April 18th, 2014
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April showers = Book Reading time!

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Can he come home again to the Plain life?

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Is sacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Is Homecoming turns out more than new dresses…murdersacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Vampires aren't real...or are they?

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Is your first love worth a second chance?

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Win it all, or lose it all

Recent Reviews

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"She Finally Turns to Him and He Holds on Tight"
Guarding His Heart
by Cari Quinn
Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted April 17, 2014

Jason "Jax" Wilder is a former major league baseball player who is now partnered with his best friend, Chase Dixon in a body guarding agency Read more...

"A Compelling New Series which Will Leave You Ready for More!"
by Maria Violante
Reviewed by Sherri M
Posted April 17, 2014

Abandoned by her father at a young age and left with an increasingly bitter and alcoholic mother to raise her, Charlie's life is nothing Read more...

"A Spotted Owl, Chiweenies and a rescue cat named Dyna add sparkle to another Fool's Gold romance."
Until We Touch
by Susan Mallery
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

Larissa Owens is personal assistant to Jack McGarry of Score PR in Fool's Gold, California. She's also private masseuse to the other partners Read more...

"Guardians, Inc. is in action again in this love-inspired thriller."
Bodyguard Reunion
by Margaret Daley
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

Paul and Mary Zimmerman are on a book tour through Texas when someone sets fire to the auditorium where they are speaking and signing books Read more...

"Dynamic story about finding your way back to God."
Out of the Ruins
by Karen Barnett
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

Abby Fischer's sister, Cecelia, is dying with leukemia. Her cousin in San Francisco has a new assistant doing research in the use of x Read more...

"Three inspirational, heartwarming, yet gut-wrenching stories of the atrocities of war."
The Lost Loves of World War II Collection
by Sharon Bernash Smith, Bruce Judisch
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

THE LOST LOVES OF WORLD WAR II tell three dramatic stories of the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the horrors of the concentration camps. The Read more...

"An inspirational military thriller about cybersecurity and deadly terrorists."
Raptor 6
by Ronie Kendig
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

Captain Dean Watters is the leader of Raptor Six, a Special Operations unit in Afghanistan. His unit is called into action when a school in Read more...

"Can Bay prove her worth to this tough SEAL unit she's been attached to?"
Breaking Point
by Lindsay McKenna
Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted April 16, 2014

Baylee Ann Thorn is attached to a SEAL unit at Camp Bravo in Afghanistan. She's a top-rate medic and part of the Operation Read more...

"Evil is at play even in the most serene suburbs."
December Park
by Ronald Malfi
Reviewed by Tanzey Cutter
Posted April 16, 2014

In the fall of 1993, the tranquil town of Harting Farms near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland is thrown into turmoil when teens start vanishing Read more...

"Buffalo, NY, police detective Absalom Kearney is out to solve another impossible case."
by Stephan Talty
Reviewed by Tanzey Cutter
Posted April 16, 2014

Five years ago, Marcus Flynn was accused of murdering young girls in North Buffalo, New York. Just before being apprehended, he shot himself in the Read more...

"Why do Elli Lisbon's investigations always have to include a dead body?"
Whack Job
by Kendel Lynn
Reviewed by Tanzey Cutter
Posted April 16, 2014

As director of the charitable Ballantyne Foundation on Sea Pine Island, South Carolina, Elliott (Elli) Lisbon must also handle discreet inquiries whenever needed for the Read more...

"It's astounding the lengths some people will go to as they seek revenge."
Tell Me You're Sorry
by Kevin O'Brien
Reviewed by Tanzey Cutter
Posted April 16, 2014

An entire family dies in a terrible house fire, their bodies burned beyond recognition. A business man with financial problems commits suicide after killing his Read more...

"An Entertaining Entry to a Highly Intriguing Paranormal Romance Series..."
by Jacquelyn Frank
Reviewed by Rachel Williams
Posted April 15, 2014

FORGED begins near to where Forsaken, the last book of The World of Nightwalkers series, left off. Ahnvil, the Gargoyle protector of the Read more...

"No Other Author's Stories Will Burrow into Your Heart Like Kristen Ashley's Can."
The Will
by Kristen Ashley
Reviewed by Annie Tegelan
Posted April 15, 2014

Josephine Malone has recently lost her grandmother, Lydia. In Lydia's will lies something that Josie would never have expected. Along with some valuable objects Read more...

"The tears of the Phoenix heals his heart and now it's hers."
Once Bitten, Twice Burned
by Cynthia Eden
Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted April 14, 2014

Sabine Acadia's life is going really nicely, she has her parents and brother then one night she is kidnapped and winds up a prisoner Read more...

"Fascinating steampunk adventure"
Disenchanted & Co.
by Lynn Viehl
Reviewed by Debbie Wiley
Posted April 13, 2014

Charmain "Kit" Kittredge doesn't believe in magic despite making a living by debunking and solving alleged magical crimes. Her latest case involves Lady Diana Read more...

"A Feel Good Christmas Story"
Sleigh Belles
by Beth Albright
Reviewed by Susan Dyer
Posted April 13, 2014

The Sassy Belles are back! I just love Vivi, Blake, and Dallas. I want them for my friends as they always have each other's Read more...

"She is the one human who can change the dragon's heart."
Darkest Flame
by Donna Grant
Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted April 13, 2014

Denae Lacroix, an American working for MI5, is sent on a mission with only one other agent into Dreagan. She is confused about the secrecy Read more...

"A young woman finds love in the lost badass school boy of her past."
Wildflower Wedding
by LuAnn McLane
Reviewed by Kay Quintin
Posted April 13, 2014

Gabby Goodwin and her mother lived in the trailer park when she was a child and considered by the town folk and other students of Read more...

"Charming progressive hero and witty dialogue!"
The Scandalous Adventures Of The Sister Of The Bride
by Victoria Alexander
Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted April 13, 2014

THE SCANDALOUS ADVENTURES OF THE SISTER OF THE BRIDE is the newest installment in Victoria Alexander's Millworth Manor series. While the hero Read more...

"How long can this Alpha ignore fate?"
Wild Wolf
by Jennifer Ashley
Reviewed by L Walker
Posted April 13, 2014

Wolf shifter Graham McNeil is under pressure from his pack to find a mate. Unfortunately, Graham's choice is human and likely not to be Read more...

"A Thrilling Mystery with Delicious Romance"
Banquet of Lies
by Michelle Diener
Reviewed by Samantha Randolph
Posted April 13, 2014

Giselle Barrington, living in London in 1812, has just witnessed her father's murder. Forced to go into hiding to uncover the killer, she disguises Read more...

"A Fabulous Tribute to the Famous Palisades Amusement Park"
Palisades Park
by Alan Brennert
Reviewed by Susan Dyer
Posted April 13, 2014

Having grown up down the road from this infamous amusement park in New Jersey, I couldn't wait to read PALISADES PARK by Alan Brennert Read more...

"She's turned her life around... but can she make it work?"
Come Home To Me
by Brenda Novak
Reviewed by Clare O'Beara
Posted April 13, 2014

This new tale set in Whiskey Creek focuses on some of the younger people in town. Presley moved away to Fresno for a Read more...

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