January 26th, 2022
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Diamonds Are Truly Forever by Gina Robinson


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Diamonds Are Truly Forever
Gina Robinson

Love Rocks

Agent Ex
St. Martin's Press
May 2012
On Sale: May 22, 2012
Featuring: Staci Fields; Drew Fields
352 pages
ISBN: 0312542402
EAN: 9780312542405
Kindle: B007FU8550
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Contemporary


Staci Fields loves her gorgeous husband—and that’s the honest truth. Unfortunately, her inability to lie is a major liability for the wife of a CIA agent. During a previous mission, her loose lips nearly got her husband killed. So now Staci’s filing for divorce to keep him out of danger—no matter how much her lips still crave his kiss…

Drew Fields knows that his wife doesn’t want to play the spy game anymore. But when he learns that Staci may be a pawn in her stepfather’s secret dealings with terrorists, he has no choice but to step back into her life. This time, the stakes are higher than ever. The closer he gets to Staci, the deadlier the odds. And the more he loves his ex, the more he has to lose…

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Agent Ex


34 comments posted.

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever

Lying can cause a heap of trouble. I feel telling the truth is much safer
(Marilyn Nowlin 1:19am June 4, 2012)

Always, the truth is better...lying just leads to more lying.
Bonnie Capuano 7:05am June 4, 2012)

agree with above comment totally
Debbi Shaw 10:15am June 4, 2012)

I don't lie about myself or anything I've done. If I'm too embarrassed to admit it, then I shouldn't have done it. Sometimes people ask a question and obviously want to hear a certain answer, (and I think it's a judgement call every time), but if it's not important in the grand scheme of things, then I don't mind telling them want they want. If I think they can handle my honest opinion, I give it, but people can be really stressed right now, and I think it's really important to help people de-stress. Quite frankly, if you listen carefully, a lot of people ACTUALLY tell you what they hope you will say.
Kathleen Conner 10:45am June 4, 2012)

I don't think I'm very good at lying. I'm certainly not good about being lied to. You're right, though, it must be challenging for folks whose jobs depend on untruths.
G S Moch 10:52am June 4, 2012)

I'm a responsible adult, so I don't lie now, but as a kid, I think I was pretty good at it. Instead of white lies, I simply try to get avoid negative situations or questions. When pushed, I will tell the truth as gently as possible. "I liked your other hairstyle better." Instead of "OMG, did you use a weed whacker on your head?!?"
Anne Muller 11:38am June 4, 2012)

I try to get out of a direct question that I don't want to answer rather than say something I would rather or lie. I absolutly hate liars. I have know three pathological liars in my life and it is just unbeliveable to be around them. So I don't make a good liar at all and I'm happy about that.
Kathleen Bianchi 1:26pm June 4, 2012)

One of my children was a much better liar than the other but neither has ever admitted to who broke the family room window.
Maureen Emmons 1:34pm June 4, 2012)

telling the trueth i always try to tell the trueth it is much easier to do so love the book love to read
Denise Smith 2:01pm June 4, 2012)

I'm terrible at not being truthful In fact, my face usually reveals too much, so I usually stick to the truth or try to avoid an answer.
Anna Speed 4:02pm June 4, 2012)

Looks like such a fun read! I'm a terrible liar!
Monica Tillery 4:11pm June 4, 2012)

As I get a lot of 'Not Me's" when I ask my kids who did or didn't do something
and I can't determine which is the little stinker, I'd say I have some 'good' little
fibbers! Myself, I'm a terrible liar! Lol.

Sounds like a very entertaining read!
Jane Limback 4:35pm June 4, 2012)

I try to stay away from it as much as possible, there is always the "no you look great" that is really more about not being hurtful to others. I tend to run on the blunt edge of life and most know where they stand with me, sometimes it is not a good thing but you certainly know who your friends are when you apply this to your lifestyle.
Darci Paice 6:03pm June 4, 2012)

I'm a terrible liar---it just doesn't work for me---in fact, I've had people tell me that I'm too honest!!
Sue Farrell 6:33pm June 4, 2012)

Well, there are white lies where you're protecting others and then there's the green ones which ar real stretches of truth. I can bluff at cards, so is that the same as lying?
Alyson Widen 6:41pm June 4, 2012)

I'm not a good liar. It's easier to tell the truth than the time it takes to make up a lie.
Sheila True 6:44pm June 4, 2012)

I suck at lying and it scares me to death.
Lisa Garrett 7:01pm June 4, 2012)

I'm a terrable liar. I blush, stammer and look guilty. It's best to tell the truth. This way you don't have to tell more lies to cover the origional lie. If you can't tell the truth don't say anything.
Sharon Extine 7:08pm June 4, 2012)

I'm prone to tell the truth because lying just takes too
much work if you want to get away with it. I've told
white lies though if I view the fallout as trivial.
Jan D 7:28pm June 4, 2012)

I can't lie or keep a secret. Holy cow! I am a mess when I even have to tell a little white lie for a good reason. And don't ask me to buy a gift and then wait to give it!!!
Jennifer Beyer 8:34pm June 4, 2012)

My parents and grandparents taught me to tell the truth. They said that if you lie, you get caught up in it, and end up screwing things up. Lol! Seriously, I try to be truthful at all times. If I am in a spot where the truth would hurt, I gently try to change the conversation.
Cathy Phillips 8:38pm June 4, 2012)

I find its easier to tell the truth then have to try to remember what lie you may have told. Sometimes it might not be easy to hear the truth but its better than getting caught in a lie later
Julie Parrish 8:46pm June 4, 2012)

I was raised "old school" and taught that you really shouldn't lie, so if I attempt to do it, not only does it bother me, I get a really awful feeling inside, so I don't do it unless it's absolutely necessary to do so. There have been a couple of times in my life where I've had to lie, and I hated and regretted doing it. I don't even like to use little white lies. I suppose that's why a lot of people come to me for information and depend on me, because they know that they're going to get the truth. Once you tell a lie, at some point, it's going to come back to haunt you. Your book sounds like just the ticket I need to escape from 8 little kittens that I have running around my apartment at the moment!! It's a long story, but most of them are going to be adopted out as soon as they are weaned from their mothers. In the meantime, I have the pleasure of their unexpected jumping, biting, and love. Congratulations on your book.
Peggy Roberson 8:51pm June 4, 2012)

I'm usually pretty bad at it. It's hard when someone pushes
for an answer & the truth would hurt them, and there is no
good reason to do that.
Diane Sallans 9:04pm June 4, 2012)

I am a really bad liar--I think the truth is always the best option--- but not everything needs to be told- white lies are sometimes a necessary evil
Audra Holtwick 9:06pm June 4, 2012)

I'm not a fan of lying and I am horrible at it. I can only go for about 10 seconds before I start grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
Kristin Bingham 9:09pm June 4, 2012)

Im a terrible liar,I believe in telling the truth. Book sounds great,thanks for giving me a chance to win it.
Linda Hall 11:12pm June 4, 2012)

We lie way too much.
Roxana Perez 3:37am June 5, 2012)

I try not to lie but sometimes have to be diplomatic in my work, to avoid strife between neighbours. People who don't count every white lie do so because they are trying to be tactful or helpful and that is empathetic all right. However the real liars are sociopaths who essentially live a lie as they do not care about anyone but themselves. Men who are bigamists or habitual defrauders use others for their own ends and do not care how the others feel. Spies, or those trained to work undercover, as in your book, must be trained to work this way to gather information and protect themselves, but I do not think it is a healthy way to live and it will ruin any real-life relationships they have. Also I am told that a cheating husband will lie to his wife about where he was, and this is why so many wives now check the husband's phone messages and e-mails....
Clare O'Beara 6:02am June 5, 2012)

Sometimes the absolute truth can cause a great deal of harm. I don't set out to lie, but I may not want to hurt someone either.
Mary Preston 6:29am June 5, 2012)

Honesty is always the best policy. Not telling the truth leads to mistrust. I do not lie simply because I hate when I'm lied to and catch people telling me lies. I have a relative and had a co-worker who continuously told one lie after another (real story-tellers). Problem is, they couldn't remember the same version each time they told it to another person or even the same person a second time around! Got three versions, simply because she forgot she'd told me before and the story got better each time (a cover for an affair she was having, but in denial). It's harmful to hurt relatives and friends this way and I don't care to hear anything they have to say anymore (including faked serious health issue which don't exist). I believe people do this mainly for attention, and it then becomes habitual.
Linda Luinstra 3:18pm June 5, 2012)

Well, writing fiction is telling lies. :) Lawrence Block says so. But other than that it's not a good idea.
Penny Mettert 1:59am June 6, 2012)

Telling the truth means you don't have to remember so much
Shirley Nienkark 2:19pm June 9, 2012)

Lying is not good--one should always try to tell the truth and we should teach our youth to always tell the truth
Shirley Younger 11:43am June 10, 2012)

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