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Risking Trust by Adrienne Giordano


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Risking Trust
Adrienne Giordano

Private Protectors #3
Carina Press
November 2011
On Sale: November 7, 2011
Featuring: Roxann Thorgesson; Michael Taylor
ISBN: 1426892543
EAN: 9781426892547
Kindle: B005UPRTAO
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Romance Suspense

Roxann Thorgesson’s world is out of control. After her father suffers a fatal heart attack, she must take over as publisher of Chicago’s second-largest newspaper. Then her ex-boyfriend Michael Taylor, CEO of his own security company, shows up needing a favor. The last thing Roxann needs is Michael around causing trouble—and potential heartbreak—but he’s involved in a scandalous story she can’t pass up.

Twelve years ago, Michael walked out on Roxann without explanation. Now he needs her help. Michael’s estranged wife has been murdered and he is the prime suspect. He offers something no newspaperwoman could refuse: exclusive access to his headline-making murder accusation, in exchange for her help in uncovering the true killer. When their investigation leads them to a city hall conspiracy, both their lives and their newly reignited flame could be permanently extinguished…

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Private Protectors


83 comments posted.

Re: Risking Trust

Perfection is drastically overrated! Without our faults life would be boring and so predictable!
(Trasina McGahey 3:19pm November 3, 2011)

Perfection is highly overrated because no one can be perfect. If everyone was perfect can you imagine how boring everything would be.
Lisa White 12:20pm November 6, 2011)

Without flaws there's no diversification, without diversification there's nothing. Imagine if every grape was exactly perfect, you would have no variety in the taste of wines ... show me a perfect person, I'll show you a person lacking character, personality and imagination.
Amy Valentini 12:18pm November 8, 2011)

Definitely overrated! The "perfect" individuals seem like plastic to me.If everyone were perfect we could be like robots! In books, who doesn't love the character that makes mistakes and learns from them.
Karen Gervasi 7:15am November 8, 2011)

Perfection is definately overrated!! It's funny that you have this blog today, because I happen to be in the middle of a bit of a dispute with my oldest sister over my Father. Since I live too far away to be able to help him, I sent her an e-mail, asking her to call me. She wrote me back with a curt reply, so I wrote her back, this time to get her attention. The next thing I knew, her husband was on the phone with me, telling me I was attacking her!! They both turned into drama queens, while I remained calm!! I'm not saying I was perfect, but she tries to carry on this perfect persona, and I definately got her attention!! I also created more problems than I wanted, so the drama continues. In the meantime, my heart breaks, because I love my Sister, as well as my Father. Oh well. Another day in the life.... I can't wait to read your book. Perhaps I'll get a clue on how to proceed.
Peggy Roberson 10:44am November 8, 2011)

I would LOVE to win a copy of your book. To be honest, I've never read any of your books, but they sound like just the kind I love to read. So even if I don't win a copy, I feel I've won anyway because I've discovered a "new" author and some books to read. Yippee. Thanks. Nancy Reynolds
Nancy Reynolds 11:01am November 8, 2011)

when it comes to books and/or movies/TV, perfection is boring and overdone. I love a flawed hero/heroine but on the flip side that same character has to grow/change in a way that stays true to their character and not just as a plot device.

Thanks for a nice post!
Erin Fender 12:04pm November 8, 2011)

Flaws are a plus... no one is perfect so why make characters in books and movies perfect. I like to see characters with personalities even if they rub me the wrong way or if one of them has problems... then let them work them out or overcome them.
Colleen Conklin 12:26pm November 8, 2011)

We often strive too hard for perfection and this is not good. Some of the most successful people have not been perfect. Being perfect is overrated
Shirley Younger 12:40pm November 8, 2011)

Definitely overrated in books. Too many have the perfection characters everywhere and it gets really old.
Pam Howell 1:43pm November 8, 2011)

I don't believe there are any perfect people. Perhaps some managed to keep the flaws hidden better than others. The flaws in a character seem to make the plot more interesting.
Anna Speed 5:11pm November 8, 2011)

Hi everyone. Sorry I'm so late checking in! I have to agree with all of you. I think character flaws humanize characters. I love watching them struggle!

Peggy, sorry about your sister. I do try to tackle some family issues in my books because I think it's something everyone can relate to.

Nancy, I love that you're willing to try my books. Thank you!

If you all are romantic suspense fans you might want to check out JustRomanticSuspense.com. One of my Carina author pals started the website because she wanted to find a new romantic suspense author and decided it would be nice to have a central database. The site is a listing of romantic suspense authors and their websites. One stop-shopping! Everything from debut authors to bestsellers. It's a wonderful resource and the list of authors is growing daily.

Thank you all for commenting. I so love Fresh Fiction! Always a wonderful bunch here.
Adrienne Giordano 5:29pm November 8, 2011)

I know some people think they are perfect,but their not. If everyone was perfect the world would be very boring.Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
Amy Milne 5:48pm November 8, 2011)

Yes, Perfection is truly overrated and no one is Perfect
except for GOD. Please enter me in this great contest to win A
JUST DECEPTION which sounds like a fantastic book to read too.
Thank You very much and God bless everyone. Thanks, Cecilia
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 5:53pm November 8, 2011)

Hi, Cecilia. Thanks for commenting!
Adrienne Giordano 5:58pm November 8, 2011)

Perfection is overrated indeed. No one is perfect--those that think they are, are not. They may be wealthy and successful in their lives, but make mistakes that cost them (but will never admit it). People love to read and watch about those people and their downfalls in their lives (whether it be movie stars or politicians). That's why flawed characters are more appealing in a novel to read about, because no one loves a person that is just too perfect! They say people learn by their mistakes and strive to be perfect, which never happens. Look at Lindsey Lohan, she just can't learn and doesn't want to grow up and act her age and craves publicity in the tabloids (Playboy is her next endeavor). Her cash flow must be getting low after paying for all her numerous lawyer fees! You never mentioned how long you slept with your blanket before your father took it from you. Many kids take theirs with them and not just to bed. I'm sure you'd have outgrown it, eventually (it just gave you that sense of comfort and security). Thanks for the great excerpt, I enjoyed it! I have not read any of your books yet, but am looking forward to doing so.
Linda Luinstra 7:31pm November 8, 2011)

Perfection is definitely overrated and it also leaves people feeling inferior.
Maureen Emmons 7:36pm November 8, 2011)

Hi Linda. You're right. No one is perfect. I slept with my blanket until I was 7. My mother actually still has a tiny piece of it stashed away somewhere.:) Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I have excerpts from all the books on my website at www.AdrienneGiordano.com. I also have some character interviews out there and photos of the characters.

Hi Maureen. Thanks for stopping in!
Adrienne Giordano 7:56pm November 8, 2011)

I don't believe anyone is perfect just that some hide it better than others. Some of us are quite ok with being imperfect actually. When I really screw stuff up I just tell people I am demonstrating how NOT to do such and such. LOL
Patti Paonessa 8:43pm November 8, 2011)

Hi Patti. I like it! LOL. Thanks for commenting.
Adrienne Giordano 9:03pm November 8, 2011)

Perfection is so over rated - it's the imperfectons that make for an interesting individual.
Mary C 9:37pm November 8, 2011)

Hi, Mary. I so agree with you. Thanks for commenting.
Adrienne Giordano 9:50pm November 8, 2011)

It takes some flaws to make us human and give us life.
Lisa Kendall 10:50pm November 8, 2011)

No one is perfect. Book sounds like a great read.
Sheila True 10:59pm November 8, 2011)

Ohhh! I love the sound of this book and I love an imperfect hero!
Nas Dean 4:05am November 9, 2011)

There is no such thing as perfection. Merely a dream. Who wants it anyway. It's the flaws that are often the most interesting.
Mary Preston 4:59am November 9, 2011)

Some people are so busy being "perfect" I just want to tell them how much they
are missing in "real" life.
Sandra Spilecki 7:16am November 9, 2011)

Hi, Lisa. So true. I'd hate living with a perfect person. LOL.

Thank you, Sheila. I have fun with my guys!

Nas, thank you for popping by!

Mary and Sandra, well said. I completely agree.

Thanks for commenting everyone!
Adrienne Giordano 8:24am November 9, 2011)

I was once accused of collecting "fixer-uppers". I fixed and divorced the first two. I guess it was kind of a catch and release program. ;) Husband #3 is a keeper. His flaws are harmless - too many clothes (yes, he has the bigger closet!!) and loves animals so much that he has a little trouble with the "sell" part of the livestock farming operation :)

Thanks for sharing, Adrienne. I hope you use that blanket story in a book one day. It tugged my heart for you!!

Hugs and happy release week. I've already purchased my copy of RISKING TRUST. Can't wait to dive in.

PS--Vic from Man Law was my #1 hero...but I'm thinking this Michael guy from Risking Trust may kick him to the curb. Hot and super nice...a lethal combo!
Nancy Naigle 8:44am November 9, 2011)

When you put someone on a pedestal, the only place they have to go is down.
LuAnn Morgan 10:58am November 9, 2011)

My favorite characters are imperfect, so much more interesting.
Cathy MacDonald 1:52pm November 9, 2011)

Flaws allow growth another deminsion to develop or find "quirky" - It helps to be human and overcome
Carla Carlson 3:35pm November 9, 2011)

Perfection leaves something to be desired since it's just too perfect. I like a few flaws in my characters since they are more human, believable and can use their motivations, beliefs and values to choose which path to saunter on.
Alyson Widen 3:42pm November 9, 2011)

I think those who pretend to have perfection are just a real pain in the XXX---everybody has some flaw.
Sue Farrell 7:49pm November 9, 2011)

While I really do love to hang around positive folks without too much drama baggage like myself. I expect them to have quirks, flaws, hangups, idiosyncrasies. You know the stuff that makes them human. I knew a lady at work once that always had the same blank smile 24/7, she never complained, had a grumpy thing to say about anything. I think she was a pod person. it was a bit scary.
Heidi Durham 4:48am November 12, 2011)

I know exactly what you're talking about when you mention the zone. I can't remember the last time, it's been so long. I've ready a lot of good books in the last couple of years, some where I stayed up late to read just a little bit more or to finish, but nothing that put me in the zone.
Anne Muller 11:06am January 11, 2012)

I wish we could edit comments after we post, I hate typos. That should be I've READ a lot of good books...
Anne Muller 11:07am January 11, 2012)

Hi Anne. No worries on the typo. I knew what you meant. :) I read Lisa Gardner's Live To Tell over the holidays and that one put me in the zone. If you're a parent, I'll warn you ahead of time, the subject matter is not easy reading, but (as usual with Lisa Gardner) the writing is fantastic.

Thanks for posting!
Adrienne Giordano 11:48am January 11, 2012)

I am with you on that....lol....everytime I want to read, I get my book, a blanket and a glass of wine and go sit in my (quiet) chair and read for hours and everyone knows to leave me alone because that is my time. The only quiet time I ever get....
Dawn Staniszeski 12:18pm January 11, 2012)

I love when a book has me in the zone... stay up no matter how late because I can not put it down... the last one I read was Dreaming Of The Wolf by Terry Spear...
Colleen Conklin 1:32pm January 11, 2012)

Hi Dawn. I have a confession to make. When I was trying to finish the Lisa Gardner book I mentioned I went and hid in the garage so I couldn't hear the phone, the television, the dog or the people in my house. I was close to the end and everything was going crazy so I hid! A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Hi Colleen. I'll check out Dreaming of The Wolf. I love discovering new books!

Thanks for posting, ladies!
Adrienne Giordano 2:39pm January 11, 2012)

A new year is a wonderful new start!
Marjorie Carmony 3:31pm January 11, 2012)

Looking forward to reading this interesting book.
Diane Pernick 4:42pm January 11, 2012)

I think the last book I read that put me in the zone was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, I couldn't wait to read the next one after that.
Linda Henderson 5:52pm January 11, 2012)

I LOVE getting into The Zone...among the books that take me there are J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, as does Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series - and Karen Marie Moning's MacKayla Lane series - I just see all of these characters so clearly in my mind...they are part of my family - really!
Felicia Ciaudelli 6:18pm January 11, 2012)

I hope I can win this fabulous book I need some excitement here..
Beverly Youngblood 6:40pm January 11, 2012)

The most recent book I've read that really put me in the zone was A Stolen Life by Jaycee DuGard. I read over half the book in one sitting. It was unbelievable how that little girl accepted and adjusted to her abductors treatment. I also read Sarah Jio's first book, Violets of March and am anxiously awaiting her second book, Bungalow, which was just released. I was in the zone with the first one...it was so good, and I know the second one will be too, from the storyline and review I've read about it. I don't have an e-reader for ebooks so I'm not in the high-tech zone yet!
Linda Luinstra 6:54pm January 11, 2012)

I like the topic of your recent book.
Good luck with your New Year resolutions, I've already given up on mine for this year. Sigh.
Marilyn Legault 7:43pm January 11, 2012)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! I positively vibrated when I finished it. In fact, I got book 2 off the shelf and had to stop myself from starting to read it right away. I had so much work to do!
Jennifer Beyer 9:52pm January 11, 2012)

I recently read Alexandra Hawkins Before Sunrise with a notorious lord, I couldn't put it down! So yep I'd say I was in the zone, exspeically when I look at my clock and realized it was 2 A.M.!!!
[email protected]
Savannah Miller 10:07pm January 11, 2012)

Sounds like a book I really would enjoy reading.
Ann Hengst 10:24pm January 11, 2012)

Last book to put me in the zone was Kristen Hannah's Night Road - I stayed up all night to finish it.
Mary C 10:33pm January 11, 2012)

Book sounds very interesting. Thanks for giving me a chance to win it.
Linda Hall 10:49pm January 11, 2012)

Hi, Diane. Thanks for your interest in my book. Michael and Roxann have a special place in my heart. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, Linda. I love the title. I will put it on my list.

Felicia, I know exactly what you mean by the characters being part of your family. I always hate when a book I love comes to an end. I never want to say goodbye to the characters.

Beverly, I hope we can bring you some excitement! :)

Hi, Linda. Oh, the Jaycee DuGard book. I haven't read it, but I would imagine it's a book that stays with you for a while. And no worries if you don't have an e-reader, if you win, I can send you a PDF you can read on your computer.

Marilyn, don't worry about those resolutions. Who needs 'em anyway? :)

Jennifer, I just might be the only person left who hasn't read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's in my pile to read though!

Savannah, I love that feeling of not wanting to put a book down. As a reader, I don't know that there is anything better. I think it's the greatest complement a writer can receive.

Hi, Ann. Thanks for stopping in.

Mary, I love Kristen Hannah's books. I haven't read Night Road yet though so I will be adding it to the list.

Wow, such a great list I'm compiling! Thank you all.
Adrienne Giordano 10:50pm January 11, 2012)

I zone out to the newest Jayne Ann Krentz book, every time. I just picked up Copper Beach, so I'll be zoning out Saturday.
Lisa Kendall 11:06pm January 11, 2012)

Karen Robards' books put me in the zone. I loved Shattered. And Sleepwalker is
the next book I'll read. Also, Erin McCarthy's Flat Out Sexy.
Tammy Yenalavitch 11:18pm January 11, 2012)

I'm always in a zone when I read a Nicolas Sparks novel.
Sheila True 11:22pm January 11, 2012)

Sounds like a great book. I would love the chance to win it.
Jan Capstick 12:44pm January 12, 2012)

Most of the time, I can get totally lost in a lot of books. The last one was "Sword at Sunset" about King Arthur by Rosemary Sutcliff. The only problem I had was that it was quite a long book, hardcover with 480 pages, and I had to make too many interruptions. And like all historical novels, it had real people and places in it. Therefore, I often took a look on the Internet or in a book for more facts.
Sigrun Schulz 1:11am January 12, 2012)

The last book I was entirely in the zone was The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay
Buroker, and I devoured the two sequels.
Hyunjin Jeon 3:01am January 12, 2012)

Books are my salvation, I can loose myself in a good story.
Marjorie Carmony 6:50am January 12, 2012)

I love to read and use my imagnation. Getting in the zone is a bonus!
Alexis Todd 8:09am January 12, 2012)

Linda Bass 9:34am January 12, 2012)

Sounds like an interesting book - and one I'd love to win. Best of luck with it. Happy 2012.
Nancy Reynolds 10:24am January 12, 2012)

Hi Lisa. I love Jayne Ann Krentz! I really enjoy her Amanda Quick books also. Thanks for stopping in.

Tammy, thanks for the suggestion. I'll add Shattered to my TBR pile. I have Karen's books on my shelf, but haven't read Shattered yet.

Sheila and Jan, thanks for popping by. I enjoy a good Nicholas Sparks book as well. So many great authors mentioned!

Hi Sigrun. I love reading a historical that sucks me into all the details. The internet makes it so easy to check out things that are mentioned in the book. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to the list!

Ashley, a good sequel can't be beat, can it? That's why I love reading books in a series. We get to revisit the characters.

Marjorie, Alexis and Linda, thanks for saying hello. I hope you all get in the zone soon! :)
Adrienne Giordano 10:31am January 12, 2012)

I don't make resolutions either. They remind too much of a parent or teacher
saying "You HAVE to do this or that" at which point I automatically rebel.
Immature of me but that's the way it is. I am never without a book in my hand
so remembering which book put me in the zone at a particular time is near
impossible. What strikes my mood at one particular time doesn't at another
so I make it a practice to let those around me choose their own. What ever
book you choose--ENJOY!
Sandra Spilecki 11:05am January 12, 2012)

I recently read Sorcery & Cecilia and loved it. It really made me not want to put it down.
Pam Howell 12:14pm January 12, 2012)

Hi, Sandra. I always have a book handy myself. I throw my ereader into my purse and off we go. Thanks for stopping by.

Pam, Sorcery & Cecilia is a wonderful title. I'm off to check it out. Thanks!
Adrienne Giordano 1:00pm January 12, 2012)

wow thanks for the give way the book looks great and then
ihope you do great this coming year and would love to read t he book and blog
Desiree Reilly 2:00pm January 12, 2012)

Thanks, Desiree!
Adrienne Giordano 2:05pm January 12, 2012)

I would love to win a copy of the book. I do know what you mean about being
in the zone. Its been a while since I have been that captivated by a book--
however I do admit that when I do find a book that puts me in the zone--I am
no longer in the world but the book's world! When I finish reading such a
book--I look for more books by that author!
Susan Mahaffey 3:47pm January 12, 2012)

Right now I'm reading The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I'm lost in a different world every night when I pick up the book. It's really hard to put it back down! I used to tell my kids when they were younger that you don't need drugs to escape...just a really good book! I firmly believe that! And, I have had some wonderful escapes!
Sandy Fielder 6:20pm January 12, 2012)

Susan, I love that feeling when I'm caught up in a story I forget about everything else. Such fun!

Hi Sandy. I completely agree. My son is hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy and I love to watch him just sit and read.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!
Adrienne Giordano 9:08pm January 12, 2012)

Linda Fickling 9:44pm January 12, 2012)

January has always been the beginning of bitter cold here... :(
TinaMarie R 12:14pm January 13, 2012)

I am reading Awakening Mercy by Angela Benson. This is a great book but I have no time to get into the zone. Things should quiet down soon.
Kathleen Yohanna 6:48am January 13, 2012)

HI, I hope I get a chance to read this book!
Jennifer Kromrie 9:36am January 13, 2012)

Thanks for a great post! I've actually just got over a reading slump and I'm feeling awesome (especially since my TBR pile is ginormous - physical and electronic). I just finished Lord and lady Spy by Shana Galen. It was very fun and I stayed up a wee bit late to finish it.
Erin Fender 10:53am January 13, 2012)

I recently read IN CLOSE by Brenda Novak and DEADLY INTENT by Kylie Brant. On those nights while I was reading them, I finally had to force myself to put them down around four o'clock in the morning. It's a good thing I'm retired and don't have a set schedule.
Anna Speed 12:15pm January 13, 2012)

Mysteries, thrillers, suspense and romance get me in the zone. Especially books by Joseph Finder and Louisa Edwards.
Alyson Widen 6:55pm January 13, 2012)

The last book I read that put me in the zone was Tina Reber's Love Unscripted. I love that book
Kim Stogner 8:49pm January 13, 2012)

I do not make resolutions, because I forget them that fast. I read whenever I can and since I'm in a cast and unable to work, I have read a book every other day. I read all kinds of books and my TBR pile is so far down, I need more.
Pat Freely 8:56pm January 13, 2012)

I am thrilled about winning an e-book copy of Risking Trust. I can hardly wait to start reading. Thanks so much!
Diane Pernick 12:53pm January 20, 2012)

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