February 23rd, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Patti Paonessa

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241 comments posted.

Re: Never Resist A Rake (8:53pm June 10, 2015):

Snuggled up on the sofa with my hunny.

Re: Hustlin' Texas (5:34am December 4, 2013):

Oh I have to have this. Jett already has me in his corner.

Re: Down Range (5:32pm December 2, 2013):

My father was a Marine and very proud of that although he made me and my siblings dread the day he ever signed up. He was a drill sgt for a while among other duties and there was never a day we were permitted to forget it. None of us ever joined the armed forces nor married someone who did. I think we all thought we did our time. I do appreciate what every soldier sacrifices for our freedom and I thank you all. I am looking forward to reading your books and I do appreciate that you work so hard to make them as authentic as possible.

Re: The Namesake (8:48pm November 12, 2013):

When I first started reading this post I almost passed it by but I am glad I kept reading, I think I really need to get this. There are lessons here for me. Thank you.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (12:51pm November 8, 2013):

This is the first time I have seen your work but I am definitely interested. I
will be checking out what I need to do to "catch up" after reading the
comment from Shelby.

Re: Run The Risk (3:00am October 17, 2013):

I too love when the hero has to do something that seems to go against his
character and then he has to justify what he has done. I have added this to
my to reads and I really like the cover. Thanks for stopping by.

Re: Tempted in the Tropics (11:47am September 15, 2013):

Oh I and I was so excited I forgot to add I have added this to my have to
read it list. It sounds right up my alley. Thanks for telling me about it.

Re: Tempted in the Tropics (11:46am September 15, 2013):

In the book Deep Autumn Heat by Elisabeth Barrett the main character
Lexie Meyers has a signiture coconut cake, in the second book of the Star
Harbor series Blaze of Winter she posts the recipe at the end of the book.
Before I could even post a review I had to bake that cake because I was
dying to taste it. It was absolutely delicious. My husband has renamed it
Porn Cake. My brother in law was taking a piece home to his wife and ate it
from the container before he got there. LoL it is that good. I think I could eat
that cake off a hunky man any day! Also if you eat it with chocolate cake it
is like a Mounds bar. Mmmm so yummy. Now I will have to go bake
another, see what you started.

Re: The Sheik Retold (11:36am September 13, 2013):

I think this may be one of those books I read in bed to my hubby. :)

Re: Damek's Redemption (2:27pm September 9, 2013):

I must say for a very long time I have said that I like werewolves better. Lately however there have been some vampires who have been changing my mind. I think your Damek may be another of those. You have me hooked. My reading addiction thanks you! :)

Re: Virtual Heaven (8:50pm September 5, 2013):

This post got me in a few places. One I grew up going to Ocean City in the
summer for vacations when I was a little girl, now I live in the Midwest, two I
love playing all kinds of virtual games and have spent way too many hours
doing so, three I love time travel based books, I could keep going but I
won't. Thank you for posting and please keep writing!

Re: What the Bride Wore (10:19am August 6, 2013):

I may run into you. I live in Illinois and have family in Pa and Nj that I will be
driving to in August. Lol. I have done that drive so many times in the last 20
yrs I could have been your driver. Congrats on all of your success and may
your travels be only eventful in good and happy ways.

Re: The Officer And The Secret (7:29pm July 19, 2013):

For the first year my hubby and I were together we lived in different states and he travels for work. We are still together after 20 years. I have to say there are bumps.. but surprises are always good. After hearing the same old thing every time you talk it does get old but every once in a while some random comment would come from left field. a,b,c,d, I'm sliding my hand up my thigh and wishing it was you, e,f,g lol He would do the same to me but it would always get us going huh!?!?! If you do send pkgs slip in something little enough to carry in a pocket a ribbon you had worn and took a picture wearing. I always wonder if he knows how many times a day I thought about him especially when we were first together.

Re: If The Shoe Fits (2:58pm July 11, 2013):

Oh I like that observation from the excerpt. I am certainly picking this up it will be a must read for me. It is very true that we must watch what people do and not listen to what people say. Many times true feelings are reflected in the smallest actions. I don't remember exactly what books they are from but there were some characters where small things mattered so much. A man remembering a favorite food or childhood memory that seemed so unimportant to others but to the woman it meant the whole world.

Re: Winning a Bride (7:50am July 6, 2013):

I never care how long a story is just how good it is. I love a little tease that
gets me wanting more. Give me a tease with dessert oh yeah!

Re: Paradise Valley (1:38am July 4, 2013):

This is the first time I am being introduced to your work but I am glad to
have found you. While reading your post I found I want to read more and it
certainly seems like I have found another author I will be hunting down
titles from.

Re: Masters of The Cats: Collaring The Saber-Tooth (10:20pm July 1, 2013):

Congrats on all of the chaos. A busy life is exciting. Mine used to be, now
my children are grown and gone and my job is also gone, my hubby is out
of town working so I will be spending the 4th alone at home. I need to make
some friends and get a life! But most people aren't as exciting as my books
and and my books don't mind if I am not in fancy clothes. I guess it is time
for me to get my bum moving though or I will end up growing roots.

Re: The Seven-Day Target (12:39pm April 29, 2013):

I don't have one set genre. I think I am too fickle I jump all around. I read
contemporaries, historicals, time travel, vamps, shifters, fantasy, suspense,
you name it. If it catches my eye or comes recommended I will give it a
shot. If I am completely unsure what I want to read I send In one of my
friends to my back room full of book shelves and say just grab one for me
please! I have six shelves of paperbacks of unread books to go through. I
can't help it, I pick them up at garage sales or my mom gives them to me.
Friends see things they think I might like or they are my auto buy authors I
have to have them. I keep them in alpha order by author then title. My
husband thinks I am crazy. Lol

Re: The Summer He Came Home (11:47am April 18, 2013):

I too love Jon. I once got the hubby mad because I said that Jon was one
man I would never kick out of bed. Lol I was never one of those groupie
drooling teenagers but him....he got me. I have this on my reading list
already. Thank you for sharing your sexy man with us.

Re: Sweet Madness (12:16pm April 5, 2013):

I think that it fits me perfectly. I do think that the colors I stay away from
may need to be looked at also. Hmmm. Thanks for the lesson. I am also
looking forward to reading Sweet Madness. I love to see the characters
progressing throughout a series.

Re: Darius (11:47am April 4, 2013):

I solve problems all kinds of ways. I stew about them, rant and rave, talk
them through with friends who understand me and how I think and know
my history, go to people who would probably have the best possible
solution, and some times I just impulsively fly by the seat of my pants. This
tends to drive people in my life crazy but that is why I only have a very
small group of close friends I guess. LoL I love our books and I am saving
up so I can get my hands on Darius. I am looking forward to reading it.

Re: Sinner's Heart (3:34pm April 3, 2013):

If I know that the book is part of a small series I like to read them in order, if
they are part of a large series like Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter's I may
read them out of order if I find one really tempting. My personal preference
is to keep them in order though. Sometimes I find it is hard to know which
order to follow, a historical timeline or the publication dates. In some series
you get conflicting opinions from readers. These books sound particularly
yummy though. Thank you!!!

Re: Lush (1:33am April 3, 2013):

These sound really good. I haven't read any of these yet but I am certainly
putting them on my list of books to grab. The titles have even snagged me.
Good luck to you and I hope you have continuing success!

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (8:01pm March 26, 2013):

I may have to print this out and tuck it in my mirror. I am one of those glass
half empty people and I need someone like you reminding me to just
lighten up and enjoy what life throws at me. Thank you. I needed that. :)
I don't want to deflect attention from how wonderful the book sounds... I
really like that too!

Re: Protector (7:43pm March 3, 2013):

I have books I have re-read over the years. When I travel or go anywhere I
have my kindle app on my phone, my kindle and also my print books that
come with me. I also find used book stores or even buy books on the road.
I usually have audiobooks going at the same time. I just can't seem to help

Re: Into the Spotlight (7:35pm March 3, 2013):

I would love to visit Vegas with my hubby and do some things we could
keep secret! Lol

Re: The Chieftain (9:13pm February 28, 2013):

I love highlanders and I really am looking forward to reading this series.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful characters and talent.

Re: Seven-Night Stand (8:25pm February 9, 2013):

I enjoy all types of backrounds. Small towns have some very interesting characters. People from other countries bring in some unique perspectives. City people have attitudes as varied as the cities they hail from. I read tons so I could never pick a favorite. Thank you for the great post and for sharing your story with us. I hope you have many more characters bouncing around in your head waiting to have their stories told.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (8:20pm February 9, 2013):

I really enjoyed reading the excerpt. Thank you. This is going on my to-read list. I am always curious to know which parts of the story are closely related to real events and I strive to find out when something really interests me.
Congrats on this wonderful book and please bring us some more. :)

Re: After the Rain (11:37am January 21, 2013):

Wow! If I could yell "do-over" I would not be who I am today at all. The first big change would have come when I was about five years old and that would change the trajectory of my entire life. If I could have handled that one thing differently I have no idea where I would be today. I am who I am now so I guess that is all I get. So my do-over is learn self-acceptance. (NOW!) LOL Can't wait to read your book it sounds great.

Re: Fallen Angel (2:40pm December 29, 2012):

I am grateful for my family and friends. I am also greatful that my hubby puts up with me and still loves me after all these years. Thanks for a great post and for reminding me to look at what is important.

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (2:37pm December 29, 2012):

I have tried to not have New Year's resolutions because then I just feel like a failure when I don't follow through. I was really ill the last few years so I am just hoping that 2013 is a healthier year. I liked reading your blog, now I have to go take down some decorations. LOL

Re: Midnight Exposure (9:23pm October 29, 2012):

Off the top of my head I can't think of exact books/names but I remember reading some from Lisa Kleypas (I am pretty sure) where the women band together to find husbands they don't want to be "given" to just anyone they want to control what happens to them. I too feel sad for the woe is me women.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (9:19pm October 29, 2012):

I always a read that mixes things up. I want to be caught up in what I'm reading not feeling like I may have read this before.

Re: Night Thief (6:23pm October 25, 2012):

This sounds like a wonderful story. I can't wait to read it. I love mixing history and fantasy.

Re: Contract For Marriage (10:09pm October 4, 2012):

Yes I have had that feeling a few times. I won't go into them here (too nasty)but I will say it is pretty unreal. I really want to read this, it sounds great.

Re: Renegade (10:40am September 27, 2012):

I have had to thin out my keeper books over the years numerous times, they tend to get out of control. I almost caused our attic to collapse into our garage once. The ceiling was sagging and the nails were popping and my husband said "What have you been putting up there?" He climbed up there and I was about to call the police for a protection order. lol As a solution he he had the crawl space finished so I could store the books there... so that won't ever happen again. See he loves me. :) But I still have to keep the boxes to a managable number. That is my agreement. I have an excel spreadsheet and the books are in labeled boxes so I can get to whichever ones I want when I need them. Addictions are bad... I am glad I chose books and not drugs.

Re: Got Game? (2:42pm September 22, 2012):

This looks really good and it's going on my tbr list. I am currently on my third week of gold lessons myself and I am not very good at all. I have never been good at any sport with a ball involved. When I was young I was a great gymnast but anything with a ball is beyond me. I am trying this because his family love the game. Pray for me...lol
Wishing you great success with your book.

Re: Deep Blue (6:34pm August 14, 2012):

I actually met my hubby on a cruise. I was on the cruise with my best friend and he was there with a bunch of his friends. That was 20 yrs ago. We lived in separate states had a long distance relationship for over a year before I moved from the east coast to the midwest to be with him. I definately recommend cruises. :) I love your books too.

Re: Married By Midnight (9:58pm August 3, 2012):

I usually don't wait for the series to be finished before I start it. But I hate when it takes forever between books.

Re: Take it Like a Vamp (5:01pm July 25, 2012):

I have lots of favorite bad boys. I love the Nauti Boys (Lora Leigh) and Black Dagger Brotherhood(J.R. Ward) series. There are lots of hottie bad boys right there. Then I'd throw in some Dark Hunters (Sherrilyn Kenyon). But my newest favorite bad boy is Ben O’Callahan from Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill and her Knights of the Boardroom series. I think that is plenty right there. lol I can't wait to read about your bad boy.

Re: Creating Fate (7:10pm July 23, 2012):

I have always taught my children to follow thier "gut". When in doubt that feeling never lies. If it's telling you to run..run, if it's telling you to take a chance you should. I found whenever I ignored my gut instinct I was always looking back thinking I should have listened. I never listened to it and looked back and thought I should have ignored it. I like your post, it has me thinking of some "little things" myself. :)

Re: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes (4:38pm July 21, 2012):

I love all romance. I never enjoyed history classes in school but I now enjoy learning about history through reading. My son is in his Masters program in History and encourages me to learn more and more. I wish I had been this interested way back then. Thanks for the post and I can't wait to read your books and learn more new stuff!

Re: Jesse (7:34pm July 13, 2012):

This sounds like a book I have to have. Thanks for the great post. I can't wait to pick this one up.

Re: Gwen's Ghost (6:43pm July 12, 2012):

I think it is awesome that you could work together and create something wonderful together. I can't wait to enjoy the "baby" that was born.

Re: Deep Autumn Heat (9:46pm July 9, 2012):

I took a trip with my husband two years ago for 2 months driving and visiting many places around the country. I started the journey telling myself I would not let fear stop me and I did tons of things I never would have before. I grew up terrified of heights, water and I hate bugs. I have pictures of me climbing behind a waterfall, sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, hiking, and many more. I even helped chop and split wood for a cousin in Colorado. Growing up in inner city Philadelphia that is pretty amazing to me. I can't wait to read your book.
Thank you

Re: My Lady Mage (9:19pm July 3, 2012):

This post made me remember a series I read a long time ago by Mercedes Lackey. The world was Valdemar and I remember loving it. I will have to dig those out. Thank you for shaking those cobwebs loose and I will be looking into this series as well!

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (9:15pm July 3, 2012):

I agree with you about waiting for the series to be out for a bit before starting if it is going to be a long wait between books. I go crazy waiting. This series sounds like something I need to get my hands on though. Thanks.

Re: Wicked Nights (12:41pm June 29, 2012):

I would have to say Jamie Macpherson from Sue-Ellen Welfonder's BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT. For some reason he just had me from the first time I read about him and I know he was in other books before this one. I will have to add this one to my list. This is the first time I have seen it but I want to read it.

Re: Lady Amelia's Mess And A Half (12:03pm June 29, 2012):

I can't remember the title anymore but there was a book that had me almost crying because the characters just could not seem to get thier hea. They really deserved it too.
Thanks for the chance and this sounds really good. It is on my to read list.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (11:41pm June 26, 2012):

I think if I could be someone else for a day I would be an infant in my family. They are treated with infinate patience, adored beyond reason, cuddled and snuggled and passed from person to person. The only thing I would change is I would be totally aware and be able to retain the memory of having all of that love directed at me. Then I could live my whole life never doubting I am loved and loveable. I wish we could all carry that with us every day.

Re: Starlight (3:52pm June 25, 2012):

What I got was it was telling the tale of Polly Gowan and Alex Christie speaking of the weavers union while sitting on a pew in a church. He gets nervous when speaking to her because he is attracted to her and he went to Harvard. Polly is going to help lead the weavers union because her father is ill. and can not. This is on my wish list. I was never good at poetry so I hope I did okay. lol

Re: Into The Darkest Corner (8:44pm June 24, 2012):

I do not belong to a book club. I am a fickle reader so I don't think I would enjoy it.

Re: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (11:56pm June 22, 2012):

Wow this one is definately different and I just love different. This is shooting to the top of my list of gotta have it in my hands asap. Thanks for the chance to win a copy and I can't wait to read this one. I can tell I'm going to be finding a spot in my keeper pile for it. Definately not the same old story with different names! Thank you.

Re: Honorable Rancher (12:50pm June 21, 2012):

My family is full of readers and I am the youngest of four kids and my parents loved to read. They never went out much so that is how they spent lots of their time. I have always loved to read and I have passed that on to my children and now my grandchildren. I think one of my favorite things is snuggling up with a book. If I spent half as much time cleaning as I did reading, my entire house would sparkle! LOL

Re: Her Forbidden Hero (12:46pm June 21, 2012):

I definately think that I am much more invested in my heroes/heroines when the author has taken the time to do some research and make it as realistic as possible. I know that I am reading fiction, but it makes it amazing when it feels REAL. That is when you get my heart involved.

Re: The Casanova Code (11:50am June 19, 2012):

Mine would say..
Wanted A Man not a boy. Please answer this question before answering this ad. Are you confident enough to take charge when necessary but also intelligent enough to know when you need back-up? If you are seeking a strong,smart,independent woman who loves to cook, play, read and cuddle please reply.
How is that?

Re: Life After (10:47pm June 8, 2012):

That would be really hard. I would like to believe I would do the right thing, but one never really know what you would really do in a situation until you are in it and living the moment. Situations vary and emotions are so intense and fluid. I can't wait to read this one though. What a great concept for a story!

Re: Where There's Smoke (10:10pm May 25, 2012):

This sounds wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway. Demons and cowboys...oh yes. I also love series.. I am so in!

Re: A Gentleman Says "I Do" (10:08pm May 25, 2012):

Instead of asking you if you were still writing I would probable ask you how you decide which story you write. Because I am sure more than one or two are floating around in your head at any given time. I so appreciate you for sharing your gift with all of us readers.
Thank you for your talent and for the giveaway.

Re: Night Walker (8:18pm May 16, 2012):

I soooo love a man with an accent. It is just too sexy.

Re: Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (4:51pm May 12, 2012):

The minute I saw this book the first time I wanted to read it. Thanks for the great post. Great excerpt, great cover. Can't wait to read it.

Re: Under Fire (5:58pm May 11, 2012):

I would have to say my unsung heroes are my hubby, my bestest friend and my sister. Those three people have been there for me through everything. They have been my support and my kick in the butt whichever it is I need most at the time. I also know people who are now or were once in the service and they are all very special people. I thank all of them for all they have done and continue to do to serve our country.

Re: The Proposal (5:14pm May 4, 2012):

I love series like this that tie together. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tales.

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (5:11pm May 4, 2012):

I think I have had to make some pretty tough choices in my life. Looking back I didn't always make the right one. There are many lessons I've learned the hard way and actually laughed when I actually told my daughter once that I was watching her go down a road I've travelled and I know where it leads and she said "where?" We actually had a pretty good talk afterwards but I couldn't believe she actually asked...lol

Re: Tempting the Best Man (5:03pm May 4, 2012):

Thanks for the post. If I like something I am pretty vocal about it but I am not one to judge others for what rocks their world either as long as everyone involved is legal and happy with it. That said, I also hate when people jump on a thing because everyone else is doing it. That is just my itty bitty 2 cents worth. Tempting the Best Man is one on my list to pick up though.

Re: Darkest Caress (4:54pm May 4, 2012):

From the minute I saw this title I knew I had to get my hands on this one. I have it on my have to but list.
Thanks for the post now I really really want it bad. I think it is awesome what you found out after doing the dna research. Goosebump moments are so cool

Re: Under His Protection (5:56pm April 29, 2012):

I love reading those alpha males "MINE" but like you I wouldn't want to live with one 24/7. Both of these series sound great to me. I am a romance series lover, but I like to wait until the books are all available and then devour them back to back. I hate waiting and my memory stinks and I forget stuff if I too much time passes. That age thing is getting me. :)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Untouched (12:17pm April 28, 2012):

I have tons of songs that take me back to many memories. One of my favorites that still makes me laugh to this day is walking home in the rain with a boy I had a huge crush on (I didn't think he knew)and we were going by this huge puddle and I sang "someday my PRINCE will come" and at the word Prince I jumped into the puddle and soaked him. He chased me for a block and then kissed me. It still makes me smile. As an old lady now it takes me back. grinning even now. lol

Re: The Vampire Shrink (6:38pm April 27, 2012):

I wouldn't say it was ghostly exactly but there were times growing up when I would feel like someone had thier hand on my back like they were giving me support. I would usually smell my Aunt Jean's (deceased) perfume too. I always felt comforted. But I also never told anyone because I thought they would think I was crazy.

Re: Untouched (6:23pm April 20, 2012):

2, 9, and 10 for me. 1 and 6 aren't too shabby either. What a hot cover..oh yummy.
Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Re: One Month To Become A Mum (7:09pm April 19, 2012):

I never read a medical romance before (nor even saw one) I usually get the off the shelf books. This sounds really good though. You hooked me!!! My husband will not be liking this..lol

I am putting this on my wish/to-read list right now.

Re: The Zen Man (9:50pm April 18, 2012):

Ok I remember thinking that Magnum was a little to furry for me. lol But I do remember having a crush on Dan Tanna (Robert Urich) from Vegas. Ok so I am definately dating myself here! Does anyone else remember the show The Equalizer? Oh now I'm on a roll. Thanks for firing up those dormant brain cells. Yes I think Angel counts and he is one of the HOTTEST MEN I've ever seen. I heart David.

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (11:27am April 16, 2012):

This is definately a story for my to read list. I agree with those who say that deja vu is real. I have had many experiences where I "knew" something I shouldn't or could tell what someone was going to say before they said it. Or do something before they did it. I tested the theory a few times. Once before we entered the room to ask my dad something I told my sister that our dad would start to answer us and the phone was gonna ring. She laughed...but it did. I said I just had this "memory" of it happening that way. I have no idea where those things come from.

Re: One Hot Cowboy Wedding (12:02pm April 9, 2012):

All of the above for sure. I love cowboys.

Re: True Highland Spirit (5:43pm March 30, 2012):

I love heroes and heroines that just get in and do whatever needs doing without overthinking it or wondering if they should leave it to someone else. I love strong women and the strong men who love them enough to not stifle them. This looks great and it is on my wish list.

Re: Texas Baby Sanctuary (10:26pm March 28, 2012):

I love books about Texas. I love cowboys and things like that.

Re: Vicki's Key (10:25pm March 28, 2012):

I just love listening to accents. It makes you have to listen more closely. Plus it makes me just a little bit giddy.

Re: The Chase (10:23pm March 28, 2012):

I don't watch much tv. When I did I used to watch Criminal Minds and Cold Case.
Thanks for the post.

Re: Sex, Lies and Contracts (6:11pm March 26, 2012):

I love a hero who is self confidant, sexy, funny, passionate and respectful. He has a pretty good grasp on when humor lightens the mood and when his woman needs him to take charge. He also takes the time to find out what pleases his mate and gives her the opportunity to study him closely enough to find out what gives him pleasure too.

Re: Hellsbane (10:39pm March 15, 2012):

I love most all kinds of music and I play what suits my mood. I can't have music playing while I am writing or typing though. I listen to music while I do most other things. I listen to music I can sing along with while cleaning, gardening or driving but only backround music while I do other things like reading is usually music without lyrics.

Re: Secret Confessions of Lady H ? Book 1 (3:08pm March 14, 2012):

I actually just read The Rake and The Recluse written that way and was really surprised that I enjoyed it a great deal. I would love to read something like that again. I love books in series with a backround story arc that carries through so I guess this isn't very different. These look really good too.

Re: His Duty to Protect (11:43pm March 13, 2012):

You are a new author for me, but I am definately interested.
Thank you.

Re: Rule Of Three (11:42pm March 13, 2012):

I think I would go crazy with two men to keep track of. I can't seem to keep up with my husband as it is. Plus it would be even harder deciding things like what's for dinner. Plus I would have more in-laws to deal with and how do you keep track of who you asked to do what? They would probably do lots of ..."oh, you must have asked him not me" and then give me the little smirk.. LOL

Re: Against The Night (10:33am March 9, 2012):

I have never been a big movie goer. I am little and tend to get the 6 footer sitting in front of me. Or the person who won't shut off thier cell phone or the one that needs to tell everyone around them what is going to happen next. I would rather read in quiet. but that is just me..lol my mom raised me on musicals and theater though so I'm not a total recluse.

Re: Fever (10:49pm March 7, 2012):

Well all I can say is being married to a man who very rarely swears...when he swears during a fight. I have won...it means he has nothing else to say and is frustrated. After 20 years I haven't told him I have figured that out..lol

Re: Sweet Enemy (11:11pm March 6, 2012):

I love the anticipation of the first kiss. It is just such a sweet moment. (Or a hot moment) I guess it depends on how it is written. But I like them both. LOL

Re: The Rodeo Man's Daughter (7:03pm March 1, 2012):

I love cowboys and I never had a good reunion so no more for me. My 5 yr High School reunion was awful the only person I had anything in common with was one of my old teachers we were both divorced and going through custody battles. Everyone else had just come out of college. Our lives were no where near the same.

Re: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (9:50pm February 28, 2012):

I think the focus the schools put on testing is horrible. A love of what my kids learned in school was so they could get through the required testing. Not things that they should have been learning. Not sure that it will change much. But they rely on computers too much. Long division and cursive writing are history.

Re: Donovan's Bed (1:34pm February 26, 2012):

This sounds like a wonderful story. I wanna read how his "honesty" bites him in the butt.

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (10:03am February 24, 2012):

I started reading romance because it made me feel good. The stories gave me hope that like the flawed people in the stories I could find love too. Now that I am older (lots) I find I read them to remind me of the first spark of love. I have been with my dear husband for over 20 yrs now and although love endures that initial heart pounding can't get you off my mind feeling does not. I read to remind me of those days so I don't forget them.

Re: The Risque Target (6:49pm February 23, 2012):

Loyal, passionate, wicked sense of humor, smoldering eyes, hot sexy butt and maybe slightly wounded but not unsavable.

Re: Courting His Favorite Nurse (12:13pm February 21, 2012):

I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride. It is one of the things on my bucket list. I am terrified of heights but that hasn't stopped me yet. I would love to read this it looks great.

Re: The Last Beginning (11:58am February 19, 2012):

My hubby usually is ok on valentine's day although he is the candy eater so I get him the chocolates. :) I think the only times I had bad Valentine's Days it was because he was out of town and I was home without him. For years if it fell during the week we would not be together. Like you I realized that appreciating my time with him when he is home is way more important than if we give way to much money to a store for a couple of pieces of paper and some sugar.

Re: The Widow's Revenge (11:54am February 18, 2012):

Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to read it. When I hear nuggets I think of this candy I had when I was littel that came in a little drawstring bag and I think it was gum. I had a bunch of those little bags and put things in them like change and barbie shoes.

Re: The Night Is Mine (8:25pm February 16, 2012):

As old as I am (no I'm not telling) I have had a few Ah-Ha moments where I saw myself more clearly than I really wanted to. They became moments in my life that I had to decide what kind of person I wanted to be from then on. Mostly this happened after very poor choices and then I had to schlep back to the fork in the road and go the other way. Well life wouldn't be exciting otherwise I guess.
This sounds like a great read and I am looking forward to reading it.

Re: Secrets of the Knight (10:23pm February 13, 2012):

I don't think I have come across romance I don't like. I just love reading about love. Paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, does not matter to me.

Re: Ride With Me (10:21pm February 13, 2012):

Grrr I am seriously going insane waiting to read this book!!! I have a hard time eating new to me food and my hubby once took me to a sushi restaurant and I tried it. I think just the first taste earned me big loving kudos from the man. :)

Re: A Scandalous Countess (11:14am February 9, 2012):

I don't think I have read any Georgian novels. I know I have read some Regency and enjoyed those. I guess I will have to stretch a little and find some Georgian stories so I can compare. Thanks

Re: Stud (11:50pm February 8, 2012):

I don't think it is ever possible for a movie to live up to the book. First of all when I imagine the people from the descriptions in a book the image in my head of each person is unique to my interpretation. I think someone is always disappointed because you could never hit everyones ideal. Plus the information you read is always way more than they can convey in a movie. There always seems to be pieces missing.

Re: The Lord Of Illusion (9:11pm February 3, 2012):

I would love to heal and I also would love to be able to communicate with animals.
This was a great post and I can't wait to read your book.

Re: Chosen By Sin (8:05pm February 1, 2012):

I flit all over the romance genre but I do like good romantic suspense. It is nice to be surprised and have more going on than he meets her.....they live happily ever after. And I have become addicted to series.

Re: Touch Me (9:11pm January 30, 2012):

I love I've had a crush on you forever books and also men in uniform.

Re: Double Dare (11:20pm January 27, 2012):

I have to say there are many. Firefighters, construction workers, military, FBI I can go on and on.
I agree with Mary above, uniforms...yum

Re: Fever (10:17am January 25, 2012):

I don't make NY Resolutions anymore. I just feel too guilty when I fail. I seem to have the ability to do all the things that aren't good for me. I always admire people who can stick to one goal. I must have a selective form of ADD. I think I need a drill sgt or something to follow me around to make sure I do what's right. Hmmm maybe he could be hot and give me private bonuses for completion of tasks...that would be perfect.

Re: Falling For The Fireman (5:01am January 24, 2012):

There is just something so intense about a man willing to risk his own safety for someone else. He would have to be strong, confident and compassionate..who would not want to love a man like that?

Re: Amazon Heat (11:08pm January 23, 2012):

I like novellas when I want to read a story that will satisfy me quick when I get really busy and don't have hours and hours to just sit. I also like them when I want to try a new author or genre just to get a taste.

Re: Banshee Charmer (11:22am January 22, 2012):

I like it when the hero is so attracted to the heroine that no other woman catches his attention. He should be hot, loyal, passionate, funny and be someone you can lean on but he won't treat you like you are too fragile.
Come on is that too much to ask??? this is fantasy after all

Re: Dreamers (1:35pm January 21, 2012):

This is definately different than what I normally read, but I am very interested. I love finding new authors and this has got me wondering ...how would I answer that question and what would it be like to find out everything I thought I knew was a lie. Very interesting.

Re: Made For Marriage (7:14pm January 18, 2012):

I am not a writer so I don't have much to add. I would like to say that you should stick to what you love and know because the ones that write what is "in" never seem to get it. Just jumping on the bandwagon isn't always a good thing. Some people (me for instance) look for the unique spin or the one that stands out from the rest.

Re: Scrumptious (9:25pm January 16, 2012):

I still have no idea where my life is leading me and I'm a grandma! I just can't seem to stick to one thing. I agree with Sheila..I know what I don't want but not too clear on the want part.

Re: Dylan (6:19pm January 15, 2012):

Oh yummm. sexy cowboy.
I want me one!

Re: Lure of Song and Magic (11:03pm January 12, 2012):

This sounds like something different and I am very interested. Magical is awesome. I think that we all have the ability to be magical and I do believe that some people "know" things and sense things that other people just don't. I think children especially have that ability.
Thanks for the great post.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (10:59pm January 12, 2012):

First of all I love love love highlanders. I guess I like my heroes when they are honorable/loyal/passionate and have a sense of humor. Flawed is fine. I expect human not perfect.

Re: Bride By Mistake (11:47pm January 10, 2012):

I think this sounds awesome. I don't know that with my hot temper and independent hard-headedness that I would have let my family "marry me off" like they did years ago. But maybe raised in a different time I wouldn't have been so bad. {shrug} But there are a few men out there I wouldn't have minded on sight alone and if my family really needed me to take one for the team I might have done that.

Re: Pretty Persuasion (10:21am January 9, 2012):

I just recently started rating the books I read. I try to push through to the end of a book. I have only stopped reading about 5 books and 2 of those I went back and read a few years later. 1 I attempted 5 times because so many people liked it I was thinking what am I missing. Even after I finished it I still didn't see anything great about it. Oh well. I rate a book 5 stars if I think it is something I would give as a gift or re-read. 4 stars if I would recommend it to someone. 3 if it is a good story but not something I would tell someone to go buy it. 2 if I didn't like it and it was hard to finish and 1 if I had to put it down. Because that is so rare for me I don't feel so bad. I try to point out what I really liked about a book and I also try to avoid spoilers in my reviews. I hate reading a review that is either a rewording of the back cover or so full of spoilers that now I don't even need to read the book.

Re: Hushed (2:54pm January 7, 2012):

My goal this year is to feel better and be well enough to keep my house clean. Between back trouble, migraines that last weeks and general sickness, I never feel up to anything anymore. I hope that changes this year.

Re: Hot Rain (3:46pm January 4, 2012):

I think it is awesome. I have a friend who met not one but two wives online. His first wife died very young and they had only been married 6 months. She had a severe allergy attack and stopped breathing. He was devastated, but after a few years he tried again. He and his second wife have a wonderful little boy and they are very well suited to each other.

Re: Sweet Reward (9:35pm January 2, 2012):

HI I really can't wait to read this one. I keep seeing it and I want it. I love tortured characters and a couple of my favs are BDB Zsadist, Vishous and Rhage.
Those men make me wish I could fall into the book.

Re: A Promise Of Safekeeping (1:22pm January 1, 2012):

I collect a few things. Keychains, cookbooks, Lladro's, and music boxes.
Thanks for your post and giveaway.

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (3:36pm December 30, 2011):

Over the years (I have had many) there have been presents that didn't seem like much to the giver but have meant a great deal to me. The first Christmas after my divorce, my mother bought me a small little musicbox and signed it from my children who were babies at the time. She wanted me to know that I wasn't then nor would I ever be alone. That someone would always be there watching over me. It is something I try hard to never forget.
Thank you for your lovely post.

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (10:10pm December 26, 2011):

I would love to read this. Also the cover is beautiful.

Re: The Last Slayer (10:04pm December 26, 2011):

I love to read and I am always impressed by authors who can make the characters come to life. I envy your talent and wish I could have that gift. I would enjoy reading your book.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (12:47pm December 22, 2011):

I love to play video games and read. I spend way too much time on my computer visiting blogs and talking about books! My husband is threatening to disconnect the internet. But then I also like to read so he would have to lock me in a closet without light too! lol I'm sure then I'd find another way to waste my time.

Re: Sleight Of Paw (11:46pm December 20, 2011):

I have to say I hate that when I was younger my parents made us all wear matching outfits for holidays. We have pictures of one Easter in particular where our parents and all of the kids (two boys, two girls) are all dressed in powder blue outfits the girls wore one outfit and the boys all wore the same suit. OMG they are horrible and hilarious at the same time. I think I feel worse for my brothers. That had to be embarassing for them.

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (1:01am December 20, 2011):

I love tons of different cookies but recently I have been addicted to Devil's Food Cookies. You start with a cake-like cookie and then melt marshmallow on top of it then dip the whole thing in dark chocolate...yummy

Re: The King's Mistress (11:44pm December 17, 2011):

I never knew anything about mistletoe and I don't know that I've ever seen any..Thanks for the post.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (11:59am December 13, 2011):

I think a hockey player would definately have endurance. And how sweet is that?!

Re: Mistletoe and Margaritas (9:50am December 10, 2011):

I have lived in Pennsylvania and Illinois. I don't mind some change in season so I don't think I'd move where it is always hot and sunny. But I would like to live where it doesn't get under 32 very often.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (3:47pm December 8, 2011):

I would definately want to sit with him. He could be the meal too if that would work. :)
I love to cook and bake and it would be wonderful to be with a man who also enjoys it.

Re: Hellsbane (3:45pm December 8, 2011):

Well I traditionally cook for Thanksgiving. But as our children have grown and moved away the crowd is getting smaller. I once cooked turkey for 43. This year is was just 15 and my father-in-law was in the hospital. He has since passed away. This was not a good thanksgiving. I am hoping next year is good again. The men and children also go on a hike in the forest preserve every year and that is one tradition we try to keep. It has been happening for at least 18 yrs.

Re: Wild Thing (9:30pm December 5, 2011):

I believe opposites attract and they usually balance the other person. They are not total opposites but have something the other needs to feel complete.

Re: Hushed (9:29pm December 5, 2011):

I love the hea. I also like when the couple is together against a common evil more than the book pitting them against each other most of the time.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (5:13pm December 4, 2011):

I grew up thinking I would stay in my neighborhood like most people I grew up with. Then I went on a trip and met a wonderful man from another state. He has taken me all over the US and Europe. That one meeting has changed my life so much. I tend to enjoy books that are not the same old same old with new names. Your books sound different so I am interested. Thank you for posting and for the chance to win.

Re: Busted in Bollywood (1:12pm December 3, 2011):

My favorite finger food is egg rolls. Ooo and satay is good too.

The book sounds great. I'm putting it on my wish list.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (11:29am December 2, 2011):

I usually look for that in a book. I don't like to open a book knowing what the ending will be. I want to be reading with the steady urge to flip to the back and find the answer. (I've only really given in to that urge twice) LOL

Re: Hot Zone (10:33pm December 1, 2011):

Well on my list is an e-reader, books and kitchen stuff. I would love to be able to see all of my children and grandchildren but since they are scattered around the country I will only be seeing the ones that live close-by. I will miss those that are far away but the little ones need to be at thier own homes for Christmas and I can't be in IL, TX and NJ all at the same time.

Re: Acquainted with the Night (10:28pm December 1, 2011):

This has me intrigued. I love getting a book that is totally different and this definately sounds different.
Thank you!

Re: The Earl's Mistaken Bride (1:10am November 30, 2011):

Sometimes you have to be really creative to get lemonade. I tend to be more pessimistic so it's a really good thing I married an optimist. He keeps me from being a real downer. I've learned how to roll with the punches a little better in the 20 years we have been together. He definately brings out the best in me. It's a good thing I like lemons. lol

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (3:43am November 29, 2011):

I'd have to say Vishous from BDB by JR Ward - Zsadist too but I love V.

Re: Learning To Trust (1:42pm November 28, 2011):

There was a time in my life when I felt very betrayed and for a while I didn't trust anyone. It was lonely and scary. I finally confided in one friend and then got the courage to trust a few more. I don't think I will ever get over the betrayal, but I am not as afraid to trust those who are close to me. Sounds like a great read and I will put it on my wish list.

Re: Waking Up Dead (1:39pm November 28, 2011):

Wow I am so sorry you had to go through so much. I agree that the written word has power. It can cheer me up when I'm having a bad day and remind me that love is possible.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (1:36pm November 28, 2011):

My husband travels for work sometimes and this month he will be gone most of it! I would love more books to read at night so I don't think about being so lonely.

Re: Miss Darcy Falls in Love (8:53am November 28, 2011):

This is very different from what I have been reading (paranormals) so I may have to pick it up and give it a try.
Thank you.

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (3:03pm November 20, 2011):

This sounds like a great book and I like the cover. Although I prefer the UK one. :)
Thanks for the great post and the giveaway.

Re: Under The Moon (9:43pm November 19, 2011):

Pets in a book are fine. Sometimes there is just something special revealed only by a pet. I don't have a great pet story for you though. Sorry.

Re: Fortune's Son (11:19pm November 18, 2011):

I love character interviews. Thank you! I love the cover.

Re: The Fallen Queen (2:17pm November 17, 2011):

I can't think of a specific one off the top of my head. I do love when love is found between a nobel and a peasant.

Re: Until There Was You (8:38pm November 16, 2011):

Thanks for the post and the giveaway. The book sounds great.

Re: The Highlander's Heart (8:36pm November 16, 2011):

I actually like both. Tortured heroes are good either way. But he does have to be a sweetie deep down.

Re: Knight of Runes (11:24am November 14, 2011):

I love time travel stories and that cover is yummy.

Thanks for the post and the chance to win.

Re: Because Of You (11:23am November 14, 2011):

This sounds like a great new idea for a novel. I am putting it on my wish list now! Winning it would be even better...:)

Re: Shadowlander (2:07pm November 11, 2011):

Acheron, most of the BDB, Seeley Booth, I could go on and on. Now I'll be thinking about that all day!

Re: Genie Knows Best (4:20pm November 10, 2011):

I haven't read any genie stories before. This will definately be a refreshing change.
Thank you!

Re: Risking Trust (8:43pm November 8, 2011):

I don't believe anyone is perfect just that some hide it better than others. Some of us are quite ok with being imperfect actually. When I really screw stuff up I just tell people I am demonstrating how NOT to do such and such. LOL

Re: North of Need (7:32pm November 6, 2011):

I think you have some of the best qualities a man can have listed already. Lets see...smart, sexy, strong, playful and loving...what more can you ask for? Well rich too.

Re: Engaged in Sin (7:28pm November 6, 2011):

This sounds like a great book and I love the cover. Thank you for the post and the great giveaway!

Re: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (8:37pm November 4, 2011):

Dear Santa, Can you please give me the ability to stick to a diet of healthy foods and exercise for me and my hubby so that we can be thinner and sexy like we used to be?
If not can you at least get him thinner and sexier and make sure he still thinks I am?

Re: Always a Temptress (1:45pm November 3, 2011):

I have a bunch of favorite series some of them are Johanna Lindsey's Malory Family, Lynsay Sand's Argeneaus, JR Ward's BDB, Kenyons Dark Hunters, Feehans Carpathians, Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series, Maya Banks' Highlander series, Sue-Ellen Welfonder's MacKenzies and MacLeans and the list goes on and on. I can't wait to read these books too. I usually wait for a few to be out and read them back to back cause I hate waiting in between. LOL

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (10:18pm October 30, 2011):

I think I've been on both sides of this. I have definately encouraged friends/family and they have returned the favor.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Radiant Desire (10:16pm October 30, 2011):

I think he had the potential to be an alpha and then handed the scissors over to Ms. Jolie.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (5:44pm October 27, 2011):

I've never been a big movie buff because I prefer to read a description and let my own imagination take over. Movies tend to not live up to the standard in my head. lol
Please keep writing your stories.
Thank you for the post and giveaway.

Re: Utterly Charming (10:06am October 21, 2011):

My fav has always been Beauty and the Beast. But I like lots of them.

Re: The Rose Garden (11:51am October 12, 2011):

I believe that the different points of view and imput from supporting characters is very important. Otherwise the story is usually flat and I don't seem to be as drawn in to the characters or care about what happens to them.
Looking forward to reading this one. It is on my wish list.

Re: Roommates (5:19pm October 4, 2011):

I love the names Ian, Michael, Anthony, Jamie, and Justin. But having just returned from Romanticon my new alpha male names include Angelo, Alex, Cole, Nick, Giorgio, and a few more. If you doubt the name Angelo go look on you tube for Romanticon 2011 cavemen dance. He is the hunkalishous one that starts the whole thing. YUM!!!

Re: Baer Truth (10:47pm October 3, 2011):

I have often had that thought and chuckled to myself. I would love to find out your take on it.

Re: The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest (10:16pm September 26, 2011):

Peggy...If you have a pc get the free kindle for pc app and you can read ebooks there.
I agree iwth Tanja...Angel is the sexiest..I love love love him.

Re: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star (11:05pm September 21, 2011):

I enjyoed reading this post. I agree with you about how important music is to a lot of people and how a song from eons ago brings emotions right back. Or hearing lyrics to a new song can send you right to a moment in time.
Thank you for sharing that with us.
The book sound very different and I will be picking it up for sure.

Re: Murder By Mocha (1:17am September 20, 2011):

My favorite snacks are a grilled cheese sandwich, cold chicken, butter pecan ice cream and the oh so yummy pumpkin or apple pie.
Great post.

Re: No Proper Lady (2:05pm September 18, 2011):

This sounds very interesting and this is definately going on my wish list.
Thanks for the post and sharing your world with us.

Re: The Last Rising (1:59pm September 18, 2011):

Oh some of these are great! I have often read a scene where the discription sounds like something that might be oh so hot and then I think Owww that could also be really uncomfortable. At 5 ft even lots of the things I read would not even be physically possible if my hero were 6 ft forever..lol

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (1:53pm September 18, 2011):

This definately sounds like a wonderful chance to stand out and raise the bar. Cheers! for being so creative and courageous.
I can't wait to read it.

Re: Tempted (11:12pm September 15, 2011):

I keep wanting to pick this one up but I have to wait to get more book money..lol I broke the budget this year.

If I don't win it I'll have to wait and be very sad.

Re: Stone Cold Seduction (10:41am September 11, 2011):

I have a very very hard time living in the moment. My dad always had me look at how whatever I did effected others. I somehow lost the present and I am constantly focused on what will happen. I would love to have you sit on my shoulder and whisper reminders to me until I learned!


Sounds like a great book and thanks for the post.

Re: Deep Disclosure (2:31am September 9, 2011):

I have been known to look backwards and pile up regrets only to realize they take me away from appreciating what I have in my life right now. I am trying to remember that when I made a choice to end a relationship I had pretty good reasons for doing it then and I have just forgotten them. If I am still unhappy with where I currently am I can choose to change it now and move forward to a better future.

Re: Lord and Lady Spy (2:27am September 9, 2011):

My sexy man of the hour is David Boreanaz. I just adore him. I think I should play his lady love though..just kidding..
Sounds like a great read.

Re: Wings of Fire (2:06am September 9, 2011):

I would go through anything to get books from my favorite authors. BDB, Dark Hunters, Nauti Boys, Carpathians...but now with ebooks and such I don't have to...doing the happy dance.
If I created a new series it would definately have some kind of male group-brothers, cousins, pack... and they would probably be long suffering heroes with deep loyalty and loving souls.

Re: Sweet Justice (9:20am September 6, 2011):

I don't remember all of the details it was years ago but the nasty character who tortures Jamie in Outlander had me really upset. I and the lessers in JR Wards BDB can be cruel. Any one who can torture another living being human or not and enjoy it so much is terrifying.

Re: The Wedding Affair (9:11am September 6, 2011):

Sounds great. Thanks for the post and giveaway. Your dollhouse is so cool!

Re: Bel Air (9:09am September 6, 2011):

This may sound awful but my favorite quote, the one that motivated me to leave an abusive marriage, is this: "Divorce is like leaving a burning building through a door on fire, you know that to go through it you will be scarred but the alternative is to stay and die." I had it taped virtually everywhere and it gave me strength to save me and my children. I know that a few women who met me during and after that time used it also. Sorry it's depressing but the outcome was worth it. I now am with a wonderful loving and supportive husband!

Re: Deadly Descent (9:37am September 5, 2011):

I have only read a few military romances. I really want to read this one! In my wish pile!

Re: Serendipity (12:33pm September 1, 2011):

I think I like the gamma the best but I still have a thing for the alphas. Thanks for the post and great giveaway.
Gotta love a series with brothers in it.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (7:42pm August 31, 2011):

I grew up in a very bad neighborhood on the east coast and my dad and brothers taught me how to defend myself. Since I have had this happen for real I can honestly say I would fight and do some significant damage before they ran away. LOL My pop was a marine drill sgt and I have some really quick ways to cause lots of pain. My friends all laugh and tell me they never want me mad at them.

Re: Claim Of Innocence (9:13am August 30, 2011):

I think the emails I fear most are the ones from people who are upset with me. When ever someone is upset about something I have done or said I feel like a 5 yr old getting yelled at by my Dad. It passes quickly but I have not yet figured out how to read it and stay disconnected.

Re: The Edge Of Grace (9:03am August 30, 2011):

Well now I am sure I was not meant to be a writer. I would not have the drive to complete anything.
Thanks for the post and giveaway.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (8:57am August 30, 2011):

Thanks for the post. I definately think that Phineas' story will need to told. When I have characters I can't seem to "close the book" on I am very sad. It is so nice to see them pop up again in someone elses story. I haven't read any of your books yet but after reading this. I now have them on my wish list.

Re: Blood of the Demon (4:47pm August 28, 2011):

I love alpha males in my books. Not so much in real life. :) But that is why I read. Alas the perfect man and woman do not exist in the flesh. so sad. But if I could I would definately love to become like one of the heroines in a romance novel. They definately have a much more interesting life than I do.

Re: Ward Against Death (1:40pm August 26, 2011):

If I had any talent at all I would love to be a writer or a singer. But alas that is not to be. I would also love to help at a shelter or youth home but I lack the training for that. So I guess it is boring office work for me...oh well.

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (4:50pm August 25, 2011):

The funniest thing my dog has ever done was we were sitting around my sisters pool and our dog must have circled it a million times during the day. He was just calmly walking around the edge and just fell in. We were hysterical he just kind of tipped over and splash. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for the great post and giveaway.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (12:51pm August 24, 2011):

If he were looking at me like that I would be wondering what the midnight snack look is going to do to me...lol

I love cowboys because they are definately MEN but they always seem to be gentle giants and gentlemen.

Re: Lucky Girl (9:30am August 23, 2011):

My first date was in third grade to see the movie Rocky. lol
My life of bad dates started then. While we were walking out of the movie the strap on my dress broke. Me and my best friend, who was there and we are still friends, we still crack up every time we talk about it.

Re: Love Me Twice (10:47pm August 18, 2011):

I have been luck to be able to dance fairly well all my life. Although I was dancing once and my sister in law commented that I was missing my pole! I was so shocked I just stood with my mouth hanging open.
My husband said he would consider it a compliment. I'm not so sure.

Re: The Orphan Sister (6:09pm August 17, 2011):

When I was young I remember doing chores in the morning and then being out the whole rest of the day and night until curfew. Once I had kids it was about entertaining them all day once I completed the chores around the house. The last two years I've spent the summers taking care of my mom who has had surgery and needs the extra help. Someday I would love to have a summer to just play. oh and read...lol

Re: Deadly Obsession (4:58pm August 16, 2011):

Congrats and thanks for the great post and giveaway. I think one of the sweetest things I ever read was in Another Chance to Dream when Rhys rescues Gwen from the pig pen when they are young. She automatically knows he is her knight in shining armor because even as a young man he is a hero.

Re: The Vampire Next Door (9:29am August 15, 2011):

I love characters with odd personalities. Your books sound very interesting. Not the same old story with different names. Would love to read them and winning a book is always a bonus.

Re: Desire and Deception (6:50pm August 7, 2011):

I believe that we all have the ability to change who we become and we are not bound to become the environment we grew up in. Although to do this you need inner strength and somehow you have to find that there is a different way to do things. If you are not shown or exposed to different ways your chances of not repeating what you are used to are considerably reduced. If however you meet someone to show you the way or you are a reader or movie goer or traveler of somekind and are exposed to different experiences it becomes more about choice, commitment and determination. I myself have changed so much since meeting my husband and moving to a different state. I really believed everyone grew up the way I did and was amazed that I was so misinformed. I am grateful everyday that he and I met and that he was so patient with my evolving personality. :) Wow can I babble or what?

Re: Fall From Pride (6:40pm August 7, 2011):

I grew up in Pennsylvania and visited the Pennsylvania Dutch community as a child with my family on many occations. I was raised in the inner city and as a child believed that these people must be crazy to not be moving forward with the rest of the world. Oh was I wrong. If I could go back in time I think I would have rather been raised in a community like that. It is amazing how your world view changes as you age and I know I look back now thinking I was so wrong about a lot of things. As I remember it the people there always seemed more at peace with themselves and they were happy and generous.

Re: Midnight Fear (6:26pm August 7, 2011):

Thank you for introducing yourself! I am definately going to be looking forward to reading a new author.
I just love new authors.

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (3:39pm August 4, 2011):

I love to be able to see a place in my mind. I love descriptions that can suck me into the book like I'm standing against a wall or looking from a short distance watching it happen. I love authors who can help me really step inside the book.
Thank you. :)

Re: Too Hot To Touch (3:15pm August 3, 2011):

My first crush was a friend of my sister. He had no idea I was in lust with him. He would pick me up, let me ride on his shoulders and i would sit on his lap. I was so much younger than him that he thought of me as a little baby. He would even drive me around in his convertible. I never told anyone I was so hot for him. I just enjoyed every minute. :)

Re: Lie for Me (10:06pm August 2, 2011):

Looking forward to reading this one. It definately doesn't sound like something I've read before.

Re: Only Mine (8:27pm August 1, 2011):

Oops I meant Only Yours. Grrr. my husband started talking to me.

Re: Only Mine (8:26pm August 1, 2011):

The second book is Only His.

Re: The Full Moon Bride (8:19pm August 1, 2011):

I have never read any of your books, but this one may have to be my 1st.
Thanks for the post.

Re: The Marked Son (9:49pm July 31, 2011):

Sounds wonderful. I cant wait to read it.

Re: What A Goddess Wants (8:49pm July 28, 2011):

I admire your dedication. Thanks for the giveaway. The book sounds great and is going on my to buy list.

Re: The Genesis Key (9:12pm July 27, 2011):

I think if I was going to increase my life span I would want my kids to do it too. I would hate to outlive my children.
This sounds like a great read!

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (11:15am July 23, 2011):

Love this, I want more!


Re: Undead And Undermined (11:14am July 23, 2011):

You make me smile. (lots) Thanks for the post.
I would love to win a new book. :)

Re: Touch If You Dare (3:10pm July 20, 2011):

I really have my tongue hangning out. My husband always asked to brush my hair and I always told him no. After your description above, I am soooo sorry I cut it so short. I am letting it grow out just so I can ask him to play with it.
Great post. I am definately putting this on my to read list.

Re: In The Heat Of The Bite (1:13pm July 19, 2011):

Over the years I have read quite a few books where a secondary character seemed interesting but not enough to warrant their own book. But that is why there are short stories and novellas. Love your books and the covers are sexy.

Re: Night Walker (2:21am July 18, 2011):

I would like to live forever because I would have the time to make the mistakes we all make and then start over and do it right! I'd also have the time to read all the books I could ever want and go to all the places in the world I'd love to see.

Re: A Spark of Death (7:31pm July 17, 2011):

Adding to my ever growing to read list. I need to be left with my books on an island so I can catch up. LOl I would love to read this and I love the cover.

Re: The Crepe Makers' Bond (10:01pm July 12, 2011):

I am currently struggling with jealousy and I am going to pretend i'm not! I will let you know how it goes. Great post, I am looking forward to reading this.

Re: When One Night Isn't Enough (9:56pm July 12, 2011):

Great excerpt! Can't wait to read it.

Re: Magnificent Passage (9:42pm July 12, 2011):

I have not read a good bodice ripper in a while. I will def have to pick this one up. Thanks!

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (1:47pm July 11, 2011):

I have been babysitting since I was 14 and had my first child at 20. I am now a grandmom of 6. I have found that there are many ways and each baby is different. Mostly singing and movement calm most babies. I sing all kinds of songs from lullabies to pop/rock. My daughter used to love metallica. lol Music does hath charms to sooth the savage beast. Great book, I'm putting it on my to read list!

Re: Just One Season In London (1:08pm July 11, 2011):

sounds very good. Putting it on my to read list.

Re: Runestone (5:26pm July 9, 2011):

Butt, Eyes and a someone who is loyal and happy.

Re: Shadow Of A Quarter Moon (1:25am July 7, 2011):

I love to read and haven't found many people near me who like to read so I've started to reach out online. Hoping to find lots of new authors, friends and books!

Re: Loved By A Warrior (2:45pm July 6, 2011):

I think legends started a a real experience and were embellished after time, myths were just stories to explain mysterious things and curses were used to explain bad things happening.
I can't wait to read about your warriors.

Re: Heat Wave (3:33am July 5, 2011):

Maud & Vanessa are her two closest friends

Re: Break Out (3:25am July 5, 2011):

I really have a hard time with strict rules for what something is or where it fits. I like different and that rarely is definable.


Re: Never Cry Wolf (8:10pm July 3, 2011):

He likes it "doggy style" and he nuzzles your neck?

Re: Dying For Justice (7:50am June 28, 2011):

My greatest fear is one of my children dying. I hope and pray I never have to feel that kind of pain. I would be absolutely inconsolable.

Re: Night Veil (7:37am June 28, 2011):

I always preferred Batman. Superman's alter ego was always a bit to wimpy for me. At least Batman's (Man) was still masculine.

Re: Fallen (6:00am June 27, 2011):

Wow what an exciting experiance. I think most of us judge our law enforcement too severely. I don't know what I would do in the situations they find themselves in, but I honor them for what they do. THanks for the blog and I can't wait to read Fallen.

Re: The Dark Enquiry (5:55am June 27, 2011):

I have to admit I don't know much about Victorians. I should know more considering my son is a history major going for his masters degree. LOL But that is one of the reasons I read, to learn. And well if there are great characters and some hot and steamy to go with it, it is very enjoyable learning.

Re: Wild and Unruly (5:49am June 27, 2011):

I believe that time travel may be possible, but the human race would reek havoc if allowed to change history! My favorite time travel book so far would have to be A Knight in Shining Armor. Please enter me and thanks for the interesting blog and giveaway.


Re: Missing Persons (6:18pm June 25, 2011):

Wow sounds wonderful.

Re: Burning Skies (4:53pm June 24, 2011):

I would love to feel the freedom of flying "untouchable" in the air. Not tied to the ground. It must be wonderfully freeing to have the air surrounding you.

Thanks for the giveaway. I love your books.

Re: City Of Promise (9:52pm June 23, 2011):

I love reading all of the time. Currently I have about 25 books piled by my bed for the summer. My friends and family recommend them and I get them so I don't forget a book that someone said was a good read. It drives my husband crazy. lol I don't read much in that time period. I usually read scifi, fantasy, paranormal so I don't have any suggested reading for you. My children are now grown and gone, but I do remember busy summers trying to keep them occupied and being a mom is not for sissies. So kudos to you!

Re: Demons Prefer Blondes (11:26pm June 20, 2011):

i love romance novels. They do show some realistic components, we love our men even though they may be flawed and they love us back as well. And my hubby likes my reading them because I get all frisky and he reaps the reward.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (11:42am June 19, 2011):

Happily ever after means that you are willing to do the work to keep your commitment to each other fresh and to love each other. You can not become lazy and expect your relationship to weather all of the storms life throws at you. But if you can be strong, love will always find a way.

Re: When Tony Met Adam (9:51am June 13, 2011):

Congrats on your movie! Looking forward to reading your book!

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (9:48am June 13, 2011):

I do believe that some things today would/could be considered witchcraft. I know that in my family we have a "sense" sometimes. People who will hurt us or a situation that just "feels" right/wrong. Sometimes my children and I call each other because we just felt like something was up.

Re: Any Man of Mine (12:15pm June 2, 2011):

Autumn's brother is Vince. I am looking forward to reading!

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (10:04am June 2, 2011):

Well I have to say I agree that both Highlanders and Werewolves are yummy sexy and together that doulbe whammy would definately be unresisable. If you have an extra send him my way and I will make sure he stays happy.

Re: The Soldier (9:36am June 2, 2011):

I didn't come from a very loving family, but I met my second husband who taught me what that looks like so that I could give that to my children and now they are passing that on to my grandchildren. So as much as I love the heroes of the novels I read, he is my HERO and I am lucky that he loves me back! :) Thanks for sharing.

Re: The Gin & Chowder Club (10:30pm May 31, 2011):

Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.

Re: Mind Games (10:58am May 25, 2011):

I have never read a few of these authors so thanks for the recommendations. I can't wait to read your book. BTW the covers are yummy.

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