June 16th, 2024
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Neighborly Secrets. Deadly Desires.

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A summer of friendship, forgiveness, and fresh starts.

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Can a desire for revenge lead to redemption? Free!

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Danger, wealth, revenge, power, and fear were all a part of his life.

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How can they stay rivals when they're falling in love?

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Wedding season includes searching for a missing bride´┐Żand a killer . . .


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The Wren in the Holly Library
by K.A. Linde
"Romantasy readers will relish this one!"
Posted June 9, 2024

In a world of monsters, there’s just one rule a thief has to keep in mind: Read more...

Confessions of the Dead
by James Patterson
"Not your typical James Patterson fare..."
Posted May 27, 2024

Something has gone awry in Hollows Bend, New Hampshire… Deputy Matt Maro is enjoying a Sunday morning in town at the Stairway Diner on Main Street when it all starts. First, a stranger appears, completely naked and not saying a word. Then the chaos starts, as multiple crime Read more...

Five Broken Blades
by Mai Corland
"Who can be trusted when everyone is lying?"
Posted May 21, 2024

King Joon is considered an immortal, a god-king. Someone wants him dead though, and has a plan involving five very different individuals. Each Read more...

People in Glass Houses
by Jayne Castle
"Where is Molly's missing sister?"
Posted May 11, 2024

After a high-profile expedition into the Underworld failed, Joshua Knight has retreated from the world to a mansion dubbed the Funhouse by locals. His ghost hunting talent is burned out, the entire team except for him is missing, and he’s been diagnosed as paranoid and delusional Read more...

House of Earth and Blood
by Sarah J. Maas
"Emotionally charged start to the series"
Posted May 7, 2024

Bryce Quinlan is enjoying a mostly carefree lifestyle as a half-Fae party girl, hanging with Danika Fendyr and the rest of the Pack of Devils. The Pack of Devils Read more...

Love Letters to a Serial Killer
by Tasha Coryell
"Oddly compelling"
Posted May 5, 2024

Hannah is bored. Her job at a nonprofit barely pays her bills but does leave her time to endlessly scroll various social media and gossip sites online. Her most recent relationship has ghosted her, and her best friend spends more time with a new boyfriend than with Hannah. All Read more...

Throne Of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas
"Spectacular start to the series!"
Posted May 2, 2024

Celaena Sardothien is languishing in the Salt Mines of Endovier. Forced into slavery, she’s gone from being Adarlan’s most feared assassin to walking everywhere in shackles. However, the Crown Prince of Adarlan, Dorian Read more...

One by One
by Freida McFadden
"Who will survive as they are being picked off ONE BY ONE?"
Posted April 30, 2024

It was supposed to be the perfect vacation getaway. Six couples, all supposedly happily in love, start their road trip. Unfortunately, not all is as it seems… and not all Read more...

A Letter to the Luminous Deep
by Sylvie Cathrall
"Eloquent underwater fantasy novel"
Posted April 22, 2024

E. Cidnosin resides underwater in the Deep House created by her parents. She rarely, if ever, leaves and most of her contacts are with her siblings, Scholars Sophy and Arvist Read more...

The Garden Girls
by Jessica R. Patch
"Dark, disturbing but also redemptive tale"
Posted April 21, 2024

Agent Tyberius “Ty” Granger is part of the FBI’s Strange Crime Unit. Serial killers with odd religious ritualistic undertones fall under their jurisdiction. Their latest case takes them to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where a serial killer is leaving dead women tattooed with Read more...

Museum of Murder
by Leslie Langtry
"Hilariously quirky tale of murder"
Posted April 8, 2024

Merry Wrath’s Girl Scout troop has had some wild ideas, but their latest one intends to put Who’s There, Iowa, on the map… as the most “murdery” place in the state. To showcase all the murders, Ava, Betty, and the rest of Read more...

Trapped in Yosemite
by Dana Mentink
"Can Stella and Von get a second chance at love in the midst of a natural disaster?"
Posted April 8, 2024

Stella Rivers is excited about meeting a potential client in her budding arborist career, even if it means time separated from her baby. However, there’s more going on than sick trees as Stella’s mysterious client is shot in front of her, leaving Stella on the Read more...

The Witch in the Woods
by Michaelbrent Collings
""Pun-ny" and enchanting fantasy take on the Brothers Grimm"
Posted March 9, 2024

Willow and her twin brother, Jake Grimm, knew their world was going to change when their parents announced the family was moving. Going from Los Angeles, California to a place called New Marburg, Idaho, sounded bad enough, as Willow and Jake had access to Read more...

Rift in the Soul
by Faith Hunter
"Vampires are acting oddly..."
Posted March 1, 2024

It’s always a concern when a vampire wants to report a dead body, especially when that vampire is Ming Zhane of Glass, the Master of the City of Knoxville. Nell Ingram, an agent with Unit Eighteen of the Psychometric Law Enforcement Division Read more...

Ghost Island
by Max Seeck
"Is a ghostly legend killing people?"
Posted February 24, 2024

Violent Crimes Detective Jessica Niemi is trying to pull her life back together after a series of difficult cases and the loss of a friend who had been a mainstay in her life. Unfortunately, she snaps and has a violent altercation that is caught Read more...

House of Flame and Shadow
by Sarah J. Maas
"Sarah J. Maas does it again!"
Posted February 13, 2024

If you haven’t read the first two Crescent City books as well as the A Court of Thorns Read more...

The Teacher
by Freida McFadden
"Freida McFadden is a master of the "gotcha" moments!"
Posted February 13, 2024

High school student Addie was involved in a life-altering scandal at the end of last school year. Now it’s the beginning of a new school year and while teachers are excitedly preparing for the first day, Addie is dreading it and would rather do almost anything Read more...

Dead Mountain
by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
"Stunningly good thriller!"
Posted August 22, 2023

Agent Corrie Swanson has been sidelined for the last four months since her last big case. Now she has the opportunity to work on another case with a new mentor and she’s both nervous and excited. An accident has led to the uncovering of several bodies. Corrie Read more...

The Fervor
by Alma Katsu
"Thought provoking horror that shines a light on things that wanted to stay hidden"
Posted January 25, 2023

World War II is raging overseas, but back home in America things are boiling under the surface. Internment camps currently house all Japanese Americans, and even the wife of an American pilot and his daughter don’t escape the horror and the injustice of being forcibly detained in Read more...

Run, Rose, Run
by James Patterson, Dolly Parton
"A rising country star has a dark past...."
Posted November 22, 2022

AnnieLee Keyes is determined to make it in Nashville. Songs are her every thought and she has a voice that captivates others, even in a town overloaded with would be musicians. However, AnnieLee has a mysterious past that is lurking, waiting to catch up with her. Will the spotlight Read more...

Debbie Wiley

Professional Reader Challenge Participant 80%


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27 comments posted.

Re: The Demigod Complex (3:34am February 22, 2020):

I love the premise of this one! Looking forward to reading
it :)

Re: Betraying the Billionaire (6:58pm December 21, 2019):

You and I had similar thoughts except I decided to mention
all my usual favorites in the intro and that select some in
categories I created LOL

Re: Chai Another Day (10:53am June 13, 2019):

Great series! Can't wait to read this one.

Re: Trial By Fire (5:39pm March 24, 2016):

I love that perspective! Now if only the general public
could get that through their heads.....

Re: Secret Sisters (7:53am January 16, 2016):

Miranda, you've never read one??? OMG, you HAVE to read one
of her books! And yes, great job, Netta!

Re: Asylum (10:00pm October 30, 2015):

When I was a kid, my brother and I were riding in the
back of a pickup truck (this was back in the days when
that was considered okay!). My parents were in the truck
driving us along a dark, forested area on some small road
in the middle of nowhere, SC. My brother and I have
overactive imaginations and swore we saw "tree people"
staring at us and banged loudly on the window and
demanded we all squeeze inside the truck so we'd be safe
from the "tree people". We still laugh about it to this

Re: The Summer Marked (3:56pm September 24, 2015):

Oh I'm definitely an end-peeker! I even read the end of the
Harry Potter series as I had to know who made it and who

Re: Waiting for Ethan (4:17pm September 15, 2015):

Oh I'm definitely an "end peeker" when it comes to books!

Re: Fudging the Books (3:45pm August 3, 2015):

I love to travel! My favorite place to travel is somewhere
new. This summer we explored Las Vegas and went to the
Grand Canyon. I also went on my first ghost tour in
Savannah, GA.

Re: Briar Queen (6:32am June 12, 2015):

I absolutely LOVE the Night and Nothing series!

Re: For Your Love (7:34am May 9, 2015):

How did I miss this one coming out? Love anything Beverly
Jenkins writes!

Re: Bittersweet (7:21pm April 6, 2015):

Love this series!

Re: Gideon (6:47am March 24, 2015):

I'm excited to hear about JERICHO!!

Re: The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl (8:05pm March 21, 2015):

Steampunk can be fun- especially seeing how the heroines
manage such adventures with their fancy dresses!

Re: The Dragon Conspiracy (12:55pm February 7, 2015):

I just recently read the short story in NIGHT SHIFT and have added a couple of your other books in my TBR pile as a result.

Re: Revenant (3:21pm December 19, 2014):

Love love LOVE Castiel! In fact, I love just about anyone on Supernatural as that still ranks as one of the best tv shows in that genre imo. And Hellboy... who can't help but love Hellboy just cause!

Re: Murder Of A Needled Knitter (7:56pm September 15, 2014):

Those 5 things are so very, very true!! I'm so sorry you couldn't find a way to put the Dooziers on a cruise- even the thought has me laughing like a loon. As for your question, I try to avoid hobby groups other than book clubs but yes, I've been in a book club with an individual that should be thankful the members didn't read a lot of mystery novels or I'm sure they'd have figured out a way to dispose of her permanently LOL!!!

Re: Zombified (12:34pm September 1, 2014):

I love vampires, shifters, and all sorts of other supernatural creatures... but a zombie? Oh this is one story I MUST read! Love your first paragraph of this blog as it hooked me.

Re: Going Down in Flames (8:06am July 11, 2014):

Love dragon stories and the comment about the oreos cracked me
up. Adding this one to my list to get.....

Re: Mirror X (8:03am July 11, 2014):

Okay, you got me intrigued... downloaded the book to my Kindle
just now!

Re: Vampire Trouble (8:02am July 11, 2014):

Adding this series to my ever growing list of books I need to

Re: Rebel (7:58am July 11, 2014):

Love sci fi/paranormal/romance blends! I've heard great things
about this series and own all the books- now I just need to
find time to read them!

Re: Darkwalker (6:05pm June 17, 2014):

Love the cover and can't wait to read the second book!

Re: The Strain (8:16pm March 11, 2014):

I'm so excited about this! LOVED LOVED LOVED the trilogy.

Re: The Promise (10:59am April 19, 2009):

Why do I read? That's almost like asking me why do I breathe?? I've been reading for as long as I can remember. My parents made sure I developed a love of reading. Anyone else old enough to remember the records that accompanied the children's books?? I had my own little record player and I played all of those little 45s and 33s to death!

Re: Turn Coat (7:04pm February 21, 2009):

What fun!I'm a huge fan of Jim Butcher so one day I hope to attend something like ConDFW....

Re: The Secret Life of Bees (11:16am February 8, 2009):

I usually try to read a book before seeing the movie. There are a few authors I prefer the movies to the books though, and John Grisham is one of those actually.

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