounds great.

Re: Single Wicked Wolf (10:06am October 30, 2015):

Spike is definitely the best breakout character I can think of.

Re: Beyond The Cherokee Trail (10:06am October 30, 2015):

I just love exploring forgotten parts of history.

Re: Asylum (9:56am October 30, 2015):

I don't really have any spooky Halloween stories but I love hearing them.

Re: Duke of Scandal (10:18am October 24, 2015):

I prefer the good guy but we all love to read about the bad guy.

Re: Deadlock (10:16am October 24, 2015):

We had two dogs - PeeWee and Prince. I miss them both.

Re: Illusion (10:16am October 24, 2015):

I don't really have a supernatural experience.

Re: Promise to Keep (10:15am October 24, 2015):

It is fun to read about different lives and the Amish seem like a throwback to the old days in a nice way.

Re: First Time With A Highlander (8:42am October 14, 2015):

I've never been to a book release party but it sounds like fun.

Re: Keeping Christmas (9:16am October 12, 2015):

I read books in lots of genres.

Re: The Survivors (9:09am October 12, 2015):

A psychologist would be an interesting hero.

Re: Taming His Rebel Lady (6:24pm September 19, 2015):

Good luck would be my advice. And therapy.

Re: Ties That Bind (9:54am September 18, 2015):

I am not a writer but like to put my thoughts down from time to time.

Re: Never Broken (9:34am September 10, 2015):

MY name means all honey.

Re: Avelynn (9:27am September 10, 2015):

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Benett.

Re: The Girl in the Glass (10:55am September 7, 2015):

Will they, won't they are really fun romances.

Re: Royal Flush (10:55am September 7, 2015):

The glitz and lights.

Re: A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (10:48am September 7, 2015):

I am a gymnastics geek. I follow it all year.

Re: The Good Neighbor (10:48am September 7, 2015):

I just make sure I devote time to whatever I need to whether it is music or writing or reading. You just have to do.

Re: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter (12:37pm September 4, 2015):

A do unto others code.

Re: From Russia Without Love (11:39am September 2, 2015):

Chris Pine definitely.

Re: The Highwayman (11:36am September 2, 2015):

This sounds great.

Re: The Highlander's Bride (11:33am September 2, 2015):

I just like seeing what draws the characters together and make them fall in love.

Re: From One Night to Wife (11:32am September 2, 2015):

I don't really have one.

Re: Bring Me To Life (8:10am August 30, 2015):

They are new to me but interesting.

Re: A Ghostly Demise (8:09am August 30, 2015):

Not sure yet. That is a long way off. But I plan on volunteering and spending time traveling.

Re: Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (8:09am August 30, 2015):

You just have to do. So write and eventually you will get the creative juices flowing.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (8:08am August 30, 2015):

Solid writing and characters that interest me.

Re: Food Baby (8:07am August 30, 2015):

I love chocolate and wish it were its own food group. But my main food quirk is I usually don't like my food to touch.

Re: A Remarkable Kindness (2:29pm August 26, 2015):

Slowly falling is love plays well most of the time. But all of them are fun.

Re: Last Chance Hero (10:28am August 20, 2015):

We drove from KY to Minnesota with a lot of stops on the way when I was a kid. It was so much fun.

Re: Wolf Trouble (10:27am August 20, 2015):

I don't have one.

Re: Craving's Creek (8:51am August 19, 2015):

Reading and chocolate.

Re: Falling for the P.I. (8:51am August 19, 2015):

Either is fine.

Re: The Wiregrass (10:15am August 12, 2015):

I don't write. I read a lot.

Re: Hot Point (10:15am August 12, 2015):

Edge of Tomorrow. A surprisingly good film.

Re: Merger of the Heart (10:13am August 12, 2015):

My nephew eats no vegetables and loves sweets. Since he is not my kid I don't work hard to get him to try things. That is the role of his parents.

Re: The Great Estate (10:12am August 12, 2015):

I try to find new BBC series to watch. Poldark was a good substitute. The Crimson Field was okay but not great.

Re: The Assassins of Altis (12:22pm August 8, 2015):

Dark Places. They were all not characters that I liked but it made sense in the context of who they were.

Re: Falling for Texas (12:21pm August 8, 2015):

Characters that I want to see what will happen with them.

Re: Summoning Sebastian (12:17pm August 8, 2015):

Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. Lots of YA series. Not so many adult series.

Re: Midnight on the Mississippi (8:26am August 6, 2015):

Hilton Head

Re: Fudging the Books (8:26am August 6, 2015):

Disney World.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (8:21am August 6, 2015):

It depends on the book. Usually I like a cover that captures my attention and imagination.

Re: A Radical Arrangement (8:16am August 6, 2015):

Feeding kids. I am shocked at how many kids in America go to bed hungry.

Re: A Peach of a Pair (8:12am August 6, 2015):

Peach iced tea.

Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (11:55am July 28, 2015):

I love music and gymnastics. And agree it is best to write about what you love.

Re: Lone Rider (11:55am July 28, 2015):

Gingerbread cookies.

Re: Center of Gravity (12:53pm July 14, 2015):

I am a total book nerd. I made my dad take me to the library on my 5th birthday so I could get my own library card.

Re: Murder.com (12:48pm July 14, 2015):

I don't have a favorite crime solving couple.

Re: The Curiosity Keeper (2:01pm July 8, 2015):

I have a few Georgette Heyer books on my list.

Re: Butter Off Dead (1:58pm July 8, 2015):

I have been collecting precious moments since I was a kid. And I collect flute figurines.

Re: The Spring Bride (7:26pm June 26, 2015):

Romances are an escape or fantasy usually and they are usually fun.

Re: Bushel Full Of Murder (7:25pm June 26, 2015):

I just picked out peaches at the farmers market and plan on making a peach pie.

Re: The Ticket (7:24pm June 26, 2015):

Dark Places is the last book that I really thought about for a while.

Re: Dead Dog Like Me (7:23pm June 26, 2015):

I recently read the book Miracles from Heaven and it gave me hope that God is actively involved in our lives.

Re: Girl Spoken For (7:20pm June 26, 2015):

Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston and anything Madonna remind me of the 80s. And We Built this City.

Re: The Breaking Point (4:12pm June 23, 2015):

I love the scientific focuses. In the lab is fun.

Re: Courtship of the Cake (4:09pm June 23, 2015):

Vanilla cake with white cream inside and a chocolate ganache frosting.

Re: Five Brides (3:09pm June 12, 2015):

That sounds like fun.

Re: Shadow Fires (3:02pm June 12, 2015):

There are a lot of books with opposites attracting and they usually are fun.

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (3:00pm June 12, 2015):

I love desserts in my mysteries.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (11:29am April 25, 2015):

I think marriage of convenience usually does not work, or at least not with a lot of fire and passion. Usually just resignation and boring.

Re: Wicked Stitch (11:30am April 16, 2015):

I love going to Renaissance festivals. IT is fun to step back in time.

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (11:29am April 16, 2015):

MY favorite recipe is for lava cupcakes that we call heart of darkness cakes.

Re: Then Sings My Soul (3:55pm April 11, 2015):

Miracles are all around you just have to look for them.

Re: A Horse for Kate (3:54pm April 11, 2015):

My nephews just don't read. And we tried to get them interested. Sometimes we get a series like Harry Potter that can get them reading but keeping it going is tough.

Re: Remember Me (3:54pm April 11, 2015):

I love playlists. I associate certain playlists with certain books I read.

Re: Tempting the Wolf (12:49pm April 9, 2015):

I generally like to collaborate.

Re: The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (10:30am April 3, 2015):

WE all make snap judgments that don't work out but I can't think of one specific one.

Re: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook (11:56am March 31, 2015):

Anything chocolate or with strawberries.

Re: SWAT Secret Admirer (11:56am March 31, 2015):

This looks like a great read.

Re: Lady Of The Eternal City (8:47am March 26, 2015):

The history and drama from ancient Rome is fascinating.

Re: Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge (7:21am March 22, 2015):

I can definitely relate to the insecurity. I think everyone can on some level.

Re: Spring Fever: Shifters in Love (12:00pm March 14, 2015):

Vampires. They are the most fun.

Re: Ask Me Nicely (9:46am March 5, 2015):

I guess insta love could happen but I've never seen it.

Re: Assault And Pepper (7:51am March 2, 2015):

I love cozy mysteries with recipes. Looking forward to reading your book.

Re: Forever in My Heart (7:35am February 26, 2015):

This sounds like a great read. It is always nice when the future love interests don't like each other at the start.

Re: At Wolf Ranch (7:33am February 26, 2015):

I love their silent strength.

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (12:52pm February 24, 2015):

That's great that a working partnership works for you. I don't have one and can't imagine one.

Re: Make Me Up (7:45am February 18, 2015):

I'm not a big makeover fan/ I like the way I am.

Re: A Killer Retreat (7:45am February 18, 2015):

Your book sounds unique. Can't wait to give it a try.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (7:44am February 18, 2015):

We all want a hero but I agree that we are all humans and reality is that everyone is flawed. But that doesn't mean they can't be a hero too.

Re: Fortune's Horizon (7:42am February 18, 2015):

I like the honorable hero best.

Re: Rescuing the Texan's Heart (4:07pm February 14, 2015):

I would definitely escape to Ouray. Right after my trip to Middle Earth!

Re: Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love (9:46am February 12, 2015):

Mr Darcy is my favorite hero.

Re: Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love (12:26pm February 10, 2015):

Sounds like a great read. Thanks.

Re: Finding Mercy (8:25am February 6, 2015):

When inspiration takes a vacation then it is time for me to take a vacation and regroup and find my center again. Then I just dust myself off and carry on. Hopefully stronger than before.

Re: The Mulligan (8:21am February 6, 2015):

The book sounds great and I'm glad you stuck with it. Congrats.

Re: As Gouda as Dead (9:23am February 5, 2015):

The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in Florida.

Re: Meow If It's Murder (10:25am January 13, 2015):

I love the title of the book. Thanks.

Re: A Spy Unmasked (11:27am November 14, 2014):

Sounds great. Thanks.

Re: Stirring The Plot (10:41am September 30, 2014):

I love culinary mysteries. And the books sounds great. Thanks.

Re: Reforming the Rock Star (10:40am September 30, 2014):

I can totally see why people would want to reinvent themselves. And sometimes we do need to get outside our comfort zones and find we do have new interests.

Re: How Sweet The Sound (6:33am September 19, 2014):

I don't really belong to a book club but I love it when my family read books together - like the harry potter series and the game of thrones series. We are still debating who John Snow is.

Re: Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (6:32am September 19, 2014):

Wow. Love the excerpt and can't wait to red more

Re: Charming (9:12am September 16, 2014):

Great first chapter. I hope it has a happy ending!

Re: Accidentally Married on Purpose (11:07am July 18, 2014):

My childhood crush was Tom Cruise.

Re: Firewall (8:29am July 10, 2014):

Great insights into the writing process.

Re: Mischief By Moonlight (11:15am June 25, 2014):

I like a hero with a sense of honor.

Re: Once Upon A Kiss (11:13am June 25, 2014):

Love the comedy of your character. Haven't had any truly embarrassing dinner party moments. Thankfully.

Re: Montana Bride (9:21am June 24, 2014):

I love the interconnected series of books. It just gives so much room for the stories to grow over the series.

Re: Somebody to Love (9:25am June 18, 2014):

I love romance novels and the escapism. But I think pretty much any book genre is a form of escapism.

Re: Words Of Conviction (8:37am June 17, 2014):

I love FBI thrillers.

Re: Monday, Monday (8:35am June 17, 2014):

The book sounds great. I was not born in the 60s but that was my parent's music so I really love it.

Re: Love Potions (10:40am June 6, 2014):

Scottish man in a kilt. Love that. And the sense of family makes it even better.

Re: Demon Creed (10:25am June 6, 2014):

Friends recommending a book or a trusted book review makes me pick up a book. After reading a book, I like to have something to think about.

Re: Their Unexpected Love (10:22am June 6, 2014):

I love the beach and look forward to my week there every year. And there is nothing I love more than my beach reading at the beach!

Re: The Fight (10:19am June 6, 2014):

Sometimes taking a break from a story allow you to take a story from just good to great. Congratulations. Can't wait to read this.

Re: Rules of Survival (8:53am June 3, 2014):

Great rules. Thanks.

Re: Love For Beginners (8:52am June 3, 2014):

I would love an all female garage. But I also don't drive. I am waiting for the self driving car.

Re: Tempest In A Teapot (8:44am June 3, 2014):

Some insignificant memories do pop up over and over again.

Re: Honor Reclaimed (11:18am May 28, 2014):

It is amazing how much information we have access to now with the internet.

Re: Rose House (10:13am May 24, 2014):

Wow. Now I want to go to Chicago. I hadn't thought the cage was really there. I love when books use real places and I can find them and know that author thought this place was pretty special.

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (11:52am May 23, 2014):

I haven't had to make any real sacrifices. I think everyone makes small ones like Karin above says.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:33am May 23, 2014):

This is a great weekend to remember those who have fought for our country. Thanks for the history of the day.

Re: To Charm a Naughty Countess (11:33am May 23, 2014):

This made me think of the line in Jerry MacGuire - You had me at hello.

Re: Everything to Lose (10:25am May 20, 2014):

Working with Patterson has to have been a great experience.

Re: Lady Gone Bad (10:24am May 20, 2014):

The old west would be fun to visit but not to live in.

Re: House Of Jaguar (10:23am May 20, 2014):

Wow. Great live story. I love reading about life or death situations but would not like to actually be in one.

Re: By Any Means (10:21am May 20, 2014):

Good luck with the parenting. It is tiring but great. And to find time in all that to write is amazing. Keep it up.

Re: Wakeworld (8:18am May 15, 2014):

I don't know what sort of dragon I would be. Definitely dangerous but hopefully intelligent.

Re: Frisky Business (7:55am May 15, 2014):

I love the totally honest conversation. Congratulations on the wedding.

Re: Her Perfect Mate (7:52am May 15, 2014):

The book sounds interesting. Sort of reminds me of the xmen in terms of how the government views them.

Re: Deep in My Heart (7:49am May 15, 2014):

Definitely When Harry Met Sally.

Re: Risky Game (8:44am May 14, 2014):

I haven't really read a sports romance book. They sound interesting.

Re: Pure Heat (8:41am May 14, 2014):

Sounds like a great book. Fire jumpers have to be really brave.

Re: Always Emily (8:39am May 14, 2014):

The book sounds fascinating. I have to admit to being very lucky to have a great mom that is my go to person when I need to talk about anything.

Re: Wicked Little Secrets (7:55am May 14, 2014):

I remember one of my first historical fiction books was written by Victoria Holt (I think under another pen name) about the wives of Henry the VIII. That fascinated me and I still love learning and reading about those wives.

Re: A Sweet Life Boxed Set (12:38pm May 10, 2014):

Great cause. Thanks.

Re: Cottonmouth and the River (12:37pm May 10, 2014):

I love the cover and I agree that some children's books are great messages for adults as well.

Re: Rise And Shine (12:36pm May 10, 2014):

Love the modern day fairy tales.

Re: The Language Of Silence (10:42am May 9, 2014):

The books sound great, especially the Southern Cousins series.

Re: Playboy's Lesson (10:18am May 7, 2014):

The book sounds like lot so fun!

Re: The Memory Garden (10:16am May 7, 2014):

My perfect garden is the one my mom had when I was growing up. We had a vegetable garden that we all helped in and then there were smaller flower gardens around the yard that was entirely my mom's but I did help some. It was amazing.

Re: The Warrior (10:14am May 7, 2014):

Great letter and the series sounds interesting. Thanks.

Re: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (7:36am May 1, 2014):

That is a great picture. Thanks. And love the story. I have read of several people raising chickens.

Re: Don't Blackmail the Vampire (7:33am May 1, 2014):

Ice skating vampires sounds very amusing. Looking forward to checking that out.

Re: Searching for Perfect (7:27am May 1, 2014):

I do love a good series series. Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor is a favorite.

Re: Out of Control (7:26am May 1, 2014):

I don't pick books based on setting, but occasionally the setting makes me more interested in a book.

Re: The Paris Time Capsule (7:39am April 28, 2014):

I loved the articles about the Parisian apartment. I think it makes for an excellent mystery novel. My favorite "true" mystery is that of the treasure of Oak Island.

Re: East of Ecstasy (9:11am April 24, 2014):

When reading a series I mostly love the characters. That is what makes me want more to the story - when I feel like the characters could be real and are interesting.

Re: The Miracle Thief (9:10am April 24, 2014):

I absolutely believe in miracles.

Re: A Shot of Red (10:36am April 23, 2014):

Blown glass has always fascinated me. The trip sounds fascinating.

Re: Wild About Her Wingman (10:33am April 23, 2014):

My perfect matchup is a bubble bath and good book. But perfect food matchup is cheese and crackers.

Re: Rustler's Heart (10:02am April 22, 2014):

Salt of the earth means a good person to me.

Re: Home to Stay (10:37am April 16, 2014):

Small town says home to me. I live just outside a big city and I still call home the small town where I grew up.

Re: One Bite Per Night (10:39am April 12, 2014):

The book sounds great. Thanks for the excerpt.

Re: Mad About You (9:49am April 2, 2014):

Sounds interesting. I think friends can work as a romance.

Re: A Killing Notion (9:47am April 2, 2014):

I like fun mysteries and I really like the cooking ones for some reason.

Re: The Winter Bride (9:42am April 2, 2014):

I love beta heroes from time to time.

Re: Dash of Peril (9:41am April 2, 2014):

The books looks great. Thanks. And I think it must be fun to just go where the characters take you rather than try to force a specific plot on them.

Re: Dyed and Gone (10:49am March 29, 2014):

Who knew? Thanks for all these ideas. Especially the hemming.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (10:48am March 29, 2014):

The story sounds great and I like that my mom and I can read the same books.

Re: An Accidental Life (10:44am March 29, 2014):

Wow. This is a very intriguing issue.

Re: Sex and the Single Vamp (9:13am March 27, 2014):

The book sounds interesting. I like the thought of vampires helping in American History.

Re: Home to Stay (9:12am March 27, 2014):

The ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast has always been that cinema moment where I thought it was perfect.

Re: Bite Me (9:10am March 27, 2014):

The hunger games made me wonder where that idea came from. Luckily she did answer that question in interviews.

Re: In the Dark (11:40am March 22, 2014):

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship.

Re: Turned (10:12am March 20, 2014):

Thanks for the teaser. It sounds great.

Re: Kissing with Fangs (10:10am March 20, 2014):

Thanks for the excerpt. It sounds interesting.

Re: Silence Of The Wolf (10:09am March 20, 2014):

I would pick Ian.

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (7:31am March 18, 2014):

I love a series, especially when I really like the characters - both the main and the secondary. Then I just want the story to keep going.

Re: The Duke's Quandary (10:22am March 15, 2014):

I don't really have a hero. But I love it when I see the hero in others. Like this couple that were elderly and walked the mall in the mornings. He would hold her purse as they walked and she held on to his arms since she was less steady in her walking. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (10:18am March 15, 2014):

My one requirement in a purse is that it can fit a book! I constantly read wherever I am. I always have. I love the escape.

Re: Dating, Dining, and Desperation (10:15am March 15, 2014):

I grew up in a small town, actually in the county near a small town. And I think some day I would like to go back there.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (7:49am March 12, 2014):

I love the ruggedness of a cowboy.

Re: Some Like It Wild (9:16am March 11, 2014):

The book sounds great. I like good girls and bad boys getting together. Each can learn from the other and meet in the middle.

Re: Darkside Sun (9:09am March 11, 2014):

I can't really think of an event or book that really changed my life. But the book sounds great.

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (8:52am March 6, 2014):

Sometimes the secondary characters are the best part of the book. I think back to Jane Austen and how the books are made so much better by the secondary characters. That is where I think a lot of her messages about life then are made.

Re: Anointed (8:45am March 6, 2014):

I would love to be invisible when I wanted. That way I could get around awkward situations and would be great for spying and getting into places that would otherwise be impossible.

Re: Donna of the Dead (8:43am March 6, 2014):

I have read several YA series - starting with the Harry Potter series, moving to Twilight and then on to Hunger Games. I have enjoyed every one I have read so far. There are parts I can't relate to, especially the twilight series, which had too much teen drama for me. But I am not afraid to read them and suggest them to friends.

Re: What The Groom Wants (10:12am March 5, 2014):

I love the trivia. Especially number 2. I totally agree with the one who doesn't love Data.

Re: Mustang Sassy (10:10am March 5, 2014):

I listen to 60s songs while working as they are great to keep me on track. When I am happy and want to dance I listen to 80s music.

Re: The Prosecutor (10:09am March 5, 2014):

I really don't have a favorite hero.

Re: The Mapmaker's Daughter (10:02am March 5, 2014):

I love the idea of stories about forgotten women. The books sound great.

Re: Searching for Beautiful (7:54am March 4, 2014):

Beautiful can be the physical look but it can also be the essence of the person.

Re: The Rebel Pirate (7:51am March 4, 2014):

I have so many favorite authors. I love the classics. Jane Austen is one I come back to again and again. And I have started reading Georgette Heyer.

Re: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (7:50am March 4, 2014):

I moved to a new city and got a new job right out of college.

Re: Must Love Dukes (9:01am February 27, 2014):

I was back in my hometown and saw someone I knew as a kid but couldn't remember his name, so I pretended to not notice him. But then he noticed me and it was totally awkward as I still couldn't remember his name.

Re: Hot Rock (9:32am February 26, 2014):

I think their bad boy image and their devil may care attitude is a big draw.

Re: Tempted by the Soldier (9:31am February 26, 2014):

I'm addicted to chocolate. And I am so glad to meet another Christopher Pike fan. I read all his books as a teenager.

Re: The Trouble With Honor (7:16am February 25, 2014):

I loved the excerpt. I always love women that are at least as smart as the men and not afraid to let them know it. Now I want to know where she learned to play the game.

Re: Bound to be Dirty (7:55am February 23, 2014):

I found 50 shades to be funny in terms of some of the writing and the scenarios. But it was a bit spicier than what I had read before. But there is nothing wrong with reading something outside of a person's comfort zone.

Re: Full Measures (8:28am February 22, 2014):

The military life is fascinating. There are a lot of military where I live, in the DC area. The book sounds great.

Re: Mint Juleps and Justice (8:24am February 22, 2014):

Sorry about your loss. I would choose a combo - more of a beta with the alpha coming out when needed.

Re: Oath of the Brotherhood (7:19am February 21, 2014):

The synopsis sounds great. Thanks.

Re: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (9:09am February 20, 2014):

Wow. That is so brave to marry someone you have never met. But I am glad it worked out and it does make for an interesting plot in the story.

Re: Lord of the Sea (7:40am February 19, 2014):

There is no perfect hero. The flaws make you appreciate the strengths better.

Re: The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (7:39am February 19, 2014):

I mostly prefer realistic romance but sometimes I want a fantasy.

Re: Lord of Swords (8:06am February 17, 2014):

Happy Donor Day! Much better than Valentine's Day, which has gotten so commercial.

Re: Much Ado About Jack (10:28am February 13, 2014):

I think he could have fun with it. It would definitely be very different but he would still be masterful with that period, but in a more subtle way.

Re: What The Groom Wants (10:27am February 13, 2014):

Glad it was D. That was what I was going to pick before reading the comments.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (9:07am February 7, 2014):

Totally loving thinking of Gerard Butler's voice and imagining him saying the lines while wearing a kilt.

Re: What The Groom Wants (9:05am February 7, 2014):

Can't really add much but reading the comments on this post was fun!

Re: Breakaway Hearts (10:05am February 6, 2014):

I love the inspirational stories and all the ice skating.

Re: Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction (10:04am February 6, 2014):

Thanks for the excerpt. Looking forward to reading the book.

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum (11:02am February 4, 2014):

This sounds like a great series. I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of Cheri for myself.

Re: Risk Taker (9:16am February 2, 2014):

I always like stories that involve the military. Sounds great.

Re: The Roses Underneath (8:56am January 31, 2014):

Art is our history and should always be preserved.

Re: The Wedding Game (8:49am January 31, 2014):

I love weddings too. Especially because each one usually is so unique to the couple. And it is always a great way to see friends and family. The wedding game sounds interesting, especially in the world of the bachelor.

Re: Love in the Library (7:22am January 29, 2014):

I like the regular guy as a hero.

Re: Teacup Turbulence (6:17am January 27, 2014):

Congrats on both books!

Re: Scent Of Butterflies (8:29am January 23, 2014):

I always say you can't criticize anything until you have seen it, read it, etc. And I also say you can't complain about politicians if you don't vote. There are always going to be negative people. You just have to ignore them.

Re: Love Songs for the Road (10:02am January 21, 2014):

Congrats on the novel. I also am very careful on Facebook. Mostly I just keep up with other people.

Re: Sadie's Secret (8:15am January 19, 2014):

Sounds like a great read. The Pinkerton agency has always been interesting and a female agent is awesome. Thanks

Re: Now or Never (8:44am January 15, 2014):

It is never too late for love.

Re: Hustlin' Texas (10:10am December 4, 2013):

The book sounds great. Thanks for the clip

Re: Rugged Hearts (10:06am December 4, 2013):

I am grateful for my friends and family.

Re: Billionaire Blend (11:19am December 3, 2013):

The recipes have my mouth watering. Can't wait to read the book.

Re: Aloha Rose (10:18am November 26, 2013):

I loved Hawaii. It was beautiful. I can't wait to get back for another vacation.

Re: Otherworld (10:17am November 26, 2013):

I have met most of my dreams. In terms of an unrealized crazy dream, maybe to sing with Taylor Swift, but that will never happen.

Re: The Pieces We Keep (9:25am November 26, 2013):

Sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read the book.

Re: Reign (12:15pm November 24, 2013):

The squid said eat more turkey!

Re: The Wedding Game (12:09pm November 24, 2013):

I might joke about it but I really wouldn't marry for money.

Re: The Bitches of Brooklyn (8:35am November 19, 2013):

I have a fab dress that I got about 2 years ago but don't have the shoes to match. The tags are still on it. Time to go shoe shopping (which I hate).

Re: Shenandoah Crossings (8:32am November 14, 2013):

I don't think I would ever run away to another place or time, but it would be really fun to live in a different time period .

Re: Texas Tango (8:31am November 14, 2013):

The book sounds interesting. Thanks for the exerpt.

Re: The Namesake (7:13am November 12, 2013):

The book sounds great. Love that faith plays a role in it.

Re: Bikers and Pearls (11:02am November 11, 2013):

My parents always read to me and when I turned five I got my own library card. I love reading. But I don't think I could be a writer. But my nephews love making up stories together.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (11:59am November 9, 2013):

Sounds interesting. Love costumes.

Re: Daughter Of The God-King (11:59am November 9, 2013):

This sounds like a great story. Can't wait to read it.

Re: A Cadence Creek Christmas (11:13am November 7, 2013):

I am so addicted to Pinterst and could totally see how it would work in crafting the wedding in the story.

Re: Upon a Winter's Night (11:12am November 7, 2013):

I love spending time with my family and the food. But I have to admit my mom and I really love to decorate as well. It just makes us happy and festive.

Re: Scion of the Sun (9:41am November 5, 2013):

I am usually pleasantly surprised by the young adult books out there. My absolute favorite is the Hunger Games series.

Re: Born Wild (12:31pm November 2, 2013):

I really like the three rules. Sounds like a great read.

Re: A Midsummer Bride (2:11pm October 31, 2013):

I like smart women. Especially in earlier genres since that was not a quality many appreciated back then.

Re: Hunter's Moon (10:24am October 29, 2013):

I love them all. Anything paranormal. But I have never really found a zombie story that I liked reading. But I love the Walking Dead.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (10:36am October 27, 2013):

I would not like the limitations upon movement. It is much harder to get around town.

Re: Norse Jewel (10:35am October 27, 2013):

I love reads with twists. Especially when it is clear the author was going there the whole time. That makes me want to read the book again to see what I missed the first time.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (1:07pm October 22, 2013):

Sounds like a great story. Thanks.

Re: Christmas Quilt (10:20am October 20, 2013):

I'm glad I am not the only one who is Christmas crazy. My tree will be going up November 1. And my mom and I have bought so many ornaments that her house has four full sized trees. I would have the same if I had more room.

Re: The Butterfly Sister (9:58am October 19, 2013):

I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books growing up. And I always love a good mystery, regardless of the time of year. Thanks for the new recommendations.

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (9:50am October 19, 2013):

I love a bit of danger in a historical romance.

Re: Plague Ship (10:25am October 15, 2013):

Sounds fascinating. Love that a doctor wrote the book.

Re: Her Accidental Boyfriend (10:50am October 14, 2013):

I've never had the luck for the accidental boyfriend. But I love your story. Sounds great.

Re: Death Of A Schoolgirl (10:46am October 14, 2013):

I loved Jane Eyre. Looking forward to your expansion of that world. Sounds great.

Re: The Children of the Mist (1:50pm October 13, 2013):

I still imagine that I have secret powers or I imagine myself in my favorite books. But if I really woke up transformed with some secret powers, I guess the first thing I would do is try to figure out everything I could about it. Whether there are any books or other people with the same powers, etc. But it would sure be fun.

Re: My Lady Quicksilver (1:25pm October 5, 2013):

I think everyone has at some point told a lie and had it come back to bite them. I think we all learn from it.

Re: Newton Neighbors (1:24pm October 5, 2013):

Definitely chaos. That is what makes life fun.

Re: Long Shot (10:22am October 1, 2013):

Love kilts. Looking forward to the book.

Re: The Outlaw Knight (9:29am September 29, 2013):

He sounds like a fascinating character.

Re: Severed Trust (11:13am September 21, 2013):

Thanks for the information. I didn't really know much about the Texas Rangers before reading this. I always love interesting bits of history.

Re: Dark Road Home (11:10am September 21, 2013):

I love it when authors take the time to get the setting and time period right. There is nothing that takes me out of a story more than knowing something is wrong.

Re: Gideon's Call (11:08am September 21, 2013):

I love books and the stacks of books to read keeps multiplying like rabbits. But luckily my condo has a book swap every year where I get rid of the ones I have read and get some new books. That cuts down on some of the expense.

Re: Tempted in the Tropics (12:39pm September 15, 2013):

Anything chocolate works. But I find that something almost liquid, like a lava cake or strawberries with chocolate for dipping, works really well.

Re: Everlast (12:34pm September 15, 2013):

I loved Wicked. It really made me think and I loved how the author didn't just tell you everything. There were parts I still had questions about after reading the book. Looking forward to reading your take on fairy tales in the new book.

Re: When Mountains Move (10:10am September 12, 2013):

Thanks for the list of favorite books. I loved the Poisonwood Bible and I hadn't read a few on your list, so now I can add them to my reading list.

Re: Shades Of Mercy (10:08am September 12, 2013):

The story sounds great. And it is great that you try to stay true to the time period and the characters.

Re: Traces Of Mercy (10:05am September 12, 2013):

Wow. That sounds like a great story. I can't imagine not having all my memories. They are so integral to who I am and I would be completely lost without them.

Re: Command Performance (9:21am September 10, 2013):

The books sounds great. But I think the friend should have brought the chocolate with the shoes! Who says a woman can't have it all.

Re: The Dervish (12:15pm September 8, 2013):

I love historical fiction and the setting seems like something I haven't read a lot about before. Looks fabulous.

Re: The Good Wife (7:31am September 3, 2013):

Sometimes the moving forward past a trying time is the most difficult thing in the world. I can't imagine being able to do that.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (11:00am September 2, 2013):

Beauty and the Beast.

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (10:59am September 2, 2013):

I make these fabulous chewy chocolate ginger cookies that are great with tea.

Re: The Blood Gospel (11:22am August 31, 2013):

I am not sure where vampire origins came from, but I think they are fascinating to society because they are usually immortal. It is a new and interesting twist to have them integrated in the Catholic Church history. That sounds like it would be an interesting read.

Re: Unforeseeable (11:18am August 31, 2013):

I love mysteries. This sounds great.

Re: The Mysterious Death Of Miss Jane Austen (2:06pm August 29, 2013):

Wow. The story sounds great. And I love that you got to write in a building Jane Austen actually slept at. That is awesome.

Re: What the Bride Wore (2:04pm August 29, 2013):

I have been reading the Percy Jackson series the follow-up series Heroes of Olympus.

Re: A Rancher's Christmas (10:05am August 27, 2013):

My must have for a town is a group of interesting townspeople. But things like a nice town square, library and park are nice as well.

Re: The Arrangement (11:28am August 24, 2013):

I haven't read your books yet but they sound great. And it is good to know from the other commenters that they like your books.

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (6:32pm August 22, 2013):

It really depends on the series. With some stories, I just want to keep "living in that world" so to speak with more books. But others I feel reach a natural stopping point and are better off ending there.

Re: Wicked Beat (6:31pm August 22, 2013):

Oh my goodness. That was hilarious.

Re: Surrender To Sultry (6:28pm August 22, 2013):

I loved the excerpt. I can't wait to read the rest.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (12:43pm August 18, 2013):

my mom always made sacrifices when we were growing up so my brother and I had what we needed.

Re: Beneath the Dover Sky (12:41pm August 18, 2013):

I am always reminded that which does not kill us makes us stronger. I can't imagine even back to my grandmother's generation. My grandmother lost 6 of her 11 children before the age of 20. That is perseverance.

Re: The Amish Seamstress (12:23pm August 18, 2013):

Love the Amish stories. I can't imagine living without all of the technology I use every day, but I love the sense of family and community.

Re: Italian Affair (1:07pm August 10, 2013):

My favorite books always make me imagine the world after the book. Sometimes. like with the Harry Potter world, I imagine myself in the stories and new adventures I imagine. That is the best part.

Re: What the Bride Wore (1:30pm August 6, 2013):

The road trip sounds like it will be lots of fun. Hope you will be updating with all the adventures.

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (1:29pm August 6, 2013):

It is always good to hear how a story idea came to be. Thanks.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (1:26pm August 6, 2013):

The coffee house mysteries sound amazing. I love mysteries that also include food.

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: London (8:37am July 30, 2013):

I can't imagine the perseverance to get through writing a book. It is an amazing commitment.

Re: Traveling Light (9:19am July 28, 2013):

It is fun to watch people and sometimes feel like you catch a possible glimpse into what their lives might be.

Re: Second Ride Cowboy (9:18am July 28, 2013):

I think sometimes there are second changes. Rarely but occasionally.

Re: The Outcast Prince (11:17am July 25, 2013):

I love paranormal stories. The best part is sometimes after reading a book I see someone that I could totally see as fitting into that world. Maybe they look like they should shape shift or sometimes they just look like they know what I am thinking. These books definitely send my imagination into overdrive.

Re: A Spy to Die For (11:14am July 25, 2013):

I love the description of the book. Not sure I would want to live in a world where assassins are legal, but it definitely would make for an interesting read.

Re: Reckless (11:11am July 25, 2013):

I loved the Mission Impossible movies.

Re: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (10:27am July 23, 2013):

I think it is very brave to make that big of a life change. Congratulations.

Re: Complete Me (10:21am July 23, 2013):

Looking forward to reading the series. Thanks.

Re: An Open Heart (9:01am July 21, 2013):

Sometimes "miracles" in fiction do seem more like plot devices, but I agree if the character is struggling to accept what they saw then it makes the reader less likely to feel it is a plot device.

Re: The Officer And The Secret (8:49am July 19, 2013):

Skype really is the best for long distances. But sometimes an old fashioned note or card in the mail really brings a smile to the other person's day.

Re: Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe (8:48am July 19, 2013):

Reading this made me hungry. But it also definitely makes me want to read the book. Thanks.

Re: Magic Rises (8:47am July 19, 2013):

The book sounds great. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

Re: Masquerade (9:21am July 14, 2013):

Definitely agree that Scarlett O'Hara is the best written bad girl to date. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

Re: Emeralds of the Alhambra (9:20am July 14, 2013):

The book sounds great. Spain had one of the most tolerant and diverse society for a while. It will be a great setting for the book.

Re: Merger to Marriage (11:15am July 13, 2013):

The chocolate episode is my favorite one because that would be my dream. And I would love to try to eat that much chocolate.

Re: If The Shoe Fits (10:16am July 11, 2013):

The book sounds great. And I have always loved Snape from the HP books and think he would make a great romantic character.

Re: Pennsylvania Patchwork (10:11am July 11, 2013):

Love the Amish stories. Research is always fun.

Re: Jungle Fire (10:08am July 11, 2013):

I love small towns because you really get to know the supporting characters. But sometimes an exotic location is nice too.

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (10:06am July 11, 2013):

Love the quilt.

Re: Guardian (10:10am July 9, 2013):

Persuasion is the best second chance at love story ever.

Re: Winning a Bride (9:30am July 6, 2013):

The novella sounds great.

Re: Paradise Valley (12:02pm July 4, 2013):

I haven't read your books yet but they sound great. Happy 4th everyone!

Re: Prince of Secrets (5:29pm July 2, 2013):

One thing that drives me crazy is a long drawn out book series with lots of characters that really makes me work to get through it. The prime example is Game of Thrones. Thank goodness I finally finished the last book out. It was definitely worth it but it seemed to take forever and I had to keep flipping to the back to remember who the characters were and who they were loyal to.

Re: Wish You Were Here (11:07am June 29, 2013):

I don't really have one experience that made me enjoy reading, I just remember on my 5th birthday I made my dad take me to the library so I could get my own library card. I have always loved books.

Re: Smoking Hot (11:02am June 27, 2013):

I think it would be difficult to have only angelic thoughts.

Re: If The Shoe Fits (8:27am June 20, 2013):

It would include lots of songs by different singers, but several Taylor Swift songs would be on the early part of the soundtrack.

Re: Widow Of Gettysburg (8:26am June 20, 2013):

I don't really watch book trailers.

Re: Grounded (8:24am June 20, 2013):

I haven't read the series yet, but they sound interesting. Thanks,

Re: Rescuing Dawn (8:41am June 18, 2013):

Yes, my friends will always have my back.

Re: Opposing Forces (8:14am June 16, 2013):

I don't have a good reunion story, but every year in the summer we have a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. my mom is the youngest of 22 kids, so there are lots of people and every year I always get to meet someone I didn't know before.

Re: Summer at Mustang Ridge (10:54am June 11, 2013):

We have lots of family traditions. We have a family reunion every summer.

Re: When The Morning Glory Blooms (8:49am May 22, 2013):

Friendships ebb and flow, as we get over and life circumstances change. Many times the friends I have lost contact with have been due to distance. We moved away. Luckily social media helps keep in contact but it can't make up for the distance and the lack of shared experiences as life evolves.

Re: A Healing Heart (8:42am May 22, 2013):

The book sounds great. And thanks for the quilt idea. I definitely need to look into getting one for my nephew.

Re: Flora's Wish (8:39am May 22, 2013):

I'm looking forward to how the villain plays the hero.

Re: Last Chance For Justice (8:42am May 19, 2013):

I like steady paced books. But when a book is too long, i.e. I read one that was just at 1000 pages, I get annoyed. All I could think is where was the editor.

Re: Seducing Charlotte (8:40am May 19, 2013):

It doesn't matter either way. Hot opening scenes are sometimes appropriate. But usually I like to build to them.

Re: Past Due (8:31am May 18, 2013):

The greatest lessons I have learned from my grandmothers really relate to finding my own identity and not mold myself around a man. That was the generation they grew up in, so I think they missed out a lot of the growing up and exploring time women have today.

Re: Undone (10:07am May 16, 2013):

I really like the 4 your listed. I would also add smart. I like smart men.

Re: Changing Lanes (10:05am May 16, 2013):

I wouldn't change anything. Yes I made mistakes along the way but I learned from them. And am better for them.

Re: Acadian Waltz (9:36am May 14, 2013):

Love the distinction between a love story and a romance. Awesome.

Re: Cybersp@ce (9:35am May 14, 2013):

The book sounds great. Thanks.

Re: A Highland Werewolf Wedding (11:00am May 9, 2013):

Wow. That is a lot of writing. I can't imagine writing one book much less 54 Congrats.

Re: Fearless Heart (7:48am May 5, 2013):

The book sounds interesting. Thanks.

Re: Lord of the Mist (10:23am May 4, 2013):

AS long as I knew I could go back home any time I wanted, I would love to time travel.

Re: A Wedding In Springtime (8:55am May 2, 2013):

Love the Regency rogues best.

Re: Heart Of Iron (8:55am May 2, 2013):

I don't have one typical hero. I just like it when they have some flaws to them but they are good at heart.

Re: Father By Choice (7:43am April 30, 2013):

I agree that children really don't add to romance books.

Re: Detour to Dusk (10:29am April 28, 2013):

This book sounds fascinating.

Re: Honorable Rancher (11:52am April 27, 2013):

I like both betas and alpha men, depending on the story.

Re: By Hook or By Crook (11:52am April 27, 2013):

Difficult men are fun to read. I assume they must be lots of fun to write too!

Re: The Last Telegram (12:26pm April 25, 2013):

Your family history is amazing. And it is great to have a picture of where you write.
And there is nothing wrong with a bit of mess.
My work desk has a sign that says "A Clean Desk is the Sign of a Sick Mind."

Re: Thrill Ride (7:56am April 21, 2013):

It sounds interesting.

Re: A Man for All Seasons (10:50am April 19, 2013):

I don't really have a lot of superstitions. But 13 is really my lucky number.

Re: A Method to Madness (9:38am April 16, 2013):

Sounds like a great book. Thanks.

Re: Guardian's Alliance (9:37am April 16, 2013):

This sounds like a very unique read. Thanks.

Re: Night Demon (9:05am April 14, 2013):

I really like a smart hero.

Re: Abby Road (11:48am April 13, 2013):

I also have a fear of going too far in the water. I won't get in more than knee deep. Thanks to a friend getting stung by a stingray. But I always find I am most relaxed on a beach. Hilton Head is my absolute favorite beach. I just always find myself rejuvenated at the end of the week there.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (11:02am April 11, 2013):

I think having a character that is either a love them or hate them person really adds a spark to a story. It also means they are well crafted.

Re: Darius (12:12pm April 4, 2013):

Both. I think about them and make pros and cons or list options. And then after a good night's sleep I can usually have a better understanding of what is the best solution to a problem.

Re: A Shot Of Sultry (1:53pm March 28, 2013):

I can't think of the best gift I have received. That's tough. Nothing nearly as thoughtful as the one you describe.

Re: Identity Crisis (1:51pm March 28, 2013):

Wow. This was a really fascinating article. I didn't know there were so many forgeries in the art world.

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (4:18pm March 26, 2013):

That sounds like such an adventure. And a great inspiration for this book.

Re: Lord of the Keep (11:22am March 23, 2013):

Sometimes a cover will grab my attention but if I have already heard about a book and am already interested then the cover doesn't really matter.

Re: Nickeled-And-Dimed To Death (11:12am March 23, 2013):

I think that as long as the quality stays the same, there is no reason an author can't write more than one book in a year.

Re: If You Give A Rake A Ruby (11:21am March 21, 2013):

Definitely sexy. But also kind at the core.

Re: Buried In A Bog (4:12pm March 17, 2013):

I've never been to Ireland but would love to go there someday.
Happy St Patrick's Day.

Re: Trouble In The Tarot (12:28pm March 16, 2013):

I really like romance with a mystery thrown in. It gives the characters something to do to get to know each other.

Re: Her Knight's Quest (12:27pm March 16, 2013):

Secondary characters really add color to the books. Plus sometimes they provide a different viewpoint.

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (3:15pm March 14, 2013):

Wow. That is a great story. Congrats.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (6:12pm March 7, 2013):

The book sounds great. I grew up in a small town.

Re: The Turncoat (11:11am March 6, 2013):

Love stories between enemies always have this extra chemestry. Like fireworks just waiting to ignite.

Re: The Survivor (11:29am March 5, 2013):

I think communicating the crime trends in a particular community are key to preventing crime.

Re: The Christie Curse (11:47am March 3, 2013):

It would be fun working with my mom on a mystery. But I think there would be some heated arguments. We are both perfectionists with our own ideas that sometimes clash.

Re: Into the Spotlight (1:59pm March 2, 2013):

I love CSI: Vegas. Other than that I don't watch shows about Vegas and have never been.

Re: Protector (1:50pm March 2, 2013):

I always have a book or magazine with me when I leave the house. And when I travel there are usually several of both that come along. I keep the few books that I want to re-read. The rest I pass on to my family.

Re: Cowboy Tough (2:34pm February 28, 2013):

The book sounds great. I love cowboys.

Re: Wait Until Dark (2:32pm February 28, 2013):

Interesting blog post.

Re: Hot Ticket (2:27pm February 28, 2013):

Someone who listens and is there for you when you need them.

Re: Jake (11:37am February 26, 2013):

I really like the western novels. The men are strong and rugged but usually really nice.

Re: Greta and the Goblin King (11:23am February 24, 2013):

I love the spring. It is the perfect combination of seasons and makes me happy after the dreaded winter.

Re: Scorned Justice (3:30pm February 23, 2013):

I was having trouble thinking of them. but I agree with Princess Bride. That is a great revenge element.

Re: X Marks The Scot (1:09pm February 21, 2013):

Wow. This sounds really great. I can't wait to read.

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (1:05pm February 21, 2013):

Lots of my favorite characters are secondary. I love Snape in the HP series. And Luna Lovegood is another favorite there. And then Finnick is my favorite character in the Hunger Games. Those are the ones that i can think of right now. I think it shows the talents of an author when I can love the minor characters as much as the major ones.

Re: The Moses Quilt (12:23pm February 16, 2013):

Hopefully we learn from the past so we won't make the same mistakes in the future.

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (10:26am February 13, 2013):

I would swim and just try to find peace and relaxation.

Re: Wildcat (10:26am February 13, 2013):

The book sounds great. Thanks. If that situation happened in real life with the naked rider bareback, I would blush and not be able to say anything. I can't help it.

Re: Seven-Night Stand (12:07pm February 9, 2013):

I love exotic locales. They seem so adventurous.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (12:05pm February 9, 2013):

The book sounds great congrats.

Re: In From The Cold (11:15am February 3, 2013):

The book sounds great. Not sure I would stay in a tent during snow. I'm a warm fire kinda girl.

Re: The Autumn Bride (9:37am January 31, 2013):

I don't belong to a book group. And I tend to switch between books where i want to analyze everything and then those I just want to read for fun.

Re: Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match (7:50am January 28, 2013):

The book sounds great. I tried eharmony once and really didn't get much in terms of results. Had a few first dates but there are just too many people and a lot of accounts that they keep up wven when the person leaves the system.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (7:49am January 28, 2013):

Love the top 10 list.
I'm not really insecure about much but I do have this fear of being late to things. So I always make ure i am early.

Re: Cupid?s Shaft (10:29am January 25, 2013):

I really like your characterization that you write relationship stories. Writing about the sex means you can explore all aspects of the relationship.

Re: The Officer Breaks The Rules (2:22pm January 24, 2013):

I know lots of couples that started as friends, but usually it is a gradual thing and doesn't make for a great story. But authors can take more liberties to make them interesting.

Re: After the Rain (12:13pm January 21, 2013):

I don't believe in do-overs. I try to learn from every mistake I make.

Re: Fall Into You (12:06pm January 20, 2013):

I always start at the beginning of a series. Reading out of order gets me confused and distracted.

Re: Beeline To Trouble (3:35pm January 19, 2013):

I havent' really read many American cozies. I will have to check them out.

Re: Doomed (8:15am January 15, 2013):

I love the story of Anthena and Arachne to explain how spiders came to be.

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (9:09am December 2, 2012):

My wish is for everyone to get along.

Re: Heart Of A Texan (10:20am November 30, 2012):

I totally agree about cowboys. I have mostly watched the old cowboy films and haven't read a lot of books about them, so looking forward to checking this one out.

Re: Double Time (10:17am November 30, 2012):

I love all kinds of music but right now I am indulging in my absoluate favorite - Christmas music!

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (11:14am November 27, 2012):

I love Christmas stories. They always put me in a festive frame of mind.

Re: Taming the Outback (11:20am November 25, 2012):

Feisty heroines are lots of fun.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (2:39pm November 24, 2012):

Going back home is what makes Christmas magic to me. And seeing the nephews.

Re: Ashes Of Twilight (9:05am November 17, 2012):

Greeat book.

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (8:07am November 11, 2012):

My favorite christmas memory is that with the two nephews we have a scavengar hunt for their big presents. They have clues and have to find them. I did this one year and they insisted that we do this every year since.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (9:23am November 8, 2012):

Tinker Bell.

My idead Christmas is with my family. And my favorite part is that for the two nephews we have a scavanger hunt for them with clues to lead to the next clue and eventually some presents. We do this for the big ticket presents. They love it and insist we do this every year now.

Re: The Snow White Christmas Cookie (10:13am November 4, 2012):

It must be great fun to bump off so many people in your imagination. A great stress reliever.

Re: Midnight Exposure (7:50am October 29, 2012):

I like historical heroines. Mianly because of the setting.

Re: Iced Chiffon (1:27pm October 28, 2012):

I love the new Sherlock. It has really brought me back to the mystery genre.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (1:26pm October 28, 2012):

Suspense and paranormal go well together. Mixing genres can really make a story interesting.

Re: Night Thief (10:24am October 25, 2012):

I really like when the historical portions of a novel are factually correct. Otherwise, it takes me out of the narrative.

Re: Tempting the Best Man (10:54am October 24, 2012):

Alpha males are nice to read. They definitely add twists to the stories.

Re: Losing Control (10:53am October 24, 2012):

I smetimes like linked series, like Robyn Carr. But I also like the one off books, as soemtimes the linked ones can go on for too long.

Re: Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie (8:53am October 18, 2012):

First impressions can make the difference since in some situations you might never run into that person again. And if the impression is bad enough then you won't give them your number or a chance to get to meet you. But for friends of friends I tend to give more chances. After all, if my friends like them then there must be something about them that is good.

Re: Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch (11:17am October 16, 2012):

I like to think if you put bad vibes out there after the fact it will come back to you. So I just try to move forward.

Re: Shattered Silence (9:46am October 14, 2012):

Sounds like a great series.

Re: Run The Risk (7:11am October 11, 2012):

Well, I consider Snape in the Harry Potter series as a hero who made a mistake and then does whatever it takes to make up for that mistake but he still has to do a lot of bad things such as killing dumbledore to keep his spying role.

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (10:36am October 8, 2012):

I tend not to read romance novels on the metro. People just look at you funny. Whereas if I am reading a popular non-romance, many times someone will notice and we talk about the book.

Re: Against His Will (10:33am October 8, 2012):

I love reading about characters that are different from me, but I can't imagine how hard it must be to write them.

Re: Wild Encounter (7:52am October 7, 2012):

Interesting topic. I would do anything necesary to survive as I think most people would.

Re: Until My Soul Gets It Right (8:09am September 30, 2012):

I used to be in a book club but not right now. I just don't have time.

Re: Construction Beauty Queen (5:10pm September 29, 2012):

My small town memories are really the parades and football games. Those were the best.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (4:06pm September 29, 2012):

I know nothing of faro but I do think that a smart hero is a definite plus.

Re: Renegade (11:33am September 27, 2012):

I'm horrible at culling the herd of books. But I do pass them along to family members to get rid of them temporarily.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (12:04pm September 25, 2012):

Home is where my family is. Whenever we all get together.

Re: Seduction's Shift (11:03am September 23, 2012):

I like shapeshifters. Never read about ones that change into panthers. Sounds interesting.

Re: Got Game? (11:46am September 22, 2012):

I loved watching the Summer Olympics. The women really dominated.

Re: Enemies at the Altar (10:15am September 20, 2012):

Sometimes. But not always. But I definitely agree that when you have love and hate mixed together there are tons of fireworks.

Re: Resurrection Express (12:49pm September 19, 2012):

It was really interesting to hear your experience with the first attempt to get published. I agree that if a book doesn't engage me in the story, really draw me in, then I will stop reading or I might finish the book but never read that author again.

Re: The Curse (10:38am September 16, 2012):

I'm not an e-reader. I prefer holding the physical book. But most of my family has already moved to e-readers.

Re: Chasing a Dream (10:38am September 11, 2012):

I remember friends saying I couldn't make straight As through high school and then again in college. I proved them all wrong.

Re: Temptation In A Kilt (11:14am September 8, 2012):

I like reading about bad boys and the women that can change them. But in real life they don't change.

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (10:57am September 8, 2012):

I don't have any particular heroines. I like variety. But I ahve never read a Regency novel with divorce. It sounds really interesting.

Re: A Cup Full Of Midnight (10:18am September 6, 2012):

I lovev it when authors get the locations right. I lived in Nashville for a few years and hope I can recognize it in your book.

Re: Death on a Longship (11:14am September 3, 2012):

I've always been a bit nervous on the water. But your book sounds great.

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (10:41am September 2, 2012):

I wouldn't call it lazy. I would call it writing about what you know. And that means you are less likely to make mistakes in the crime scenes that really irk readers.

Re: Blame It On Texas (9:47am August 26, 2012):

I think humor can work well in lightening some tough moments in the books. And I love the lightening story.

Re: In the Line of Duty (9:37am August 26, 2012):

I like the twist of the female cop.

Re: Deep Blue (10:21am August 14, 2012):

I've never been on a cruise. Usually I travel with family and my mom worries about getting sea sick.

Re: The Bull Rider's Brother (1:08pm August 12, 2012):

You seem to have done well finding a place for each of your genres. In this market that is very good. Congrats.

Re: Seducing Cinderella (1:01pm August 12, 2012):

I really depends on the writing, but I probably like friends to lovers best.

Re: Wrong Bed, Right Guy (11:54am August 11, 2012):

I love the title.

Re: Hearts Of Darkness (11:45am August 9, 2012):

I'm not much of a writer. But I love to read.
Your new book sounds amazing.

Re: A Brew To A Kill (4:01pm August 7, 2012):

For some reason I can't get enough of these books that combine mysteries and recipes. I am such a foodie.

Re: The Last Victim (4:00pm August 7, 2012):

You are a writer for a reason. You know your stories better than we do. If you like the story and think it fits with the rest of your stories then the fans will likely agree.

Re: Going To The Bad (12:06pm August 5, 2012):

The hardest part as a reader (especially of a series) is knowing that sometimes characters you love may not make it. The best example I can think of is the Game of Thrones books. I try not to get attached to characters there because he tends to have bloodbaths and kill off characters I'm not ready to let go.

Re: I Own The Dawn (8:24am August 2, 2012):

I know it's a good book when I have stayed up half the night reading and don't care that I am going to be exhausted tomorrow at work.

Re: The Secret Mistress (4:18pm July 31, 2012):

I like Beta males because the nice guy deserves a break from time to time.

Re: Wicked At Heart (4:26pm July 28, 2012):

This sounds interesting. I like the comparison to B&B.

Re: Goddess in the Middle (4:07pm July 28, 2012):

Sounds interesting but two men sound like too much work.

Re: The Officer Says I DO (10:57am July 19, 2012):

I don't know any acronyms. But I will be checking back to learn more, as they are quite amusing.

Re: Luscious (10:55am July 19, 2012):

MY favorite part of a book is when the characters first realize their attraction. Things start heating up then and it's lots of fun. And I loved Scrumptious and am looking forward to this new book.

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (4:10pm July 14, 2012):

I think this would be a great book to read this summer.

Re: Gwen's Ghost (11:06am July 12, 2012):

Grear job working together. I really like the paragraph where you discuss what underlies the relationship between Gwen and the ghost. It made me more interested in reading the book.

Re: The Reluctant Matchmaker (3:49pm July 10, 2012):

I'm 5'0 and have dated several guys over 6 feet. The height difference has never really bothered me.

Re: Honorable Rancher (3:54pm June 20, 2012):

Both of my parents are readers. But mostly, my mom had bowling night and dad took us to the library on that night. And our library also required that you had to be 5 before you could get your own library card. I remember making my dad take me there on my birthday.

Re: The Marriage Bargain (9:59am June 16, 2012):

I love the getting to the happy endings more than the actual happy ending. Mostly that is because I generally know how it is going to turn out but the getting there usually has some surprises.

Re: Kiale Dream (1:20pm June 12, 2012):

Looking forward to reading these books.

Re: Joy Ride (2:39pm June 10, 2012):

Books have been like friends through the years. Even the ones I didn't like have taught me something.

Re: The Homesteader's Sweetheart (9:11am May 29, 2012):

I like the single dads who are struggling a bit but are trying hard to be a good parent.

Re: Tangle Of Need (12:09pm May 28, 2012):

I like some series, but rarely will I stick with one unless it is really compelling.

Re: Finding Her Son (11:11am May 27, 2012):

Love the list. My number one item for a hero is that they not be perfect but they have some kind of code/honor to them.

Re: The Courtesan's Lover (11:50am May 17, 2012):

I like the story line. It makes me look forward to reading the book.

Re: A Wild Night's Bride (11:48am May 15, 2012):

I think I will like the best friend more than the main character.

Re: Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (10:58am May 12, 2012):

Looking forward to reading the book.

Re: Pretty Amy (10:11am May 10, 2012):

I'm so glad I'm not a teen anymore but I agree the music really helped feel better. But I would never have considered musicians role models.

Re: Karma (12:28pm May 8, 2012):

I like contemporary mysteries that are generally light but sometimes a darker read is good too.

Re: Royal Street (8:19am May 6, 2012):

The book sounds great. I love pirates.

Re: The Proposal (6:10pm May 4, 2012):

I'm looking forward to the new series.

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (6:01pm May 4, 2012):

I've luckily never had to make an impossible choice. Tough choices -of course.

Re: Darkest Caress (5:56pm May 4, 2012):

I've neverhad a surreal experience.

Re: Tempting the Best Man (5:46pm May 4, 2012):

I read the 50 shades series after all the press and was really surprised. I think the writing itself was not great but something about it was compelling. But it is definitely not to everyone's taste.

Re: Under His Protection (9:03am April 29, 2012):

Alpha heroes are fine once in a while, but not too alpha. Then it just seems extreme and not real.

Re: A Lady's Revenge (8:09am April 26, 2012):

As long as there is a happy ending, I don't mind if there is a bit of darkness before that. Sometimes it is even preferable. I like the premise. Looking forward to reading the book.

Re: Enraptured (7:59am April 26, 2012):

That's tough. There are so many good ones. In a book probably Voldemort. He isn't even alive until the end of book 4 and there is still so much fear from him.

Re: Somebody To Love (12:50pm April 24, 2012):

I haven't had a fresh start, but I count myself really lucky that life has been very good to me.

Re: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire (7:36am April 22, 2012):

I would love to have read older romance novels. Some of my favorite books as a kid were my mom's. She had an Annette book - starring Annette Funicello and there were some others like that but no real romance novels.

Re: No Dress Required (11:14am April 21, 2012):

I like connected books. They allow you more time to develop the characters and stories because your audience is already familiar with the world you have created.

Re: Duty And Desire (9:49am April 15, 2012):

I think fiction can be inspired by reality but fiction can inspire reality. After all, what the mind can dream, it can achieve.

Re: A Plain Death (9:42am April 14, 2012):

Great story. I am always inspired hearing how people get their literary start.

Re: Mariana (7:25am April 12, 2012):

I don't think an author should re-work a story to make it more current, but if there are mistakes definitely fix them.

Re: The Wolf Who Loved Me (7:22am April 12, 2012):

I think it would be hard to top that one. My friends are the only ones that really know my secrets and friendship keeps them secret.

Re: One Hot Cowboy Wedding (9:14am April 8, 2012):

I really think it is A and D. Really mostly D, as there is nothing better than being treated right, but that drawl is so sexy that it definitely is a big factor.

Re: The Devil and Miss Jones (9:11am April 8, 2012):

A title is important, but the short summary on the back is what determines whether I bother to read a book or not.

Re: Vigilare (12:24pm April 7, 2012):

I don't mind tough, but I don't want role reversals, where the guy is weak. The great thing about your reference to Hunger Games is both are heros. Peta has one goal, to get Katniss out alive, even if it means his death. That is a much being a hero as Katniss. Both represent rebelling against the capital.

Re: Lessons After Dark (3:29pm April 6, 2012):

I like that it is more along the lines of Xavier's school than Hogwarts. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (9:03am April 3, 2012):

Looking forward to reading your books. I like it when women are portrayed in ways not standard at the time.

Re: In Search of Lucy (10:51am March 31, 2012):

Road trips rock. You really get to bon with the people if you don't drive each other crazy!

Re: Assassins In Love (9:23am March 22, 2012):

Romances are great because they can be in any setting

Re: Sticks and Stones (9:17am March 22, 2012):

I would write a book with my mom because we love the same books.

Re: Texas Pride (11:09am March 8, 2012):

not really. I consider them entertainment but try not to let them change perceptions of reality

Re: Sweet Enemy (11:27am March 6, 2012):

I always anticipate the first kiss.

Re: The Rodeo Man's Daughter (10:31am March 1, 2012):

I don't do class reunions. That is ancient history.

Re: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (2:06pm February 28, 2012):

My mom went to an elementary school that was a only a few rooms for the entire school. And women were not really encouraged in math & science. I felt glad that I could excel in all subjects and not be categorized by being female rather than intelligence.

Re: Donovan's Bed (11:19am February 26, 2012):

Too funny. Men say really stupid things all the time. It's a great thing we women are forgiving.

Re: Clobbered By Camembert (11:57am February 25, 2012):

If you ever make it to the DC area, try Cheesetique. It is a cheese shop with a small restaurant. I literally dream of their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Re: The Risque Target (1:39pm February 23, 2012):

tall, dark and mysterious with charm and a dash of humor

Re: Courting His Favorite Nurse (10:13am February 21, 2012):

No way. I'm more of the feet on the ground person.

Re: The Last Beginning (1:11pm February 19, 2012):

Well, I'm single so no big heartbreaking valentines story. And no exceedingly high expecatations. But my nehpews call and wished me a happy valentines day. So that was perfect.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (11:52am February 9, 2012):

Regency. I don't think I can recall any Georgian books I have read, though I am sure I have read them. I love the subltlety of what is said sometimes. Plus Darcy lived in the Regency period. Need I say more?

Re: Far from Here (11:27am February 4, 2012):

I'm not very creative. I crochet, but just scarves and blankets. But I play the flute and that is where I feel I have some artistic talent.

Re: Alpha Instinct (9:13am February 2, 2012):

I like paranormal romance because it usually adds an extra layer to the story. It makes the story different and that is necessary for the romance genre because otherwise it gets really dull.

Re: Chosen By Sin (6:30pm January 31, 2012):

The series sounds interesting.

Re: The Stubborn Dead (10:24am January 28, 2012):

I collect lots. I collect flute figurines, elephants, precious moments, and stuff in general. Good luck treasure hunting, as I call it.

Re: Fever (12:02pm January 25, 2012):

Great interview. And the best advice I have on goals is to write them down. It makes you responsible for them, rather than just dreaming of them as a pipe dream.

Re: Falling For The Fireman (11:44am January 24, 2012):

They are definitely sexy and the fact that they can totally pick a girl up with no problem adds to that. But there is that rescue element that makes them natural heros.

Re: Banshee Charmer (10:58am January 22, 2012):

My heros are good but not perfect. Nothing bothers me more than the "perfect" hero. I prefer a bit of ambiguity or flaws.

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (9:51am January 19, 2012):

Bond ... James Bond.

Re: Made For Marriage (8:58am January 17, 2012):

I know nothing about the publishing process, so reading this was an insight. It must be tough. Thanksfully I am a reader not a writer.

Re: Scrumptious (5:42pm January 16, 2012):

Life has just sort of happened. Haven't really planned it out.

Re: Dylan (2:05pm January 15, 2012):

great exerpt. thanks.

Re: Risking Trust (12:14pm January 12, 2012):

I recently read Sorcery & Cecilia and loved it. It really made me not want to put it down.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (11:48am January 12, 2012):

must have trait of a hero is a sense of honor or what is right.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (10:00am December 13, 2011):

I sort of love the cold. When it is a sweltering 90+ degrees with high humidity, even shorts and a tank top feel stuffy. But in the winter I can always add more layering and feel snug like a rabbit must feel with its fur. Plus afterwards there is the hot chocolate and fire place that makes it worth it.

Re: Hot Zone (9:14am December 1, 2011):

seeing my two nephews for as much of the holiday as possible

Re: Acquainted with the Night (9:13am December 1, 2011):

that is a great way to get us interested in the book. what a great beginning.

Re: She Can Run (12:47pm November 29, 2011):

I occassionally like mixing genres, but some seem too odd, like the zombies and pride and prejudice. I'm sure it has a reason for its success, but that just seems odd to me.

Re: Learning To Trust (8:06am November 27, 2011):

Sounds interesting.

Re: A Crimson Warning (10:45am November 24, 2011):

I'm thankful for my family and my mom's cooking which I won't get until Christmas.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (9:20am November 22, 2011):

Favorite tormented hero ... Definitely Snape. He loved the same woman for years, even when she didn't love him and he protected her son, who reminded him of the person he hated most in the world. And he never gets a happily ever after. The end was what I expected but I always wanted him to have some happiness somewhere and he never does.

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (9:22am November 20, 2011):

Your book sounds great. Many books have been inspired by other books or writers.

Re: Under The Moon (9:02am November 19, 2011):

I don't have a pet but don't mind them in stories.

Re: Genie Knows Best (8:10am November 10, 2011):

I really like the outtake. Makes me more interested in the book.

Re: Risking Trust (1:43pm November 8, 2011):

Definitely overrated in books. Too many have the perfection characters everywhere and it gets really old.

Re: North of Need (8:36am November 6, 2011):

I like heroes that are real people at the end of the day.

Re: Liver Let Die (8:42am November 5, 2011):

Names are essential. While a rose by any other name would smell as sweet it just wouldn't always work.

Re: Always a Temptress (8:55am November 3, 2011):

Favorite series right now is the Hunger Games. Loved it.

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (9:34am November 1, 2011):

Of course. Everyone does at some point or other. That is basic human nature.

Re: Dire Threads (8:36am October 23, 2011):

My mom fostered my creativity by encouraging me to read and encouraging me in other areas like music. But I was never creative in the costume department.

Re: Haunting Embrace (7:47am October 22, 2011):

dark tourtured heroes add a layer of complexity rather than a boring perfect person. there is usually some growth in the character

Re: Utterly Charming (8:46am October 19, 2011):

I'm definitely checking out the new tv shows, but I'm not holding much hope as I think it would be difficult to translate to tv.

Re: Unleashed (7:52am October 10, 2011):

If I could be any animal if would be a white squirrel. We have them in my parents neighborhood and they are so fun to watch.

Re: Chosen By Fate (8:53am October 9, 2011):

I like merging genres. It makes for something new and different, rather than the same old same old. And I am offended for you that your brother wonders when you will write a real book.

Re: The Goblin King (8:33am October 6, 2011):

the book sounds interesting

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (8:12am October 2, 2011):

When I get in a reading slump I take time off and catch up on magazines and tv shows.
I have two sources of findong new books. My condo has a book swap once a year and that lets me try new authors. Then my mom goes to the library's annual sale for charity. The last day they sell the remainders for a $1 a bag, so she gets books that look interesting to try.

Re: Chaos Tryst (8:06am October 2, 2011):

I've never had a date anywhere near that awful. Just a few people that didn't click for one reason or another.

Re: The Last Rising (8:17am September 18, 2011):

loved the post. I find myself often going, that sounds great in the book but not in real life. But then again, different people like different things. I am not a big fan of nibbling on the ear but an old boyfriend totally loved it.

Re: To Sketch A Thief (8:52am September 17, 2011):

I have trouble with foreign books where the names are not familiar to me, so I take a sheet of paper and list the basics as a reminder

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (9:00am September 14, 2011):

Clothes definitely impact how one act and how one feels about oneself. Katherine Hepburn was known for saying women should only wear silk undergarments because it made them feel special and that was reflected in how they looked and moved.

Re: Out in Blue (7:53am September 13, 2011):

I like how vampires have great strength and muscles.

Re: Stone Cold Seduction (9:19am September 11, 2011):

I'm not a stressful person, but the few times I feel stress, I definitely take deep breaths.

Re: Kindling The Moon (10:21am September 10, 2011):

I loved in the girl with the dragon tatoo how she has a photographic memory.

Re: Wings of Fire (10:11am September 9, 2011):

A new Harry potter book would be the only thing that would get me to a bookstore in a blizzard.

Re: Lord and Lady Spy (8:57am September 8, 2011):

I'm not a Daniel Craig fan (I may change my mind if he is good in the Dragon Tatoo movie). So other than that, I agree with your casting.

Re: The Wedding Affair (7:59am September 6, 2011):

I love your dollhouse. Especially the exterior shot. IT looked so real.

Re: Deadly Descent (9:11am September 5, 2011):

I haven't really read any military romance books. But I enjoyed the exerpt.

Re: Bel Air (9:06am September 4, 2011):

favorite ice cream is raspberry chocolate chip from Graeters

Re: Sweet Justice (8:48am September 3, 2011):

The Red Dragon's villain gave me nightmares.

Re: Serendipity (7:42am September 1, 2011):

Love the books. I prefer a cute but nice hero.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (8:59am August 30, 2011):

if the characters have not left, then see what they have to say. maybe there is another book. if not, maybe a short story for readers like a special on the website.

Re: Ward Against Death (10:38am August 27, 2011):

The book sounds great. My dream job would definitely be educational tourism for kids. Teaching them about the history of various locations and events.

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (7:57am August 25, 2011):

I love fruits basket. That brings back some memories. I like that it inspired one of your stories.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (9:04am August 24, 2011):

Definitely the cowboys.

Re: Lucky Girl (8:35am August 23, 2011):

my first date was a movie - Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner). fond memories

Re: The Edge Of Grace (11:31am August 21, 2011):

Glad I'm not a writer. But I love reading, so thanks for the hard work.

Re: Fall From Pride (12:18pm August 20, 2011):

It is always fascinating to read about another culture or value system.

Re: Love Me Twice (8:06am August 18, 2011):

Love the exerpt. Very steamy scene. Looking forward to reading your book.

Re: Fezariu's Epiphany (8:37am August 14, 2011):

I think the world sounds fascinating. I love when writers are so creative.

Re: Spycatcher (8:58am August 11, 2011):

The book sounds fascinating but I am sure the real life adventures are even more amazing.

Re: Midnight Fear (8:43am August 7, 2011):

Congrats on finishing the books. It's good to take time out to refresh. Looking forward to reading the books as they are released.

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (9:59am August 4, 2011):

Its always interesting to hear how people write.

Re: Lie for Me (8:54am August 2, 2011):

Interesting concept. Especially for a Christian writer.

Re: The Marked Son (10:26am July 31, 2011):

The story sounds great. And while I am not a writer, my favorite characters from my favorite books tend to "live" in my head as well. That is what makes them great.

Re: What A Goddess Wants (9:56am July 28, 2011):

That's amazing. I couldn't concentrate enough to write anywhere.

Re: The Genesis Key (9:48am July 28, 2011):

This book sounds fascinating. And I wonder what someone would do with the last 20 years of life if they lived to 120.

Re: Touch If You Dare (8:24am July 21, 2011):

Wow. I really like your top 10 list. Much better than Letterman.

Re: When One Night Isn't Enough (7:44am July 14, 2011):

I will be checking out the exerpt. Thanks.

Re: Magnificent Passage (9:34am July 12, 2011):

Good point about the changes over the last 30 years in romantic fiction. I hadn't thought of that, but I tend to revisit my favorite older books.

Re: Night Veil (1:54pm June 28, 2011):

Batman because he seems more real. Superman has almost no flaws and that makes him to unreal for me.

Re: The Dark Enquiry (1:53pm June 28, 2011):

Very interesting post. I had thought the Victorians were very proper but that brings them to a whole new light.

Re: Dying For Justice (1:52pm June 28, 2011):

Greatest fear. has to be death.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (9:48am June 19, 2011):

HEA is just a story. Real relationships take a lot of hard work. But they are great escapes to fantasize about.

Re: The Lost Summer Of Louisa May Alcott (7:39am June 16, 2011):

I love Little Women and am really looking forward to reading this book.

Re: Virgin (7:39am June 16, 2011):

Congrats on the latest book.

Re: Hard Bitten (8:15am June 14, 2011):

I rarely get to the library anymore. But my condo does a book exchange every year and that way I get rid of the books that I have read over the year and then get to select a new set of books for the year's reads. It allows me to try new authors and I really like that.

Re: When Tony Met Adam (10:48am June 12, 2011):

Congrats on the book and movie.

Re: Frostbound (7:58am June 7, 2011):

This sounds like a great book.

Re: Cover of Darkness (10:13am June 5, 2011):

I haven't read any military hero books, but they sound interesting.

Re: Forced to Kill (3:00pm June 4, 2011):

Sounds like a great book. Perfect for my dad. I'm not an audio book fan. I just can't concentrate like I can while reading. I am visually distracted.

Re: The Soldier (9:20am June 2, 2011):

It is fun to imagine a different family and I love imagining what it would be like to be in the families of some books I read. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade my family for anything in the world.

Re: The Gin & Chowder Club (10:00am May 31, 2011):

I look forward to reading your book. I agree with most of what you said, but for some reason I never got Dr. Zhivago. I hate to admit that but it's true.

Re: A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man (9:05am May 26, 2011):

I guess I really like sinning!

Re: Dirty (8:46am May 22, 2011):

I haven't read any self published books. But I am glad that it allows authors another means to get their work out. There are a lot of writers that are amazing but don't fit into the specific categories the publishers look for. God luck.

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (12:47pm May 19, 2011):

Good luck with the book. I think the personal nature of the story will hopefully help a lot of women in similar situations.

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (10:08am May 18, 2011):

Always, they are either parts of the reality or, more likely, the fictional reality we all daydream about in our minds.

Re: Grimoire (10:22am May 15, 2011):

A book can be made or broken by the secondary characters. I love Jane Austen because of the secondary characters almost as much as the main characters. They add the cherry on the top of the sundae.

Re: Deadly Promises (9:44am May 7, 2011):

All the military are heroes. And it is good they have gotten some great press recently.

Re: Total Abandon (8:13am April 30, 2011):

I think digital books will provide more availability, but it may make it harder to find good authors if anyone feels they can self-publish.

Re: My Favorite Countess (7:26am April 28, 2011):

I like Dr heros but my favorite doctor show is House.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (10:42am April 23, 2011):

I would like book recommentdations. Typically if I like an author I will like other authors he/she has read.
And it would be fun to hear a conversation between the author and a character in the book.

Re: Blood Sin (7:38am April 21, 2011):

I love the idea of an intelligent vampire story. I haven't read any since Anne Rice's books. And the twilight books left me wanting something not for the teen set.

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (7:51am April 19, 2011):

great story. Looking forward to reading it.

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (11:46am April 16, 2011):

I'm definitely a control freak in day to day life. But I try to temper it for the most part.

Re: A Song For My Mother (8:53am April 9, 2011):

My mom and my cousins are constantly trading books. It is a great way to be introduced to some amazing (new to me) authors.

Re: Collision Course (7:54am April 8, 2011):

I grew up on the Star wars and Star Trek movies. My favorite sci fi series recently was Battlestar Galactica.

Re: The Shadow Guard (6:38am April 5, 2011):

I would like to meet Mr Darcy to see if he is similar to how I envision him.

Re: Play Me (6:49am March 29, 2011):

I like the love scenes, but not when they seem the same as every other novel I read. But I agree they should move the plot along and not just be a gratuitous hot story.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (10:27am March 19, 2011):

Anyone who is honest with themselves would not prefer being poor. And especially back then the ability to move up was a lot more limited. And I like to be able to experience through reading how the various classes lived at different times in history.

Re: Angel Sister (8:34am March 18, 2011):

Yous book sounds great. I have never been a fan of Depression era books after the grapes of wrath depressed me. Yours sound much more interesting.

Re: Angel's Rest (7:54am March 12, 2011):

Good luck with the new series.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (7:07am March 10, 2011):

It's Susan

Re: Animal Magnetism (8:12am March 5, 2011):

Nice. I'm 5'0 and can't reach the top shelf, so it always works to get a guy's attention in the supermarket. But nothing has panned out yet, other than some serious eye candy.

Re: Treasure Me (7:15am March 3, 2011):

I find beginnings difficult to read. But once I get the lay of the land, so to speak, that is when I can't put a book down. Good luck with the new book. I like the exerpt.

Re: Against the Law (6:45am March 1, 2011):

Congratulations on making the printed list.

Re: Storm Of Reckoning (8:05am February 19, 2011):

Love the Evil Overlord commentary. Sometimes I imagine conversations between the author and a certain character at key plot points in the book.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (6:34am February 14, 2011):

Not a big valentine's day fan. But I will take any excuse to eat more chocolate.

Re: Breaking the Rules (7:52am February 13, 2011):

I love a good margerita

Re: The Mistress' House (6:43am February 10, 2011):

I have just discovered Georgette Heyer and really love her books. I will add yours to my "to read" list.

Re: The Irish Princess (7:46am February 1, 2011):

Your book sounds fascinating. Looking forward to reading it.

Re: Haunting Jasmine (7:15am January 30, 2011):

Great blog. Wishing I had a big mysterious house to explore in my childhood. But I always entered whatever world the book I was reading had, so it was fun.

Re: Wild Man Creek (8:02am January 29, 2011):

Great preview.

Re: Immortal Champion (7:24am January 27, 2011):

I read romance to add spice to my otherwise boring life.

Re: Eternal Prey (6:26pm January 26, 2011):

I like the hero, but more the unconventional hero. Like Snape from Harry Potter. Not a hero in the traditional sense but definitely a hero in my book. More because he made a mistake and then did everything he could to make up for it. Even Mr Darcy has his faults, but he learns from them and is better for the realization. that is what makes the ending so great.

Re: At Hidden Falls (7:09am January 25, 2011):

I don't know when I discovered books, as they were always a part of my childhood. But I do remember on my fifth birthday making my dad take me to the library so I could get my own card.

Re: Deadly Heat (8:31am January 22, 2011):

I'm not a big fan of dark romance. Mysterious, yes but too dark and it seems too much.

Re: Pleasure Me (9:53am January 14, 2011):

really feeling like I know the characters. It keeps me turning the page.

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (7:54pm January 12, 2011):

Wow. There are a lot of inspirational stories here. I applaud you all.

Re: Fatal Justice (1:07pm January 6, 2011):

The series sounds great.

Re: Against The Wind (10:05am January 3, 2011):

I love trilogies because you get to know more about the characters over time.

Re: Haunted Honeymoon (10:44am December 27, 2010):

I love a new book that I don't know what to expect. Then I can hope I am surprised and love it and then can stay up all night reading it.

Re: The Irish Warrior (11:29am December 21, 2010):

I love sharing favorite books and debate favorite passages of classics. I haven't read any of your books yet, but hopefully they will be on my list soon.

Re: Wolf Fever (1:06pm December 15, 2010):

When I get the flu, I drink Ginger Ale, and eat chicken noodle soup. nothing works better. that and a hot bath to make me feel better.

Re: Icecapade (11:52am December 13, 2010):

Love mysteries with a romance together.

Re: Sparks (10:52am December 4, 2010):

Sparky sounds great. Never heard of a salamander as a familiar. But it reminds me of Golden Compass where their familiars are a representation of who they are.

Re: Twins Under His Tree (8:33am December 2, 2010):

Looking forward to reading your book. I haven't read any stories with the hero as a veteran, so this will be a change of pace for me. Sounds great.

Re: Outrageously Yours (7:57am November 30, 2010):

looking forward to your book.

Re: Second Chances (7:56am November 30, 2010):

I like second chance stories but only when well done. I think Persuasion is my favorite because it is the one I feel we see the most of who Jane Austen is in that novel.

Re: Holiday Sparks (11:38am November 25, 2010):

I'm a sucker for romance novels. They give me hope there is a guy out there for me.

Re: Swift Justice (7:30am November 18, 2010):

I tend to buy little things throughout the year but this year I am a little behind. Luckily I am sending my parents out with a list for Black Friday to take care of the rest. Since Christmas is at their house, it's really easier for them to buy everything and then I just pay them back! That's my story and I am sticking to it this year.

Re: The Taming Of The Wolf (7:28am November 18, 2010):

Great list. I hve to admit I haven't read any werewolf books that didn't involve other creatures -i.e. Twilight. But I may give them a try.

Re: The Christmas Clock (7:37am November 16, 2010):

Sounds like a great book.

Re: The Forever Queen (10:41am November 11, 2010):

That sounds like a fascinating book about a Queen that I had never heard of.

Re: Deadly Intent (10:39am November 11, 2010):

There are so many unforgettable characters. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy would be my favorites. And then there is Anne of Green Gables. Those are the books I go back and read year after year.

Re: Casting About (11:23am November 9, 2010):

I prefer fiction, but I really like historical fiction, as that adds an element of believability to the story.

Re: The Devil She Knows (9:49am November 7, 2010):

My mom's from a big family. So at holidays we would be at my grandmother's really small house with 18 or more family members. But it was always fun to be surrounded by so much family.

Re: Holiday Grind (12:37pm November 5, 2010):

The book sounds great. My favorite food at Christmas is the red velvet cake. We only make it this time of year.

Re: Marked By The Moon (3:24pm November 4, 2010):

I like monsters but only if they are not too scary.

Re: Simply Irresistible (11:21am October 29, 2010):

The book sounds great. I always wanted to run an Inn.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (8:20am October 28, 2010):

Love the hero as a horse. I don't have any favorite heros. I prefer heroines, who can take care of themselves.

Re: Mr. Darcy's Obsession (8:18am October 28, 2010):

I agree with the statement that classics are like old friends you get to revisit. That is what makes certain books call to me.

Re: A Darcy Christmas (8:46am October 23, 2010):

I love the continuation of the story. An earlier poster mentioned Anne of Green Gables. I only read the first few while a teen but recently I went back and read the entire series and the best part for me was following the continued journey as Anne grew up and was married. Your book takes one of my absolute favorite stories and lets me see where the characters went after the end of Pride & Prejudice. I hope there are more books to come.

Re: Twilight Hunger (7:38am October 21, 2010):

I'm looking forward to checking your books out.

Re: Captive Spirit (2:46pm October 19, 2010):

The book looks great.

Re: Pursuit of Justice (2:42pm October 19, 2010):

I like something that leaves me hanging. If I am too into a story I have to stay up all night to finish it.

Re: Grave Witch (11:41am October 17, 2010):

I always think of Grim from the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Re: Backstage Pass (7:29am October 14, 2010):

Not a cat person. I have a dog, who rules the roost.

Re: When Wicked Craves (8:56am September 30, 2010):

The books sound interesting.

Re: The Spurned Viscountess (8:54am September 30, 2010):

I love mysteries that are historical. I discovered Victoria Holt in high school and read all I could find.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (8:45am September 28, 2010):

I like the necklace covers. Very elegant.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (9:55am September 26, 2010):

I reward myself with ice cream - Ben & Jerry's. Or Ghiradelli brownies. The mix is really easy to make and just be sure to take them out a little earlier than the box says and they continue to cook, so they are perfect but still moist.

Re: For the King's Favor (12:23pm September 23, 2010):

I like historical fiction, mostly older history though. It works better in my opinion.

Re: Petals From The Sky (4:19pm September 21, 2010):

Your book sounds great. Congratulations on your first book.

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (4:18pm September 21, 2010):

I love reading on my aunt and uncle's back porch. They live in the mountains and the mornings are just amazing.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (12:22pm September 18, 2010):

I like the covers with the pearls. They do matter if I am browsing looking for something to read randomly, but if the author is one I am familiar with, the cover matters less.

Re: Rebel (1:30pm September 14, 2010):

I haven't tried these types of books but it would be nice to step out of my comfort reading zone.

Re: Warrior (2:28pm September 11, 2010):

I got to keep time for Mary Higgins Clark when she spoke at the National Book Festival years ago. She was the first author my grandmother ever recommended and really brought us together as adults, so it was awesome to meet her.

Re: Desperate Deeds (11:08am September 9, 2010):

I like the fact that the suspense adds more drama to the romance and helps build the story.

Re: One Fine Cowboy (8:39am September 7, 2010):

sounds great

Re: Warrior (8:36am September 7, 2010):

Looking forward to reading your books.

Re: Royal Blood (1:41pm September 4, 2010):

The book sounds great.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (8:31am August 31, 2010):

Get a massage. I am sure every place you are staying has them. They will relax you enough to focus on what needs to be done and to not stress. That and chocolate works well. Good luck with the traveling

Re: Dark Warrior Untamed (11:31am August 28, 2010):

Great list. I haven't read any of them. I will have to add them to my ever growing list of books to read.

Re: Deadly Fear (4:42pm August 26, 2010):

It's all about the individual in the paranormal character that makes them relatable. That way they are different but in some ways relatable to us.

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (10:43am August 24, 2010):

the book sounds interesting but I wouldn't want to trade places with Cassie, except in my imagination.

Re: Assassin's Heart (10:41am August 24, 2010):

I'm not sure I believe in past lives, but then again I have never had any hints of a prior life.

Re: Nemesis (12:35pm August 22, 2010):

Great contest. I use summer vacations and Christmas vacation to catch up on the books that have piled up.

Re: Roast Mortem (10:10am August 14, 2010):

Ihop chocolate chip pancakes were what I recall most about special breakfasts growing up. Yum.

Re: The Quick and the Thread (11:36am August 7, 2010):

I love the story of the boy at the book signing. But I have to admit I am always so shy and never really know what to say.

Re: The Ark (8:58pm July 28, 2010):

I really like a thriller novel tied in to religion. Sounds interesting.

Re: Love and Scandal (2:05pm July 22, 2010):

The book sounds fascinating. I haven't gotten into the whole ebooks yet, as I like holding a book.

Re: Moonshine (8:35pm July 21, 2010):

Sidekicks help bring out the main character and the story and are sometimes just a chance to just be fun with a character.

Re: The Tutor (8:33pm July 21, 2010):

I would learn some warm up exercises, so I don't pull a muscle!

Re: Tomb With A View (9:09am July 19, 2010):

I love ghost stories but not sure if I believe in ghosts. Maybe someday I will meet one and that will change my mind.

Re: Revenge for Old Times' Sake (4:09pm July 17, 2010):

I think it's a little of both. The author creates the character but then the character leads the author where the character wants to go.

Re: Murder in the Abstract (8:08pm July 14, 2010):

Looking forward to this book. It sounds awesome.

Re: Ice Cold (11:03am July 13, 2010):

dead people or things that come to life (pet semtary was the scariest book I ever read, but then again I was in 7th grade at the time)

Re: Money, Honey (9:14pm July 7, 2010):

My favorite twist was I once read this love story where it was only at the end of the book that you realized one of the main characters had died at the beginning of the book and it was as if the other person were dreaming of what their life would have been like had the death not happened. I had to immediately re-read the book.

Re: Crush On You (9:12pm July 7, 2010):

This is one of the best ideas because you have a basis for a great love to develop from, as opposed to meeting someone and falling in love on the spot when they know nothing about each other.

Re: Rapture Untamed (6:54pm June 30, 2010):

I love a series where i really feel for the characters as I read. But I don't like series or sequels that just seem to rehash the same plot over and over again.

Re: The Master & the Muses (7:35pm June 28, 2010):

There is no perfect hero, but I like it when the hero is not the stereotypical hero, as that makes him boring. Different is good.

Re: Fatal Affair (10:50am June 26, 2010):

It's hard to say what makes a hero unforgettable, but there has to be something different about him and he can't just be a rehash of the same man as in every other novel out there. The stereotypes get boring for me (except for Mr. Darcy because he was the original before the stereotype).

Re: Hidden Wives (10:45am June 26, 2010):

Right now I am raving about the Secret immortal life of Nicholas Flamel series. Yound adult books, but I really like being able to talk about books with my nephew and this series is a good one for that.

Re: Sworn To Protect (10:42am June 26, 2010):

I can't wait to read your books.

Re: Death Threads (8:30pm June 14, 2010):

I'm looking forward to reading your books.

Re: Hidden Wives (1:36pm June 12, 2010):

sounds like an interesting book

Re: Blown Away (10:34am May 30, 2010):

I can't start a series unless they are done. It just bothers me to leave something up in the air and not know how it ends.

Re: Demonkeepers (9:47am April 14, 2010):

This looks like a great series.

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