January 19th, 2022
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A welcome second chance… Or a recipe for disaster?

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It might be impossible to put out these flames…Good thing this cowboy can handle the sparks.

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Dead To Me.

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Rip Roaring Regency Romp

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Healing his physical wounds is just the beginning…

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After suffering a horrific injury that threatens to end his career, Baden Oulett is about to learn that sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.

Diane Sadler

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Vacation Story
June 14, 2009

April 15, 2009

455 comments posted.

Re: Silence Of The Wolf (11:09am March 20, 2014):

I wouldn't want to choose just one; line them up and I'll pick one. Just one????? No way!

Re: All Out of Love (9:07pm June 25, 2013):

I had a variety so I like you all!!!

Re: South Of Surrender (5:46pm June 2, 2013):

I've been reading Catherine Anderson novels since I found out about her, many years ago; her characters often have disabilities, mental or physical. She writes her stories so well, I usually am crying at some point!

Re: Jane's Gift (7:44am December 8, 2012):

Linda Howard's Shadow Woman is on my list though it's only due out on the first of January, GC maybe???

Re: The Prince's Gamble (7:25pm November 27, 2012):

This is such a wonderful thing you are doing! Thanks Caridad!!!

Re: Boyfriend From Hell (3:59pm September 24, 2012):

I've heard tons about your book. Why was it delayed for so long?

Re: In Rides Trouble (7:35pm September 7, 2012):

I've been reading about your series on lots of blogs, I'll check them out.

Re: Immortally Yours (6:54pm August 27, 2012):

So looking forward to your new series, I love the bikers series!!!

Re: In the Line of Duty (8:06am August 26, 2012):

WE all need a strong person with us, to help guide us in hard times, support us wen things are bad and be there when we need a shoulder to lean on. All of us meaning both women and men.

Re: Blame It On Texas (7:55am August 26, 2012):

reading books has always been my getaway from sorrow, from sadness. I must have devoured so many books when my Mom pased away, I can't even remember...but there is light afterwards and joy, even though I wish every day she were here.

Re: Hell On Wheels (7:38pm August 10, 2012):

Wow a military bad boy, will she tame him?

Re: The Last Victim (8:33pm August 6, 2012):

Loved your interview! It's not easy being an author, the pay is not the greatest but the fans you have!!!

Re: Married By Midnight (7:38pm August 3, 2012):

I used to buy as they were written but a few times I got caught and now I wait for the series to be completed.

Re: Take it Like a Vamp (7:35pm July 25, 2012):

I don't watch Supernatural or the Vampire Diaries, did watch True Blood for the first two seasons then gave up on that too! I'm told there are even more vampires and werewolves on that show...

Re: One Breath Away (10:20am July 9, 2012):

I read romance primarily for the HEA, the good endings, no sad endings; suspense adds more story to the simple romance and makes it that more interesting.

Re: No Ordinary Sheriff (3:08pm June 17, 2012):

I love series and returning characters that we can visit with throughout the whole series!

Re: Grill Me, Baby (8:40am June 17, 2012):

Meat pies! I remember when I was a kid making them with my Mom at the counter and then we would have one for supper that night and freeze the others. Miss you Mom!!!

Re: The Marriage Bargain (6:56pm June 15, 2012):

I read romance and have for a very long time and I still look for the HEA ending!!!

Re: Undead And Unstable (6:47pm June 15, 2012):

I can't imagine Betsy and Sinclair not being hot in bed! What's with that?

Re: Seeker Of Shadows (6:55am May 31, 2012):

You have managed to intrigue me. It takes a good story, suspense friendship and love at least to make a good story, not just meet and...

Re: Tangle Of Need (9:13am May 28, 2012):

Each and every time you re-visit with a previous character, it brings a smile to my heart; this series is based on family, or pack, and each of it's members are an important piece. Keep giving us this feeling of loyalty, love, friendship and most of all togetherness.

Re: Where There's Smoke (7:26am May 27, 2012):

I've been hooked on paranormal books for so long! The premise of Fallen Angels is becoming a very popular genre in the last few years.

Re: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies (3:51pm May 18, 2012):

I loved the movie and loved each of the heroes for different reasons. Could I pick one? No and I hope there is a sequel to this one.

Re: Night Walker (8:30pm May 16, 2012):

I think a man with an french or spanish accent is so endearing!

Re: Oracle's Moon (2:35pm March 19, 2012):

I'm not a writer nor do I enjoy cooking so I just go by the seat of my pants!!!

Re: Fever (8:08pm March 7, 2012):

And the worse thing is that is exactly what's being thought!

Re: Dire Needs (10:37pm March 5, 2012):

I like both, stand alone and series though I prefer short series rather than long series. Seeing characters grow and develop and plots surrounding these characters are great.

Re: A Sliver Of Shadow (6:45pm February 29, 2012):

Yes I believe in love at first sight; it happened to my hubby and I and we've be en together for 32 years. Don't get me wrong, we've had our ups and dpwns and we've had to work to stay together but together we are and planning on staying that way!

Re: One Book In The Grave (8:26am February 1, 2012):

I visit author's websites to see what they are writing now with excerpts, what's coming next and quite often their references to other authors that might interest us. I also enjoy their daily blogs full of little tidbits about their families and their lives. And also as a bonus, the unexpected winnings of books.

Re: Chosen By Sin (11:40pm January 31, 2012):

I've enjoyed the first 2 books in your series, are there going to be more?

Re: The Stubborn Dead (8:16am January 29, 2012):

I collect dolls and books ; I have a display full of my dolls and a room full of my favorite books. To relax I read and enjoy looking at my dolls.

Re: Double Dare (5:35pm January 27, 2012):

Firefighters are certainly worth a dare or two and so are cops! It could be the uniform or the way they wear them, the bad boy attitude. No matter they are sexy!

Re: Fever (7:58pm January 25, 2012):

I don't make goals anymore but I have decided to do my best to take better care of my health. No promises and no disappointments just trying.

Re: The Fallen Queen (8:09pm January 20, 2012):

There is a book I've read about a fallen Angel: Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden; a very good book.

Re: Hot Rain (3:29pm January 4, 2012):

It's a meeting ground even if through the net. It's getting harder to meet anyone outside your friends circle and so going through a dating site is not the worst way to meet. So long as you stick to all the common sense rules of dating , go on and find your match.

Re: A Demon Does It Better (6:55pm January 3, 2012):

I love shifters and would enjoy being a panther very much.

Re: Sweet Reward (6:30pm January 2, 2012):

Acheron from Sherrelyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters was a tortured soul I loved to read.

Re: The More the Terrier (10:34am January 1, 2012):

Not expecting anything but hope the year will be a good one.
Happy New Year!

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (7:18pm December 8, 2011):

Chicken soup is my hubby's favorite when sick, me, tomato soup is the one.

Re: Hellsbane (7:16pm December 7, 2011):

We haven't followed the traditional Christmas since my hubby lost his job and we had to move to a different province. We have just the four of us made the best of being together and celebrating!

Re: Beyond The Darkness (9:16am December 4, 2011):

Thanks for this opportunity to win your fist book in the series! I don't have a life changing story to tell I'm afraid or maybe that's for the best! Very quiet life, married 32 years, two kids and very happy!

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (2:04pm December 2, 2011):

The book Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh. I was not expecting the ending at all.

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (7:03pm November 20, 2011):

I haven't read Wuthering Heights yet maybe your book will inspire me to.

Re: Because Of You (3:03pm November 14, 2011):

Stories with our military heroes have always been a favorite read of mine.

Re: Genie Knows Best (7:03pm November 10, 2011):

Your book sounds interesting and I would love to read it. I remember watching I Dream of Jeannie when I was younger; this brings back memories.

Re: North of Need (6:51pm November 6, 2011):

When a man can be gentle and yet strong, sweet in a tough way, you've got a keeper.

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (3:41pm November 2, 2011):

I'm not usually nervous unless my hubby is working nights then I'm not a happy camper.

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (9:33am October 30, 2011):

When you have been married as long as I have there have been hitches in your life ; having a wonderful friend to talk to and discuss can make you see there is always two sides and neither of you is necessarily wrong, just keep the dialogue going. There have been times for me when a friend was there and I was thete for her when she was having similar problems: that's friendship.

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (6:51pm October 26, 2011):

I don't go to the movies much but ET was fabulous.

Re: Chosen By Fate (7:35pm October 10, 2011):

I'm not surprised by your brother's attitude since it mirrors my husband's; romance is not a book it's a joke; Ha! what he is missing.

Re: Unleashed (7:33pm October 10, 2011):

I love cats, kittens. So I wouldn't mind being a cat, cougar, leopard, panther, lion or jaguar. They are stealthy, powerful and beautiful.

Re: The Goblin King (9:03pm October 7, 2011):

This is just the kind of book I enjoy reading.

Re: Chaos Tryst (5:20pm October 2, 2011):

I remember going out on a date with a guy who seemed perfect, took me out to a nice restaurant, then the movies, held my hand and then went for coffee then while we were talking decided to tell me he was engaged to be married but planned to break it off... Never saw him again!

Re: Tempted (7:01pm September 15, 2011):

Lots of romance books have damsels in distress so it's hard to pick one favorite; and now those damsels develop spine most of the time.

Re: Out in Blue (2:00pm September 13, 2011):

I love vampires but have a great fondness for angels: Nalini Singh's Guild-Hunter series with both Angels and Vampires!

Re: Deep Disclosure (9:05pm September 7, 2011):

I like living in the now though I do worry about the future for my children; life changes so fast! I think about the past and mourn some of it but also have the great memories.

Re: Deadly Descent (6:20pm September 6, 2011):

Marliss Melton has some great books and if yours are anything like hers, they're great!

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (10:28am August 31, 2011):

I would yell then turn around and run like the wind. Maybe I would take the time to say some choice words but not even sure about that!

Re: Blood of the Demon (8:44am August 28, 2011):

Alphas for sure, they take charge and get whatever needs to be done,done. But they also protect what they consider theirs and will put their lives on the line for those they love.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (6:46pm August 24, 2011):

Must admit those cowboys in their jeans and tight shirts are a sight to behold.

Re: Deadly Obsession (4:34pm August 16, 2011):

I've read and enjoyed your books Katie.
Congratulations on your new release!

Re: The Vampire Next Door (7:17pm August 15, 2011):

Your characters do sound intriguing.

Re: Midnight Fear (5:47pm August 7, 2011):

Romantic suspense books always have a mysterious story and are enjoyable.

Re: What A Goddess Wants (10:17am July 28, 2011):

It's so hard to work around kids kudos to you!

Re: Undead And Undermined (8:44pm July 22, 2011):

This was a funny interview; I enjoyed the Twilight movies and I also enjoyed your books. Keep writing them.

Re: Touch If You Dare (7:16pm July 21, 2011):

I enjoyed all the reasons you gave but the hair one is neat.I have short hair and that is for my husband, he actually prefers short hair so all he does is ruffle my hair.

Re: Night Walker (7:28pm July 18, 2011):

Living forever can be very lonely when all the ones you love die; I'm not sure I would want to go on knowing I would outlive my loved one, my family and my friends.

Re: Never Cry Wolf (10:06am July 2, 2011):

He doesn't stub his toes in the night!
Loved your book by the way!

Re: Night Veil (8:13pm June 27, 2011):

Batman; he tries and gives it his best and never loses confidence that he can make a difference.

Re: City Of Promise (7:15pm June 23, 2011):

I've picked up the new Lara Adrian Deeper than Midnight, Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden is coming out next week, there's a new Shiloh Walker, Hunter's Fall to name a few.
There is a series by Deanna Raybourn you might enjoy, The Lady Grey mysteries.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (5:07pm June 19, 2011):

It's bringing up a family together, sharing the sorrows along with the joys together, being able to talk and discuss all of life's little and big problems.

Re: Hard Bitten (8:00pm June 14, 2011):

I used to haunt the school library, then the public library and now my daughter uses the library all the time.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (3:40pm June 13, 2011):

There is so much out there that we cannot close our eyes to all the possibilities; it's quite in the realm of believable that some are psychic, telekinetic etc...

Re: Hunter's Fall (4:20pm June 11, 2011):

I would love to attend one of the cons but there are very few in Ontario, Canada.

Re: Darkfire Kiss (3:44pm June 9, 2011):

Since I enjoyed your Dragon series I don't see why I wouldn't enjoy one geared for YA too!

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (7:15pm June 8, 2011):

I love the Highlander Werewolves; I've been reading Terry Spears since her first werewolf and still love them.

Re: Frostbound (10:30pm June 7, 2011):

I love romance and paranormal and I get the feeling yours covers both types.

Re: Cover of Darkness (8:03pm June 5, 2011):

Lisa Marie Rice has some nice Navy Seals books!

Re: Already Home (7:21pm May 11, 2011):

Cooking is a chore for me now;I've been married almost 32 years and the only time I didn't cook was when I was sick or hospitalized. On top of that they are now all adults and have likes and dislikes and that means different meals for each person. No it's a chore. I do love my Five Roses cookbook still and have recipes I use quite often. And I don't mind reading about cooking or chefs etc.

Re: Dragon Bound (3:33pm May 8, 2011):

Your book is already on my wish list, just waiting for it to show up at the stores.

Re: A Family Affair (8:29pm May 6, 2011):

trust, friendship, love and a whole lot of compromising make a family!

Re: Follow My Lead (6:43pm May 5, 2011):

One of my favorite romances? Julie Garwood's Saving Grace
Or any of her books.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (8:38pm May 2, 2011):

Loyalty, fidelity, love; wanting to be with you, helping, sharing. Those are what make a great hero!

Re: Bastian (6:37pm May 1, 2011):

I've heard about your books.

Re: The Alchemy of Desire (10:28am April 26, 2011):

A strong hero with knows who he is and what he wants, who doesn't hesitate in going after it.

Re: Blood Sin (6:57pm April 21, 2011):

It does sound like she has a cushy easy job doesn't it?

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (10:30pm April 19, 2011):

We just had a case of domestic abuse across the street from us; I never even knew or heard anything going on and then one day cops are there arresting the husband. A young woman with an 18 month old baby and a family ruined!

Re: Tangled Threads (8:52am April 18, 2011):

I don't watch too much TV but one of my favorites is: NCIS and Mark Harmon. And the new Criminal Minds with Forest Whitaker

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (6:51pm April 16, 2011):

I am a control freak but I'm trying to let loose a little now.
It's hard on all the family so I've tried to let go some.

Re: Drip Dead (7:20pm April 14, 2011):

I tell anyone who asks: It doesn't matter if a child is reading Archie or Robert Munsch so long as they are reading!

Re: Cowboy Fever (7:02pm April 13, 2011):

I've had a "thing" for Roarke from JD Robb's In Death series since the first book was published: Naked in Death.

Re: Deadly Ties (7:49pm April 10, 2011):

Between husband, grown children still living at home and working full time, I sometimes feel like there is no "me". So I try very hard to find a day here and there where all I think of doing is what I'm interested in, not being at every one's beck and call!

Re: A Song For My Mother (10:16pm April 9, 2011):

My mother did not write nor did she read; she couldn't believe it when I came home with books from the libraries, school and public, and always wondered where I got my love of reading from.

Re: Collision Course (8:49pm April 8, 2011):

The Twilight Zone, Star Trek. That should give you an idea of how long ago we're talking about.

Re: Haunting Desire (1:29pm April 6, 2011):

I've always enjoyed time travel and romance together!

Re: The Shadow Guard (10:20pm April 5, 2011):

Many of them I would love to meet; but two I'll mention: Roarke from the In Death series and Raphael from Nalin Singh's books.

Re: Rock Hard (6:38pm April 4, 2011):

After 31 years, even when we've had a fight, by the time we get to bed all I can think about is how would I live without him?

Re: Angel's Verdict (7:34pm April 3, 2011):

I've never seen your books but the idea of angels and a mystery is well very mysterious indeed!

Re: Mimosas, Mischief, and Murder (5:37pm March 31, 2011):

I would love to travel but haven't so far; maybe once I'm retired we'll get to visit some family at each end of Canada.

Re: Play Me (10:50am March 29, 2011):

I love love scenes and don't have a preference. What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom!

Re: Texas Blue (3:22pm March 27, 2011):

And that's what we readers appreciate: your writing!

Re: A Lot Like Love (10:32pm March 24, 2011):

Either is fine with me so long as we have a good ending. Not wine, I get too tired and stop reading but a nice quiet house would be great!

Re: Hummingbird Lake (6:50pm March 22, 2011):

Cute little guy you've got there!
No, I usually don't buy books by their cover.I read the blurb and the ending and that's how I do my buying.

Re: Highland Heat (2:29pm March 21, 2011):

Fun blog! I enjoy reading about Highlanders.

Re: Tyler (10:12am March 17, 2011):

Fun hearing some Irish family facts; my grandmother was Irish and married my grandfather who was British and they moved to Canada. Bt I don't remember much of her talking about her life in Ireland.

Re: Dead on Delivery (10:26pm March 16, 2011):

Here you are at Fresh Fiction and I just purchased your first book yesterday for my Kobo!

Re: So Close The Hand Of Death (8:25pm March 15, 2011):

I would not stop fighting till they were safe and sound in my arms!

Re: It Happened One Bite (8:04pm March 14, 2011):

Sounds really good!

Re: Angel's Rest (9:15pm March 12, 2011):

No questions just Congratulations on your releases!

Re: What I Did For A Duke (7:56pm March 10, 2011):

I'm not the first but here it is anyway: Susan

Re: Seducing The Governess (10:41am March 8, 2011):

It's always interesting trying to figure out what daily life was like and how they survived and that's what I like to read.

Re: Animal Magnetism (10:36pm March 5, 2011):

I must be out of something, anything, in my cupboard! I have to say that is an unusual way to come up with a story or to meet someone!

Re: Beaglemania (7:49pm February 28, 2011):

You are so right; our pets are a member of the family for what could you d without them?

Re: Operation Forbidden (1:08pm February 26, 2011):

Lots of military men in our family, so I know where your from.

Re: Lucky Stiff (5:17pm February 15, 2011):

Reading is supposed to be a way to escape to other worlds other realities other other subjects and others. I read primarily romance and it is pure escapism.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (8:45pm February 14, 2011):

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Re: True Colors (7:46pm February 13, 2011):

I don't watch too much on TV I'm usually reading. But I did enjoy Buffy and Angel also Moonlight when they were on.

Re: Dangerous Secrets (8:01pm February 11, 2011):

My husband was let go after 27 years. He decided we should have a fresh start in another province far from our families. It was a hard decision to make.

Re: Midnight Caller (11:31am February 5, 2011):

romantic suspense books are a good read at any time, a mix of romance and suspense that keeps you entertained.

Re: Burning Darkness (7:22pm January 31, 2011):

Anything to do with children and cheating, I do not accept.

Re: Haunting Jasmine (8:34pm January 30, 2011):

I've read some haunted stories books and always enjoy them; so I'm sure yours would be a good read also!

Re: Wild Man Creek (8:58pm January 29, 2011):

I tried one of your books through the recommendation of a co worker and have now bought a second book of yours.

Re: The Werewolf Upstairs (7:54pm January 28, 2011):

I enjoy shape shifter stories; I've been reading for a long time and at first I went to the library. Once I was working I bought whatever I was interested in. And I've given my love of reading to both my children.

Re: Immortal Champion (7:08pm January 27, 2011):

Because I believe in love, friendship, commitment and trust.

Re: Eternal Prey (8:17pm January 26, 2011):

I like Roarke from JD Robb's In Death; because of the way he handles Eve without handling her; treating her as an equal and trying hard to understand what goes through her mind in order to help her.

Re: Stroke of Midnight (7:59pm January 24, 2011):

Sounds like a good book. Good luck to you with the new release!

Re: Mercy Blade (7:23pm January 23, 2011):

Hey! I did enjoy your blog quite a bit.

Re: Unseen (8:47pm January 22, 2011):

I haven' tried Rachel Caine yet though I have seen her books in the stores.

Re: Deadly Heat (8:33pm January 22, 2011):

I want it all: humor, danger, craziness, twists and turna and at the end a happy romantic ending!

Re: Yours For The Taking (7:57pm January 19, 2011):

My perfect day would be getting up whenever I felt like getting up; have a nice breakfast; watch a bit of local news. Then put in a 30 minute walk. Come home, do some chores until lunchtime. After that, it's me time where I can do whatever I want... Just a dream!

Re: Dreams' Dark Kiss (7:40pm January 18, 2011):

My husband is my Muse; he has so much more patience than me and keeps calm even when stressed.

Re: Highborn (2:19pm January 17, 2011):

I'm a reader not a writer but I can see your point.

Re: Pleasure Me (8:05pm January 14, 2011):

Getting away from the stress and just losing yourself in the book.

Re: Nocturne (10:34am January 13, 2011):

I believe in whirlwind courtship too. I met my now husband of 31 years at a country bar one friday night; I had been going there for at least 6 years and so had he. We had never met before that night and once he asked me to dance, that was IT.

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (8:38pm January 12, 2011):

You've succeeded when you though you were down and that is something to be so proud of. Congratulations on making it one step at a time and making it!

Re: The Fire In Ember (9:33am January 10, 2011):

I don't read many historical books anymore.

Re: Night Promises (7:15pm January 8, 2011):

I enjoy paranormal books and have enjoyed them for quite a while; but vampires are my favprite. Your story sounds very good. Good luck and I'll look up your book.

Re: Senseless (7:30pm January 7, 2011):

I'm not a music person; even when driving I usually have an audio book on.

Re: Master Of Smoke (7:31pm January 5, 2011):

I've enjoyed your series and will kep reading it with this new book!

Re: I Dream of Genies (7:08pm January 5, 2011):

So funny! I hope the rest of the series is as entertaining!

Re: Haunted Honeymoon (6:25pm December 27, 2010):

It depends on my mood: a hot romance, a good romantic suspense or like today a wonderful paranormal.

Re: Pay Up (10:11am December 23, 2010):

A contest like that can be a lot of fun!

Re: Wolf Fever (8:04pm December 16, 2010):

Love your books Terry!
Sleep and lots of it, that's about the only thing that will help you; I hate the flu.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (8:22pm December 12, 2010):

Having us all together on Christmas Day; for many years my husband had to work nights including Christmas and it made me very depressed, so I've asked my family to give me this one day a year.
As for baked goods, not really anything comes to mind but we do have a full breakfast in the mornings after stockings are opened: eggs, bacon, fruit, tomatoes, toast and coffee.

Re: Unguarded (8:18pm December 12, 2010):

I discovered Lauren Dane and now I'm trying to find as many as her titles as possible. So nice when you discover a new author.

Re: All She Wants for Christmas (9:12pm December 7, 2010):

I loved bringing up my children in a small town, less than 10,000 people lived there. You knew so many, talked to everyone you saw, met at different functions and hung out at parks and school meetings together. And my children always had friends to hang out with, to study with and have fun. I miss that.

Re: Rajmund (8:02pm December 6, 2010):

I've never heard of your series so will look it up! I'm a paranormal lover!

Re: Royal Blood (10:09pm December 4, 2010):

I'm sorry to say I have no imagination so depend on those around me to leave me lists, then I pick what to get from there.

Re: Twins Under His Tree (6:58pm December 2, 2010):

Some good reading coming our way!

Re: Second Chances (7:11pm December 1, 2010):

Yes second chances are possible when you love someone and someone loves you back. Somewhere along the way we have to remember we are but people and we all make mistakes.

Re: Motor City Witch (8:07pm November 26, 2010):

I've never seen Detroit.

Re: Holiday Sparks (7:23pm November 24, 2010):

Romance warms me up and makes me feel nice and muhy!

Re: Angel in My Arms (9:49am November 21, 2010):

I haven't read any books with the Civil War as background, so can''t say too much about it.

Re: The Taming Of The Wolf (7:55pm November 18, 2010):

I like number 7.Pack is family after all!

Re: The Christmas Clock (8:48am November 15, 2010):

I always enjoy reading Christmas stories who doesn't? It's all about tradition and family and love!

Re: The 4th Victim (8:46am November 15, 2010):

none of that here in Canada.

Re: Deadly Intent (7:39pm November 10, 2010):

When I was young, we couldn't afford books so I went to the library; after reading lots of books I got desperate and read Tarzan and to this day I remember reading every title they had in stock and enjoying them.

Re: The Devil She Knows (6:41pm November 7, 2010):

MY Dad and Mom built their own summer place where us kids spent all our summers and where our children spent quite a few of theirs; my parents got older and had to sell the house and since none of us could afford it , it went to strangers. But to this day we all remember their summer home and the fun, the love and the family we are.

Re: Highland Hellcat (10:39am October 15, 2010):

Coffee, I love it. So much that my doctor told me to cut it down to three cups a day, torture for me. On a work day I can manage it, but on my days off, not so much. I do switch to herbal tea which I enjoy too but it's not got the same kick!

Re: Sloane Hall (7:24pm October 11, 2010):

As long as the story is clear and precise, I don't mind whose point of view it is from.

Re: Sazerac Seduction (6:50pm October 10, 2010):

An example: Roarke from JD Robb's In Death series.

Re: Two Lethal Lies (12:55pm October 9, 2010):

I'm going to check out the site for one of my favorite books: Archangel's Kiss. And found someone had tried it!

Re: Lord Lightning (7:47pm October 7, 2010):

loved the blurb!

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (10:35pm October 4, 2010):

I love reading even got an e-reader so I could travel lightly; I also knit and crochet.

Re: Dark Road To Darjeeling (6:02pm October 3, 2010):

There are books that just stay with you no matter what and some I have read so often I almost know them by heart.

Re: Building Magic (6:00pm October 3, 2010):

I enjoy many paranormal romances but I really love vampires and shifters. Your blurb was good.

Re: Sinful in Satin (10:12pm October 1, 2010):

There was a time I dreamed nightly but odd dreams that made no sense; it was always myself. I dreamed of my mother, my grandmother and my aunt a lot, no idea why.
I have no idea what dreams me at all.

Re: Until Emie (11:34am September 28, 2010):

A man who is there for you every day through thick and thin, doesn't notice your weight gain or your hair graying and still says I love you at the end of each day, that's a sexy man.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (4:44pm September 26, 2010):

I love pets even more so cats and kittens so here's my comment.

Re: The Echo of Violence (6:37pm September 25, 2010):

I'm not sure I would read a book based on some of the articles that are in the paper but I do see where you could get ideas.

Re: Love Me (5:14pm September 24, 2010):

I actually like both your covers but to tell the truth I rarely buy a book for its cover; though once I read the book I am very disappointed when the hero and heroine do not match the cover.

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (10:46pm September 21, 2010):

I haven't been outside Canada in 35 years so anywhere would be my favorite.

Re: Petals From The Sky (9:56am September 20, 2010):

I like the short blurb on your next book, Song of the Silk Road.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (7:54pm September 18, 2010):

They are contemporary books? At first I thought they were westerns and I love westerns. But the covers are great and I could tell they were laymen.

Re: Wicked Highlander (7:52pm September 18, 2010):

Highlanders always make good writing material.

Re: The 1st Wife (3:17pm September 17, 2010):

It's an important organization and you should be proud of yourselves for helping in any way.

Re: Return To Paradise (3:14pm September 17, 2010):

The story is never finished; there are secondary characters who we readers get attached to and want a conclusion for. And that means more books for you to write and us to read.

Re: Feline Fatale (7:23pm September 16, 2010):

I've had cats since my kds were very young and yes I do love stories with animals in them; this includes shifters; wolves lions, bears.

Re: Warrior (7:57pm September 12, 2010):

Going to visit my Dad he lives far away and we haven't seen him since July.

Re: Just One Taste (7:52pm September 12, 2010):

Mmm... Beside you I would love to meet Nalini Singh, I love her books.

Re: Desperate Deeds (7:19pm September 8, 2010):

The fear, the suspense and the conclusion that's what I like. The saying: "Never judge a book by it's cover"

Re: Warrior (6:53pm September 6, 2010):

I id not realize this was a historical novel; I'll check it out again.

Re: Royal Blood (5:52pm September 4, 2010):

I like books that will take me away to a place I've never been

Re: Dark Deception (7:07pm September 1, 2010):

Good luck with your new book!

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (8:15pm August 31, 2010):

I love your series. Are you excited at the move? It will be a big change for you and your family. Will this affect your writing schedule?

Re: Dark Warrior Untamed (9:33pm August 27, 2010):

JD Robb's Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke, he's her hero and mine.

Re: Deadly Fear (6:26pm August 26, 2010):

I love all your books and so I don't need to be entered in the contest. Just wanted to let everyone know how great your books are.

Re: Bond With Me (2:05pm August 25, 2010):

I've read a few books with Fallen Angels before and they have been an entertaining read.

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (1:31pm August 23, 2010):

This is a great series, I haven't found your new book yet but it is on order and I should get my copy within a week or so.

Re: Don't Cry (8:04pm August 22, 2010):

I always have a big TBR pile; in fact I'm sure once I retire I will have enough books to keep me going for the next few years after. As it is I usually read 3-4 a week.

Re: Whisper Kiss (9:35pm August 20, 2010):

Love your s already have and read Whisper!

Re: Hero (8:33pm August 19, 2010):

I wish I could write a book, but all I can do is read books.

Re: Roast Mortem (9:27pm August 14, 2010):

I go to a breakfast restaurant with a good friend about once every two weeks and I see pancakes of all kinds on their menu; so far I've only tried one kind, I'll try being more adventurous now.

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (7:23pm August 12, 2010):

I'm not a very good cook at all; one day my husband had invited friends to dinner and I had it all planned. So I had peeled and cut fresh carrots and potatoes, a roast and salad:the carrots were uncooked, the potatoes overcooked and the roast burned. It was a disaster.

Re: A Highland Duchess (10:20am August 10, 2010):

I am so glad that you and other authors think this way since we wouldn't have anything to read if you didn't.

Re: The 1st Wife (7:09pm August 9, 2010):

I wish I could have met some of you!

Re: The Quick and the Thread (8:16pm August 6, 2010):

I always worry that I'll insult an author by not purchasing his or her book that I tend to walk around the author without saying Hi So next time I see a book signing I'll make an effort to go talk.

Re: The Goddess of Fried Okra (10:20pm August 3, 2010):

I do believe in reincarnation. I once was "read" and was told I had had several lives I don't remember. It was frightening, shocking but also unbelievable.

Re: Veil Of Night (7:22pm July 31, 2010):

My favorite author and you got to talk to her: Linda Howard. I don't suppose you got some hints about her new book coming out?

Re: Monster in Miniature (9:40am July 30, 2010):

It is so difficult to find the books you are looking for and so easy to get distracted by other books. My wish is that all fiction: fiction, mystery, romance and sci fi be shelved together by alphabet of author and non fiction the same. To make it easier for us to browse and find what we are looking for.

Re: The Millionaire Meets His Match (10:42am July 26, 2010):

To pick up after him, he wouldn't want the maid to think he couldn't.
Sounds like my kind of book.

Re: Knight Of Passion (10:42am July 23, 2010):

I haven't read many historicals lately, I'll be sure to look in the bookstore for your titles.

Re: Moonshine (12:09pm July 20, 2010):

I enjoy secondary characters who actually have a good ending too.

Re: Tomb With A View (12:07pm July 20, 2010):

Not sure I believe in ghosts but I do believe our spirit lives on.

Re: Murder in the Abstract (9:34am July 14, 2010):

Bad boys appeal to all women, young, old and in between. It's that sparkle in their eyes that just calls out to us.

Re: Ice Cold (10:33pm July 13, 2010):

What scares me? I hate driving over bridges, it makes me feel like I might drown; mice i don't like, don't mind running them out but I sure won't try catching it.

Re: To Conquer a Highlander (8:28pm July 12, 2010):

I love reading even though neither of my parents were evr interested and could not understand my appreciation of authors. I also did a lot of sewing for a square dance group about 20 years ago, loved that too.

Re: Unchained (8:13am July 6, 2010):

Christmas is the one time all our family seem to be able to get together: work, friends etc are put aside for that occasion, no matter what.

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (6:03pm July 4, 2010):

Yes we have a cat even though after losing our first two cats to old age we swore we wouldn't get another cat, we went for one, so cute, and the runt of a litter. Our pets are family!

Re: Dark Embers (9:23pm July 3, 2010):

Your book is on my wish list, just haven't found it at the bookstore yet.

Re: A Cutthroat Business (7:15pm July 2, 2010):

I like some mysteries and yours is right up my alley.

Re: Rapture Untamed (10:23pm June 29, 2010):

I enjoy series but I also enjoy stand alones. I've been reading In Death by J D Robb for many years after all we are at number 31, and I admit I would prefer a shorter series 3-4 books but no matter if the series is good I will keep reading it.

Re: Fatal Affair (9:45pm June 26, 2010):

Nick sounds absolutely wonderful, a man you could spend your life with. And romantic suspenses are always popular with me.

Re: Hidden Wives (9:42pm June 26, 2010):

Mm... I've had a few good books lately and I know a few are coming out in the next few weeks: Bonds of Justice, The Search, Nauti and Wild but at this moment I'm re reading last year's Black Hills.

Re: Fatal Affair (8:41pm June 25, 2010):

strong and sweet a nice combination

Re: Sworn To Protect (8:37pm June 25, 2010):

It's good to see women capable of doing more than wringing their hands and crying.

Re: Sworn To Protect (6:00pm June 23, 2010):

Unwinding in a nice hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book, no better way to do it.

Re: Tempting a Proper Lady (5:58pm June 23, 2010):

Romance novels are all about love, and that says it all.

Re: The Devil She Knows (11:36pm June 22, 2010):

I don't think I would want a hero that travels, I like a man who is dependable, stable and always close.

Re: Smooth Talking Stranger (8:06pm June 20, 2010):

Unfortunately I worked all weekend long; retail is not family friendly for special occasions. I did make a point of taking my husband on a date last night to his favorite restaurant and we did have a very nice evening.

Re: Dragon Unmasked (8:58pm June 16, 2010):

In the winter months when you feel tired by 7pm with the darkness descending, I lose the will to read as much as in the summer months where I sit outside with a cup of tea and a good book in the shade for a few hours after the evening meal.

Re: Royal Captive (10:36pm June 15, 2010):

Life is all about changes, without them we would not grow as people.

Re: Death Threads (9:40pm June 14, 2010):

this mystery sounds entertaining and sewing is a good thing, so the combination must be good; I would love to give your books a try.

Re: Crush On You (7:53pm June 10, 2010):

I met my then future husband in a country western bar not far from my parents summer home; I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, was with my brother and his fiancee and my two uncles and was having a blast. And 31 years later I'm still with him, though the bar has burned down.

Re: The 1st Wife (7:15pm June 9, 2010):

It is sometimes very difficult for newcomers to a small town, to be accepted.

Re: Desire Me (11:03am June 8, 2010):

I was never into scavenger hunts but one of my many sisters-in-law used to have the most unbelievable hunts for her kids.

Re: Blown Away (4:09pm June 6, 2010):

I only read about 5 new books in the month of may so I'm hoping june will be lots better.

Re: I Love This Bar (6:48pm June 4, 2010):

Wonderful, a cowboy story, I enjoy them.

Re: Night Myst (6:35pm June 4, 2010):

I like both Nora Roberts and J D Robb, one a romance writer and one a mystery writer. I also enjoy Nalini Singh's two very different series. Jayne Ann Krentz , aka Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick, love those. So yes I do enjoy.

Re: Strange Neighbors (10:06pm June 1, 2010):

It's great to have a group of friends to share and discuss and debate with.

Re: Blown Away (6:59pm May 30, 2010):

I read them as they come out and then re read when the last is due; for JD Robb's In Death series, I try to re read them once a year anyway since I enjoy the series so much.

Re: Dead in the Family (9:27pm May 29, 2010):

I have many books in my tbr pile but at this time I'm reading Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston, a shifter story; Shelly's books always make me laugh and I enjoy them thoroughly.

Re: Web Of Lies (8:12pm May 17, 2010):

Paranormal is my favorite along with romantic suspense.

Re: A Thread So Thin (8:52pm May 16, 2010):

No I can't remember having an imaginary friends. I had lots of Barbie dolls and loved playing with them, with cousins and friends, but that's about it.

Re: Haunting Warrior (7:02pm May 12, 2010):

I'm not sure I would want to go back in time. I love my family and can't think about being without them.

Re: Live To Tell (11:14am May 9, 2010):

Usually I don't cancel unless it's an emergency but when I have , it's simply delayed and I will get to it.

Re: A Thread So Thin (8:30pm May 8, 2010):

I have read some YA but not much; I usually find more than enough adult books to keep me reading.

Re: The Jaguar Prince (9:27pm May 7, 2010):

I love shapeshifters!

Re: Think Twice (5:43pm May 2, 2010):

I finished Amanda Quick's new book, Burning Lamp, the second in a trilogy; wishing the third one was sooner. An am now reading Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones.

Re: Blood Of The Demon (6:35pm April 30, 2010):

You have to pick and choose your books by references from friends, other authors, sites such as FreshFiction and at least be willing to try new authors and genres.

Re: A Thread So Thin (6:23pm April 26, 2010):

I'm sure each of us has made a decision at some point in our lives that we wish we hadn't but we wouldn't want to change it now no matter what.

Re: The Teaberry Strangler (7:58pm April 25, 2010):

I'll try new authors recommended to me by friends and if I enjoy the books will get the author's other books; in fact if i really liked it I'll buy all the books the author has written be they series or not.

Re: Rule's Bride (9:04pm April 23, 2010):

I don't read much historical romance though I have seen yours at the bookstore.

Re: Beautiful People (7:11pm April 21, 2010):

It's always good to laugh!

Re: Maid for the Millionaire (9:38am April 20, 2010):

I love your outlook of life; you've made me curious, very curious, about your books.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (7:53pm April 17, 2010):

No I don't read for work but for pleasure and as I've often said if I start a book and don't enjoy it simply put it down and try it at a later time.

Re: The Firefighter's Secret Baby (10:55am April 16, 2010):

Unsung heroes all of them.

Re: Demonkeepers (10:57pm April 14, 2010):

Just sayinh HI!

Re: Big Bad Wolf (5:55pm April 10, 2010):

I have read Christine Warren's books and enjoyed them ; I don't even try to keep up with the order anymore just read each book as it comes out; the same could be said though of Lora Leigh's Breed series.

Re: On Shadow Beach (11:17am April 6, 2010):

I don't choose a book by it's cover but it doesn't hurt looking though; sometimes when all I've seen is the cover then I'll start leafing through the book and get hooked.

Re: Just Fooling Around (8:31pm April 2, 2010):

I'm really not into April Fool's Day so haven't done any pranks on anyone.

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (8:47pm March 31, 2010):

I love shape shifters in fact any shifters and I love HEA stories. My HEA? to retire and read more books.

Re: Aries Rising (8:01pm March 26, 2010):

It's good to get some insight as to how hard or easy it is to get published, great blog.

Re: Small Change (8:00pm March 25, 2010):

Yep you've got it right; I've even had to do that with books since I've been buying new authors and then been very disappointed; it's not the writing but sometimes the books are not what I expected.

Re: On The Steamy Side (7:44pm March 23, 2010):

In a couple of JD Robb's In Death series there are stories that involve children; with some bad starts but good outcomes.

Re: Big Girl (6:24pm March 21, 2010):

Since I only read the books I enjoy I can't give any example; if I don't like a book after a few chapters I simply don't finish it.

Re: The Stolen Crown (7:47pm March 15, 2010):

I usually read historical romance and haven't tried historical fiction.

Re: The You I Never Knew (9:59am March 14, 2010):

I do not usually read a book that I know has a sad or bad ending because I know I will cry and I read for the pleasure, the fun the entertainment not to cry.

Re: Plaster And Poison (7:45pm March 4, 2010):

I love light mysteries such as Janet Evanovich.

Re: Naked Edge (7:20pm March 1, 2010):

My husband and I have quite a few things in common but also have quite a few differences:he doesn't like reading books at all and I can't stop reading for example; but somehow we've made it together 31 years and still going strong.

Re: Seeing Red (9:32pm February 28, 2010):

I did try a new author and she was from my TBR pile: Molly Harper. Then I bought a couple of audio since I was tired of listening to the same ones: one by Christine Feehan, Dark Curse,one from Linda Howard, Shades of Twilight an older book. I enjoyed them all!

Re: The Mane Squeeze (9:29pm February 28, 2010):

I never read anything for work unless I' made to; however I do love Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden, Janet Evanovich, JD Robb. Linda Howard and many more.

Re: Easter Promises (10:44pm February 24, 2010):

Reading is about it for me; I do knit but not much anymore, I sew but not often either, love crochet but no time for it.

Re: Take Me If You Dare (9:03pm February 23, 2010):

I don't watch the awards but to tell you the truth I haven't even seen any of these movies.

Re: Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (7:19pm February 22, 2010):

What would we do without our friends?

Re: Twilight (6:28pm February 20, 2010):

I never realized there were so many books with related movies and or TV shows and I know most of them. But one obvious one: Dracula written by Archibald Constable and then Bram Stoker and subsequent movies.

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (6:19pm February 20, 2010):

We have many snowy days here in Canada, so I look forward to a rainy warm day to read my books.

Re: Accidentally Demonic (8:31pm February 16, 2010):

looking forward to the next installment of Marty, Nina and Wanda.

Re: Hot Stuff (4:58pm February 14, 2010):

Happy Valentine everyone at FreshFiction and all fellow readers!

Re: Promise Me Tonight (8:08pm February 12, 2010):

If your book is anything close to Johanna Lindsay's I would love to try it. Good luck with your writing.

Re: Fantasy in Death (8:05pm February 12, 2010):

I love the In Death series and have every book including the anthologies. I never wait for the pocket books but buy the hardcovers as soon as I can find them on the shelves. Eve and Roarke are the most complex couple I have heard or read about and the secondary characters round up the stories so very well. The mysteries are definitely very good, the facts work for me and there is humor included too. What else could you ask for?

Re: Tragedy At Two (9:20pm February 10, 2010):

I enjoy mysteries but I'm usually lousy at figuring out who done it, so I prefer light and funny mysteries.

Re: Raining Cat Sitters And Dogs (9:19pm February 10, 2010):

I enjoy mysteries with cat themes, congratulations on your new book

Re: Triumph in Arms (6:16pm February 6, 2010):

you are so right!

Re: Deadtown (3:24pm February 3, 2010):

I'll check out the book

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (3:22pm February 3, 2010):

I've never read your series but it does sound funny.

Re: The Catcher in the Rye (6:08pm January 29, 2010):

I was very surprised when my son had to read Catcher in the Rye in high school; I was sure he wouldn't enjoy it since he's a fantasy lover; he loved it!
My condolences to J.D.Salinger's family. He was a great writer.

Re: Hasta La Vista, Lola! (6:05pm January 29, 2010):

There are a few mystery series I enjoy but the one I love most is JD Robb's In death series. I have all of them including anthologies written with other authors; I also have most of them in audio format that I listen to when traveling to and from work. I have probably 2/3's of them in hard cover since when she began the series they came out only in pocket format. I keep them all and re read twice a year when a new one is due out. In fact I'm working on re reading them now since she has a new one scheduled for the ed of february.

Re: Forbidden Heat (10:00am January 27, 2010):

Great blog.
Nice to know you're from where I am, Ottawa Canada. I'm going to look up that store you mentioned.

Re: Rogue Stallion (6:04pm January 23, 2010):

I still read Diana Palmer's books but couldn't tell you what happened to the other writers; I know some of them still write, some i've never heard of; but if you end a request to Romantic Times magazine, they will do their best to find out for you.

Re: The Professional (7:45pm January 21, 2010):

I am so sad to hear about Robert Parker's death!

Re: Dead Head (7:41pm January 21, 2010):

red is gorgeous, live dangerously at least once in your life!

Re: Forbidden Falls (7:14pm January 17, 2010):

I'm neither nor. I like new technology but have to wait till the prices are more reasonable than when they first come out. Simply a case of not enough money. Like I would love an e reader but cannot afford one at this time.

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (6:36pm January 10, 2010):

Having a day to myself without cleaning cooking or driving someone somewhere; only to sit , drink my tea and read a good book.

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (8:17pm January 6, 2010):

I'm looking forward to your next book, they make me laugh; I remember once when I was talking on the phone and slicing an onion, I ended up slicing my finger, not off Thank God, but enough to now have a permanent scar.

Re: Dangerous Highlander (8:15pm January 4, 2010):

Cover is nice, title is good, next ones sound right; I never judge a book by it's cover!

Re: Shattered (8:38pm January 1, 2010):

No goals, I can't keep them but some self improvements I will try to commit to.

Re: Deadly Liaisons (6:50pm December 31, 2009):

Hard! choice you gave us; but I like them all. I've read your previous books and already have Legend of the whit wolf on my wish list, now I will add the next two to my wish list. Thanks for the stories, they are believable and very good.

Re: Angel Lane (6:24pm December 30, 2009):

I decided a few years back that making resolutions and keeping them was depressing me even more so I stopped and now feel no guilt about them.
Happy New Year!

Re: What I Did For Love (7:19pm December 29, 2009):

I enjoyed Nalini Singh's Branded by Fire, Shiloh Walker's Hunter's Need, Julie Garwood's Sizzle and Nora Roberst's Black Hills

Re: Kitty's House Of Horrors (4:16pm December 27, 2009):

the only way to find new authors is by getting a great recommendation from those you trust.

Re: Twenties Girl (6:48pm December 26, 2009):

I don't have a preference as for the location; so long as the story suits the location and vice versa I'm good.

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (9:50pm December 18, 2009):

Oh! Vampire without a doubt. Who doesn't want to walk on the dark side once in a while?

Re: The Beautiful Being (8:19pm December 17, 2009):

I am a reader not a writer and will never pretend to be other; same as I love to sing Xmas songs but am still not a singer, just someone enjoying the season.

Re: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived (9:20pm December 16, 2009):

this list was fun; it reminds me of a book a read by Linda Howard titled Mr Perfect; it was a wish list for a man in your life, hilarious, until it turned into murder.

Re: Wild Heart (7:24pm December 14, 2009):

I agree completely with you: prices are not set by you but by the publishing co. The titles of books can change right up to publishing date it seems and yes they don't read the book so may put some lady with long flowing black hair instead of a short blonde cropped head. Ah well, it is the book we want so let's not judge books by their cover.

Re: The Killing Hands (8:24pm December 11, 2009):

this is certainly different; good luck to you.

Re: Urgent Care (7:57pm December 9, 2009):

now that was worth a laugh!

Re: Sins of the Flesh (11:50am December 8, 2009):

I try to start early on and get the gifts I know won't have to be returned; the I do a lot of the stockings stuffers that are a regular choice each year; I make sure I get the Baking done and frozen so it won't interfere in the rest of the holiday jobs; I get as much as possible wrapped up as I go. Then of course I panick at the last minute thinking I've forgotten something and go shopping again.

Re: Scorched (10:02am December 1, 2009):

great cover, but I usually read the blurbs to pick a book.

Re: Snow Angels (4:30pm November 30, 2009):

My favorite has always been Julie Garwood but she doesn't put out enough books per year, then Linda Howard and as luck has it she did this year; Lora Leigh is always a pleasure and I'm waiting for her next one.

Re: Dark Lover (7:49pm November 29, 2009):

I'm glad you decided to get another pet, when I lost mine I didn't have the heart to get another one.
Genre preference? No not really; I read suspense, mystery, historical romances, contemporary romances, paranormal romances and some fantasy; I don't usually read fiction or sci fi. The first adult book I ever read: a series in french with the character being an air hostess and her husband a pilot, there were about 20 books in the series and then the books: Angelique, loved those. Do I have a keeper shelf? More like a keeper room; my husband built me bookshelves in our spare bedroom that go around the room completely, all four walls. And yes I re read must of them; when I decide to clean out, I usually have about 6-8 boxes I donate o make room for different books.

Re: Knit The Season (7:29pm November 27, 2009):

I learned to knit from my teacher when I was about 8 years old and it was kept to a simple item: a potholder for my Mom; then we worked our way to a doily a simple one again, then slippers and on it went. I taught myself how to crochet just to prove I could.

Re: A Father For Jesse (5:43pm November 26, 2009):

Always nice to get a freebie.

Re: Take Me For A Ride (7:28pm November 25, 2009):

When we first purchased a microwave I tried to cook a whole meal with it: the carrots never got cooked, the potatoes were overcooked, the meat was tough.
That was the last time I used it to cook from scratch.

Re: Winter's Desire (6:10pm November 17, 2009):

I'm sorry to say I don't know any of these authors but I do like reading anthologies.

Re: The Accidental Werewolf (6:08pm November 17, 2009):

Exchanging books with friends is a way to try new authors; also when I've been given gift cards to bookstore That is my cue to try new authors that I would not have purchased otherwise. And of course the many websites we can browse for authors.

Re: Over My Dead Body (8:19pm November 16, 2009):

I haven't felt like cooking since I went back to work full time but I do manage to make turkey and trimmings for Christmas and Thanksgiving and usually for Easter, a nice ham. But with all of us rushing back and forth between school for the kids and work for us, it's mostly fast food, frozen food or food I've prepared ahead of time.

Re: Prime Evil (8:15pm November 16, 2009):

I love them all, just keep writing with them!

Re: Men Of The Otherworld (5:53pm November 15, 2009):

Since I haven't read either author I won't guess who would be the winner. But I have heard great things about both these authors and their books!

Re: A New Dawn (5:51pm November 15, 2009):

sounds like great fun, fresh idea for a contest

Re: Kill Zone (5:43pm November 13, 2009):

Going to work and coming home, making a meal and watching tv, just being with your family at the end of the day and discussing what we all did, I'm happy with that

Re: Love You To Death (9:32pm November 12, 2009):

this sounds like a good romantic suspense book to read!

Re: Wild Blue Under (7:01pm November 9, 2009):

nice excerpt!

Re: The Princess Bride (7:00pm November 9, 2009):

I don't have a favorite line, just enjoying all of it is enough.

Re: Kindred In Death (4:58pm November 8, 2009):

I enjoy series, seeing how the characters change and grow and I still enjoy Dallas from the in death series; in fact I just bought the book today and have started reading it. Yes some of the books can be a little less entertaining than previous ones but all in all they are always entertaining.

Re: Rainwater (9:02pm November 7, 2009):

I don't watch many book trailers, the last one I watched was Jayne Castle's futuristic book Obsidian Prey and really enjoyed it; but I like to read the excerpts.

Re: The Wrong Side of Dead (11:23am November 4, 2009):

I don't think it's a love match for sure; she was probably by family to marry this old man. And his side of the story? he's just a dirty old man.

Re: Captive Desires (12:06pm November 2, 2009):

My favorite escape? reading, I can sit in front of the tv and read a book, not even paying attention to what's on, reading is certainly better than what is shown on tv.
I would love to see a "real" vampire from any of my favorite authors come to life and tell his story.

Re: Haunted (7:15pm October 30, 2009):

I still watch Practical Magic every year, loved it enjoyed the Witches of Eastwick, you had to laugh at that one, saw Bewitched the series and the movie; witches are fun!

Re: What The Duke Desires (8:51pm October 29, 2009):

I love reading Julie Garwood when she links her books with family members and you re visit the previous characters

Re: Kindred In Death (7:48pm October 28, 2009):

Number one rule: make a list
Number two rule: don't buy something if you've made a list
Number three rule: don't give the same list to all your friends
That covers a lot.
I'm hoping to find JD Robb's book soon and also Linda Howard's new release due nov 10th Ice

Re: Mr. Darcy Vampyre (7:44pm October 28, 2009):

love vampires!

Re: My Unfair Lady (10:45am October 26, 2009):

beautiful letter, since I came home from seeing my Dad after 6 months away,it was great

Re: Possess Me At Midnight (4:27pm October 22, 2009):

Love your books Shayla and looking forward to Possess me at Midnight

Re: My Wicked Vampire (7:27pm October 20, 2009):

I love your books Nina, in fact just picked up your latest on though haven't read it yet; I love reading paranormal be it humorous or serious, dark or light, so long as there's a good story

Re: Finger Lickin' Fifteen (7:04pm October 17, 2009):

I don't need too much background information and probably would not even notice it. I prefer a good story with great characters and lots of inter action between them. But like you I enjoy Janet Evanovich's Plum series.

Re: Mayhem In High Heels (8:55pm October 12, 2009):

Please give an excerpt, I would love to hear more.

Re: The Hunt (8:53pm October 12, 2009):

I love your cover, it's beautiful. Is your book about shifters?
Please give us more excerpts it sounds good.

Re: A Hollywood Ending (8:43am October 11, 2009):

I read so many books but my favorites are J D Robb aka Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz and Diana Palmer; I've read and re read everything of theirs I own; when a new book comes out I'm the first in line to purchase. But there are so many new authors now that I would be hard pressed to name just one that has become a need for me: Christine Feehan, Sarah McCarty, Cynthia Eden Lora Leigh just to name a few. I love reading!

Re: The Promise (8:39am October 11, 2009):

I always re read books from my favorite authors such as Diana Palmer, Jayne Ann Krentz and Linda Howard, from the time they wrote for Harlequin; other authors I have outgrown shall we say, and even though I haven't read their books in a while I still keep them for the future. I also have kept a coupe of boxes with my kids' Dr Seuss books that I'm sure one day I will read to my grandchildren.
But for sure your tastes change over 40 years of reading and you go through phases, but still reading for me is something I will always do!

Re: Out Of The Darkness (4:26pm October 8, 2009):

Another book to add to my wish list; I've seen your books and now after your blog I'll take a closer look.

Re: Can't Stand the Heat (7:39pm October 6, 2009):

A short story would be very nice.

Re: Lucky Break (10:57am October 5, 2009):

No choice here; reading will win always; chores will still be there tomorrow. Kidding of course, laundry meals lunches they all have to be done but I always find some time to read each day

Re: Demon Ex Machina (10:54am October 5, 2009):

sounds like fun!

Re: Sounds to Die By (2:50pm October 3, 2009):

Well I have to say out of the fifteen or so books you just named, eight are on my wish list so far and now I'll have to check out the others.

Re: Love You To Death (2:46pm October 3, 2009):

I've been thinking of buying your book and I certainly enjoyed your chat today

Re: Hex In High Heels (12:56pm October 2, 2009):

I love shifters, all kinds at any time; mix them up, bears, wolves, cats and even throw in vampires; the more the better

Re: Angel Lane (7:23pm October 1, 2009):

I really hate cooking now, but baking I enjoy, though I try not to indulge since I would eat my efforts completely. Fun blog!

Re: A Dark Love (5:50pm September 30, 2009):

After watching shows like Criminal minds I don't know if I could tell with my Spidey Sense or even trust it; but still I would hope that I could

Re: Lucky Break (4:50pm September 29, 2009):

I would love the chance to try one of your books, so far I've only looked at them.

Re: Shades of Twilight (5:52pm September 27, 2009):

I wish I could have met Linda Howard, she's one of my favorite authors; I'm waiting for her next book Ice in November and her next audio Shades of in October.

Re: Lakeshore Christmas (8:53pm September 25, 2009):

I love to have books that are signed by the author, it's a book I will always keep. If I hear of an author whose books I love were coming to town I would make a point in being there for the author; I have stopped at many booths where authors look a little lost( even a lot) and talked with them and congratulated them on their willingness to put themselves through this trauma. Congratulations to all authors who put themselves out so much for their readers!

Re: The Accidental Family (10:30am September 23, 2009):

Good luck with the new baby, they are worth it though aren't they? Everything will get sorted out between the two of you eventually so that you have some time to write

Re: A Christmas Ball (8:43pm September 21, 2009):

#9 favorite movie
I still watch every year for White Christmas and two years ago I finally found a DVD copy of it and bought it immediately.
It makes me cry and laugh and feel good

Re: What I Did For Love (3:37pm September 19, 2009):

When I pick up a book at the store I never just pick one; so by the time I get home it's the big decision: which one do I start? The one I have been waiting the longest for of course. And where do I read? Anywhere that I am waiting: restaurant when waiting for a friend, at lunch time or break time at work, in the doctor's or dentist's office, and of course of an evening when my hubby is watching his favorite show.

Re: Beast Warrior (10:53pm September 16, 2009):

I love werewolves, shifters and paranormal books. Good luck with your book

Re: Guardian (10:50pm September 15, 2009):

Lots of great advice. I just wanted you to know I love your Dragonfire series

Re: The Splendor Falls (2:46pm September 10, 2009):

As I sit here reading your blurb and eating lunch at the same time....
There's a mystery writer called Joanna Fluke and all her titles are food related:
Fudge Cupcake Murder,Blueberry Muffin Murder; you get the picture and her books are really nice and funny too.

Re: The Trouble With J.J. (6:31pm September 7, 2009):

I love most heroes; since I really like paranormal books at this time, vampires and shifters are top of my list. I don't usually pick heroes that are players, football, baseball or hockey, I'm not a great fan of sports in general, so i don't pick up books with those characters.

Re: Table Manners (2:51pm September 6, 2009):

This is the first weekend off for me since july so I'm just relaxing, reading, a little sewing, reading, bit of housecleaning, reading, laundry, reading...you get my meaning.

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (10:01pm September 4, 2009):

I loved your story ad can understand the feelings you get for your pets since they become an integral part of your family; I had two cats from birth to the day they died and would never have thought of hurting them or abusing them and you do hear about stories like that; no, I cried when my babies left and to this day still miss them both. They died of old age! knowing they had been loved and wanted always.

Re: The Ex Games (9:53pm September 4, 2009):

It is so wonderful to see the influx of teen books since getting them to read can be problematic. Now with the choices improving, you see more of the teens reading and getting off their laptops.

Re: The Last Ember (9:50pm September 4, 2009):

wonderful new books by many great writers coming out in september. Thank you Fresh Fiction for your great work in bringing to us all these blogs, comments and interviews.

Re: Tie Me Down (9:46pm September 4, 2009):

I enjoyed your "tour" of New Orleans since I've never been there. I have read about it in many books and this city sounds wonderful, maybe one day I'll get the chance to visit.

Re: Highland Rebel (7:22pm September 3, 2009):

I get lost in a book that is full of imagination and suspense and just plain good story; I see myself as the heroine and try to imagine what I would do in her shoes. And if by chance I don't get tat feeling I'm probably not enjoying the book.

Re: Red Hot Lies (7:55pm August 30, 2009):

Either or is good enough for me so long as the story is good. I love to read.

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (10:48am August 29, 2009):

Yes I watched the interview but I also like to watch trailers for the books, it's unbelievable how that can catch your interest and give you an excuse to try the book

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (10:06pm August 28, 2009):

Hey I like the trailer, looks like they're having a wonderful conversation, but I didn't have any sound?

Re: Haunting Beauty (10:03pm August 28, 2009):

There is only one thing that would make me wonder if I would, but since that is something that changed my life I don't think so; it made me more aware of myself as a person and now I wouldn't change it

Re: Feels Like The First Time (8:25pm August 26, 2009):

I love shape shifter books so I would go as a jaguar

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (7:59pm August 25, 2009):

I've read all three of these ladies books and had quite a few good laughs

Re: Air Time (7:57pm August 25, 2009):

I met my husband in a bar 33 years ago and been though there have been ups and downs we are still happily married; my daughter asked me how I knew he was the one and the only answer for her that I had was: I just knew

Re: The Fixer Upper (8:46am August 23, 2009):

when people ask me what I read and a respond with romance or fluffy mysteries, you can almost see them snicker, even worse when I tell them I read Harlequin books, but all I say is: to each his own!

Re: Gordath Wood (8:44am August 23, 2009):

I just saw the entry on the other page and as I said I've never tried these authors and this is a chance to do so

Re: To Tempt The Wolf (8:03pm August 20, 2009):

I have read your shifter series and love it. I have suggested to many a friend; I am looking forward to your next one. Congratulations on your success with your books.

Re: Devil In My Bed (8:55pm August 19, 2009):

It takes two to make a marriage work and it also takes two to bring up children. It is hard work to do and if you have lots of love and patience you will succeed

Re: The Shortest Distance Between Two Women (8:48pm August 19, 2009):

Radishland, a name to make you laugh and hopefully a book to enjoy

Re: The Rodeo Rider (8:43pm August 19, 2009):

I still to this day read Harlequin/Silhouette books and always enjoy them. Happy Anniversary Harlequin Intrigue!

Re: Enchanted, Inc. (8:42pm August 19, 2009):

To kill a mockingbird with Gregory Peck was one movie I saw many years ago that was absolutely wonderful and based on a book with the same title; just a year ago I saw Twilight with my daughter also based on a book I enjoyed, then there have been the Harry Potter movies, fun to watch. I have also watched True Blood though I have not read the books. So many books have been turned into movies or tv shows and are usually quite good as far as I'm concerned

Re: When A Man Loves A Weapon (8:35pm August 19, 2009):

there are to many new books to read, my TBR pile keeps growing

Re: Tortured (10:48am August 18, 2009):

Good luck with your new release

Re: Beloved Vampire (9:30pm August 16, 2009):

I agree with some of your points. I
1) don't like whiny vampires and though I loved Twilight sometimes Edward was a little too whiny about his condition; still loved the books and the movie.
2) I'd prefer if they only fed from bad or diseased people other than for the pleasure with a loved one (without killing him or her)
3) No holds barred on eroticism is great!
Thanks for the chance of winning one of your books, I haven't tried one yet.

Re: Smash Cut (1:21pm August 16, 2009):

I am definitely a re-reader; if I enjoy a book I'll keep it for those days when I want my feel good reading. I do give away those I won't be re-reading to friends and to organizations. I also have usually an extensive TBR pile.

Re: Red Seas Under Red Skies (8:57pm August 15, 2009):

I've never been to a Con but a friend is going to the one in Toronto and she is thrilled; so I hope she will meet many authors and have a great time

Re: Trust Me (5:10pm August 14, 2009):

Funny blog, when you want a title, then think of another and then go back to the original one; I guess that's one of the reasons I don't write: I would be forever changing my mind about everything

Re: Breaking Loose (8:27pm August 13, 2009):

I love romance books and when you put a funny side to it, they're even better

Re: Whispers of the Dead (9:08am August 12, 2009):

I'm not sure I'd want to be walking a graveyard at dusk though I admit my husband and I have visited some more historical graveyards, during the day, where we get to read the dates that go way back.

Re: Chosen To Die (9:05am August 12, 2009):

It must be hard work to keep all the details of each previous book when they are connected since every little error could be picked up on by some readers

Re: Since the Surrender (9:23pm August 10, 2009):

I don't read many historicals but it does sound good

Re: The Perfect Couple (3:49pm August 9, 2009):

I haven't tried Brenda Novak but I'm really disappointed to hear that Marianne Stillings has been let go, I've enjoyed her books

Re: Bad Moon Rising (9:45pm August 8, 2009):

I've been to some book signings and it's thrilling to meet authors whose books you have enjoyed and ask them in person so many questions. Lucky you!

Re: Nothing But Scandal (7:54pm August 7, 2009):

I side with the heroine, no doubt about it; it could be I relate to my own insecurities or depending on my mood and my family but that's how it goes

Re: Bad Moon Rising (9:08pm August 6, 2009):

it must be a thrill to be signing your own book and to have so many sow up to meet you

Re: Bite Me! (10:59pm August 5, 2009):

I can't wait to see Vampire Diaries, my daughter used to read these quite a few years ago

Re: My Soul To Take (10:58pm August 5, 2009):

there are certainly a lot more choices for teens now that are great reads

Re: Within Striking Distance (10:56pm August 5, 2009):

I have been reading Harlequin books for the last 40+ years and throughout have seen them only getting better and better

Re: Dark Hunger (10:54pm August 5, 2009):

I love paranormal books but I honestly have never had any kind of supernatural event in my life other than in my imagination that is

Re: Babydoll (7:28pm August 4, 2009):

I couldn't imagine writing a book with my husband since he hates reading and he hates how many books I purchase. So I'd say we would kill each either very fast

Re: Hot Pursuit (8:14pm August 2, 2009):

I've tried to use the library but when it came to Twilight I was 257th on the waiting list and when I try for audio books they have to be transferred from another branch since mine doesn't carry them

Re: It Happened One Night (7:09pm July 31, 2009):

What has caught my attention? This summer has flown by so fast and we are now getting ready for the back to school time; the weather has not been very good and I keep wondering how people on vacations must be feeling cheated this year, I know I do!

Re: Red, White & Dead (7:59pm July 30, 2009):

Mm I've seen your books at the stores but so far haven't tried any; I'll look again

Re: Seduce Me (7:28pm July 29, 2009):

I like the look of your book and it does sound good

Re: Face Time (6:47pm July 28, 2009):

I always got along with my mother and I still miss her every day of my life she has been gone 6 years now; I also get along well with my daughter though we have had differences over the years, I try to make sure we work through it and so does she

Re: Seeing Red (6:45pm July 27, 2009):

I grew up in a small town and when I got married we bought a house in another small town. I loved it and so did the kids. Everyone knew everyone, you could trust your next door neighbor with the key for emergencies, the milkman still delivered. Now we live in a big town, we had to relocate when my husband was laid off, and you don't even know your neighbors' names

Re: Mackenzie's Legacy (7:56pm July 26, 2009):

Some of Johanna Lindsay"s characters which she brings back sometimes were just great. Also some of Julie Garwood's historical books are family related and I'd love to see some of them again. And Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane Society.

Re: The Diva Takes The Cake (7:57pm July 23, 2009):

weddings are beautiful weather it's yours or someone you know or even a stranger's. So a book about a wedding must also be.

Re: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived (9:02am July 22, 2009):

I laughed out loud at your comments and that started off my day with a bang. If your books are anything like this blog, thy must be a hoot

Re: Waking Nightmare (8:58am July 22, 2009):

I agree with the previous commenter: I'd love to be retired; but I do love my job, I work in a bookstore and get to see so many new books that come out

Re: Bending The Rules (7:32pm July 20, 2009):

great question. I cry at just about anything be it happy or sad, end up with a red nose and puffy eyes and look the worse if I may say so. One of the reasons I won't read sad books in fact. So I deal with it

Re: Black Hills (9:44pm July 18, 2009):

I know I'd love to meet the authors I grew up on just a little less than half a century ago

Re: Bluegrass Blessings (6:10pm July 16, 2009):

I prefer a good laugh or a good suspense but I do not like one where I will cry through it

Re: Earth Guys Are Easy (5:42pm July 15, 2009):

I still love hearing Grease from Grease or Paul Anka's Diana or... there are so many

Re: Best Friends Forever (3:57pm July 14, 2009):

I'm afraid I live in Canada so won't be getting there anytime soon

Re: Chosen To Die (3:46pm July 14, 2009):

I would love an ARC of your book. I've read some of Lisa Jackson's books

Re: In The Garden Of Sin (3:44pm July 14, 2009):

well I have to honestly say I haven't yet seen your books in a bookstore; but I'll make sure to check next time I'm there

Re: By Hook Or By Crook (9:36am July 13, 2009):

i love the titles of your books you would never think they were about murder! There are many of us who love mysteries without it having to be dark and gruesome and yours sound like these are fun and witty

Re: Mr. Perfect (4:58pm July 12, 2009):

I love Linda Howard by the way.
Ok that said, I read Twilight from a dare of a co worker who had read the series and kept telling me it was not just for teenagers and still didn't believe him so bought the book for my daughter who is not a teenager and she told me he was right and I would enjoy the books. So I read them and lost the bet but enjoyed the reading so much I didn't care

Re: The Beach House (3:05pm July 11, 2009):

I get personal satisfaction from reading books. I love love stories and only read books that have a nice ending, but i know many friends who read anything and everything that is written. I have visited many countries, through reading only, seen cultural differences and languages and my spelling has increased too. I read for pleasure, for laughter and joy in simply living

Re: Art Of Sensuality (8:20pm July 10, 2009):

I've never been to a conference except work related and I must say I found those long and boring

Re: Object of Desire (8:11pm July 9, 2009):

Sex and suspense a great combination. God luck with your book

Re: Greedy Bones (9:22am July 7, 2009):

I like the idea that the characters are part of your life so thoroughly they come naturally to you

Re: Winter Kiss (6:59pm July 5, 2009):

Wow! So may books coming out. I already have a few read, some in my TBR pile and now more to add to my list. I can't wait to find some you have recommended.
Thank you for your july titles

Re: Prime Time (6:56pm July 5, 2009):

sounds like a fun book

Re: The Splendor Falls (6:54pm July 5, 2009):

this author sound interesting and the book she is currently writing sounds like it might be worth looking at

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (6:49pm July 5, 2009):

I have some of the books you mentioned today in my TBR pile and I have read Kiss and Hell by Dakota Cassidy; you're right it was funny and I enjoyed it. I haven't seen your book at the stores yet but I'm keeping my eyes open

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (6:42pm July 5, 2009):

I tried to read several books by Margaret Atwood since she has been recommended to me quite often bu I simply could not read her books. She is a talented writer but her style is not for me

Re: Love At First Flight (7:29pm July 3, 2009):

love the way you did this story as an interview with a live person instead of a character

Re: Queen Takes King (10:41am July 2, 2009):

It's great that you can give us a view of authors doing what they do best, writing

Re: Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress (10:30am July 2, 2009):

Reading is a wonderful way to relax after a busy day of working, cleaning up making meals; definitely better than chocolate when you look in the mirror

Re: The Texas Twins (5:22pm July 1, 2009):

I honestly can't say if I ever knew what I really wanted to be. My daughter however was always struggling with maths and in grade 4 she had this amazing teacher who used fun methods to teach math and that's when my daughter decided she would be a teacher to help kids like her who have a harder time comprehending such subjects

Re: A Stroke of Magic (4:58pm July 1, 2009):

Hi Tracy
I haven't found your books yet in our bookstores in Canada but have seen them online; sooner or later I'll get a chance to pick one up. Quirky: Grandma Mazur in Janet Evanovich's Plum series which I love

Re: Wild Heart (9:59am June 29, 2009):

The cover is beautiful and I'm sure your story will be great too. But I never knew how much preparation there was th get published.
Good luck!

Re: Loving a Lost Lord (5:06pm June 28, 2009):

Yes sometimes when I am reading I will wonder if I haven't just finished this book no so long ago; the realize it's by a different author. I don't mind since when continuing to read I start noticing the differences in the styles of each author or the different twist that unravels as I keep reading

Re: The Scot And I (7:23pm June 25, 2009):

your books are always in demand so keep them coming

Re: The Best Of Everything (11:05am June 24, 2009):

great advice; one my husband and I have followed for the last 30 years together

Re: Pulling The Trigger (6:57pm June 22, 2009):

I love seeing the hero or heroine on the cover but I would really love it if it matched the descriptions in the book

Re: Dial Emmy For Murder (4:25pm June 20, 2009):

It must be very difficult writing as a team via email

Re: Beyond The Code Of Conduct (8:27pm June 17, 2009):

every man should read at least one romance book and then give an honest opinion

Re: Last Resort: Marriage (8:11pm June 17, 2009):

I have a room full of shelves with books that I have read and re read, different authors Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, Diana Palmer etc. I also give away about 6 boxes full of books every few months to charitable causes:CHEO, women's abuse center etc. I love reading an encourage as many as I can too

Re: From Friend To Father (10:47pm June 15, 2009):

I started reading romance when I was 11 years old, any books I could find in our school library since my parents could not afford to buy me books. Then went on to Harlequin books my aunts gave me, all with doctors and nurses and to this day I still love romance books. For the love, friendship, understanding in a family. Like you when I read my books sometimes I felt co workers watch and wonder why I would read those kind of books and I would tell them for the joy and happiness they bring me.
Thank you for writing romance novels and please continue to do so.

Re: A Little Light Magic (2:37pm June 14, 2009):

I wish I could find your book but at this time the only way for me to read it is to order online, so I'll just have to wait

Re: Undead And Unwelcome (2:34pm June 14, 2009):

I would love to go to a book signing but none of my authors seem to come anywhere near where I live in Canada. Which authors? let me see: Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz, Anya Bast, Cynthia Eden, Nora Roberts AKA J D Robb, and the list goes on. I would certainly drive a few hours if necessary to get the chance to meet one of them.

Re: When The Sun Goes Down... (7:18pm June 8, 2009):

I haven't tried any of these authors yet, so more on my TBR pile.

Re: A Little Light Magic (7:16pm June 8, 2009):

your book sounds so funny and real, I'd love to have it, but haven't found it yet in our stores here.

Re: Final Approach (7:11pm June 8, 2009):

I m guilty of some of those good book offenses numbers 1,2,4,5 and 6; that's about half of the ones you've listed; I'm sure there are more but that will be for another time.

Re: On Wings of the Morning (10:22pm June 7, 2009):

I try to stick to a rule of 3 books per week, but it's really hard with all you great authors writing for us.

Re: The Red Pony (10:18pm June 7, 2009):

I can't remember even one of the books we had to read but I still tried to encourage my kids to read them when it was their turn; my son actually loved the classics and remembers them well; my daughter on the other hand could not have cared less. Both my kids are avid readers but completely different styles as am I

Re: How To Seduce A Texan (7:09pm June 4, 2009):

that was fun,anymore questions?

Re: The Baby Bond (7:12pm June 3, 2009):

I stop in to any bookstore I can find when on vacation, just for the pleasure of it

Re: Believe (4:40pm May 31, 2009):

I only like anthologies when they are a part of a series and you want to know the fate of a particular character, but on the whole I prefer a full length book

Re: A Thread Of Truth (7:20pm May 29, 2009):

You are so right: we would do anything for our children.
Just wanted to congratulate you on both your books, they sound great

Re: Beneath Bone Lake (7:11pm May 28, 2009):

I can't stand spiders but I still kill them without hesitating; I don't like mice either but those I chase away unless my cat gave it to me as a gift(usually dead by then). That's it

Re: Master Of Craving (6:49pm May 27, 2009):

congratulations on the book.
Me I clean out, starting usually in the kitchen and working my way to the bedroom closet. Works for me.

Re: A Little Light Magic (9:35am May 26, 2009):

'm the baby of three siblings; but there is a large gap between my sister and brother who are close in age and then me down the road, it's like having the oldest child a second time around; responsible, taking care of everyone, remembering all the birthdays and anniversaries.

Re: My Forbidden Desire (5:28pm May 25, 2009):

nope this is not what I think about when reading werewolves or shapeshifters' stories; just the enjoyment of the story and it's conclusion, but you did start me thinking

Re: The Warrior (7:06pm May 24, 2009):

I;m both: a planner when it comes to making grocery lists based on how low our stock is, the I go through sales papers and pick my items from there and so on till I've filled my stock again; same for books I have a wish list with the specific dates of releases. However in both cases and when I ma out and about, if I see something interesting I pick it up.

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (7:02pm May 24, 2009):

I'm in between: I have a wish list of books with their release dates so I know when to go and purchase them; however I read them when I feel like that particular book strikes me

Re: The Accidental Lawman (7:24pm May 22, 2009):

Hi Jill
your book looks interesting and westerns are becoming much more popular at this time; good luck with your books and to all contestants.

Re: Kissing The Man Next Door (7:54pm May 18, 2009):

my neighbors on both sides were retired, so the chance of my falling for one of them was pretty slim; but I did meet my husband at a country western bar and we have been together since

Re: Pretty in Plaid (6:15pm May 17, 2009):

Mostly I am early by 5 minutes; I hate making anyone wait for me, it's just rude. However the other members of my family: husband, son and daughter, do not have the same courtesy which angers me. So it is a constant struggle when going anywhere with them from telling them the outing starts 15 min. earlier than they believe to actual threats.
Oh well, we still get there don't we?

Re: Mistress (6:53pm May 16, 2009):

OK I don't believe the way the name is pronounced is a problem; it's whatever I think the pronunciation is. However having too many characters can become a problem if they all have an important role, ut I haven't had that problem yet

Re: Killer Cuts (10:34pm May 14, 2009):

all the books sound great! Goo luck to all.

Re: Immortals: The Crossing (7:01pm September 18, 2008):

I read the original series and would love to try the next.these books

Re: Immortals: The Crossing (6:08pm August 12, 2008):

loved the original series, hope this one as good

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