March 2nd, 2024
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March's Must-Reads: Mystery, Romance, and Thrills Await!

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Can an officer and her K-9 survive a killer�s trap?

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Love and fossils collide in a race against treachery and time.

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"They decided a man couldn't handle this assignment, Sergeant. So, they sent a woman instead.�

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Chilling danger meets fiery passion in a race against a serial killer's legacy.

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Quirky village charm meets sinister secrets and a quest for truth.

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Regency intrigue where honor and danger intertwine in a quest for justice.

slideshow image
Summer escape turns chilling as Molly Murphy unravels a deadly countryside mystery.

G. Bisbjerg

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552 comments posted.

Re: The Book Charmer (8:06pm August 10, 2019):

I would add to your list with the magic of a heartfelt hug. Have been
hearing wonderful things about this book!

Re: How to Write a Romance (12:09pm July 14, 2019):

What an interesting interview, really enjoyed it!

Re: Protect the Prince (12:03pm July 14, 2019):

I so enjoyed the first in the series and have been anxiously awaiting Protect
the Prince.

Re: Wicked Highland Ways (10:18pm June 3, 2019):

I actually enjoy all of the seasons. But must say that by the time spring has
sprung it is a relief, winter sometimes has difficulties letting go.

Re: Foul Play on Words (11:50pm April 11, 2019):

Your book sounds like a hoot! Enjoy humor and dogs in a story.

Re: Death Blow (11:44pm April 11, 2019):

Am a definite match for your books!

Re: A Shot of Murder (11:41pm April 11, 2019):

Thoroughly enjoyed your post. My favorite whiskey is Lagavulin. Am afraid
I have no facts to share but chuckled over several of the ones you jotted

Re: It's Getting Scot in Here (8:57pm February 28, 2019):

Well, that is certainly an interesting set up for conflict!
Sounds like quite an amusing read.

Re: Taming Her Mate (9:28pm February 24, 2019):

I would like it to be the year of the Phoenix!

Re: The Conspiracy (11:56pm January 16, 2019):

This sounds like such a wonderful romantic suspense!

Re: Texas Legacy (11:49pm January 16, 2019):

I recently read Amy E. Reichert's The Coincidence of
Coconut Cake. The heroine runs her restaurant with a
pastry chef and a sous chef(?), Harley and Sue were the
names, I think. I would love to read the story for Harley
and Sue.

Re: One Night Gamble (11:40pm January 16, 2019):

I have not played poker and have not played in a casino. I
am more likely to be found people watching at the latter
and nibbling at the buffet.

Re: Night Of The Flood (4:33pm January 2, 2019):

My favorite holiday tradition is the marathon cookie
baking session my family holds. There are enough of us
that a few people man the kitchen while others of us play
cards or boardgame. As those in the kitchen get to
wanting a break, they swap places with a random game
player and take over their hand/spot. My goal in the new
year is to decrease my sugar intake in general.

Re: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (11:21pm December 12, 2018):

My favorite part of the holiday is the getting together
with loved ones and all of the holiday food. A traditional
re-read for me is Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory.

Re: Earl to the Rescue (9:27pm November 28, 2018):

I chuckled at the last sentences by the hero, in the
excerpt. Enjoyed reading the snippet.

Re: Distant Memory (8:22pm November 19, 2018):

Am particularly fond of a good sci fi romance. Sounds like
a match to me.

Re: Just This Once (11:02am October 20, 2018):

It is always fun to see how an author gets the characters
from friends to lovers.

Re: I Am Justice (8:23am May 5, 2018):

I must say that you offer some wonderful suggestions. Am
afraid that I don't have anything new to offer. Of your
list, I must say that cuddling babies going through
withdrawal in the hospital really piqued my interest.

Re: Stalked (9:23am April 10, 2018):

I am interested about several parts of the process, but I
think it is the process that captures my attention most.

Re: Flight of the White Wolf (9:24am March 30, 2018):

I am not fond of flying but manage to do so. It is nice to
have when a character has vulnerabilities/concerns, it
makes them seem more real to me.

Re: Mister Tender's Girl (6:07pm March 7, 2018):

Your post was very entertaining, your poor mom.

Re: Highland Conquest (10:56am February 18, 2018):

If you mean book, Outlander. If not, it would involve
whiskey sipped by a warm fire and a good hearted man in a

Re: Hunted (9:41pm February 12, 2018):

Two that I am looking forward to are:
Smoke and Iron by Rachel Caine
The Woman Left Behind by Linda Howard

Re: Beyond Danger (10:09am January 30, 2018):

My best turn of the century party would be to get away from
the noise and to "reset" by jungle trekking and spending
the night with a local hill tribe. But your party
experience sounds glorious, and if I had to be in the midst
of civilization, that would totally be the way to go.

Re: Collision Course (11:13pm January 4, 2018):

I really enjoyed reading the plan and chuckled through it.
But it was the trying to think of how to work into
conversation #4 that really captured my imagination.

Re: The Desires of A Duke (4:46pm December 14, 2017):

Sorry, I don't think I have a favorite duke.

Re: Wolf Hunger (9:19am December 8, 2017):

Snickers cheesecake is my favorite, a friend makes it.
Crust has peanuts, cheesecake has caramel swirled through,
and there is a layer of chocolate topping with crushed
peanuts sprinkled over it.

Re: The Power of a SEAL (10:18pm December 6, 2017):

I have snorkeled and loved peeking in the underwater world.
The schools of colorful tropical fish swimming past made a
particularly big impression on me.

Re: The Duke Knows Best (9:54pm December 6, 2017):

Ah, the heroine seems to be wearing her mint flavored
shoes. Chuckled over the excerpt. I imagine that hero and
heroine, find each others charms over time.

Re: Undercover Attraction (3:26pm November 29, 2017):

Linda Howard's Mackenzies

Re: Etched in Tears (2:54pm November 29, 2017):

Singapore for the food, markets, mix of ethnic cultures and
the cleanliness.

Re: Perfect Gravity (10:09am November 17, 2017):

Run through my pile of freshly raked leaves.

Re: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts (11:46am October 21, 2017):

I enjoy sequels, I am invested in the characters from the
first book and enjoy seeing them again.

Re: Ready for Wild (11:12am October 18, 2017):

Oh, loved the excerpt. Made me chuckle.

Re: A Room With a Brew (10:39am October 10, 2017):

I tend to prefer series. It is the revisiting of
characters and that "world" which I find comforting. I
feel a bit more of an emotional tie.

Re: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (11:53pm October 8, 2017):

Enjoyed the excerpt!

Re: One Summer Night (12:13pm October 4, 2017):

Favorite movies are Love Actually, Four Weddings and A
Funeral, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Re: Highland Flame (3:50pm September 23, 2017):

I am certain that my choice seems common, but the first to
leap to mind is Outlander.

Re: Her Dark Half (1:17pm September 15, 2017):

I had to chuckle at the idea of a squid shifter. Have been
enjoying your books.

Re: Last Gentleman Standing (9:02am September 14, 2017):

Being able to easily and quickly communicate with people
far away and in different countries at an inexpensive cost.

Re: On the Chase (8:40am September 14, 2017):

Oh, that is a very good list on why romance books are the
very best. I completely agree.

Re: Elliott Redeemed (2:42pm August 31, 2017):

I read and was impressed by Olivia Cunning's Backstage
Pass. Have not read many romances with a rock star main

Re: The Day the Angels Fell (9:12pm August 27, 2017):

Frankly, was hooked with the writing in this blog post and
am intrigued by your "voice." Your book sounds fascinating
and my interest is piqued.

Re: A Tangled Yarn (10:23am August 22, 2017):

This sounds like a fun read. My daughter had a go at arm
knitting and found it great fun.

Re: The Sweetest Burn (4:07pm July 28, 2017):

The ability to calm toddlers simply by glancing at them.

Re: Scandalous Ever After (11:33am July 15, 2017):

I keep a bag of potato chips, and a bag of walnuts in the
drawer next to my bed for late night snacking.

Re: Killer Characters (1:23pm May 23, 2017):

I don't think I have ever come across a story with main
characters as part of the book writers group. Sounds like

Re: For Deader or Worse (11:06am March 8, 2017):

I tend to enjoy following characters into marriage. There
is an awful lot to adjust to but I think that in the case
of these characters where there is also the class issue to
contend with, there is plenty of material to explore.

Re: War and Peach (4:34pm February 27, 2017):

I loved the Nancy Drew series. Have never considered the
things that could be learned from the serious or the
heroine but it set me up to be a lifelong reader.

Re: Wild at Whiskey Creek (11:37am November 30, 2016):

Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing the songlist and
background of it for the characters.

Re: Torrents of Destruction (2:43pm October 22, 2016):

Very capable, able to go toe to toe with naysayers.

Re: From a Paris Balcony (12:46pm October 15, 2016):

I haven't read of the abandoned apartment in Paris. It is
curious that an apt could be abandoned and not claimed for
70 years. Had there been rent due or taxes? What a

Re: Can't Help Falling (12:46pm October 14, 2016):

I can't imagine what the pressure would be like.
Interesting post and the two book sound like really unusual
and fun romances.

Re: Putting on the Witch (10:45am October 11, 2016):

Favorite Halloween festivity for me has to do with a friend
and myself baking up silly treats for the annual Halloween
party we throw for our kids. Finger shaped cookies with a
flaked almond nail, Hotdog and crescent roll mummies, and
meringue ghosts are go to faves.

Re: Hold Your Breath (11:09pm October 4, 2016):

I would ask for three titles on the author's keeper shelf.

Re: Roadside Assistance (11:53am September 8, 2016):

Those sound like good ways to have kept things fresh and
create a rich background story for the romance.

Re: Her Rogue Alpha (11:35am September 8, 2016):

I wouldn't take the serum, if there was not much known of
its affects. What if the side effects were crippling or
turned me into a monster? And then a loved one felt the
need to save me, even though there would be consequences
for him?

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (11:00am September 7, 2016):

I am a year round holiday reader.

Re: The Rebel Heir (10:54am September 7, 2016):

You have a wonderfully fun way of celebrating. For me a
celebration is family around a table with lots of dumplings
and tea. Most good news is shared and celebrated over dim
sum with lots of chatter and laughter.

Re: My Wild Irish Dragon (8:54pm September 1, 2016):

A Phoenix shifter as a firefighter hero? Sounds like great

Re: A Promise of Fire (2:55am August 13, 2016):

i agree that balance in a character and what shaped him or
her is important.

Re: For Love or Money (12:10pm August 11, 2016):

My Family, my work, and reading bring me joy.

Re: Heart Strike (12:10pm August 9, 2016):

My perfect weekend is cooking up a storm, enjoying it with
family, chatting and laughing with them, and also to sit
down in the evening to read a good book with a pot of tea.

Re: Fire Danger (1:35pm July 23, 2016):

I would like to see a story with a wyvern, though all of
your possibilities look pretty unusual and pique my

Re: Live and Let Psi (4:52pm July 18, 2016):

Iron Man

Re: Rose Bride (4:59pm July 13, 2016):

I find an intelligent hero to be appealing.

Re: Portrait of a Conspiracy (12:18pm July 13, 2016):

I love the idea of a secret society of women artists and
Portrait of a Conspiracy sounds like an exciting read.

Re: If the Earl Only Knew (11:03am July 7, 2016):

What a charming flirtation of an excerpt.

Re: Title Wave (2:29am June 22, 2016):

Enjoyed the interview and am intrigued with the taking your
characters on the road re: the Booktown Mysteries series.

Re: Fan The Flames (1:27pm June 16, 2016):

internet surf to research things that "Of course, I need
to know now"
Cook something, since I should have something in the
fridge people can just pull out and heat if I am not
Catch up on sleep with a short nap.
Go grocery shopping for some absolutely needed ingredient
for a recipe that I am going to try someday.
And like you, read "just a few pages" to relax, with
intent to get right onto the task that actually needs to
be complete.

Re: To Love A Wolf (2:06am June 12, 2016):

I am hoping to see Captain America - Civil War.

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (4:28pm May 14, 2016):

potato chips!

Re: Murder at Lambswool Farm (3:34pm May 14, 2016):

fear of heights

Re: Mister O (2:57pm May 12, 2016):

Joan Smith's Escapade and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

Re: Outlaw Cowboy (2:34pm May 12, 2016):

I just love romance, the type of romance really depends on
my mood.

Re: I Dream of Dragons (11:37am April 25, 2016):

I found that I could rig a fair amount of light with a
candle and largish cardboard panels covered in aluminum
foil. Spent the evenings reading and had a decent time.

Re: Cooking Up Trouble (12:21pm April 19, 2016):

I adore food and romance. This story sounds like a sweet
treat of a read.

Re: True Peril (12:36pm April 15, 2016):

Someone tried to mug me and in the shock of the moment, I
behaved indignantly instead of handing over money. Still
don't know what was wrong with me. In the end the mugger
decided I was too much trouble to bother with and left.

Re: Best Friends with Benefits (1:44pm March 22, 2016):

I have not attended a class reunion.

Re: How Willa Got Her Groove Back (3:57pm March 12, 2016):

I am afraid that I don't know of any web series though I
have heard of them. Will have to try one of your
suggestions, they do sound like fun.

Re: My Tempting Highlander (11:56am March 3, 2016):

I am afraid that I would not want to travel back in time, I
am too comfortable in the current time for that. However,
reading about someone else's time travel experience gives
all of the excitement with none of the discomfort.

Re: Her Fierce Warror (11:51am March 3, 2016):

My special occasion celebration place tends to be at a dim
sum house. It is the type of thing I don't have time to
indulge in frequently but love to go to with family and

Re: His to Keep (4:12am March 2, 2016):

I have never been to Vegas but am intrigued by the plastic
guitar filled with booze.

Re: MacLaren's Bride (4:09am March 2, 2016):

Enjoyed your post, I imagine that researching must have
been difficult prior to the internet. Have described the
process or researching for school papers to my children and
they kept looking at me with horrified expressions on their

Re: Thirty Nights (1:39pm February 29, 2016):

He sounds like the ultimate tortured hero. Am intrigued.

Re: True Blue Seals: Zak (1:26pm February 24, 2016):

I doubt it.

Re: Highland Spitfire (12:39pm February 24, 2016):

I cannot say. You pose an interesting question but I don't
think I have really read with the awareness of whether
something is or is not "of it's time." Though if something
is recognizably out of place whether in item or general
norms it is jarring.

Re: Chicken Soup & Homicide (12:55pm February 23, 2016):

The strangest food has been tripe, it is a very odd

Re: Always Watching (1:47pm February 13, 2016):

My favorite ways to decompress are to read or to cook.
Have always loved both, and the cooking has to be to a
radio playing in the background.

Re: Forever Dusk (9:57pm February 11, 2016):

I would say love.

Re: Into the Fury (9:28pm February 10, 2016):

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Re: For Cheddar or Worse (12:05pm February 9, 2016):

Newport, Oregon is my favorite town in the US that I have
visited. It is one the coast walking the beach or hiking a
trail is wonderful nearby, it has great seafood restaurants
and bookstores.

Re: Love Walks In (9:34pm February 6, 2016):

She has a manuscript deadline, her computer has crashed,
she did not back up or store it somewhere in the
ether/cloud and the only hardcopy is in the suitcase.

Re: Will's True Wish (9:30pm February 6, 2016):

I love their antics.

Re: Thin Ice (8:43pm February 6, 2016):

visiting open markets especially those that sell food and
crafts, hubby is not a fan but is a great sport and carries
the boxes or bags.

Re: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep (10:17pm February 4, 2016):

I think most effective and safe would be by medicated dart
to knock out for enough time to get the wolf safely to the

Re: By Break of Day (12:36pm February 1, 2016):

I find that I am often not ready to leave the world and
characters of a good book even with the resolution of an
issue. It is wonderful to be able to read a series for the
reasons that you have listed. I enjoy revisiting.

Re: Montana Wild (12:25pm January 21, 2016):

When I was young, I moved on a whim. Nowadays, I would
likely move for work.

Re: Heir To The Duke (12:20pm January 21, 2016):

I cannot think of a good prank played on me or that I have
played on someone else. Hmmmm.... Thoroughly enjoyed the

Re: The New Year's Wish (1:03pm December 31, 2015):

My romance fantasy for the coming year is simply to get
away from the normal grind and take a grand European
vacation with my hubby.

Re: Taken by the Highlander (11:48pm December 30, 2015):

We ring in the new year early with a glass or so of
champagne and great nibbles in front of the fire. My hubby
always says it is midnight somewhere.

Re: True Deceptions (1:51pm December 16, 2015):

I love losing myself in a story. There have been some
stories which were particularly vivid for me. To Kill A
Mockingbird was the first to do that for me.

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (1:31pm December 15, 2015):

Technology continues to make strides and give us solutions
to problems. Audio books are a great comfort to several
people I know and you are right, it is a great benefit and
pleasure to many.

Re: Somewhere in Time (1:06am December 4, 2015):

This is a new to me series.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (1:02am December 4, 2015):

He would need to overstep boundaries or make errors of
judgement in his youthful irreverence. Then he would need
help getting out of trouble.

Re: Target Engaged (3:28pm November 30, 2015):

It was the second book in The Hollows series by Kim
Harrison. The first books had so impressed me with the
creativity of her world building.

Re: A SEAL Forever (3:03pm November 30, 2015):

Staying calm is great advice for any emergency situation it
helps to be able to think things through.

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (1:59pm November 30, 2015):

I loved reading about a Tamalada. Had not heard that term
before and it sounds so wonderfully fun, and homey.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (2:24pm November 26, 2015):

Definitely, visiting family is the favorite thing to do for
the holiday.

Re: Soul's Prisoner (1:54pm November 26, 2015):

Pecan pie. Can't do without it at Thanksgiving dinner.

Re: Lucky Shot (1:48pm November 26, 2015):

Turkey Tetrazzini, don't even know if I spelled this
correctly. Fell in love with the creamy sauce, proportion
of subtle vegetables, turkey, cheese and pasta lightly
sprinkled with chopped parsley when I was a child. Am
still delighted to eat it whenever I get the chance.

Re: Deep Down (11:32pm November 25, 2015):

I have tried uni and loved it.

Re: With Every Breath (12:27pm November 24, 2015):

Thailand for the food, the people and the exotic setting.

Re: What Lies Behind (1:22pm November 23, 2015):

Oh good grief, I couldn't list them all but some are Susan
Elizabeth Phillips, Kay Hooper, Lee Child..

Re: Resist (1:40pm November 19, 2015):

A better reading and auto dosing machine for diabetics,
and a viable affordable self driving car. I see how hard
it is to balance food intake and insulin dosing from my
work and wish it were easier for people in general. I
would want the car for myself, I am notoriously poor at
directions and would prefer to sit back without worrying
about it.

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (9:57pm November 17, 2015):

In honesty, I don't have a favorite athlete/sports hero.
But I am fond of a romantic read and the things you list
about hockey players sound like wonderful romance material
to me.

Re: Dark Turns (2:05am November 17, 2015):

Funny that, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and
ended up learning a great deal for example in travelling.
However, I have not pushed myself out of my comfort zone
with the specific intention to learn something.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (1:48am November 15, 2015):

Favorite genre? Urban Fantasy but in truth I read just about
everything. It just depends upon my mood.

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (11:30pm November 11, 2015):

The setting, clothing, and regarding the wealthy...the balls
and house parties.

Re: Hidden Impact (12:41pm November 9, 2015):

Dim Sum reminds me most of family. The many dishes or
dumplings, buns, fried pastries both sweet and savory with
pots of tea and lots of chatter.

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (11:46am November 3, 2015):

I don't know much about Viking history or Mythology but it
would be great to get an intro in fiction form.

Re: Recipes For Love And Murder (11:41am November 3, 2015):

My favorite recipe is a flourless chocolate cake with a
raspberry sauce and slightly sweetened whipped cream. I adore
it myself and it never failed to impress guests.

Re: Duke of Scandal (2:09am October 23, 2015):

I need a good guy to marry and date.

Re: Keeping Christmas (2:12pm October 9, 2015):

I read a bit of everything and it is exciting when an author I
am fond of breaks into a new genre. Of course I give it a

Re: This Love of Mine (11:57am October 6, 2015):

I went out of my comfort zone when I agreed to move to another
country for my boyfriend.

Re: Alliance (2:34pm September 24, 2015):

I have always loved Mocha almond fudge and am still excited
whenever I get it.

Re: Dragon: The Tower Of Tamerlane (2:32pm September 24, 2015):

Scene charges...was interested to read about it. Would
certainly keep the story interesting.

Re: The Translator (11:59pm September 23, 2015):

I think my answer would simply be that I would like to try an
unconventional romance. Was searching my memory for anything
like the summary of this book and don't think I have come
across such.

Re: Shooting Dirty (11:53pm September 23, 2015):

So hard to really depends on my mood.

Re: Reservations for Two (4:19am September 12, 2015):

Food and love. Can it get better than that? I love food in
fiction. The choices of what a character wants to eat can say
much about the background of the individual, food can put you
into the setting of a location, and as a reader I can
vicariously enjoy all of the wonderful dishes.

Re: The Good Neighbor (8:00pm September 7, 2015):

I am often on call regarding work. The way I guard my
creativity is to turn off my phone when I am not needed or
scheduled to be a potential alternate.

Re: A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (7:58pm September 7, 2015):

I am a geek about food and cooking. Loved reading cookbooks
since I was a child and when I grew up I found myself relaxing
in the kitchen and in the search of the perfect recipe or

Re: Royal Flush (7:52pm September 7, 2015):

I haven't been to Vegas but what caught my attention from all
of my friends and family who visited there was the food.

Re: The Highwayman (12:41pm September 2, 2015):

Hmmm...I need a more detailed description of your occupation,

Re: Food Baby (7:10pm August 29, 2015):

Grilled cheese sandwich with a scrape of jam on one of the
slices of bread.

Re: Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (2:42pm August 27, 2015):

Listening to music inspires my creativity.

Re: Penalty Play (10:16pm August 15, 2015):

I want an interesting plot, well developed characters, and
witty dialogue.

Re: The Great Estate (11:44pm August 13, 2015):

Binge watching the previous seasons.

Re: Darkest Misery (11:43pm August 13, 2015):

The best part of being an Urban Fantasy heroine is being
allowed to be mouthy and unedited in sharing opinions.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (2:02pm August 6, 2015):

I prefer to use my imagination.

Re: A Radical Arrangement (12:37pm August 5, 2015):

Local food bank.

Re: Red Blooded (1:02pm August 4, 2015):

A friend's older brother.

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (1:57pm July 31, 2015):

Contemporary London. Description of the people's quirks, the
tube, the financial district were described so well it was as
if I were back there.

Re: A Dream for Love (1:53pm July 31, 2015):

I am in the avoidance category and would want to hike and eat.

Re: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (12:18pm July 30, 2015):

Hmmm...that I had left home for a celebratory trip abroad
expecting to be away for a few months and did not move home
again for years.

Re: A Rancher of Her Own (1:29pm July 29, 2015):

Vicariously enjoying the fall into love.

Re: Lone Rider (10:59pm July 27, 2015):

Chinese Almond Cookies. A friend's family owned a restaurant
and I was kept well supplied!

Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (10:58pm July 27, 2015):

I am passionate about cooking and travel. Wish I could be
Anthony Bourdain. Have accomplished much traveling and am not
playing lots with the cooking. Had been hampered by
children's picky palates for a time but they seem to be more
adventurous now.

Re: Naked (12:32pm July 22, 2015):

Nope, have never made honey cake but will likely give it a
try! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Re: Double Mint (2:49pm July 21, 2015):

That would be an unusual place for a book club meeting but I
would love to do it over the casino buffet!

Re: Once Upon a Heist (1:43pm July 17, 2015):

As a child it was because the good won out over the bad.
Often the heroine is or will be a princess and the hero a
prince, something to dream about.

Re: Caged (3:03pm July 15, 2015):

I have yet to try a book from this series.

Re: (2:44pm July 13, 2015):

Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence

Re: Bushel Full Of Murder (9:21pm June 23, 2015):

I love wandering the farmers market for the produce and
specialty artisanal cheeses and breads, but my favorite recent
find was a stand selling incredible tamales.

Re: The Spring Bride (9:18pm June 23, 2015):

I love the wonderful exhilarating fall into love, the
awareness and the tenderness.

Re: The Breaking Point (1:33pm June 22, 2015):

Hmm...I became curious about forensics with the series Bones
and the heroine forensic anthropologist. This sounds like and
interesting read.

Re: Motion for Malice (1:23pm June 22, 2015):

For fun, I read, cook, and hang out over long dinners with
friends and family.

Re: Courtship of the Cake (11:19pm June 20, 2015):

It is called a Snickers cup cake. Chocolate cake with a
filling of caramel and chopped peanuts and a chocolate
buttercream frosting decorated with a slice of Snickers bar
decorating the top.

Re: Desperate Measures (12:55pm June 19, 2015):

Ginger slices steeped in boiling water, with lemon juice and
honey added to the mug. It is wonderful for cough and colds.

Re: Beyond The Cut (12:35pm June 16, 2015):

I have debated this with friends. I think it is rare but

Re: Witness to Passion (12:20pm June 15, 2015):

Spiders for me, they don't have to be big and they are so
disturbingly fast. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about

Re: London Tides (12:48pm June 12, 2015):

I love reading as a mini vacation from my life.

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (2:48pm April 13, 2015):

One of my all time favorites is a comfort food for my family.
Nothing really exalted, just fried rice. But it is made
incredibly wonderful by the addition of minced garlic in the
cooking of the dish. Leftover meat and rice, eggs, diced
vegetables (often a frozen mixed veg), garlic, salt or soy.

Re: The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (12:53pm April 2, 2015):

Snap judgement, that the quiet man at work in the next
department was a fuddy-duddy. He is an absolute kick even
after years of marriage together.

Re: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook (12:53pm March 30, 2015):

Apple crumble. It is a near miracle to have it intact between
getting it out of the oven and serving it for a dessert at our

Re: Red Handed (2:13pm March 24, 2015):

I had to laugh when I read your lists. Am drawing a blank

Re: Siren's Call (1:56pm March 19, 2015):

As a kid, I spent lots of time doodling mermaids on
everything. I loved the idea of a magical female creature.

Re: The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl (1:53pm March 19, 2015):

You know, I doubt that I would dare to wear a dress in a
steampunk story. Dresses can encumber and that would not be

Re: Breaking the Bachelor (1:19pm March 18, 2015):

Although I do believe there can be love at first sight, I
think it is more often friends to lovers.

Re: Spring Fever: Shifters in Love (12:09pm March 12, 2015):

My favorite type of PNR hero is the shifter. Am fascinated by
the portrayals of pack dynamics, a whole different side of the
hero to explore, and how the author managed to show the
compatibility of romantic couple.

Re: At Wolf Ranch (2:37pm February 25, 2015):

You know, I went to college with and it my first time meeting
cowboys. I'm a city girl, myself. All of the qualities you
list were present in them and that is what made them so

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (12:01pm February 24, 2015):

No, I have never had a working partnership. Really enjoyed
reading about your.

Re: The Cowboy's Valentine (12:49pm February 18, 2015):

Thanks for sharing the recipe and the excerpt. I love
shortbread. And that is a heck of a touching excerpt.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (1:39pm February 17, 2015):

I was an avid romance reader from when I was a teen but I
never actually looked for a partner who would be like a story
hero. Mind you, the stories gave me lots of insight on
qualities I wanted in a life partner.

Re: A Killer Retreat (6:04pm February 16, 2015):

The setting for the book certainly sounds appealing!

Re: Mean Streak (2:56pm February 10, 2015):

Wow,that sounds suspenseful!

Re: As Gouda as Dead (11:49pm February 4, 2015):

The books summary made me smile, a whole town celebrating
Valentine's Day with a week of events? Too cool. It rivals
my favorite local event of a month celebrating a chosen
book. The local library does a kickoff handing out free
copies to guests and there is a month of events connected to
the book/story/author.

Re: Beyond Limits (11:25pm January 26, 2015):

This sounds like an exciting read!

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (1:22pm January 14, 2015):

I have to wonder at the character of the heroine, how is it
that she is suspected in an assassination plot? Would love to
find out!

Re: Love Redesigned (12:53pm December 18, 2014):

I do love to read books set in other countries. Must admit I
have a leaning towards the settings in Europe. I love the
architecture, and the food so that setting appeals to me.

Re: Once Upon a Grind (3:23pm December 6, 2014):

I always loved Cinderella. I suppose because the hardworking
kindhearted gal gets her prince.

Re: Twice Tempted (12:52pm December 3, 2014):

I do like to read series. It gives me a chance to revisit
characters and settings in a story. I tend to most enjoy
reading them from first book onward. Can't think of
frustrations regarding them.

Re: Play Me Wild (1:56am November 27, 2014):

I am trying to binge read Gini Koch's Alien series.

Re: Hard to Come By (2:29am November 26, 2014):

Hard to Come By would be the first book I read that has an
amputee main character.

Re: No Promises Required (2:04am November 19, 2014):

Bad Boys have a certain confidence that I find appealing and
watching one fall in love is the most fabulous thing.

Re: Recipe for Love (12:17pm November 17, 2014):

Oh, I love watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks. Your
books sounds like such fun to me.

Re: If the Shoe Kills (12:15pm November 17, 2014):

Other than reading my go to way to relax tends to be cooking.
My daughter will be home from college for the season and she
has missed certain meals and dishes. I will likely be cooking
up a storm and she will likely be sitting at the kitchen
counter while we catch up.

Re: A Spy Unmasked (2:39pm November 12, 2014):

I suppose the appeal is that spies would need to be very
capable people able to navigate any situation and of course,
their ability to protect.

Re: Her Lone Wolf (2:30am November 5, 2014):

I love reading the soft side of a bad boy. If given a choice
I would be a dragon shifter. I love the strength and majesty
of Dragons.

Re: What To Do With A Bad Boy (12:23pm November 4, 2014):

Loved Linda Howard's Rescues series for Silhouette:
Midnight Rainbow
Diamond Bay
White Lies

Re: Charming (12:48pm September 16, 2014):

How horrible it would be to have home not be a haven. Would
love to see the heroine overcome such situation.

Re: As Darkness Gathers (2:03pm September 9, 2014):

Your book sounds like an exciting read. Must admit that were
the heroine, I doubt I would not likely handle the situation
with any aplomb.

Re: The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (3:03pm September 8, 2014):

Your story sounds fascinating and am thrilled that you shared
the above recipe.

Re: Night Of The White Buffalo (2:58pm September 8, 2014):

It is interesting to see history from a different perspective
than one usually sees. Neat that you incorporate it into your

Re: One Night of Sin (2:11am August 10, 2014):

Have been reading a lot of paranormal and urban fantasy and
world building is high on my list of must haves for a story.

Re: In Bed with the Competition (11:40pm July 9, 2014):

Had to think about it... for me it would be matthew

Re: Firewall (11:37pm July 9, 2014):

I am impressed you could use BRAINSTORM for an acronym!
Sounds like a nifty way to get past the problem.

Re: Shenandoah Dreams (8:23pm July 4, 2014):

My first instinct would be to run home, but if things appeared
safe I might end up exploring. Simply depends on where I
found myself when I woke.

Re: Full Exposure (8:03pm July 1, 2014):

That is a tempting list of characteristics for a hero. My
current favorite is Gini Koch's Chuckie Reynolds.

Re: Crime Rib (7:54pm July 1, 2014):

I love hearing about how authors are inspired regarding
characters and situations for their stories.

Re: Muffin But Murder (1:15am July 1, 2014):

Humor is a very difficult thing. I enjoy it in books but
would not dare to venture an explanation of how far to go with

Re: Wild Ways (12:32pm May 12, 2014):

Well, I suppose in a not reality kind of way I do like them.
Strong, irreverent, protective of their own...and if the
heroine is considered one of their own...

Re: The Winter Bride (2:16am April 3, 2014):

Am such a fan of your stories. The snippets made me laugh.

Re: Mad About You (12:48pm April 1, 2014):

I do like that theme but can't think of a favorite book title
for it. I think that some of the strongest marriages I have
seen are friends to lovers, they already know all of the
great and not so great but love and are attracted to each
other anyway.

Re: Sex and the Single Vamp (12:43pm March 27, 2014):

What an interesting premise for a book, certainly different
from what I have been reading.

Re: Bite Me (12:41pm March 27, 2014):

A honey badger. Am really curious.

Re: Anointed (1:06pm March 6, 2014):

The superpower I would want is the power to grant happiness.
I figure that would cover everything.

Re: Tempted by the Soldier (10:15pm February 26, 2014):

Internet surfing, and reading in general.

Re: Hot Rock (10:12pm February 26, 2014):

The confident attitude and a great voice certainly is
appealing but also the fantasy of what life would be like
with a rockstar.

Re: Full Measures (5:41pm February 22, 2014):

I am fascinated by how military families. What I have seen
of it is that they are so very close.

Re: The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (9:07pm February 19, 2014):

You know, for me what matters is what mood I am in for
reading. Sometimes something fairytale like, sometimes more
like "reality".

Re: Lord of the Sea (9:03pm February 19, 2014):

The heroes I consider perfect actually have flaws but
overcome them.

Re: Control (12:45pm January 30, 2014):

It is always fun to here about how a book came to be or what
things inspired. Was aware that sometimes authors associated
specific songs to the writing of their characters and books.

Re: Now or Never (12:29pm January 15, 2014):

I believe that it is never too late!

Re: The Magic Between Us (1:10am January 9, 2014):

Your post made me smile. It is an amazing feeling to watch a
child discover the love of reading.

Re: What the Heart Wants (1:40pm January 5, 2014):

I have always been fascinated by the stories you describe.
Don't believe that I am particularly intuitive myself, though.

Re: Paws For Murder (11:36am January 2, 2014):

I tend to enjoy reading about characters who are likeable and
flawed. It tends to be what I run into in real life and it
makes a story seem more real to me, too.

Re: The Trigger (12:47pm January 1, 2014):

I doubt that I would be prepared for a breakdown in
society,etc. However, I should have enough food and general
supplies to keep me for a good couple of months. Never
watched a show about Preppers but am now a bit curious.

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (6:22pm December 31, 2013):

What a wonderful sounding read!

Re: Freezer I'll Shoot (11:43am December 28, 2013):

I will be regular about setting money aside for retirement.

Re: The Mountain's Shadow (3:05pm December 7, 2013):

I love paranormal and urban fantasy stories, too. So

Re: Legend Of The Highland Dragon (1:27pm December 6, 2013):

I can say that being able to think outside of the box and
creative problem-solving is a necessary talent for that
particular position.

Re: Rugged Hearts (1:13pm December 4, 2013):

I am most grateful this season for my job. It helps me to
support the family it is flexible so I can work around and
assist through family emergencies/difficulties. My boss had
given me this promotion fairly early. It was a leap of
faith on their part since I had stepped back into the
workforce in an entry level position after being a homemaker
for over one and a half decades.

Re: Billionaire Blend (11:38am December 3, 2013):

I am a fan of your books and enjoy the recipes you include.

Re: Black Widow Demon (12:47pm November 29, 2013):

I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer! No new recs from me,though.

Re: Hard As It Gets (10:56am November 25, 2013):

I actually can't think of a favorite pet character off hand.
And yet for the reasons you list, I feel they are wonderful.

Re: Home for Christmas (10:52am November 25, 2013):

I have a favorite decoration that happens to be a nativity
scene. It was purchased at a holiday bazaar from an
international women's group. I believe they said it was
South American. It is a dried hollowed out gourd, a design
burned into the outside, a leather hinged cut out door
opening into papier mache of a starry night with dark blue
sky and nativity figures attached to the bottom interior of
the gourd.

Re: Otherworld (10:44am November 25, 2013):

I knew from a young age that I wanted to help people. At
first I thought med school but financial difficulties in my
family had me veer into a business degree. That way I
marketable with fewer years of study. It worked. Then I
married, had children and became a homemaker for nearly 20
years. When the kids were not needing me at home as much
anymore, I found entry level work in a nearby assisted
living. They trained me and after a year and a bit promoted
me to a health care admin position assisting the residents.
Funny, how things have turned out and I really love my work.

Re: Aloha Rose (10:20am November 25, 2013):

I have never been to Hawaii but heard wonderful things. Would
imagine that the setting would be colorful and culture

Re: Norse Jewel (11:23am November 21, 2013):

I am afraid that I had a similar experience of not
defrosting the Turkey well enough. However, the debacle was
shared with my brother and sister. We were in our teens and
certain that we could easily pull off the celebratory meal
for ourselves and our parents. After all, my sister and I
had read cookbooks extensively from a very young age. The
fact that we had little to no practical experience with
cooking did not daunt us. The kitchen looked like a war zone
by the time we were done. And the food? Well, the gravy
looked lumpy so my brother decided to use eggbeaters to
smooth it out in the pan. The stove was greatly sprayed
with tannish gluey stuff. The turkey was severely
underdone, the mashed potatoes were lumpy and underseasoned,
etc. We never did live down that dinner and we learned that
all the research in the world does not necessarily compare
with hands-on experience.

Re: The Bitches of Brooklyn (12:55pm November 19, 2013):

I have a coffee colored suede look shirt that I absolutely had
to have. I admire it still but just haven't felt the right
occasion to wear it. Of course, I am mostly at work and it
wouldn't do there. Someday....

Re: Texas Tango (9:23pm November 14, 2013):

Ah...teenaged angst. My daughter had always been such a
charmingly independant, level-headed child. One morning she
woke up a teen with all of the irreverent attitude, time
management challenges and back talk. We see glimpses of her
previous self and are assured that the day will come when
the more frustrating side to her will somewhat decrease. Am
so looking forward to that.

Re: Bulletproof (11:24am November 13, 2013):

The abs and the attitude are fun but the dedication and
confidence tend to really get me.

Re: The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (1:37pm November 11, 2013):

I think spy stories are great fun to read, enjoy them

Re: Bikers and Pearls (1:33pm November 11, 2013):

Reading is a favorite passion that began by the simple need
for a comfortable place to escape the summer heat. The library
was that place for me and there I discovered that I could go
anywhere and do practically anything vicariously through
reading books.

Re: Daughter Of The God-King (10:07pm November 8, 2013):

Telling a great story is a wonderful thing. How to
incorporate details to show time period and setting in an
acceptable manner must be tough.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (10:04pm November 8, 2013):

It surprised me to read that corsets were not overly
tightened. That has always been the image in my mind. Love
learning something new.

Re: Scion of the Sun (12:31pm November 4, 2013):

I have found YA to be extremely creative and admit that I love
the paranorml/urban fantasy forms of it. Was initially
surprised about how sophisticated the world building could be.

Re: The Butterfly Sister (5:51pm October 19, 2013):

What an unusual storyline. Sounds like a heck of diverting

Re: Lord of Swords (6:50pm October 12, 2013):

I enjoy art in general but don't have a favorite that sparks
my imagination. But when I need to relax, wandering through
an art gallery, museum, etc is wonderful.

Re: Snowbound With The Soldier (12:31pm October 10, 2013):

I had just gotten a promotion and felt unsure about my
abilities to do the job. Was coming home late at night and
feeling "falling-down-tired". Decided I would forego
scrounging in the kitchen for food and head for bed. Hubby
had already gotten the kids fed and to sleep. He heard me
come in and met me in the bedroom with a plate of dinner and
a glass of wine.

Re: My Lady Quicksilver (1:06pm October 4, 2013):

I learned young that I do not lie well and so have simply
avoided telling them. It is amazing how well a non-commital
comment or Hmmmm... works in such instances.

Re: The Training (2:11pm October 2, 2013):

I enjoyed reading your post. I don't expect the authors whose
stories I read to necessarily have a large background on what
they write. Though I bet it makes it easier.

Re: Long Shot (1:58pm October 1, 2013):

Sounds like a fun read. Love the idea of a story with kilt
wearing men in a contemporary setting.

Re: Dirty Trick (7:25pm September 25, 2013):

hot apple cider with cinnamon

Re: Gideon's Call (1:06am September 22, 2013):

I have not been able to be parted from my books through
multiple moves. Your post made me laugh!

Re: Everlast (2:51pm September 14, 2013):

I grew up loving to read fairytales but never really
considered why I so enjoyed them. Your book sounds intriguing
with the setting in a book of fairytales and the modern school
kid characters who suddenly find themselves there.

Re: Wicked Beat (12:04pm August 22, 2013):

Laughed so hard reading your this post!

Re: Surrender To Sultry (11:58am August 22, 2013):

Intense set up of an excerpt, enjoyed it.

Re: Pattern for Romance (11:57pm August 7, 2013):

I love it when I can lose myself in a story and those with
historical setting require a particularly fine touch to give
the reader a feeling of getting lost in the story.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (11:53pm August 7, 2013):

I think that it is the imperfect, human elements to a
character that make them feel real to me as I read a story.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (1:09pm August 6, 2013):

Yout coffeehouse mysteries are a treat to read! The accolades
for your stories are well deserved.

Re: Moonlight (12:26pm July 25, 2013):

I am a fan of both.

Re: An Open Heart (12:57pm July 21, 2013):

What an interesting premise for a story. Am intrigued.

Re: Raspberries and Vinegar (12:55pm July 21, 2013):

I love cooking from scratch, am into local food and enjoy a
good romance.

Re: Magic Rises (2:04pm July 17, 2013):

What a heart wrenching situation this story explores. Sounds
like an exciting and gripping read!

Re: Merger to Marriage (2:19pm July 13, 2013):

That was a wonderful show and I loved the Harpo Marx episode!

Re: Wish You Were Here (12:16pm June 28, 2013):

It seems like I have always loved reading. One of the most
excited moments of my life was when I was finally able to
scrawl my name. One needed to be able to do so in order to
get a library card. There weren't many books in the house so
the library was like a treasure chest to me.

Re: All Out of Love (1:42pm June 25, 2013):

Enjoyed the quiz, my choices varied.

Re: Just One Kiss (2:46pm June 15, 2013):

Hmmm...would likely use it on the most needed of the house
repairs, some of the kids college costs and my husbands and my
retirement fund.

Re: Summer at Mustang Ridge (12:02pm June 12, 2013):

My most famous family tradition is a Christmas party/marathon
baking session with a running Mah Jong game running on the

Re: Katie's Choice (2:31pm June 2, 2013):

I haven't explored Amish romance stories as of yet. But I do
remember the movie you describe and it is a wonderful one.

Re: Five Days in Skye (2:29pm June 2, 2013):

Your book sounds like a wonderful read. I love strong

Re: Angora Alibi (4:12pm May 12, 2013):

Being captured in photo form while in a moment of true joy is
something special.

Re: Night Demon (8:05pm April 14, 2013):

Yes, to brains with the brawn! Intelligent men appeal to me
and I like the trait in my heroes.

Re: Identity Crisis (1:58pm March 27, 2013):

I was amazed to read about how prevalent forgeries are, had
not realized.

Re: Evidence Of Life (2:16pm March 25, 2013):

What a wonderful way to celebrate. Congratulations on the

Re: The Forsaken (2:19pm March 24, 2013):

I got goosebumps reading your post. I have not experienced
anything like what you describe but have always believed I was
watched over somehow.

Re: Out Of Circulation (5:04pm March 10, 2013):

I love cozy mysteries and think that your series sounds like
great fun. Why should the lady sleuths have all of the fun?

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (5:00pm March 10, 2013):

Well, it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I want pure escapism
and sometimes I want to see something that I relate more to
myself in heroine's problems. Fortunately, there are some
pretty neat stories of both kinds for me to reach for as I

Re: The Turncoat (3:40am March 6, 2013):

I admit that I have not read a romance where the main
characters were on opposite sides of a war. That is one heck
of a conflict. Am curious.

Re: The Survivor (3:37am March 6, 2013):

The area where I live is quite dark and I have always thought
that better street lighting would be a good step in making our
area less attractive to thieves and attack.

Re: Protector (2:08pm March 2, 2013):

I carry a book in my bag every time I leave the house. I re-
read favorites when I need a comfort read.

Re: Into the Spotlight (1:48pm March 2, 2013):

Friends and family have visited and loved going to Vegas to
cut loose for a bit. Haven't been there yet, but certainly on
my list of things to do someday.

Re: Wait Until Dark (12:31pm February 28, 2013):

Sounds like an exciting read. Had to laugh at the conflicting
definitions of home for hero and heroine. My hubby is a
tumbleweed, I can go where the wind blows but much prefer
setting roots.

Re: Hot Ticket (12:27pm February 28, 2013):

A good friend laughs with you through the fun things in life,
and gives a helping hand through the rough times.

Re: Wildcat (10:23pm February 13, 2013):

I would probably react with stunned silence and wide eyes.

Re: Soul Deep (1:06am February 5, 2013):

It is rather fun to watch two friends find that they are a
love match.

Re: Beyond Valor (7:59pm February 2, 2013):

I don't have a favorite thought I do enjoy reading military

Re: The Autumn Bride (12:53pm January 31, 2013):

I don't belong to a book group at the moment. I moved away
and have not yet found the type of camaraderie that most
appealed about the group. We did do some analyzing but we
enjoyed the books and each other's company.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (8:26pm January 27, 2013):

Your list brought a much needed smile to my face and the book
titles sound hysterical.

Re: Cupid?s Shaft (1:43pm January 25, 2013):

I have read and enjoyed erotic romance. You make a good
description description of it in your post. I see mention of
one of your stories in the comments, Once Upon a Wedding. Is
it a fan favorite? Or one of special significance to you?

Re: Fall Into You (12:48pm January 20, 2013):

I used to have to start at the beginning of a series but in
the last few years have found myself preferring to start with
the book that has caught my interest.

Re: Beeline To Trouble (9:02pm January 19, 2013):

Juicy romance in a mystery sounds delightful to me!

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (10:16pm January 17, 2013):

Your book sounds like such fun. Enjoyed your post in general
and laughed aloud at this sentence:

I had always devoured books with the speed and hunger of a
runaway lawn mower.

Re: Thread On Arrival (2:42pm January 15, 2013):

It's been a couple of months since I read a cozy. Love
embroidery and the idea of treasure and an old tapestry
potentially showing its location.

Re: Doomed (2:13pm January 15, 2013):

Love that you set myth up in current technology frame. Sounds

Re: Finding Home (8:05pm January 13, 2013):

My favorite childhood memories revolve around cooking and
family meals. Loved reading your post. I am a city girl and
have a fascination with farm and ranch life...and cowboys.

Re: Birthright (3:00pm January 12, 2013):

My parents were immigrants and I didn't meet my only living
grandparent until I had graduated college. Money was tight
and none could be spared for travel. We were all of us so
busy trying to succeed where we were that I never really
noticed that I know little of my own background.
Nevertheless, I would not want to be anyone else.

Re: Kiss Of The Betrayer (2:55pm January 12, 2013):

Oh, balance is an issue with me, too. I go through jags of
poor snacking habits. This year I have resolved not to bar
myself from bad snacks, but to eat two or three healthy snacks
for every poor one I may indulge in.

Re: South Of Surrender (9:32pm January 9, 2013):

It seemed a little cruel to the heroine for the excerpt to end
that way. I certainly hope that Chrys makes things up to her
later in the story!

Re: Chance Of A Lifetime (12:38pm January 8, 2013):

I love the heroine forming a writing club to draw people to
the library.

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (9:39pm January 3, 2013):

Anticipation is a wonderful thing!

Re: Prince Of Power (9:39pm January 3, 2013):

Thanks for sharing the playlist. I admit that I love music
and am curious about what authors listen to while they write.

Re: Gabriel's Inferno (11:22pm January 1, 2013):

Nice excerpt and good to see a Laphroaig enthusiast for a

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (4:38am December 29, 2012):

I tend to work well with a goal in mind and do feel it is
useful to analyze past to get better results in future. My
current one is being a better parent for my teens. The kids
have changed and I must, too.

Re: Renegade (7:15pm December 24, 2012):

I re-read A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. I first read
it in college and it has become an annual read for me ever

Re: Deadly Patterns (1:42pm December 16, 2012):

Thanks so much for sharing the caramel corn recipe, will
certainly give it a try. My favorite holiday treat is a thin
and crisp scandinavian gingersnap type of cookie.

Re: Fortune's Hero (1:57pm December 13, 2012):

I imagine that there would be ways to live under the sea in
perfect comfort. Would love to be able to dine and sleep
while sea life swam innocuously by.

Re: Love Thy Sister (2:28am December 11, 2012):

What a remarkable journey you have had. Am impressed with
your love of stories and tenacity to pursue writing across
continent. Congratulations on all of your successes!

Re: Jane's Gift (5:33pm December 8, 2012):

Your book sounds like a touching read.

As for your contest question, Robyn Carr's My Kind of
Christmas is on my list.

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (2:15pm December 6, 2012):

Thanks for an interesting list of facts!

Re: Holiday Buzz (12:58pm December 5, 2012):

I am a fan of your coffee house mystery series and love the
recipes that you include in your books.

Re: Double Time (2:57pm December 1, 2012):

I listen to a mix of music including rock. It all depends on
my mood.

Re: How I Came To Sparkle Again (9:50pm November 29, 2012):

I am in a city and the directions are thoroughly denoted with
landmarks and business signs that you will spot as you travel
to your destination.

Re: Christmas Confidential (1:00pm November 29, 2012):

We hold a marathon baking session/party alongside a running
mah jong game.

Re: Untamed (11:58am November 23, 2012):

I don't have a day after Thanksgiving tradition but am with
you about not liking the idea of shopping in crowds.

Re: Wolfishly Yours (11:55am November 23, 2012):

I am a fan of this series and reading the Christmas wish list
made me chuckle.

Re: Playing at Love (1:08pm November 19, 2012):

I admit that I don't have a favorite sport and I don't have a
favorite all time sexy quarterback opinion. However, this is
why it is such fun for me to read about such a character
because the mix of who he is and what he does can become such
a revelation.

Re: Rogue Rider (1:04pm November 19, 2012):

Have been so impressed with the books from this author that I
have come across.

Re: Ashes Of Twilight (12:39pm November 18, 2012):

I remember that old Star Trek episode and that line or title
certainly intrigued me. Loved learning about how you came up
with the story and the personal tribute you put in it.

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (12:38pm November 16, 2012):

Numbers 4 and 5 on the list certainly made me laugh!

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (4:07pm November 11, 2012):

I guess the most memorable Christmas for me was when I was
first engaged and joining into my fiancee's family
Christmas. All of my memories from childhood onward with
that holiday have been pleasant. This particular one as an
adult was extraordinary because I was learning new
traditions like a tree lit with real candles. It was great

Re: Enslaved (10:09am November 9, 2012):

I don't have a favorite kind of damaged hero and I haven't
come across one who could not be redeemed. That said, it has
been the talent of the authors I read who have made these
heroes appealing to me and each individual journey to
redemption has been unique/relevant to that tale.

Re: Iced Chiffon (3:09pm October 28, 2012):

I do read cozies for the reasons you mention, characters are
accessible. My favorites tend to be ones which include a
bookshop or incorporate culinary businesses but thats because
those are the things I most love.

Re: One Night with a Hero (12:06pm October 27, 2012):

Your list pretty comprehensive and think cover the things that
immediately appeal to me about a military hero!

Re: Sultry With A Twist (2:27pm October 19, 2012):

You know, I love reading the story behind the story and had to
chuckle at the question you mentioned. Can't thing of a witty

Re: The Shadowy Horses (12:54pm October 12, 2012):

I like dialect and believe that it adds to a story. Helps me
feel transported so to speak.

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (1:14pm October 8, 2012):

I am a romance reader who for years hid my reading habits. Was worried that people wouldn't take me seriously in general. Then met other readers, many of them fans of romance and realized that people don't care what I read.

Re: Savage Hunger (1:56pm October 5, 2012):

I have done a bit of trekking in other countries and in tropical areas. It was fascinating but hard work. Your experiences and your father's are so interesting.

Re: Seduction's Shift (12:03pm September 24, 2012):

I think that panthers are beautiful and lend themselves well to a shifter story.

Re: Three River Ranch (12:48pm September 17, 2012):

I have been rather cautious with what I share online and honestly can't think of anything embarrassing.

Re: The Curse (1:51pm September 16, 2012):

I received a Kindle for Christmas last year and love it but still also love my print books, too.

Re: Kiss Of Steel (1:34pm September 14, 2012):

I prefer vampires as hero rather than villain. Love that they can use what power they have for good. However, your research really is scary.

Re: A Lady And Her Magic (1:22pm September 14, 2012):

My first love...I can't remeber wanting anything as badly as you describe like you wanted Jeffy. And truth be told I think it is more a trick of my memory than lack of such an experience. On a happier note, I remember a person I felt that way about and I married him.

Re: One Wrong Move (1:01pm September 12, 2012):

I am a fan of your books. This was certainly an eye-openingly spicy start to my day.

Re: Chasing a Dream (2:15pm September 11, 2012):

Go abroad after graduating from college instead of starting a career. Was hired by an international company when visited London and worked there for a couple of years.

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (6:26pm September 1, 2012):

I think it is smart to use your knowledge to write credible scenes. How lucky you are to be able to do that.

Re: Plain Fear: Forbidden (1:06pm August 31, 2012):

I think this is such an unusual style of vampire story. Am intrigued.

Re: Allergic To Death (5:08pm August 18, 2012):

Food and books are both weaknesses of mine. Allergic to Death sounds like a hoot.

Re: Hearse And Buggy (1:05pm August 17, 2012):

Amish mystery series, that is intriguing. I also loved the Little House books and they were well worn with re-reading.

Re: Primal Possession (11:52am August 15, 2012):

I like heroines who are intelligent, quirky, strong, kick-ass, have a sense of humor....but the mix of those traits can vary and the most important thing is that I genuinely like the heroine.

Re: Sweet Deception (1:19pm August 13, 2012):

I am stubborn on wanting a garden and pressing the rest of the family to help me with it since I am often away at work during much of the day.

Re: Wrong Bed, Right Guy (3:27pm August 11, 2012):

That sounds like an amusing read!

Re: Hearts Of Darkness (12:47pm August 9, 2012):

I loved reading this early and powerful excerpt. I am not a writer but of the things that I do write, I tend to keep my final copy and not the drafts.

Re: West of Want (11:00pm August 8, 2012):

You certainly do make your case. I loved the excerpt showing Passion!

Re: A Brew To A Kill (3:33am August 7, 2012):

Congrats on the new release! I have enjoyed your books and love browsing the recipes.

Re: The Last Victim (4:59pm August 5, 2012):

I am a reader and found your post interesting. Had never considered that feedback might block creativity. Have been a fan of yours for some time.

Re: Creating Fate (10:58pm July 23, 2012):

Going with gut instinct is actually something that I have had to learn to do. For much of my life I over thought everything and it led me astray.

Re: The Officer Says I DO (1:25pm July 19, 2012):

I will be keeping an eye on the comments. Love to expand my vocabulary. Unfortunately, I don't know any amusing acronyms, myself. Alas.

Re: Luscious (1:23pm July 19, 2012):

I am deeply fond of culinary romances since I too have a love of food and romance. Many of the romances I had read recently were paranormal and urban fantasy. It is such fun to lose myself in the story and world-building.

Re: Deep Autumn Heat (2:01am July 7, 2012):

Travelling put me outside of my comfort zone but it I certainly grew and experienced a lot.

Re: Wicked Nights (2:38pm June 29, 2012):

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron caught my attention immediately thought he wasn't a main character in the book I read.

Re: Lessons in Loving A Laird (1:51am June 28, 2012):

Had to chuckle through your post!

Re: Grill Me, Baby (12:56pm June 17, 2012):

I was always running and hated to stop playing to come indoors for lunch. On days where I was particularly engrossed, my mom would toast up bread, fry an egg and make a sandwich out of those fixings with the addition with a ham slice and or a tomatoe slice. I could eat it quickly or slowly while continuing on with whatever I was doing in the backyard...usually looking for interesting bugs and birds.

Re: Cursed (11:59am June 14, 2012):

This sounds like an exciting read from a new to me author. Read the author bio and am impressed.

Re: Joy Ride (2:14am June 10, 2012):

Books are a pleasure and a resource. I have tried to pass on the love of reading to my children.

Re: About Last Night (1:24am June 10, 2012):

What a sweet excerpt! Loved the courting with junk food!

Re: Royal Street (8:14pm May 6, 2012):

Yes, to the date!

Re: The Vampire Shrink (11:30pm April 27, 2012):

I haven't had any such experiences but have heard and read so many it would be difficult not to keep a very open mind.

Re: A Lady's Revenge (12:16pm April 26, 2012):

I usually see the lighter side of this storyline in romance, would be interested to see it shown in a different light. Sounds gripping.

Re: Enraptured (12:13pm April 26, 2012):

My favorite villain is definitely Darth Vader and for the reasons, you have mentioned in the post.

Re: Untouched (11:43pm April 20, 2012):

I think that 1, 3, and 10 most appeal to me.

Re: Vigilare (2:00pm April 7, 2012):

I appreciate a strong heroine and am thrilled that we find more of them in fiction now. However, I want them to be able to accept help when they need it just like what I want from the heroes I read about.

Re: Lessons After Dark (12:29pm April 7, 2012):

I am deeply curious about your book and am particularly charmed regarding the school for "gifted" children.

Re: Texas Baby Sanctuary (12:47pm March 27, 2012):

I like books set in Texas. It seems like a state where heroes are larger than life and I love the tough edge to the characters I have read about in that setting.

Re: Assassins In Love (12:44pm March 23, 2012):

I think they would be interesting settings, but could not limit them perfect settings for would depend on my mood and the storyline.

Re: The Needle In The Blood (10:56am March 16, 2012):

It is fun to find the hidden messages in art. Frankly speaking my knowledge of the Bayeux Tapestry is very general. Am intrigued by your book.

Re: A Seal In Wolf's Clothing (10:50am March 16, 2012):

Well, when the title is spoken and your name is in conjunction with it, I expect hot and sexy. :)

Re: Hellsbane (11:32am March 15, 2012):

It is hard for me to really concentrate if I have the radio turned to my favorite songs channel. So I don't tend to have it on when I must focus on something but crank it up when the situation is less cleaning the house.

Re: Sketch a Falling Star (11:22am March 12, 2012):

I am a reader and love getting lost in a story. Enjoyed your post. This sentence really had me laughing this morning:

You just have to be careful not to let any of them sublet.

Re: King of Darkness (1:19pm February 22, 2012):

I love a cup of coffee in the morning, but if I could choose only one beverage that I could not do without it would be jasmine tea.

Re: The Night Is Mine (2:40pm February 16, 2012):

I was just beginning in a position and would come home almost nightly with the idea that I was soon to be fired due to my complete lack of experience. Then a work emergency occured where I didn't overthink and just used gut feeling common sense. And I finally knew that I was equal to the position.

Re: Stud (1:01am February 9, 2012):

The Three Musketeers with Michael York did that for me.

Re: Darkest Highlander (12:55pm February 6, 2012):

I do like magic and history. To me, it is a good mix partly because I like historical stories for sweeping me away. Add magic and I get quite the journey.

Re: Far from Here (11:02pm February 4, 2012):

My artistic expression is in my cooking. I get a soul deep satisfaction from feeding my family well and enjoy the lingering conversation around the dining table.

Re: The Lord Of Illusion (12:40pm February 3, 2012):

The power to heal. I think that would be the most satisfying power for me to have.

Re: Alpha Instinct (2:58am February 2, 2012):

I have long loved paranormal romance what with possible magic, extra powers, shifting, edgy alpha heroes. Hard not to find all of that appealing.

Re: Fever (12:09pm January 25, 2012):

I am not a writer and sometimes just defining the goal is the major difficulty. However, after setting the goal it is a matter of continuing to work until I reach it.

Re: Banshee Charmer (8:21pm January 22, 2012):

Humor and intelligence top my list.

Re: The Fallen Queen (10:44am January 20, 2012):

What an interesting take you bring to Angel/Demon stories. I have never seen anything but the traditional mythos so am very intrigued with the tale you tell. My favorite angel is actually the character Seth from the movie City of Angels where an angel decides to fall in order to be with the woman he loves.

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (11:07am January 19, 2012):

Bond...James Bond.

Re: Scrumptious (1:14pm January 16, 2012):

What I knew was that I wanted to end up helping people. Now, I work for an assisted living facility. It is a close knit community and one of the most satisfying jobs I have done.

Re: Dylan (8:02pm January 15, 2012):

What an excerpt. I never did get over my crush on cowboys.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (11:12am January 12, 2012):

Must have trait? That is a toss up between intelligence and humor.

Re: A Demon Does It Better (2:59am January 3, 2012):

I think it could be fascinating to view the world from a critter's eyes, to see what would appeal as a critter and what would repel. If I could figure out the latter I could help my mother-in-law with her mole problem.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (1:44pm December 13, 2011):

It's fun to learn about what inspired the book. Admit that I don't know much about hockey.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (11:10am December 8, 2011):

I would certainly sit down to a meal Jake prepares. As for dessert, I would bring a flourless chocolate cake for it's rich, seductive taste and ease to make.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (1:33pm December 2, 2011):

You are a tease! I can't for the life of me think of an unexpected twist at the moment thought goodness knows I have experienced them in reading books and seeing shows/movies.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (12:55pm November 23, 2011):

Angel from the Buffy the Vampire series and spin-off series leaps to mind.

Re: North of Need (1:40pm November 6, 2011):

Sense of humor, intelligence and kindness are way up there on my list.

Re: Engaged in Sin (1:38pm November 6, 2011):

That must have been some interesting research you did for the book. Must admit that I flinched to read in your post about the treatment for cataracts. However, I bet you made good use of the research that you did for this book.

Re: Liver Let Die (1:34pm November 5, 2011):

I had to laugh at your experience with your little guy, tough critic. Names don't always make much of an impact on me unless they are very unusual.

Re: Always a Temptress (2:33am November 3, 2011):

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series is my favorite.

Re: The Virtuoso (10:32am November 2, 2011):

Your newest release sounds emotion filled and just the thing in which to lose my own worries.

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (11:24pm November 1, 2011):

Yes, I do fear things that go bump in the night. Am not fond of being alone at night for that reason.

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (1:52pm October 30, 2011):

My husband has been the one to cheer me on, to help me recognize my capabilities when I had doubts, and to encourage me to learn things that I thought I might enjoy/be good at.

Re: Radiant Desire (1:49pm October 30, 2011):

You had me chuckling at the Brad Pitt angle, I always thought of him as a handsome guy and talented actor but never really considered him "alpha." Of course, not knowing him, it could just be most of the roles he has played.

Confidence is key but the other side of it is the ability to convince others of the action/opinion. There actually are confident people out there who could not persuade anyone about anything and they are not alpha to me.

Re: Romancing The Countess (10:04am October 28, 2011):

I can't say that I have been inspired to do something that I didn't already have planned.

Re: Dire Threads (1:25pm October 23, 2011):

My mother-in-law fostered my love of cooking by generously sharing recipes and cooking tips. She had lived abroad for years and picked up all sorts of bits of knowledge and we share a deep love of food and feeding those whom we love.

Re: Haunting Embrace (12:07pm October 22, 2011):

I think perhaps the joy of reading about a dark, tortured hero is seeing him healed by love.

Re: Utterly Charming (12:04pm October 20, 2011):

My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.

Re: Queeen of the Sylphs (12:11pm October 13, 2011):

I love seeing a villain turned into a hero. Villains can be such interesting characters and so it is great to see how one can be redeemed.

Re: The Rose Garden (12:20pm October 13, 2011):

I believe that you are perfectly correct in how important the supporting cast is to learning about the main characters. After all, you do learn alot about a person if you know who they grew up with and with what friends they surround themselves.

Re: Unleashed (2:26am October 11, 2011):

I still have to go with the cheetah for speed and sleek beauty.

Re: Chosen By Fate (9:20pm October 9, 2011):

I'm with you...would love to have genres I like blended together.

Re: The Goblin King (12:10pm October 7, 2011):

That is quite the imagination you have. I am a reader and love hearing about the inspiration for a book. The Goblin King sounds particularly appealing to me since I am a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast type of romance.

Re: Jennifer's Garden (11:12pm September 25, 2011):

Exploring how a person chooses their partner is always a fascinating subject to me.

Re: Murder By Mocha (1:02am September 20, 2011):

My favorite snacks are a hard boiled egg with a little salt, a handful of pistachio nuts, or fresh, ripe seasonal fruit. I love your Coffee House mysteries.

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (1:01pm September 18, 2011):

I have never come across an illustrated romance before but think the photographs are beautiful.

Re: The Last Rising (3:58pm September 17, 2011):

The brush of fingertips up from the heroine's waist to just under her breast. The heroine is usually portrayed gasping at the sensuous experience. I on the other hand, would probably react in uncontrolled paroxysm of laughter and flailing wildly at the hero...posibly injuring the poor fellow.

Re: To Sketch A Thief (10:56pm September 16, 2011):

I don't tend to re-name characters I just muddle along with the pronunciation as best as I can.

Re: Tempted (1:59am September 16, 2011):

I enjoyed your post. It is a nice thing when an author can bring about the developement of a character to show the unknown and often unexpected strength within.

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (11:45pm September 14, 2011):

You know, I thought of Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake. The character was very conscious of what she could wear and be able to fight, climb, or hide her weapons yet she was fashion conscious.

Re: No Proper Lady (1:39pm September 12, 2011):

I am so very intrigued by the storyline for this book. Love the idea of mixing those two film ideas.

Re: Stone Cold Seduction (5:34pm September 11, 2011):

I am a great believer in living in the moment. Thank-you for the reminder to do so.

Re: Kindling The Moon (8:35pm September 10, 2011):

I thought it was ingenious the way that Comic books were used in the chronicling of the War between the Shadow and the Light in Vicki Pettersson's Zodiac Series.

Re: Wings of Fire (12:46pm September 10, 2011):

That sounds like a heck of a series. I love paranormal and urban fantasy. Have been submerging myself in it for a while now.

Re: Deep Disclosure (11:06pm September 7, 2011):

I tend to live in the now with an eye towards the future and trying to bear in mind the lessons of the past.

Re: Deadly Descent (7:07pm September 5, 2011):

That sounds like an exciting read. I am also fond of Catherine Mann's books. I particularly enjoyed Renegade.

Re: Serendipity (12:55pm September 1, 2011):

I had not heard of the Gamma hero. Have enjoyed Alpha heroes very much but sometimes felt they were just too much. I imagine that a blend of Alpha and Beta would be wonderful to read.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (11:52am August 31, 2011):

I would probably size up the situation to make the decision of either to go for immediate running or to do a version of punch and run...actually, I would just hope to have my trusty full lenght umbrella and thrust and run.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (2:28pm August 30, 2011):

So enjoyed your post that I followed the link to your site to read the excerpt. It sounds like a grand adventure of a romance.

Re: Ward Against Death (11:56am August 27, 2011):

My dream job would be food critic. I love to eat and it would be great to have an excuse to try all of those restauraunts that I would like to go to.

Re: What A Goddess Wants (1:27pm July 28, 2011):

I commend you for your juggling act. Must say that I am jealous, I wish I could balance my responsibilities and my goals better.

Re: Undead And Undermined (11:43am July 22, 2011):

I adore your humor and chuckled through your post. I haven't read the Twilight series but I have enjoyed reading some of your books.

Re: Night Veil (11:42pm June 27, 2011):

I prefer Superman and though I know it is not really reasonable, it is because of Christopher Reeves portrayal of the character.

Re: Burning Skies (12:40pm June 24, 2011):

My favorite part of having wings would hopefully be that I would lack my current fear of heights. Hubby loves hiking/climbing/skiing but I see exposed trails and blanch.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (5:43pm June 18, 2011):

HEA in real life and in stories to me means marriage and family...and perhaps characters fought hard against a villain and used their wits to outsmart the bad guy in order to be able to reach something as beautiful as a peaceful place with a beautiful sunset. Take note, this doesn't mean that they will never need have adventure in their lives, again. It just means that even when they are not having an adrenaline rush, being together in life is enough of a high that they want to continue life as loving partners.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (12:48pm June 14, 2011):

In answer to your question, I honestly don't know. But the possibilities are a wonderful thing to explore.

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (10:20am June 8, 2011):

I love your reasons why regarding werewolve highlanders. The trip to Scotland sounds fun...

Re: Frostbound (11:04pm June 7, 2011):

I loved MC Escher so am intrigued by your description of the Castle. Your book sounds like a very exciting read.

Re: Cover of Darkness (12:17pm June 5, 2011):

I admit to a fascination with SEAL heroes and it isn't new to me. There is a lot of focus on them with the recent event.

Re: Forced to Kill (9:15pm June 4, 2011):

I really enjoyed your post and think your SEAL hero sounds appealing.

Re: Mind Games (9:04pm May 25, 2011):

I love your list and though I might not stalk people, I would probably alternatively squee and stutter if I were ever to meet any of them. Not the impression I would want to make but most unfortunately the one I would most likely leave.

Re: SEALed Forever (8:32pm May 20, 2011):

This is a wonderful post and I loved the friend's story about her father as well as the storyline for your book.

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (1:25am May 19, 2011):

I believe that heroes and heroines are largely imagined with perhaps bits of the author or author's loved ones mixed into the characters.

Re: Bastian (12:24pm May 1, 2011):

I am a fan of your books and love that you give us the unexpected in characters and details. Congratulations on your new release.

Re: My Favorite Countess (12:39pm April 28, 2011):

Hawkeye of MASH made quite an impression on me. I do love doctors as heroes in romance.

Re: The Alchemy of Desire (11:44pm April 25, 2011):

Frankly, I love reading about nice guys winning the girl.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (3:12am April 23, 2011):

I love excerpts or explanations of inspirations for scenes, characters, book ideas.

Re: Hidden Embers (1:14pm April 22, 2011):

My favorite season is Autumn. Comfortable temps, colorful displays by nature, and harvest are all favorite things of mine.

Re: Blood Sin (11:29pm April 21, 2011):

It sounds like your heroine has quite a tall order to fill. Lucky for us readers.

Re: Tangled Threads (12:31pm April 18, 2011):

I don't watch tv but generally read. However, I am tempted to buy a television. Have heard about several shows that sound wonderful.

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (12:49pm April 16, 2011):

I am a control freak on issues that I care about.

Re: Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (10:51pm April 12, 2011):

I love the magic.

Re: Vowed In Shadows (11:44am April 11, 2011):

I love reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Frankly, while I adore reading about the heroine's adventures, battles, and trials to reach a happy ending, I wouldn't want to experience it myself. So I guess I wouldn't want to be any of those heroines. But I love the strong, intelligent, quick witted aspects of the characters from the books I love most.

Re: Deadly Ties (3:14pm April 10, 2011):

It was timely to read your post. Work drama is coming to a head. Just wished to say that I found those last 2 paragraphs in your post to be particularly inspiring and certainly pertinent.

Re: Collision Course (12:15pm April 9, 2011):

Battle Star Galactica and V were favorite shows.

Re: Haunting Desire (1:32am April 7, 2011):

I honestly don't have a favorite Celtic legend but the books sounds very exciting.

Re: The Shadow Guard (10:40am April 5, 2011):

Emerson from Elizabeth Peter's Crocodile on the Sandbank.

Re: Rock Hard (11:24am April 4, 2011):

It sounds like Sed will definitely have his hands full convincing Jessica that he is a keeper.

Re: Play Me (12:34pm March 29, 2011):

I think love scenes can be wonderful in a romance so long as the book actually builds the relationship of the characters.

Re: A Lot Like Love (12:33pm March 24, 2011):

I love to pair my romances with solitude and in the correct season, a fire in the fireplace and a cup of tea or coffee at hand.

Re: Highland Heat (12:47pm March 21, 2011):

Your characters sound like they would be grand fun to read about. And your last sentence in the post is one I plan to take to heart!

Re: Tyler (10:57am March 17, 2011):

What an unusual storyline twist regarding the hero. Love the idea. Am a fan of trilogies and short series since I also love to revisit place/characters that I have grown fond of and miss them after a story ends.

Re: So Close The Hand Of Death (11:08am March 15, 2011):

What a hard hitting question. I would, of course, fight.

Re: It Happened One Bite (1:05am March 14, 2011):

Thanks for the general introduction to the coven and I hope to get to know each of them in turn.

Re: Treasure Me (10:16am March 3, 2011):

I am not a writer but can well imagine looking at a blank screen or blank page and trying to set words down.

Re: Storm Of Reckoning (8:11pm February 19, 2011):

Sounds like fun reading to me!

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (9:36am February 18, 2011):

I married my first love. Previous to meeting this wonderful man, I was too busy with family issues and school, and then work to get involved in dating. We started going out as friends and found out that it was much more.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (3:40am February 14, 2011):

Happy Valentine's Day! I wasn't much of a fan of this day before my husband converted me. My argument had been, Why save celebrating love to just one day and feel obligated to show love on that day no matter how we feel? He showed me that it was just a major excuse to take time to show love and made sure that I felt loved, too.

Re: True Colors (12:40pm February 13, 2011):

Of the shows you mention, I only know Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it was the layers of meaning to dialogue, the humor, and the emotions of the characters that drew my attention and kept me riveted.

TRUE COLORS sounds like an exciting read and I am curious about how the heroine would handle her "gift". It does sound like a difficult one to bear.

Re: Breaking the Rules (8:35pm February 12, 2011):

Today I am drinking jasmine tea. It is such a lovely romantic tea.

Re: Burning Darkness (11:20pm January 31, 2011):

I have to say that incest, rape. And I have genuinely considered murder to be on the list. However, I am curious about how you would bring these two characters together.

Re: Wild Man Creek (2:25pm January 29, 2011):

Oh, loved Jack's commentary and foreshadowing.

Re: Deadly Heat (2:10pm January 22, 2011):

I read of mix of styles in romance. Really it just depends on how I feel when I am choosing my next book. Must say that I wasn't introduced to darker romance books until the last few years but I love them.

Re: Yours For The Taking (11:55pm January 19, 2011):

I work at an assisted living facility so my dream work day is just one where there are no medical emergencies, falls, or staff members calling in sick.

Re: Double Cross (10:39pm December 22, 2010):

Well, I do have a severe disinterest to dusting. Can that
even be turned into a superpower?

Re: The Heir (11:55am December 16, 2010):

Hmmm...a heroine with a secret and a hero avoiding marriage. Sounds fun!

Re: Rajmund (12:07pm December 6, 2010):

It is interesting to see a have a villain made more sympathetic. Hope you do continue to work on that manuscript.

Love the dark brooding style of hero.

Re: Motor City Witch (12:06pm November 26, 2010):

I have family living in Michigan and not far from Detroit. Their concerns for it have of course been how the economy has given it such a hard knock. Bu they also love the Zoo there and the Henry Ford Museum.

Re: Holiday Grind (2:19am November 5, 2010):

Gingerbread for me. It just tastes right for the winter and I look forward to it every year.

Re: Holiday Affair (7:06pm November 1, 2010):

I am a lot like you. This year we will be visiting my mother-in-law's house for Christmas. She is planning on putting on a thoroughly Danish Christmas. I have experienced this many times and always marvel at how organized and relaxed she is while whipping up picture perfect goodies and meals, decorating and ensuring a good time is had by all.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (10:17pm October 28, 2010):

My husband is my hero. He works to help developing countries.

Re: The Making of a Gentleman (10:28pm October 20, 2010):

It is fun to read a story that has a generous helping on a topic that I love. Must admit a weakness for food and love. I generally am a fan of romance, but melt at a hero with a culinary background.

Am intrigued about your hero and his reaction to music.

Re: Grave Witch (10:27pm October 17, 2010):

You certainly have put an intriguing image of Death in my mind. I think I rather like him compared to the traditional one.

Re: Highland Hellcat (12:50pm October 16, 2010):

The thing I always keep in stock is Jasmine tea. Something about both the scent and the flavor sooths and transports me to a calm that I need after a hard day at work.

Re: Backstage Pass (1:36pm October 13, 2010):

Had to laugh at the title of your post. I don't often see rock stars as main characters of romance, but it certainly fires my imagination. Your books sound like they would be fabulous reading.

Re: Seducing The Duchess (1:37am October 7, 2010):

Congrats on your release. I always thought that reading romance was a wonderful way to relax and frankly never thought anyone judged me for it.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (8:47pm October 4, 2010):

I love to cook and to read in order to relax. Something that I would also love to try is ballroom dancing. However, I lack a willing partner.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (3:22pm September 26, 2010):

My goodie list includes lazing in bed with a book to read, a mug of tea to sip and cookies to nibble.

Re: Love Me (12:18pm September 25, 2010):

I prefer a couple rather than the hunky guy covers and it doesn't matter if the cover is ebook or pring.

Re: Just One Taste (3:42pm September 12, 2010):

I don't think that I will be able to try to attend one of the conferences until at least year after next. Both due to lack of time and saving for other goals at the moment. I get to live the excitement vicariously though through the descriptions from others.

Re: Warrior (2:33pm September 11, 2010):

My best fan moment was when I met Kate Douglas. I had been participating in author chats as a enthusiastic reader. She was travelling and met groups of readers on the way. It was a relaxed and fun setting (being in a coffee area of a well-known local bookstore). She is a gracious and entertaining person as well as talented writer.

Re: Warrior (2:19pm September 6, 2010):

Blades of the Rose sounds like nothing I have read in romance before. Am very interested to read the story.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (7:55pm August 31, 2010):

I remember the situation you are speaking of and was sweating through my second one when a veteran of international moves said: Just do what you can and remember that there is very little that cannot be fixed, sent later, carried to you by visiting friends and family, or that you can't pick up yourself when you visit home.

Of all that I did to de-stress, that bit of advice was the most effective in keeping me calm.

All my best to you!

Re: Deadly Fear (10:19pm August 26, 2010):

Characters in general seem more real to me when they are shown to have flaws, needs, or quirks. It makes for a much more appealing read to me.

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (3:53pm August 23, 2010):

Wow, if I weren't very happily married I would definately want to trade places with Cassie!

Re: Don't Cry (8:57pm August 22, 2010):

It is like an addiction with me and the idea that I might run out of reading material drives me on to add to my tbr pile. The fact that I could easily read for the next few months without repeating myself does not stand in my way.

Re: Nemesis (9:29pm August 21, 2010):

It has just cooled down in my area of the world. I haven't read much with either setting that you discussed. Sounds like I need to hit the library.

Re: Hero (8:12pm August 18, 2010):

I always thought that it took a certain strength to be able to have one's work publicly critiqued. Congrats on the wonderful things that I continue to read about your series.

Re: Roast Mortem (8:44pm August 14, 2010):

Ah, your recipe is just in time for the harvest from my blueberry bushes.

Re: Knight Of Passion (7:57pm July 23, 2010):

I really do have a weakness for a strong honorable hero.

Re: Crush On You (8:59pm July 6, 2010):

I do love the friends to lovers theme for all of the reasons you list, in fact. No, I never experienced it myself.

Re: Dragon Unmasked (2:15pm June 16, 2010):

I had a reading drought about two years ago that really had me in despair. Necessary change for the family was what triggered it and the stress of making that change meant that I really wanted passive entertainment. Where I would usually have picked up a book to sweep me away, I found that I was too physically and emotionally tired to do so. That particular drought was not helped by my inability to choose books that could keep my attention in all of the chaos. I had to go back to the occasional comfort read and slowly work my way back to normal from there.

Re: Night Myst (6:59pm June 4, 2010):

If a favorite author is writing more than one series, I tend to follow them. That said, there have been occasions where one of the series was more to my taste than another. On the other hand, sometimes the authors lead me to read outside of my normal favorite genres. Pretty neat.

Re: Ancient Whispers (10:55am May 31, 2010):

Many congratulations on participating in and winning The American Title competition! I stepped out of my comfort zone when I decided to travel abroad instead of jumping into searching for work immediately after college. Had expected to be gone 3-6 months. Instead, met and married my husband and lived in various countries for over a decade and a half before coming home.

Re: Dead in the Family (9:06pm May 29, 2010):

For urban fantasy I am reading Enemy Lover by debut author Karin Harlow, for YA urban fantasy I am searching out the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. As for paranormal romance, I haven't decided yet.

Re: Sex And The Single Earl (7:01pm May 19, 2010):

I enjoy the small town setting. It usually gives more opportunity to learn about the other inhabitants, so secondary characters are often more fleshed out in such a story.

Re: Web Of Lies (4:01pm May 17, 2010):

My favorites are currently paranormal and urban fantasy...precisely for the same reasons you mentioned you loved writing them.

Re: Haunting Warrior (7:15pm May 12, 2010):

If I could travel back in time, I would frankly visit my younger self to give a few key pieces of advice on decisions I had to make.

Re: Rumor Has It (7:41pm May 6, 2010):

Well, my curiosity is piqued by the ad and by your book excerpt!

Re: Touching Darkness (8:27pm May 5, 2010):

The best thing about my job is that I know I am helping the people under my care. The worst thing about my job is that providing care for a large number of people can be an unexpectedly overwhelming challenge in scheduling, creativity, and diplomacy.

Re: Think Twice (6:46pm May 2, 2010):

A book that stood out to me from my reading last month was by a new to me author. It was Once Bitten by Clare Willis. It was a fresh style on the vampire romance.

Re: A Thread So Thin (10:32pm April 26, 2010):

I took the opportunity to travel and work abroad in an exchange program for college students and the recently graduated. People thought I was crazy not to try to jump into a job and begin on a career. It ended up that I met and married while abroad and then travelled various countries due to his work. It was exciting and challenging. Am glad I did things that way.

Re: The Teaberry Strangler (2:41pm April 25, 2010):

Flipping to a random section of the book and reading an excerpt is generally how I make a decision on whether to buy a to me author or no. If I read the book and it doesn't grab me, I will check the next one of that series out from the library. If I love the author, I do have a tendency to glom.

Re: Silent Truth (1:37pm April 19, 2010):

Other than my passion for my family? That would be my passion for cooking. I love to see the items put together into something beautiful and delicious...It is a piece of art, earnestly given to the people I love though the piece itself does not last long.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (8:12pm April 17, 2010):

There are times when a book feels like work to read when it is intended for leisure. Frequently, that is an indication that I need to turn to a different book and perhaps return to the first when I am in the mood for it. Occasionally, I find that a book doesn't click for me at all under any circumstance. Those I put down into a giveaway pile. I used to try to slog through every book I opened but have since found peace of mind in giving something a try and letting go if necessary.

Re: Demonkeepers (8:13pm April 13, 2010):

I just love the "nerd that roared" description. It made me laugh!

Re: Dead Head (8:05pm April 13, 2010):

I can't imagine what it would be like to hide my true identity. It would be too easy for me to fumble details.

Re: On The Steamy Side (7:21pm March 23, 2010):

A great number of category romances have featured children fairly well. Sara Orwig is one of the authors from category romance that come to mind in this situation.

Re: Big Girl (1:39pm March 21, 2010):

No, I don't have an author I once followed that I am ashamed to admit to following now. Some names which were my introduction to romance were Kay Hooper, Sandra Brown, Iris Johansen from the Loveswept line. I believe Susan Brockman and Janet Evanovich also wrote for that line way back when....

Re: Something About You (9:17pm March 19, 2010):

...I know, I know. Paranormal but still suspenseful and wonderfully humorous stuff.

Re: Something About You (9:16pm March 19, 2010):

Suspense and humor is great fun! Joss Whedon did it wonderfully for tv and movies.

Re: SEALed with a Ring (4:32pm March 5, 2010):

Ballroom dancing looks like such fun. If only I could get my hubby to take lessons with me! Congrats on your release!

Re: Naked Edge (6:30pm March 1, 2010):

Funnily, my husband and I are terribly different. All of his family and friends were expecting him to marry a very different kind of woman. And yet for all of our differences, we simply prefer to be together.

Re: Seeing Red (3:56pm February 28, 2010):

It was a strange reading month for me. I was working lots of overtime and coming home tired. This usually means that I welcome the "vacation" I take each night with stepping into a book. Unfortunately, nothing kept my attention so that I didn't finish more than a chapter of various books instead of sinking myself into one story.

Re: The Mane Squeeze (10:13pm February 27, 2010):

For fun, I just read whatever strikes my fancy at the time. For non-fun reading, DIY home repairs and retirement preparation books.

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (12:05pm February 21, 2010):

I do much as you did, and open a book in which to be swept away to another country, climate, or world. It helps to be able to snuggle up in a comfy sofa or bed with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea/cocoa/coffee.

Re: Ordinary World (3:05pm February 15, 2010):

It was fun to read about your experience as a twin. I guess people do assume that twins are identical and have some unusual connection of the mind.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (7:28pm February 12, 2010):

I agree with your broader take on Valentine's Day. As for the "Romance readers never go to bed alone" saying, I really need that on a nightshirt.

Re: Island Of The Swans (1:50pm February 8, 2010):

Island of the Swans sounds like quite a fascinating historical romance.

Re: Legend Of The White Wolf (6:44pm February 5, 2010):

Yes, such a werewolf could capture my imagination. Your wolves sound wonderful.

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (11:18pm February 2, 2010):

I love a great laugh and your book sounds like it will provide that in abundance.

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (8:23pm January 6, 2010):

I let my Christmas shopping slide to very near the wire, then had to brave the crowds to search and purchase. I ran into two friends I hadn't seen in about a year who happened to be in the same predicament. We laughed and managed to finish the gift shopping, then grabbed dinner together and had a thoroughly fun evening.

Re: Fugitive (8:35pm January 5, 2010):

It was great fun to read the interview. Thanks for bringing along that rather irrepressible sounding Zef.

Re: Dangerous Highlander (5:37pm January 4, 2010):

Hi Donna,

I have heard about the lack of control an author has in cover and title, etc. It was a surprise when I first learned of this but that was some years back. Thankfully, the thing that makes up my mind to purchase a book is to read an excerpt and usually, I pick up a book from recommendation of good friends...or from hearing about books in a chat.

Re: Wild Heart (12:40pm December 14, 2009):

I am a reader, and as such, I thank you and other authors for pressing on with the business of writing with all of the issues small and large with which you must contend. And with all of the things you can't control, I hope you will continue to find fun and satisfaction in getting your stories out to us.

Re: Wild Blue Under (11:44am November 9, 2009):

That excerpt really made me laugh. Your books sound like great fun!

Re: Kindred In Death (4:13pm November 8, 2009):

I do enjoy long running series so long as the writing and stories stay fresh. There have been instances when I have followed a series and a story has seemed somewhat like a previous installment. That is where my interest wanes.

Re: Captive Desires (8:45pm November 2, 2009):

My creative outlet comes from cooking and baking. Funnily enough when I was younger it was dance and I still love it.

Re: Santa Honey (1:46am October 23, 2009):

I have been seeing the ominous signs you mention. Am hoping that when the economy picks up, the pockets of all of us will be able to open wider and that the industry will note that there are many of us who don't want to give up print books. I enjoy ebooks for the easy access but there is something about holding a print book in my hot little hands.

Truthfully, I have discovered some new ebook authors through chats and peeking at ebook publisher websites. As for the choices in authors and their stories, ebook publishers have given us quite some range in that. Gennita Low's Virtually Hers found a home at Samhain Publishing and as a reader awaiting the story I was so glad.

All the same, I love the experience of walking into a bricks and mortar bookstore and browsing paperbacks or hardcovers. It is always a thrill to discover a new series or author that way.

By the way, I have a well-worn copy of Truly, Madly, Viking on my keeper shelf which has helped me through some exasperating times. My ebook reader is a neat gadget but thumbing through a well loved book feels more comforting to me.

Re: Possess Me At Midnight (3:17am October 22, 2009):

Enjoyed reading your post. What we readers need for a credible romance story isn't easy to fulfill.

Re: My Wicked Vampire (12:41pm October 20, 2009):

I read both dark and humorous romances and the spirit moves me. There are times when you need a good laugh. You, Sandra Hill (I own a well worn copy of Truly, Madly, Viking) and Charlene Teglia are three authors who meet that need well for me. And you are right, humor is difficult to get just right.

Re: Loot the Moon (1:10pm October 19, 2009):

I set goals and with large goals I set small milestones. It helps if I enjoy what I am doing to reach a goal but usually I can find satisfaction in just knowing that I am moving forward.

Re: The Hunt (2:18am October 12, 2009):

Way to go on following a dream! I am a strong believer in lemonade making. About a year ago, I noticed that income was not what it should be for the family so stepped into the workforce after more than one and a half decades as a stay at home mom. Am enjoying it thoroughtly.

Re: Out Of The Darkness (7:20pm October 8, 2009):

It sounds like quite the exciting series. Am now curious what the mysterious substance given to the parents was....

Re: Lucky Break (8:18pm September 30, 2009):

I love humor in contemporary romance, too. As of the heroine, I need someone who isn't a doormat and unafraid to sport her intelligence.

Re: A Dark Love (8:14pm September 30, 2009):

Congrats on your new release. Perhaps when I was younger it would have been hard to challenge what I considered confidence and sophistication. But experience and years have taught me that those two can as easily be bull-headed and snobbishness. You're right. Gut instinct can usually find which shade of description the personality should wear.

Re: Shades of Twilight (7:23pm September 26, 2009):

My first was to a local RWA author's and readers luncheon and book signing. It was such a thrill to meet and chat with authors whom I had admired as well as meeting ones new to me. They and the other readers attending were gracious, fun, and welcoming. I haven't attended a virtual signing so will be reading up on comments hoping to learn something about them.

Re: A Christmas Ball (5:13pm September 21, 2009):

My family did celebrate Christmas but we didn't have a Santa Claus and I always new that there was not truly such a man.

Re: What I Did For Love (7:16pm September 19, 2009):

I make a pot of jasmine tea. Snuggle under soft covers in bed and lay propped up on several pillows. A plate of snacks is within easy reach on the bedside table along with a mug and the teapot. Edibles cannot be very greasy, leave stains or give off many crumbs. Want to submerse myself in the story without worry of ruining the book or making a mess.

Re: The Splendor Falls (9:09pm September 11, 2009):

Delicious by Sherry Thomas had food descriptions that were luscious and a wonderful romance to boot.

Re: Table Manners (12:45pm September 6, 2009):

I am getting the last bits of school supplies shopping done with the kids. Every year I plan to have everything done far ahead of the first day of school. Evey year I find a few items the kids missed on their lists while shopping with their father. You would think I would learn

Re: Air Time (9:40pm August 25, 2009):

I met my husband at work. We were in different departments but enjoyed chatting and chuckling together. It wasn't a far stretch to take it out of the office and to become involved. There wasn't any question that we were serious about each other from the get-go.

Re: The Fixer Upper (12:21pm August 23, 2009):

There are some friends who think of romance in the term you mentioned. But like those who are wishing for ambitious literary reading, others of my friends and family view classics and serious books as inaccessible and undesirable. Personally, I think that people should read what they want. Can't help but notice that because I give my kids pretty free reign on picking up what they like, they have developed into pretty wide-reading bookworms.

Re: Gordath Wood (10:17pm August 22, 2009):

I don't think you are at all crazy, but blessed with a great imagination when inspired by neat characters.

Re: Beloved Vampire (12:53pm August 17, 2009):

The No Mandatory Killing of Food one made me laugh. The set up for your vampires really do make for an interesting moral dilemma for Jacob and must have been a tricky thing to have to handle as an author.

Re: Red Seas Under Red Skies (1:04am August 16, 2009):

I had the opportunity to go to an authors and readers luncheon. It was a blast to speak to other booklovers and trade favorite titles. And it was a thrill to meet authors whom I admired as well as becoming acquainted with new authors.

Re: Hot Pursuit (2:15am August 2, 2009):

My library has been able to keep me reading new releases from popular authors. I haven't been leaning on the library more though because I am just too busy. However, I have heard more stories of author's whose stories have been stopped mid-series by publishers. The economy has been grim but I thought that romance had been selling well. Regardless, it does seem that authors are already having difficulties getting those contracts for the books I love.

Re: The Diva Takes The Cake (8:51pm July 23, 2009):

The Diva Takes the Cake sounds like a fun read. I have a sister who is extremely craft oriented and elaborate, I am the less is more and please keep it simple type.

Re: Waking Nightmare (9:15pm July 22, 2009):

What a neat question you ask. I don't even know the title but after a difficult day at work I dream about being one of those people who work "undercover-like" checking out all of the services of a hotel as well as evaluating all aspects of their hotel stay. I understand that it is a real job. Just imagine having the responsibility of thoroughly indulging in room service, the gym area, spa and massage services. Am certain I could be very dedicated to my job. Of course, there wouldn't be any real downtime...evenings I would be diligently eating meals from the different restaurants of the hotel. Truly, I would suffer all of that without complaint.

Re: Mr. Perfect (12:36pm July 12, 2009):

CL Wilson's Lord of the Fading Lands was a book I kept coming across when people were recommending a fantastic read. It stood up to every accolade.

Re: The Beach House (11:32pm July 11, 2009):

What a wonderful post. I have been greatful to see my children as excited about books as I am. Dinner conversations frequently hold ideas, or amusing dialogue of what they have been reading. They do inspire and enrich.

Re: Loving a Lost Lord (11:34pm June 27, 2009):

It is jarring when I read a book and am overly struck by simiarities to other books by the same author. There is an even more annoying situation. I have read an anthology by a single author and each story is of a set of different couples. The author had an unusual/uncommon phrase that was used by each of the heroes in the set of stories. It was annoying.

Re: Killer Cuts (10:06pm May 25, 2009):

There are some wonderful looking reads displayed. Had recently read an excerpt of Alissa Johnson's book and have been itching to try one of her books since.

Re: My Forbidden Desire (7:22pm May 25, 2009):

You certainly have brought up some things to think about in regards to pretty familiar paranormal beings. Have occasionally had my mind go off on a tangent, but not generally while reading fiction. That is probably due to the authors' talents at worldbuilding and mythos creation.

Re: The Warrior (7:56pm May 24, 2009):

I am a planner since I am also disciplined in budgeting. That means that if I see something in a store that I fall in love with, I often still leave without it to see if I want it less with time to think on it. Glad to hear that you enjoyed enjoyed the show.

Re: Would-Be Witch (3:50pm March 16, 2009):

The fictional place I would love to visit definitely is Hogwarts.

The historical setting, Regency London.

Re: Between A Rock And A Heart Place (11:21pm February 24, 2009):

A wolf...have always loved them.

Re: Ravenous (8:00pm February 19, 2009):

No, I didn't ever write directly to an author purely to tell me reaction to his/her book. However, I have enjoyed online chats since I discvered them and love to let authors know that I had read their work and how very much I appreciate their stories.

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