October 1st, 2022
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"A GEM OF A STORY" ~ Kirkus Reviews

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A passion-and angst-charged story about a woman caught between a secure relationship and a once-in-a-lifetime spark with her muse.

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My Hot Summer Fling…Just Became My Student

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Running from her past leaves her standing in her future…

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A Christmas bargain…
Becomes a promise of more

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When Riley Hunt—a beautiful, smart, popular student at Easton College in Manhattan—is brutally murdered, it becomes a big story for TV newswoman Clare Carlson.

The Taming Of The Wolf by Lydia Dare


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Also by Lydia Dare:

Wolfishly Yours, November 2012
Paperback / e-Book
The Wolf Who Loved Me, April 2012
Paperback / e-Book
Never Been Bit, September 2011
Paperback / e-Book
In The Heat Of The Bite, July 2011
It Happened One Bite, March 2011
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
The Taming Of The Wolf, November 2010
Mass Market Paperback
The Wolf Next Door, June 2010
Mass Market Paperback
Tall, Dark and Wolfish, May 2010
Mass Market Paperback
A Certain Wolfish Charm, April 2010
Mass Market Paperback

The Taming Of The Wolf
Lydia Dare

A moment's impulse and their fates were sealed...

Westfield Brothers #4
Sourcebooks Casablanca
November 2010
On Sale: November 2, 2010
Featuring: Dashiel Thorpe; Caitrin Macleod
384 pages
ISBN: 1402244371
EAN: 9781402244377
Mass Market Paperback
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Romance Historical | Romance Paranormal

Regency England Has Gone to the Wolves!

He Could Never Lose Control...

Dashiel Thorpe, Earl of Brimsworth, has spent his life fighting the wolf within him. But when the full moon rises, Dash is helpless. A chance encounter with Caitrin Macleod on a moonlit night inadvertently binds the two together irrevocably, and Dash's impulsiveness plunges them both into a nightmare...

She Never Saw Him Coming...

Caitrin Macleod is no quiet country lass, but a witch with remarkable abilities. But when it comes to Dashiel, she's as helpless to fight his true nature as he is. Her senses overwhelmed, she runs back to the safety and security of her native Scotland...

But Dashiel is determined to follow her - she's the only woman who can free him from a fate worse than death. And Caitrin will ultimately have to decide whether she's running from danger, or true love...

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45 comments posted.

Re: The Taming Of The Wolf

I love #3--maybe you've just hit on why I like werewolves.
(Sheila Deeth 1:43am November 18, 2010)

Wolves and more wolves it seems. Loved the David Letterman take-off. LOL The genre seems to be really taking off, too!
Gladys Paradowski 1:57am November 18, 2010)

I had been big on the vamps but am starting to love the wolves...just the whole animal thing.
Darci Paice 2:35am November 18, 2010)

So many great reasons to love werewolves. As I'm always cold, I'm all for the heat, they are like big, furry blankets.
Jessica Badeaux 5:40am November 18, 2010)

Great list. I hve to admit I haven't read any werewolf books that didn't involve other creatures -i.e. Twilight. But I may give them a try.
Pam Howell 7:28am November 18, 2010)

The Taming of the Wolf, was my first. Will not be my last. LOL
Pamela Jones 9:12am November 18, 2010)

Your list is too cute. Love your books.
G S Moch 9:19am November 18, 2010)

I love werewolves and you made a great list there.

I've never read an historical werewolf story and I would LOVE to!!!

in Germany
[email protected]
Valerie Bongards 10:33am November 18, 2010)

I'm really enjoying the werewolf romances I have read. It's nice to have a change from vamps every once in a while. I love 8 and 1. I'm usually cold, so 8 would come in extremely handy, and I love the idea of a guy who's always there, or at least will always be there if you need him.
Nicole Telhiard 11:11am November 18, 2010)

I have always been a fan of wolves and i love stories about them. The romances are very inspirational and loaded with imagination.
Anthonia Sharp 11:15am November 18, 2010)

great romance series, love the stories. It has depth, strength, love, loyalty, and honor.
Anthonia Sharp 11:16am November 18, 2010)

love the way the the story comes together. the time,focus, and imagination is great.
Anthonia Sharp 11:19am November 18, 2010)

love the danger, love the will, and love the heart of it all.
Anthonia Sharp 11:25am November 18, 2010)

i love the danger, the wolves series, and way it comes to home.
Anthonia Sharp 11:29am November 18, 2010)

it is open, heartfelt, and absolutely well done.
Anthonia Sharp 11:33am November 18, 2010)

what a great series, i was blown away by it
Anthonia Sharp 11:34am November 18, 2010)

now this is a series i would love and get hooked on.
Anthonia Sharp 11:35am November 18, 2010)

wolves rock and so does this series you go girl.
Anthonia Sharp 11:37am November 18, 2010)

keep up the good work i can't wait to read the next book
Anthonia Sharp 11:38am November 18, 2010)

Gotta love a man who'll fetch my
morning paper, the mail, and a cool
beverage on command!!

- ng
[email protected]
Nancy Gazo 12:56pm November 18, 2010)

okay, that was funny . I like the wildness and animal instincts of a shifter ;) smexy!
Sharon Stogner 1:29pm November 18, 2010)

Oh I just loved reading your list!!! I could not help smiling while I read it!!! :)
Colleen Conklin 1:46pm November 18, 2010)

That was fun. I would say you don't have to worry about what's for dinner.
Maureen Emmons 2:56pm November 18, 2010)

I love 1, 2 and 3 ... That would make a werewolf worth having around right there!
Carolyn Brown 3:46pm November 18, 2010)

Love your list of reasons. I am especially feeling #9 since that is something I have had to deal with recently.
Cherie Japp 4:43pm November 18, 2010)

I love your list. I can't wait to read your new book.
Robin McKay 6:27pm November 18, 2010)

I have just now discovered you on Fresh Fiction, I look forward to reading your series since scanning some of the comments.
Theresa Richardson 6:44pm November 18, 2010)

I like number 7.Pack is family after all!
Diane Sadler 7:55pm November 18, 2010)

sounds like an interesting story.would love to read it
Natalie Kozaczka 8:44pm November 18, 2010)

the book looks hot!
Karen Triolo 11:05pm November 18, 2010)

Sit & Stay - I laughed. Love it!!
Mary Preston 12:56pm November 19, 2010)

Love shifters, seem more believable than vamps. Haven't come across your books before, though. Thanks for the contest. Great list, lol!
Victoria Colyer-Kerr 7:26am November 19, 2010)

That's a very interesting list -
makes me want to read about
Margay Roberge 8:53am November 19, 2010)

I love your books and your list is great.
I don't have one I like more then the others your books are all fun to read and I've just gotten this one on my nook and will start it in a day or so. Thank you for such great books.
Vickie Hightower 9:12am November 19, 2010)

I can't say that I've gotten into the vampire genre yet. Some of the story lines just haven't grabbed me the way I expected them to. Perhaps your books will. Some of the others seemed so far-fetched that they were almost laughable instead of romantic. I promise to give yours a try. It sounds like you have a good following, so you must have what it takes to keep a reader entertained.
Peggy Roberson 12:19pm November 19, 2010)

I like your list.
Sandy Giden 2:46pm November 19, 2010)

I like them both. Vamps and Weres. I suppose you can have one for winter and one for summer.... best of both worlds.
Michele Powell 2:49pm November 19, 2010)

Keep up the wonderful writing.
Marjorie Carmony 3:12pm November 19, 2010)

#5 made me laugh.
Freda Mans-Labianca 3:22pm November 19, 2010)

I do enjoy werewolf romances along with the other "Breeds" Romance, comedy all of it . I love to read. Your 10 things about werewolves just made me howl.
Cj Swier 6:11pm November 19, 2010)

I also like #5 about redecorating because the furniture gets scratched. I call that antiquing or looking lived-in.
Alyson Widen 6:28pm November 19, 2010)

I like #1. I enjoy werewolf romances. Great post.
April Renn 6:54pm November 19, 2010)

Having teenagers myself, I gotta go with
#10. Could you imagine how good the
kids would be? I love werewolf romances
as a way to get away from everything.
Thanks for the contest!
Val Pearson 8:05pm November 19, 2010)

I love your list it is so creative and hits so many of were's highlights!
Susan Lathen 8:44pm November 21, 2010)

Maybe I've just become used to werewolves. I certainly prefer them to vampires. But maybe I just find it more natural for a wolf to take a chunk out of me--if the going gets rough--than for a human to do so. Werewolves in human form don't bite and drink your blood, do they? At least the ones I've read about don't.
Sigrun Schulz 12:50pm November 22, 2010)

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