July 10th, 2020
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Rogues & Remarkable Women

Elliott Redeemed by Scarlett Cole


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Elliott Redeemed
Scarlett Cole

Preload #2
September 2017
On Sale: August 29, 2017
Featuring: Kendalee Walker; Elliott “Pyro” Dawson
ISBN: 1250154871
EAN: 9781250154873
Kindle: B01N5UQK31
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Romance Contemporary

A single mom and tortured musician find common ground in Scarlett Cole's Elliott Redeemed, the second standalone romance about the band Preload.

Elliott “Pyro” Dawson burns up the lead guitar like a legend. But the nickname Pyro isn’t just a clever play on words. It’s much darker. A past he's fought like hell to overcome.

Grocery store cashier Kendalee Walker is at her wits end and homeless. She's watched her fourteen-year-old son, Daniel, go so far off the rails, he can no longer see the tracks.

When the two are brought together, attraction flares, but can Elliott find the family he never had with the sexy woman and her son, or will he fall back on dangerous habits?



42 comments posted.

Re: Elliott Redeemed

I have not read much rock star romance but I will check out some of the top 5 recommendations. And I love the quote you live by. We should all hope to live a life less ordinary.
(Pam Howell 8:14am August 30, 2017)

I enjoy reading Rock Star Romances... a specific fav is not coming to mind at the moment though... as for music... I enjoy a wide range...
Colleen Conklin 12:58pm August 30, 2017)

Love this since my husband's name is Elliot. Rock star music -
Sharon Berger 2:39pm August 30, 2017)

While I was born after the 50's Rock and Roll crazed, I
really enjoy the Oldies' from the 50's, 60's,and way up to
the mid - 90's. I am not into Hard Rock, but any kind of
music still defied us as music lovers. Which to me makes us
all great music Lovers. I really hope to get a chance to
win & read your book. It sounds like a keeper. Good Luck on
your book.
Wilma Salas 8:39pm August 30, 2017)

One of my favorite rock groups is Linkin Park.
Tanja Dancy 8:54pm August 30, 2017)

Rock star music Bruce Springsteen
Laurie Gommermann 7:25am August 31, 2017)

I love the band Lifehouse. Such great lyrics!
Sue Galuska 9:33am August 31, 2017)

Olive Cunning's Sinner on Tour series was the first rock
star series I read and still my favorite. The Beatles are
my favorite rock group.
Anne Muller 1:48pm August 31, 2017)

I read and was impressed by Olivia Cunning's Backstage
Pass. Have not read many romances with a rock star main
G. Bisbjerg 2:42pm August 31, 2017)

Mary J Williams writes a great rock series, too! I agree
with you and your list! Thanks!
Kathleen Bylsma 4:40pm August 31, 2017)

I love oldies since I am one but I really miss Michael Bolton too. Glad I have his CD's.
Jane Kriebel 5:33pm August 31, 2017)

I loved the Black Falcon series by Michelle A. Valentine.
Debbie Burdeen 5:45pm August 31, 2017)

Allman Brothers!
Amber Mancebo 7:44pm August 31, 2017)

I have not read too many but would love to. I enjoy the
Allman Brothers.
Debra Guyette 8:00pm August 31, 2017)

I love the books in Lauren Dane's Hurley Boys Series.
Leni Kaye 8:31pm August 31, 2017)

I need to get current both on my music and my books. I love Journey
Joanne Quarz 9:26pm August 31, 2017)

I have not read many rock star romances, but
love rock music, especially anything from the
80's, like Prince, Bon Jovi, White Snake,
Queen, and many more.
Jen Frederick 12:07pm September 1, 2017)

I haven't read any rockstar romance books, however, I love classic rock like aerosmith, bon jovi, anything from the 70s and 80s
Trisha Freeman 9:54am September 1, 2017)

I like Pirate Metal!
Dynal Roberson 1:48pm September 1, 2017)

anything from the 80's music
Ann Unger 6:28pm September 1, 2017)

I am honestly not too much into rock music. Maybe I should pay them more attention.
Gladys Paradowski 9:23pm September 1, 2017)

I love classic rock - gimme the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd,
and Led Zepplin. But I love music from all genres. Lately,
I've been into folk music but I also love today's pop
music. There are so many talented artists out there.
Dianne Robbins 10:01pm September 1, 2017)

I don't think that I have read any rock star romance surprisingly. But your recommendations are great suggestions. Thanks.
May Pau 10:59pm September 1, 2017)

I'm an avid reader and a hopeless romantic and I love to
read romance novels from many different genres. I'm pretty
open in reading new novels from Authors I've never heard of
before. I like diving into a new author who has a different
flavor or writing prospective I should say that's unique in
its self. And I just recently learned of you and your latest
book through Fresh Fiction. And I'm truly glad I did cause
you sound just like the kind of Author I can easily fall in
love with. Because in your novel Elliot, your combining 3
out of 8 of my greatest loves that defines me and is so
important too me. In no specific order, 1 being my love for
books. 2 and 3 being my love for music and my passion for
singing... I was born in the late 80's so I can't help but
show some love to the decade I was born. I do love 80's and
90's music. And since I'm a bonafide Southern Belle, I do
love my country music. But 90's country before it went down
hill, I like only a little of today's country. So therefore
I listen to and collect albums from some of my favorite hard
rock and classic rock bands. I like a little bit of
everything. Born Jovi, Aerosmith, White Snake, Rolling
Stones, Guns and Roses, Linkin Park, and many other bands.
But my favorite is Alice and Chains. I swear, the lead
singer Layne had the voice of a rock Angel. His voice was so
beautiful too me. His music moves me in a way no artist ever
has. In fact, I've already told my husband that I have our
sons name picked out. I don't want to give it away fully.
But Payne will definitely be my future sons middle name. His
first name comes from one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies.
And combined, it sounds really awesome. The perfect football
name to that will be great since our family is huge college
football fans... Anyway, to get to the point, I LOVE music!
I'm actually from a family of several generations of
singers,song writers, and musicians. Even my great great
Ashley Prescott 11:38pm September 1, 2017)

... Anyway, to get to the point, I LOVE music!
I'm actually from a family of several generations of
singers,song writers, and musicians. Even my great great
grandfather was a music instructor. And my grandfather was a
very talented singer and singer writer and even had a
popular and in the 1960's. My Uncle could play "Wipe Out" on
the drums when he was 16 years old. He plays many
instruments but mostly sticks to singing, playing guitar and
piano in his band. I sometimes even sing with him. I have a
great love for singing, dancing and acting. Performing in
musicals in local theaters growing up was truly a happy time
in time in my life. Doing something that I love to.
And I agree with your quote when you said... "That we should
all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less
predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing."...
I know all to well how short life is, and that everyday
truly is gift to us from God.
I lost my mother and grandmother back to back in 2013 &
2014, and it was a very heartbreaking experience losing the
women who both raised me, loved me, supported me and
believed in me. Besides God, they are the ones I loved most.
And it took my strength in God to not give up and find HOPE
in Him if I keep my faith, stay committed too him and then
one day my faith will be rewarded and I will be reunited
with my family in Heaven again some day.
My mother and I lived through so much together, we escaped
out of a very bad and dangerous man's hands. Who abused me
and tried to end us both. We were lucky to be alive. For 1
year and a half, we lived a REAL HOLLYWOOD nightmare.
Experienced things not many everyday people has. We were no
longer victims. We were warriors and we were victorious. And
due to everything we had been through, we been to war
together, we weren't just Mother & daughter. We were best
friends and comrades. She understood my pain, my healing, my
success and the price for it all more
Ashley Prescott 12:08pm September 2, 2017)

As I was saying in my last post.. My Mom and I, We were
lucky to be alive. For 1 year and a half, we lived a REAL
LIFE HOLLYWOOD nightmare. Experienced things not many
everyday people has. We were no longer victims. We were
warriors and we were victorious. And due to everything we
had been through, we had been to war together, we weren't
just Mother & daughter. We were best friends and comrades.
We had each other's back. She understood my pain, my
healing, my success and the price for it all more than
anybody else. Cause she was there with me.
Losing her, was like losing half my soul. She and I were
kindred spirits. We could depend on one another. We were
always there for one another. And when her health failed
her, I took care of her and loved her even till the end. I
sang her a song at her "viewing" that my grandfathr wrote
that talks about being reunited with your loved ones in
Heaven. It's truly a beautiful song. I wasn't the only one
crying. And many people came up to me and spoke about what's
beautiful and fitting song that was. And that thy admired my
strength and everything I did that day to make it special in
celebrating my mother's memory. I spoke a few words about
how special she was too me. How he saved my life more ways
than one. She was my Hero. And some how through the years, I
managed to sing my heart out for heart at day. I sang like
I've never sang before. I gave it my all. It's what she
would have wanted. She always wanted me to follow my dreams.
To sing cause that's why brought me joy.
Music was something special to my mom & I. It was something
we shared. So I love reading novels of all kinds that
involves my love for music and rock. So I'm sure I will
really enjoy reading your novels and getting to know this
Elliot of yours. He sounds like a unique and interesting
I just want to say thanks for this generous offer. And to
say I admire u for daring to follow your dreams.
Ashley Prescott 12:21pm September 2, 2017)

... And I just want to say thanks for this generous offer.
And to say I admire u for daring to follow your dreams. And
not letting any fear you might have stop you. Fear is
COURAGE that has said it's prayers & has faith in tomorrow.
I'll leave you with a fav quote of mine.. "BE the CHANGE you
want to see in this world."
May u continue following your dreams and never giving up and
keep on encouraging others to do the same.
Good luck in this life.
And find God so your next life will be even BETTER than this
Ashley Prescott 12:25pm September 2, 2017)

John 3:16
Proverbs 16:9
Ashley Prescott 12:32pm September 2, 2017)

Kylie Scott's series was pretty great with rock stars
Amber Niebaum 1:52am September 2, 2017)

My favorite rock star would have to be Elvis.
Mary Smith 10:29am September 3, 2017)

My favorite rock band is the Beatles
Shelley Butcher 6:41pm September 3, 2017)

I'm in a time-warp-still loving the big-hair bands!
LaRonda Atchison 6:49pm September 3, 2017)

As a Beatles fan - A Hard Day's Night: A Private Archive
Jung Ja Ahn 12:07pm September 4, 2017)

Love 80s hair bands Bon jovi
Stephanie Allen 1:56am September 4, 2017)

I liked the Beatles and Elvis if they are considered Rock stars. My favorite
music is Country-Western.
Jackie Wisherd 2:52pm September 4, 2017)

I grew up listening to The Beatles and Elvis and they still are among my favorites
Joy Isley 3:52pm September 4, 2017)

Not sure if I read any rock music romance that was memorable and/or yet, but The Beatles is a fave band of mine. Not bands, but some songs by other bands are also in my fave music list.
Ela Raymundo 8:59pm September 4, 2017)

Play by Kylie Scott & Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning
Miranda Owen 12:25pm September 5, 2017)

I grew up in the sixties and seventies, but I have to say
that I really like Green Day and Offspring.
Deb Philippon 12:19pm September 5, 2017)

I have not read many rock star romances.
Marilyn Collins 7:25pm September 5, 2017)

The book sounds interesting, I haven't read to many rock star romances.
Deb Pelletier 10:06pm September 5, 2017)

Have not read any of your books but this one sounds interesting.
Melanie Rosen 10:48pm September 5, 2017)

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