May 28th, 2024
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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Laura Gullickson

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338 comments posted.

Re: A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (3:54am September 30, 2018):

Nope but I can still taste the metallic taste of fear.

Re: Do or Die Cowboy (1:16am September 2, 2018):

Forgot about the boots. Real cowboys have scuffs on their books and
maybe a ‘good' pair for dress.

Re: Wolf Hunger (5:12pm December 12, 2017):

A well done plain cheesecake is my favorite but raspberry or strawberry are
close seconds.

Re: SEAL Wolf Undercover (3:10am August 14, 2017):

Always am excited when I come acrone of your books I haven't read. One
of my favorite was jaguars and it was almost Christmas

Re: Indigo Lake (11:23pm July 25, 2017):

Finding the right person has to happen at the right time. TIme is important.

Re: The Attraction of Adeline (10:19pm April 19, 2017):

Haven't read the books so not a clue yet. But it has to be the right actor or it
will ruin the book

Re: When Water Was Everywhere (9:26pm March 2, 2017):

One second after. The audio book is awesome

Re: The Untouchable Earl (7:31pm November 7, 2016):

I like plots that start out like this. It always makes me wonder how they will end up.

Re: Christmas Tsar (7:30pm November 7, 2016):

Sounds like an interesting series. I'll keep my eye out for this series.

Re: Gone Too Deep (10:45pm August 8, 2016):

Sounds awesome. I can relate to the dislike of cities.

Re: The Theory of Deviance (7:11pm August 7, 2016):

Personality shines through in the Facebook comments.

Re: Triple Score (8:53pm July 28, 2016):

Sandra Hill. I like you #1 & 2 points especially.

Re: Racing To You (3:34pm July 25, 2016):

Root beer barrels-the old fashioned kind.

Re: Heart of Steel (3:33pm July 25, 2016):

You' ve hit two of them with #1 & 2. Someone mentioned Booth & Bones in
an earlier comment. I also like Charlie & Amedia from Numb3ers and Ryan
and Esposito from Castle.

Re: Cowboy Player (6:47pm July 23, 2016):

Cooked to perfection.

Re: Kill Devil (12:11pm June 22, 2016):

Evil can come from a group mentality or a single soul.
Have you ever met some who gave off vibes that made you take a mental
or invisible physical step back and it gives you a full body shiver when you
find out why a few years later.

Re: Fan The Flames (12:06pm June 22, 2016):

Read books-what's willpower?
Sleep more-I have no pets, someone must imitate a cat
Look for the current lost item in the house
Debate which craft project I should start/finish next
Internet use can substitute for any of the above.

Re: To Love A Wolf (8:05pm June 14, 2016):

Loved Captain America, hope to see Suicide Squad-loved Harley Quinn
since she was introduced in the tv cartoon. On the fence for Independence
Day and Star Trek.

Re: Into the Whirlwind (1:20am May 31, 2016):

That not all stories run smooth.

Re: Tommaso (1:19am May 31, 2016):

Love it when a character takes over a blog post.

Re: Sexiest Couple Alive (1:17am May 31, 2016):

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth-bakes his kid's birthday cake, 50s movie
star that I don't know the name, one of grandpa's army buddies in an old
photograph, most any marine

Re: Outlaw Cowboy (11:10pm May 16, 2016):

Contemporary, western, and werewolves are my favorite.

Re: Mister O (11:08pm May 16, 2016):

Movie-Accepted and books by Sandra Hill-here author notes about her
sons love lives are funny too

Re: Flash of Fire (11:58pm May 15, 2016):

Fabric collecting, I mean quilting.

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (11:57pm May 15, 2016):

Sleeping the day away

Re: Romancing the Ranger (9:38pm March 25, 2016):

Music can keep me on focus when I have a task to complete, especially if
I'm cleaning or sewing. My hands are busy and so is my brain for those
repetitive tasks.

Re: My Tempting Highlander (10:08pm March 9, 2016):

So not interested in visiting a time before air conditioning but the 1920s
might be interesting if you had money.

Re: Her Fierce Warror (9:47pm March 7, 2016):

At home. I hate long car rides. I like having friends and family over except
for,the whole having to clean the house thing.

Re: Thirty Nights (1:01am March 2, 2016):

He seems very focused. Also immersed in his ambitions while dogged by
his past.

Re: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep (4:03pm February 9, 2016):

It all depends on where you're starting from and how human the wolf is. But
I vote cage.

Re: Thin Ice (4:01pm February 9, 2016):

I don't have a so so I get to enjoy snuggling in bed all by myself. No sharing

Re: Will's True Wish (5:32pm February 6, 2016):

I love how they have a favorite person and that was usually me. I also love
how they would be repetitive. During summer break I would comb or lab
over and over and we would walk the same trail over and over, sometimes
more than once a day.

Re: Slamdunked by Love (7:48pm December 20, 2015):

Being the holiday season, there is a silly song about all the relatives and the things they need to run out and get at the stores, like the Kwicky Mart. It always makes me think of my brothers and giggling.

Re: True Deceptions (7:45pm December 20, 2015):

I like the writing thoughts. I have relatives who do things like that but they are narcoleptic not day dreaming. Granted we're not THAT close to the state border but I had a relative who was almost there when they finally woke up.

Re: Shame of Thrones (7:41pm December 20, 2015):

Does your recipe work with a non-peanut oil & does the egg get diluted in any way? Sounds like a fun holiday food & a good book.

Re: Somewhere in Time (10:41pm December 6, 2015):

It's been on my radar for a few days. Sounds interesting

Re: Resist (2:19am November 21, 2015):

Teleportation, since I never can be on time and deliveries could almost be
instantaneous. I hate running to the store for one last thing.

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (2:15am November 21, 2015):

Diamond mine in Arkansas and learn to play the guitar.

Re: Hidden Impact (5:38pm November 13, 2015):

Tater tot hotdish and toffee bars. The bars are super easy to make if you
have a stand mixer to beat the chocolate frosting. The base only has 5
ingredients that are always on hand.

Re: Forever And Always (9:10pm November 7, 2015):

I always like Leigh's books.

Re: Stop at Nothing (8:30pm November 5, 2015):

Depends on how the relationship ended.

Re: Blowback (8:28pm November 5, 2015):

I would like to see some of the pet/animal stories I have heard my parents
tell, in a book. If their siblings did back them up I wouldn't believe some of
them. Headless chickens chasing one of them no matter all the turns she

Re: Deadlock (8:34pm October 24, 2015):

We have had big dogs. Out last was named Hunter. The mischief that dog
got into is legendary.

Re: Duke of Scandal (8:32pm October 24, 2015):

I don't know. I but my brother in charge of finding the love of my life ten or
so years ago and I am still waiting for a first date.

Re: Reservations for Two (10:27pm September 14, 2015):

Food in books often makes me curious.

Re: A Widow's Salvation (5:46pm September 12, 2015):

I collect every do-dad possible for the activity. Wait a few years and dig them out. Binge. Pause. Put away everything, maybe where I can easily find it. Drag it out the next year and possibly finish it. My mother doesn't call me a quilter. She calls me a fabric collector. I also have watercolor paints, a very weedy vegetable garden, and paper making supplies.

Re: The Highlander's Bride (10:27pm September 5, 2015):

I like a character with a sense of humor.

Re: From One Night to Wife (10:24pm September 5, 2015):

Some of my relatives.

Re: The Highwayman (9:21pm September 3, 2015):

I like the tone the "dating" profile sets.:)

Re: Moments of Truth (10:15pm August 24, 2015):

It's not details it's my tendency to procrastinate that gets me behind.

Re: Cold as Ice (10:03pm August 24, 2015):

Cat Dupree from Sharon Sala's books.

Re: The Great Estate (10:07pm August 15, 2015):

Reading and sewing. Not my style but they have Downton fabrics now.

Re: Penalty Play (10:06pm August 15, 2015):

A story I can't put down. And a satisfying ending. I don't want to be
bummed when I finish a book.

Re: Merger of the Heart (1:06am August 14, 2015):

Nephews as visiting and is 2. He threw a fit when they gave him fresh
picked strawberries. He had to be shown the bucket to prove that there
were no "big" strawberries. As a city kid he only new commercial, grocery
store strawberries. It was pretty funny.

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (10:58pm August 9, 2015):

I prefer no faces on the cover, mainly because I don't like eyes staring at

Re: A Radical Arrangement (3:06pm August 8, 2015):

Local food shelf

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (6:48am August 3, 2015):

Not a book but an album. It was describing my brother's senior year of high
school so well. It's a year that sticks in my mind. That fall it seemed like we
had half the football team over for supper before games.

Re: To Mate an Assassin (4:09pm August 2, 2015):

Colors. Finding just the right color to finish a quilt or the color that reminds
me of a place, person, or time. I' ve been looking for this weird 30s green
for a couple of years now.

Re: A Sword for His Lady (11:47pm July 11, 2015):

They'll both win some but not all.

Re: Countess by Coincidence (11:45pm July 11, 2015):

I like a variety. Marriage of convience and books with kids (they can be so
funny) are among my favorites.

Re: Merger of the Heart (6:29pm July 10, 2015):

Sounds like a fun book.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (9:52pm July 8, 2015):

Seriously, I'd find the floor in one bed room all the in progress projects get
put there when company is coming. We use to tease my cousin that she'd
move every year to avoid spring cleaning.

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (1:58pm July 5, 2015):

I'm the settled down type. The most excitement I get is when I'm allowed to
use the riding lawn mower. I get out of that by taking the corners too fast.

Re: The Spring Bride (12:11pm June 26, 2015):

The happiness. I've read other genres that don't end as well as romance
usually does and I've felt so bummed when I finish the book.

Re: Outlaw Hearts (7:06am June 20, 2015):

Sounds like a cool story. Glad they've been filling you around for a while.

Re: SEAL's Code (7:04am June 20, 2015):

I like learning about history.

Re: Beyond The Cut (7:44pm June 19, 2015):

I know a couple who got married within two weeks of meeting and are still
married 50 years later. So probably yes.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (1:40am June 9, 2015):

I garden badly. I've been trying to plant for 2 weeks. Between work & the rain/hail it hasn't been going so well. I never seem to get out there before 5 pm, even if it's the only thing I have to do that day. By the end of the summer the weeding will fall to the wayside too. My Father calls my style of gardening, "gorilla gardening." I hide the vegetables in the weeds to hide them from the animals.

Re: A Leopard's Path (9:39pm May 17, 2015):

The surprises and twists and turns a story can take.

Re: Shadow Fires (9:24pm May 17, 2015):

JD Robb's In Death, Maddy Barone's After the Crash, Psy/changeling by N
Singh. It'so kind of interesting that I can love one series by an author and
can't get through one book in another series by the same author.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (1:22pm May 8, 2015):

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this!

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (11:59pm April 25, 2015):

Some of us are closer than others. In thirty years I've only been more than
30 minutes from a family member only a handful of times.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (11:57pm April 25, 2015):

I like them. Unique challenges crop up in them and the getting to know
each other...

Re: A Touch of Passion (11:55pm April 25, 2015):


Re: Double Cross (12:15pm April 20, 2015):

I like the twist of the musical. Can't wait to read this.

Re: Wicked Stitch (1:16am April 17, 2015):

Does visititing the county museum count? I could tell it held old things
because of how stuffy I was when I left. Not as bad as grandma's attic that
one involved sneezing.

Re: Tempting the Wolf (9:35pm April 12, 2015):

Mostly lone wolf, I like working at my own speed.

Re: His Majesty's Secret Passion (1:43pm March 21, 2015):

I am a reader. Right now I'm reading Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King.
Good advice to writers.

Re: Spring Fever: Shifters in Love (4:24am March 15, 2015):

Shifters. There can be so much variety.

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (7:54pm February 26, 2015):

No I don't. But it's fun watching other people who do. Sometimes it's a
beautiful dance and others could be reality TV.

Re: Make Me Up (10:46pm February 18, 2015):

Not sure. My sister in law thinks I need one. I got a combo bday and
Christmas gift certificate as a big hint.

Re: More Than A Duke (3:56pm January 16, 2015):

Laughter and the ability to change something in their world.

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (3:53pm January 16, 2015):

I keep seeing this in my various emails I get. It sounds like something.
Need to read.

Re: Hitting on the Hooker (3:44pm January 16, 2015):

All I know about rugby is there is a kicker and some striped shirts. History I
can remember. Sports - not so much. I once asked how many innings
where left in a football game. I think it has quarters.

Re: Ashwood Falls Box Set (2:01am January 10, 2015):

I've been reading a lot of shifter books lately. I'm putting these on my to get list.

Re: Two Week Seduction (12:16pm January 7, 2015):

You have to vacuum up the beetles with the hose or dust buster. They also
crunch when they fall to the floor after they die and you step on them. They
still stink.

Re: Two Week Seduction (12:14pm January 7, 2015):

Tech market. So many variables to play with. Soybeans can be evil. The
Asian beetles that live in them bite. We always get tuns when they plant
soybeans around the house. They also stink when you squish them.

Re: It's A Vampire Christmas (11:44pm December 15, 2014):

It is a good teaser. Makes me want to see what it's all about.

Re: Twice Tempted (9:12pm December 5, 2014):

I like a good series. I like getting to know characters and what happens in their lives. Disjointed series not so much.

Re: New Year's in Napa (1:32am November 29, 2014):

No we don't have a story like that among my friends or family. We do have an indecisive uncle. Grandma's uncle (WW1 vintage) usually had multiple girl friends writing to him all his life. As a life-long bachelor it didn't matter to him if they got married or not. We still have a lot of the letters. Grandma's never let us read them yet.

Re: Chasing the Runaway Bride (1:00am November 23, 2014):

New job with a shorter commute!

Re: No Promises Required (11:36pm November 20, 2014):

Typically it's their stubborness.

Re: Madeleine?s Christmas Wish (9:17pm October 30, 2014):

It might be really cool to be in another country before the holidays.

Re: Last Train To Babylon (9:15pm October 30, 2014):

It all depends on the plot and how well the author writes.

Re: Reforming the Rock Star (11:36pm October 2, 2014):

I'm too much stuck in my rut to change unless I medically have to. Cutting
dairy is such a pain.

Re: The Lady's Disgrace (1:36am September 12, 2014):

Never had a problem with historical novels or history class. Ny teachers
were more about the facts and less about the dates.

Re: My Highland Spy (8:31pm September 11, 2014):

I liked the hand trivia. I've never left the US. I've never even gone to
Canada or Mexico.

Re: The Longest Night (11:16pm July 16, 2014):

Sounds like preparation is important, both the use of and the lack of. :o)

Re: A Doctor for Keeps (10:13pm July 3, 2014):

I know I've probably ducked someone in my small town but the time that comes my mind first is my mother ducking behind me to avoid the parent of one of her students.

Re: Full Exposure (10:46pm July 2, 2014):

Chance McCall in one of Sharon Sala's books.

Re: Once Upon A Kiss (10:57pm June 26, 2014):

As a little kid I was allowed to cut my birthday cake for the first time. I gave the small pieces to the uncles and huge pieces to the aunts.

Re: Mischief By Moonlight (10:56pm June 26, 2014):

A sense of humor is a great thing.

Re: Montana Bride (7:24pm June 25, 2014):

Do you ever reuse names? I don't remember that happening but if I've read
all your books it's been a while.

Re: Queen of Wands (11:52pm June 18, 2014):

I try to avoid horror movies. The Scream Movie gave me the giggles the one time I watched it. Very strange.

Re: Once Upon a Highland Autumn (12:05pm June 18, 2014):

Journeys can be fun or vexing even if you never leave home or go to far off places.

Re: Monday, Monday (11:59pm June 17, 2014):

What an adventure. Hope the book is a good a read as the blog!

Re: Saving Amelie (11:21pm June 14, 2014):

Mine would be a real place. Eugenics is always something that captures
my attention.

Re: Hunter By Night (12:03pm June 13, 2014):

It's amazing how much baggage people come with especially once you get to know someone well.

Re: Out of Bounds (12:00pm June 13, 2014):

It's always interesting to hear why people write.

Re: Heart of Highland Warrior (11:59pm June 12, 2014):

What a Good point about needing balance.

Re: Playing the Game (2:30am June 11, 2014):

You "met" Henry first?

Re: Demon Creed (11:51pm June 7, 2014):

I want to be taken away from where I am now. That's the short answer.

Re: Love Potions (8:20pm June 6, 2014):

It's now on my wish list in case I don't win. My Dad's side of the family has a pair of Santa "HO HO HO" panties someone who was moving into a dorm found in the back of a drawer. They keep showing up at Christmas over the years.

Re: Love For Beginners (12:03pm June 5, 2014):

If they know what they are doing. I took my car in 3 times one summer before they fixed the problem. Living in a rural area doesn't leave you much choice with all the tech in cars today.

Re: Tempest In A Teapot (11:56pm June 4, 2014):

I think it matters with the emotions involved. My earliest memory is of green carpet & throwing a temper tantrum.

Re: Rules of Survival (11:48pm June 4, 2014):

Things you never have to think about become really important on the run it seems.

Re: Lady Gone Bad (11:53pm May 20, 2014):

No, I would not like to live in the old west. I really love my air-conditioning and allergy medicine.

Re: House Of Jaguar (11:52pm May 20, 2014):

Its always good to have an accidental backup plan.

Re: By Any Means (11:51pm May 20, 2014):

If your book is as good as this blog post it should be a great read.

Re: Hell for Leather (2:53pm May 19, 2014):

You and some of the other commentators have hit on some of my favorite series. I'd add Sherrilyn Kenyon's space assassin series and Lauren Danes's rock star family series.

Re: Deep in My Heart (1:54pm May 15, 2014):

Small screen, I like Bones & Booth.

Re: Always Emily (1:52pm May 15, 2014):

No one comes to mind but I've always had a good family support system.

Re: Wicked Little Secrets (1:50pm May 15, 2014):

England's corn laws after the Napoleonic Wars.

Re: Risky Game (11:26pm May 14, 2014):

I can't remember the title right now but the plot is a freelance reporter who is assigned to write about the latest pro expansion team. She starts "dating" the quarterback Ty as a cover and eventually becomes the kicker coach since she is a better kicker than the team's. She went to school on a soccer scholarship.

Re: Jailhouse Glock (11:05pm May 13, 2014):

Does war with the loved one count?

Re: Wild Ways (11:03pm May 13, 2014):

Good teaser and great story background.

Re: A Sweet Life Boxed Set (11:49pm May 11, 2014):

Glad you are having this fundraiser. I have a few family members that are affected by this.

Re: Playboy's Lesson (10:05pm May 8, 2014):

I went and got the prequel; it sounded so interesting. This one is on my to read list too.

Re: The Warrior (10:45pm May 7, 2014):

Cool covers. Do you get a say in the design.?

Re: What The Groom Wants (12:34pm May 6, 2014):

This post sure made me chuckle. Great pics in it.

Re: Secrets and Sins: Raphael (2:46pm May 4, 2014):

When I just learned to drive, we had a very bad winter. I did not want to
drive into town on the glare ice. My mother said I would be ok. I was
probably going to fast for the conditions. When we came around the curve
and out of the trees the wind hit the mini van & we started to roll. In that
slow motion moment you usually only seen in the movies, the f-bomb was
the only thing to come out of me. Totaled the van but didn't cry until I go
home & saw my father.

Re: A Beautiful Distraction (9:58pm April 30, 2014):

Great covers and teaser. I think I'm adding this to my wish list.

Re: The Paris Time Capsule (11:33am April 29, 2014):

I love places that are frozen in time like this. The coolest real life mysteries I've run across were trying to figure out where the pictures were taken in Granpa's WWII album. He was so old it wan't of any use to ask him who was in the picture with him. Some of them he thought were in Wales. After he died we were going through his things and found another bunch of pictures. He was not the best of at adding labels or talking about the past. The back of the pictures said things like "another street in Paris. sigh.

Going through the church safe when I was secretary was another. Old deeds, old records, really old negatives, stuff written in Norwegian. It took me a while to figure out all the old deeds.

Re: Wild About Her Wingman (9:36pm April 24, 2014):

Perfect combination: my bed and electric blanket on a winter day.

Re: The Ace (1:13am April 11, 2014):

The most exciting play of any sport is the last minute game changer. (At least, I assume from the yelling that goes on in the other room. Somehow the yelling at the TV will HELP THEM WIN!)

Re: Desiring Lady Caro (11:59pm April 9, 2014):

a round-a-bout way of working, but it gets the job done! I have a similar process. Whatever works!

Re: On the Surface (11:57pm April 9, 2014):

I really liked the blurb I read about this book before I clicked over to this blog entry. There is a difference between how men think and how a female thinks. Went ice fishing with my brothers/cousins/uncles once. They all were dressed in grubby green/cammo/miss matched gear. I was dressed by my mother in pastel matching out fit with a white fir trimmed hat. Needless to say I stuck out in the truck and on the ice. ll_gee at hotmail

Re: Rising Assets (1:30am April 3, 2014):

Family. Especially brothers, they know just what buttons to push.

We use to tease my cousin, before she married, that every time she
needed to do a deep clean she would just move, she moved that often for a

I've been looking at this book for a while & if I'm buying it! I just have to talk
myself into it.

Re: The Winter Bride (12:45pm April 3, 2014):

Beta heroes are great, too. I like Freddy's take on the world. His outlook makes other people double take and that makes me laugh.

Re: Dash of Peril (12:42pm April 3, 2014):

New books, Yeah! I'm glad I'm not the only seat of pants person out there.

Re: Dyed and Gone (10:36pm March 30, 2014):

I love the earbud idea! The nail polish is a great idea. I'm going to try using
bobby pins again now that I know which side is up. I saved this article!

Re: Silence Of The Wolf (11:14pm March 20, 2014):

I liked Leidolf Wildhaven. He is very determined & a memorable character!

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (11:10pm March 20, 2014):

I like when you can revisit characters you fell in love with in a previous book.

Re: Desperately Seeking Suzanna (6:11pm March 14, 2014):

Strawberry pie from local strawberries. Fresh.

Re: The Bride Insists (6:09pm March 14, 2014):

I can't pick just one black sheep. I do find it funny watching the lambs
sneak under the fence when I go visiting.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (8:44pm March 12, 2014):

I love their sense of humor. It always pops up when you least expect it!

Re: What The Groom Wants (10:57pm March 6, 2014):

Thanks for the laugh tonight. I love the pictures that go with the blog. New thought for the coffee/espresso entry I attended a candle party where a jar of coffee beans were passed around to clear out the smells so you could finish smelling the rest of the candle scents.

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (10:52pm March 6, 2014):

I really wanted to know more about some of the supporting characters in Stargate SG1 tv series. I'm a big fan of JD Robb's Mavis & her family in the In Death series.

Re: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms (9:39pm March 5, 2014):

I got a new job this fall. No more cleaning all day!!

Re: The Prosecutor (9:37pm March 5, 2014):

I like J. D. Robb's Rourke. The Prosecutor summery makes the book sound great!

Re: Mustang Sassy (9:34pm March 5, 2014):

I listen to a lot of music when I am sewing. I seem to lean towards country. I listen to Bill Engvall's Dorkfish over and over again. City of Angels and Armageddon sound tracks are great too.

Re: The Trouble With Honor (9:17pm February 26, 2014):

Cool sneak peak. I hope my library gets a copy!

Re: Tempted by the Soldier (9:16pm February 26, 2014):

I'm addicted to reading. I always have at least one book in progress. I'm also a collector of crafting stuff.

Re: Hot Rock (9:14pm February 26, 2014):

It's the memory the music brings and their attitude.

Re: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (10:21pm February 20, 2014):

I love your books, I just saw a bunch of them at the library today. In my
neck of the woods someone would steal the mail around holidays & open
the colorful envelopes looking for money. He was finally caught and was

Re: Once In A Lifetime (9:28pm February 18, 2014):

So sweet. I must be on a shoe kick. For some reason they are calling to me
today. Nice sound effect.

Re: High-Heeled Wonder (9:25pm February 18, 2014):

Sounds like a fun book. I've learned I can look at some pretty groovy shoes
but they'll never fit my big feet. They'll just have to inspire a shoe cake or

Re: Deep in My Heart (11:05pm February 12, 2014):

This was a pretty funny guest blog! Thanks for the laugh.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (10:34pm February 8, 2014):

If your hero drinks whisky for breakfast what does he eat with it? Would a traditional be different in your historical and contemporary novels?

Re: Risk Taker (10:24pm February 2, 2014):

Great teaser. It's on my list for when I get my next gift certificate.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (2:16am December 17, 2013):

I can't wait to read the book since this post was so entertaining. I'm in a vampire kind of binge right now anyway!

Re: Thrown (2:35pm December 16, 2013):

I like the covers for your books. It makes me wonder where they are going on those horses. I liked your writer's tips on your website. That was a fun read.

Re: Fighting Love (2:29pm December 16, 2013):

Never been in love, never tried dating a friend.

Re: Unclaimed (10:33pm December 12, 2013):

My favorite thing about the holidays is the goodies that only get made once a year.

Re: Tangling with the CEO (1:55pm December 10, 2013):

I can go either way as long as there are good characters in the book.

Re: Last Chance Proposal (1:54pm December 10, 2013):

We had an upside down Christmas one year. Right after supper the electricity went out for a few hours. We had to do dishes by candle light, melt snow for water, and as young kids this took forever without any electronic distractions. We wandered around making up games and being told to "mind the candles." Just as they finished washing all the good dishes and large pots the electricity finally came on.

Re: The Best Game (7:22pm December 8, 2013):

Good background on how you write scenes. Sounds like you figured out how to get more depth to your writing.

Re: Rugged Hearts (5:38pm December 6, 2013):

I'm grateful for my new job that I like. It's so nice not to have to worry about money this time of year.

Re: The Blake Legacy (5:37pm December 6, 2013):

Nice layout. The colors aren't distracting me from the books, like some sites do.

Re: Tempest's Course (5:35pm December 6, 2013):

Genres just evolve. I clicked on your contest here just because the quilt colors rocked on the picture.

Re: Stranded (5:33pm December 6, 2013):

Those are some great writing tips. I should pass them on to a few people I know. Thanks!

Re: Everlasting Enchantment (5:30pm December 6, 2013):

I don't know what kind of were animal he would be but I'm guessing he would be a morning person who couldn't sit still and liked going camping. All of those are the exact opposite of me.

Re: Legend Of The Highland Dragon (5:28pm December 6, 2013):

In the era before sticky notes and e-mail, the secretaries at my Dad's office would pin things to his coat so he would remember to tell Mom.

Re: Hustlin' Texas (10:53pm December 4, 2013):

It sounds like a fun book. I like family "legends".

Re: Down Range (9:48pm December 2, 2013):

I love the fact that he had a quote for the back of your book. I'll have to have the library get a copy of it. It will be fun to point out to people.

Re: Three Timeless Loves (2:44pm November 30, 2013):

I wouldn't time travel. I like my air conditioning, education, soft bed, and vaccinations. I like reading about the possibility of different times and time travel. They can be very fun reads.

Re: Black Widow Demon (1:33pm November 29, 2013):

I'm a fan of Fox's Bones & X-Files. I got hooked on Showtime's Dexter when there was a writers' strike and they showed it on CBS (heavily edited). BBC's Sherlock is having season 3 start in January here in the USA!!

Re: A Perfect Distraction (11:23pm November 28, 2013):

A book usually inspires me to pull out a hobby I all ready have and work on
a project. I have a variety of UFOs in my house.

Re: A Change of Heart (11:22pm November 28, 2013):

I understand compulsion. I always have to have at least one book to read
with me at all times.

Re: Aloha Rose (1:30pm November 26, 2013):

I like the history of the Hawaiian quilts. It's interesting how an everyday item evolves in different cultures and times.

Re: Otherworld (1:28pm November 26, 2013):

My dream is to get better at sewing. This is a little bit crazy since I only seem to spend about 15 hours a year on actually doing this.

Re: The Pieces We Keep (1:18pm November 26, 2013):

I think I saw a news report on something similar. A lady made statues based on past life experiences she had about WWII. I'm going to see if our local library will get this book.

Re: Home for Christmas (8:47pm November 25, 2013):

My favorite decorations are some we got from my grandma. My Mom has enough Christmas decorations and a big enough house that sometimes she does "theme" rooms if she has enough time.

Re: Hard As It Gets (8:45pm November 25, 2013):

Sandra Hill's whales in some of her viking books are pretty funny.

Re: The Wedding Game (10:07pm November 24, 2013):

This definitely sounds like a fun read. I wouldn't marry someone from reality TV but I might marry someone my brother picked out.

Re: A Song At Twilight (11:36pm November 18, 2013):

Working couples work for me. Sometimes the conflicts are because of the work they do.

Re: Texas Tango (8:56pm November 16, 2013):

I was a quiet teenager. I did not come out of my shell until I was in my

Re: Once A Seal (11:12pm November 15, 2013):

I'm single. I find it very interesting to watch the married people I know. Some of their issues can be very funny.

Re: Dangerous Connections (11:08pm November 15, 2013):

This was a great teaser. I am so bummed my laptop died and the library had no copies. I would have gotten an e-copy of this book ASAP if I could sit in a better chair. Luckily it's going to the shop next week. I might have to ask the library to make a purchase request of this series.

Re: Shenandoah Crossings (11:36pm November 14, 2013):

I wouldn't run away to another time. I like my stuff to much. Washer, dryers, heating and cooling are great too.

Re: Bulletproof (10:17pm November 13, 2013):

I'm a fan of those formal in uniform pictures they all seem to take. All the guys in my family who have been in the military have taken those pictures and looked so sharp.

Re: Daughter Of The God-King (10:06pm November 10, 2013):

That's why I enjoy fiction. The details don't have to be exact. I hated the history tests that expected me to remember exact dates for anything besides July 4, 1776. They all blend together after a while.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (10:03pm November 10, 2013):

I totally agree about the things you don't see make the outfit fit sooo much better. Undergarments and seam widths are particularly important.

Re: A Cadence Creek Christmas (11:36pm November 7, 2013):

It's good to have familiar characters in a book. It makes getting to know the new characters so much easier. I haven't joined pinterest yet since I know I'll get sucked in to spending way to much time on it, too.

Re: Upon a Winter's Night (11:25pm November 7, 2013):

My favorite part of Christmas is all the sweets the relatives bring. Some are classics that we've always had but there is always something new to try.

Re: Scion of the Sun (1:19am November 5, 2013):

I should read YA again too. I was wandering the library shelves and spotted some of my favorites in the YA I haven't read in a while.

Re: A Cowboy for Christmas (1:17am November 5, 2013):

We go to Mom's family for Christmas Day. We are close enough that we celebrate with Dad's family on Christmas Eve. After my grandma died Mom & my aunt made a book of Grandma's best recipes it was a combination of scrap booking & memories.

Re: Born Wild (9:23pm November 3, 2013):

Great summary. It sounds like it is a great read. It makes me want to get to read it.

Re: Once a Rake (11:09pm October 30, 2013):

It's got to be the clothes. It's something I could never wear. But man it looks good.

Re: Hunter's Moon (8:48pm October 29, 2013):

Sounds like a great book. I'll have to see if my library has any other books in the series! I like shifter books.

Re: Norse Jewel (8:25pm October 28, 2013):

I love a twist. Things that keep me guessing are great. I hate when I can figure the book out in the first 5 chapters.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (8:23pm October 28, 2013):

I would hate the not being able to reach part the worst. I could accommodate the movement part but some things in this world aren't set up for wheel chair bound people.

Re: The Circle Of Thirteen (8:22pm October 28, 2013):

This sounds like a cool book. My dad might swipe it from me before I could read it.

Re: The Wishing Thread (8:21pm October 28, 2013):

My grandma made me a quilt for my high school graduation. I use to bring it to her house to be washed so it would smell like her house and be like a hug from grandma at college.

Re: Because Of Audrey (9:30pm October 25, 2013):

I don't get into Halloween so much myself. I'm pretty good at helping my brother who really gets into Halloween.He dressed up last year as the Riddler and one of the Aliens from Sesame Street. I'm more daring in my day to day choices. This really embarrassed my younger brother as a high school student.

Re: Cinderella Screwed Me Over (10:01pm October 24, 2013):

I like the Swan Prince. I'm not sure how it could be skewed. I guess it depends on the version that gets used.

Re: The Wicked Wallflower (9:59pm October 24, 2013):

I've never had a crush that didn't know I was alive. I didn't get it in Jr. high when all my friends had crushes on bands.

Re: Milkshakes, Mermainds, and Murder (9:58pm October 24, 2013):

I've not had a celebrity sighting but my Grandma still will talk about talking to Clark Gable at the train station in Aberdeen SD, when she was dropping off something there during WWII.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (1:44pm October 22, 2013):

THE SWEETEST HALLELUJAH has been on my to read list. I never can seem to catch it when it is on the shelf in my local library. It's either checked out or on the way to another branch. I saw it for the first time in a book flyer the library gets.

Re: Murder At Hatfield House (3:40pm October 21, 2013):

I like the American west settlement years or the early 1910s-30s. I'm not sure why exactly. The early twentieth century maybe because of all the different clothes styles and great fabric.

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (5:43pm October 20, 2013):

I bounce between both funny and dangerous. Thanks for the contest.

Re: Bare Knuckle (11:45am October 16, 2013):

I always wonder what happened to the characters after the series ended. (But I don't want to know that they died.)

Re: Run The Risk (11:25am October 16, 2013):

I'm always excited when you put out a new book. Great choices for your examples of other books too!

Re: Plague Ship (11:27pm October 15, 2013):

Wow! I'm impressed you found the time to right this. I'll have to get my hands on a copy. The only problem I can see is that my dad has a tendency to swipe books like this from me before I get a chance to read them.

Re: Death Of A Schoolgirl (9:05pm October 14, 2013):

This doesn't seem like something I typically choose first at the library or book store but I have had good luck with books that I ended up trying on someones recommendation that carry on a character (like Sherlock Holmes). I have really gotten into a couple of series like that. I might have to purchase request this from the library.

Re: Her Accidental Boyfriend (9:03pm October 14, 2013):

I was recovering from surgery and had entered an online fabric contest and I won! It was such a nice pick me up to receive in the mail. My brother liked this one girl in the company he was interning with curing college; he ended up getting married to her friend who was also interning at the same company.

Re: The Children of the Mist (3:01pm October 13, 2013):

After I finished panicking and procrastinating, I would try to figure out what I could do. It would be a bummer since I'd have to figure out what was new and not have a clue what I was doing.

Re: Lord of Swords (9:38pm October 12, 2013):

I'm so excited you have a new book. Lord of the Keep is one of my favorite books. I had to look pretty hard for a paperback copy before I got into Amazon online. I'm a fan of Van Gogh's Starry Night. The blues are so interesting.

Re: Snowbound With The Soldier (4:13pm October 10, 2013):

Last year when I had surgery my parents listened to me and gave me a pretty kitchen grater instead of flowers. It looks good in my kitchen and lasts a lot longer than the flowers I received, cheerful though they were.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (5:07am October 6, 2013):

At this time of day my brain is mush. But you covered one of my favorite pairs of movies with the two Addams family movies. My brother is a big fan of ARMY OF DARKNESS. Right now I have a Zombie movie checked out from the library, Warm bodies. I need to find some time to sit down and watch it.

Re: Love and Other Games (5:02am October 6, 2013):

I like to watch it snow in the moonlight. Peaceful and glittery.

Re: The Training (8:06pm October 2, 2013):

Learning is always cool. The more I learn about a subject the more I know I need to learn more. I'm adding you to my to read list.

Re: Long Shot (7:14pm October 1, 2013):

I find it funny that I'm commenting on kilts today. Just last week one of my co-workers was saying how her high school senior wants a kilt to take his senior pictures in. He is learning to play the bagpipe and wants an "authentic" picture. I'd say what they wear under their kilts depends on what the weather is like outside.

Re: The Outlaw Knight (10:37pm September 29, 2013):

Awesome research & back-story information. Wow, he lived to be ninety? Sounds like a really cool read.

Re: How To Date A Dragon (11:31pm September 27, 2013):

It's amazing how a break from life in an enjoyable book can be such a pick me up.

Re: The Outlaw Knight (11:29pm September 27, 2013):

I can't imagine what it must have been like for the king to be able to tell someone they couldn't build on what could have been a good reason or just the king's whim.

Re: Dirty Trick (1:34am September 25, 2013):

I wish I could say it was my pumpkins for pie or some other fresh garden produce. I have some really fun recipes. But I have to go with my allergy medicine; with the dust from harvest & the pollen still around I can't live with out it.

Re: Gideon's Call (12:06pm September 22, 2013):

I am such a book hoarder. I've raised my bed to fit my boxes
of books underneath. I now need a stool to get into bed. I've
got a request on this book from my local library. We have two
copies so I should get my hands on it soon.

Re: Severed Trust (12:03pm September 22, 2013):

It's always interesting to learn about different unique
aspects of our country's heritage. Background information can
be really cool.

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (1:12am September 20, 2013):

I dread going shopping for specific clothing. It takes forever to find something that fits or comes close to fitting and looks halfway decent on me. Most of the time I can't even find something that needs a little tailoring to work for me. All afternoon and I come home with two items.

Re: How To Entice An Enchantress (1:20pm September 18, 2013):

The library as long as it wasn't a science or a foreign languages library. I'm not good at science and only speak one language.

Re: Everlast (9:11pm September 15, 2013):

A few new books to check out-cool. I like the concept of your book.

Re: Tempted in the Tropics (9:09pm September 15, 2013):

I was a big fan of the Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Blizzard. Fresh strawberries work too! Good cheese cake...The list goes on.

Re: True Spies (5:00pm September 13, 2013):

I'm drawn to a well written book. I do find here love is rediscovered between two people is often a fun read. This sound like a book I should put on my list.

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (10:57pm September 12, 2013):

My generation is remarkably short of nicknames. We have
various incarnations of John going back at least 5
generations. I had a hard time remembering to respond to "Red"
when the relatives called me that. It was mainly since we
didn't see them that often.

Re: When Mountains Move (12:10pm September 12, 2013):

OK, now you've got me wondering what her secret is. I'll have to see if the library has or can get a copy. What a great idea to give two sets away. They only question is who gets the other set and the other set after I'm done.

Re: Shades Of Mercy (12:08pm September 12, 2013):

I read the summary of your story. The combination of elements is very interesting. I like a well researched history book too.

Re: Damek's Redemption (8:58pm September 9, 2013):

I lean more towards werewolves. I'm not sure why. Sounds like a cool read.

Re: The Dervish (9:39pm September 8, 2013):

Wow, I have never read about this time in world history. Sounds very layered and interesting.

Re: Against The Ropes (12:20pm September 6, 2013):

I don't even want to think of some of my most embarrassing moments. Good for you making them work for you. For some reason I like reading romances with MMA as an aspect. It must be because it is something I would never do myself.

Re: Bad Nights (12:16pm September 6, 2013):

Sounds like a fun read. I used my library's "Suggest a Purchase" page for this book. I usually can get it this way since not many people have discovered this cool thing yet!

Re: Virtual Heaven (12:13pm September 5, 2013):

I do like computer games. I'm not much for playing other people on the internet or Facebook. I have a lot of games bought on sale from Big Fish Games. I am a big fan of Age of Empires II. I remember many years ago when my brother & I had trapped enough gophers to afford our original Nintendo; we played it so much our fingers were sore and we had to put bandages on our fingers to keep playing. I think I can still find some of the "extras in Super Mario Brothers now that I bought a working controller for it again. We should maybe have a tournament next time we are at Mom and Dad's.

Re: The Highlander's Desire (1:36am September 2, 2013):

I'm a fan of Rapunzel/Cinderella type stories. I like the
escape/transformation aspects of a few stories. Sandra Hill and Catherine
Anderson have a few stories that fit this theme. I don't want to run upstairs
to find the titles.

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (1:31am September 2, 2013):

We are fans of chocolate chip cookies at my house. We have a variety of
recipes to choose from depending on the amount of time and energy we
want to expend in their making.

Re: The Blood Gospel (1:44pm August 31, 2013):

What an interesting twist on something with such a long history. Stories
about vampires have been around so long that they have built over time.
They seem to be world wide with a twist depending on what part of the
world you're in. I've read in Asia that vampire lore says they turn into cats.

Re: What the Bride Wore (1:52am August 29, 2013):

I like a couple of short stories recently.
Monuments to the Dead by K. Rusch and The Man Who Planted Trees by
J. Giono.

Re: The Mysterious Death Of Miss Jane Austen (1:47am August 29, 2013):

Sounds like an interesting story. Some of the best ones are based on some
true tidbit.

Re: Written in the Stars (7:08pm August 28, 2013):

Cool stories. I wish my brother would have something like that happen to him. He needs a good kick in the pants. I shouldn't talk. He is at least dating.

Re: Love Him or Leave Him (7:05pm August 28, 2013):

Wow. You hit some of my favorite books and authors too!

Re: A Rancher's Christmas (2:28pm August 27, 2013):

A good library is a must in a town. It lets you use the computer/internet when your isn't working. I can get lots of free books (in print & on-line), movies, odd items like an power check meter (to see how much energy the fridge uses), online they have lots of databases that are useful (someday I'm going to learn Norwegian) and they let you make purchase requests for new authors I want to try.

Re: The Arrangement (7:22pm August 25, 2013):

I can't wait for more of your books. They're always a good read!

Re: Apocalyptic Moon (2:29pm August 23, 2013):

I'm not sure who to include on my zombie fighting team. Someone who's good with a shot gun or explosives would be good. I'm always glad to find another author for some of my favorite types of books.

Re: Surrender To Sultry (10:23pm August 22, 2013):

It sounds like a great read. It seems to be along the lines of one of my
favorite Sharon Sala books. Hope I get my hands on a copy some day.

Re: Wicked Beat (10:21pm August 22, 2013):

The ability to laugh is a great gift. I know a few people who need a
N edit button at times. They don't know when to quit.

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (10:17pm August 22, 2013):

I don't like coming to the end of a series since I'll miss the characters I've
come to know. But it is nice to end the series on a happy note. I don't want
to know if something bad happens to them latter.

Re: Last Chance Reunion (1:09pm August 21, 2013):

I read almost anything, except horror. My imagination is too good for horror. I like romantic suspense because of the plot twists.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (12:47pm August 20, 2013):

My uncle took in my grandma after grandpa passed. She is happy, and my
mom has peace of mind. Her short term memory is very bad. I don't think I
could handle living with her on a daily basis.

Re: Strung Out To Die (3:24pm August 19, 2013):

It is very easy to relate to cozy mysteries. I love the plot twists.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (1:29pm August 15, 2013):

I have the ability to babble on paper. I'm not sure I would be a good romance writer. I have never been in love; I just watched people I know be in love.

Re: Taken by the Vampire King (8:28am August 12, 2013):

I like the variety of vampire stories. The amount of history they possibly
experienced can be cool too. I can't imagine how bored someone could get
in that time.

Re: Love On A Midsummer Night (4:23pm August 8, 2013):

The start of your post brings to mind my Grandpa at the end of his life. He was in the nursing home and kept asking where Grandma was and when she was coming to visit. We gave up telling him that she was gone. We would tell him that she was at church or outside or visiting with her sister (one row over). Of course he also would tell my Dad to get the cows put away and I don't remember them in my life time. Sad as it was sometimes it was fun to just go with where his mind led.

Re: A Father For Her Triplets (7:14am August 5, 2013):

I hope to get a different job this week. I am getting tired of mopping other
people's floors. I hope to get a job with an area library.

Re: Date with Destiny (7:11am August 5, 2013):

It is hard to pick just one character. Different times in my life different
characters resonate.

Re: Death Al Dente (2:23pm August 2, 2013):

I haven't moved my place of residence in over 30 years except for college. I had a cousin we would tease because she moved so often. We would joke with her about moving house instead of spring cleaning.

Re: Tall, Dark, And Vampire (8:57pm August 1, 2013):

I like the being on time comment you made, that could so be me!

Re: Jaguar Fever (8:49pm August 1, 2013):

I added this book to my list. I live in northern MN and to find a dance type
club you have to go at least two hours from ,y house.

Re: The Eskimo Hunts in Miami! (10:28pm July 31, 2013):

Sounds like something new and different. Cool! I'm suggesting my library
buys a copy. My dad would like these books too.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (10:22pm July 31, 2013):

Sounds like a great read. I'll add it to my list!

Re: Traveling Light (10:53pm July 28, 2013):

I think you present a slightly different side of yourself to everyone you meet.
You have to talk to a lot of people to see what that one person was really

Re: Second Ride Cowboy (10:49pm July 28, 2013):

I've watched my brother break up & get back together with his girlfriend.
I've given up asking if they are together since he won't give anyone a
straight answer.

Re: Rugged Hearts (8:58pm July 24, 2013):

Some of the people I work with. I learned so much about myself from them and pushed myself because of them. Christmas doesn't seem that far away this year for some reason.

Re: Moonlight (8:57pm July 24, 2013):

I'm on both teams but if I had to choose just one to read I would have to go with the shifters. I'm not sure why. I tried to add your Moonlight to my wish list here but the computer wasn't letting me. I'll have to try and remember to do that at home.

Re: Complete Me (12:57pm July 23, 2013):

I just found another series to add to my reading list. I'll have to wait awhile and request it through my library. They might have to add it to the collection. It sounds like I better start at beginning so I know where this story is coming from.

Re: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (12:55pm July 23, 2013):

Wow! What a quick change. I'm glad you have relatives nearby to help look after your writer's retreat while you are not there. Were there any legal quirks that surprised you when you were purchasing this property?

Re: An Open Heart (4:09pm July 22, 2013):

You are right, I've heard of some things that really happened that can't
possible have really happened to people who you know would not make
things up or let their imagination run away.

Re: The Officer And The Secret (2:07pm July 19, 2013):

Silly and random is a great idea. To show where you've been that day take extreme close ups and see if they can guess where they are taken. See if they recognize the ceiling, floor, someone's arm, furniture, or the food that you are eating.

Re: Rancher to the Rescue (11:54am July 17, 2013):

I'm single but it is amusing to watch my siblings and cousins learn about their partners. My cousin's wife was married to him for at least two years before he found out he had a minor from college.

Re: Merger to Marriage (10:21pm July 14, 2013):

I need good characters to read about. Fresh take or tried and true always
work better with good characters. I always love how Lucy tries to hide
things from Ricky and never seems to get away with it.

Re: Masquerade (10:18pm July 14, 2013):

Bad girls always make me shake my head. I can wrap my mind around how
they think they run through life.

Re: Ignited (4:49pm July 12, 2013):

Cool sounding books. I'm so glad they are coming out so close together.
Where do you get your research on military life?

Re: If The Shoe Fits (10:11pm July 11, 2013):

Romantic but not really...I would have to go to my younger years and go
with Kermit & Ms. Piggy. They cared for each other, chasing, and karate
chops where involved.

Re: The Rogue Steals A Bride (10:06pm July 11, 2013):

I've enjoyed your other books. I make sure our library branch gets them in!

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (12:12pm July 11, 2013):

What a cool looking quilt. I have never saw that quilt before. I'll have to
look up that pattern. Thanks!

Re: Jungle Fire (12:08pm July 11, 2013):

I'm a fan of either setting. A well written story is all that matters. Your book
sounds like a good read. Dengue does not sound like a fun activity.

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (7:47pm July 9, 2013):

I like paranormal books. Shape changers are among my favorites. I prefer
not to watch many scary movies. It comes from going to movies with mom.
She has a tendency to grab when she is startled/scared. We learned to
have dad sit next to mom at the movies.

Re: Guardian (4:43am July 9, 2013):

I've been waiting for this book to come out. I like second chance stories. My
favorites are by Sharon Sala, Chance McCall & Jackson Rule.

Re: Winning a Bride (7:17pm July 7, 2013):

Novellas can be TOO short sometimes. So a longer novella can be a great
thing. If it is an e-book it doesn't really matter how long it is. I just want to be
able to start reading right away!

Re: Paradise Valley (2:33pm July 4, 2013):

Maggie sounds like one determined lady. Great looking cover.

Re: It Happened One Midnight (3:44am July 3, 2013):

I got hooked on your books at the local library. Of course it will happen
again. Once is never enough.

Re: Prince of Secrets (3:41am July 3, 2013):

I'm glad you included a list of your new releases. One thing I do that is
worth it even though I am crazy to attempt it is my vegetable garden. I
never seem to have enough time to get all the weeds. Either I have to work,
it rains all week, or the Mosquitos swarm but that corn on the cob, squash,
and pumpkin pie are so worth it.

Re: Masters of The Cats: Collaring The Saber-Tooth (11:10am July 1, 2013):

I do most of my reading in my favorite chair, it doesn't matter if it is a lbrary
book, my book, or a kindle book. This summer I'm a little distracted by my
vegetable garden.

Re: Smoking Hot (5:53am June 27, 2013):

Looking after an aging relative is difficult. We just had grandma staying with
us for a few days. That is always an experience. Her short term memory is
basically gone. After a few time answering the same question I
occasionally start having more fun with the answers so I won't lose my
temper with her. She always has to be busy. Mom got her started knitting
again. If she doesn't think about it it goes well. When she starts
concentrating she starts to have trouble or when she sometimes comes to
the end of a row.

Re: All Out of Love (9:13pm June 25, 2013):

I leaned towards a & d's. great way to try a new author. I can't wait to ge my
hands on your newer books. I guess I'm behind in my reading. This was a
great reminder.

Re: The Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts With Scandal (10:01pm June 20, 2013):

Wow, that's a lot of rules. Before that law was enacted could anyone
perform marriages or were the clergy the only ones who could marry a

Re: One Night With A Rake (9:57pm June 20, 2013):

When I was in high school we had a black lab. He listened to me the best
out of the whole family. To describe him my mother said he reminded her of
Clifford the big red dog.(He would accompany her on her daily walks.) my
father referred to him as "Hunter the hound from hell" for all the trouble he
got into and all the times he almost died while pursuing trouble. He was my
favorite of all our pets growing up. He was a great playmate.

Re: Widow Of Gettysburg (9:50pm June 20, 2013):

Book trailers don't influence my decision about a book. I get most of my
information about a book from the summery or reviews.

Re: Billion Dollar Cowboy (8:40pm June 13, 2013):

Of course Carolyn is doing the right thing. She is sticking to her guns and
set down ground rules for her cowboys. I always try to read Carolyn's
books, I even own a few of them. I try to make sure the local library has
them too. I love the purchase suggestion page.

Re: Flirting with Disaster (5:14pm June 10, 2013):

A fatal flaw in a hero is being too perfect. That's a hard standard to live up to. Too serious a person is not good either. The ability to laugh is a great thing to cultivate.

Re: Lord of the Hunt (1:17pm June 7, 2013):

I'm a fan of sequel characters. I'm always wondering what the other characters in the current book I'm reading story is. I loved Lord of the Keep.

Re: The Firebird (1:52pm June 6, 2013):

Before I started My father to read me every night. We read the novel Heidi, the Black Stallion series and many others. One book that made me is The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono. It showed me that little by little you can accomplish big things over time.

Re: Sweet Revenge (2:58pm June 4, 2013):

It doesn't matter to me if the hero is polished or rough. It just has to be well written. I have to be able to get into the book.

Re: Dead, White, And Blue (3:17pm May 31, 2013):

Keeping a character interesting is knowing the character but still being surprised by the character. It's kind of like if you ask 50 people about 1 person you'll get 50 different shades of an answer.

Re: The Summer I Became A Nerd (2:52pm May 22, 2013):

I'm a nerd about several things. I quilt (aka fabric collector according to my Mom); all those cool tools & colors. I'm also a Star Wars fanatic. My sister-in-law finds this a bit strange...

Re: Kissing the Maid of Honor (2:50pm May 22, 2013):

So many choices...

Re: The Sword Dancer (2:47pm May 22, 2013):

I'm a fan of Star Wars. Leia might be the one being rescued but the guys need a bit of direction from her to get their act together. It's great that your historical isn't a typical setting. I need something different to read. Thanks.

Re: Yesterday's Echo (3:43am May 20, 2013):

Way to go. Just sitting down and finishing is a great thing. Hope you get to finish more.

Re: Seducing Charlotte (5:15am May 19, 2013):

It all depends on how the rest of the book goes.

Re: Undone (4:15pm May 16, 2013):

Laughter is such a very important quality. Patience is another quality that's important. To be able to wait & put up with someone's quirks is all a part of patience.

Re: Father By Choice (8:27pm April 30, 2013):

I like books with kids in them. Some of the things kids say in fiction or real life are so funny.

Re: The Summer He Came Home (8:11pm April 18, 2013):

It all depends on the day and my mood. I'm more of a fan of the music than the singer. I've been enjoying the various artists on the reality shows.

Re: Flirting Under A Full Moon (5:02pm April 11, 2013):

This is definitely going on my to read list.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (4:53pm April 11, 2013):

Hope your classes are going well. I love the title. Since you're an English major, does all the bad grammar on the web bug you?

Re: Darius (9:19pm April 4, 2013):

I procrastinate a lot. Then I slowly plod through the problem and solution. I love your books. I always have a good day when I get a hold of one I haven't read yet. Keep it up!

Re: Lush (11:26pm April 3, 2013):

I've been interested in your books for a while but they are hard to come by in my area. I'm waiting for enough to get free shipping on-line. There is one in my cart just waiting for me.

Re: Sinner's Heart (11:24pm April 3, 2013):

I like to read all the books in a series if it is good. I don't have to start with the first one. I can get hooked on another book in the series but I will go back and read the others in order or if I'm desperate the order I acquire them.

Re: Once Tempted (12:42pm April 2, 2013):

I haven't had any life changing trip. One event on a long road trip that did change is that my Father now pulls over when I say I'm going to throw up.

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (8:04pm March 26, 2013):

Chasing planes is always an adventure. The books sound great.

Re: Lord of the Keep (12:12pm March 23, 2013):

I own and love Lord of the Keep. Great Read!

Re: Nickeled-And-Dimed To Death (8:34pm March 22, 2013):

Some things and people need second chances, like tasting a food for a second time. Other time walking away is best.

Re: Shadows And Strongholds (7:00am March 22, 2013):

I remember visiting Fort Abraham Lincoln as a child. I remember laughing with my brothers all day.

Re: Buried In A Bog (5:41am March 18, 2013):

I've never been to Ireland. Our church took a tour over there this fall. In college I was interested in taking a cooking course over in Ireland. I saw the book of prayers on line the other day.

Re: Falling Into Paradise (5:30am March 18, 2013):

You can wish people change and actually do as they talk about but people don't evolve from a point of view very quickly if at all.

Re: Her Knight's Quest (7:53pm March 16, 2013):

Control is over rated somedays. Suprising turns are often very fun.

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (9:26pm March 14, 2013):

Wow! What a good experience. I'm going to request that my library gets this book too!

Re: The Survivor (1:10am March 10, 2013):

Know what is normal for that area & be aware. Don't be afraid of calling the police and looking silly.

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (1:09am March 10, 2013):

What I want to read all depends on what my day has been like. Sometimes reality bites and something out of the ordinary is just the ticket. Other days I NEED to know that someone else could have a bad a day too. Most often I really want a break from the real world.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (8:50pm March 7, 2013):

I've been waiting for this book to arrive ever since I read the teaser in the back of the last book!

Re: Lord Of Darkness (7:11pm March 4, 2013):

I've enjoyed the other books in the series that I've read. :o)

Re: The Christie Curse (6:05pm March 3, 2013):

Sometimes working with your mother can be great. Other times when we have been together too long we definitely need a time out for a few hours to reset our moods.

Re: Protector (6:03pm March 3, 2013):

I ALWAYS have a book on hand. When I've go on trips I've been known to leave items at home (no really on purpose) to fit more books in my bag.

Re: Into the Spotlight (5:59pm March 3, 2013):

My favorite Vegas movie would have to be Con Air. I like the music & can't beat the explosions. I'll have to watch that soon. Thanks for the reminder. Hope to get a hold of a copy of your book soon too!

Re: Hot Ticket (1:16am March 1, 2013):

A good friend is someone who knows you, will laugh with you, and will continue the friendship seamlessly even after not seeing you for weeks.

Re: Cowboy Tough (1:13am March 1, 2013):

I've enjoyed your other books. I hope to get to read this one soon.

Re: Wait Until Dark (1:12am March 1, 2013):

Sounds like an interesting book. If I set it down at my parents my dad might pick it up too.

Re: Jake (11:17pm February 26, 2013):

I didn't know you had started a new series. I'm behind in my reading! I seem to be on a cowboy binge in my reading lately.

Re: X Marks The Scot (11:23pm February 21, 2013):

I love the title. I'm very tired but after a minute I got it!

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (9:42pm February 20, 2013):

I'll have to check this book out win or not!

Re: Wildcat (1:46am February 13, 2013):

You are now on my list of books to read soon.

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