January 27th, 2022
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What A Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian


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What A Goddess Wants
Stephanie Julian

Is always what she gets

Forgotten Goddesses #1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
July 2011
On Sale: July 1, 2011
Featuring: Caligo; Tessa
352 pages
ISBN: 1402251475
EAN: 9781402251474
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Romance Paranormal

It’s OK no one remembers Etruscan Sun goddess Tessa. But when a demon threatens her life, she must turn to mythology’s darkest warrior for protection...

Caligo of the Cimmerians has never met a woman as warm, sunny and inviting as Tessa. Their sizzling mutual attraction quickly sweeps the two of them into a love story that’s worthy of the gods...

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Forgotten Goddesses


43 comments posted.

Re: What A Goddess Wants

Now that is some concentration, I usually have to drown out
noise around me with music and I promise not to look under
your rugs if you don't look under mind :)
(Donna Newman 1:37pm July 27, 2011)

I like to drown out noise by reading.
Carolyn Baker 1:08am July 28, 2011)

you book seems really great ! i would love to read it ! Thanks for the contest.
Alby Delhia 7:10am July 28, 2011)

I can tell writing is your passion! I admire anyone pursuing
their passion.
Lisa Garrett 7:28am July 28, 2011)

I think that women are able to multi task in ways
that amaze others. We can juggle housework,
cooking, work, home ec, tutoring, raising
children, nursing, scheduling, ..and thats just
inside the home, barely, just goes to show...it
takes a woman, or in each one of the cases, a
goddess to be a able to do all of that.
Carla Carlson 9:06am July 28, 2011)

Have seen this cover recently and was intrigued. Would love to
read the book!
Saskia Kanstinger 9:20am July 28, 2011)

I could tell you what a goddess wants, lol. No seriously, your life sounds like mine except mine if from a chronic illness that hit as my kids were finally getting a little older and more independent. There are days when I get the laundry done, dishes washed (in the dishwasher, of course), and dinner done if I am lucky. Those are the almost must do's but the "Spring cleaning" has left my life for good. It was a very hard adjustment to make as I was an absolute clean freak all my life (well maybe except when I was a teen). Sometimes you just have to not worry about the little things and do what you have to. It's been hard but am finally getting over the guilt of it all.
Vicki Hancock 9:54am July 28, 2011)

That's amazing. I couldn't concentrate enough to write anywhere.
Pam Howell 9:56am July 28, 2011)

Eeeks... I only have a 2 yr old daughter and I can't do much with her around. No idea how you manage to write and take care of all your kids at the same time! :)
May Pau 9:58am July 28, 2011)

Thanks for the contest! Cant wait to read this one
Julie Parrish 10:09am July 28, 2011)

It's so hard to work around kids kudos to you!
Diane Sadler 10:17am July 28, 2011)

I have admiration for anyone that can do what they need to do to do what they want to do. Too many people have 101 excuses as to why they can't when it only take one thing to make it happen. You go girl!
Good luck and happy writing!
Tracie Travis 10:36am July 28, 2011)

It certainly sounds as though you have multi-tasking down to a fine art. Good for you!
Marjorie Carmony 10:46am July 28, 2011)

I can totally relate to having to juggle to keep all the balls in the air. I have three kids that all play multiple sports. I work full-time outside of the home. Then there are family and school things to attend to also. I got a chuckle out of your comment about stopping the soccer ball with your foot while still typing away. I have graded papers and worked on projects while at my girl's soccer practice so I can relate.
Pam Scott 10:50am July 28, 2011)

I think most mothers with more than one child learn to tune out the racket that
increases as they grow until the "quieter" teen years when you really want to hear
what's going on. To be able to concentrate on writing a printable story is a real
challenge never mind the activities you describe. Congratulations on your
persistence-enabled career and on another book for all of us to enjoy!
Sandra Spilecki 11:04am July 28, 2011)

I guess when you've got the story in your brain the rest of the world fades to the background. This idea of a story on Goddesses is intriguing. I went to an Etruscan exhibit once, their culture (or the speculation about it) was fascinating.
Diane Sallans 11:58am July 28, 2011)

I think women have been "keeping all the balls in the air" since the dawn of time. Somebody had to watch the kids and keep the fire going when the men went off to hunt the mastodon. We are all amazing creatures. :^) And some of us are really creative and can entertain others with their stories and art while doing all of those things. Who cares if the dishes aren't washed right away. We all need good stories.
Heidi Durham 12:10pm July 28, 2011)

Can you say multitasking. That's what working mothers do. Kudos to you for doing what you must, and really, who cares if the toilet doesn't get cleaned or the laundry folded. We eventually get it done.
Maude Allen 12:20pm July 28, 2011)

I love that you didn't give up. So many woman decide to put aside or give up their dreams, when it is evident with a little work and creativity and perseverance, you can have it all.
Joan Richard 12:28pm July 28, 2011)

I commend you for your juggling act. Must say that I am jealous, I wish I could balance my responsibilities and my goals better.
G. Bisbjerg 1:27pm July 28, 2011)

this books sounds great and i would love to read it!!!
Jennifer Beck 2:40pm July 28, 2011)

Writing is your passion, reading is mine!!!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!!!!
Joanne Bozik 2:54pm July 28, 2011)

But I would trade my life for anyone else's in the world.
Just don't look under my carpets.--- Am I right in assuming
you meant "I would NOT trade"? Or is that a Freudian slip?
LOL!! I kid! Being a mother, mate, employee and the mile
long list of things that just motherhood requires is
exhausting but it makes us superior to the men!
Michele Powell 2:59pm July 28, 2011)

Your book sounds hot! Don't you wish there were a lot more hours in each day and at least half of them could be spent alone so you could actually get something done in the peace and quiet?
Jody Hollenbeck 3:01pm July 28, 2011)

Sounds like my kind of read. I can't wait to get my hands on the book and the series
Amanda Boyer 3:09pm July 28, 2011)

I think mothers have a way of tuning out the noise while remaining alert to
anything "unusual" that requires attention. You probably have to be thinking
all the time about your plot and jotting down notes even while brushing your
teeth. My hat is off to you and I admire that you are able to write a good
book. To heck with the dust balls. As my Mom used to say: "The dirt will be
here when I'm gone." She's gone and the dirt is still here. Forget it and enjoy
your children and your writing. I'm very much looking forward to reading your
new book. Congratulations!
Connie Fischer
Connie Fischer 4:59pm July 28, 2011)

You are the ultimate Time Manager. Thank you for not giving up and letting us leave our exhaution behind when we read your books.
Cindy Olp 5:02pm July 28, 2011)

Your book looks amazing. I would love to read it.
Kara Lepard 5:24pm July 28, 2011)

While you may write through anything, I can read through anything. I can understand what you have gone through and congratulate you on your determination and perseverence!
Renee Brown 6:10pm July 28, 2011)

I love reading books. Your books sounds great. Thanks for
giving me a chance to win it.
Linda Hall 6:12pm July 28, 2011)

I have not read your books yet... sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Colleen Conklin 6:35pm July 28, 2011)

Call it creative chaos!! I laughed reading this post. Keep writing & forget about the carpets.
Mary Preston 6:52pm July 28, 2011)

A goddess wants it all plus plenty of admiration and body contact on her terms.
Alyson Widen 7:16pm July 28, 2011)

That's dedication. I'm impressed that you can keep everything going.
Carol Drummond 7:56pm July 28, 2011)

I admire your dedication. Thanks for the giveaway. The book sounds great and is going on my to buy list.
Patti Paonessa 8:49pm July 28, 2011)

Keep on writing,and thanks for the contest
Deb Pelletier 8:55pm July 28, 2011)

Impressive story on your writing prowess! Love the good girl (goddess Tessa) and bad boy (Caligo) premise !
Kimberly Snyder 9:06pm July 28, 2011)

Please enter me in this fantastic contest to win a copy of What a Goddess Wants and it truly sounds like fantastic reading. Yes, it is great to have a bunch of dedication and organization in your life and yes writing would be a fantastic career and a family truly needs to understand that working is important too. Thank YOU very much. Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:10pm July 28, 2011)

Concentrate? Aren't the hectic events of our lives what makes us hyperfocus on ANYTHING other that what is happening at the moment ;)
Darci Paice 10:16pm July 28, 2011)

Thank you all so much for reading about my juggling act. Some days, I drop more of those balls than I catch. I think we all have days like that.
Stephanie Julian 11:12pm July 28, 2011)

I've always needed absolute quiet around me whenever I had to write any letters or essays. I definitely, even under those circumstances, have written anything creative. Congratulations on doing it with two young boys. At the moment, I have to live pretty well "noiseless" in order to function. I'm very easily distracted, even by music.
Sigrun Schulz 8:25am July 29, 2011)

Kudos to you! I wish I had your talent for writing. Thanks so much for the contest!
Susan Navidad 3:48am July 31, 2011)

I don't write but I've always been great at multi tasking. I was in a car accident and am in a neck brace and can't do a think. It is driving me crazy!
Brenda Rupp 9:38pm August 28, 2011)

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