March 2nd, 2024
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March's Must-Reads: Mystery, Romance, and Thrills Await!

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Can an officer and her K-9 survive a killer�s trap?

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Love and fossils collide in a race against treachery and time.

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"They decided a man couldn't handle this assignment, Sergeant. So, they sent a woman instead.�

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Chilling danger meets fiery passion in a race against a serial killer's legacy.

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Quirky village charm meets sinister secrets and a quest for truth.

slideshow image
Regency intrigue where honor and danger intertwine in a quest for justice.

slideshow image
Summer escape turns chilling as Molly Murphy unravels a deadly countryside mystery.

Sheila True

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386 comments posted.

Re: Crime Rib (10:19pm July 1, 2014):

Enjoyed your blog, sounds like a great book.

Re: Muffin But Murder (10:15pm July 1, 2014):

Great Contest, looking forward to reading your book.

Re: The Paris Time Capsule (2:16pm April 28, 2014):

I don't have any true mysteries in my life, but your book sounds like a great read.

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (8:48pm March 6, 2014):

Sounds like my kinda read. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (11:16pm March 5, 2014):

Changing jobs is as adventurous as I get.

Re: The Rebel Pirate (11:08pm March 5, 2014):

My favorite romance author has to be Nicolas Sparks

Re: The Mapmaker's Daughter (10:58pm March 5, 2014):

Great fan of historial novels.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (3:05pm February 8, 2014):

Will the " MacGregor's Lady " be the last book in the series. Sounds like a great book.

Re: Teacup Turbulence (9:10pm January 28, 2014):

Living with four dogs,your rescue mystries sound like sometimes I could enjoy.

Re: Poison Town (8:50pm January 24, 2014):

Enjoyed your blog and looking forward to reading a great sounding book.

Re: Wishing On Buttercups (1:07pm January 24, 2014):

As a child and into adulthood I have been a stutterer. So, I have insecures when it comes to expressing myself. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (8:54pm January 16, 2014):

I'm a country girl, so rather read about house parties at a country estate.

Re: Limoncello Yellow (11:11pm January 14, 2014):

I'm from Nashville. Color us Country.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (8:28pm January 10, 2014):

Just reading your blog, I was left with a sinking feeling, just knowing the price that was paid for the freedom we enjoy today. A big Thank You to all veterans.

Re: Songs of Shenandoah (8:12pm January 10, 2014):

civil War romance, just my favorite read. Really enjoyed your blog.

Re: The Purchase (10:31pm January 8, 2014):

Sounds like my kinda read, really injoyed your blog.

Re: The Groom's Gamble (8:33pm January 5, 2014):

I cast my vote for " Her Bodyguard ".

Re: Welcome Back To Apple Grove (4:57pm December 20, 2013):

If I have to choose my favorite cookie it would have to be chocolate chip, but will eat any put in front of me.

Re: Wicked Little Secrets (2:41pm December 13, 2013):

Being able to express your thoughts with the written word is not easy task. I would love to be able to say, " I am a writer."

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief (2:30pm December 13, 2013):

Great interview with Hal.

Re: Undressing Mr. Darcy (10:08pm December 9, 2013):

Book sounds great, not to sure I'd like to attend an undressing.

Re: Billionaire Blend (10:01pm December 9, 2013):

Really enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a delicious read.

Re: Stranded (10:27pm December 6, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. Great contest.

Re: Tempest's Course (10:25pm December 6, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog, brought back reading memories.

Re: Down Range (11:03pm December 2, 2013):

Great Blog, sounds like a great read.

Re: Hard As It Gets (6:01pm November 25, 2013):

Living with four dogs, I enjoy reading any romance novel with animals.

Re: Home for Christmas (5:55pm November 25, 2013):

I do very little decorating for Christmas, rather spend my time enjoying the holidays in other ways.

Re: The Wedding Game (2:28pm November 24, 2013):

First marriage for love the second for money.

Re: A Song At Twilight (7:59pm November 18, 2013):

Working couples can be a fun read. The only couple I can think of, off hand, is Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man.

Re: Once A Seal (3:55pm November 15, 2013):

My experiences as a wife is being able to be married to the same man for almost 48 years. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Bulletproof (11:35pm November 13, 2013):

Book sounds great. My oldest grandson is my military hero, just because he chose to serve his country for six years.

Re: A Midsummer Bride (9:54pm October 31, 2013):

I like my heroine to be spunky and intertaining. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (1:13pm October 28, 2013):

Being dependent on other people for so much of daily activities.

Re: The Wishing Thread (1:09pm October 28, 2013):

For Christmas one year my Grandmother gave me a doll with a trunk of crocheted and knit clothes

Re: Milkshakes, Mermainds, and Murder (9:27pm October 24, 2013):

Living in Nashville and working in a hotel, I sometimes see famous people and usually don't even know it.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (12:59pm October 22, 2013):

Born and raised in Mississippi, I love to read books I can feel part of. Really enjoyed your bolg.

Re: Behind the Shattered Glass (9:20pm October 17, 2013):

Your blog made being a house servant the best choice.

Re: Plague Ship (11:16pm October 15, 2013):

Great contest, I'm a fan of medical thrillers.

Re: Kisses On Her Christmas List (9:24pm October 3, 2013):

Book sounds great. Love to read Christmas stories because you have such a good feeling after you finish.

Re: Dirty Trick (5:44pm September 25, 2013):

All snuggley on the couch, dozing, while trying to read a good book with a good cup of coffee. That's how I would like to spend my fall afternoon, but only in my dreams.

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (5:35pm September 20, 2013):

There are a lot of things I dread, like mopping floors and cleaning the bathroom. Those are small things compared to dreading another Christmas season.

Re: The Surprising Enchantress (8:50pm September 16, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Been to New York once and also got to enjoy seeing three shows, just to long ago for me to remember if I enjoyed them that much.

Re: Traces Of Mercy (7:19pm September 12, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog, book sounds great. Somethings are better left forgotten.

Re: Shades Of Mercy (1:28pm September 11, 2013):

Book sounds great, enjoyed your blog.

Re: When Mountains Move (1:26pm September 11, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog, I'm a Mississippi that like to read Mississippi authors.

Re: Honeymoon To Die For (1:21pm September 11, 2013):

Yes, always by the cover and reviews.

Re: The Good Wife (4:04pm September 3, 2013):

Being the oldest of five sister, I enjoyed reading sister books. It's aways good to start with the first one. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (9:51pm September 2, 2013):

Don't recall any books I have read based on a fairy tale, but have enjoyed a few of the movies. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (9:42pm September 2, 2013):

Not a tea drinker, but a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin with a cup of coffee sounds good to me.

Re: Unforeseeable (12:58pm August 30, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. Sounds likea a great read.

Re: The Blood Gospel (12:41pm August 30, 2013):

Would love to win this book for my son, a hugh James Rollins fan.

Re: Written in the Stars (10:01pm August 28, 2013):

Loved reading your "absolutely true stories".

Re: Love Him or Leave Him (9:56pm August 28, 2013):

Sounds like a great book. Would also make a good song title.

Re: A Rancher's Christmas (11:42pm August 27, 2013):

A small town must have a good Wal-mart, doctor, and library.

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (9:38pm August 22, 2013):

I love to read series because they start to become part of me. Enjoyed reading your blog, book sounds great.

Re: Surrender To Sultry (9:33pm August 22, 2013):

I'm still sentimental when thinking of my first loves. I could really enjoying reading your book.

Re: Last Chance Reunion (7:18pm August 21, 2013):

I like to read romantic and historial romance and someone else can enjoy paranormal.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (7:02pm August 20, 2013):

After the joys and heartbreaks of raising two children, I now find I am substitute Mom to three grand sons. Book sounds great but I only read print. Can always use the gift card.

Re: Strung Out To Die (2:35pm August 19, 2013):

Cozy mysteries are just a comfortable read.

Re: Italian Affair (11:04am August 10, 2013):

The main characters in The Notebook have stayed with me the longest because of my age. Injoyed reading your blog.

Re: Love On A Midsummer Night (1:48pm August 8, 2013):

Never been able to understand Shakespeare, but your new book sounds like a great read.

Re: What the Bride Wore (8:53pm August 6, 2013):

Sounds like a trip that could get fast and furious.

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (8:49pm August 6, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (8:46pm August 6, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Got to read the great recipies on your website and learn about your books which really sound like a fun read.

Re: A Father For Her Triplets (1:19pm August 5, 2013):

Everytime I get close to finding my path for happiness it always seems to be filled with stumbling blocks. Looking forward to taking the right path.

Re: Date with Destiny (1:09pm August 5, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Can't think of any one character that has touch my life, just any that can give me a good cry, that why I enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks.

Re: Death Al Dente (11:37am August 2, 2013):

Have never moved back to my home town, nothing left there for me. Enjoyed your blog,

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (9:52pm July 31, 2013):

Being raised in Miss. and about the same age as Billie in 1955, your book sound like my kinda read.

Re: The Eskimo Hunts in Miami! (9:46pm July 31, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Don't think I have read any books with an Eskimo as the main character.

Re: Traveling Light (10:07pm July 28, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Book sounds like a great read,since I share my home with four dogs.

Re: Second Ride Cowboy (10:01pm July 28, 2013):

Any things possible. Just don't take it to the 3rd or 4th chance.

Re: The Outcast Prince (10:45pm July 25, 2013):

Working for a antique dealer sounds like a perfect job for someone who knows the history of things they touch. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: A Spy to Die For (10:39pm July 25, 2013):

I love spies too.

Re: Reckless (10:35pm July 25, 2013):

Have never read a book about stuntmen, sounds like my kinda read.

Re: Raspberries and Vinegar (10:54pm July 21, 2013):

I don't even like to cook, so I look for the quick and easy.

Re: The Officer And The Secret (1:59pm July 19, 2013):

If a long distant romance dosn't work, it wasn't worth the try.

Re: Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe (1:55pm July 19, 2013):

I crave sweets and a sweet read. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Rancher to the Rescue (10:00pm July 17, 2013):

My husband was the baby of the family and a Mama's boy when we married 47 yrs ago. After a few moves out of state away from friends and family he got over it.

Re: Jungle Fire (10:52pm July 11, 2013):

I enjoy reading about the people in small towns.

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (10:45pm July 11, 2013):

Very touching blog.

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (7:18pm July 9, 2013):

Not really a fan of zombies or paranormal, but do live in a family that would enjoy the DVD as I would the gift card.

Re: Masters of The Cats: Collaring The Saber-Tooth (10:43am July 1, 2013):

I'll be working on the 4th.

Re: Wish You Were Here (2:04pm June 29, 2013):

As a child and young adult I never read. It was after becoming a Mom that I started to enjoy reading and was able to pass this love of books to my daughter and son.

Re: Exposed (10:16pm June 26, 2013):

Good to learn the Tracer Series doesn't have to be read in order.

Re: The Look of Love (1:30pm June 21, 2013):

This series is new to me, looking forward to meeting the Sullivans.

Re: The Fireman's Homecoming (12:07pm June 13, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog, first of heard of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I'm not a crafty person but I do read in my spare time.

Re: Summer at Mustang Ridge (7:01pm June 11, 2013):

I really don't have a tradition except for being the one that makes the potatoe salad. Voted for your book cover in a cover contest and now I have a chance of winning a copy.

Re: The Firebird (10:09pm June 6, 2013):

I was not a reader in my younger years and still haven't read any of the classics.So,all the books that increased my love for reading are the ones that make me what I am today.

Re: Tainted Angel (10:00pm June 6, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a hugh fan of spy stories.

Re: It Had To Be You (9:54pm June 5, 2013):

I like to read when it's quite,with no distractions at all.

Re: Katie's Choice (4:17pm June 3, 2013):

Have only read a few Amish novels, so haven't developed an opinion on Amish romance. Yours seems like it me be able to put me on the right path. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Five Days in Skye (4:11pm June 3, 2013):

My favorite books are written by Christian authors and yours sounds like a great read.

Re: Lighten Up (2:00pm May 27, 2013):

From brith to death we a faced with life challenges and temptations.

Re: Paige Torn (1:53pm May 27, 2013):

If I were doing a new garden it would have to be something that would hold up to four dogs.

Re: Reign (1:49pm May 27, 2013):

If there is much challenge I usually don't do it. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: The Secret Life of Lady Julia (8:09pm May 26, 2013):

I have always wanted to be a woman with a strong, out-spoken personalty. Like the roles played by Bea Authur or Vicke Lawerence in Mama's Family. Book sounds great.

Re: Lady Vivian Defies A Duke (12:29pm May 24, 2013):

I love to read series. Stephanie Plum, Miss Julia, Alex Cross snd the list goes on and on.

Re: The Begonia Bribe (12:23pm May 24, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Book sounds great,bookcover really got my attention.

Re: Flora's Wish (8:57pm May 23, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. You write book that have a special appeal.

Re: A Healing Heart (8:51pm May 23, 2013):

My sister has a memory quilt made of Tee shirts. Family members gave a shirt that could be assoicated with each of them. This quilt is helping her through her journey with cancer.

Re: When The Morning Glory Blooms (7:12pm May 23, 2013):

I find life for me is less complicated if I pass on close friend and just have close acquintances.

Re: The Summer I Became A Nerd (9:46pm May 22, 2013):

Can't think of a thing I really nerd out about. I'm a take it or leave type of person. So, I guess i'm a nerd about doing my own thing.

Re: Last Chance For Justice (11:16am May 20, 2013):

Great story line. I like to read a varity of book, as long as they hold my interest.

Re: Yesterday's Echo (10:59am May 20, 2013):

The only thing holding me back is me.

Re: Changing Lanes (8:39pm May 16, 2013):

Hold off a few years before marriage, been more serious when it came to education and have a career to always fall back on.

Re: Angora Alibi (10:29pm May 12, 2013):

Enjoyed reading about the ordeal you went through having your picture taken, I can really relate.

Re: Die for Me (10:22pm May 12, 2013):

Really enjoyed your serial killer blog, brought out things I haven't considered.

Re: A Highland Werewolf Wedding (6:53pm May 9, 2013):

Book sounds like a fun read. It may make me a fan of paranormal romance.

Re: Stealing Harper (6:04pm May 7, 2013):

I did become a reader,but never became a writer, and never will. Enjoyed your blog. Sounds like my school years.

Re: Fearless Heart (8:54pm May 5, 2013):

Great storyline, just my kinda read. Enjoyed your depression blog.

Re: With a Vengeance (2:59pm May 3, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. Loyal friends are hard to find unless you are married to one. Like I am.

Re: A Wedding In Springtime (8:15pm May 2, 2013):

I like my men to have a little polish.

Re: Heart Of Iron (8:11pm May 2, 2013):

My hero would have to be like a boy scout, loyal, trustworthy and brave.

Re: The Seven-Day Target (11:25am April 29, 2013):

I am also a fan of romantic suspense, but it has to be something I can relate to, not future, vampires,or shape shifters.

Re: Honorable Rancher (11:48am April 27, 2013):

Have never given alph or beta much thought, just enjoy a good story that makes me go ahhh at the end.

Re: The Last Telegram (5:53pm April 25, 2013):

Sounds like a great subject for a novel. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Temporary Roomates (7:17pm April 22, 2013):

I enjoy both City and Country reads. Lean more toward the small rural towns.

Re: The Summer He Came Home (7:09pm April 18, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog, brought back memories.

Re: A Method to Madness (8:08pm April 16, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. Crime fiction my favorite read.

Re: Night Demon (8:01pm April 14, 2013):

Who even wants to deal with a man with no brains?

Re: Darius (7:22pm April 4, 2013):

To solve a problem I try to imagine what the outcome my be for different solution, and then sleep on it. Hast always leads to something hard to undo.

Re: Once Tempted (7:27pm April 2, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog and book sounds like a great read. On the subject of road trips, I can't think of any worth remembering.

Re: A Shot Of Sultry (10:30pm March 28, 2013):

My most treasured gift is a cross necklace with my daughters birthstone, a few months after her death.

Re: Lord of the Keep (4:31pm March 23, 2013):

If the cover does't attract my attention, might not pick up the book. I only read print, no e-books for me.

Re: Nickeled-And-Dimed To Death (4:20pm March 23, 2013):

If you don't get it right the first time, there's always a second chance.

Re: When She Was Gone (6:43pm March 20, 2013):

Home to me was always trying to find a quite place. Being the oldest of eight kids I retreated to my Grandmother's house next door. Sleeping with her by an open window and hearing the night sounds is one thing I can remember.

Re: Buried In A Bog (5:22pm March 18, 2013):

Never been to Irland, but your blog made it sound very inviting. Love to read cozy mysteries.

Re: Assaulted Pretzel (6:38pm March 13, 2013):

I work in a hotel,so I people watch all the time. I did have a grandmother that was the champion.

Re: Hunted (12:01pm March 11, 2013):

Sounds great!

Re: Out Of Circulation (9:26am March 10, 2013):

I love cozy mysteries,animals and born and raised in Mississippi.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (5:18pm March 7, 2013):

What a fun read, looking forward to the book.

Re: The Christie Curse (5:36pm March 3, 2013):

My daughter and I were alot alike, so I think we could have worked will togather.

Re: Protector (5:29pm March 3, 2013):

I always have a book with me. Don't leave home without one.

Re: Into the Spotlight (5:26pm March 3, 2013):

Viva Las Vegas would have to be my favorite.

Re: Jake (9:43pm February 26, 2013):

My favorite read is a western romance.

Re: X Marks The Scot (3:02pm February 22, 2013):

Enjoyed your bad boy blog. Looking forward to reading the book.

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (2:59pm February 22, 2013):

I enjoy the Grandmas. Like the Alex Cross and Stephanie Plum's Grannies. Enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (3:59pm February 17, 2013):

I really don't enjoy traveling, just a stay close to home person. If I had to pick someplace to go it would be the state of Washington to visit the oldest grandson.

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (4:27pm February 13, 2013):

I'm not a sun and sand person, so I would be looking for a secluded spot and enjoy the quiet.

Re: Wildcat (4:22pm February 13, 2013):

I'd be lost for words. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (2:48pm February 9, 2013):

Injoyed reading your blog. I feel I learn more history from the novels I read than in history books.

Re: Seven-Night Stand (2:45pm February 9, 2013):

I love to read books with a civil war background. Injoyed reading your blog.

Re: Once Again A Bride (8:20pm February 7, 2013):

I have my grandmother's secretary that once held all my little girl treasures and dreams.

Re: Lady Eve's Indiscretion (8:13pm February 7, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your blog and your love of horses. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: In From The Cold (12:20pm February 3, 2013):

Enjoyed reading your blog. The only winter sport I enjoyed is reading a good book and yours sounds like a great read.

Re: The Billionaire's Baby SOS (1:38pm February 1, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. I come from a big family but don't have a favorite big family book. Sounds like an interesting series

Re: The Autumn Bride (10:34am January 31, 2013):

I don't belong to a book club, I just enjoy reading and don't care about discussing or analyzig. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (7:44pm January 27, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog. Love someone with an attitude.

Re: Real Men Don\'t Break Hearts (5:58pm January 23, 2013):

Enjoyed your blog,sounds like a great read.

Re: Falling for her Fiance (5:56pm January 23, 2013):

I want my man to be faithful, truthful, sincere, understanding and have a love for God.

Re: Undercover Wolf (5:43pm January 22, 2013):

Both books sound like great reads. Living in a house with four dogs I lean towards " Oldles of Poodles ".

Re: Beeline To Trouble (6:17pm January 19, 2013):

Romance in a mystery is fine by me, as long as the author doesn't go into details. Enjoyed reading your blog, book sounds like a lot of fun.

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (11:24pm January 18, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your inspiration blog. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Thread On Arrival (6:15pm January 16, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your blog. It introduced me to a new series that I plan to start reading. Im still a paperback reader haven't gone electronic.

Re: Finding Home (8:28pm January 14, 2013):

My favorite memories are growing up in a very small farming town with seven younger brothers and sister, and having a grandmother living next door.

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (9:02pm January 10, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your blog, Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Prince Of Power (9:16pm January 3, 2013):

Really enjoyed reading your blog. The cover of a book usually lets me know if I would even be interested, then look at the authors name and read the fly leaf. Never heard of a playlist for books.

Re: The Ravenous Dead (3:04pm December 31, 2012):

I am thankful for a supportive family that always there for me, and being blessed with good health so I'm not yet a burden for anyone.

Re: Fallen Angel (2:41pm December 29, 2012):

I am grateful for the good reports my sister is getting after each doctors visit. Also, for the great Pastor that came to our church this past year.

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (2:35pm December 29, 2012):

I have never been good at setting goals or resolutions so I don't even bother. Enjoyed your bolg.

Re: Live And Let Love (3:34pm December 28, 2012):

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Book sounds like a great read. Romance, spies, adventure and laughs, all that I'm looking for in a book.

Re: Renegade (12:01pm December 25, 2012):

I just got through watching "It's A Wonderful Life", again getting misty eyed at the end. Always like to watch this movie once during the Christmas season. Also, have to see at least on live production of "A Christmas Carol".

Re: Perfect Misfits (9:03pm December 22, 2012):

Really enjoyed reading your blog and reminding me to watch Rudolph again. Haven't sat down and watched it since my children were small.

Re: Captive Of The Border Lord (8:22pm December 20, 2012):

Being in oldest of 8 kids there is always stories to tell when we get togather. Rememberances of parents, grandparents, great grandparent and stories about growing up in a large family.

Re: Against The Odds (11:59pm December 19, 2012):

No traditions, just enjoying the holiday with the ones you love.

Re: Just A Cowboy And His Baby (4:12pm December 14, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog, book sounds like a great read. I live with enough conflit and rather not have much in what I read.

Re: A Seal At Heart (4:04pm December 14, 2012):

My husband and grandsons along with a very few select friends are my team. They are supportive without expecting anything in return.

Re: Love Thy Sister (10:23pm December 12, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog, book sounds like a great read.

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (2:23pm December 7, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your tidbits of information, they were all new to me. Looking forward to reading your new book.

Re: Rancher's Son (6:46pm December 6, 2012):

Never realized cattle was even raised in Flordia, let along have cattle drives. Book sounds like a delightful read.

Re: Holiday Buzz (7:50pm December 4, 2012):

Really enjoyed your blog, Coffeehouse series sounds like my kind a read.

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (8:39pm December 2, 2012):

I got my wish for Christmas. My grandson in the military will be home. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Heart Of A Texan (4:00pm November 30, 2012):

Really enjoyed reading your blog on Cowboys. My husband makes sure I'm exposed to cowboys on T.V. 24/7. Book sounds great.

Re: How I Came To Sparkle Again (10:00pm November 29, 2012):

Don't depend on my directions. Don't know north from south or east from west,and sometimes get left and right mixed up. So, a GPS would be your best bet.

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (8:57pm November 27, 2012):

I love to read Christmas books to help put me in the holiday mood. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (1:41pm November 24, 2012):

Really enjoyed reading your blog. All my special memories are around a time when all members of my family were here to celebrate.

Re: Untamed (4:13pm November 23, 2012):

I use the day after Thanksgiving to rest up from all the work the day before.

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (1:56pm November 16, 2012):

Finding a lasting love is a great thing, but not easy to find. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: A Wedding In Apple Grove (1:52pm November 16, 2012):

Your book sounds like a great read. I was raised in a county of only small towns, in fact the town I am from is only a post office now.

Re: Texas Wide Open (6:56pm November 14, 2012):

Really enjoyed your blog, book sounds like my kinda read.

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (6:16pm November 11, 2012):

My favorite memories of Christmas are when my children were small and celebrating at my parents house with all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Re: What The Cat Saw (3:53pm November 10, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Your new book sounds great to a cat loves like myself.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (9:13pm November 8, 2012):

Tinkerbell on her robe.

My best Christmas momories are when my children were small, and all family members were still with us.

Re: The Snow White Christmas Cookie (5:59pm November 4, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog, looks like I have found a new author. Your books sound like my kind of read.

Re: The Warrior (6:49pm November 1, 2012):

I'm inspired by listening to Southern Gospel and music from the 40's and 50's. Enjoyed your blog and book sounds like a great read.

Re: One Night with a Hero (12:06pm October 27, 2012):

The self discipline that seens to go with the uniform.

Re: Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight (1:32pm October 26, 2012):

Christmas stories and movies are what it takes to get me in a holiday mood.

Re: Mistletoe Cowboy (1:28pm October 26, 2012):

I like it when I feel myself becoming that character, really can't enjoy a book unless I become part of the story.

Re: Night Thief (7:40pm October 25, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog.Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie (9:06pm October 18, 2012):

You always try to make a good first impression, might not get another chance to change someones mind about you.

Re: Return Of The Border Warrior (7:14pm October 17, 2012):

No secret treasures, but enjoyed reading your blog and being introduced to your new book.

Re: Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch (9:03pm October 16, 2012):

I can't recall a good break up or revenge story. That was all too long ago. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Shattered Silence (8:53pm October 14, 2012):

Texas Ranger series sounds like one I could really get into, just my type of read.

Re: The Shadowy Horses (3:47pm October 12, 2012):

Dialect can be overdone, which causes me to lose interest real fast. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Run The Risk (7:21pm October 11, 2012):

Can't think of a dishonorable hero on the spur of the moment,but book sounds like a great read.

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (4:33pm October 8, 2012):

By the time I really got interested in reading, there was no one that really cared what I read. Hiding a book I read is not my thing.

Re: Wild Encounter (9:41pm October 7, 2012):

I hope I'd fight for my survival and not give up.

Re: Until My Soul Gets It Right (11:01pm September 30, 2012):

I'm not in a book club but, have a friend that likes to discuss books.

Re: Construction Beauty Queen (10:56pm September 30, 2012):

I was raised in a very small town and what I remember is the freedom we had growing up. Today that small town is only a post office.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (7:20pm September 28, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Book sounds like a great read. Have never heard of faro.

Re: Diary of a Vampire Stripper (11:39pm September 26, 2012):

Great Blog. Book sound like an interesting read.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (8:27pm September 25, 2012):

Home is where you find continment, so the place can change with your mood.

Re: Seduction's Shift (4:09pm September 23, 2012):

Interesting story line, panthers are a new read for me. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Charming Blue (3:59pm September 21, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog,Charming Blue sounds like a great read.

Re: Where There's A Will (3:26pm September 21, 2012):

I really don't care what the storyline happens to be as long as I can have a good cry. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: The Curse (4:18pm September 16, 2012):

I read only print, have no intrest in a E-reader. I don't keep books, once read it is passed on to a friend to enjoy.

Re: Kiss Of Steel (3:34pm September 14, 2012):

Other than Dracula I have read very few vampire books. Your newest sounds like a great read.

Re: A Lady And Her Magic (3:28pm September 14, 2012):

I can't remember having a strong attachment to any toy, but I did like my paper doll collection.

Re: One Wrong Move (10:21pm September 12, 2012):

Enjoyed reading the excerpt of your lastest book, sound like a great read.

Re: Lucky Break (5:00pm September 1, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Yes, I love to read stories set in small towns. The pace is slower and the people are unique. Your book sounds like a great read.

Re: Fool For Love (12:43pm August 29, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog, book sounds like a great read.

Re: Florentine's Hero (12:07pm August 25, 2012):

Have yet to read any Indulgence Romance books, but lookig forward for the chance.

Re: Not the Marrying Kind (12:00pm August 25, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog, looking forward to reading your new romances. Sounds like great reads.

Re: Bruja Brouhaha (2:26pm August 24, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Book sound like a great read.

Re: Relentless Pursuit (10:29pm August 20, 2012):

Sounds like a great read. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Allergic To Death (5:51pm August 18, 2012):

Sounds like a fun read, enjoyed your blog.

Re: Hearse And Buggy (2:59pm August 17, 2012):

Really enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Deep Blue (1:13pm August 14, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read

Re: Hearts Of Darkness (11:19am August 9, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Your new book sounds like a great read.

Re: A Brew To A Kill (7:46pm August 7, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog. New book sounds like a great read.

Re: The Last Victim (2:15pm August 5, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Going To The Bad (2:11pm August 5, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Book sounds like a great read/

Re: Married By Midnight (2:30pm August 3, 2012):

Having a short memorey, I like to wait for the complete series.

Re: The Secret Mistress (1:44pm July 31, 2012):

Alpha or beta makes no difference to me, as long as they hole my intrest and give me that ahhh feeling as I read.

Re: The Officer Says I DO (12:30pm July 19, 2012):

The acronym I can relate to is AARP. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Luscious (12:12pm July 19, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. I could read cookbooks for hours and never try any of the recipes. Your new romance novel sounds like a great read.

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (3:18pm July 14, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog, sounds like a great read. With four sister being queens there may be a power struggle to see who is number one.

Re: Jesse (2:13pm July 13, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog, sounds like a great read.

Re: Gwen's Ghost (4:56pm July 12, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog very much, looking forward to reading your books

Re: Deep Autumn Heat (11:13pm July 11, 2012):

I'm very self-conscious around people, but after two total hip replacements,have decided to go to a gym. The quicker I can get my strength back the sooner I can get back to work. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Dark Crossings (11:01pm July 11, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. Amish stories are great reads.

Re: Lord Of Fire And Ice (1:44pm July 5, 2012):

Sounds like a great read. Haven't read many viking romance, looking forward to this one.

Re: The Princess and the Outlaw (2:50pm July 1, 2012):

I enjoy the simple things in life.

Re: Lady Amelia's Mess And A Half (6:51pm June 28, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog, I cried through every movie mentioned,especially Ghost.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (10:18pm June 26, 2012):

I would like to be Judge Judy for a day. I'm not very out spoken and there are a few things I'd like to get off my chest.

Re: Starlight (12:48pm June 25, 2012):

Polly Gowan, weavers union, Church, Alex Christie, Harvard, Polly's Father.

Re: Into The Darkest Corner (3:37pm June 24, 2012):

I don't belong to a book club, but have friends that have the same taste in books.

Re: Sins Of The Angels (3:32pm June 24, 2012):

Enjoyed your blog. I'll never be a writer, but do enjoy a good read.

Re: Honorable Rancher (12:49pm June 20, 2012):

I haven't always been a reader but the older I get the more enjoyment I recieve from books.

Re: The Casanova Code (3:42pm June 18, 2012):

Looking for someone independently wealthy with unlimited credit cards. Book sounds great

Re: Undead And Unstable (6:09pm June 15, 2012):

Have never read any of your book, but liked what I read in your blog.Got my attention with "former trailer trash ".

Re: A Fatal Fleece (8:56pm June 11, 2012):

Sounds like a great series and my type of read.

Re: Joy Ride (9:46pm June 10, 2012):

I love to read. When I'm home alone the TV is never turned on.

Re: Copycat Killing (11:05am June 6, 2012):

No crushes, but I love to read books with animals. Have had cats in the past, now have four dogs. Book sound great.

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (6:44pm June 4, 2012):

I'm not a good liar. It's easier to tell the truth than the time it takes to make up a lie.

Re: Home For The Summer (6:39pm June 4, 2012):

Being the oldest of eight kids, summer was just a time for staying outside from morning to night. Thanks

Re: Her Highness, The Traitor (2:29pm June 1, 2012):

Sounds like a great read. Count me in. Thanks

Re: Tangle Of Need (11:13pm May 28, 2012):

Book sounds great. I really enjoy reading series novels.

Re: Where There's Smoke (2:27pm May 25, 2012):

Kicked out of Hell, you're bad. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: A Gentleman Says "I Do" (2:22pm May 25, 2012):

Sounds like a great read

Re: Night Walker (1:52pm May 16, 2012):

Any accent will do as long as English is fluent.

Re: Somebody To Love (8:27pm April 24, 2012):

The closest thing to a fresh start I have had is when my husband transfered to different places with his job and then having to move because his job was elimanated

Re: Sticks and Stones (12:52pm March 22, 2012):

I would like to write a book with my sisters because I would get a better understanding of our family.

Re: Kismet (12:10pm February 16, 2012):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Can't think of a comment, so I guess this is my word fail moment.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (12:03pm February 16, 2012):

I remember watching Poldard and loved it. I don't really have a favorite era, just enjoy reading

Re: Falling For The Fireman (3:32pm January 24, 2012):

I like to read any books about heros in uniforms, including firemen. Book sounds great.

Re: Amazon Heat (4:12pm January 23, 2012):

Novellas are fun to read. Books in a series gives me something to look forward to in reading.

Re: Dreamers (6:07pm January 21, 2012):

I would consider myself a loner, I am my own best company.

Re: Lure of Song and Magic (8:50pm January 18, 2012):

I have to experience it to believe it, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading about magic. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Made For Marriage (7:00pm January 17, 2012):

Have no idea how to avoid the slush pile, I'm a reader not a writer. Enjoyed your blog anyway.

Re: Scrumptious (8:59pm January 16, 2012):

I don't have a story, I never new what I wanted out of life, just what I did't want. I just try to make the best of what life throws at me each day.

Re: Dylan (9:56pm January 15, 2012):

Would love to win a copy of "Dylan", sounds like my kind of read.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (8:27pm January 12, 2012):

My hero would have to be committed. Book sounds great.

Re: Risking Trust (11:22pm January 11, 2012):

I'm always in a zone when I read a Nicolas Sparks novel.

Re: Bride By Mistake (9:47pm January 10, 2012):

Sounds like a great read. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: Hushed (5:54pm January 7, 2012):

I'm not one to set goals. I did enjoy reading your blog and hearing about someone else that has trouble with goals.

Re: A Demon Does It Better (12:53pm January 3, 2012):

Injoyed your blog. I quess it would be fun to live inside a pampered poodle for a while.

Re: Sweet Reward (7:19pm January 2, 2012):

I'm with you on liking all types of romance novels. Tortured heros are OK, just shows there's someone special waiting to be part of your life. Sounds like a great series. Enjoyed your blog.

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (1:51pm December 30, 2011):

My most treasured unexpected gift was on the first Mothers's Day after our daughter died my husband gave me a cross necklace with her birthstone.

Re: Waking Up Dead (11:03pm November 26, 2011):

Scary,makes you think twice before going under the knife. Looking forward to your book, sounds great.

Re: A Crimson Warning (9:37pm November 24, 2011):

I'm thankful for my family, good health, and freedom of worship.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (9:40pm November 22, 2011):

Don't have a favorite tormented hero. I work in a hotel resturant, so I work most holidays,and watch others injoy.

Re: The Fallen Queen (11:42pm November 17, 2011):

No book really stands out as being by favorite class and conflict.

Re: Until There Was You (10:09pm November 15, 2011):

I don't even remember my prom. Sounds like a great read.

Re: Shadowlander (11:24am November 11, 2011):

I enjoy reading all the Miss Julia novels by Ann B Ross

Re: Genie Knows Best (9:01pm November 10, 2011):

Book sounds great, enjoyed the outtake.

Re: Risking Trust (10:59pm November 8, 2011):

No one is perfect. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Liver Let Die (7:30pm November 5, 2011):

Names are very important, its something you live with for the rest of your life. Too bad some parents don't take that into consideration.

Re: Engaged in Sin (7:24pm November 5, 2011):

Sounds like a great book. Looking forward to it.

Re: Always a Temptress (11:29am November 4, 2011):

I love to read series. My favorite at the moment are Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum books and Ann B Ross, Miss Julia are fun reads.

Re: Dire Threads (10:16pm October 23, 2011):

I always looked up to my Grandmother. Never had an electric sewing machine,but could sew anything on a treadle ( which didn't even have a reverse). My first machine was a treadle,of coarse, but with a reverse. She was also skilled in any type of needlework.

Re: Roommates (10:20pm October 4, 2011):

I like the name Brock,a good strong name.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (1:47pm October 1, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog. I never really get in a reading slump, it's finding time to read that's the problem.

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (10:51pm September 14, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog, sounds like a great read.

Re: Out in Blue (11:42pm September 13, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog.

Re: No Proper Lady (12:17pm September 12, 2011):

Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Bel Air (10:46pm September 4, 2011):

I have two favorites mint chocolate chip and Baskin Robbin Praulins and Cream

Re: Sweet Justice (9:01am September 3, 2011):

Haven't read anything that had a creepy villain lately.

Re: Lady Of The English (8:58am September 3, 2011):

Would love to read more about the Two English Ladies.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (12:12pm August 31, 2011):

Running would not be an option. Hope I would try to defend myself.

Re: The Vampire Next Door (11:13am August 15, 2011):

Sounds like a fun read.

Re: Making Waves (6:05pm August 8, 2011):

Book sounds great, don't go to the movies enough to know if your choices were good.

Re: Undead And Undermined (4:28pm July 22, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog. Can't wait to read your book.

Re: In The Heat Of The Bite (1:00pm July 19, 2011):

enjoyed your blog. Book sounds great.

Re: Night Walker (11:41am July 18, 2011):

I wouldn't like to live forever unless I had somesone special sharing the experience with me.

Re: When One Night Isn't Enough (8:47pm July 14, 2011):

Your day has too much going on, makes me tried just reading it. Have to stay off the internet if I expect to get anything done. Book sounds great.

Re: The Crepe Makers' Bond (6:02pm July 13, 2011):

All through school I stuttered,not servere. Just bad enough that I knew not to do anything that envolved speaking before any people or trying to speak under any type of pressure. As I got older I learned more control, but still avoid any situations that might cause me to stutter.

Re: Magnificent Passage (7:39pm July 12, 2011):

Love It!!!! Sounds like a great read.

Re: Just One Season In London (1:38pm July 11, 2011):

enjoyed your blog. Sounds like a great book.

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (12:12pm July 8, 2011):

I used rocking and laying them across my knee and bouncing.

Re: Break Out (10:41am July 4, 2011):

Sounds like your book has something for everyone. Enjoyed the blog.

Re: Wild and Unruly (10:41pm June 30, 2011):

I don't think time travel is possible,but I still enjoy all the Back to the Future movies.

Re: Dying For Justice (8:54pm June 28, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog. My greatest fear is alheimer's disease. I like to read most anything except fanasty.

Re: Burning Skies (6:13pm June 24, 2011):

I had rather read about someone with wings, than have them.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (10:07pm June 19, 2011):

Happily ever after for me can only mean contentment. Book sounds great.

Re: Hard Bitten (10:58pm June 14, 2011):

I love to use my library card. Enjoyed your blog, book sounds great.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (9:55am June 13, 2011):

I'm not a beliver in witchcraft or anything supernatural. I do feel everyone does posess a sixth sense, just some people are more sensitive.

Re: Money Shot (4:44pm June 10, 2011):

Enjoyed your post. Book sound great. Don't really have a style.

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (6:37pm June 8, 2011):

Enjoyed your post. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Frostbound (6:49pm June 7, 2011):

Enjoyed what you had to say about your new book. Sounds great

Re: Cover of Darkness (6:32pm June 5, 2011):

Ejoyed your blog,don't really have a favorite military author or hero. Booksounds like a great read.

Re: Forced to Kill (12:36pm June 4, 2011):

Enjoyed the blog. Book sounds great.

Re: The Gin & Chowder Club (9:18pm May 31, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog, book sounds great. Looking forward to a good cry.

Re: Jump (12:04pm May 27, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog, book sounds great.

Re: Mind Games (11:00pm May 25, 2011):

Have never considered stalking anyone, so don't know who I would stalk. Enjoyed reading your list.

Re: Dirty (11:00pm May 22, 2011):

I don't care how a book is published, just as long as I enjoy the read. I like a book with a few strong characters and not a bunch of minor ones that I can't keep up with, and a story that does't go in to alot of detail, one I can put down and come back later and not be lost.

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (10:45pm May 19, 2011):

Enjoyed reading your blog. This is a subject so many women try to keep hidden.

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (6:49pm May 18, 2011):

I believe fictional characters are part of the author. Book sounds great.

Re: Grimoire (6:47pm May 15, 2011):

A strong secondary character is necessary to support a story.

Re: The Hat (11:30am May 9, 2011):

Being the oldest of eight children my memories of my Mother were always centered around kids and family. Seeing her caring for twins with polio will always stand out in my mind.

Re: A Family Affair (6:48pm May 6, 2011):

Book sounds great. I'm from a dysfunctional family and now I have a dysfunctional family, like everyone else.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (12:39pm May 2, 2011):

A hero can set a good example to follow, courage in what they belive, and show compassion. Book sounds great.

Re: Bastian (11:02pm May 1, 2011):

Book sounds great. Can't wait to read it.

Re: Total Abandon (10:39pm April 30, 2011):

I am a print person who has no desire to start reading E-books.

Re: My Favorite Countess (11:20pm April 28, 2011):

After reading some of the comments I see I'm not the only Marcus Welby M.D. fan. Enjoyed the enterview. Carmen sent me.

Re: Never A Gentleman (9:25pm April 26, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog, haven't read "Never a Gentleman."

Re: The Alchemy of Desire (12:41pm April 25, 2011):

Enjoyed the comments on your new book, sounds like a great read.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (11:29am April 23, 2011):

Looking forward to reading your first book,and newsletters.

Re: Hidden Embers (7:23pm April 22, 2011):

I always look forward to fall, there seems to be a little excitment in the air.

Re: Blood Sin (11:41pm April 21, 2011):

Sounds like a great book. Enjoyed what I read.

Re: Tangled Threads (2:28pm April 18, 2011):

Don't watch much TV, rather be reading a good book.

Re: Drip Dead (6:10pm April 14, 2011):

Enjoyed your comment about Career Day at school. I'd like for my 8th grade grandson to show even a little excitment about books.

Re: Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (10:23pm April 12, 2011):

I like witch books because they are a fun read. Yours sound great.

Re: Deadly Ties (10:56pm April 10, 2011):

My torn loyalties are between brothers and sisters.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (7:00pm March 19, 2011):

I enjoy reading about the middle class, book sounds great.

Re: Tyler (9:45pm March 17, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog, book sounds great. Love trilogies.

Re: It Happened One Bite (2:31pm March 14, 2011):

Sounds great,would love to win a copy.

Re: Angel's Rest (3:47pm March 12, 2011):

Sounds like a great series, looking forward to reading them.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (8:10pm March 10, 2011):

Spiders name is Susan.

Re: Staying At Daisy's (7:53pm March 7, 2011):

Sounds great. I work in a hotel and would really enjoy reading this book and putting it in our lending library at work.

Re: Animal Magnetism (3:34pm March 5, 2011):

Loved the cover,can't wait to read the book.

Re: Treasure Me (12:04pm March 4, 2011):

Understand where you're coming from, sometimes it takes me half a day just trying to state a letter. Book sounds great.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (11:15am February 14, 2011):

Not much of a Valentine person. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: True Colors (5:59pm February 13, 2011):

Enjoyed your blog. Sounds like a great read.

Re: Dangerous Secrets (11:44pm February 11, 2011):

Sounds like a great read. Please enter me. Thanks

Re: Sparks (1:41pm December 3, 2010):

My grandson and his four snakes live with me, so Sparky sounds like a reptile I could have fun with. Happy Holidays

Re: Holiday Affair (8:44pm November 2, 2010):

The only part of Christmas I really enjoy in the "Reason for the Season".

Re: Simply Irresistible (10:43pm October 29, 2010):

Being from a family of five sisters there was enough drama to fill the pages of several novels. Looking forward to reading your trilogy.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (9:28pm October 28, 2010):

My heroes would have to be my grandsons. Their Mother died two years ago and they are both turning into men she would have been proud of.

Re: Pinned for Murder (10:11pm October 26, 2010):

I enjoy reading books I can relate, being a sixty something southern woman, I'm looking forward to your new book.

Re: A Darcy Christmas (11:19am October 23, 2010):

Looking forward to your newest book. Sounds great.

Re: Twilight Hunger (10:18pm October 21, 2010):

Haven't read any vanpire romances,did enjoy reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula". Your books sound like a great read. Thanks for the give away.

Re: Captive Spirit (9:11pm October 19, 2010):

Have never heard of the Hohokam indians until now. I see how their mystery could inspire a great book

Re: Grave Witch (9:42pm October 17, 2010):

Holloween and the "Grave Witch" what a great combination.

Re: Catching Moondrops (1:09pm October 16, 2010):

Fireflies in December(oops)

Re: Catching Moondrops (1:08pm October 16, 2010):

Fireflies in Kecember

Re: Sazerac Seduction (10:01pm October 10, 2010):

When you reach retirement age there's not very many dream men left, so I'll have to settle for the one I've had for 44 yrs.

Re: Seducing The Duchess (5:28pm October 6, 2010):

Historical romance has always been my favorite. Your new book sounds like a great read.

Re: Runes (8:34pm October 5, 2010):

First time marry for love, next time for money, unlimited credit cards and no questions asked. This is my secret desire. Book sounds like a great read.

Re: Friday Mornings At Nine (6:06pm October 5, 2010):

I have never known anyone who didn't wonder what if, when upset,lonely or disappointed. If you have a good life,just be content, the what ifs could be a lot worse than the what is. Any song Robert Goulet sings will open the flood gates. Thanks for the chance of winning your new book.

Re: When Wicked Craves (5:28pm September 29, 2010):

Enjoyed your blog and reading how your get insprations for your books

Re: One Touch of Scandal (12:47pm September 26, 2010):

I reward myself by treating myself to a lazy day. No cats but I do have 4 dogs to enjoy the day with.

Re: For the King's Favor (10:34pm September 23, 2010):

Sounds like a great read, love historical romance

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (5:35pm September 21, 2010):

Thanks for the contest. Never been to Scotland but sounds great

Re: The Bride's Necklace (10:27pm September 19, 2010):

I really enjoy reading a trilogy, looking forward to the next book. Thanks for the contest.

Re: Feline Fatale (5:38pm September 16, 2010):

Living in a home with 4 dogs, 3 snakes, 1 spider,and a hamster, I couldn't help but injoy reading about animals

Re: Feline Fatale (5:35pm September 16, 2010):

Re: Wicked Highlander (11:35pm September 15, 2010):

Looking forward to reading your book,sounds great.

Re: Warrior (9:08pm September 11, 2010):

Haven't had a fan moment, but I'm with you about reading a paper format.

Re: Desperate Deeds (11:16pm September 8, 2010):

Combining romance and supense in one novel makes for a great page turner.

Re: Royal Blood (10:12pm September 4, 2010):

The books sound great. I love to read period novels and your can't go wrong with Transylvania.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (8:07pm August 31, 2010):

I like to de-stress by finding a quiet place to be alone with my thoughts,read or nap. Thanks for the contest.

Re: Guarding Grace (8:34pm August 30, 2010):

Have always been a fan of Count Draula and have just recently read the book. Walking home from my grandmother's house at night when I was a kid I always wore my cross necklace for protection.

Re: Dark Warrior Untamed (10:05pm August 27, 2010):

Sounds like a great read!

Re: Deadly Fear (9:12pm August 26, 2010):

Thanks for writing a book that sounds like a great read and isn't paranormal.

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (10:29pm August 23, 2010):

Sounds like an interesting read,eventhough its not my usual subject of choice.

Re: Whisper Kiss (11:57am August 20, 2010):

Not my first choice when it comes to what to read next, but have been trying to broaden my horizon. Sounds like an interesting storyline. Thanks for a chance to win.

Re: Hero (5:46pm August 18, 2010):

I have always admired anyone that could write. I panic just knowing I have to write someone a note. I do enjoy reading so please enter me in your contest.

Re: Roast Mortem (11:55am August 14, 2010):

Sounds like a fun read. Always injoy recipes.

Re: Monster in Miniature (1:40pm July 31, 2010):

Sounds like a great read.

Re: Unchained (11:36am July 6, 2010):

Over the years, as family members and circumstances change,traditions are harder to hold on to. But, my sister tries to get the family together for a yearly reunion. Looking forward to reading your new book.

Re: Death Threads (8:56am June 14, 2010):

Being a southern and enjoying sewing and reading, I am looking forward to your new series.

Re: Hush (6:06pm March 27, 2010):


Re: Dishing Up Maryland (6:03pm March 27, 2010):

Broom's Bloom Dairy

Re: Someone Will Be With You Shortly (5:58pm March 27, 2010):

Adam Glassman

Re: Dark Legacy (10:53am November 18, 2009):

Always ready to read another good book. Thanks

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