July 22nd, 2019
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Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Outlander in this action-packed Scottish romance where a marriage of convenience leads to secrets that could be deadly.

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He’s a heavenly outcast. She’s a mortal woman with unearthly gifts. Can they ward off a rising apocalypse?

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When times are tough, there’s always a little Blessings to go around

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A rugged Texas sheriff who must protect the woman who was once his sworn enemy...

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He's sent to kill his soul mate...can he?

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Is love just something you find in books?

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Is he on the rebound or just escaping a crazy Bridezilla?


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The Amish Sweet Shop
by Laura Bradford, Mary Ellis, Emma Miller
"A tasty trio of tales about courtships in the town of Bluebird"
Posted July 15, 2019

A trio of sweet treats awaits. We visit the town of Bluebird, where a candy store is unexpectedly in need of an assistant. The three stories follow different characters, but all revolve around THE AMISH SWEET SHOP in some way. The Amish community here gets visitors from other communities Read more...

Taboo Tech
by Joy V. Smith
"What's a young spacefarer to do when all her friends are computers or aliens?"
Posted July 15, 2019

Lacie Leigh Collier is a born spacefarer; her parents and their friends are all explorers and archaeologists, jaunting around the galaxy as they hunt out examples of old-style TABOO TECH. The reader is left rather in the dark as to what this is or why it\'s taboo Read more...

Charity's Burden
by Edith Maxwell
"From tragedy to mystery in a heartbeat"
Posted July 15, 2019

In Amesbury, Massachusetts, Quaker midwife Rose Carroll has the unenviable task of attending to a dying mother of five, Charity Skells, and conveying the sad news to her family. In the Year of Our Lord 1889, poverty, hard work, and large families directly cause the deaths of many women Read more...

All That’s Dead
by Stuart MacBride
"Scottish independence - is it worth dying for in Aberdeen?"
Posted July 15, 2019

Inspector Logan McRae stars in the twelfth book of this gritty police procedural series, set in the granite-walled police station of Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland. This is a bleak, bitter, snowy city in winter; however, ALL THAT&rsquo Read more...

A Web of Silk
by Fiona Buckley
"Silk merchants, silver and spies; what has Mistress Blanchard got into this time?"
Posted July 15, 2019

The widowed Mistress Ursula Blanchard is sitting peacefully at her Surrey home in 1582, dreaming of her trotting horse stud farm and embroidery, when visitors on horseback bring worrying tidings. A WEB OF SILK is about to be spun, and unwary folks will soon be caught. I love these Read more...

Lone Star Standoff
by Margaret Daley
"A suspense story follows a brave female judge"
Posted July 15, 2019

This book comes sixth in the series called  Lone Star Justice but new readers will find it stands well alone. A romance isn’t usually titled LONE STAR STANDOFF but the romantic suspense label fits.

Our

Her Oklahoma Rancher
by Brenda Minton
"Brenda Minton restores our faith in humanity"
Posted July 15, 2019

Hope, Oklahoma, is where Eve Vincent ran to hide. She’s now paralyzed from the waist down, living on a horse ranch called Mercy Ranch for wounded veterans. Eve’s ex-fiancé, Ethan Forester, finds her in town after four years of silence. He thought she Read more...

The Earl's Countess of Convenience
by Marguerite Kaye
"She marries for a title, not for his heart"
Posted July 15, 2019

Our tale begins in 1827, when the Admiralty has more need of Victualling Commissioners than Admirals, and we meet one such, Alexander Sinclair. His elder brother has died, and consequently, Alexander is obliged to meet the terms of an entailment on the estate: he has to marry before he Read more...

The Wish
by Patricia Davids
"This Kansas Amish farm provides the best crop of summer"
Posted July 11, 2019

The Amish in Kansas, where author Patricia Davids grew up, are slightly different from their better-known cousins in other states. They use tractors for heavy farm work since the summers get too hot for horses to do it. However, Laura Beth Yoder is driving herself in her buggy Read more...

The Amish Sweet Shop
by Laura Bradford, Mary Ellis, Emma Miller
"Scarred by fire, she doesn't expect the Amish sweet shop to bring her happiness"
Posted July 3, 2019

A trio of sweet treats awaits. We visit the town of Bluebird, where a candy store is unexpectedly in need of an assistant. The three stories follow different characters, but all revolve around THE AMISH SWEET SHOP in some way. The Amish community here gets visitors from other communities Read more...

His Rags-to-riches Contessa
by Marguerite Kaye
"The canals of Venice are the backdrop to this historical romance"
Posted June 29, 2019

Becky Wickes is a character like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady, except that she is a London actress and cardsharp. Having been used to fleece a minor royal by a now-vanished partner, the repentant Becky is hiding from the law. A mysterious woman arranges to meet her, with Read more...

Sticks and Stones
by Melissa Lennig
"The perfect summer book to keep kids busy and happy"
Posted June 23, 2019

With a subtitle like, A Kid's Guide to Building and Exploring in the Great Outdoors, you can be sure this book will come in useful over summer. STICKS AND STONES are readily available play materials, they don't need to cost anything except a little time, and Read more...

A Scandalous Winter Wedding
by Marguerite Kaye
"We find out who was behind the scandalous matches!"
Posted June 23, 2019

Completing the quartet of Matches Made in Scandal, we find the story of a mysterious lady who set up matches for the ladies in the earlier books. They seemed unlikely at the time -- a London actress sent to Read more...

The Ultimate Guide To Surviving In The Wild
by Clive Gifford
"When the trip of a lifetime goes badly wrong, how do you stay alive?"
Posted June 23, 2019

If you've ever travelled and wondered what would happen to you if... if you got separated from the hiking group, if the plane crashed, if the ship sank, if your car broke down, if a blizzard trapped you outdoors.... The handy, compact, and extremely practical book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE Read more...

The Tale Teller
by Anne Hillerman
"An awesome location and a complex set of crimes"
Posted June 23, 2019

Navajo policeman, now retired but still working cases privately, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is called to consult on a museum donation theft. Or is it theft? Nobody seems sure if the historic item from the Navajo leaders was donated or not. Like THE TALE TELLER or traditional story weaving on a Read more...

Missing in Conard County
by Rachel Lee
"This strong suspense tale takes us on a missing person hunt"
Posted June 23, 2019

Allan Carstairs is the animal control officer in wintry Conard County, Wyoming. His colleague Kelly Noveno and her Belgian Malinois are the K9 police team called upon when three young women go missing from a car that skidded off the road. Did they take a ride with a stranger? Did Read more...

29 Dates
by Melissa De La Cruz
"Get ready to start speaking a few words of Korean"
Posted June 23, 2019

Studying -- parent pressure -- peer pressure -- grades -- college applications -- if this all sounds too heavy and boring for YAs over summer, you're wrong. Think Korean. A young lady comes to San Francisco for her final high school year so she can get her grades up to apply for the best Read more...

All the Walls of Belfast
by Sarah J. Carlson
"A tale well told of society changing - not fast enough"
Posted June 23, 2019

As an Irish person who has flown to America, I was delighted to read about a young lady flying the other direction. She lands in Dublin and heads north to Belfast. While exploring ALL THE WALLS OF BELFAST, young Fiona Kelly explains that she is Irish but has lived in Read more...

How the Light Gets In
by Jolina Petersheim
"The cranberry harvest helps a young widow come to terms with grief"
Posted June 23, 2019

Ruth Neufeld is Irish, and she married a good man; one who cared for orphans in the Colombian mountains she visited. But he's been killed in a terrorist atrocity, and she's staring at the walls of his family's stone church in the Wisconsin Mennonite community. At this Read more...

Deadly News
by Jody Holford
"If newsprint is dying out, why kill a reporter?"
Posted June 23, 2019

Molly Owens from California journalism has upped stakes with her degree and experience and moved to slower paced Britton Bay on the Oregon Coast. Here she's hoping to revitalise a family-run local paper and improve its web circulation figures. The Britton Bay Bulletin has a small staff, including Read more...

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I am a tree surgeon and author, living in Ireland. I write science fiction, crime, romantic suspense and Young Adult books. I have qualified in ecology and journalism.

Formerly I have showjumped my own horses at national level. I have been a member of the Royal Dublin Society's Forestry And The Environment Committee.


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