March 24th, 2019
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Can a Bear and a Wolf save a city?

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When hope runs out, sometimes fate sends a hero.

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Can they get off the mountain alive?

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Three couples, one question: Will they chose love or money?

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With so many secrets to unravel, will Lance and Morgan find him before it’s too late?


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Amish Hideout
by Maggie K. Black
"Heart-stopping action as a computer analyst needs witness protection"
Posted March 21, 2019

If you remember the film The Witness with Harrison Ford, AMISH HIDEOUT has a similar with a very classy twist: the outsider is a woman and the law enforcement officer is originally from the Amish community. An Read more...

The Marriage Bargain
by Stephanie Dees
"From friend to guardian - but can she be a wife?"
Posted March 21, 2019

Red Hill Springs, Alabama is the setting for this emotional look at a family in trouble. Cameron Quinn has come back to town after his sister and her husband were killed in a car crash. His mom, who wasn't in contact with him, still manages a trailer park. Cameron Read more...

Buried Mountain Secrets
by Terri Reed
"This treasure trail leads to danger..."
Posted March 17, 2019

Terri Reed proves that she can write a variety of great books in different genres with this suspenseful romance set in the Colorado Rockies. Treasure hunting is the harmless start to this tale about a family running a hardware store, but BURIED MOUNTAIN SECRETS Read more...

Finding Me
by Judith Keim
"Take the challenge of running a Florida hotel"
Posted February 11, 2019

Sisters Sheena, Darcy and Regan lead separate lives around Boston and NYC; Sheena married, the other two have careers. All that changes when their late uncle's will brings a surprise. Uncle Gavin Sullivan was not popular with all of the family. The ladies certainly didn't know he was Read more...

Who Will Roar If I Go?
by Paige Jaeger
"Young readers will love to see these animals"
Posted February 11, 2019

This stunningly beautiful book for young readers would be a perfect present or teaching aid. WHO WILL ROAR IF I GO? is the question asked by the magnificent lion as he and other animals explain that they are in danger of going extinct. The panda, zebra, rhino, snow leopard, are Read more...

Support Your Local Pug
by Lane Stone
"Crime is afoot in Lewes, Delaware"
Posted February 11, 2019

Buckingham Pet Palace is a daycare and spa for pets, run by the enterprising Sue Patrick, whom we met in the earlier Stay Calm And Collie On. Sue has a partner in the firm, Lady Anthea Fitzwalter from England, who Read more...

Beyond The Green
by Sharlee Glenn
"Fostering a child in Utah leads to heartache"
Posted February 11, 2019

This Young Adult tale mixes growing up with family ties. Set in Utah in the late 1970s, BEYOND THE GREEN shows us the world of young Britta and her extended family. Some years ago the household was made a little larger by the fostering of a baby girl whose mother Read more...

The Walking Horses
by Linda S. Browning
"A wronged mother in this Tennessee cold case"
Posted February 11, 2019

Shelbyville, Tennessee, is the location for this slightly spooky mystery as journalist and cold-case resolver Olivia Honeycutt enters the world of the Tennessee Walking Horses. Everyone she meets knows more about THE WALKING HORSES than Olivia does, so non-horsey readers needn't worry that they will be lost Read more...

Scandal At The Christmas Ball
by Marguerite Kaye, Bronwyn Scott
"Deck the halls and let's be jolly"
Posted February 11, 2019

Having read the earlier book about the midsummer ball I was thrilled to get my gilt-edged invitation card to the house party at the Duke and Duchess of Brockmore's country estate. All the finest unattached men and women joined our cozy party, some at the request of the Read more...

Murder At Hawthorn Cottage
by Betty Rowlands
"Moving to a Cotswold cottage may spark a murder hunt"
Posted February 11, 2019

Melissa Craig who pens crime fiction under the name Mel Craig, moves to a cottage which she plans to renovate near Upper Benbury, a Cotswold village. The rural atmosphere is just what she needs after getting too close to a married man in London who keeps trying to win her Read more...

The Bandit Queen
by Natalia O'Hara
"Young readers will love the bandits!"
Posted February 11, 2019

From the author and illustrator of Hortense And The Shadow comes another fairytale for young readers who enjoy excitement. In THE BANDIT QUEEN we can laugh at the antics of the bandits in the forest, robbing and raiding, but really, this is no way to bring up a child. And Read more...

Merci Suárez Changes Gears
by Meg Medina
"What a challenging sixth grade lies ahead of Merci"
Posted February 11, 2019

Merci Suárez and her brother Roli are heading off to school in Florida. Life will be very different this year. Seaward Pines Academy is rather expensive. Can they handle being scholarship students? MERCI SUAREZ CHANGES GEARS appeals to the newcomer in all of us, because we've all lived Read more...

Pararescue Corps
by Michael P. Spradlin
"Brave parajumper medics face three challenging rescues"
Posted February 11, 2019

Three tales of the daring ParaJumpers or PJs from the American Airforce are bundled in this book called PARARESCUE CORPS. While the tales sometimes start over the mountains of Afghanistan, the locations change. Denali Storm is the first tale; Denali is the high Alaskan mountain which poses a challenge for Read more...

Sustainable Home
by Christine Liu
"How to clean up and green up your home"
Posted February 11, 2019

Sustainable lifestyle blogger Christine Liu has put together this stylish book with tips for the rooms in your home so you can keep them tidy and feel good about your purchases. SUSTAINABLE HOME could also be called money-saving home, because if we don't buy stuff, or buy furniture Read more...

Through The Redwood Hollow
by Kenna Paige
"An earthquake is only the start of the adventures"
Posted February 11, 2019

Jill and Molly Stewart are cousins camping with their families in northern California. When a massive earthquake strikes they are lucky to escape injury, but soon after, a tsunami rushes in from the ocean and the girls take refuge in a hollow in a redwood tree. THROUGH THE REDWOOD HOLLOW Read more...

by Eliot Peper
"One woman agent in a much changed world"
Posted February 11, 2019

Washington DC. But not as you know it. When the world goes wrong, not too far in the future, the city is kept alive by Dutch hydrological engineering. The future is BORDERLESS not only because refugees flee devastation but because the Commonwealth, the world's biggest company, controls all the Read more...

Secrets Of Hopelight
by Eva Blackstone
"Life in the Enclave isn't great - but the desert outside is harsher"
Posted February 11, 2019

Nubbin Beck lives in a cave community named Hopelight Enclave, managed by The Company, which protects them all from the outside desert. They can peer out through glass at the unforgiving sand and tell themselves they are lucky to work for the Company. SECRETS OF HOPELIGHT sounds much like the Read more...

by David Trifunov
"Ottowa is a happy hunting ground for young parkour runners"
Posted February 11, 2019

This tense, fast-paced tale of delinquency, rivalry and teamwork will amaze and amuse young adults everywhere. FREERUNNER is the story of Patrick, also called Tricky, in Ottawa. He gets into trouble at the mall. Yes, that kind of trouble. While trying to escape from security guards and police, he Read more...

Daughters Of War
by Lizzie Page
"When wartime arrives the women take up the effort"
Posted February 11, 2019

Second in the 'War Nurses' series, which began with 'The War Nurses', this account of a Chicago young woman who finds herself with a boring life in London and a dull marriage takes a few pages to grab our attention. But there's a clue in the mention of May Read more...

An Amish Wife for Christmas
by Patricia Davids
"The perfect tale for a snowy winter's evening"
Posted February 11, 2019

Christmas comes to the 'North Country Amish' series by popular author Patricia Davids. AN AMISH WIFE FOR CHRISTMAS is the first book in this series. Bethany Martin and her brother and sister Ivan and Jenny lived with their grandfather, but the old man, a clockmaker, passed away and now she Read more...

Clare O'Beara

I am a tree surgeon and author, living in Ireland. I write science fiction, crime, romantic suspense and Young Adult books. I have qualified in ecology and journalism.

Formerly I have showjumped my own horses at national level. I have been a member of the Royal Dublin Society's Forestry And The Environment Committee.


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