February 24th, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Deb Pelletier

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Reading, ect....
May 28, 2012

First sighting of spring
May 6, 2012

313 comments posted.

Re: Bloodsucking Lawyer (10:44pm June 19, 2019):

The book cover is great and the book sounds very interesting.

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (6:29pm June 16, 2019):

1:He works hard,2:He loves his family and me.3:Our female cat is his girlfriend.4:He helps around the house. 5:He'll put on a apron when I need to hem it for a friend, a (gift). He is just a wonderful man.

Re: Summoner (9:56pm September 19, 2017):

I like animal shifters. The book sounds interesting.

Re: Elliott Redeemed (10:06pm September 5, 2017):

The book sounds interesting, I haven't read to many rock star romances.

Re: Freedom's Ring (9:59pm August 20, 2017):

Time slip is a novel idea to me, but it sounds interesting and so does the book.

Re: Lord of Lies (10:29pm July 10, 2017):

Harriet Tubman a slave who saved other slaves.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (10:32pm March 3, 2017):

I like the Outlander series, love Highlands.

Re: Snowbound with Mr. Wrong (10:15pm November 23, 2016):

When I was eight years old the apartment building we lived in caught on fire. My parents ran into the building and was telling everyone to get out of the building. Our parents took forever and we started to worry. This happen right before the holidays. We lost everything but everyone made it out alive. People we didn't even know brought us some clothes, food and a strange white Xmas tree. One of many Christmas memories.

Re: Christmas Tsar (10:25pm November 7, 2016):

The book sounds interesting, thanks.

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (10:21pm November 4, 2016):

I like cheese cake with berries. Friends like it too.

Re: Christmas Tsar (12:44pm November 3, 2016):

WOW! That's a lot of writing. The book sounds interesting.

Re: For Love or Money (8:38pm August 14, 2016):

I like good book to read and being with friends and family.

Re: Fire Danger (9:23pm July 26, 2016):

The book sounds interesting, thanks,.

Re: In The Line Of Fire (9:52pm July 24, 2016):

THE BOOK SOUNDS INTERESTING. I would like to visit Scotland.

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (9:56pm May 15, 2016):

I like home improvement TV shows, chocolate candy and ice cream. Too relax I like to read a good book with a cup of coffee.

Re: True Born (10:11pm May 9, 2016):

My hubby, When he was ill , he was still able to do a little dance before going to bed .

Re: Close To You (10:22pm May 4, 2016):

interesting slang. And the book sounds interesting.

Re: Miriam (5:23pm April 27, 2016):

Hello I won, but haven't heard from anyone ???

Re: The Infamous Heir (9:50pm March 28, 2016):

I have a problem with series, finding the time to read the whole series set. So I prefer singles. I have read a series because I was given the whole set. It's hard to say No, but I have too when life gets too busy.

Re: Best Friends with Benefits (9:30pm March 27, 2016):

None of my friends showed up. So the other people were in their own groups . Once people started to drink they were more open to everyone.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (10:06pm March 25, 2016):

We love music when doing house work. The book sounds interesting, thanks

Re: Miriam (9:23pm March 22, 2016):

My Aunt Mary was my Miriam. She was wonderful, and so helpful. We miss her.

Re: Island Hope (10:56pm March 9, 2016):

Jane Eyre's , Mr Rochester. I like that character.

Re: MacLaren's Bride (8:40pm March 6, 2016):

I love highlanders.

Re: Highland Spitfire (9:29pm February 28, 2016):

When the story tells the history and about the people of that country , to the point where I want to visit that country.

Re: The End of the World (9:51pm February 24, 2016):

I had a dream about flying in the sky and I end up back home.

Re: To Catch a Rake (10:18pm February 22, 2016):

Strong , loves his lady ,family and true to his friends.

Re: Forever Dusk (9:58pm February 16, 2016):

LOVE , would been a good one.

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (9:37pm January 28, 2016):

I'm trying to exercise every day and follow a diet plan. So far, so good.

Re: Montana Wild (8:09pm January 24, 2016):

The right man and a great job. I would have a back up plan if it didn't work out.

Re: Taken by the Highlander (10:17pm January 4, 2016):

A big hug and kiss. :-)

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (7:55pm December 26, 2015):

A garter belt as a sling shot. :-)

Re: Somewhere in Time (10:03pm December 6, 2015):

Not yet, but I hope too check it out.

Re: Resist (10:15pm November 21, 2015):

No wars , that all energy for cars and homes were free.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (9:52pm November 17, 2015):

I like Historical and most romance genre.

Re: Hidden Impact (8:56pm November 13, 2015):

My mom liked to bake cakes and snacks.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (8:55pm November 13, 2015):

Stay home and watch the Christmas shows.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (9:37pm November 6, 2015):

I like to walk around my town and see the Christmas lights.

Re: Hidden Impact (9:36pm November 6, 2015):

Cakes and pies, they like to bake.

Re: Welcome to Hickville High (9:16pm October 19, 2015):

I have never been to Texas, sorry. I live up north,close to Canada.

Re: The Highlander's Bride (11:13pm September 3, 2015):

The suspense.

Re: Food Baby (10:03pm August 31, 2015):

I like a Whoopie pie . Yum.

Re: Darkest Misery (8:54pm August 16, 2015):

A Women that can kick butt. Cool.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (9:29pm August 9, 2015):

I like faces , sometimes I have a hard time picturing the person in my mind. So a face on the cover helps.

Re: A Peach of a Pair (9:13pm August 8, 2015):

I like Strawberry Daiquiri and my friends like Mudslides.

Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (9:30pm July 30, 2015):

My bucket list, travel and learn oil painting. I draw and can do water colors , but I want to do oil painting.

Re: A Dream for Love (9:10pm July 30, 2015):

No crowds . I would like the hiking trails, but Murdick's fudge sounds nice too.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (9:30pm July 8, 2015):

I try to do this every year, giveaway stuff. . And I find all kinds of things. It's like I'm shopping in my own house.

Re: Murder Under the Desert Moon (9:39pm July 1, 2015):

Paris , Texas.

Re: Shadow Fires (9:16pm June 14, 2015):

Yes I have and I enjoy them.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (9:15pm June 9, 2015):

I like to snack on sweets, diets and I do not get along.

Re: Reunion of Souls (8:54pm June 8, 2015):

Both, and the book sounds interesting.

Re: The Vigil (9:41pm March 9, 2015):

I never wanted to marry but I did.

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (9:21pm February 26, 2015):

We did work together for a while, he does home repairs. I would help but I could not do some of the heavy work. Live and learn.

Re: A Killer Retreat (9:44pm February 18, 2015):

Book sounds great, I hope to read .

Re: The Rules According to Gracie (9:55pm January 25, 2015):

The book sounds great and I love the cover.

Re: Ashwood Falls Box Set (9:30pm January 10, 2015):

The books sound interesting. Thanks.

Re: Hard to Come By (6:21pm November 25, 2014):

Hard to Come By, is a first for me. I have seen the movie ,The Best Year of Our Lives , a great film. :-)

Re: Charming (8:37pm September 16, 2014):

I photo alone is interesting .The cover makes me want to
check it out.

Re: Dirty Deal (11:29pm August 29, 2014):

They say you are lucky if you have one, just one true friend.
Most people come and go when there is trouble. They are called
fair weather friends. No I don't have true friends like Mike.

Re: Saving Gracie (9:14pm August 24, 2014):

I now need a small ladder to reach things. It takes longer to
clean and do repairs around the house. But that's OK , it will
get done. So I just take my time.

Re: Firewall (9:06pm July 10, 2014):

I have no time to write a book, but who knows.

Re: Shenandoah Dreams (9:31pm July 5, 2014):

I would want to check it out first , then run home to tell

Re: Dream Huntress (7:12pm June 24, 2014):

When I was 5 years old , a ghost of a little girl came to me
near a pond. She kept saying ," Be careful don't fall in. "
She drowned there.

Re: Once Upon a Highland Autumn (9:09pm June 18, 2014):

I would love to read the series. ;-)

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (8:43pm May 23, 2014):

Have I sacrifice , most people give up a little of themselves
for loved ones, they are called mothers.

Re: What The Groom Wants (7:51pm May 6, 2014):

The horrible thing about writing . The opening line. "call me
Ishmael." :-)

Re: Wild About Her Wingman (7:45pm April 24, 2014):

Peanut butter and jam. :-)

Re: Mad About You (7:44pm April 1, 2014):

It sounds like a everyday romance. Also lovers that stay
friends can make a good marriage.

Re: Dyed and Gone (9:48pm March 29, 2014):

Thanks for the bobby pins tips.

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (7:37pm March 20, 2014):

I have to love the characters to revisit a series.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (8:25pm March 12, 2014):

They are all male.

Re: Hot Rock (8:05pm February 26, 2014):

The music, good looks and sexy.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (8:15pm February 8, 2014):

This is my kind of read, thanks.

Re: Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction (9:09pm February 6, 2014):

Can't wait to read, right up my alley.

Re: The Groom's Gamble (7:58pm January 5, 2014):

Like the cover , What the Groom Wants, but would like to read
them all.

Re: Paws For Murder (7:08pm January 2, 2014):

Love animals , Happy new year.

Re: Rugged Hearts (8:22pm December 4, 2013):

As we age all that running around slows down . Thank goodness.
Let the others enjoy the craziness of the Holidays. I'll have
some hot coco and read a good book. :-)

Re: Bulletproof (7:25pm November 13, 2013):

Always a gentlemen. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Re: Bikers and Pearls (5:09pm November 11, 2013):

My Aunt loved to take photos of the family and I liked that

Re: A Midsummer Bride (3:55pm October 31, 2013):

She needs to be smart and brave to make it.

Re: Christmas Quilt (7:42pm October 21, 2013):

Christmas and family can get crazy at times. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (7:42pm September 2, 2013):

The movie , Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn, as the ugly duckling.

Re: Last Chance Reunion (6:01pm August 21, 2013):

I like historical romance 1 st, then I may read a suspense or a paranormal romance for a change.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (6:29pm August 20, 2013):

I had wonderful foster parents as a child and always think of them with fondness.

Re: Pattern for Romance (7:39pm August 7, 2013):

Good luck with the book, sounds like a winner. I also like cinnamon on toast.

Re: Reckless (5:11pm July 25, 2013):

James Cagney in the film Taxi 1932,he would allow himself to be shot at with live ammunition (a relatively common occurrence at the time, as blank cartridges and squibs were considered too expensive and hard to find to be used in most motion picture filming). He had been shot at in The Public Enemy, but during filming for Taxi!, he was almost hit.

Re: Rugged Hearts (6:09pm July 24, 2013):

My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Shaw, she encouraged me to read . She would point out books that I might like and it worked.

Re: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (7:21pm July 23, 2013):

You have the luck of the Irish with you. Happy writing in Ireland. :-)

Re: Merger to Marriage (5:37pm July 13, 2013):

Yes I like the conflict to be solved. The Lucy's Vitameatavagamin commercial is the best.

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (6:57pm July 11, 2013):

I love Quilting,sewing and going to see others Quilts.

Re: Wish You Were Here (8:21pm June 29, 2013):

My fifth grade teacher , my mother and friends loved to read. So just talking about books , and lending books to me ,I caught the bug. :-}

Re: All Out of Love (5:24pm June 25, 2013):

I'm a "C" girl. That was fun, thanks.

Re: Five Days in Skye (7:08pm June 3, 2013):

You know what they say about a man who knows his way around the kitchen. He is very good in other areas of the house. ;)

Re: Katie's Choice (6:58pm June 3, 2013):

Amish books ,I liked the movie, Witness, so it may work for me.

Re: Night Demon (9:28pm April 14, 2013):

Give me a smart man with a sense of humor .

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (1:28pm April 11, 2013):

Sounds very interesting, thanks.

Re: Identity Crisis (7:32pm March 27, 2013):

I like to copy some art works, with my own little twist and style. Happy Bunny Day.

Re: The Forsaken (10:21pm March 24, 2013):

When I was five years old ,I saw a ghost of a small girl . She kept telling me to be careful do not fall in to the pond. Later someone shown a picture of the girl to me ,saying she died after falling in to the pond. Maybe a Angel.??

Re: The Survivor (8:49pm March 8, 2013):

A Dog or any animal makes a home safe. Robbers hate dogs.

Re: Into the Spotlight (8:56pm March 2, 2013):

I like The Electric Horseman, with Robert Redford. Plus the songs by Willie Nelson,, My Heroes have always been cowboys. A nice movie.

Re: The Chieftain (10:18pm February 28, 2013):

love highlanders.

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (6:54pm February 20, 2013):

Sounds interesting ,I also want to know what his brothers have been up to.

Re: The Autumn Bride (9:37pm January 31, 2013):

Never in a group, just like to read, and will tell others ,if I enjoy the book.

Re: Cupid?s Shaft (10:27pm January 25, 2013):

Once Upon a Wedding , e-book, May 2007. Thank you.

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (10:34pm January 17, 2013):

This sounds like a fun read. Thanks

Re: Finding Home (8:00pm January 13, 2013):

Best memories, being with my friends and joking around together. Good times.

Re: South Of Surrender (7:38pm January 9, 2013):

Pick one line!!
That's like saying, "You can have only one potato chip."
I don't think so. ;-)

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (7:43pm December 26, 2012):

This year alot of friends called me ,to wish me a merry christmas, that was nice.

Re: Waltz With A Stranger (10:01pm December 21, 2012):

The show "Roseanne" that was a fun family.

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (9:00pm December 7, 2012):

love men in Kilts.

Re: How I Came To Sparkle Again (7:12pm November 29, 2012):

People can't find us because the landlord owns all of the land on this street and refused to pay the extra tax for a street sign. And the city won't plow the snowy sidewalks. Crazy.

Re: Christmas Confidential (9:57pm November 28, 2012):

Christmas is quiet and peaceful. We put up the lights and a small tree. We vist others and they come to see us. We stopped doing gifts, maybe a small gift here and there. We also mail cards to family far away. My huaband like to call his family on the 25th. It's not as busy,not so much rushing around.It's a nice time.

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (10:37pm November 8, 2012):

I love the Christmas smells,fireplace,the Xmas tree ,hot coco,and homemade cookies around the Holidays.

Re: In The Barrister's Bed (10:16pm October 9, 2012):

Lawyers, are SoSo, this one sounds sexy. I like Highlanders.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (9:57pm September 28, 2012):

Faro ,I Know Nothing!
A smart hero, can be sexy, if he isn't a snob about it.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (7:43pm September 25, 2012):

Home is where the heart is and family is love.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (9:02pm September 18, 2012):

In Jr. high school we had to read (The Outsiders), not my favorite. But in High school I did like( MacBeth).You can't go wrong with William Shakespeare. I even named one of my cats Shakespeare,aka..Shakes.

Re: Blame It On Texas (9:40pm August 26, 2012):

Great interview, and Quote.

Re: The Last Victim (6:20pm August 6, 2012):

Need to listen to your own feelings. What is right for you, may not be right for someone else.

Re: Married By Midnight (9:26pm August 3, 2012):

Thanks for all the information about publishing trends. Who knew? Yes I start the series and hope to finish it whenever.

Re: Wicked At Heart (9:58pm July 28, 2012):

Wonderful , count me in.

Re: Creating Fate (6:41pm July 23, 2012):

I had a gut feeling that my husband was going to be in an accident . I tried to get him to stay home . I hid his shoes,car keys,and also turned off his alarm clock. He still went to work and was in a hit-and-run . It took years for him to recover. Trust your gut feels.

Re: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes (9:33pm July 21, 2012):

Regency romance novels are our fairytales. The Lady's dreams come true. It works for me.

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (9:42pm July 3, 2012):

Rakes and amazing women,sounds like a great series.

Re: The Princess and the Outlaw (9:24pm July 1, 2012):

We have fun with the babies, kittens and puppies. It's fun to cuddle.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (9:28pm June 26, 2012):

I love art.The other day I watched a film about artist Emile Norman . I love his work and would like learn more about him.

Re: The Casanova Code (9:42pm June 18, 2012):

Wanted: A man physically fit,with a sense of humor and must have a JOB.
I had a tee shirt that said " When God created man ,SHE was only kidding."

Re: A Gentleman Says "I Do" (7:28pm May 25, 2012):

Love this one ,sounds like a wonderful read.

Re: A Wild Night's Bride (4:37pm May 15, 2012):

Sounds wonderful, great excerpt.DebP

Re: Tempting the Best Man (6:01pm May 4, 2012):

Wonderful interview,the book sounds great.

Re: The Proposal (5:15pm May 4, 2012):

I have never read your books ,but hope to.

Re: Demon's Bride (11:52pm May 2, 2012):

I like nobel heroes , maybe from a commoner's background. They have seen both sides of the track.

Re: A Lady's Revenge (10:34pm April 26, 2012):

Sometimes the best revenge is success , and getting the job done.

Re: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire (3:31pm April 22, 2012):

As a teen I started with Bararba Cartland's virgins to Harlequins. So I think everyman wants and needs a strong woman in his life. :)

Re: The Zen Man (4:06pm April 18, 2012):

Perry Mason's PI ,Paul Drake, I couldn't tell if he had white or blond hair. Shows done in black and white. But he was a cutie, for us old timers. Alot of wonderful PIs out there.

Re: The Zen Man (4:50pm April 17, 2012):

Love Sherlock Holmes, we watch them all. We like a good PI story.

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (3:25pm April 16, 2012):

Deja vu, I never have. The book sounds great.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (3:47pm April 3, 2012):

I made my prom dress, and went with a friend. We had a nice time. I also like witty banter and lord that is a little arrogant.

Re: True Highland Spirit (5:00pm March 30, 2012):

My heroes,strong smart,and good looking.The heroine a fighter,smart and has some control of her own destiny.

Re: Texas Baby Sanctuary (3:35pm March 27, 2012):

Cowboys remind me of that song" Save a horse ride a cowboy."

Re: Secret Confessions of Lady H ? Book 1 (9:28pm March 14, 2012):

Right now I'm reading the 6th book in a series, by Lydia Dare. When I finshed the 5th book I wait to B&N to get the 6th,Never been Bit. I love these characters, so it works for me.

Re: Rule Of Three (6:28pm March 13, 2012):

Wow two for the price of one,count me in.

Re: Fever (8:34pm March 7, 2012):

When he says: "It's not you it's me."
He means: It's You.
My husband likes to say: What do you think about when you think of nothing?
I don't know what to think, or what it means.
This is fun,Thanks.

Re: Sweet Enemy (8:46pm March 6, 2012):

I like both,the banter helps to move the story along. Then the anticipation keeps everyone waiting for the chemistry to happen.

Re: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (5:35pm February 28, 2012):

Everyone is entitled to an education, and if your from a low income family you may have a breakfast and lunch to get thorough the day . A child learns better on a full stomach.

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (6:13pm February 24, 2012):

Why do I read romance? To escape from the real world.It's also relaxing.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (7:16pm February 17, 2012):

I like them all. Ah... Lamore.

Re: Kismet (4:51pm February 15, 2012):

When I'm around an guy I have an attraction too.

Re: Ride With Me (6:25pm February 13, 2012):

A friend wanted me to try those crackle pops candy,I had to wait for the poping to stop,before I could ask. "What was that?"

Re: A Scandalous Countess (8:34pm February 11, 2012):

I would love to read all of these books

Re: A Scandalous Countess (7:15pm February 9, 2012):

I'll read any era that has to do with romance.

Re: Stud (6:17pm February 8, 2012):

I liked the book and the film : Jane Eyre.
Harry Potter I prefer as a movie.
My mother thinks Agatha Christie and Michael Crichton books are better, they give more information.
Most of my friends think Stephen King's books also have more information,but I prefer the movies

Re: Darkest Highlander (6:39pm February 6, 2012):

Magic and historical is so different, I must check it out.

Re: Chosen By Sin (6:26pm January 31, 2012):

Werewolfs and vampires, Oh My!

Re: Touch Me (5:09pm January 30, 2012):

Boy dates girl ,boy lose girl, boy gets girl.

Re: Double Dare (6:09pm January 27, 2012):

Construction workers, they have big muscles.

Re: Dreamers (9:38pm January 21, 2012):

I love whirlwind romance and fantasy ,who doesn't.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (6:42pm January 12, 2012):

Must have a sense of humor, that will always win me over.

Re: Bride By Mistake (7:06pm January 10, 2012):

For 20 years or more I've loved Richard Gere, but I don't think I could live with him, we are both so different.. I'm very happy with my husband, we get along so well. I enjoy marriage of convenience stories,and can't wait to read this one.

Re: Pretty Persuasion (5:47pm January 9, 2012):

If I do not finsh a book,I'm just not interested in it's subject matter and give it to charity. But the books that I like I hold on to for years and reread again. Some people ,I know ,only believe in reading a book once and that's it.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (8:56pm December 22, 2011):

I like to read when relaxing ,and I also do crafts.
When I work on my computer it seems to take forever to get done. Happy Holidays

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (6:53pm December 19, 2011):

I love peanut butter cookies with one Hershey's Kiss on top of each cookie. Plus warm chocolate chips and Oreos with cold milk. I'm reading" Never been Bit" by Lydia Dare. But a few cookies will be.

Re: The King's Mistress (7:36pm December 17, 2011):

We use mistletoe,just like everyone else ,to get kisses.
What a great tradition.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (10:10pm December 13, 2011):

I like watching it snow, but I just hate shoveling it. That's when hot coco and reading are a comfort.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (10:29pm December 8, 2011):

Yes,any man who wants to do the cooking is OK.I loved it when my husband would make us a sunday breakfast. It just made me feel so warm and comfy inside.

Re: The Earl's Mistaken Bride (9:23pm November 30, 2011):

Sorry about your friend Sandra. Friends are never forgot that bring a smile to our face ,or heart ,when we think of them.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (11:01pm November 22, 2011):

Thanksgiving Day I'll be cooking,hugging,then cleaning up after everyone leaves. Then relax with a good book.

Re: Fortune's Son (9:46pm November 18, 2011):

Very interesting,sounds like a fun novel.

Re: The Highlander's Heart (10:17pm November 16, 2011):

When my dad use to say "I don't know why I married your mother, Oh ya I was young and in Love." Then there is my husband who'll say" Leave me alone woman,your're driving me crazy." I reply" Good then I've done my job." Definitely tortured by his heroine.

Re: Knight of Runes (8:50pm November 14, 2011):

Got to love an Heroine who can kill ass. Good for her ,and us.

Re: Always a Temptress (7:17pm November 3, 2011):

I have read Lydia Dare's series.The first one," A Certain Wolfish Charm "and four others books in that series. I'm not in to series, but it was a nice change.

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (11:21pm November 1, 2011):

More so after watching a scary movie late at night.

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (11:08pm October 30, 2011):

Yes when I was down ,my friend Martha said" Keep your chin up". Just knowing she cared ,helped.

Re: Romancing The Countess (7:18pm October 28, 2011):

Romance novels inspirer me to travel,maybe Scotland and England.

Re: His Last Duchess (5:19pm October 27, 2011):

We all have a room like your's. As George Carlin use to say it's all good junk. And that's why we can't wait to get home.

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (7:46pm October 26, 2011):

All the Harry Potter movies,very imaginative.

Re: Haunting Embrace (7:57pm October 22, 2011):

Dark and Tortured heroes are usually MOODY. I love reading about them ,but I don't think I would want to live with one.

Re: Flawless (7:23pm October 20, 2011):

They say it's the women that make men civil. So yes some bad boys can change,if they are with the right person and they want to settle down.- You can only change yourself.
Lines not to cross ,if he is still physically or mentally abusive and cheating,show him the door.
All in all, Bad Boys can be alot of FUN!

Re: Utterly Charming (6:50pm October 19, 2011):

I like the 1964 Once upon a mattress,with Carol Burnett.Based on the , Princess and the pea story. Funny

Re: Against The Storm (6:24pm October 17, 2011):

Your guess is as good as my.?

Re: Unleashed (11:19pm October 10, 2011):

An Eagle, they can see from a great distance, and they rule the skies.

Re: Chosen By Fate (8:52pm October 9, 2011):

I like alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that, when reading.

Re: The Goblin King (1:11am October 6, 2011):

What inspires me? A beautiful day,a great song and good friends.

Re: Roommates (10:38pm October 4, 2011):

I have always loved the name Duncan.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (9:47pm September 29, 2011):

I may re-read some of my favorite books .

Re: The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest (10:28pm September 26, 2011):

I've seen the new (PBS) Jane Eyre, it's wonderful. I love Mr Rochester,one minute he's yelling at Jane. The next minute it's mind games. Which leads to friendship, affection,and then tension.And the big question,"What do you want Jane?" So romantic.

Re: Jennifer's Garden (4:40pm September 25, 2011):

It's always been Chemistry and Friendship first.

Re: The Last Rising (10:19pm September 18, 2011):

I like the anticipation. That's when he's near you and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck. But he keeps you waiting and waiting,causing a high level of tension. Just makes the moment even more ,Hmmm, sexual.

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (9:47pm September 18, 2011):

Illustrated romance ,it works for me,bring it on.

Re: Lord and Lady Spy (8:40pm September 8, 2011):

I love Hugh Grant,Anthony Hopkins and Liam Neeson,but my leading man would be Richard Gere. My leading lady Catherine Zeta Jones, and as Codelia, Jennifer Aniston.

Re: Bel Air (9:52pm September 6, 2011):

A Quote by Dudley Moore "I am trapped in this body and there is nothing I can do about it.
Except stop eating my favorite Ice Cream ,Chocolate Fudge Walnut. Oh.. My.. God ..,To Die For!

Re: The Wedding Affair (8:46pm September 6, 2011):

Ask Jeeves,the butler ,about the tiny maid situation. He knows every thing. The book sounds great.

Re: Lady Of The English (11:57pm September 2, 2011):

Hope to read.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (6:32pm August 31, 2011):

Scream, run and lock the doors.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (9:17pm August 30, 2011):

I like both hero and heroine on the cover. I also like to read about pass characters in other stories.

Re: Claim Of Innocence (7:24pm August 29, 2011):

I don't fear email, I just delete it.

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (6:46pm August 25, 2011):

The family cat 'Monkey',would go with my mom to the corner store . The reason being ,she would forget to pick up catfood, sometimes. So Monkey waited by the store's door ,then would meow when she saw mom come out. At that point mom would say "Oh! Monkey I forgot your catfood." And she went back in for the catfood. Monkey was a smart cat.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (3:53pm August 24, 2011):

Save a horse ,ride a cowboy.

Re: Love Me Twice (4:25pm August 18, 2011):

I can dance,but not great. Now my husband loves to clown around on the dance floor,so I stay away from him . Good luck with the book

Re: Deadly Obsession (4:06pm August 16, 2011):

book sounds wonderful,good luck.

Re: Fezariu's Epiphany (12:21pm August 13, 2011):

Who won't want to live in a fantasy world.

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (4:22pm August 10, 2011):

I love happy ending, but the sad ones are more memorable. Like "Frankly Scarlet I don't give a D*#^ ".

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (11:10pm August 4, 2011):


Re: Too Hot To Touch (5:05pm August 3, 2011):

The two brothers next door, they looked so alike ,it was too hard to choose.

Re: Lie for Me (9:08pm August 2, 2011):

Some people lie to protect someone else's feelings. Like ,do I look fat in this dress.Ect..

Re: Notorious (7:48pm July 29, 2011):

Maybe elope and keep working.

Re: What A Goddess Wants (8:55pm July 28, 2011):

Keep on writing,and thanks for the contest

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (8:13pm July 25, 2011):

The only error is when the cover doesn't match the character.

Re: Touch If You Dare (4:22pm July 21, 2011):

My hero brave,strong ,and a man's man, but loves the ladies. Heart of the Highland Wolf ,by Terry Spear,has a hero named Ian MacNeill, that's interesting

Re: Night Walker (3:02pm July 18, 2011):

Living forever, I don't know ,I would miss my family and friends. But a part of me would like to see the future.

Re: Runestone (4:57pm July 9, 2011):

I love a man with a sense of humor, muscular arms and a muscular chest.

Re: Loved By A Warrior (3:59pm July 6, 2011):

The only bad myths I known ,are of black cats, don't walk under a ladder, ect.. A good myth ,find a penny and all the day you'll have go luck.

Re: Wild and Unruly (3:49pm June 30, 2011):

I would love to go back in time and fix all the mistakes I made.

Re: Night Veil (2:44pm June 27, 2011):

Superman,he can go back in time,how super is that.

Re: City Of Promise (7:32pm June 23, 2011):

I love to read. Right now I'm reading "Heart of the Highland Wolf" by Terry Spear. Just finshed five of Lydia Dare's books. Two of her books are about vampires,which is something new for me ,and I hope to read the others books in the series.

Re: Demons Prefer Blondes (7:22pm June 20, 2011):

Romance novels,I like both realistic or unrealistic,as long as it has a happy ending.I hate sad endings.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (3:43pm June 19, 2011):

Love, a home and good health.

Re: Louisa And The Missing Heiress (5:48pm June 15, 2011):

Jane Eyre life was too hard in the beginning,I would have changed that.

Re: Hard Bitten (7:00pm June 14, 2011):

As a child I loved the City Library and still do.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (11:22pm June 13, 2011):

Witchcraft and paranormal,I'm not sure I believe. But instincts ,yes

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (10:08pm June 8, 2011):

I love men in kilts ,so sexy. As werewolves, just makes it more exciting.

Re: Forced to Kill (7:40pm June 4, 2011):

Navy life sounds tough. God Bless them.

Re: The Soldier (6:39pm June 2, 2011):

Family ,we try to stay in touch ,but we lived in different cities. I loved it when the older members came to vist and tell us about their stories.I miss them and try to pass on their stories to the kids.

Re: The Gin & Chowder Club (8:08pm May 31, 2011):

A story of broken Hearts? Oh Oh

Re: A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man (9:11pm May 26, 2011):

And how many sins have we commited today? I'd rather not say.

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (6:27pm May 18, 2011):

I think the characters are apart of the author and other people they may know.

Re: Wickedly Charming (6:57pm May 16, 2011):

Can't wait to read, sounds great.

Re: Bastian (4:02pm May 1, 2011):

No I haven't. But others I know have , seems to work .The book sounds great.

Re: Total Abandon (5:49pm April 30, 2011):

Maybe I'll try a eReader someday. I still like rereading my books.

Re: My Favorite Countess (5:03pm April 28, 2011):

I loved MASH and George Clooney in ER.

Re: Never A Gentleman (6:01pm April 26, 2011):

Haven't read , Never A Gentleman, but hope to.

Re: The Alchemy of Desire (5:25pm April 25, 2011):

Someone who is in control of the situation. Maybe a little arrogant,but lovable.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (4:48pm April 23, 2011):

Pets are fun, but I still like the excerpts from books.

Re: Hidden Embers (3:34pm April 22, 2011):

Fall,the scent of the wood burning stoves, and the colorful falling leaves.

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (4:30pm April 19, 2011):

Keep up the good work.

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (5:44pm April 16, 2011):

I use to be in control, somewhat, but had to learn to relax.

Re: Haunting Desire (6:00pm April 6, 2011):

Book sounds interesting.

Re: Rock Hard (4:45pm April 4, 2011):

Oh so sexy.

Re: The Return Of Black Douglas (6:19pm April 1, 2011):

I never knew that of the Gaels. But lets face it,the Highlanders are so cool.

Re: Play Me (10:15pm March 29, 2011):

Cute bookcover. Like romance.

Re: A Lot Like Love (3:19pm March 24, 2011):

I like instant attraction,but they take it slow. With a good book I like a cup of coffee or tea, and if possible a peaceful and quiet house.

Re: Laird of Darkness (5:33pm March 23, 2011):

Unusual or fresh Heronies works for me.

Re: Hummingbird Lake (1:41pm March 22, 2011):

Self promotion,is alright,I like checking out the autor's homepage. Mostly when I read a novel and I like that autor's style, I will continue with that autor or someone similar. Will also check out other fiction sites.

Re: Highland Heat (4:01pm March 21, 2011):

He ignore his title in favor of his heart, makes me weak in the knees.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (5:21pm March 19, 2011):

I prefer reading about Regency glamour. With romance and if the heroine moves up,all the better.

Re: It Happened One Bite (4:55pm March 14, 2011):

A handsome prisoner, works for me.

Re: A Taste of Seduction (7:12pm March 11, 2011):

This is the time when loved ones are so important.This book sounds like a good one.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (6:08pm March 10, 2011):

Great covers, hope I win.

Re: Taste Me (6:23pm March 9, 2011):

I have four Anne Rice novels and reread them over and over. I hope to check out Taste me.

Re: Seducing The Governess (5:48pm March 8, 2011):

I like most Romance novels, If I read a Historical romance,I can refer to my book on Kings and Queens of England ,ect. It's a fun way to learn.

Re: Scandal of the Year (6:27pm March 4, 2011):

I need books ,so I can stay inside during the cold winter months in N.H. Hope I win.

Re: Treasure Me (4:28pm March 3, 2011):

Who knew writing was so stressful.But good for us readers.

Re: Wicked Seduction (6:17pm March 2, 2011):

Not madness,some people really want to be part of the story. Be it a reader or writer.If only for a couple of hours.

Re: His, Unexpectedly (5:14pm February 25, 2011):

Emotional journeys and road trips ,always seem to come out better in books.

Re: Storm Of Reckoning (2:26pm February 19, 2011):

What fun.

Re: RiverTime (4:34pm February 16, 2011):

Escapism,I do this every day.

Re: The Mistress' House (8:17pm February 10, 2011):

I hear about this book,Mistress House ,but not sure where. Anyway I hope I win. I love Jane Eyre.

Re: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (6:30pm February 9, 2011):

Hope I win, right now I'm having a problem with Antivirus system 2011 , it won't take no for an answer.

Re: The Irish Princess (9:13pm February 1, 2011):

I'm running out of books to read, hope I win.

Re: Burning Darkness (7:41pm January 31, 2011):

Unforgivable murder, that's a big one.

Re: Wild Man Creek (3:43pm January 29, 2011):

Sounds interesting

Re: Pleasure Me (6:34pm January 14, 2011):

The dialog between the main characters and where it may lead to.

Re: Wicked Seduction (5:19pm January 11, 2011):

We all have bad days. But family usually forgive.

Re: Pay Up (4:58pm December 23, 2010):

sounds like fun.

Re: The Viking's Captive (4:14pm December 19, 2010):

I love to reread some. Like Nicole Jordan,S.Jeffries and B.Small.ect...

Re: The Making of a Gentleman (8:30pm October 20, 2010):

I like the idea of travel and meeting new people.

Re: Highland Hellcat (8:36pm October 15, 2010):

Coco,sodas,coffee and tea,maybe a snack.

Re: Runes (5:32pm October 5, 2010):

Secret desires,maybe a younger man.

Re: Sinful in Satin (7:59pm October 1, 2010):

In the pass ,I would have dreams that something was about to happen and it would.

Re: When Wicked Craves (8:06pm September 29, 2010):

Our neighborhood is crazy,drugs,shootings,one man killed himself (explosive in car). And then there was the Breakfast Bandit.He would enter a different apartment ,every day,cook a meal and leave the dirty dishes in the sink.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (5:49pm September 28, 2010):

It's like you said. Even a bad cover can't stop a good book from being a success.

Re: Love Me (7:36pm September 24, 2010):

I like a sexy couple and prefer paperback.I will reread a book ,I like, two or three times.Different covers,if it looks interesting,but I also checkout the backcover and first page.

Re: For the King's Favor (3:17pm September 22, 2010):

The Cons,too much detail can be boring.Like all the kings relatives ect.. The Pros,getting to know the main characters.This book sounds interesting.

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (5:36pm September 21, 2010):

I would love to vist Scotland someday. I also enjoy
reading Scottish novels.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (3:56pm September 18, 2010):

The story is more important,but a good cover helps.

Re: Wicked Highlander (8:40pm September 15, 2010):

There is something so sexy about a man in a kilt.

Re: Just One Taste (4:36pm September 12, 2010):

Love my books,hope I win.

Re: Warrior (7:54pm September 11, 2010):

Best fan moment was getting a signed book by Sherry Thomas.

Re: Seduced by the Wolf (6:52pm August 23, 2010):

Woof,Seduced by a Wolf, sounds hot.

Re: Nemesis (6:07pm August 21, 2010):

It's been a hot summer in New England. Use the AC and read.

Re: Hero (9:32pm August 18, 2010):

Erma Bombeck was my mom's favorite author. When she died,we had the minister read the last chapter. The book was"Motherhood the second oldest Profession" ,The Epilogue, (creating mothers).I think she would have liked that.

Re: Knight Of Passion (4:24pm July 23, 2010):

Love the cover.Someone once said to me" Do you want a metal or a chest to pin it on." I want that man on the cover.

Re: To Conquer a Highlander (3:54pm July 12, 2010):

I collect books and Xmas things.

Re: Crush On You (6:08pm July 6, 2010):

They say relationships that start out as friends,may work out better in the long run.

Re: Rapture Untamed (8:21pm June 29, 2010):

I prefer one story at a time ,but have tried afew series. It depends if I like the characters.

Re: The Master & the Muses (8:53pm June 28, 2010):

My male hero is masculine,loyal,and always there when you need him.

Re: Hidden Wives (7:43pm June 27, 2010):

Yes I would like to enter today's contest.I enjoy reading.

Re: Hidden Wives (6:41pm June 26, 2010):

I try to read a new book every week.This week I'm reading Jayne Ann Krentz's book ,Trust Me.

Re: Sworn To Protect (7:18pm June 23, 2010):

Body works and a good book, works for me.

Re: Smooth Talking Stranger (5:06pm June 20, 2010):

For Dad ,we have a cookout.

Re: Royal Captive (8:16pm June 15, 2010):

No one likes changes,but that's life. We learn to adapte and become flexable.

Re: Desire Me (6:51pm June 8, 2010):

I haven't done a scavenger hunt in years,hope to read your book.

Re: The Making Of A Duchess (3:04pm June 2, 2010):

great prize

Re: Ancient Whispers (6:01pm May 31, 2010):

Ancient Whispers,sounds interesting and Congrats.

Re: Dead in the Family (5:54pm May 31, 2010):

Hope to win some books ,for the summer.

Re: Dead in the Family (6:40pm May 30, 2010):

cute puppy

Re: Dead in the Family (7:43pm May 29, 2010):

Hope I win

Re: His At Night (6:45pm May 25, 2010):

Tha hard times that people had.

Re: Sex And The Single Earl (9:31pm May 19, 2010):

Small towns look nice, but everyone knows your

Re: Rule's Bride (8:41pm April 23, 2010):

Hope to read this book soon,Thank you.

Re: Dead Head (7:38pm April 13, 2010):

What a prize .

Re: Reunion (7:45pm April 8, 2010):

hope to read this book

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (8:00pm March 31, 2010):

Sounds like a good read.

Re: The Highlander's Sword (8:12pm March 17, 2010):

Can't wait to read.

Re: The Scarlet Lion (9:28pm March 11, 2010):

Hope to win.

Re: Lake Magic (2:02pm March 2, 2010):

I hope to read this book.

Re: Seeing Red (11:07pm February 28, 2010):

hope to read her book soon.

Re: The Edge of Winter (10:12pm February 27, 2010):

I have yet to read her books.

Re: Take Me If You Dare (10:26pm February 23, 2010):

I hope Hurt Locker wins best picture.

Re: Ordinary World (7:00pm February 16, 2010):

love cheese cake

Re: Ordinary World (7:01pm February 15, 2010):

I love cheese cake.Deb Pelletier

Re: Finger Lickin' Fifteen (7:40pm October 18, 2009):

thanks for the contest fresh fiction

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