January 22nd, 2022
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The Wedding Affair by Leigh Michaels


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Also by Leigh Michaels:

Here We Go Again, February 2013
The Wedding Affair, September 2011
Paperback / e-Book
Just One Season In London, July 2011
The Mistress' House, February 2011
Paperback / e-Book
The Tycoon's Proposal, July 2006
Assignment Twins, March 2005

The Wedding Affair
Leigh Michaels

Sourcebooks Casablanca
September 2011
On Sale: September 1, 2011
Featuring: Andrew Carlisle; Duke of Somervale; Lady Reyne
384 pages
ISBN: 1402244215
EAN: 9781402244216
Kindle: B005CKKG84
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Historical

You're invited to the wedding of the year!

The Duke of Somervale, whose sister's wedding is the event of the ton, is fighting off debutantes and desperately needs help from beautiful, stubborn Olivia Reyne. But she is engrossed with problems engulfing her dearest friends and family. The last thing Olivia needs is to be embroiled with a duke whose dark gaze makes her forget herself entirely...

Discover a new side of a beloved author as Leigh Michaels draws you into the glittering, glitzy world of Regency England and an affair you'll never forget.


72 comments posted.

Re: The Wedding Affair

Try maid.com to hire a one-twelfth-scale maid to run a teeny-tiny little Swiffer over all those hardwood floors in my dollhouse!!
(Diane Brixius 7:01am September 6, 2011)

I always wanted a beautiful doll house when I was growing up. I have a neighbor who made one for his granddaughter. I couldn't believe the detail! The time, patience and love he put into it. What a treasure to have! Good luck in finding a mini-maid. Fairies anyone??
Laurie Gommermann 7:54am September 6, 2011)

I love your dollhouse. Especially the exterior shot. IT looked so real.
Pam Howell 7:59am September 6, 2011)

do not know where you could hire a one-twelfth-scale maid but your dollhouse brings me memories of my childhood and yes I had a dollhouse also.
Shirley Younger 8:10am September 6, 2011)

Thanks for a great interview. The dollhouse is beautiful!!
Robyn Roberts 8:54am September 6, 2011)

Sounds great. Thanks for the post and giveaway. Your dollhouse is so cool!
Patti Paonessa 9:11am September 6, 2011)

I just love dollhouses. I never had one when I was little but always dreamed of having one so when I had a daughter, I made sure she had one!
Dawn Staniszeski 9:18am September 6, 2011)

I love to look at all those large old houses too. But looking is enough - I don't want to heat it or clean it!!! :) Dee
Deanna Stillings 9:19am September 6, 2011)

Hey, all -- Thank you for stopping by! Isn't the dollhouse COOL? My DH worked so hard on it -- making sure it was all engineered just right. (I don't think there's a photo of the closet under the stairs -- complete with pegboard tool hanger and a can of paint!)

I'm with you, Deanna -- love the old houses, would NOT love the heating bills or the cleaning list!
Leigh Michaels 10:03am September 6, 2011)

Sorry I don't know where you could hire a miniature maid. My father made my youngest daughter a 2-storied doll house. He placed a lazy susy on the bottom so that she could rotate it around without getting up to move to the other side. It had wooden shingles on the roof with windows that moved up & down with shutters, also the front door opened. & closed. That was 24 yrs ago & at that time I was offered $750.00 from someone who collected doll houses. Of course I didn't sell it to her. I love looking at historical houses where ever we go.
Beverly Beltz 10:12am September 6, 2011)

Leigh - I forgot to add that I love your dollhouse. Your husband did a really great job. Lucky you!
Beverly Beltz 10:16am September 6, 2011)

Wow, I am so impressed with the dollhouse! It is just beautful. There is such detail in the decor of each room. It is something to treasure.
castings at mindspring dot com
Cheryl Castings 11:04am September 6, 2011)

That's a really beautiful dollhouse, Leigh!
Mary C 11:30am September 6, 2011)

Wow, I am so impressed with your dollhouse! It is just beautiful. Each room's decor features such attention to detail. It is surely an item to treasure.
Cheryl Castings 11:32am September 6, 2011)

Amen, Leigh, to the difficulties of keeping a large house clean! Small homes for everyone!
G S Moch 12:02pm September 6, 2011)

Wow! Your husband did a fabulous job building the dollhouse.
Anna Speed 2:46pm September 6, 2011)

Congrats on the new release and the dollhouse. I've seen some beautiful ones in the museum, but never had one as I was growing up.
Jane Cheung 2:48pm September 6, 2011)

Leigh is a new author for me and would love to win and read this book. Congrats on the new release.
Chris Bails 2:52pm September 6, 2011)

OMG! That dollhouse is so detailed--and big. You need a bigger swifter than I imagined.

And Halstead sounds wonderful. Houses are important to me, too. I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect picture for the apartment in my series. Your house sounds perfect, too.

Good luck with the book, although after 100 of them under your belt, you're an old pro at this.
Liz Lipperman 2:57pm September 6, 2011)

Ohh.. I love dollhouses... I play with my daughter... :)
May Pau 3:04pm September 6, 2011)

So glad to be able to share the dollhouse. It's a real hit with small visitors -- though it's delicate enough that it's more for looking at than playing with...
Leigh Michaels 3:59pm September 6, 2011)

Never had a dollhouse... :) my sister has a half completed one... some are truly amazing to see!
Colleen Conklin 4:16pm September 6, 2011)

I Loved the doll house. Was that a P. Buckley Moss picture in the front hall by the staircase?

Good luck with your new book [and with finding your maid:)].
Robin McKay 4:24pm September 6, 2011)

I like the scale of your pretend house. It's been a lifetime that I've been viewing them at various homes and fairs. The minature furniture and families designed to reside there are a fine art. I was given a pair of brass candlesticks which would have looked good in the tiniest of spaces. I have a home that belongs in books since it's a Tudor with the original windows and wrought iron details.
Alyson Widen 4:28pm September 6, 2011)

You mean that there isn't a site called "Mini-Maids.com"?!? I would have thought for sure there would be. I mean, after all, there's a site for everything else!

Your doll-house is great!!


Lynn Rettig 4:33pm September 6, 2011)

Ha Ha- wouldn't that be nice to find a mini maid. I would to have a few for our house. Congrats on your book Leigh. I look forward to reading it.
Christine Arcidiacono 4:43pm September 6, 2011)

This is such an interesting post. When I read historical books, houses are one thing I definitely like to fantasize about. Everything from castles, to grand mansions, to quaint country cottages. I like to image myself there but more so it makes me want to visit a real life historical house. I would imagine it would be hard to keep up!
Na S 4:44pm September 6, 2011)

Keep on writing them great books.
George Ferris 4:57pm September 6, 2011)

I love your dollhouse. I had a blue Victorian three story dollhouse growing up. The miniature furniture, tiny stained glass windows and wrap around porch became my dream house. I passed the house to my daughter who has since passed it to her daughter. I thank you for the opportunity to win a great book by you. Love them!
Constance Biller 5:26pm September 6, 2011)

Loved the house. That safe looks just like one my great-grandfather had at his house. Thanks for the contest & sharing your treasure.
r w 5:37pm September 6, 2011)

That is an amazing dollhouse. Good luck with cleaning it.
Maureen Emmons 5:39pm September 6, 2011)

I love your dollhouse. I wanted one when I was a little girl!
Lisa Garrett 6:01pm September 6, 2011)

Linda Bass 6:09pm September 6, 2011)

Love the dollhouse,always wonted one when I was a child.Thanks for giving me a chance to win and read your book.
Linda Hall 6:14pm September 6, 2011)

That is so fun that you have such an interest! I am sure it must add depth to your
books! I have one of yours on my tbr shelf! Just one season. What an amazing,
sexy cover! It is waiting its turn to be read! :-) And this one sounds like great fun
as well!! :-)
Lisa Hutson 6:15pm September 6, 2011)

Can't help you with a tiny maid, but wanted you to know that we live in a 169 year old 8 room log home.
Marjorie Carmony 7:01pm September 6, 2011)

I really love the dollhouse, but you need more condiments in your frigerater, LOL. The swiffer thing? Maybe some fairies who need extra pin money would do?
Debra Simning-Chapman 7:07pm September 6, 2011)

No idea where to get a teeny tiney maid with a teeny tiney Swiffer. Good luck on finding that one. On another note, I live in a historic home built in 1852 by my great, great grandfather. It was made with native limestone here in Central Texas.
Maude Allen 7:27pm September 6, 2011)

Every time someone mentions "dollhouse" to me, I am taken back to weeks of building one from scratch at night in the basement with my husband. It was a surprise for our young daughter's Christmas present and it was time well spent, she loved it and still has it in her twenties!!
Marilyn Legault 7:33pm September 6, 2011)

Sounds like a great book, I used to love my own dollhouse!
Kathyrn Little 7:39pm September 6, 2011)

I love your Doll House. I know you will enjoy furnishing it. I gave my daughter a doll house back in the late 60's but not as beautiful as yours. I also like your tea table or maybe what's one it? lol. Have read some of your books but need to read more. lol
Brenda Hill 7:53pm September 6, 2011)

My father had made me a doll house but I am not ready to pass it onto the little granddaughters yet. But the nicest memory is that someone made it specially for them. hmmmmm, i think i know just the person. loved reading about your house.
Barbara Studer 8:43pm September 6, 2011)

I love it...when My sisiter and I was little my dad built us a dollhouse with window, lights, peg on the wall that held our dolls and a small kitchen. He built it in our basement. When my little brother was born we had to move, and obviously the dollhouse was not making out of the basement. I was so upset that on the last trip from the house I started throwing my baby brother stuff out the window going down the block. My da made me walk and pick it all up. Good Times!!! I would love to read this book!
Lorraine Rodriguez 8:44pm September 6, 2011)

Ask Jeeves,the butler ,about the tiny maid situation. He knows every thing. The book sounds great.
Deb Pelletier 8:46pm September 6, 2011)

Maybe you could train a mouse & tie a little tiny swiffer to its tail? I love a good Regency series & a spicy one is even better.
Diane Sallans 8:46pm September 6, 2011)

I always wanted a doll house like yours, but unfortunately my folks couldn't afford one. I did have a metal one with plastic furniture. I would spend hours daydreaming while I played. I have really enjoyed "The Mistress House" and "Just One Season in London". Can't wait for this one.
C.M. Biller 8:48pm September 6, 2011)

That is the cutest dollhouse I have ever seen. I have one that my uncle made for me when I was a little but its very simple & plain compared to the beautiful one your husband has made, I am impressed.
Katie Johnson 8:49pm September 6, 2011)

What an amazing doll house - Beautiful!!
Can't wait to read your book!
Michele Lawrence 8:55pm September 6, 2011)

I'm so glad you decided to make a posting today!! I loved the house that your Husband built for you!! He's quite talented, unlike my husband, who if he can't do something with a bungee cord, he won't do it!! Anyway, your book sounds like something the doctor ordered - literally. My health at the moment is taking a bit of a downslide, and since I know I'm going to be spending a bit more time in bed than I would like to, this is the perfect book to cozy up to. It's actually a bit more refreshing than some of the others I've been looking at lately, and even though I'm not putting down any of the other authors, your book is going at the top of my TBR list, to boost my spirits a bit. I love the concept, the characters sound interesting, and it's totally out of my genre, which in this case, isn't a bad thing. Congratulations on your new book. I'll be looking forward to it.
Peggy Roberson 8:56pm September 6, 2011)

I love old houses and the one in the book sounds terrific!!
Deborah Rudd 9:00pm September 6, 2011)

If we’d put together all the dollhouses in this group, we’d have a fantastic museum! And then we could play to our hearts’ content...

Would love to visit the Tudor house... and the log home... and the 1852 limestone house in Texas...

What a great group today. Thank you so much for making my day beautiful!
Leigh Michaels 9:11pm September 6, 2011)

I love remodeling and designing houses (in my head). When
hubby and I go motorcycle riding, one of the things I do to
occupy myself while hanging on for dear life as we whip
around the mountain curves, is work on a design for a house
that I've been building for 30 years(again, in my head).
Money is no object and I get to design, redesign, increase,
decrease, the house at a whim.
Lisa Richards 9:22pm September 6, 2011)

Oooo, if you find a dollhouse Swiffer I would love one! That is such a great idea. Dollhouses are so much fun.
Jennifer Beyer 10:22pm September 6, 2011)

I always wanted a doll house but never had one. Before I got married we bought a small house, didn't seem like if was much bigger then a doll house four little rooms and a bath but that was all we could afford at the time but over the years we added on a remodeled the old part of our house and now its about an average size house, still needs to be bigger but its ours.
Gail Hurt 10:27pm September 6, 2011)

Every woman should own a doll house at some point in her life. To be gifted with one personalized by love, by affection, would be the ideal, the dream. How fortunate the recipient of such a gift!

Frequently, such homes are peopled with dolls to scale--both upstairs and down. There's the answer.
Carla Schuller 10:51pm September 6, 2011)

I've never had a dollhouse, but now I really really want one.
Lisa Kendall 11:24pm September 6, 2011)

That brought me back, my grandfather built me one, and dressed as Santa delivered it to me one Christmas. Luckily we had those reels transfered, and I can see those moments - especially that one over again. The dollhouse has since been passed on to my daughter. Along with the love that took all the care and diligence to create something so magical.
Carla Carlson 11:25pm September 6, 2011)

when my sister and i were kid my dad made us one and it went to the other kid in the family form us to cousin and the cousin had dad put new rood on it but we learn not to mess it up the wall paper change gut it lasted fro about 20 years and then got caught between my cousins male and they decided to drop it and broke it to pieces but old house around here are being restored instead of torn down
Desiree Reilly 11:40pm September 6, 2011)

i like the vectiaoan area book and then the cover you had on the book is great
Desiree Reilly 11:40pm September 6, 2011)

Hy husband builds dioramas of WWII tanks and airplanes. He needs a little fairy too to dust his models. :)
Molly Wilsbacher 11:45pm September 6, 2011)

What a great doll house!! If you are ever in the Ashville, NC area -- go to Biltmore & take the 'behind the scenes' tour which show the servant stairs/quarters/work areas.. As interesting as the family living quarters... Kinda Upstairs/Downstairs info.
Cate Sparks 7:58am September 7, 2011)

So cool - and the dollhouses I had as a child were nothing in comparison - LOL - the heck with the tinny Barbie Townhouse! I never realized the rationale behind the weeks-long house parties, but now do - thank you for teaching us something new every day! :-) And let us know when you find a scale-sized cleaning service for your dollhouse!
Felicia Ciaudelli 8:19am September 7, 2011)

Thank you, everybody! It's been such fun to chat with you!
Leigh Michaels 10:19am September 7, 2011)

Try qtips perhaps? I would love a dollhouse like yours!
Stephanie Bondlow 2:22pm September 7, 2011)

Wow, I had a doll house when I was a little girl, but your's rocks!!!!!!!!!! Would love to read your books!!!!!
Joanne Bozik 5:55pm September 7, 2011)

As a child I could only dream of a dollhouse like yours---mine was so plain!
Sue Farrell 8:48pm September 7, 2011)

A good thing about dollhouses, you don't have smoking chimneys, plumbing
that leaks (if it was from a period with any kind of plumbing), roof leaks, fences
that fall down or grass to mow--my kind of living. I am looking forward to your
latest book as I try to keep up and not miss any! Thank you for hours of great
Sandra Spilecki 11:46am September 8, 2011)

For me, one of the best parts of any historical romance novel is a detailed
description of "The House!" The more descriptive, the better. I find myself
reading this part very slowly as I take it all in. My girlfriends' parents built a
playhouse that was a miniature is their house for all of us kids to play in. I
have great childhood memories of that. When I looked at the photos of the
construction of your dollhouse, Leigh, I was amazed at the intricate detail and
the beautiful work your husband put into it. Your hubby obviously loves you!
I have always loved your books and "The Wedding Affair" sounds delicious! In
addition, I cannot wait to read all of the descriptions of Halstead! By the way,
if I can find a tiny housekeeper somewhere, I'll send her to you right away! ;-)
Congratulations on your new novel. I really look forward to reading it!
Connie Fischer 1:49pm September 8, 2011)

Love to win a copy of the book...sounds very very interesting too...babyruthmac16@yahoo.com
Lnda McFarland 1:51pm September 8, 2011)

Love big gorgeous houses, but you're right, upkeep is the killer.
Shirley Nienkark 4:39pm September 8, 2011)

winning would be great!
Nylne Still 5:58pm September 8, 2011)

I just love your dollhouse your husband made for you, Leigh. It's a masterpiece. I never had a dollhouse when I was a little girl, but I would have treasured one like yours! I always took pride and care with any gifts I got and know if I had had one, I'd still own it to this day. I never owned a Barbie doll either. The only doll I ever had, I got at the age of 5 and it was a large walking doll. I remember the neighbor girls had everything, including a dollhouse and an outside doll house to play inside, so I got the enjoyment and fun in sharing theirs for the short time we lived in the house near theirs! I'm wondering if you ever had one when younger? You have a gorgeous one now!
Linda Luinstra 6:28pm September 8, 2011)

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