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October ushers in great books with holiday themes!

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You never get a second chance at a first kiss…

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Fake Homecoming. Fake Boyfriend. Real feels.

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She's come to Captivity to go wild…

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A terrific, twisting romantic thriller that will keep you guessing.

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Tis the season … for unexpected love.

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Blessings, Georgia series, where the glow of a small-town Christmas and excitement of a winter love story will warm your heart!

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Secrets are every where

Grimoire by Phaedra Weldon


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Also by Phaedra Weldon:

Revenant, June 2011
Grimoire, March 2011
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Paperback (reprint)
Revenant, June 2010
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Phaedra Weldon

The Grimoire Chronicles #1
Caldwell Press
March 2011
On Sale: March 21, 2011
Featuring: Darren "Dags" McConnell; Allard Bonville
388 pages
ISBN: 0615434185
EAN: 9780615434186
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Thriller Paranormal - Supernatural | Fantasy Urban

Darren "Dags" McConnell's life is far from normal—not everyone sees and talks to ghosts—but none of his life experiences prepare him for what's to come. After he receives a set of magical summoning marks on his palms as part of an initiation into a Ceremonial Magic group, Dags becomes the target of the group's leader, Allard Bonville. Bonville's nefarious plans to bring his wife's spirit back from the Abysmal plane would also bring about Dags' death.

A bungled spell and Dags' tattoos become gateways of the Abysmal and Ethereal planes, and host to a pair of Familiars who bring with them knowledge of a powerful Grimoire. A book, in a witch's hand, that will irrevocably change him forever.

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50 comments posted.

Re: Grimoire

Secondary characters give the story substance. They create interest & problems.
(Mary Preston 1:29am May 15, 2011)

i love the secondary characters and am often disappointed when there is not a book about that characters story.
Tammy Ramey 1:37am May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters are definitely important, at the very least to propel the story. They make the world and the story more real and interesting and a good author can make both the main and secondary characters really interesting and engaging. Often the secondary characters are more relateable and thus more likeable and I've definitely also cried when one of them is hurt or killed.
Jessica Sutton 2:04am May 15, 2011)

I love them, they make the story interesting and give it meaning.
Frances Namuth 3:21am May 15, 2011)

I'm always looking for the authors next book with the secondary characters as Hero and Heroine, after reading certain books. Reading a story with secondary characters portrayed with emotional depth is very satisfying.
Nas Dean 5:07am May 15, 2011)

I really enjoy series that tell more about "secondary" characters, and they thus become much more important.
Marjorie Carmony 6:42am May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters are necessary to give depth not only to the story but to the
primary characters. I sometimes I like a secondary character more. I appreciate
when they have a sense of humor that helps to lighted up a darker book or help
when the hero goes into a tail spin over the heroine's actions or vice versa.
Sandra Spilecki 6:56am May 15, 2011)

I like the secondary characters. They give the reader a chance to see how they interact with not only the main characters but others. I really like them.
Debbie Penny 7:09am May 15, 2011)

I agree with your take on secondary characters. I truly enjoy reading books in a series! I have on more than one occasion found the secondary character to be more interesting and anxiously await another book being put out with the secondary character's own adventure. I've read so many good series! I prefer a good book to never end and anxiously await the continuation . . .
Linda Leonard 8:41am May 15, 2011)

I just read a book where the secondary character was kind of a spoiled brat that I didn't like. When I heard the next book would be about him I didn't think I'd read it until I read on the Internet that he went through a life altering experience and was a better person. I read the next book and ended up loving him and was so happy the author focused on him. So yes, I love secondary characters and I love when books are written about them. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
Renee Pajda 9:00am May 15, 2011)

I love reading series romances. The secondary characters seem to take a life of their own and just have to have their own story. I'm glad you listened to yours.
Pamela Stewart 10:01am May 15, 2011)

I think secondary characters offer a way for the author to demonstrate personality aspects of the primary characters in ways that forward the plot and seem natural. They also allow the author to try out charaterizations that can augment future books, or if particularly successful, build characters that will be able to star on their own at a later time.
Janet Martin 10:21am May 15, 2011)

A book can be made or broken by the secondary characters. I love Jane Austen because of the secondary characters almost as much as the main characters. They add the cherry on the top of the sundae.
Pam Howell 10:22am May 15, 2011)

Secondary charaters are in my mind a big part of a Great book if you have sad 2eds then the book is not as good.
Vickie Hightower 10:23am May 15, 2011)

A book just wouldn't be interesting without secondary characters. They are what makes the main characters come to life.

When there are too many secondary characters or they have similar names, it can get confusing though.
Jody Hollenbeck 10:29am May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters help build the story.
Debra Czarnogursky 11:16am May 15, 2011)

They make the leads more human. Few of us go thru life alone & when we are alone, for too long, we miss our seconds/friends.
Felina Pence 11:19am May 15, 2011)

I enjoy reading books that have interesting secondary
characters, because it makes for a much more enjoyable read.
Especially if the secondary characters are a little quirky.
Aimee Robison 11:29am May 15, 2011)

I think secondary characters are just as important, sometimes
more important, to the story. They often lend believability
and a more "real" aspect to novels.
Leanna Morris 11:30am May 15, 2011)

I love to see secondary characters develop to the point where
they deserve their own book. And they're totally necessary to
literature, right? After all, real life is mainly made up of
secondary characters!
Sarah Walsh 11:46am May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters are as important as the main ones. The shape the main characters make them who they are love them care for them drive them crazy. what ever the story needs.
Robin Blankenship 12:42pm May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters are so bewitching! I adore them and the depth they bring to the story...I'll have a martini, Dags.
Janice Milliken 1:10pm May 15, 2011)

I love when we get to know secondary characters and then see them get their own story/ series! They add so much more to the story and the life of the main character...
Colleen Conklin 1:29pm May 15, 2011)

Sometimes a secondary character can be more fun than the main character, doing things the first couldn't do.
Shirley Nienkark 1:37pm May 15, 2011)

I think secondary characters are a vital part of any story. And novels with really good secondary characters always make me wish for them to have their own story.
Billie Deese 1:47pm May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters give a book depth. In urban fantasy, I prefer the hero and heroine stay the same so developing the secondary characters is one way authors add variety. Secondary characters also make good subjects for anthologies.
Carol Drummond 2:10pm May 15, 2011)

There have been quite a few times when I've felt that the secondary characters are more interesting than the leads. I guess that's because they are only in the stories for a short amount of time and they really add to the flow of the story.
Leni Kaye 3:17pm May 15, 2011)

Oh yes, the secondary characters of a story are truely the backbone of the skeleton. Absoultely necessary to the main character. They create the aura that makes a good story.
Rosemary Simm 4:10pm May 15, 2011)

I love secondary characters in a story; it makes the plot much more interesting.
Shirley Younger 4:13pm May 15, 2011)

I love the secondary characters as they reveal more
about the primary ones if your paying attention. they are
who help develop the plot as well.

Thank you

pommawolf @hotmail.com
Darcy Johnson 4:55pm May 15, 2011)

i love secondary characters and they make the book more interesting!!!
Jennifer Beck 5:26pm May 15, 2011)

I love the way secondary characters add to the main plot line. The twists and turns they bring are enjoyable and ususally make me laugh. Bring them on....
Maude Allen 5:29pm May 15, 2011)

I love secondary characters!
Robin Daily 5:34pm May 15, 2011)

I always enjoy the secondary characters, especially in a series. It's always nice to
see some of my favorites get their own story told as a feature in their own book.
Barbara Elness 6:11pm May 15, 2011)

Sometimes I find the secondary characters as intriguing as the primary ones. The I love to read the spinoffs.
Renee Brown 6:24pm May 15, 2011)

A strong secondary character is necessary to support a story.
Sheila True 6:47pm May 15, 2011)

I feel that secondary characters are very important!! In many cases, they even help the main character from falling flat. In some cases they help the main character become the person they are, before they even realize it. Sometimes, they just jump out at you, and become even more interesting than the main character, and want you screaming for more!! They can also be annoying, or they can just fade into the woodwork. I like the ones that strike an even balance with the main character and want you screaming for more, myself. That way, you're looking forward to the next book in the series. Case in point would be Janet Evanovich, who has 17 books in her series. Although her books are romantic-humorous, she has characters in her book who want you begging for more. Congratulations on your latest book. I'm really looking forward to reading it!!
Peggy Roberson 8:06pm May 15, 2011)

I love a secondary character that contributes enough to the story to make me want to see them as a primary in their own story. Good luck and happy writing!
Tracie Travis 8:13pm May 15, 2011)

You can't write a book without secondary characters, it would be dead, dead, dead. I love the secondary characters poping thier head up in the story. When they change the main character. I also love it when they are continued in the next book.
Kathleen Bianchi 8:23pm May 15, 2011)

I enjoy the secondary characters...they add depth and reality
to a novel..sometimes they are more interesting than the main
Leanna Morris 8:54pm May 15, 2011)

Yes, secondary characters in a book can make it more interesting for readers to follow and enjoy the reading. The more the merrier like they say. Thanks, Cecilia
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:12pm May 15, 2011)

I love reading books that are in a series,that are about the secondary characters. Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
Linda Hall 9:22pm May 15, 2011)

Secondary characters can make or break a book. I love it when a character that clearly starts out secondary suddenly jumps off the page and has their own story.
Jennifer Beyer 9:47pm May 15, 2011)

I love when a secondary character is so strong. and when they get their own book.
Lisa Kendall 10:40pm May 15, 2011)

Your books sound great. You are a new author to me and your books sound very interesting. I'd love to read one!
Molly Wilsbacher 11:26pm May 15, 2011)

I think secondary characters can enrich or distract from the main story, but I think they create a more dimensional story.
TinaMarie R 4:19am May 16, 2011)

I haven't read any of the books yet, but they sound great.
Michelle Grayce 5:57am May 16, 2011)

I think it gives the story more depth. You are a new to me author but your books sound intriguing and exciting!
Jeanne Sheats 1:51pm May 18, 2011)

Secondary characters add another layer to the story and give insight into the values and beliefs being shown or voiced by the main characters. They usually are the ones to ground a piece.
Alyson Widen 5:02pm May 21, 2011)

Tami Bates 3:26am May 25, 2011)

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