December 8th, 2023
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Bride By Mistake by Anne Gracie


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Bride By Mistake
Anne Gracie

Berkley Sensation
January 2012
On Sale: January 3, 2012
Featuring: Luke Ripton; Isabella
304 pages
ISBN: 0425245799
EAN: 9780425245798
Kindle: B005ERIJ6G
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Historical

At the age of thirteen, in the middle of a war, Isabella was saved from a forced marriage to a man she hated when handsome young English Lieutenant Luke Ripton married her.

Lieutenant Ripton, tall, dark, and as beautiful as an archangel. He placed her in a convent school, and left.

She waited -- like a princess in a tower dreaming of her prince -- for eight years. Now those dreams have withered and Bella is taking charge of her life...


80 comments posted.

Re: Bride By Mistake

Oh I have to read this one! I wouldn't call my self a
romance reader so much because not just any book can grab
me, maybe I just haven't quite found my true type of book
passion however I also do love a marriage of convience.
with that said I do hope I win this fab book I would love to
read it and tease all the girls at work with the bits and
pieces of story.
(Dulcie Bowyer 3:20am January 10, 2012)

Hi Dulcie, I'm a pretty wide-ranging reader myself, and read all kinds of books,
not just romance. But mail-order bride or a marriage of convenience will always
suck me in.
Anne Gracie 3:53am January 10, 2012)

Looks Amazing! I enjoy reading "Marriage of Convenience" books because I like how the characters slowly discover how much they love each other. In other words, I'm a sucker love stories! Though, I'm not sure who'd I personally would like to have an arranged marriage with. I could pick an actor or a sports figure I guess...
Joelle Beebe 5:17am January 10, 2012)

Hi Joelle, I probably made that question too tough -- too much choice is always
difficult, I think. But if I said, who would you choose out of... Sean Connery, Mr
Darcy, David Bowie, Tarzan or Mackenzie from Linda Howard's Mackenzie's
Mountain -- that might be easier. ;)
Anne Gracie 5:42am January 10, 2012)

Sounds great can't wait to read it
Alisha Woods 7:42am January 10, 2012)

Thanks, Alisha. Hope you enjoy it.
Anne Gracie 7:53am January 10, 2012)

I loved the excerpt and can't wait to read Bride By Mistake. I'm partial to dark and broken heroes and a fight for a HEA. This is my kind of romance.
Christine Stack 8:28am January 10, 2012)

I love MofC stories. Can't wait to read "Marriage of
Convenience" to see what happens between Luke and Isabella.
Joanne Balinski 9:08am January 10, 2012)

This book sounds so good. I just bet Isabella is tame :-)I enjoy reading about marriage stories. Interesting to see how they turn out especially with two stong willed independent people come together. If I lived in a different county, I would like a prearranged marriage- would be interesting, especially with a duke, earl, lord. Congrats on the release Anne.
Christine Arcidiacono 9:09am January 10, 2012)

I love the concept and this sounds like a great book!
Renee Pajda 9:11am January 10, 2012)

Hi Siang, yes, I think I'd want to be the one doing the picking, too, but I'm afraid
it doesn't work like that.
Anne Gracie 9:17am January 10, 2012)

Hi Christine, I hope you enjoy it. I think Isabella is the only one who can bring
this dark and wounded hero back...

Joanna, it's a bit of an adventure — a marriage of convenience, part road trip and
part revenge/redemption story.
Anne Gracie 9:19am January 10, 2012)

Hi Christine A -- yep, Luke's in for a delightful shock. She's not the slightest bit
tame. :) So, you have a yen to become a titled lady — sounds like fun. Thanks
for chatting.

Hi Renee, I hope you enjoy the book.
Anne Gracie 9:22am January 10, 2012)

MofC stories aren't my favorites in historical romance, but I am intrigued by the set-up of this one. I've never read one that begins with such an act of off-field heroism by a soldier hero. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting.
G S Moch 9:44am January 10, 2012)

Sure, I love to read about Marriage of conviences..they can get very interesting. If I could have an arranged marriage with anyone.hmmm..that is a very tough question...I can't say off the top of my head, but now you got me thinking!! lol
Dawn Staniszeski 9:51am January 10, 2012)

I would arrange a marriage with a handsome rake.
Beth Elder 10:08am January 10, 2012)

Sounds like a great book - and I'd love to win a copy. Best of luck with the book - and a happy 2012. Nancy
Nancy Reynolds 10:16am January 10, 2012)

Love marriage of convenience stories. :) But what a tough question! I can't imagine myself in an arranged marriage... unless of course I know the guy is a terrific catch.... But if I know the guy already, it doesn't seem like an arranged marriage...
May Pau 10:45am January 10, 2012)

I do enjoy marriage of convenience stories. I like the fact that often the last thing the characters expect is to fall in love. I can't imagine anyone that I would pick for an arranged marriage. It is just such a foreign concept to me.
Maureen Emmons 10:56am January 10, 2012)

I never tire of marriage of convenience stories, and I am especially intrigued by this one!
Cheryl Castings 11:03am January 10, 2012)

Fascinating! Now I am anxious to get a copy of BRIDE BY MISTAKE to discover how Isabelle and Luke made this into a real marriage.
Anna Speed 11:33am January 10, 2012)

I love books of marriage of convenience stories. I am gonna put this one on my wish list. so many i want to get to read and not enough funds to get them. Thanks for the chance to win.
Tammy January 12:08pm January 10, 2012)

I love marriage of convenience stories, they are some of my favorite books. I can't imagine being in an marriage-I doubt that many of them end up in the "happily ever after" that they do in books....although I have always been rather fond of Sean
Kris Bowers 12:25pm January 10, 2012)

Marriage of convenience are one of my fav types of books... seeing how the characters interact with each other and how they come to their HEA... your book sounds like I would enjoy!
Colleen Conklin 12:43pm January 10, 2012)

Oh this looks great. I would love to read this.
Rebecca Hagan 1:25pm January 10, 2012)

I really like marriage of convenince stories especially if there are underlying feelings. However, there is no way I would enter into one. :)
Kim C 2:28pm January 10, 2012)

This poor girl has been dreaming of her husband for eight years! And then he tries to annul the marriage! The pain and the interesting story that will insue. I can't wait to read this.
Kathleen Bianchi 2:38pm January 10, 2012)

This book sounds great!
I enjoy most marriage of convenience stories. I'm not sure who I'd want a marriage of convenience with.
Cheryl McEwen 2:48pm January 10, 2012)

This sounds like a really interesting story! thanks for the giveaway..!!!
Cate Sparks 2:49pm January 10, 2012)

Sounds quite interesting!
Ann Blake 3:47pm January 10, 2012)

Hello Anne! I adore marriage of convenience stories. I like that the couple may hate each other in the beginning. They bicker and fight. The heated exchanges usually lead to passion. Love it!
Stacie Deramo 4:55pm January 10, 2012)

I do enjoy marriage of convenience stories, pre-arranged marriage, or mail-order bride stories are all good, and how the characters slowly discover more about each other and grow, then fall in love. This story sounds great and I enjoyed what I've read so far from the excerpt. If I could have an arranged marriage with someone (even tho this actor is married...but let's pretend he wasn't), I'd choose Johnny Depp. I love his enthusiasm and his abilities to play so many terrific roles in movies, and he's good-looking. I definitely want to read this book to find out more about Luke and Isabella through their marital journey!
Linda Luinstra 5:24pm January 10, 2012)

Wow! Lots of comments have come in while i was sleeping...hmm, great title.
GS Moch said: "I've never read one that begins with such an act of off-field
heroism by a soldier hero."
It was a kind of 'dream' of that scene that inspired the book. I often get
scenes come to me like that, and it takes some time before I work out what
the story is about. I hiope you enjoy the book.
Anne Gracie 5:45pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Dawn, yes, I seem to have stumped a lot of people with that question. Clearly
it needs to go. The whole idea of one's own MofC is a bit off-putting. LOL.
Thanks for visiting.
Anne Gracie 5:47pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Beth, a handsome rake, eh? Sounds good, especially if he's the kind of rake
who then becomes a devoted husband, having sown his wild oats. Maybe like my

Hi Nancy, thanks for leaving a comment. Good luck in the draw
Anne Gracie 5:49pm January 10, 2012)

Marriage of convenience stories always pull at my heartstrings. The angst makes it hard to get through sometimes but the happily ever after makes it worth it. The struggles the couple has to go through, and the reader knowing how perfect they would be together if they just let it happen, always pulls me in.
If I had an arranged marriage I would definitely be the bride that runs away and meets a handsome knight in shining armor who would protect me from the terrible arrangement lol :). Bride by Mistake is on my definite tbr list.
Sharon D 5:53pm January 10, 2012)

Hi May, yes, I know, the question is a bit of a dud -- sorry about that. It's too
hard. But it's not necessarily true that if you know the guy it's not an arranged
marriage — it can happen when people know each other already. But then it's
more of a friends to lovers story.

Hi Maureen, yes, we're too used to choice to really imagine it. I think that's
what makes it such a good plot device — and why it's always popular in a
book — it's quite a scary concept, being married to a virtual stranger.
Anne Gracie 5:53pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Cheryl, yes, this MofC is a bit different in how it starts off. I had someone
ask me if it was a medieval, with the young age of the bride. But no, it's
definitely Regency-era. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi Anna, it's a bit of an adventure, but watching Luke and Bella slowly fall in
love is fun. Well, it was fun to write. I hope it's fun to read.
Anne Gracie 5:56pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Tammy, isn't that aways the way — too many books, not enough money to
buy them. And for some who have the money, it's 'too many books not
enough time to read.' One day... And anyway, you might win the draw. Good
luck. (And BTW I don't choose the winner – the computer does, I think.)

Hi Kris, actually marriages of convenience are far more common, even today,
than many people think. And they have a pretty good survuval rate — better
than marriages made by people who are in love — or think they are. Possibly
it's because the expectations are clearer — and so are the roles of husband
and wife. And love grows slowly.

Hi Colleen, I hope you enjoy Bride By Mistake. Thanks for commenting. All the
best in the draw.
Anne Gracie 6:00pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by. Good luck in the draw.

Yes, Kim, I agree with you, I wouldn't want an arranged marriage. But several of
my friends' parents had arranged marriages and you'd never know it. They're like
any other long married, affectionate, happy couple.
Anne Gracie 6:03pm January 10, 2012)

Kathleen, you're so right. Poor Bella was totally humiliated when she realized
Luke had tried to annul the marriage. She was the kind of heroine who really
caught at my heart. I loved her, loved writing her story and loved watching her
and Luke bring out the best in each other. I hope you enjoy it.

Cheryl, Cate and Ann, thanks for leaving a comment. Good luck in the draw.
Anne Gracie 6:06pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Stacie, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure they hate each other at the
start, but there are certainly strong and mixed feelings and a good deal of
disagreement. I hope you enjoy it.

Linda I used to read a lot of westerns and I love the mail-order-bride story. I
wish they'd publish more of them. I miss them. Glad you liked the excerpt —
there's another one on my website, of Isabella in the convent the day Luke

And, Johnny Depp!!! Yes!!! Excellent choice.
Anne Gracie 6:09pm January 10, 2012)

It sounds tantalizing. It resembles so many of the stories of royalty, yet since it is ordinary people (be it in a very different time), I can relate to it more. Alright, I'm hooked.
Trisha Kilpatrick 6:51pm January 10, 2012)

Sounds fabulous, heard some really good things about this book. I love Marriage of Convenience stories so I would love to read this one. My choice of marriage would be Kevin Costner or Sam Elliot.
Gail Hurt 7:04pm January 10, 2012)

For 20 years or more I've loved Richard Gere, but I don't think I could live with him, we are both so different.. I'm very happy with my husband, we get along so well. I enjoy marriage of convenience stories,and can't wait to read this one.
Deb Pelletier 7:06pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Trisha, thanks for commenting. I hadn't thought about royalty, but yes,
they certainly were arranged marriages. Hope you enjo the book.

Thanks, Gail, delighted to hear there's some some buzz about it. I've had
some lovely reviews and comments from readers.

Love your choices for a MofC — what a hard choice to make.

Hi Deb, yes, you're probably right — Richard Gere is probably more "male
mistress" material than husband material. ;) Thanks for playing. I hope you
enjoy the book.
Anne Gracie 7:41pm January 10, 2012)

This would be my first Marriage of Convenience story I've ever read, so I have nothing to compare it to. The story sounds like a good book to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa about now, and perhaps have a box of kleenix handy at times. It's just the right book for my mindset right now!! As for an arranged marriage, the person that came to mind for me would be Beethoven. I know he wouldn't have been the easiest person to live with, but I can understand his pain, and perhaps ease it a bit. I also love his music, and love his passion for it. I would do what I could to keep his passion going and as well as the expression, since I believe he was a great artist. I also love that era.
Peggy Roberson 8:26pm January 10, 2012)

I'm a rather voracious reader, but I especially enjoy stories with happy ending- that includes science fiction! This story sounds like fun, with many bumps in the road to keep me engaged. I look forward to reading it.
Debra Mowatt 8:44pm January 10, 2012)

Thanks for posting the excerpt - I love all your books and am loking forward to reading Bride By Mistake.
Mary C 9:00pm January 10, 2012)

Peggy, what a wonderful thought. It's so sad that so many of those wonderful
composers died lonely or miserable. But I wonder whether those extremes come
with that level of genius. Maybe, maybe not.
Anne Gracie 9:46pm January 10, 2012)

Sounds like a great read. Enjoyed your blog.
Sheila True 9:47pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Debra, I'm a voracious reader, too and I love a bit of variety in my reading
diet, but I have to confess, I do love a happy ending. I get cross with some
novels where there's a miserable ending for no other reason than that the
author thinks it's a more "realistic" or more "literary" way to go. I don't agree.
I'd much rather read a book that gives you hope and a good feeling at the end
than one that leaves you emotionally gutted.

Hi Mary, thank you for reading my other books. I'm so pleased you liked
them. I hope you enjoy Bride By Mistake.
Anne Gracie 9:50pm January 10, 2012)

Thanks, Sheila. Good luck in the draw.
Anne Gracie 9:50pm January 10, 2012)

I love "marriage of convenience" stories. The sexual tension
between the two is usually quite palpable!!! And if I "had"
to be in an arranged marriage, Gerard Butler would be my
Laura Henderson 9:52pm January 10, 2012)

Love your books. I'd love to win won.
Molly Wilsbacher 10:33pm January 10, 2012)

Hi Laura, I'd have to agree with you on both counts — MofC stories are fun, and
Gerard Butler is The Man.

Hi Molly, thanks for saying that. You're in the draw (as is everyone who left the
little box checked). I hope you enjoy Bride By Mistake.
Anne Gracie 11:10pm January 10, 2012)

Anne - the book sounds great! Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the drawing!
Rhonda Dennis 11:32pm January 10, 2012)

I think this sounds awesome. I don't know that with my hot temper and independent hard-headedness that I would have let my family "marry me off" like they did years ago. But maybe raised in a different time I wouldn't have been so bad. {shrug} But there are a few men out there I wouldn't have minded on sight alone and if my family really needed me to take one for the team I might have done that.
Patti Paonessa 11:47pm January 10, 2012)

An arranged marriage seems without so much merit nowadays at least in this culture. MofC stories however ar fun to read and follow the blodlines and the money.
Alyson Widen 4:47pm January 11, 2012)

I really like the excepts of the books,i can't wait to read the whole book too.
Debra LeBarron 5:21pm January 11, 2012)

I enjoy reading about marriages of convenience, but I am not sure I would want to be in one with anyone. I spent a long time choosing my husband and enjoyed the picking. LOL
Gladys Paradowski 12:24pm January 12, 2012)

I'm rather fond of MofC books, though I doubt I'd have wanted one for myself. I had neighbors from India who were in an MofC and it seemed certainly no worse than most marriages based on love. The getting-to-know-one-another phase just happens after the marriage. Of course, there is less room for error.
Sigrun Schulz 12:42pm January 12, 2012)

I do enjoy reading stories about marriages of convenience. If I had to choose for myself, I would not want anyone famous. Just an honest, decent, hard working man who I would grow to love & he me.
Mary Preston 4:41am January 12, 2012)

Rhonda, thanks for dropping in. Good luck with the draw.

Hi Patti, I'm chuckling at the idea of you taking one for the team. From what
I've seen of arranged marriages these days, they families try very hard to
match the couple well, so the idea of a forced arrangement is not as common
as some people think. Taking one for the team OTOH...
Anne Gracie 6:30am January 12, 2012)

Hi Alyson, I hope you find Bride By Mistake an enjoyable read. Thanks for
contributing to the discussion.

Hi Debra, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpts. Good luck in the draw, and thanks
for coming by.
Anne Gracie 6:32am January 12, 2012)

Hi Gladys, it sounds like you did a good job in the picking, too. And yes,
an arranged marriage is probably more fun on paper than in reality.

Sigrun, you're right. I think lots of modern arranged marriages are very
successful, and it's as valid a base for marriage as any other. As I said, it's all
about expectations, and if two people make up their minds to make a
marriage work, that's the main thing, regardless of how they first got
Anne Gracie 6:34am January 12, 2012)

Mary, what a gorgeous comment -- "an honest, decent, hard working man who I
would grow to love & he me.
" Perfect.
Thanks so much for joining in the discussion. Good luck with the draw.
Anne Gracie 6:35am January 12, 2012)

Marriage of convience with anyone, Cary Grant he's probaby done it on screen a few times and I just finished reading a book that reminded me of him.
Theresa Norris 6:42am January 12, 2012)

Anne- thanks for the excerpt! This book looks great. It's going right onto
my TBR list! I love MoC stories. Watching the characters grow from
indifference or dislike to falling in love is always fun, especially if the
tension is there between the characters. They're best when there's a
strong, opinionated heroine. Some of the greatest snarky dialogue comes
from stories like these!
Debbie Burdeen 7:43am January 12, 2012)

I love this excerpt and definitely enjoy MoC stories!! Hmmmm, if I had to have a MoC, who would I choose? Well, I do have a few "dream guys" I would marry in a heartbeat - however, I would also choose Clark Gable/Rhett Butler - or Tyrone Power. :-)
Felicia Ciaudelli 8:07am January 12, 2012)

Give me a marriage of convenience story any day because you know there will be
friction followed by sexual tension followed by true romance. Sigh...who could
ask for more? Anne Gracie is an awesome author. I'm so looking forward to
reading "Bride by Mistake." Thanks for sharing!
Connie Fischer 8:53am January 12, 2012)

I love marriage of convenience stories. Those and mail-order bride stories have
a lot in common. I love to discover just what makes these marriages work. That
said--I JUST LOVE YUR BOOKS!!! Thank you for providing so many hours of
enjoyment and pleasure.
Sandra Spilecki 10:54am January 12, 2012)

I think most romance readers like marriage of convenience stories becajse they are just the perfect romanctic sotires---the people don't know anything about each other and you just know they will fall in love.
Sue Farrell 11:19am January 12, 2012)

Wow the excerpt sold me! I like the dark and broken heroes
and a fight for a HEA. With the set up of the war rescue of
the heroine it shows his romantic-hero character no matter
how hurt he was after. This story intrigues me.

My MoC would be to a Scot like Sean Connery or the wonderful
Nathan Fillion with his smoldering looks, terrific sense of
humor and the urge to dig into a womans psyche to heal
hurts. Enjoy your new release!
Lenna Hendershott 1:08pm January 12, 2012)

yes, I like marriage of convenience stories. I don't know if I could pick a particular person but I would want him to be compassionate and passionate, honest, have a sense of humor, honorable and above all, think highly of me lol.
Jeanne Sheats 4:56pm January 12, 2012)

This book sounds wonderful! I also like marriage of
convenience stories. If I had to pick someone, I think I'd
pick the Duke of Wellington. I went to London last year and
saw his house and thought he was pretty handsome (the hook
nose didn't bother me at all). Also, sounds like his own
marriage wasn't the greatest. : )
Sharyn Lewis 8:08pm January 12, 2012)

I don't think that I would ever enter a marriage of convenience. But, I do love the stories about these marriages. It forces the couple to stay together long enough to really get to know each other.
Kathleen Yohanna 7:06am January 13, 2012)

The excerpt got me all excited about reading the book. The plot is intriguing.
Gladys Paradowski 10:35pm January 14, 2012)

Anne Gracie is such a wonderful author and I wish I had this book in my hands
right now! My favorite plot in a novel is a marriage of convenience and this one
sounds like it would be such a satisfyingly perfect read. Three cheers for Anne
Gracie as she has obviously written another gem!
Connie Fischer 10:06am January 15, 2012)

I love marriage of convenience stories and this one has a
little different twist to it. Can't wait to read it. Thanks
for giving us a choice - I would choose Mackenzie from Linda
Howard's Mackenzie's Mountain. I love that family. Thanks
for the giveaway. I love your stories.
Phyllis Crabtree 2:37pm January 16, 2012)

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